Monday, October 31, 2011

Neverending White Lights - Act III: Love Will Ruin (Part 1)


'Act III: Love Will Ruin' (Part 1)' Track Listing:

01. Theme For Love Will Ruin
02. Falling Apart (feat. Bed Of Stars)
03. Starlight feat Todd Clark
04. Say Hi For Me
05. Goodbye
06. The Game Needed Me
07. The Lonely War (feat. Bed Of Stars)
08. Ghost Ship (feat. Hot Hot Heat)
09. The Waltz
10. The Greatest One
11. The Hereafter (feat. Bed Of Stars)

Fresh off a #1 video at Much Music ("This Time" with Toronto rapper J Diggz) and an MMVA for Best Independent Video of the Year, Juno-nominated Daniel Victor - also known as Neverending White Lights- is back at it on November 8th with the release of a new album entitled 'Act III: Love Will Ruin' (Ocean Records/MapleMusic Recordings).

Having spent the last four years crafting the album and carefully choosing from a long list of songs, Victor will celebrate the release with two special shows at The Drake Hotel in Toronto on November 21st and 22nd.

After producing two critically acclaimed albums within the last seven years, Daniel Victor has earned the reputation of a master musician. An extremely talented multi-instrumentalist responsible for hits like MMVA-nominated "The Grace" featuring Dallas Green, part one of the new double-album once again sees Victor playing the role of musical director while featuring a host of guest singers. 'Act III' includes Victor's protégé rocker Bed Of Stars on "Falling Apart", indie-favorites Hot Hot Heat on latest single "Ghost Ship" and epic rockers Pilot Speed on "Starlight". Collaborations with pop darling Lights and alt-rockers The Midway State are among the notable tracks on Part 2, due out in Summer 2012. Each guest brings something different to the table, turning Victor's Sigur Ros and alt-rock influences into Neverending White Lights' special brand of melancholic/pop/rock.

Not one to dwell on the negative, Victor's recent personal and professional challenges including a snapped vocal chord have helped mold 'Act III: Love Will Ruin' into what you hear today. Composing, performing and producing the entire album, Victor states that the long selection process was to ensure "every song takes you somewhere, every song hits you, and every song makes you close your eyes and get chills". Judging from the brand new single "Ghost Ship" feat. Hot Hot Heat, which brings two indie artists from different ends of the spectrum together to make history, Victor has done just that.

Neverending White Lights \Act III: Love Will Ruin (Part 1)' will be available on iTunes on November 8th and hits retail November 15th.

Show Dates:

11/18 – Windsor, ON – The Room
11/21 – Toronto, ON – The Drake Hotel
11/22 – Toronto, ON – The Drake Hotel

So I guess the newest single "Ghost Ship" as that write-up says, is being played on a lot of radio stations, especially in Canada. It features Hot Hot Heat for what it's worth. I haven't heard it. A Youtube stream I guess was up for a little while, but then pulled. I would think Daniel will put it (and/or more of this record) to stream rather soon. Maybe on a Soundcloud page even.

This record drops next Tuesday, November 8th. But maybe the most interesting, yet not extremely surprising part about that write-up is the fact the release next week is only Part 1 and the next or 2nd Part will be coming next Summer.

I'd love to see one of those shows, but maybe someday they'll find their way across the pond and to my hometown.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nearfest Apocalypse Announced

The final edition of the most successful/reknowned progressive rock festival in the North East United States.

I'll hopefully add a bit more later, but just on the surface, Renaissance would be great to see again, but given I saw them last year, it doesn't seem as significant. Mike Keneally played with Kevin Gilbert, but his own music I can't say has ever been my thing. Although I'll admit to not spent dozens of hours listening to it. I did enjoy the 1 Dethklok show I went to however. And the other names are kind of meh, and predictable.

It's also taking place the same weekend of the back-2-back Marillion shows in Chicago.

more to add hopefully (maybe historically)

from the official site

NEARfest Apocalypse Lineup Announced
For Immediate Release
October 29, 2011

In order to commemorate the final NEARfest in 2012, we have worked hard to bring together the best possible lineup for the progressive rock community. Featuring outstanding newer bands and legendary artists from across diverse progressive music subgenres, we hope that we can provide a wonderful weekend of musical memories to last a lifetime. We hope you can join us at the Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania next June, for the NEARfest Apocalypse!

The NEARfest Apocalypse Lineup:
Friday June 22, 2012
Aranis (Belgium)
Van der Graaf Generator (UK)

Saturday June 23, 2012
Helmet of Gnats (USA)
Twelfth Night (UK)
Änglagård (Sweden)
Renaissance (UK/USA)

Sunday June 24, 2012
Gösta Berlings Saga (Sweden)
Il Tempio delle Clessidre (Italy)
Mike Keneally Band (USA)
Eloy (Germany)

Aranis is a world-class acoustic chamber rock ensemble led by upright bassist and composer Joris Vanvickenroye. Featuring interlocked bass, violin, flute, accordion, and piano lines, Aranis’ evocative music stirs the mind and spirit alike. They have toured extensively throughout Europe, including notable appearances at the renowned Gouveia Art Rock and RIO Festivals. Their latest album Roqueforte (AltRock) expands their musical palette through the addition of drummer extraordinaire Dave Kerman, who will be joining Aranis for their NEARfest set. NEARfest will represent the USA debut for Aranis.

Van der Graaf Generator has been an iconic musical and lyrical force since its inception in the late 1960s. Since their reunion in 2005 and reconstitution as a trio soon thereafter, Peter Hammill, Guy Evans, and Hugh Banton have produced vital, engaging, and visceral new music that has magnified the band’s influential oeuvre. They have toured worldwide for the past six years, including their first USA appearance in 33 years, at NEARfest in 2009. On the strength of their stunning new release A Grounding in Numbers, Van der Graaf Generator will once again storm North America with a vengeance. We are deeply honored that Van der Graaf Generator will be returning to the Zoellner stage as the headline act for the first day of the final NEARfest event.

Helmet of Gnats is without question one of the United States’ finest progressive fusion groups. This ensemble from Connecticut has been active for well over a decade, honing their craft by recording three albums with audiophile production standards and playing numerous prog festival gigs. Helmet of Gnats ply diverse influences from Happy the Man and Bruford to Jeff Beck and ELP into a refreshing, melodic, yet challenging instrumental stew. They will certainly kick the second day of the NEARfest Apocalypse off to a rousing start.

Twelfth Night was a vanguard of the British ‘neo-prog’ scene in the early 1980s. Mixing rock, classical, and punk vibes with dramatic vocals and incisive lyrics, Twelfth Night attracted a significant following in the UK and beyond. Twelfth Night has always been renowned for its engaging multi-media stage show, focused at first on the enigmatic vocalist Geoff Mann, and now the equally powerful Andy Sears. The band has seen a rebirth in the new millennium and has toured throughout the British Isles and European continent to wide acclaim. Twelfth Night will be making their USA debut at NEARfest.

Änglagård is perhaps the seminal band hailing from the progressive rock revival in the 1990s. Combining influences from romantic and modern classical, 1970s symphonic rock, and Scandinavian folk music with prodigious compositional skill and emotional depth, Änglagård produced Hybris and Epilog, two epic albums considered essential to any progressive music collection. They are currently writing and recording an eagerly awaited third opus. They were the first band confirmed for the NEARfest Apocalypse, as plans took shape back in the spring. Änglagård will be commemorating the final NEARfest with a unique set list including a performance of its classic Hybris album in its entirety.

Renaissance is a legendary and beloved ensemble in the progressive symphonic rock world and beyond, led by acoustic guitarist and composer Michael Dunford and the inimitable, expressive soprano vocalist Annie Haslam. Renaissance has won legions of fans through the generations by seamlessly fusing classical, folk, and rock textures with memorable melodies and lyrics in timeless songs such as “Mother Russia” and “Ashes are Burning”. Recently returned to active duty after a long hiatus, Renaissance has toured East Coast venues and has been actively writing and recording new music. We are most honored to bring Renaissance to the NEARfest stage for a well-deserved and long-awaited headline performance.

Gösta Berlings Saga is a quartet from Sweden who produce a hypnotic instrumental amalgam of post-rock, folk, progressive rock, minimalism, avant-rock, found sound and more, all recorded and combined with unusual and interesting studio techniques. Named after one of the most notable Swedish books of all time, Gösta Berlings Saga are gaining notoriety world-wide, as evidenced by many European concert invitations and their recent signing to the Cuneiform label. Gösta Berlings Saga’s concert to open the third day of the NEARfest Apocalypse will be sure to win them more new fans and even wider notoriety within the progressive music scene.

Il Tempio delle Clessidre is the perfect marriage of the newer and older Italian progressive rock scenes. Led by multi-keyboardist and composer Elisa Montaldo, all of the instrumentalists in Il Tempio delle Clessidre belong to the younger generation. Up front on lead vocals is Stefano ‘Lupo’ Galifi, formerly the lead singer of the legendary Italian progressive outfit Museo Rosenbach. Il Tempio’s self-titled debut is a magnum opus of stirring compositions and virtuoso playing anchored by Galifi’s strident yet sensitive baritone voice. We are very pleased that Il Tempio delle Clessidre will be making their American debut at the NEARfest Apocalypse.

Mike Keneally is an influential American guitarist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer who initially began his professional career in earnest with the Frank Zappa band in the late 1980s. Since that time he has produced many albums of intelligent, diverse, eclectic, and engaging music, tilting from the sublime to the ridiculous and back and everywhere in between. Recently Mike has been manning the keyboards for Joe Satriani, and has been part of the touring Dethklok band borne out of the popular Metalocalypse cartoon series. Anyone in attendance will never forget the Mike Keneally Band’s first performance at NEARfest 2004, or Mike’s encore turn as a human jukebox with note-perfect encyclopedic prog knowledge at that year’s after-party. We are delighted to bring the Mike Keneally Band back East to participate in the festivities of the NEARfest Apocalypse.

Eloy is without question Germany’s most famous progressive rock band, with career-spanning sales well over two million units and a long history dating back to the early 1970s including 17 studio albums. Eloy is beloved to several generations of progressive rock fans via their signature spacey symphonic sound anchored in layers of multi-keyboard virtuosity, pulsating bass lines, and soaring guitar solos, melded with distinctive vocals and cosmic, emotionally resonant lyrics. After a decade-long hiatus, Eloy has made a grand return to active duty with new recordings and splendid European concerts. We are extremely honored that Eloy will be making its very long-awaited American concert debut as the final act in the history of NEARfest.

Please visit the official NEARfest website at for ticket, advertisting, and vending information. The NEARfest Patron Program will begin on Saturday November 12, 2011.

Chad Hutchinson, Co-Founder, Director of Operations
Rob LaDuca, Co-Founder, Business Manager
Kevin Feeley, Production Manager

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jimmy Gnecco with Velvet Revolver?

A big What-The-Fuck to this. Although there's a lot more to this.

First off, this is sadly, OLD news as it was posted on b-mouth like 3 weeks ago.

Personally, I don't read kill the band as regularly as I wish/should mainly due to how slow it's been. But beside the fact I didn't see this news item a few weeks ago, I have heard/read about Jimmy's relationship with Slash, and some talk about this, even a few years ago. And I do recall sometime either this Summer or Spring about some quotes from Jimmy about Slash and the Road Recovery benefit.

So, this doesn't come as big of a shock as I might expect.

edit: this link on his site is probably one recent thing I remember seeing via facebook or twitter at least.

That all being said, there's nothing that I can find that says he is with Velvet Revolver, or even officially going to work with them. But the B-mouth article quotes Slash saying they may write some music together.

My take is with VR, they're really nothing amazing, and I wonder artistically what it would do for Jimmy. They sound almost like a Bar band in those videos, to me.

But perhaps with Jimmy's input and the exposure he would receive singing for them could help him and Ours music in the long run.

But all of that remains to be seen. For now, I am enjoying the re-release of The Heart and looking forward to his new project Weathervane and other work including or not-including with Velvet Revolver.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beavis is back TONIGHT (10/27)

Just a heads up for anyone who may have forgot. My favorite animated show of all-time is back after nearly 2 decades this evening on eMpTyV.

I am seeing an advanced screening of the Eddie Murphy comedy Tower Heist at that big Mall in Bloomington, but thanks to DVR, I shall be able to catch the return-premiere episode when I get home.

so yeah, can you like shut up or something.

all he needs to do now is just get fat.

He gave his heart and soul to some chic
Whoa, that must have been like 50 llbs of meat.

Imagine if he died, how much crap would fly out of Godzilla's butt.

These are like, really good balls.
And they fit right in the hole.

Gimme the pork-grinds, now!

This used to be a cool station before they put these dorks on.

Hemlick, Heimlick, Hemlick Manuer

Upcoming topic(s) (potentially with time)

Here's some names kind of overdue to talk about soon. CBP and ToO especially have been getting a lot of headphone time from me of late.

Crippled Black Phoenix
Time of Orchids
The Velvet Teen
Team Me
Canon Blue

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Akphaezya - Anthology IV : The Tragedy of Nerak (2012)

Sucker is finally coming out in March 2012, as they finally got signed to a label to release it. It was recorded, mixed, mastered by last Spring, so at least it doesn't sound like it will go the way of other albums that are finished and never released (Fields - Hollow Mountains comes to mind).

AKPHAEZYA sign with code666

French "Avantgarde Metal" band AKPHAEZYA have inked a new album deal with code666 (part of the Aural Music Group).

The band formed in 2002 to create music without boundaries and released their first demo in 2004 called "Akphaezya - Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity" which was re-released later in 2008 by Ascendance/Candelight Records with worldwide critical acclaim.

AKPHAEZYA guitarist Stephan H. commented on the new deal: "We are very proud to work with a cult label like code666, Tte new album "Anthology IV : The tragedy of Nerak" which is mastered by Brian Gardner (Down, Lamb of God, QOTSA...) will be released in March 2012."

code666's Emiliano Lanzoni stated: "AKPHAEZYA are crazy, in the good way. I enjoyed their debut album, but when i received the new songs i was blown away: this is really top notch avantgarde metal: what code666 is renowed for."

AKPHAEZYA are now working on the artwork and video for the new album, titled "Anthology IV : The tragedy of Nerak" and scheduled for march 2012 on code666.
Facebook Post

If you ever have enjoyed proggy avant-garde Metal like, Unexpect, Akphaezya needs you to hear them.

Casey Crescenzo - Last.FM Interview/Acoustic

not anything really new, and these songs, while I enjoy them, namely in a little different stripped-down arrangement. I guess my love of TCS, or rather, the songs I enjoy the most from it are not going to be played too often live at this point. Although 1 setlist from the other day showed them playing "Misplaced Devotion" at least. I guess both "Therma" and "Progress" are 2 others Casey wants to play live, but has not found the means to do so (in the way he thinks makes sense).

edit: for some reason,'s video source won't allow more than 1 video embed at once for me, lol. I direct linked the other videos, although it appears the "Home" video isn't there, and "The Canopy" is hyper-linked on it's linked page instead. Also something has go to be off about the html on that page. But hopefully this will be visible now.

the article with the links

direct link to the Video Interview

Direct Link "She's Always Singing"

Direct Link "The Canopy"

Fair to Midland News: Bassist Jon Dicken leaves and..

from the band's blog on wordpress

After 7 amazing years of playing with Fair To Midland, our bassist Jon Dicken has decided it was time for him to move on. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to the band, we love him, and wish him the best in all his future endeavors. Moving forward, we are excited to continue touring and making music.

Unfortunately, however, this has resulted in the cancellation of our European/UK dates in November. We want to send our sincerest apologies to our European friends and fans from across the pond. We will be regrouping in the following weeks and in the meantime we thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Like Johan Hallgren of Pain of Salvation, writing about someone leaving a band I have great interest and personal experience with, probably is not justified in a short amount of time doing so. But I guess the most I can add about this is this is sad in many ways, but not incredibly surprising. I'll admit, though, among the band, Jon was the one I had the least amount of experience hanging out with. Although I did get to talk to him on occasion, just my memory is spotty from those (compared to some of the conversations I've had with Cliff or Darroh for example).

But he was the newest member of the band, yet still 7 years, and 3 releases and all those concerts (10 of which I attended) is still a lot of history. He will definitely be missed, but hopefully his future projects, music or otherwise, will be successful. I read something on the FTM Fans forum about him mentioning in an interview with Cliff, that he had a project in the works with one of the members (or former members?) of the band Timeline. Who are not a band I've listened to, but do recall their name mentioned on the FTM fans forum a few years ago.

I may be confusing Timeline with another band, but I recall a prog metal band of that or a similar name. The project that he may end up making with said musician, who knows what it'll be like. But it should be something to keep in mind in the coming months/years at least.

As far as Fair to Midland, they announced on facebook their upcoming European Tour in November is canceled due to Jon's departure. Which really sucks for the folks in Europe, but hopefully the band will find a way back there soon, perhaps in 2012 at least.

Fair to Midland's scheduled American Tour with Australia's hardrock/collge-prog/Tool-influenced band Dead Letter Circus is still scheduled to happen in December. Although I imagine finding someone to play bass for that tour is a top priority for the band at this time. Maybe they have someone already in mind, but have not been able to announce it yet. Someone on the fans forum suggested their original bassist Nathin Seals could come back. I would expect sometime in the coming weeks an announcement will be made though.

And I guess Jon told them he was leaving a few months ago, at least, as one post on the Fans Forum mentions it back in August.

But the band also have a plan to record a live DVD at the Flint, MI show on December 17th as Cliff alludes to in this video.

however, that video came before Jon announced he was leaving, and of course it sounds like what they wanted for that show in terms of contributions, live footage and whatnot is already past?

I guess that should be something the band will also announce relatively soon. Along with Cliff mentioning the interest to re-release both inter.funda.stifle and the long out-of-print and desired-by-hardcore-fans The Carbon Copy Silver Lining.

Now, I wonder if the format of those would be VINYL. I know I will buy them one way or another, assuming the prices aren't outrageously expensive.

Some other items mentioned on the Fans forum that could come soon:

-an EP of B-sides, likely from the demo-ing/recording of Arrows & Anchors
-A Vinyl release of Arrows & Anchors

Although a b-sides thing was talked about likely coming after Fables and it didn't happen. Although that may have had a lot to do with their label situation. But I know some of it was feelings about said b-sides within the band. But hopefully history won't repeat with the potential of a b-sides.

However, personally, I can't avoid concern with probably most if not all the content recorded recently due to the compression mix of the cymbals on most of A&A, including the Itunes bonus track "Pour the Coal to 'er."

A revisiting should be required on my part with the new record, but I guess given I've been through this before with other albums/bands, I am content, even with a band like Fair to Midland who I've been addicted/attached to for a good chunk of time. Not every record by every band you love will be re-listenable, at least for awhile. Rush's Vapor Trails for example.

But I certainly will post something and will want to check out any b-sides or other unreleased music from these guys, clipping-cymbals included.

I guess certainly the show at the Varsity Theater on December 13th will be even more significant with all this news coming out about the band. It will be weird to see them without Jon on stage, but the same can be said about a lot of bands with lineup changes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marillion: North American Tour Dates 2012

As Lucy Jordache, Marillion's manager announced just a little while ago here

We are pleased to announce the dates for our North American Tour in 2012. Head over to to check them out!

The British are coming! Marillion have announced their long awaited return to North America, for a 13-date summer tour. Having maintained a continuous touring schedule through the rest of th...e world, as well as the high profile Marillion Convention Weekend events, this will be the band’s first visit to the US since 2004. The tour will hit several cities across North America, with 2-consecutive-night events planned in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. To mark the occasion of these special events, Marillion will be performing different set-lists over the consecutive shows in these cities. Fans travelling to these destinations will witness unique sets as the band set-up camp in select markets.

As legions of fans that regularly flock to see the band live or buy their records are all too aware, there really is no other band like Marillion. Hailed as Internet pioneers for their game-changing use of technology to unify and mobilize their global fan community, Marillion have been un-compromising with their music and vision. With their revolutionary presale campaigns, in-house label and their own Racket Records recording studio, Marillion have remained uniquely independent.

The overwhelming demand to bring Marillion back to the States once resulted in a fan-sponsored tour fund and a series of legendary dates for rabid fans in 1997. For their 2012 return to North America though, everyone’s invited to experience the unforgettable show that only Marillion can deliver. Currently in the studio, creating their 17th studio album, Marillion look forward to unveil their latest collection in mid 2012 as they hit US shores.

Please Note: These shows are the complete Tour, no other dates will be added.

10 June
Sun Washington DC
USA 9:30 Club

4th/5th November
12 June
Tues New York City
USA Irving Plaza

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
13 June
Weds New York City
USA Irving Plaza

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
15 June
Fri Philadelphia

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
16 June
Sat Boston
USA Paradise Rock Club

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
18 June
Mon Quebec
Canada Imperial

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
19 June
Tues Montréal
Canada L'Olympia

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
20 June
Weds Toronto
Canada The Opera House

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
22 June
Fri Chicago
USA Park West

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
23 June
Sat Chicago
USA Park West

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
27 June
Weds Los Angeles
USA House Of Blues

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
28 June
Thurs Los Angeles
USA House Of Blues

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
29 June
Fri San Francisco
USA The Fillmore

The Chicago Street Team Page

I foresee attending both Chicago shows, and/or maybe 1 or 2 others. I suppose part of my decision will have to do with buying tickets next week. I may end up buying tickets for both Chicago shows and another, like the LA show and then depending on finances and scheduling, not necessarily making said other show.

It is interesting how they are doing a show on my birthday, the 20th, but in Toronto. Wouldn't it be something to see them on my bday. O well.

The girlfriend's attendance at these shows will probably be more of an uncertainty, but as much as I'd love to believe, these shows probably won't completely sellout in a day or week. Namely the Chicago shows since there are 2 of them. But her decision to go may be more clear when they go on sale on November 4th/5th.

Johan Hallgren leaves Pain of Salvation

I look terrible in this photo, but it is me with him and another friend at ProgPowerUSA in 2002


"After 13 years in the band, Johan Hallgren [guitar] has decided to leave PAIN OF SALVATION to focus on his daughter and wife. He will not leave music altogether, but plans to work with music in a way that allows him to stay at home with his family in Sweden. That means that the band's upcoming November/December tour together with OPETH will be his last. He will, of course, be sadly missed, both musically and personally, and very difficult to replace. So, if you know someone who sings and plays the crap out of basically anyone, send him or her our way — we might just have a thing or two to discuss."

Commented Johan: "I'm leaving the band with both joy and sadness. I need to stay close to my daughter and my child-to-come; they will be my greatest concern along with my wife. I will miss everyone I've met during the years, and the band will continue to have a warm place in my heart. So finally, treat yourself and all that surrounds you with respect, and stay with PAIN OF SALVATION — the greatest band on the planet! Sorry if I disappoint you; I miss you already!"

I probably don't have enough time to go into the desired detail and nostalgia about Johan Hallgren. But it was rather memorable not only seeing him with Pain of Salvation the 3 times at ProgPower USA, especially the 1st one in February 2001. But also the conversation I got to have with him and some others, namely my friend Paul Cashman aka Pellaz after their show in 2002.

I'll confess, I even taped it for the radio show of sorts I was doing on KFAI at the time. I never aired it (I don't recall), but listened back to it a few times. Topics like 9/11 (I remember him saying it was like a movie or a Tom Clancy novel watching on television), his dayjob (as a social worker I think), opening for other bands, music (he mentioned Stevie Wonder saying he likes his music because he always seems so happy) favorite foods ("you know, mac-donalds, potatoes..I forget the other stuff he mentioned), television (he really liked Seinfeld), etc came up. I honestly don't recall ever having a more memorable and heartfelt chat with another musician.

It's kind of funny as of course Pain of Salvation has been seen as, more or less Daniel Gildenlow's baby. But I never got to have one of those lengthly conversations with Daniel. But Johan, it may have been more profound.

But as far as him and PoS, this probably will affect them, but given how now he's the 3rd member to leave in as many albums, from that period of the most stable period of the band, I'm not sure really how much more they can change to being purely a Daniel Gildenlow solo band just using the Pain of Salvation name.

I am curious what he may do on his own now, of course. I suppose it might be worth going to the Remedy Lane Forum a bit more to read about what he's up to.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oedipus - Gimme a Chance [Official Video]

funny fucking video, and relate-able in some ways to me and others I imagine.

Kimbra - Sims/Good Intent (Simlish version)

Interesting how she had to relearn the song in the game's language. The bit about her cat and the game was a little surprising. update

So in finally hearing back from Mike at, I have at least a better idea of how things will work for now.

It's about LOCAL music, pretty much 100%. That's okay, and I'm more than happy about the chance to write about local acts. However, stuff like National touring acts, even when a LOCAL artist opens, it sounds like is a no-go. Or rather, the only way that is cool, is if the article is written pretty much 100% about said local artist.

In other words, for example Iron Thrones is a local progressive Metalcore band who in the coming weeks will be opening both for East of the Wall and Cynic/3.

Cynic, 3, and East of the Wall are not local bands, and honestly, are the main reason I am attending those shows. But if I understand what they wish for, is content only about those locals. I suppose I could mention those bands in a review, but nothing more.

So, which basically makes me think I'll still write a review about Iron Thrones at said shows, but at least in the review IN HERE, it'll include content about 3, Cynic, East of the Wall. In other words, the reviews on in those cases will be abridged only for the locals.

Okay, but this does lead me to work-on a few projects of sorts involving local acts. I suppose mainly reviews/dissections of their catalogs and some recollections. 2 bands in particular being Cloud Cult and especially Lehto & Wright. I foresee now investing some time with both of their catalogs soon and posting what I can on here and there, unabridged.

I'm still rather excited about this, it's just I am now getting a better idea of how the process will work (in relation to this blog, etc).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory VINYL

pre-order link

Kinda cool to finally see this, among dozens (if not 100's) of albums released during Vinyl's most limited period (1995-2005-ish) finally coming out on Vinyl record.

$30 though, but it is a double unlike the 70+ minute compact disc.

I have a list of I started and still need to work on before it'll be published on my rateyourmusic page, of albums like this one. I just question the ability, or even interest in purchasing so many of these albums, especially the longer ones (1 hour or more), that will be double LPs, and thus the cost being $30 or more.

One interesting thing to notice on that link is along with "Enjoy the Ride Records," Brookvale Records is also involved with the releasing of this. Brookvale of course is among others, Hotel of the Laughing Tree's label. Now what that may mean as far as HOTLT and Dream Theater? more likely than not, absolutely nothing. But I can't help but namedrop and want it to lead to something with the 2 bands involved again, such as a tour especially.

Friday, October 21, 2011

False - Untitled (Minnesota-Based Atmospheric Black Metal)

NPR Story

I met Andrew from this band after the Opeth concert a few weeks ago. He contacted me about his band, and I have to say, while their music that is streamable there and on their bandcamp page along with here embedded.

They have some good moments, and while both of the songs they have shared are not short, and often Black Metal can bore me, I didn't quite find those tunes to drag too much. Or be overly repetitive.

I should revisit them again, but I am definitely intrigued by them as one of the better new Metal bands from my town. And apparently some others are, as they've received some supportive articles online it appears.

Announcements + blah blah

I guess it probably makes sense to post now, as it's as good a time as any, for those who stumble-upon or are force-fed this blog's url by myself or it's best-friend google/blogger.

This blog is going to be done soon.

Er, well, okay no. It could be, should, yadada.

No, I'm not trying to be all the-boy-who-cried-wolf here.

No, nothing of that sort actually. But announcements that shall be for what happens are the following.

1) As I've thought about for close to a year now, mostly due to how much content is in this blog that is based on music-alone, adding things that are not about music, does not exactly cross to the same readership. In other words, entries about Kimbra, maudlin of the Well, Marillion and Vektor, is probably not the Diablo Cody or The Big Bang Theory audience exactly. And maybe most importantly, there's SO MUCH content about music, the television and movie content namely, gets drowned out.

So, as I thought to do so a few months back, I plan to set-up a very similarly-named blog for all things that are not about music. And at the beginning of 2012, likely. That time will mark the 5-year point for when this blog was setup. 5 years, lol. Before I know it, it'll be 10 or 15 years and I'm going to look at this thing as a great way I wasted my life away, lol.

Also the fact around the beginning of the year, 2 big things happen for movies and television. The Awards season, and many shows get canceled and are brought in as replacements. So, starting in 2012, the brand new non-music part of allmediareviews should be given a good amount of content. That is, given I actually do have the hours to include even a fraction of it. I guess I'll see, but for now, that is the plan.
will then be designated to be pretty much 100% about music. Which already it is pretty close-to, right now.

The url/title I don't anticipate changing either, although not due to reason for it, but mainly just due to why the name "allmediareviews" is still the title. It's just easier to keep it titled what it is, rather than change it and require people to have to look for/remember a brand new title that is associated with the old one.

The twitter and facebook, will be sort of be the common ground for both at this point.

2) Okay, well this new local Minnesota music site posted something about looking for writers/bloggers etc this past week. And thanks to Kevin from the band Between Two Skies, I got word of it. So I submitted an application of sorts on their site, and they got back to me today, apparently interested in my services.

So, how exactly I will be posting content on their site is unclear, but I'm definitely intrigued by doing it. What I'm not sure about is, the content exactly. is a Minnesota Music website, at least first and foremost. Allmediareviews is a blog that talks about a wealth of music, but a large percent of which is not music from artists native to Minnesota.. However, this blog (and twitter/facebook) does still include a lot about music from Minnesota. And in fact I have a decent list on my page Here titled "Music From Minnesota.

But its not hard to notice how a lot of the music I love, it just so happens, is not from here. Cloud Cult I suppose has become the biggest token band for me in the "College Prog" I happen to be obsessed with. But at the same time, there are a lot of artists here I enjoy and write about that I dig. Lehto & Wright and Greg Herriges for example released albums the past couple of years, that ended up pretty high on my year-end indexs (Lehto & Wright's Children's Songs was #2 in fact in 2010).

But sadly, most of those artists I dig here, are only known in Minnesota or in this part of the country.

I think along with wanting to talk about said Minnesota-based artists, I think at least including stuff like bands coming to play in Minnesota, especially if some local Minnesota acts end up on the bill as openers, would make sense to provide on their site.

But, another aspect to it could be not only Minnesota Music and Events in Minnesota, but, just the fact I am from and live in Minnesota and have a large interest in music, specifically progressive rock, might also be something to include. In other words, getting articles about what music is all the buzz from a Minnesotan, might be enough. I dunno, I suppose I'll see.

I also suspect said articles I'll be posting on their site, will be also included here. Sort of a cross-posting of sorts. I'm not sure, it may be an exact copy+paste with a link, or at times, just a link. But the point being, I'm not going to write about something significant enough, that is music-based there, that I wouldn't want here. Now, the flip-side, who knows. I guess it'll only be known. I suspect a lot of the stuff posted in here that isn't from Minnesota, initially won't be included there. And even the percentage. I guess that leads me to the next point.

Time of course. Given I'm in a relationship, started a new job this year, etc. I haven't been able to blog in here nearly as much as I'd like. Mainly the actual writing. The announcements, sure, that I've managed to do. Hopefully I will find a little more time soon, to include more actual writing. But that again is just a hope. I'm only 1 person, that needs to try and live. Call it a blessing and curse of my taste and interest to share endless amounts of stuff about music and entertainment on my brain. I suppose I may have a good chance of fulfilling that, assuming I'm not dead or acquire some disease, at the point I'm retired from working in x number of decades.

Or of course, somehow, I made a living off this. Which I don't expect to ever happen. Frankly, make much of any income at it. But the key is little to no expectations; then I pretty much have
no way to get disappointed. Besides, having this become a labor-ful "job" and finding myself writing about music I never would write or think about, could potentially be a trap. Also, I do like my job and also like to pay my bills. I suppose if I won the Powerball or something and money wasn't any factor, going back to college and likely having enough TIME to contribute to this blog as I might ever want, would be something I could do. But, the odds of that ever coming to happen, are pretty close-to, if not never.

3) The last announcement of sorts is just a hope to post the ole 2011 Albums Index as early as possible. Why that is, is for a few reasons. But 1st and foremost, the time and stress it seems to require of me around the end of the year, is really desired to be limited. Or at least aiming to get it done as early as possible, gives more of a window of time. The Sound Opinions Message Board poll is one thing, but ideally, I'd like to be able to post my list (with hyperlinks) on the 1st day they are available to submit. Being that, by that time, I'm already done with it, etc.

I guess a goal of mine would be have most if not the whole thing done by December 1st. Any changes/modifications etc, will be posted later. And it probably could allow me to write a bit more with the Turkey entry, which kind of was truncated last year, and received more or less nothing in terms of why said albums were disappointing, etc.

And of course some of the diarrhea-of-the-mouths could and hopefully will happen. Those along with a recording or 2 with my co-host of Epic Rock Talk soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Young Adult (2011)

So last week, I received an email from Landmark with an offer for a "Sneak Peak" of an upcoming movie for Wednesday October 19th at the Edina Theater. But they gave no other information other than it is Rated R and the director would be in attendance and taking questions afterwards. And a hint that it was being released in December and said director is an Academy Award Nominee.

Well the director happened to be Jason Reitman and the screenwriter also came last night, and that happened to be Minnesota's own Diablo Cody. Both probably still best known for 2007's somewhat heralded-still Dramedy Juno.

This new movie Young Adult, that was screened last evening, is the first time Cody and Reitman have worked together I believe since Juno. It stars Charlize Theron, playing a best-selling Young Adult series author living in Minneapolis. "Waverly Prep" being the title of the book series.

Theron's character Mavis Gary, comes from a small rural town called Mercury in Minnesota. I don't believe it refers to a real "Mercury" city in my home state, but it's probably based on a few different towns Cody is familiar with. Some people I met at the movie thought it seemed similar to Northfield. Although in thinking about that, Northfield always struck me as more of a College Town (Carleton and St. Olaf are there of course) than specifically the impression I got from Mercury.

So, early on in the story, Mavis gets word that her ex-boyfriend from High School and into College, who still resides in Mercury with his wife, is now a father of an infant baby girl. Along with her lack of happiness romantically and a failed marriage from her recent past, she decides to head back to Mercury to try and win her now married and new father of an ex-boyfriend back.

She does get together with him, Buddy Slade, whose played by Patrick Wilson, a handful of times in her return to her hometown. And the ways she goes about trying to win his favor are reasonable enough. However, how things end up in the last act kind of led me to wonder why they took so long to bring in, in the first place.

What I mean by that is, she tries to steal her 1st love away, some 2 decades later, and she seems to be the only one actually believing it could work, or it's actually not morally wrong.

Patton Oswalt plays a fat nerd from her High School, whom she never noticed in High School of course, but she ends up encountering time and time again in her return home to Mercury. And he ends up being really the only person who actually cares about her circumstances. He actually is probably the character in this movie you care the most about. And I probably haven't seen him do anything better than he was in this (although I did like him on both Dollhouse and Caprica recently).

But in the Q&A afterwards with Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman, most of the questions and answers assumed a couple of things about this movie and Charlize Theron's character Mavis.

-This movie is a "Feel Bad" story.
-Mavis' character is not likable or one you care about.

The first part about it being a "Feel Bad" movie, I guess I didn't quite get that impression. It was more of a realistic character study, like a lot of Cody's characters, from Juno, that I know of. Mavis is real and relate-able in that even with success in one part of your life, such as professionally, having success or happiness in something else like romance, really isn't incredibly easy. And real people get desperate, and even being a bit delusional in how it is unrealistic that an ex-boyfriend would leave his wife and new-born daughter for you.

But, she gave it a shot. Something bugged her about her life, and at least she tried to do something about it, even if her success isn't exactly noticed. I think by the end, she does finally get past some of her unhappiness, but also not leaving any regrets behind about not wondering if she could have recaptured the happiness of her youth.

And with that effort she makes, I don't feel bad for her, I feel good that at least she can move on and get back to trying to find other things or someone else who can make her happier.

I do like how one theme used of Small Town vs. Big City (or Mini-City as Minneapolis is referred to as the "Mini-Apple," although honestly, that term isn't really used all that much here, at least from my experience). The way Mavis is looked-at as the one person from her hometown that *made-it* in the real world. Or *became someone* as they say.

Another theme, which I probably liked a bit more, is the feeling of having success, yet being totally lonely and unhappy in the process. As much as Mavis doesn't care for her town of Mercury anymore, the life she has in Minneapolis is not maybe what she thought it would be like. The ole "be careful what you wish (or hope) for."

That reminded me of, among others, the Johnny Virgil character in Kevin Gilbert's masterpiece The Shaming of the True. The song "Staring Into Nothing"

Here I am again with the bright lights on my face and I am lonely
A thousand screaming voices, screaming out my name and I am lonely
Someone said "Hey Johnny do you still love me?"
I said "Baby don’t you ever use that word around me
‘cause I don’t want to hear it anymore."

I’m not what I seem ‘cause I am not real
Pretending to care, pretending to feel
Here I am again with everything that I could want and I am empty
With the blanket of approval and the slaps upon my back and I am empty
Someone said "Hey Johnny, do you feel happy?"
And I said "I don’t need anybody’s ten cent therapy.
Can’t you see I’m on top of the world."

One or two other points that are worth mentioning, that don't quite add up about Young Adult. Mavis spent a great deal of time flirting with her ex-boyfriend, and yet until the climactic scene towards the end, you really got no impression Buddy or Buddy's wife had much-of if any idea about her intentions. That was not very real to me. But maybe Cody and Reitman wanted that to be subtle, if evident at all until that scene towards the end. And one thing that kind of irked me is how in that scene, nobody sympathized with Mavis there. Not even her parents. That's why when she goes back to Patton Oswalt's character Matt and his admiring sister, they are seemingly the only friends she has left in Mercury.

A couple of other minor things I noticed were, for one, how Mavis has this small dog, a pomeranian I think, that she leaves in her hotel room constantly. It is silly, but also a bit absent-minded. Maybe she doesn't care about her dog enough, or footage shot with her together with her dog, didn't/wouldn't add much to the story (or needed to be cut for time).

Another being, when Mavis does not drive her Mini-Cooper. There were a handful of times the Mini-Cooper was driven and parked and then not accounted for until a few scenes later. One when she leaves the sports bar the 1st evening she meets Buddy, she takes a cab back to her hotel. So, did she pick up her Mini-Cooper at the sports bar the next day? I don't believe it was shown at least. Another being when she drives to Buddy's house in her Mini-Cooper, she parks it in his driveway. Then she leaves with Buddy, in his car, to the Sports-bar (where Buddy's wife is playing in her band that evening); then she goes back to Buddy's house with Buddy, in his car. When they arrive at Buddy's home, her Mini-Cooper is not shown parked in Buddy's driveway anymore.

Also at one point, Mavis drives another car. A Mazda? I forget, but I think it was after she leaves her parents house.

Those are small/minor continuity issues, but still, not hard to notice.

I did notice how Diablo Cody's dialogue and some of the snarky, clever humor from Juno is present in this movie as well. Probably not as much as Juno, but enough to satisfy. That along with seeing a lot of my hometown held my interest. Although, the scenes in Mercury, Minnesota were not shot in a small town here, but I guess in some area of New York (upstate?). Odds are the budget ended up being why, because I think a lot of Juno was shot in St.Cloud. And possibly Cody's last movie, Jennifer's Body as well, as she mentioned she has found a habit of using Minnesota as the location for her screenplays and where they are shot.

All in all, a good movie, but not really one I would anticipate as a Picture-of-the-year. And not likely at Juno's level of lasting memorability. I'll probably remember this movie more for the surprise-screening, especially with Reitman and Cody showing up, more than the movie itself. I suppose both Theron and Oswalt gave praise-worthy performances that stood out. Whether it gets a lot of love between the Golden Globes, SAG's, Spirit Awards or Oscar's, I can't foresee really. But with Cody, Reitman and Theron's names attached to this, I won't be surprised if it does.

Immortal Technique - The Martyr (2011)

1 source

Underground hip-hop sensation, Immortal Technique, is set to release a free album of selected extra tracks and previously unreleased material. The album entitled The Martyr is set to drop on October 27th. Not too many details are available at the moment but I imagine the release will be limited to strictly digital downloads.

Some of the tracks on The Martyr were said to have been originally recorded for his long anticipated fourth LP, The Middle Passage. Due to delays the album is taking longer than to expected to release and some of the early tracks no longer fit in with the new streamlined direction. I think it’s really cool of Immortal Technique to release this free album to tide over his fans until The Middle Passage is complete.

Immortal Technique is a Peruvian born rapper who grew up in Harlem. His DIY ethics and charitable efforts have made gained in much respect throughout the world. This socially conscious artist’s style of lyricism is redefining a lot of aspects of hip hop to a new generation of listeners. Continue below to check out some of his music.

a b-sides kind of thing? I guess we'll see. A download is coming any minute now for the song "A Toast to the Dead"

I suppose anything new from him is good. But as a fan, I'm still anxious to hear Revolutionary 3 and the aforementioned The Middle Passage.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EN Burton of U Knighted: 4 guitars at once, 2 with toes

The music isn't bad, but how this guy does this is pretty mindblowing, at least based on this (and other?) videos. I imagine he's spent a good amount of time developing this skill, but it's something pretty unique. EN Burton's album comes out soon as the radio station I volunteer at received a copy yesterday (how I found out about him and U Knighted). The bio on the U Knighted site even lists some good influences including Pink Floyd and Opeth.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

maudlin of the Well VINYLS: Bath+LeavingYourBodyMap+SecretSong

10/18/11 3:40PM

Friday October 21st is the Pre-Order.

Okay, that is good to know, and the pre-orders get some extra goodies. The price itself is given in British Pounds 80 and 65, which converts to about $109 and $89 US. Pretty spendy, but this is a very extensive and  a 1-time only thing. I guess after regretting not ordering the failed The Shaming of the True (Kevin Gilbert) vinyl campaign, which was to include some cool extras as well, but not this much, for basically the same price ($100), I probably see this as worth that large figure.

motW - Deluxe Box Set: Final Details!

maudlin of the Well -- Bath/Leaving Your Body Map 4xLP + 7" Box Set

Strictly limited to 500 copies. 250 for worldwide distribution (Blood Music). 250 for US and Canada only (Antithetic Records). Once these are gone, they're gone forever!

The box will feature a huge motW silver foil stamp logo on the front and fully black flood printed interior.

12" records will be pressed on heavy-duty 200 gram vinyl. Each disc will be a different color, corresponding to the interlude on that disc.

Vinyl will be inserted into black poly-lined inner sleeves.

12" gatefolds will be on upgraded heavy-weight board stock. They will feature the original high-resolution artwork, scanned at 1200 DPI when this set was first produced.

The 7" record will be on heavy-weight 70 gram vinyl (equivalent to a 180/200 gram 12").

7" will be in a 100% poly inner sleeve.

All audio is being remastered from the original sources by Mell Dettmer [Earth, Sunn O))), Altar of Plagues] at the Sinister Kitchen. This will no doubt be a jaw-dropping audio experience.

An mp3 digital download card will be included which will be for both full lengths as well as The Secret Song.


There will be several items that will be included ONLY FOR PREORDERS!! Those are as follows:

motW logo printed guitar pick

motW logo screen printed patch (roughly 4" x 7")

11x17 poster featuring new artwork exclusively made for this release by Toby Driver, and also signed by Toby Driver.

Option to purchase a replica of the rare motW 'Part the First' T-shirt.

After pre-orders are filled (175 each), the box sets will contain only the vinyl in jackets and sleeves, with an unsigned poster.


Blood Music Store (worldwide, outside of USA/Canada)

Antithetic Records Store (USA/Canada only!)

earlier post

Blood Music is pleased to FINALLY announce solid ordering information about the motW 200 Gram 4xLP + 7" Deluxe Box Set.

The pre-orders will go live on Friday October 21st, and there will be 2 separate options to buy:

Box set with all the goodies for 65€ + ship.

Box set with goodies + a motW shirt. Price is yet to be determined, but we assume to be around 80€ + ship.

There will only be 250 sets available through Blood Music. Our pre-order goal is 175 in order to get this deluxe set into pressing stage. As a bonus, we offer the following goodies ONLY for pre-orders:


motW logo SCREEN-PRINTED PATCH (10 x 17.5 cm).

28x43 CM POSTER, signed by Toby Driver.

The option to buy a MAUDLIN OF THE WELL "Part the First" replica SHIRT. Only 100 of these shirts were made available when these albums were released 10 years ago.

The shirts will NOT be sold separately. And the only thing that will remain in the final 75 box sets is an unsigned poster.

The front design of the T-shirt is still being finalized, but the back will be a replica of the original "Part the First" shirt released in 2001:

8/5/11 2:11PMcopy+ paste Antithetic Records post

Greetings again everyone. If you're signed up to receive the Kayo Dot newsletter, you're probably here to get an update regarding our upcoming maudlin of the Well box set release. Things have been quiet about this set recently, but trust when I say that its not for lack of progress behind the scenes. We were just waiting for the right time to divulge some more information. The time has come! Here are the details so far, with some secrets revealed, and some still in store for a later date:

-4xLP + 7" Box Set - You read correctly, the set will now be featuring a separate 7" for "The Secret Song"!
-500 sets in total, EVER. This set will not be repressed.
-High resolution scans of ALL of the original artwork have been recovered and will be used to create all new vinyl sized layouts for these albums, meticulously pieced together by Toby Driver (who hasn't seen this art in a VERY long time himself!)
-Digital download card will be included for both albums
-All audio will be remastered for the vinyl format
-These are being done as a split release (as we've stated before) between Antithetic and Blood Music out of Finland. US and CANADA buyers will purchase through the Antithetic store, the rest of the world will purchase from the Blood Music storefront. Please be certain to follow these guidelines! Any international purchase made in the Antithetic store for this item will be refunded.
-Other goodies: This is still a work in progress as we determine what is feasible to include, and how many copies will include what items. Possibilities at the moment are a poster, patch, motW shirt, guitar pick, etc. None of these are set in stone as of yet and will be announced as soon as the final decisions are made.

So as soon as we finalize these last few items and can nail down the price, we will start taking preorders for this item. Please bear in mind that this will likely be $65-70 depending on the final feature set. Since this is such a huge undertaking, we will kindly ask for your patience once your order has been placed! In order to make this a reality, we will need to sell roughly 175 sets through each store (Antithetic and Blood Music). I don't believe this is an unreasonable goal at all, considering the overwhelming response we've received regarding this set so far. We thank you for your patience thus far, and are thrilled to finally be moving this set forward!

More soon.


I don't know why I wouldn't order these, even though I still would go for copies of those albums on compact disc. Unfortunately their debut album My Fruit Psychobells... A Seed Combustible is not included. Perhaps they'll consider it down the road.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Neverending White Lights: Act III: Love Will Ruin

Daniel Victor's fb post

Daniel Victor


yes, finally. The time isn't available to type more words, other than this is great news. I will be listening to NWL this afternoon (helps that Judah from The Velvet Teen is on 1 song on Act I, which I never realized).

I'm very happy for Daniel Victor and the NWL fans. Tho, this is the 2nd time their new album is released so late in the year. I hope it can get its deserved exposure/promotion.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cynic - Carbon-Based Anatomy [EP] (2011)

10/12/11 1:20AM

Stream/dl the title track.

Good, including the layering of the vocals. However, they are not exactly like the Focus style of digitized vocal effects. But I am optimistic about this more so after hearing that.

9/6/11 3:16PM

Season of the Mist link

Release date: Fri, Nov 11 2011, US Tue, Nov 15 2011

1. Amidst The Coals
2. Carbon-Based Anatomy
3. Bija!
4. Box Up My Bones
5. Elves Beam Out
6. Hieroglyph

Forefathers of Progressive Metal CYNIC have recorded a new EP entitled "Carbon-Based Anatomy", to be released on November 11th in Europe (November 15th in North America). Contrary to last year's "Re-Traced", this new EP exclusively consists of brand new material.

The artwork was designed by the great Robert Venosa, the artist behind the cover artworks of "Focus", "Traced in Air" and "Re-Traced". We regret to announce that Robert passed away last month. RIP.

Paul Masvidal describes this new EP as "both a philosophical as well as a musical journey, one that begins in the Amazon jungle on the lips of a shamanic wisewoman (as portrayed by Amy Correia) and ends in outerspace".

Last but not least, the fans will be excited to know that all bass parts on "Carbon-Based Anatomy" were recorded by Mr. Sean Malone.

For those who aren't aware, I happen to really enjoy Cynic's debut album from 1993, Focus which featured the bass guitar work of Sean Malone. It's possibly the best technical metal album ever. However, 2008's return record Traced in Air, I found boring. I just looked it up, and Malone was on it, but I'm not sure how much creative input he had. He did not tour with Cynic, which was the only downside of seeing them live last year.

I suppose given his contributions to TiA, I'm still not expecting a huge comeback here, but I suppose with that note about the artist passing away sadly, their might be some inspiration on these songs, that may improve the music overall. Suppose we'll see soon enough. I do wonder, if Cynic can release an EP late in the year, how many of these other up-in-the-air (no pun intended) albums from bands could still come (and info still come). Hopefully more than I'm expecting.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Orphaned Land - The Road To OR-Shalem DVD (2011)

10/11/11 12:35AM

Pre-Order link

October 24th Europe
November 1st in the US

This and The Dear Hunter TCS Boxed set. Thankfully the concert season is taking a much needed break now.

7/1/11 1:23AM

they may never tour the US again (hopefully not, but there's a really unfortunate story behind that, maybe for another time), but this hopefully will compensate a bit for that.

And I can't complain having seen them twice live myself, but for those who have not seen them live, this should be worth looking forward to especially. Also interesting to see Steven Wilson appearing on more than 1 song there.

Setlist? from this topic on their fans forum on

00 - A´salk (intro)
01 Birth of the Three
02 Olat Ha´tamid
03 Kiss of Babylon
04 A Never Ending Way
05 Disciples of the Sacred Oath II
06 Bereft in the Abyss
07 The Storm Still Rages Inside (fragmento acustico)
08 Sapari
09 From Broken Vessels
10 - 13 (Yehuda Poliker)
14 The Path pt1
15 Ocean Land
16 Solo de bateria y percusion
17 M I ? (con Steven Wilson)
18 New Jerusalem
19 Vayehi Or
20 The Warrior
21 Barakah
22 Codeword:Uprising (con Tomer Jones)
23 Seasons Unite
24 El Meod Na´ala
25 In Thy Never Ending Way

26 The Beloved´s Cry (acustico, solo de Steven Wilson)
27 Thee By the Father I Pray
28 Norra el Norra + Ornaments of Gold

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oedipus - Holding Out for More [EP] (2011) (TBA - 2012 LP)

10/10/11 11:45PM

Holding Out for More EP drops 10/18/11. post

It is our distinct pleasure to tell you that Tuesday October 18th will mark the debut of our first official release under our new record label THC Music/Rocket Science, entitled Holding Out For More, featuring our brand new single “Gimme A Chance!”

Also featuring singles “Tres Las” & “Burn it Down” Holding Out For More is a five song EP and the first installment of some new tunes we recorded over the past year, leading into a full length album of all new material that will be available in early 2012.

You can now get your exclusive first listen to the Holding Out For More EP right here! Please, share it with a friend, and stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!

1. Gimme a Chance 3:52
2. Tres Las 3:31
3. Burn It Down 3:26
4. Holding Out for More 3:19
5. Jack & Ginger (2011 Mix) 4:30
6. Holding Out for More (Acoustic) 3:44

Soundcloud Stream

10/1/11 12:56PM

facebook post


OEDIPUS is very pleased to announce that we have signed a Worldwide record deal with Thom Hazaert Company/Rocket Science/RED.

Look for a new EP in the coming weeks, and a new LP In Spring 2012. There are so many exciting things going on, we can't wait to share them with all of you.

We thank you all for your support, and look forward to getting on the road and seeing you all very soon.

If you are in Southern California, come celebrate with us at our KROQ Locals Only show, October 13th, at The Roxy in West Hollywood.

good news. Although I will confess, this band did some really cool things on 2004's Humbility; by having bass/groove or almost funky styles of rock music. And more progressive, for that reason, in some ways. The EP they released in 2008 Covetous and the other songs they've played live since, are more purely power-pop, almost Cheap Trick-like, which in some ways is cool and appealing. But I can't deny, what I like most about this band is how they get experimental at times. I hope these upcoming releases still include that side to them. But we'll know obviously pretty soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fair to Midland/Dead Letter Circus December 2011 Tour

"Tour Dates are now available for our December US tour with Fair To Midland (official page). Tickets go on sale tomorrow!"
Dead Letter Circus Events List on Facebook

Dec 01 The Underground Mesa, AZ
Dec 03 B Ryders Bakersfield, CA
Dec 04 Ace of Spades Sacramento, CA
Dec 06 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, OR
Dec 07 Studio Seven Seattle, WA
Dec 09 In the Venue Salt Lake City, UT
Dec 10 Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
Dec 12 The Wheelhouse Cedar Falls, IA
Dec 13 Varsity Theater Minneapolis, MN
Dec 15 Subterranean Chicago, IL
Dec 16 The Rave Milwaukee, WI
Dec 17 The Machine Shop Flint, MI
Dec 19 Musica Akron, OH
Dec 21 Firebird St Louis, MO

I'm finally going to get to see DLC, and FTM are finally returning to the Varsity Theater after 7 straight shows not there. Why they're not at First Crapenue still baffles me, but whatevah.

Cynic US Tour: Support 3, Anathema, STS

one posting with some dates

Cynic‘s upcoming tour with 3 has begun to take shape with initial dates available below. The trek will also apparently feature Scale The Summit and Anathema at a number of the stops with more details pending.

11/03 West Chester, PA – The Note (no 3)
11/05 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre (“The Metal Suckfest“) (no 3)
11/11 Pontiac, MI – Clutch Cargo’s
11/12 Joliet, IL – Mojoes
11/13 St. Paul, MN – Station 4
11/18 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
11/22 San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
11/23 West Hollywood, CA – Key Club

I'll be going to the show on the 13th, however, it'll mean a lot more if in fact Anathema is there. Station 4? as I've said many times before about them, credit to them for booking good tours, but their sound and environment (namely how hot it gets) has really led me to sour about that place. So much so, I may even prefer 1st Crapenue now, lol.

But so be it. It's a show with some great bands, however the venue circumstances will have to be secondary. Perhaps they'll install air conditioning and have the right guy doing sound (unlike whoever did the last Fair to Midland show, along with Protest the Hero a few years ago).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum (Complete) coming on CD

10/5/11 1:35PM

the latest newsletter with info about these/preorder. $30 sounds nice.

merchdirect order link

TDH Fans –
The Dear Hunter will release the CD version of "The Color Spectrum: Complete Collection" on November 1.
The CD version will contain all 36 songs from The Color Spectrum on 3 discs along with a full length DVD, by Casey Crescenzo, and added bonus features and video content.
There will be 150 limited edition numbered Wooden Box versions available for pre-order, which include a hand screened poster, made from a wood carving. Those will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
The hand screened posters are signed by Casey & Color Spectrum designer Cameron Thorne.
Check out the pre-order page for an exclusive live video performance of "Red Hands" which will be featured on the DVD included in the box set.
The Dear Hunter will be on tour this fall with Manchester Orchestra, please check our website for details and tickets, and come support real music!
Tour Dates, Venues, & Cities
10/21/11 Warehouse Live-Houston, TX
10/22/11 Stubb’s BBQ-Austin, TX
10/23/11 The Palladium Ballroom-Dallas, TX
10/25/11 Rialto Theatre-Tucson, AZ
10/26/11 House of Blues-San Diego, CA
10/28/11 The Regency Ballroom-San Francisco, CA
10/29/11 Wonder Ballroom-Portland, OR
11/01/11 Saltair-Magna,Ut W/Thrice, La dispute, O’Brother, Moving Mountains, Manchester Orchestra, White Denim
11/02/11 The Summit Hall-Denver,CO
11/04/11 Bourbon Theatre-Lincoln, NE
11/05/11 Cabooze on the West Bank-Minneapolis, MN
11/07/11 House of Blues-Chicago, IL
11/08/11 Clutch’s Cargo-Pontiac, MI
11/09/11 Alter Bar-Pittsburgh, PA
11/11/11 Electric Factory-Philadelphia, PA
11/12/11 House of Blues-Boston, MA
11/13/11 Wellmont Theatre-Montclair, NJ
11/14/11 9:30 Club-Washington, DC
11/16/11 The National-Richmond, VA
11/17/11 Cat’s Cradle-Carrboro, NC
11/18/11 Amo’s Southend Music Hall-Charlotte, NC
11/19/11 Cannery Ballroom-Nashville, TN
11/21/11 Revolution-Ft Lauderdale, FL
11/22/11 House of Blue-Lake Buena Vista, FL
11/23/11 The Stuffing @ The Center Stage Atlanta Music Complex-Atlanta, GA
Don't forget to keep up to date with the latest news and info on The Dear Hunter at our website:

9/7/11 11:47AM
latest newsletter: The whole thing being released on CD.

TDH Fans –
We’ve had an amazing summer. Starting with the release of the Color Spectrum, which thanks to our great fans, sold out of the vinyl record. We followed up the album release by headlining our first tour across the U.S. All of our loyal fans made the tour a great time and it was awesome getting to meet some of you as we went.
As we enter the fall we’re getting ready to kick off the PacSun Tour with our good friends Manchester Orchestra. Check out the schedule below and pre-order your tickets for the show near you today!
You have asked and we have answered. In October we will be releasing a CD/DVD version of the complete collection of The Color Spectrum. I’m hoping all of you are as excited as we are for this release as there will be some great footage on the DVD.
This month Amazon is running a special on The Color Spectrum for $5! Introduce your friends to The Dear Hunter for this unbelievably low price and turn them into believers!

In the meantime, why don’t you check out our latest video.

Tour Dates, Venues, & Cities
10/21/11 Warehouse Live-Houston, TX
10/22/11 Stubb’s BBQ-Austin, TX
10/23/11 The Palladium Ballroom-Dallas, TX
10/25/11 Rialto Theatre-Tucson, AZ
10/26/11 House of Blues-San Diego, CA
10/28/11 The Regency Ballroom-San Francisco, CA
10/29/11 Wonder Ballroom-Portland, OR
11/01/11 Saltair-Magna,Ut W/Thrice, La dispute, O’Brother, Moving Mountains, Manchester Orchestra, White Denim
11/02/11 The Summit Hall-Denver,CO
11/04/11 Bourbon Theatre-Lincoln, NE
11/05/11 Cabooze on the West Bank-Minneapolis, MN
11/07/11 House of Blues-Chicago, IL
11/08/11 Clutch’s Cargo-Pontiac, MI
11/09/11 Club Zoo-Pittsburgh, PA
11/11/11 Electric Factory-Philadelphia, PA
11/12/11 House of Blues-Boston, MA
11/13/11 Wellmont Theatre-Montclair, NJ
11/14/11 9:30 Club-Washington, DC
11/16/11 The National-Richmond, VA
11/17/11 Cat’s Cradle-Carrboro, NC
11/18/11 Amo’s Southend Music Hall-Charlotte, NC
11/19/11 Cannery Ballroom-Nashville, TN
11/21/11 Revolution-Ft Lauderdale, FL
11/22/11 House of Blue-Lake Buena Vista, FL
Have you purchased The Color Spectrum album yet? No? What are you waiting for!?

uh, so this is good, yet potentially expensive news. I do want it on cd anyway, unlike many others.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marillion: North American Tour in 2012

Lucy Jordache, Marillion's manager, posted this on facebook recently:

"OK - gonna share this with my friends. On October 25th I will be announcing the cities for our first North American Tour for 8 years! Tickets will go on sale from November 4th/5th. We're coming!!!!!!!! Rest Of The World info later this year. One step at a time!"

So, I'll have to plan in early November to buy a ticket for at least 1 show. Minneapolis? I guess even by some chance there is one, I still probably will look to travel somewhere to see them. Likely Chicago again, but scheduling, cost and other factors may impact where if it isn't Chicago.

Bruce Peninsula - "As Long As I Live" Video

Bruce Peninsula - As Long As I Live by HandDrawnDracula

just watching it in and out, looks pretty surreal. Open Flames is released today. Will a lot of people (I know even) buy or even look-into buying, sampling it? I'd love to believe so, but I just can't expect it given how little interest I've noticed from others telling people about these guys. Reminds me a bit of Bend Sinister, House of Fools or even Margot and the Nuclear So & So's.

A lot of folks are missing out. Not to mention Neil Haverty's incredible triumph over Leukemia in the last year; having Open Flames released is somewhat of a triumph itself.

Open Flames album entry