Saturday, May 9, 2009

Twitters from the past few months.

Because I'm lazy and don't have time right now, here's what I've twittered (sorry, but "tweeted or tweets sound even more fucking gay) in the past few months. I suppose I can take a lot of these points and actually write and report on them more in detail when time allows.

Oh and since they are Twitters, someof this shit of course would be stuff I likely wouldn't write about in here. Daily comments, but overall, my Twitter doesn't do even a fraction of the kind of pointless daily stuff like "I'm eating a sald" that pretty much all of Twitter seems to be about sadly. It still is reporting/opinion just truncated. And it's a private Twitter, but if you request it, I'll likely allow you to follow..I just can't be sure I'll follow you. As long as the spamming doesn't get to the point where I'm getting emails and on lists. But it's still will be private..wayy too many out there. I'm just sick of getting requests and turning them down.

@Mew new album is called "No More Stories" and being released on August 19th.New EP will be out earlier on 7/1.
about 17 hours ago from web
can 't believe @B!theband opening for @KingsX I have got to purchase their disc there.June 23rd oh man, 6/23/09 my biggest day in music ever
about 23 hours ago from web
June 23rd @King'sX IS HAPPENING! and not at FirstCrapenue, but @Station4 instead. @Atheist is coming Sept 7th (MN Metal Fest)
9:23 AM May 8th from web
@localnatives are finally coming back to Minneapolis, June 17th @400Bar. Now, if only "Gorilla Manor" would have more details come out soon.
9:22 AM May 8th from web
@Stickist Michael Ian Black you refer to very well may the actor/comedian maybe best known from "I Love the 80's" (and 70's, 90's) on VH1
9:19 AM May 8th from web in reply to Stickist
I finally am getting to see @HiromiJazz June 21-22nd @DakotaJazzClub .She's beautiful & a master musician/composer! Just aday after my bday.
1:08 AM May 8th from web
@Mewband new album "No More Stories..."? could be delayed until August ;\ ..o well, that makes more sense at least.
12:22 PM May 7th from web
@TheOnionNews report on the new Star Trek movie hehe
3:22 AM May 7th from web
@sourlullabies totally. See topic if you haven't on ktb
2:09 AM May 7th from web in reply to sourlullabies
June 5th @karnivool "Sound Awake" is the release date. Heath "June 5th. Sorry folks but the last bit of the delay"
1:59 AM May 7th from web
"Ran Away to Tell the World" from @OursBand was used on the CBS show NCIS.
1:45 AM May 7th from web
I hate to say, but The Decemberists album has definitely fallen out the current AotY race. It's just not that addictive. Top 10 even soon.
2:25 PM May 6th from web
at least 1 new @Threetheband album very well may be out in October and called "Revisions Volume 1: ANYONE HUMAN"
12:18 PM May 6th from web
@agdfairplay yes. Most of isn't exactly *spam* but more people do a search and find my twitter and want to follow.Most I don't follow tho
9:22 AM May 6th from web in reply to agdfairplay
for fans @MEWtheBand are opening for @NineInchNails in Europe this Summer. Me? not a NIN fan + I don't reside on that side of the pond.
4:52 AM May 6th from web
the song "Ran Away To Tell the World" by @Ours was used on @NCISTVSHOW the other night. Someone plz put it up on youtube!
4:40 AM May 6th from web
my cdr only had 17 tracks of @dredg 's TPPD, lol. I believe it was "Cartoon Showroom" I missed. Fucking webrip scrued it with 1 folder+2zips
9:20 AM May 5th from web
A new Mew song is going to be called "Spilling." But the clock is ticking for both them and Karnivool. C'mon guys, it's May fucking 5th!
1:44 AM May 5th from web
oh, and a proper dredg leak finally happened a little while ago. Gee, I wonder why, lol.
1:41 AM May 5th from web
"Uniform" underwhelmed me., but a double-encore with their singer crowd surfing was unexpected, but it was the last show of their tour.
1:40 AM May 5th from web

Review of @BlocPartyBand concert. Fun, and the songs worked live, but what was missing was the *big* sound they have on the albums.
1:38 AM May 5th from web
for what it's worth, a WEBRIP of @dredg 's new album leaked. Seen mixed reactions about worth checking it out. I will with a grainofsalt
4:36 PM May 4th from web
Imogen Heap's new album it sounds like will be released on August 18th. A Press release isn't far away. & @SUEMCLEAN I guess is promoting PN
2:35 PM May 4th from web
Bloc Party tonight @FirstCrapAve and it pisses me off I couldn't find my WEEKENDINTHE CITY cd today to play.
2:34 PM May 4th from web
Russian Circles = last night May 3rd. Doh!..o well, I saved some $.
2:33 PM May 4th from web
good to hear 3 news songs are already in progress for @KissKissTheBand All part of their masterplan to take over the world, I'm sure hehe.
10:37 PM May 3rd from web
maybe the @ANVILMOVIE will begin late enough (9:45pm-ish) where I can make it and still catch @OTHERLIVES at the 400 Bar between 8-9:30.
12:01 PM May 2nd from web
I can't skip @OTHERLIVES tonight just for that reason. To tell them how I love them as @KUNEK
12:00 PM May 2nd from web
I can officially conclude @KUNEKBAND >> @OTHERLIVESBAND not sure why but the Other Lives album doesn't have what "Fight of the FLynns" did
12:00 PM May 2nd from web
@AgallochBand 's "The White" + Friday Afternoon = WIN
5:23 PM May 1st from web
2-weeks from today, @WATERANDBODIES Debut EP is being released. It could be a long 2-weeks damnit!
12:20 PM May 1st from web
@_MK_ yeah this topic inspired me to listen to Kezia today. It's still a superior record to Fortress to me.
12:14 PM May 1st from web in reply to _MK_
"A Sin I didn't care for, but a sin that paid my debts A sin that fed my children and burned my smiles and cigarettes"
9:29 AM May 1st from web
note to self: checkout this local band @ActorandActressesBand @BetweenTwoSkiesBand keep telling me about them +they are on the bill on 5/9
9:27 AM May 1st from web
I would trade @CHUCK coming back over @HEROES frankly. It'sway more consistently funny and well-written.
12:30 AM May 1st from web
@GARYUNMARRIED is possible, @CHUCK and @SAMANTHAWHO? are still on the proverbial *bubble* source: tvbythenumbers
12:29 AM May 1st from web
Word is the follow shows will not be renewed:@REAPER, @CASTLE , @CUPID , @THEUNSUALS , @DOLLHOUSE @TERMINATOR @BETTEROFFTED
12:27 AM May 1st from web
Finally caughtup @BreakingBadTVShow It's still got my attn, but admittedly, @BobOdenkirk needs to go. He's not that funny. More annoying.
12:18 PM Apr 30th from web
@TheDearHunterBand ACT III: LIFE AND DEATH Cover Art
1:42 AM Apr 30th from web
trying get in touch w/ whoever, to do promo work for Progressive Nation is probably a lot more work than it's worth. Adonde Sue McLean?

Soon @OntheRoadWithJudas will have some thoughts about this unusual Indie film from 2008 that nobody saw or talked about
9:40 AM Apr 29th from web
I wish I had saved that girl's phone number from last year @LiveNation. Kristi or something, I forget. She was in Chicago.
9:35 AM Apr 29th from web
Not surprisingly, @LiveNation has absolutely no Human Resources Contact Info on their site. Sue McLean ain't in the office til 10.
9:34 AM Apr 29th from web
I can say a big FUCK YOU to Itunes by only making it available WHEN YOU BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM.Go Fuck Yourself Itunes!I buy CDs not M4A FILES!
12:28 AM Apr 29th from web
"Have You Fallen Asleep" is the bonus track on ITUNES from Paper Route's debut album "Absence"
12:27 AM Apr 29th from web
rest of the 2009 PN dates:
9:56 PM Apr 28th from web
Progressive Nation 2009 =Friday August 21st @ORPHEUM &it's morsuitable-for-metal-soundsystem.Pain of Salvation =completely avoids our clubs
9:50 PM Apr 28th from web
@Jimmy Gnecco of @OurstheBand is starring in a new short film with David Carradine!
6:08 PM Apr 28th from web
new @RealOceansize live dvd/cd Boxed Set "Feed to Feed" out in June.
5:52 PM Apr 28th from web
@agdfairplay hehe yeah. That was kind of random. The way they wrote the episode,it could get canned, or maybe not.A few weeks and we'll know
9:31 AM Apr 28th from web in reply to agdfairplay
@TheDecemberists are appearing on the @ColbertReport tonight (4/27/09) on @ComedyCentral
2:38 PM Apr 27th from web
@sycro just a claim. I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned it on Traversing. but if the rip sucks, it's kind of moot.
2:37 PM Apr 27th from web
On the other hand, @SamanthaWho? is getting usurped by that Bob Saget p.o.s show. Cuz @UglyBetty is back. ABC = Already Been Cancelled
12:23 PM Apr 27th from web
@Heroes and @Chuck have their Season finales tonight. Monday evening tv will seem a little bit liter now.
12:22 PM Apr 27th from web
Supposedly the whole dredg album leaked, but the rip quality ain't great.
12:21 PM Apr 27th from web
who the fuck played the British mgr dude in the Law&Order CI Jeff Goldblum-premiere tonight? I hate how this info requires 2 much googling!
11:17 PM Apr 26th from web
@dredg song "Ireland" leaked. 5 tracks now are out there, out of 18. The rest you'd think wouldn't be too far away.
10:56 PM Apr 26th from web
New @Karnivool track is up "Set Fire to the Hive" different but still good. The video shouldn't be far away.
1:19 PM Apr 26th from web
I can't believe this, but Sarah (Reklessfabl brother Bob Jeske died.I knew him,saw his band.He was REALLY YOUNG :((((
9:29 PM Apr 25th from web
but I can't find it. I did figure out the Coheed and Cambria song "The Light & the Glass" has a JON ANDERSON-like vox part 7:50min-8:25min
2:05 PM Apr 25th from web

I swear, there's a chanting part on Rush's VAPOR TRAILS that nearly blatantly quotes a YES keyboard melody from "Yours Is No Disgrace."
2:01 PM Apr 25th from web
@buffyfest not rumor. Its been pretty much mentioned ever since it got moved to Friday Nights.only possibility is if the movie does well.
9:42 AM Apr 25th from web in reply to buffyfest
just heard another new dredg song "Lightswitch" @3:27 it's pretty epic.
10:21 PM Apr 24th from web
HILARIOUS: A band already posted a TRIBUTE to an unreleased/leaked Dream Theater song, lol!
9:59 PM Apr 24th from web the new Imogen Heap album is called "Ellipse" and due out in August. Sorry Immi, I gotta be the messenger :P
8:19 PM Apr 24th from web
there might be something to the odd-number of hours of sleep. I got nearly 7 hours last night and feel spent right now.
9:39 AM Apr 24th from web
Other Lives = new Coheed and Cambria, Appleseed Cast,Jenny Dalton or Cloud Cult w/ conflicts.may skip CC to see them on 5/2 w/ Elvis Perkins
9:38 AM Apr 24th from web
The Dear Hunter Act III: LIFE AND DEATH
5:07 PM Apr 23rd from web
new Mars Volta single "Cotopaxi" leaked. Of course I'm at work, thus will have to wait 7+ hours to check it out.
9:31 AM Apr 23rd from web
It's going to bug me until I come up with who she reminded me of.
11:25 PM Apr 22nd from web
Collette Wolf played the blonde @ the funeral on REAPER last night. She looked awfully familiar. But Tara Reid is the only name that fits.
11:24 PM Apr 22nd from web
Mew: their new album may be released on June 23rd as well. That would make 7 albums and my head exploding that day.
8:04 PM Apr 22nd from web
Janus playing THE ROCK on June 13th. 2 years ago I would have been floored by that news.
8:04 PM Apr 22nd from web
Burn Notice: returns JUNE 4TH! and there's ANOTHER new USA hour-long dramedy called "Royal Pains" that has Campbell Scott in the cast.
2:30 PM Apr 22nd from web
In Plain Sight: I dig this how. And it had Paris (Liza Weil) guest-star in the 2nd season premiere episode on Sunday.
2:28 PM Apr 22nd from web
I agree with Steven Wilson. Playing your mp3s on shuffle is interesting, but does not lend to much value when you love ALBUMS.
2:27 PM Apr 22nd from web
w/ no OT, hopefully dvr clearing and overdue diatribes can be added to the blog.Matter of sleep and this fucking ipod not freezing my pc up.
4:27 PM Apr 21st from web
How is watching television any MORE or LESS UNHEALTHY than watching a movie?Seriously,I don't believe there's any scientific proof it is.
11:57 PM Apr 20th from web
@howwastheshow wow thanks for those. Being new to Robyn's music, it'll help revisit those again.
5:37 PM Apr 20th from web in reply to howwastheshow
off to see Robyn Hitchcock. Free ticket, I'm game.
6:27 PM Apr 19th from web
I was impressed today when I asked him and found Chris Cornell knew who Kevin Gilbert was. Doesn't mean I care for his music still.
11:48 PM Apr 18th from web
@hadesraze try the "4/16" show about 10-15min in.
8:09 PM Apr 17th from web in reply to hadesraze
Streaming a new Dream Theater song "A Night to Remember" this isn't bad.
7:16 PM Apr 17th from web
See the new MUTE MATH Video for Spotlight:
2:40 PM Apr 17th from web
this has got to be the longest cold I've ever had.
9:32 AM Apr 17th from web
man, Ipods suck all kinds of ass.
6:35 AM Apr 17th from web
ironically, I'm now watching Bryan K Vaughan's Dayjob writing, Lost.
7:24 PM Apr 16th from web
"Y: The Last Man" = done. A review in the long blog should follow soon.
7:24 PM Apr 16th from web
but I loaded like 90 albums into the damn thing last night. The ICON on "My Computer" and there's NOTHING in the bloody thing today, lol.
12:13 PM Apr 16th from web
Ipods force you use ITUNES to load music in them?..what a fucking joke. That shitty software always slows my computer up.
12:13 PM Apr 16th from web
what-the-fuck.Ist got sick on Saturday. I felt pretty good Mon night. I got like 7hours sleep last night. This cold won't go the fuck away!
9:20 AM Apr 16th from web
"secular" = NON religious.Geez,for some reason I always thought "non-secular"referred 2 NON-RELIGIOUS.Maybe its like flammable & inflammable
2:57 AM Apr 16th from web
and it's official. TRANSATLANTIC are doing another album. Yay! I'd still like some quote from NEAL MORSE. Keep your Jesus-preaching AWAY plz
1:56 AM Apr 16th from web
@thefrontloader lol. Well 120gigs..I have a 200 gig external hd that's about 145gigs full lol.
1:03 AM Apr 16th from web in reply to thefrontloader
I bought a 120 gig ipod.i suck.I know.I sold out. And that $ should be for other things. But they forced my hand at work w/ no cdrom access.
12:16 AM Apr 16th from web
"(sic)monic" are pretty..well sick They should play a show with The Stiletto Formal.
12:15 AM Apr 16th from web
Karnivool's new album "Sound Awake" is to be released in late May. Finally!
11:26 PM Apr 15th from web
new Water & Bodies tracks are fucking ACE. But those boys KNOW HOW TO WRITE SONGS. Regardless if it's K-Fly. SSTP and since is proof.
5:40 PM Apr 15th from web
@karnivool "not long now" tell the name of the album, release date, artwork, and have a new track on your myspace? liketomorrow?
5:39 PM Apr 15th from web in reply to karnivool
a new Mute Math video for "Spotlight" debut on I can't wait to get home tonight and sleep.
2:39 PM Apr 15th from web
people are expecting Water & Bodies to be Kaddisfly. Geezus. It's 2 songs, there are 5 more on the ep. And it's NOT supposed to be K-fly!
12:06 PM Apr 15th from web
Now I want to read Bryan K Vaughan's "Ex Machina" series too.
7:03 AM Apr 15th from web
the fact they kill off a key character in the last book pissess me off. But I want to read it anyway. I missed it by 9mos.
7:02 AM Apr 15th from web
The echoey stereomix is charming but ultimately wrong and a bit annoying.I finished the last Book of "Y:The Last Man"but realized there's +1
7:02 AM Apr 15th from web
APES AND ANDROIDS on George Lamb + WATER & BODIES PREMIERE A NEW SONG today. I'm not sure how much this recording will be worth revisiting.
6:59 AM Apr 15th from web
So the new Mars Volta album also drops on June 23rd. Count now 6 New Albums on the 3rd Tuesday in June.
7:22 PM Apr 14th from web
I need to get these tax forms finished on 1 of my breaks. Honestly, I think 1 of my main reasons for coming to work today was those, lol.
9:36 AM Apr 14th from web
Probably 1 of the best debut lps for 2009, but I don't know where it'll ultimately fall among every record.
9:35 AM Apr 14th from web
Paper Route's album is decent. However, the jury may be out for a little while as some of these songs didn't grab me right away at all.
9:35 AM Apr 14th from web
Shia LeBeouf as Yorick? Please no.
12:42 AM Apr 14th from web
On the fence on what to do now. Just had some soup. I could have more and watch tv + take some advil. Or sleep, or read more. On Book 7 now.
7:23 PM Apr 13th from web
new Paper Route leaked finally.
7:22 PM Apr 13th from web
On Book 5 right now "Girl on Girl" and well, the title does not disappoint..hehe.
3:43 PM Apr 13th from web
forced to finish the rest of the Y: The Last Man series today.I've been sick @home.But no renewals avail as all of the books are on request.
3:42 PM Apr 13th from web
dredg: we got "It's Not Worth It".nice set/show despite sound problems/tech issues.They could be back in July. Cool the band remembered me
2:04 AM Apr 11th from web
Best Buy..more like BEST LIE, lol.
2:53 PM Apr 10th from web
correction: 2 days WITHIN or BEFORE the 30-day deadline.
2:45 PM Apr 10th from web
would have been in effect $170 down the drain. BestBuy better let me exchange it.
2:42 PM Apr 10th from web
I found my BLOODY RECEIPT! 2 days shy of the deadline to return what is now a broken portable dvd player. whewww! I want a smaller/compact 1
2:42 PM Apr 10th from web
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has it's Series Finale tonight as well. The new movie likely won't compare. TV Blog soon about.
12:13 PM Apr 10th from web
dredg concert 2night @VarsityTheater. The opener, From Monument to Masses I like a lot of, altho the political samples are milked at times.
12:11 PM Apr 10th from web
King's X opening for Porcupine Tree. That's fine, but I don't know why it would matter.KX are headling here in June, + PT won't play here.
4:28 PM Apr 9th from web
My Latest Novel - "Death and Entrances" now I GET the ANATHALLO comparisons. I was totally impressed (and expecting not to be).
9:25 AM Apr 9th from web
@agdfairplay sweet.I'm looking fwd 2 your post-SXSW show. Altho if it's over 75mins,I may have to try to split it (no mp3 player, just cdrs)
12:28 AM Apr 9th from web in reply to agdfairplay
Kiss Kiss - The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left is released on June 23rd. Now 5 albums come out that day, the day of King's X & my dad's bday
5:57 PM Apr 8th from web
dredg new album preorder:
2:34 PM Apr 8th from web
correction: it's My Latest Novel's Sophomore album. I had no idea.
12:22 PM Apr 8th from web
My Latest Novel's debut album "Death and Entrances" leaked!
12:04 PM Apr 8th from web
Born of Osiris "A Higher Place" is ALSO being released on 6/23/09 lol. Let's see: The Dear Hunter, Soundscape, Dream Theater +BoO.Kiss Kiss?
9:37 AM Apr 8th from web
if this what-feels-like blood-rush in the center of my left arm doesn't go away in another day or 2, I may have to see a dr.
12:06 AM Apr 8th from web
how does one feel like they have a tourniquet (sp?)tied around their left arm, tightly, for like 2 days straight?When in fact there is none?
12:05 AM Apr 8th from web
May 15th, is the release date for the Water & Bodies debut EP as well. That's officially very HIGH on my anticipation list now.
6:32 PM Apr 7th from web
4/15: 3 big things happen. 1) Passover is over.Bread again! 2) Apes and Androids on a live radio show. 3)WATER & BODIES new song is uploaded
6:31 PM Apr 7th from web
@Sourlullabies have you ever heard(of) NICOLAS MAGELLIS? Cabaret Punk guy. Really could appeal to DD'sAmanda fans
5:08 PM Apr 7th from web
gawd maudlin of the Well were so fucking good. I have on their debut album right now for the 1st time. On par w/ Bath/Leaving Your Body Map
4:40 PM Apr 7th from web
Transatlantic reunion rumors I want tobelieve,but until we get something official,all they are,are rumors.Neal Morseneeds to say something.
4:11 PM Apr 7th from web
Okay, you may be able to officially call me a fan of The Soft Machine 3rd epic piece on "Third" is right out of Syd Barret Floyd territory
2:21 PM Apr 7th from web
I really hope REAPER doesn't go South like Gilmore Girls did w/ these writers leaving.
2:20 PM Apr 7th from web
what a total borefest that National Championship game was. I swear, I think the CONFERENCE TOURNAMENTS are the only thing worth watching now
10:55 PM Apr 6th from web
new St.Vincent seems a bit uneven. Could be wrong, but the level of emphasis on the distorted fuzz-guitar may hurt "Actor"

@Neesh "MB Album"? help me in what that is. They have 2 or 3 albums expected in '09,right? friend asked last night @Fair to Midland
9:23 AM Apr 6th from web in reply to Neesh
Fair to Midland ruled 2night.They played all of Fables but Wolf Descends.New songs sound intriguing.May not be til '10 tiol we hear them
1:58 AM Apr 6th from web
@JessicaAllyn everytime I see that, The Yes song with those lyrics "Into the Lens" my head. I-am-a-cammmurah. Camerah-Camerah.I-am-I-am!
1:56 AM Apr 6th from web in reply to JessicaAllyn
@JessicaAllyn it's Cliff Campbell of Fair to Midland's b-day today too.
1:55 AM Apr 6th from web in reply to JessicaAllyn
Fair to Midland @TheRockNightClubinMN in about 7 hours. Far From Falling= no thanks. Smiling Politlely = no thanks. Johnnyrook= meh,not sure
4:54 PM Apr 5th from web
I just finished "Cycles" the 2nd story in "Y: The Last Man" Graphic Novel Series. Took maybe an hour. I have like 8 volumes left.
4:54 PM Apr 5th from web
the new Kiss Kiss album may be dropping in JUNE.What a huge month: dredg, The Dear Hunter, Dream Theater, Mars Volta, Mew (prob), Soundscape
1:32 PM Apr 5th from web
Cheapo St.Paul=now closing everyday at 10pm :(..hopefully Uptown still stays open til Midnight on Fri/Sat's.
12:20 AM Apr 5th from web
debating between boiling pasta, or picking up lasagna +greek salad from Pizza Luce + a Cheapo stop. Problem is, I can't find my music list!
11:01 PM Apr 4th from web
new Wolfmother song "Back Round" is actually not bad. They may actually branch out a bit with their new album. Will add to calendar.
4:37 PM Apr 4th from web
St.Vincent dripped out of the cyber-faucet!..this is sweet!
9:33 AM Apr 4th from web
Bloc Party back on May 4th?..interesting. Too bad it's a) on a Monday again. b) 1st Ave.
8:58 AM Apr 4th from web
King's X - Crap Ave June 23rd. 6/23 is turning into the most eventuful day of the year.
9:05 PM Apr 3rd from web
Late of the Pier + Warpaint= 2 bands I heard today for the 1st time and like. How much, only time will tell.
6:08 PM Apr 3rd from web
@lisa617 interesting. Although unless it's filmed or tours, it's kind of irrelevant for someone unable to attend 1 of those performances.
12:26 PM Apr 3rd from web in reply to lisa617
someone remind me never try listening to a discussion podcast on Friday mornings. A 47minute file,& I'm about 30mins in after almost 2hrs
9:19 AM Apr 3rd from web
King's X as well (Black Like Sunday=80's songs) guess it comes downto writing vs actually recording (or in some cases writing in-the-studio)
4:24 AM Apr 3rd from web
Soundscape, Dear Hunter, Beach Boys/Brian Wilson, Led Zeppelin all released work later that was recorded (or demo-ed) long b4 other albums.
4:22 AM Apr 3rd from web
Let it Be rec in Jan '69,common knowledge?I knew it was controversial w the band,but sorry, it'll always be known as the last Beatles album.
4:11 AM Apr 3rd from web
ooh, we just got complementary Dilly Bars! Me: I chose a Heathbar crunch. Really helping that new health conscious diet!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I guess there's been so many things in recent months I could-have and should-have mentioned in here, I feel like I did when I was in Calculus class in college and after struggling every night to complete 25 problems of homework, I got behind more and more.

So a ton..rather too many bands, albums, rumors to add.

TV Shows as well.

A Graphic Novel Series to review.

And even a few movies.

But to add to that, the fact I was sick 1 week. Maybe I had the Swine Flu and beat it, lol. No seriously, it might have put me out of my misery had I not.

I dated a girl..the 3rd girl since September in fact, but it was another 1-month relationship. I really wonder if I'm not cut-out for relationships. Call it timing, or not the right person. I continue to be lust and love's pathetic little bitch at times. Because I continue to seek it out, yet I have been disappointed and/or fallen-short with it my whole life. Perhaps I'm one of thousands, or 100's of thousands who have been through the same thing, many for much longer. But then I can just say I'm a fucking cliche too.

But maybe the biggest kind of hijacking has been on the proverbial boards. Most of the time, it very well could be me. Whether it be bad or fucked-up opinions/comparisons. Or just trying to be the messenger, but I only end up feeling like

a) I'm wasting my and many others time.

b) I'm really trying to boost my ego, but in fact I end up looking and at times ultimately feeling like a pathetic little bitch.

and people go about giving me shit for stuff..for doing things or writing things my way. Is it me?..perhaps it is. Or maybe it's just the nature. And at the same time, my nature/addiction cuz I should have left many of them a long time ago.

I mean if I did, I might be better off. Man, this is starting to read/sound like many of those whiney emo-entries I wrote earlier this decade, and then at times onto the okcupid journal I kept. But it's fucking true. I'd like to see what would happen if I was gone from all those boards. Perhaps some of those people would find a trail leading to here. But then again, perhaps they wouldn't even notice. Why should I care? There are many regulars from years past that I suppose I wonder what happened to, but I haven't tried to find them. So why would I be any different?

I'm human, but sometimes I think I try to not to be.