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Fates Warning - Theories of Flight (2015-2016)

7/30/16 12:00AM

It just made an enormous jump on their chart, up to #5

I thought it would go up, but not THAT much. I'm both a bit shocked and also giddy to wonder what the hipsters, many of whom I imagine have never even heard their name, will think, lol.

I've said it a lot recently, but it bares repeating, it is a GOOD time to be a Fates Warning fan!

I am going to have to look at some of the new ratings just to watch for those Radiohead and for that matter, Swans fans who may feel threatened by it (or even the new Vektor album? lol).

6/24/16 6:45AM

"White Flag" play through video below.
Um, great track. I've now finally heard this record like many, and I'll share a couple of things I did on Social Media./rym/forums yesterday about it.

this album's a monster. The 1st 4 tracks are perfect. "The Light and Shade of Things" is among the best pieces they've (Jim Matheos) has ever composed.
As a longtime fan(boy), I can't get enough of this record right now.

the new Fates Warning album Theories of Flight is a monster. I'm really enjoying it.

Theories may become really addictive. the 1st 4 tracks have this great, *FW-energy* to sound sort of cheesy.  I feel like I'm listening to an album that sounds like Parallels, APOSG, Disconnected and XV yet is very modern

I'll probably make a video review time permitting (maybe on a Tuesday in early July?). But as a huge fan, I'm really happy to hear such a great new record from a favorite band of mine.

  6/3/16 6:25AM

1st single "From the Rooftops"

5/26/16 11:40AM


Fanboy bias included, I'm liking these clips, although I'm not sure if I am hearing tons of new things. If anything, it's more calling back to the past, but may end up being for the best anyway.


4/23/16 7:46PM


July 1st Release Date (Insideout).

Stoked. Although interesting to notice the track list. I recall a recent interview with Joey Vera talking about how this new album could have 1 or 2 extensive epics (like 15 mins?) but it appears there's 2 10 minute pieces. Maybe they decided to re-arrange them or something.

Regardless, Fates Warning are an all-time favorite band of mine, and I am highly anticipating this one, like the Pain of Salvation and Marillion albums among other long time favorite bands of mine releasing new albums soon.

b-mouth story with quotes from the band

Fates Warning - Theories of Flight.jpg
CD 1 – Main Album:
1. From The Rooftops (06:52)
2. Seven Stars (05:33)
3. SOS (04:34)
4. The Light And Shade Of Things (10:14)
5. White Flag (05:20)
6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen (05:13)
7. The Ghosts Of Home (10:31)
8. Theories of Flight (04:00)

CD2 – Acoustic Bonus Disc:
1. Firefly (03:15, previously unreleased)
2. Seven Stars (04:25, previously unreleased)
3. Another Perfect Day (03:25, previously unreleased)
4. Pray Your Gods (03:45, Toad The Wet Sprocket cover version)
5. Adela (02:25, Joaquin Rodrigo cover version)
6. Rain (04:03, Uriah Heep cover version)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Miracles of Modern Science - Theme from the Magicians [Official Video]

like a short film in a lot of ways. Surreal.

DownFall (YouTube User): Cool Fates Warning Retrospective Video

This is a very well made Fates Warning history video that DownFall made; DownFall who is a user I know on YouTube, and have written about in a YouTube Subscription entry (something I mean to do again soon).

It does include a lot of his opinions of course, which I agree with a lot of it, but at the same time I disagree with, such as his take on A Twist of Fate, FWX and even Inside Out vs Parallels.

I guess my Random Artist Feature/Collection/History/Opinion videos may have inspired him to start making this and more of these kind of cool band history videos, which is great to hear. 

Anyway, he's going to be making more of these types, which the next one is to be about Genesis. I'll try and pass them along like this one once he does.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vinyl Videos 7-26-16 ft. Opeth and Cloud Cult

I've been meaning to make an updated Vinyl Video or 2 for quite awhile. I sort of procrastinated about it, but when I picked up and received the Opeth and Cloud Cult vinyl this past week, I needed to make these.

Not too long, but not short, but given the list/material shown, it's understandable.

Random Artist Features and other stuff should be coming soon.

SikTh - Opacities EP
Vektor - Outer Isolation
Vektor - Black Future
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Dark Tranquility - Fiction
Dream Theater - Rhode Island May 15, 1993
Savatage - The Wake of Magellan

The Mars Volta - A Plague Upon Your Hissing Corpse 7"
Annuals - Fair / Swing Low 7"
Cloud Cult - The Seeker
British Theatre - Mastery
iamthemorning - Lighthouse
The Appleseed Cast - Peregrine
The Antlers - Hospice
As Tall as Lions - In the Flood EP
The Dear Hunter - Act III: Life and Death (2015)
Madonna - Hanky Panky
Robert Fripp - And the League of Crafty Guitarists Live
Boiled in Lead - Boiled in Lead
King's X - It's Love / We Were Born to Be Loved Six Broken Soldiers (extended)
Galactic Cowboys - Galactic Cowboys
Marillion - In Communicado 12"
Marillion - Sugar Mice 12"
Plenty Good Music Compilation (Marillion - He Knows You Know)
Falcon Arrow - Tower
The Rubinoos - Party of Two

Updated PROG METAL Discussion with Sam Dunn+Dan Briggs (BTBAM)

Very cool discussion that was done last December per a live stream. Sam Dunn of course of Metal Evolution and documentaries like Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Beyond the Lighted Stage (Rush) and Flight 666 (Iron Maiden).

And it is nice to see Dan Briggs in there from Between the Buried and Me and his opinion/taste/knowledge of a lot of these bands.

This could be a much more extensive discussion than the 30+ mins they did this, and many of the comments, additions and subtractions I agree with overall. Even in cases where I'm not a fan of the bands.

Gojira and The Dillinger Escape Plan are questionable, and the bands I mentioned below may be more warranted in a lot of respects.

It reminds me of that entry I wrote about Mean Deviation from Jeff Wagner.

Also stuff like the Post Metal stuff (Long Distance Calling, Russian Circles, East of the Wall), and even someone mentioned Karnivool, and while I would agree with them, you'd have to add the likes of dredg, Fair to Midland or even Oceansize, even if the "Metal" tag doesn't fully fit. I guess call it the umbrella of progressive metal which  bands that are heavy rock bands sort of find their way into in many respects.

I dunno. I wish I had seen this when it 1st was made last December. And I did subscribe. I wonder if they ever made a follow-up just about the progressive extreme metal, or the 1 comment about the different "waves" of progressive metal. The 3rd being sort of the djent stuff and stuff that's come out in the last 10 years or less. A band like The Contortionist I suppose who only use djent sparingly.

Also Ne Obliviscaris.

Here's my comment:

very cool discussion! I agree with a lot of it. Thank you for adding Pain of Salvation! My suggestions: Shadow Gallery (if Symphony X is, they definitely should be included) SikTh maudlin of the Well King's X (and Galactic Cowboys) Subterranean Masquerade Orphaned Land Angra (more Power Metal, with progressive elements) Burst (if Mastodon is included, they should be as well) Three (if Coheed and Cambria is included, they should be as well) Superior
Zero Hour
Spiral Architect
Green Carnation
Sculptured (and Agalloch)  

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dream the Electric Sleep - Beneath the Dark Wide Sky (2015-2016)

7/22/16 9:40AM 

It's out today. Listened without headphones earlier before work. Very good stuff. I'm not sure if there are any songs as great as "Elizabeth" but there is a great epic element to this album, and per why the positive reviews I follow.

7/7/16 1:04PM
Very nice new soaring ballad!

6/11/16 3:44PM

1st single "Let the Light Flood in"
Dig it, probably as a grower. The ending is great.

5/30/16 9:04PM

Trailer and another Preorder

5/19/16 2:30PM
Preorder (including Vinyl!): 

 Beneath the Dark Wide Sky cover art

Pretty excited for this. Trailer linked on their Facebook Page and Twitter feed.
Signed to Mutiny Records.

Hello everyone!

Before we make some major announcements, we would first like to apologize to you all for the LONG DELAY in posting new information about the upcoming release! We have been very busy behind the scenes lining up some cool new things, and we are just now able to publicly announce them.

After many months of talking with different labels and release partners, we finally found a partner that understands the vision we have for the future of this band and as of today, that partnership is official!

We are pleased to announce we will be joining forces with Mutiny Records for the release of our third studio album titled, “Beneath the Dark Wide Sky”. Mutiny Records is a new collaboration between Odyssey Music Network and Pirate Smile PR in Germany. We know the amazing people behind the operation and know they are forward thinking about the music business as well as building relationships with their artists, and that is exactly what we were looking for!

With this new partnership in place, we can officially announce the release date for “Beneath the Dark Wide Sky” as July 22nd, 2016!

Expect some music to start rolling out very soon…

We can’t wait to share this new album with all of you!


Mutiny Records is thrilled to announce the signing of US Progressive/Alternative outfit Dream the Electric Sleep!
Hailing from Lexington, KY, the band recently finished recording its upcoming album with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Deftones, Alice In Chains, Rush).

“Beneath The Dark Wide Sky” will be released on July 22nd, 2016.

Have a first listen by clicking the link to the album trailer:

Limited 2LP Vinyl, CD Digipacks and T-shirt Bundles can be pre-ordered here:



Anyway, this album is being released on July 22nd and it was produced by Nick Raskulinecz who known for working with Rush among others.

2014's Heretics is awesome; hopefully this will be more of the same.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Grimus - Culoare (cu Alexandra Ungureanu)

New song from Grimus! new album coming?

I loved their last album Emergence from 2014.

Random Artist Feature Videos: TO DO LIST

WTF, I'll just share this list.

So in making these Music (mostly Vinyl) Collection/History/My History-with videos aka Random Artist Features on YouTube, I decided to write down a bit of a forecast of what I have coming up, etc.

This is by no means a complete list, but it's a good chunk of my plans for this series anyway.

Rush (1)
Yes/Solo (2-3)
Genesis/Solo (2)
Pink Floyd (2)
Renaissance (2)
King Crimson/Solo (2)
Return to Forever/Al Di Meola (2)
Mahavishnu Orchestra/Solo (2)
Pat Metheny (2?)

Modern (coming soon in the queue)
Pain of Salvation
maudlin of the Well
Apes and Androids/Call Florence Pow
Galactic Cowboys
Pepe Deluxe
Jeff Buckley
Saigon Kick
I Mother Earth
The Tea Party
Shadow Gallery
Time of Orchids
The Receiving End of Sirens
Between the Buried and Me
Bend Sinister
Kiss Kiss/Solo
Neverending White Lights
Fair to Midland
Spock's Beard
Janelle Monae
East of the Wall
House of Fools
Imogen Heap
Klimt 1918 (around the time of the new album)

Lower Priority
The Who
Bruce Springsteen
The Police
Jimi Hendrix

Monday, July 18, 2016

Kevin Gilbert - Imagemaker [Stop Motion Video]

Wow, just fucking wow.

And this being my favorite track on Shaming.

Kevin Gilbert would be proud, I'm sure.

This was made (or uploaded) in February of 2012? Where in the fuck have I been? Either that or I acquired some kind of amnesia about this thing.

The way the pictures are animated and sync-ed is incredibly well done. I can only image the hours the fan, Lennart Fagerman, who made this spent.

Pretty fantastic. I'm going to have to check out some of his newer videos of course now.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Random Artist Feature: Led Zeppelin (Part 2 up)

7/17/16 1:00AM

Houses of the Holy
The Song Remains the Same
Physical Graffiti
Physical Graffiti tablature book
In Through the Outtakes
Led Zeppelin tablature book
Robert Plant Picture Disc

Here's the 2nd and final part of my Zeppelin collection. 20 minutes, but I suppose I showed quite a bit.

Part 1 of this series. I love Zeppelin, and these albums

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin IV

Friday, July 15, 2016

Bruce Peninsula - Don't Wake the Giant [1B] (+Sleeping Giant OST)

Great to hear new music from these guys, a band I have enjoyed more and more, but it seems like lost some steam after their last record Open Flames in 2011, and then the great epic Of Songs in 202.

And those along with their other work are some of the most infectious releases over the last 10 years.

I just purchased this new single and the Sleeping Giant OST as well. I suppose I may yearn to see the film soon as well.

How does this sound compares to their previous work? I haven't checked out the full Soundtrack yet, but the single "Don't Wake the Giant" is still them, but with a little electronic emphasis. The soundtrack may be more *cinematic* naturally.

My biggest question is with Neil Haverty and his vocals, which were a big part of their early music and on A Mountain is a Mouth, I wonder if his role as a vocalist has changed or is in transition. Perhaps a bit like Jon Oliva with Savatage in the 90's, etc. I dunno.

Pain of Salvation Documentary (Webisodes, shot from 2007-2014)

7/15/16 9:15AM

Just to bump this as the entire Season 1 is now up, and I am trying to catchup fully with it. A lot of the telling of what the band went through and how difficult it is to keep a band together, etc.

Kind of sympathizing more with Daniel than I may have expected.

Once I have finished it and/or more is put up, I'm sure I'll bump it again. Right now I'm in the middle of 2008.

Also it is clear the editors/filmmakers have had to do a lot of work with subtitles, which I totally applaud them as I'm sure it's not easy, both in terms of translating (and hearing what exactly is said) and just the editing-in, etc. 

Also it is quite odd seeing Daniel and the other guys speak in their native tongue, as I can only claim to remember the dialogue on 12:5 not in English from them.

6/7/16 8:39PM

Facebook Page

So this documentary has been in the works for a number of years. The write up on that website and even in the 1st Webisode, says/shows they shot footage with Daniel and the band from 2007-2014.

Kind of ironic timing, but maybe the most dramatic in a lot of ways with the band membership and stylistic changes musically around those times.

This should be fun to see, and for the filmmakers, I'm sure it's great to finally share this stuff after all these years and work.

The 1st webisode is subtitled in English, which I imagine much if not all of these Webisodes will be. Odd for me seeing Daniel talk in his native tongue, but so be it.

I'm not sure, but a new Webisode may show up every week or 2, so I'll try and bump this entry. Kind of reminds me of that The Receiving End of Sirens documentary series from last year, which from memory, I'm not sure if the last part every got shared.

Not documentary-style, but as the titles says, a live performance in November of 2011? Fredrik and Johan Hallgren were still in the band, so that makes sense.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cool story about 2 Metal Kids: UNLOCKING THE TRUTH (their band)

7/13/16 10:41PM

This is for this band called Unlocking the Truth and I just saw the documentary Breaking a Monster this evening at the Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis. Good film/documentary in a lot of ways.

My criticism of it includes a couple of things

1) Why was there next to no exposure to THE METAL SCENE. The real gauge about their music is really how the Metal scene, Metal listeners, Metal fans, etc take to their music. It seemed good, but we didn't get much of it

2) The whole MAJOR LABEL NIGHTMARE contract, etc. With it seems countless of examples in history of bands signing a deal to a major label and then things go down hill, etc. Why did they do it? I suppose vulnerability/naivete, etc.

And the people at Sony when they signed that contract, especially that woman who kept talking and trying to appease to the naive stereotypes of these kids, lol. BLECH. She, nor more or less all the executives didn't seem to know ANYTHING about Metal, about their tastes, or just the kids themselves.

It's like did they ever hear of an album called The Shaming of the True released by Kevin Gilbert? Or the large numbers of bands who get into legal issues with their label? Prince?, lol.

But issues aside, it is a cool documentary, showing how things can escalate and change almost overnight for just some normal inner city kids who happen to like and play Metal, a style of music most of their peers don't care for.

Their drummer Jarad, I think I liked the most as he seemed the most down to earth of the 3, and also the most about emphasizing their music 1st.

Now their sound overall, in the film I like the 1 single they showed them play live and record in"Monster," but it's clear Slipknot and some of the doom influences have shown up in their newer music, which they just released their debut album Chaos on June 17th. The 1st video for it "Take Control" is kind of a Slipknot tribute, just with the masks.

I actually think in seeing their evolution, it would have been cool if they just were an instrumental band. They'd be more unique musically, just as they are in race/culture, being all-black and kids doing Metal. But had they not, they probably would not have received the exposure they did, which is sad, but true. I suppose seeing someone like Tosin from Animals as Leaders being Black and playing in an all-instrumental band, but gradually getting more popular, would likely have had them take a similar trajectory if they were just instrumental.

Also odd how the dude who helped them get signed and "discovered" and is/was their manager, Alan Sacks, was a co-creator on the TV show Welcome Back Cotter, along with discovering the likes of The Jonas Brothers and I thought he said Demi Levato.

1/13/14 12:57AM
This may be worth sharing, not that so much because it's a story about 2 kids who like and are playing Metal. Which that is all well and good I suppose, namely because their sound reminds me more of some of the thrash and old school stoner/doom metal.

But the fact they are 2 minority kids, being black or African American. And they don't care the fact their peers may not be into Metal.
Is it a stereotype? sure. And would it be good if it changed aka more minorities or just African American kids liked Metal? certainly.

Would I expect to see a lot more kids like them soon? not really, but stories like this can often inspire and surprise people over time.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

The Mars Volta News? Interview with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

I wondered if they were done even after the announcement a few years ago. It does sound like Omar and Cedric have a lot ahead of it in terms of priority, namely his solo records and a new At the Drive-In album, which I may check out, but still don't have huge expectations or hopes.

The Volta? especially if Jon Theodore is back, certainly intrigues me and many others.

You mentioned Mars Volta earlier in your list of projects you'd like to revive. Do you have plans to put out another Volta album eventually?
At some point, we'd love to do [Mars Volta] again too, you know what I mean? There's so much to do there as well. Obviously now we're focused on At the Drive-In and making this record great and touring. Jon Theodore is doing Queens of the Stone Age right now. There are only four surviving members of the real Mars Volta, which is Eva Gardner, the original bass player who gave us all our soul but unfortunately had to leave the band because her father died on the second tour; Ikey Owens, who, of course, isn't with us anymore; Jeremy Ward, who isn't with us anymore; and Jon Theodore. Jon and Eva are still alive, and we're so grateful for that. And any true fan of the band knows that's the real chemistry right there. Whenever we get to that time, we hope that it all lines up with whatever Jon's doing and whatever Eva's doing, because she's been touring with Gwen Stefani. I just have a feeling it will. Life has a funny way of working out that way. 

Fans were very excited about Antemasque, since it brought you and Cedric back together. Could you talk a bit about how that project actually started? It seemed like a very quick transition between Cedric tweeting about the death of Mars Volta to you guys coming together and making the album in what seemed like a very spontaneous way. Then the project seemed to fly under the radar.
Obviously I'm biased, but I think it's a great record, as well. The most important thing is the fact that it got made and we did it and went through the process. Like you said, there was him tweeting or something, and not long after that, we got another band together. Because we're brothers. We're brothers of 25 years, and we had our very first disagreement, and unfortunately it happened to be in the era where arguments can be made public. But having one disagreement in the span of over two decades, you're not going to find that anywhere else. When you look at musical pairings throughout history – Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page – usually like 10, 15 years is their limit, then they go their separate ways. Ours is much deeper than that. We didn't end up in a band together because we were looking to form a band. We ended up in a band together because we hung out every day and played music every day, so the next logical thing was to take a band out on the road. We had one disagreement about me not wanting to do Volta at the time, and it turned into that. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Genders - Phone Home [EP] [____-2016____]

The new track "Life is But a Dream" streaming there, but also is released on Friday at their bandcamp page below.

The EP per the link

Portland-based dream pop band Genders teases their upcoming EP, Phone Home, with "Life is But a Dream," 

Life Is But A Dream cover art

Rather dream new track, which I often go for, especially from a band like Genders.
"Life is But a Dream" the title, almost sounds like the title from a track from the previous Fitz and the Tantrums album.

Random Artist Feature: Jethro Tull

19 minutes, but I more or less covered everything I own and my entire experience with them. Although I think 2 or 3 of those albums are so good, I may end up revisiting them and making a video with more specific details. For one, I should have mentioned the saxophone use in A Passion Play which I love. And more of the lyrics on TAAB.

Thick as a Brick
Thick as a Brick (Platinum label, West Germany 1985)
A Passion Play
Minstrel in the Gallery
Songs from the Wood
Heavy Horses
Crest of a Knave

Beardfish: Rest in Peace

This is unfortunate for many fans I know. The truth for me though is, I never got all that into them, largely because I found their music hugely derivative and not really having anything that grabbed me.

But I know a lot of folks on the forums and Social Media who love them, and for this, I empathize with them.

They had a nice run though, 8 albums or whatever in 15 years. That's hardly Apes and Androids levels of prolific-ness (or lack their of).

Facebook Link

After a longer hiatus and some disagreements and various difficulties within the band we have decided to call it quits. This was not an easy choice to make. Beardfish has always been our main musical outlet - a proper garage band - the kind that meet up in the rehearsal studio and try out new material together for long, massive sessions at a time. Some of the best times of our lives have been spent together on the road, in the studio and just hanging out.

Growing up, having families and all that has made that particular way of working very difficult, leading to long periods where we haven't been able to rehearse.. And we LIKE to play.

We've had a very good run though; eight albums in fifteen years, nine if you include "The early years" (ten if you count "The Sane Day" double album as two!). We've toured with some great bands. We've met amazing people and found friends in places we'd never been before.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years, you guys are fantastic and the prog community is a very special place to be a part of.

We spent our youth and our early adulthood as Beardfish and we grew up within the band.. Individually we will now venture out into other musical projects. No matter what, Beardfish has been very special and we will all hold it close to our hearts, but right now it's time for new adventures.

"So real, it's surreal"
A Love Story - The Sane Day (2005)
Rikard, David, Robert & Magnus

Monday, July 11, 2016

React To 89.3 Albums List part 2 Coming (THE MOTHER OF ALBUM LISTS)

Just a shortie as I am in the process of compiling that list I mentioned a few months back. I'm not sure how long it'll take me and how much ranking exactly it will have (it will have some, but not like 893-1 like The Current's voters did).

But I can say it will definitely not go below the 3.5-star mark. And of course there will be a few acts that's whole catalog may be represented.

anyway, outside of videos and wedding work/work-work that's been on my plate of late and given the blurbs won't happen, but more likely just an extensive summary, it could show up  by August or earlier, we'll see.

Rachel Flowers - Hearing is Believing [Upcoming Documentary]

loved the shot of her meeting Stevie and Emerson.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Miracles of Modern Science - Heroes (David Bowie, live)

Fantastic live cover. These guys often do some of the best covers (Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" for example), and this is no exception. Very much made me think of Bowie and nostalgia. The strings really do add a new flavor/flare to it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

REACT TO:'s Top 10 Male Falsettos

Voting Results

I'd love to have the time to break this down more in detail, and truth be, I just skimmed it without sound just to see the results.

But obviously the biggest issue I have with this list is having Thom Yorke anywhere on it. I've said it a million times; the guy can't sing. His voice is highly NASAL and nauseating to listen to, and he almost always sounds like he's high and baked. Y-U-C-K.

The including of Jeff Buckley I am happy to see, and rightfully so as he could wail with the best.

Matt Bellamy as an honorable mention is nice, but given he was in there, he should have replaced Yorke and/or a few others.

Having Prince and Michael Jackson on there is fine, but I'm a little surprised MJ isn't higher and higher than Prince.


For one Freddie Mercury, lol.

But of course the failure that always has and always will happen in lack of exposure to 2 huge names to me.

Jimmy Gnecco..more or less the greatest living and/or working singer today, especially with Falsettos. The man can wail better than most of that list.

Andre Matos..just listen to Holy Land and Ritual from Shaman, and there's no questioning both his soaring voice and vocal lines.

And I suppose to add to that, the more well known Metal names like Bruce Dickinson and especially Rob Halford.

 I'd even include Darroh from Fair to Midland in there. Both an amazing Falsetto and unique or original in plenty of ways.

edit: and I'm sure the Fiancee would include the likes of George Michael and especially Mr.Smooth and Blue-Eyed Soul himself, Michael McDonald (which I also would not have issue with).

So, of course Watchmojo and their lemming millennial voters fail again, but that's par for the course anyway.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Random Artist Feature: The Beatles

Came out to 20 minutes, but for good reason. I just don't have much of the early albums to show. I can talk about them, which maybe I will at some point.

Also as I noted on YouTube in the description, when I'm pulling out Sgt Peppers, I said accidentally "Magical Mystery Tour"..multi-tasking can do that sometimes I suppose.

I also should eventually pickup The White Album I suppose and maybe Let it Be.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Fates Warning - Theories of Flight [Video Review]

I received the cd in the mail the other day. I still mean to pickup the Vinyl of course.

I am loving this record and it is challenging for my favorite of the year.