Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Casey Crescenzo - Last.FM Interview/Acoustic

not anything really new, and these songs, while I enjoy them, namely in a little different stripped-down arrangement. I guess my love of TCS, or rather, the songs I enjoy the most from it are not going to be played too often live at this point. Although 1 setlist from the other day showed them playing "Misplaced Devotion" at least. I guess both "Therma" and "Progress" are 2 others Casey wants to play live, but has not found the means to do so (in the way he thinks makes sense).

edit: for some reason,'s video source won't allow more than 1 video embed at once for me, lol. I direct linked the other videos, although it appears the "Home" video isn't there, and "The Canopy" is hyper-linked on it's linked page instead. Also something has go to be off about the html on that page. But hopefully this will be visible now.

the article with the links

direct link to the Video Interview

Direct Link "She's Always Singing"

Direct Link "The Canopy"