Monday, October 24, 2011 update

So in finally hearing back from Mike at, I have at least a better idea of how things will work for now.

It's about LOCAL music, pretty much 100%. That's okay, and I'm more than happy about the chance to write about local acts. However, stuff like National touring acts, even when a LOCAL artist opens, it sounds like is a no-go. Or rather, the only way that is cool, is if the article is written pretty much 100% about said local artist.

In other words, for example Iron Thrones is a local progressive Metalcore band who in the coming weeks will be opening both for East of the Wall and Cynic/3.

Cynic, 3, and East of the Wall are not local bands, and honestly, are the main reason I am attending those shows. But if I understand what they wish for, is content only about those locals. I suppose I could mention those bands in a review, but nothing more.

So, which basically makes me think I'll still write a review about Iron Thrones at said shows, but at least in the review IN HERE, it'll include content about 3, Cynic, East of the Wall. In other words, the reviews on in those cases will be abridged only for the locals.

Okay, but this does lead me to work-on a few projects of sorts involving local acts. I suppose mainly reviews/dissections of their catalogs and some recollections. 2 bands in particular being Cloud Cult and especially Lehto & Wright. I foresee now investing some time with both of their catalogs soon and posting what I can on here and there, unabridged.

I'm still rather excited about this, it's just I am now getting a better idea of how the process will work (in relation to this blog, etc).