Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beavis is back TONIGHT (10/27)

Just a heads up for anyone who may have forgot. My favorite animated show of all-time is back after nearly 2 decades this evening on eMpTyV.

I am seeing an advanced screening of the Eddie Murphy comedy Tower Heist at that big Mall in Bloomington, but thanks to DVR, I shall be able to catch the return-premiere episode when I get home.

so yeah, can you like shut up or something.

all he needs to do now is just get fat.

He gave his heart and soul to some chic
Whoa, that must have been like 50 llbs of meat.

Imagine if he died, how much crap would fly out of Godzilla's butt.

These are like, really good balls.
And they fit right in the hole.

Gimme the pork-grinds, now!

This used to be a cool station before they put these dorks on.

Hemlick, Heimlick, Hemlick Manuer