Friday, October 28, 2011

Jimmy Gnecco with Velvet Revolver?

A big What-The-Fuck to this. Although there's a lot more to this.

First off, this is sadly, OLD news as it was posted on b-mouth like 3 weeks ago.

Personally, I don't read kill the band as regularly as I wish/should mainly due to how slow it's been. But beside the fact I didn't see this news item a few weeks ago, I have heard/read about Jimmy's relationship with Slash, and some talk about this, even a few years ago. And I do recall sometime either this Summer or Spring about some quotes from Jimmy about Slash and the Road Recovery benefit.

So, this doesn't come as big of a shock as I might expect.

edit: this link on his site is probably one recent thing I remember seeing via facebook or twitter at least.

That all being said, there's nothing that I can find that says he is with Velvet Revolver, or even officially going to work with them. But the B-mouth article quotes Slash saying they may write some music together.

My take is with VR, they're really nothing amazing, and I wonder artistically what it would do for Jimmy. They sound almost like a Bar band in those videos, to me.

But perhaps with Jimmy's input and the exposure he would receive singing for them could help him and Ours music in the long run.

But all of that remains to be seen. For now, I am enjoying the re-release of The Heart and looking forward to his new project Weathervane and other work including or not-including with Velvet Revolver.