Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orphan Bloom - Orphan Bloom (2010)

1. The Waterway 4:34
2. Immune 6:57
3. Burning in the Rain 4:20
4. Atonement 2:00
5. Indra's Web 5:42
6. The Duel 3:53
7. Brindle 4:29
8. No Ever After 3:57
9. Veil 7:42
10. Until Dawn 4:30
11. Sepia 2:13
12. Frail Hand 9:41

Wow, over the last week I just can't seem to get enough of this album from this Madison, Wisconsin based progressive metal band Orphan Bloom. It's ballsy, riffy, bluesy, technical, groove metal. This record has these thick yet catchy guitar hooks at times that never leave your head. "No Ever After" and "Until Dawn" maybe being the most memorable. Some other standouts include the epic "Indra's Web" the opening cut The Waterway" and the closer "Frail Hand." Along with some songs with these nice acoustic ballady sections in "Brindle" and "Veil."

I am really loving this album a ton, and probably a bit more with each listening. These guys have the chops, the memorable melodies, the riffs, the molding of influences. Even their singer, while he's not the greatest singer I've ever heard, keeps growing on me and I find fits their music extremely well.

The groups who do come to mind, just for the sake of a reference point: King's X, Mastodon, Rush, Motorhead and along the lines of both Mastodon and Motorhead, the great band from Texas I saw a few years back with Fair to Midland, The House Harkonnen.

Really badass, groovey blues metal, that is progressive rock of a kind, but really never is guilty of excessiveness.

And one other thing that I can't help but think about is at the show I saw them a few weeks ago in Minneapols at the "Progasm" at the 400 Bar, they played some new material. In other words, their next work may not be far away, and could be even better, as they clearly were the band I was impressed by the most that evening.

I think one of the biggest parts of what I love about them is the guitar tones they use and the tasteful guitar solos. Their lead guitarist Saigopal Nelaturi brings influences that are non-traditional-to-many-hard-rock/metal bands. As shown at the beginning of "Indra's Web" among other sections. I think among other things, his guitar work and style, makes them stand out over so many other "prog" and "prog metal" bands trying to do something significant now.

I probably would call this among if not the best 2010 record I've heard in 2011 thus far. Those are the kinds of albums I look forward to every year, even if I'm not around during the initial release period/year.

I can't wait to hear what they do next and see them live again.

cdbaby samples and $10 download

Monday, May 30, 2011

Unexpect - Fables of the Sleepless Empire (2011) (1.0)

5/30/11 11:31PM

it's release day and the whole thing is available to stream now.
on their bandcamp page.

they may have topped their other 2 records here. Damn, they are all over the place, like they are known for, but maybe even better this time.

5/6/11 8:33AM

Release date, May 31st. Pre-order link is there and everyone of those is signed by the band.

myspace blog post

New Album Pre-Sale & Release Date Announced !!

My friends, the time has come now to mow the lawn of your souls and plant some new colorful seeds ... Pre-sale for our upcoming album "Fables of the Sleepless Empire" will finally begin tomorrow on May 6 ! All CDs sold on pre-sale will personally be signed by the whole band and shipped internationally on the official release date set for May 31 !
Click HERE to pre-order !!
It will be presented in a 6 panels Digipack format...so pleasurable to touch and observe...smells good too. The ultimate sensorial experience. Approved by the Space Agency and the ghost of Chopin. A collector's item for sure.
Note that the album will ONLY be available through our IF Merch online webstore...it will NOT be available through physical stores for now.
For those in the Montreal area, there will be a Listening Session at the Cafe Chaos ( 2031 St-Denis, Montreal ) on thursday May 26, from 5PM to 7PM.
For the occasion, the album will be available to buy as a pre-release exclusive and the band will be present all evening to chat !
See ya !
4:41 PM

4/15/11 12:15AM

I'm going to go with that track list is in the order on the record. However, as great as this info is, until they announce an actual RELEASE DATE, this stuff only means so much. But with all that announced, the odds seem pretty high that it'll be sooner than later.

Unexpect Newsletter link

All inside graphic work and modifications have been done by Eric Charron; Photographies by Elaine Phaneuf.

Here are the names of the 11 songs to be released on this epic offering:

1. Unsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest
2. Words
3. Orange Vigilantes
4. Mechanical Phoenix
5. The Quantum Symphony
6. Unfed Pendulum
7. In the Mind of the Last Whale
8. Silence this Parasite
9. A Fading Stance
10. When the Joyful Dead are Dancing
11. Until yet a few more Deaths do us Part

More information very soon...

3/9/11 1:02AM

My apologies or rather, it's probably good to point out, this title has been mentioned, but I am still without any concrete evidence from the band this is the case. But for now, I suppose it'll have to do, and if necessary edited.

stream "Orange Vigilantes" here as well as an email submission for a download link (which has failed to work for me for some reason).

When this drops? given they're talking and releasing stuff from it, it could be by June or even earlier. New song is pretty sweet. More to add later.

Shelter Red - TBA (2011?)

5/30/11 11:26PM

facebook post with :46 demo/sampler

Don't forget about your favorite upcoming album!!
Release date: TBA,TBA, 2011

Shelter Red, a band who came under my radar really late in 2009 with their record Strike a Mortal Terror, I just was made aware they are still around and announced that on their facebook page the other day.

I know I have mentioned them since, including on Usedbin Radio a few weeks back when the discussion about Long Distance Calling and Scale the Summit came up. But the truth is, sadly, I haven't listened to them a ton since probably early last year.

Why? time and other music. Because their last album really impressed me. Progressive post-metal of a sort. Much like LDC or Russian Circles. Or East of the Wall's Farmer's Almanac period even.

I also just realized after failing to ever find it at Cheapo, it was and still is available for $6 (+3 shipping) on this webstore http://www.soundvssilence.com. So, of course I just ordered a copy.

The demo sounds promising as well. More to add as details come of course, but maybe this record will make up for the minor disappointment of the new Long Distance Calling album in 2011.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Godspeed You Black Emperor album coming?

Shitfork Media story

Well, lame P4K is the only source I can find at this time for this, but so be it. A new record from this band would certainly be a big deal to many, including myself. Although I wasn't one of the lucky people to see them live recently on their reunion tour.

My take on them more or less is, Skinny Fists is progressive rock in an epic nature, done rather well. Even as dark and melancholy as it can be. But it is "post" music, frankly, done the way it should be. With the long, drawn-out, methodical sections. There really is no filler on Skinny Fists. And that is where they stand out so much over their peers and 95% of their descendants.

But truth be, I own F♯A♯ on cd, and have only listened to it a couple of times. I recall liking it, but not nearly like Skinng Fists. The rest of their music, I honestly do not recall ever hearing. Yanqui U.X.O. and their EP Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada I probably just never got around to checking out. But with a new album coming, I may find the motivation, even if I consider their music still very *mood* no matter how good it is.

But especially for others, including the Hipsters of course, a new record from them could mean a ton. We'll see. I'd like to see something directly from the band themself about this. And saying "an album" is being planned/intended soon.

Maybe the fact Bin Laden is dead gave them motivation, lol.

The River Empires - Mars/Brighton Part II (2011) (1.0)

5/29/11 11:36AM

facebook post

Just a quick video I put together to show you we are still here and working on new music. about :34 you will hear a score that will be a part of the new album in some form or another.

yes :). Documentary and album. Can't-friggin-wait!

4/18/11 1:19AM

not much to include save for this Jessy posting a rather light instrumental piece on his blog the other day. http://jessyribordy.net

27 plays may not indicate much, but hopefully that number will go up a lot.

3/23/11 8:43AM


normally, this wouldn't really be much if any *news* but given how interested I and presumably many others are in this project, it's probably still worth passing along. It sounds like this record won't be coming until sometime in the 4th Quarter. More realistic, especially with Jessy's other work of late: Falling Up + The Dear Hunter Colors Spectrum contributions.

March 10th
Wow, sorry for the lack of updates guys and dolls. The truth is, I’ve been working really hard on getting this new album scheduled to be tracked. Trying to really secure a lot of finances to make this next album the best we can. Bad news is the previously announced release time will not be this summer. The good news is we are shooting for a 2011 release still, and the album is going to contain a very special addition that we are really, really, really stoked about. I will explain the very exciting details soon… for now, I just wanted to post something to show a little sign of life on our end.

1/7/11 12:32PM

short update Summer it sounds likely. It'll be amazing, if their projection of a record every year until 2015 happens.

The River Empires
So tracking time has been delayed a bit, hopefully starting up in April. But the new TRE album will STILL be out THIS SUMMER! So excited for this new album, I lose sleep every night thinking of it. Also all you guys and dolls are awesome.

10/24/10 10:15PM

Jessy's tumblr post

New music and other biznatch

So another journey into self funding and self releasing a project is underway. I am beginning to create plans for the tracking of the second album of The River Empires, entitled “Mars/Brighton Part II” (For those of you who understand that I am writing the 7 albums backwards from the end of the story to the beginning, you will have noticed that Epilogue was the first album, then M/B Part II is next, so naturally following that will be M/B Part I). And some insight for the nice tight group I got going on here following me, Mars and Brighton are essentially the two main characters in the tale. The tale being a love/mystery story between Mars (girl) and Brighton (boy).

The toughest part of self funding and releasing another album is the balance I have to develop between budget planning and writing. The journey, full of success and failures, excitement and disappointment, business and art, is a story in itself that could make for a movie (maybe years down the road I’ll have to write about this crazy process of remaining independent in an extremely shaky and tough industry), but for now the hard work is just something I have to live through and continue. I do have help and support from friends and family, and of course all of you who are interested in and purchasing the music. And I also have started a kickstarter.com account where I can attempt to gain donations by having exclusive material/happenings available for those who donate to the cause of the new album. I will be posting that account link for all of you to take a look at when it becomes available.

In news involving the films…

I recently received some advice from Casey while complaining to him about my worries with the scripts. I was concerned that if I broke the story up into three scripts (trilogy) like I had originally planned, I would run the risk of only one script being picked up and the rest of the tale ending up untold. Although I wrote each script so that individually they could exist as stories on their own, I found it may be unfair to the followers of our band, because then the story just wouldn’t match up. I was also a little concerned that, after reading some articles about the way the film industry was moving, I had three very fringe ideas that may not be accepted as marketable within Hollywood (with the decrease of original ideas and the increase of 3D and remakes, sequels, vampire stories and book adaptations, my science fiction drama/mystery original concept has little chance). Casey mentioned a good icebreaker to begin the story was to create some sort of intro that kind of pitches the whole thing, so that The River Empires story can gain followers and attention, just like out first album did for the band. I took that into consideration. Then after further contemplation, I realized that if I changed the format from a film trilogy to a miniseries (one hour television drama of about 2 or 3 seasons max), the pilot episode could be a good intro and not only pitch the story to the audience but also the network. So I set about plotting out the story to be told over 3 seasons of a one hour long episode television series. Planning is done and pilot is finished, currently being pitched to networks. The series will of course be called “The River Empires”.

um, so 1st off the next album has this title, which is explained there. The story is being told backwards, so I wonder if in Epilogue this section "Mars/Brighton II" is referenced at the end of that record or not. I wonder if in a way, it'll be like The Good Guys or Pulp Fiction kind of "here's what has happened, and here's how we got to this point" kind of thing.

And of course the other big news there is about the Films. Doing a mini-series or MS -> a tv show makes realistic sense. The question being, WHAT NETWORK would go to bat for this. My suggestion would be 1 of the Cable networks and not a Major. AMC, HBO, Showtime or even SyFy would have better odds at the show lasting or at least not requiring demands that a network would. Sure, the financial part might be a lot better via a major tv network, but the odds of a mini-series receiving ratings that would have the network order it back (or order and AIR IT, even if it was a just a Mini-series) are not all that high.

The American Television industry, like the film industry, has become so watered down with Reality Shows and cheaply-made no-talent trash, the suits at the networks demand ratings become an overnight success or a show (and miniseries) often doesn't last.

Cable the odds are a lot higher. Just consider the many Miniseries over the last decade: The Lost Room, Alice, Earthsea, Tin Men, Battlestar Galactica, The Prisoner...not to mention all the ones like Angels in America, Dorothy Dandridge Story, etc and others that always show up at the Emmy's and Golden Globes.

I guess I'm hopeful about what happens, but at the same time, to actually witness these finally will be another thing. A lot of cases like musicians or small-budget film-makers now, end up making something that is put online. Even Kevin Pollak and his original programs like Vamped Out and Kevin Pollak Chat Show. WEB ONLY. I'd say that stuff is realistic in budget and expectations. But Jessy and TRE project is so ambitious, the idea of not at least trying to see them made in a more legitimate, wide-spread fashion might be selling it short.

I do wonder if making a Short Film might even be or might have been an idea that Jessy considered. Look at Cashback. It became an Award-winning short film, and then went on to become full-length feature. Napoleon Dynamite I recall as well.

I guess we'll see. The Pilot episode is already written apparently according to that. I wonder who might be in mind as far as casting, directing, etc. Hopefully that stuff will be known relatively soon.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sound & Shape - Now Comes the Mystery EP (2011) (2.0)

1 Tangled in the Mane 3:29
2 Our Hollow Reasons 3:33
3 The Sacred and Profane 2:52
4 Bells at Twelve 2:52

This is a bit overdue review of this EP, especially given the band were nice enough to send me access to hearing this EP like a month ago. But I've been busy, and also as some may perceive, as much as this blog is called "allmediareviews" it is or has become much less about "reviews" specifically, and more about news or announcing information about new releases.

Not that it's not supposed to be about reviews, but truth be, I didn't actually pick the name, and it's a bit past the point of no return now to change the name. But who knows. I also wish I could write reviews better, but personally, I think my reviews aren't amazing.

But what I can say about this EP is, it's a tease in some ways. It's a decent collection of songs, that don't stray far from Sound & Shape's previous music. Some nice, subtle vocal harmonies. Tight guitar riffs. I guess it's less prog-like, in that the songs don't take huge twists or anything. And frankly, they are just shorter tunes.

But the best thing I can say about it is, even at about 12 minutes, the music has grown a bit on me, especially after finally getting to hear these songs with headphones. I didn't even notice the piano on the ballad "Our Hollow Reasons" until hearing it with headphones. Stuff like that, and even the lyrics mentioning the devil in the details and time stand still on "The Sacred and the Profane." Saigon Kick and Rush? :p Probably not, but I can't help but think of them. I recall even King's X has a song with the lyric "time stand still" like Rush.

The last track "Bells at Twelve" has probably the most memorable chorus on this.

"Brothers and Sisters, time is the same, til we can...scared, the strong and the brave. As soldiers we march on, we sing til the end, and we'll dance til the dawn"

So all in all, a nice, short collection of songs, that'll hopefully be regarded as just a sample of what's to come. As the band mentioned releasing a full-length record initially, and perhaps even later this year. I guess some of that could be due to how well this EP does. I guess my feeling is, for Sound & Shape to reach larger audiences, the crowd should still hear The Love Electric from 2009, as that grabbed me initially.

But this EP is not a bad example of them making more accessible (length) songs. If it does, I'd love to see that, as I still am surprised, especially amongst progressive rock circles, how unknown these guys are. Especially considering how much they played live just a few years ago.

Related: Sound & Shape - Now Comes The Mystery (EP) (2011) (1.0)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emanuel and the Fear - Hands EP (2011) (1.0)

5/17/11 10:21PM, 5/25/11 6:57PM


the whole thing is there to Stream for free, or download for $6 (and $2 to buy a hardcopy? since I was charged that and they took my address down).

The last song "Song For the Rain" sounds more or less a tribute or directly influenced by Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

1. Over and Over 05:19
2. Vampires 03:51
3. Purple Sunless Sky 03:51
4. Meadowlands 05:27
5. Song For The Rain 05:55

Good collection of songs. I need to hear them with headphones. But initially I would expect this to place high amongst 2011 EPs certainly, and possibly in the ole 2011 Index.

4/14/11 1:45PM

new song "Vampires"

Vampires by Emanuel and the Fear

3/14/11 7:01PM

some instrumental samples from it.

2/23/11 11:33AM

Facebook post

Today we are tracking the horns and tomorrow the strings/flute for the new EP "Hands". Mixing begins next week. All of this being done with the help of Mr Brendan Tobin (Made Out Of Babies/Red Sparrows).

Well, I'm rather curious about this. This band have seemingly a TON of potential, and Listen from last year has some of the best songs from 2010 on it. Who knows, their could be 4 or 5 tracks as good as "Jimme's Song" on it for all I know.

Along with the new Between the Buried and Me and Meniscus releases, this could be one-of if not my favorite, non-full-length release for 2011.

Silverchair on "Indefinite Hibernation"

facebook note

We formed Silverchair nearly 20 years ago when we were just 12 years old. Today we stand by the same rules now as we did back then ... if the band stops being fun and if it's no longer fulfilling creatively, then we need to stop.Therefore after much soul searching we wanted to let you know that we're putting Silverchair into "indefinite hibernation" and we've decided to each do our own thing for the foreseeable future.We assure you that this decision has not been taken lightly. In fact we've been struggling with it for quite a while now.Back in 2009 we went into the studio to start work on a record. Initially things were going well and as a result we did some shows in 2010 to maintain creative momentum. However, over the months that followed in the studio it became clear to us that we were moving in different directions. Despite our best efforts over the last year or so, it's become increasingly clear that the spark simply isn't there between the three of us at the moment.As a result we've decided to put the band into 'a deep sleep' while we all do other things that we find more inspiring right now. This means that Silverchair won't be making music together or playing shows any time soon. It also means that the three of us won't be working together unless and until it feels right again.We understand some of you may be disappointed by this news but we really see it as a liberating and positive step for us at this point in our lives.We also want to make it really clear that this decision has been made with the best possible intentions. We've always tried our hearts out to make the best music we could possibly make at the time - regardless of commercial consequences.The three of us still truly care about each other. At the moment Ben’s busy in the studio recording his own music, Chris is working on various business, musical and charitable ventures while Daniel is creating a film soundtrack and working on other musical projects. We hope you'll continue to take an interest in our individual work over the years ahead.In closing we'd like to acknowledge all the people 'behind the scenes' who've helped us keep this train on the tracks since we first started playing in a garage. There are too many to name but they know who they are and we truly appreciate all their love and hard work.Above all though we want to thank you for all your support in good times and bad. You've put up with our long breaks between albums, our constantly changing musical styles and lots more. The unbelievable loyalty we've been shown by you our audience, and our friends, has never gone unnoticed or unappreciated. That’s why we wanted to tell you first.
With Sincere Thanks For Your Understanding.
Sweet Dreams.
Daniel, Ben and Chris

I wonder if this will mean Daniel and Paul Mac will work together on another The Dissociatives album?

I'm not shocked by this, but it still sucks as Young Modern was an album I really enjoyed much of a few years ago.

more to add later perhaps..

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum EPs (2011) (1.0)

5/23/11 4:08PM

"She's Always Singing" lyric video from the Yellow EP.

The Dear Hunter - "She's Always Singing" Lyric Video from Consequence of Sound on Vimeo.

crazy new pic someone concocted that was uploaded to the last.fm page.

5/20/11-5/22 9:06AM

Samples clips of all 36 tunes

therealTDH Check out our latest track release from the White EP - "Lost But Not All Gone" - Thanks @spinmagazine - http://ow.ly/4ZjwE

5/6/11 5:51PM

Okay, this is a few days late, I know (my ability to update this stuff, especially this past Birthday-week-of-my-gf is understandably not what I'd prefer). For those who don't follow them so closely, this could be the 1st they've seen this.

Pretty f-ing good and intriguing look and sound from the making of "Orange."

I almost should start to go on record as to say if this collection I expect to

a) listen to a ton this Summer/Fall
b) be in my top 10 if not top 5

Sucks to realize I can't afford the $281+ to fly to NYC for a special show 1-week from Tuesday. $, priorities, a girlfriend...I guess I shouldn't be so greedy/picky but yeah, it would be nice to experience these kinds of things for once with the Lifetime Membership. Hopefully it'll happen sooner than later.

4/26/11 8:40AM

Video for "This Body" from the Black EP.

alt press article

The Dear Hunter premiere the lyric video for the new song, "This Body." The video was animated by the Dear Hunter's Casey Crescenzo and the song will only be available on the limited edition vinyl box set and full digital versions of the upcoming nine-EP The Color Spectrum, due out June 14 via Triple Crown. "This Body" comes from the Black EP.

Crescenzo says, "'This Body' is the fourth track off of the Black EP. At first, I wanted to create a percussion-only EP, but as the arrangements developed, the opportunity for a more grating and disorienting palette of sounds presented itself and I decided to take the tracks in a much more menacing direction. The entire EP uses a lot of electronic instruments and sequencing, but also a great deal of acoustic drums. This song in particular has three drum kits being played simultaneously through the song to keep the polyrhythmic feeling, as well as a good deal of sequenced analog drums. Lyrically, this record is definitely more negative than any of the other Color Spectrum EPs, but past the surface of these songs the meaning is more centered around breaking free of the negativity and embracing a different point of view.”

Lifetime Members saw this video a few days ago, but for those who are not, it does show how different these EPs can and should be.

4/14/11 12:44AM-5:31PM

RT @therealTDH You might want to head over to our Facebook Page for something you may be interested in...a free track? http://ow.ly/4zSzH

or go to http://thedearhunter.com/

"Deny It All" the 3rd track off the Red EP is what it is. Nice bridge. I suppose part of, or one of the most intriguing parts about this whole thing is lyrically and titles of the songs. Understanding them and how they found their way onto said Color EP. It's not going to be all that straight-forward (Red about Fire or Apples, etc).

Also interesting about this song "Deny It All" the outro has at least 1 or more guest vocalists. Those details are something to really look forward to as well (even perhaps Anthony Green, lol).

4/9/11 2:10PM

well, I'll confess, I just worked like 6 hours of overtime this past week, and will be receiving a reasonable size tax return soon, so my shelling out more or less the same for this as the Lifetime Membership doesn't seem so outrageous. Although the SHIPPING on this thing must be a job and a half for what they're charging. I really hope much of this goes towards Casey's bank account.

And I suppose not seeing the dredg tour in Chicago, this feels like a reasonable purchase instead.

Not buying The Shaming of the True Vinyl for $100 almost feels hypocritical now, but I already own that record. But I suppose I'm not ruling it out still as there's still time to put an order in.

Also to note the release date or "be available" date says 6/14/11 there for both the Vinyl Boxed Set and Compilation CD. So maybe those and the digital version got pushed back 1 week?

Complete Vinyl Collection Preorder link

$80 + tax & Shipping = $106

This is a pre order that will be available 6/14/2011

Limited Edition box set, contains 16 page booklet, digital download card of the complete collection and Nine 10" colored vinyls. Vinyl colors will match their respective EPs in the collection: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and White.


1. Never Forgive, Never Forget
2. Filth And Squalor
3. Take More Than You Need
4. This Body

1. I Couldnt Do It Alone
2. A Curse Of Cynicism
3. Deny It All
4. We've Got A Score To Settle

1. Echo
2. Stuck On A Wire, Out On The Fence
3. A Sea Voz
4. But There's Wolves?


1. She's Always Singing
2. The Dead Dont Starve
3. A Sua Voz
4. Misplaced Devotion


1. Things That Hide Away
2. The Canopy
3. Crow And Cackle
4. The Inheritance

1. Tripping In Triplets
2. Trapdoor
3. What You Said
4. The Collapse Of The Great Tide Cliffs


1. What Time Taught Us
2. Mandala
3. Progress
4. Therma


1. Mr. Malum
2. Lillian
3. Too Late
4. Look Away

1. Home
2. Fall And Flee
3. No God
4. Lost But Not All Gone

11-track The Color Spectrum Compilation CD

This is a pre order that will be available 6/14/2011

The Color Spectrum CD is a collection of tracks taken from the Complete Collection

Track Listing :

1. Filth and Squalor
2. Deny It All
3. But There's Wolves?
4. She's Always Singing
5. Things That Hide Away
6. The Canopy
7. Trapdoor
8. What Time Taught Us
9. Lillian
10. Home
11. Fall And Flee

yeah, more words and things hopefully will be coming in due time, in a brand new post I'd presume.

2/24/11 5:48PM
Alternative Press Article

The Dear Hunter—band of former Receiving End Of Sirens frontman Casey Crescenzo—have exclusively revealed details to Altpress about their upcoming release, The Color Spectrum. It will be a collection of nine EPs inspired by the colors of the spectrum—specifically Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White and Black. Crescenzo recorded the EPs with various producers across the country and documented every step of the process. Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull and Mike Watjavascript:void(0)ts (who mixed the Dear Hunter's 2009 release, Act III: Life And Death) are among the artists who collaborated with Crescenzo on the upcoming release.

The Color Spectrum will drop June 7 via Triple Crown Records in the following formats:

* CD: Includes select music from each EP compiled onto one full-length CD (also available as a digital download)
* Individual Digital EPs: Each song and EP from The Color Spectrum will be available individually as digital downloads
* Full-length Vinyl: Same as the CD, but will be exclusively available at tour dates and Hot Topic
* Limted Edition Deluxe Vinyl Box Set: Nine 10" vinyl records including all music and a digital download. Available only through mail order via Triple Crown

The Dear Hunter will tour to support the release in May with shows to be announced in the coming weeks. Check out the cover art below. (Casey Crescenzo drawing by Jackie Musial)

previous related entries:

Well, the details have finally arrived. Initial details. June 7th, the same day/week as that Battles album that was announced today. Maybe the timing of this stuff happens for a reason?

But, so, it's hardly avoidable to notice, I love the fuck out of The Dear Hunter and Casey's music. And this largely ambitious project which was originally just a vague idea, that has turned into a huge way of reinventing their sound/concept/idea etc in a lot of ways. I guess one thing to pass along here, now that these/the group/Casey is on my mind, is 1 of Casey's recent journal posts on The Dear Hunter's Color Spectrum site

Finished up Red
Posted Feb 11, 2011 12:00:00 am

Hey everyone! I am sorry for the lack of updates, but I have just been so crazy busy working on the music that I tend to fall a little short on the online aspect of everything. I recently returned home after a week in Atlanta with the guys from Manchester Orchestra, and to say the experience was awesome would be an understatement. They were incredibly kind and welcoming, and it was definitely one of the most fun and productive weeks in recent memory. I know what we made will be a bit surprising for Dear Hunter fans, but I think everyone will enjoy it.

At the moment I have surrendered my main studio to Falling Up to complete their new full length, so I am cuddled into the corner of my living room working hard on the yellow ep- I am definitely loving the change of scenery.

There was one other thing I wanted to say, and this may have been said previously, but if it was I just want to drive it home. This project may have a name for its inspiration, but that is all that it really is. Its funny because in traveling to all these different studios and talking with different people, I am always saying how its a bit liberating to be working on non concept related material, and then I remember what this project is. The point being- there is so much music here because I, for the first time in a few years, feel an overflow of inspiration from all angles, and I don't want to throw away 90% of the material I write, like I have in the past. Having the opportunity to work with all of these different people, and approach music from so many different angles is a dream for me, and the real concept here is raw creativity. I know there will be people who hear songs and say "well this definitely isn't 'yellow'," and the idea that this would spawn conversation is amazing, but at the end of the day, the concept here is just giving a name to inspiration. I'm not attempting to convince you to hear music the way I do, or pull away from it the same initial spark I had when creating it- that would take the subjectivity of out the music, and would nullify the beauty of listening to music in the first place. I'm not looking for anyone to say "well... I guess he is right, 'yellow' does sound like that." All I am looking for is what I have always wanted, people to sit back and enjoy a little escape from the rest of the day...

Oh, I also want people to want to fight when they hear Red.

This post speaks to the potential and even larger level of curiosity about these. And actually, in a way, the Acts as well given the idea behind The Color Spectrum was Casey meaning to challenge and *mature* in any way he may be able to as a songwriter. Now, that sounds silly, but the best songwriters or talents in more or less any field have that mentality.

And by the newness and different-ness/change in writing songs not related to the Acts, really may be the best thing for him and The Dear Hunter in the longer/bigger picture.

So, what does that mean? really nothing at all until hearing these bad boys, but man, I am even more excited to hear these.

The big thing to keep in mind all these formats. You have the Compilation cd, each of the 9 eps available digitally, and the Limited Deluxe Vinyl Boxed Set. I likely will cave and pick that up along with the compilation cd. I recall reading from Casey the whole thing, especially digitally won't be all that much. Maybe $30 or $40 at most. I suppose if I can find that quote, or when I see it in detail, I'll post it, here in bold.

Also a note or two I suppose I can share. Being that I am a "Lifetime Member" my name shall find its way into some of the printed content here, which is awesome among other perks that deal may bring (besides free headline shows for life, of course ;)).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Reign of Kindo - TBA (2011-2012) (1.0)

Just a cool little update from The Reign of Kindo about what's going on. If things go quick enough, they could conceivably release their next album by the end of the year. I'm not banking on it, as they tend to release new albums every couple of years; but sometimes things take less time than usual. Maybe some of the demos were leftover from This Is What Happens period. Or maybe their new piano player has developed a lot of chemistry with them faster than expected.

But even if it is not released this year, I'd expect something in 2012. Maybe an EP this Fall and full-length in 2012? we'll see.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lehto & Wright - "Ye Marines All" (Live)

Wow! the beginning sounds like Yes's "Turn of the Century."

But this is one fantastic song! Why I still need to go back and spend more time with their back catalog. Undiscovered music for me and so many others I tell ya. Among Minnesota and the entire globe's folk-proggiest!

2011-2012 TV Network Upfronts: Fall Lineups

NBC: Sunday, May 15
FOX: Monday, May 16
ABC: Tuesday, May 17
CBS: Wednesday, May 18
The CW: Thurday, May 19

8-10 p.m. – “The Sing-Off”
10-11 p.m. – “THE PLAYBOY CLUB”

8-10 p.m. – “The Biggest Loser”
10-11 p.m. – “Parenthood”

8-8:30 p.m. – “UP ALL NIGHT”
8:30-9 p.m. – “FREE AGENTS”
9-10 p.m. -- “Harry’s Law”
10-11 p.m. -- “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

8-8:30 p.m. – “Community”
8:30-9 p.m. -- “Parks and Recreation”
9-9:30 p.m. – “The Office”
9:30-10 p.m. – “WHITNEY”
10-11 p.m. – “PRIME SUSPECT”

8-9 p.m. – “Chuck”
9-10 p.m. – “GRIMM”
10-11 p.m. – “Dateline NBC”

Encore programming

7- 8:15 p.m. -- "Football Night in America"
8:15-11:30 p.m. -- "NBC Sunday Night Football"

Parenthood and Chuck being back are good. But Chuck being moved to Friday? meh, that may finally put the nail in it's coffin sadly. Harry's Law being renewed and scheduled on Wednesdays may finally get me to get around to watching it. "Grimm" and the other 2 Wednesday shows "Up All Night" and "Free Agents" have me curious, although if they're Reality shows, I'll of course forget about them.

The 1 casuality being "Outsourced" a show I liked, but didn't have enough time to watch regularly enough to now be down about.

8:00-9:00 PM "TERRA NOVA" (new)
9:00-10:00 PM "HOUSE"
8:00-9:00 PM "GLEE"
9:00-9:30 PM "NEW GIRL" (new)
9:30-10:00 PM "RAISING HOPE"
8:00-9:30 PM "THE X FACTOR" Performance Show (new)
9:30-10:00 PM "I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER" (new)
8:00-9:00 PM "THE X FACTOR" Results Show (new)
9:00-10:00 PM "BONES"
9:00-10:00 PM "FRINGE"
8:00-8:30 PM "COPS"
8:30-9:00 PM "COPS"
9:00-10:00 PM ENCORES / "AMERICA'S MOST WANTED" (specials)
7:00-7:30 PM THE OT (NFL post-game)
8:00-8:30 PM "THE SIMPSONS"
8:30-9:00 PM "ALLEN GREGORY" (new)
9:00-9:30 PM "FAMILY GUY"
9:30-10:00 PM "AMERICAN DAD"

not a ton to get excited about with FOX. I'm obviously happy Fringe is back. Although being on Friday Nights, unless it goes into Smallville-mode where rating demands are lowered anyway, I still worry about it's longterm future with that timeslot. But it did manage to get renewed for another season after being moved there this past season in the middle of the year.

The Zooey Descahanel show The New Girl being probably the most curious/optimistic about, which is a show about Zooey moving with 3 men. I like the fact it includes Jake Kasdan from Freaks and Geeks and The TV Set, it also includes Damon Wayans, which may cancel other good factors out. Hopefully Kasdan can get Wayans to be watchable.

The other new shows: Terra Nova and Allen Gregory might be worth checking out a trailer or 2 before assuming they're more of the FOX filler garbage.



8/7c Dancing with the Stars

10 pm Castle


8 pm Last Man Standing [New show]

8:30 pm Man Up [New show]

9 pm Dancing with the Stars Results Show

10 pm Body of Proof


8 pm The Middle

8:30 pm Suburgatory [New show]

9 pm Modern Family

9:30 pm Happy Endings

10 pm Revenge [New show]


8 pm Charlie’s Angels [New show]

9 pm Grey’s Anatomy

10 pm Private Practice


8 pm Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

9 pm Shark Tank

10 pm 20/20


8 pm Saturday Night College Football


7 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos

8 pm Once Upon a Time [New show]

9 pm Desperate Housewives

10 pm Pan Am [New Show]

Castle's back which I already knew. The rest of ABC's schedule sucks . Although they usually have 1 or 2 new shows that are worth a look. Charlie's Angels reboot? Pan Am has Christina Ricci working for the once successful Pan Am airline.

Brothers and Sisters was 86'ed, and for me personally, the big casualty has to be V. The show was getting better, but I'm not surprised it's gone. I gotta believe due to budget and not the best ratings, despite those high priced ads. I suppose it's about time to finally finish that blog I was working on a few months ago.


8:30-9:00 PM 2 BROKE GIRLS (N)
9:30-10:00 PM MIKE & MOLLY
10:00-11:00 PM HAWAII FIVE-0

8:00-9:00 PM NCIS
10:00-11:00 PM UNFORGETTABLE (N)


10:00-11:00 PM THE MENTALIST

8:00-9:00 PM A GIFTED MAN (N)
9:00-10:00 PM CSI: NY
10:00-11:00 PM BLUE BLOODS

10:00-11:00 PM 48 HOURS MYSTERY

7:00-8:00 PM 60 MINUTES
9:00-10:00 PM THE GOOD WIFE (NT)
10:00-11:00 PM CSI: MIAMI

well Mad Love is 86'ed, not too surprising, but still disappointing. Tyler Labine remains an unsuccessful talent. He should go to Cable. USA Network probably could cast him as a lead in a show.

Of course the unwatchably bad Rules of Engagement is still on their air, but now on Saturday Nights? lol. Maybe that'll finally kill it off. The new shows, namely the sitcoms I'll have to check out trailers soon. Mike & Molly coming back does nothing for me, despite my liking Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who?.

2 Broke Girls has Kat Dennings (Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist) and Garret Morris (Saturday Night Live) and is a James Burrows show. it has potential on paper.
Person of Interest has a Ben from Lost (Michael Emerson) and James Caveizel (The Prisoner). Centers on ex-CIA hitman and a scientist who team up to prevent crimes before they happen. . Potential as well. Although the CBS dramas usually have very little soul and are overtly dark. Sometimes exceptions happen like Joan of Arcadia and Shark.

A Gifted Man has Patrick Wilson as a competitive surgeon. Julie Benz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who was recently on No Ordinary Family, co-stars. But my guess is it's going to be another one of CBS dark medical dramas, set on a Friday night.

The CW

8:00-9:00 PM GOSSIP GIRL (New Time)
9:00-10:00 PM HART OF DIXIE (New Series)

8:00-9:00 PM 90210 (New Night)
9:00-10:00 PM RINGER (New Series)

8:00-9:00 PM H8R (New Series)

9:00-10:00 PM THE SECRET CIRCLE (New Series)

8:00-9:00 PM NIKITA (New Night)

The weakest network (by far), I do watch mostly for the eyecandy, The Vampire Diaries and the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show "Ringer" (which should have been on CBS) sounds like it may have potential. But with the end of Smallville this network has become even less relevant than before. I suppose Ringer and maybe 1 or 2 of the other new shows may surprise me.

One Tree Hill being gone I can't be upset about, although a friend of mine may be slightly.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Return to Forever + Zappa Plays Zappa Summer 2011 Tour

Return To Forever Introduces New Lineup, Tour with Zappa Plays Zappa

Famed fusion group Return To Forever will formally debut its new lineup for US audiences this summer. In addition to core members Chick Corea (keys), Stanley Clarke (bass) and Lenny White (drums), Return To Forever IV’s lineup will feature Mahavishnu Orchestra alum and violin virtuoso Jean-Luc Ponty as well as guitarist Frank Gambale. The new Return To Forever will join Zappa Plays Zappa for a series of dates in August and September.

“Since all the guys in the band are such good composers, I wanted to have everyone’s compositions add to the new RTF IV vibe. So we all agreed: let’s open it up — which is the way we like it, and I think the way the fans like it too,” says Chick Corea.

The shows will kick off the two groups’ extended summer tour. Return to Forever IV played a few shows in Australia earlier this year. Return To Forever IV’s setlists will mix classics with material written for this lineup.

Return to Forever IV Tour With Zappa Plays Zappa

8/7 – Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
8/8 – Buffalo, NY – UAB Center for the Arts
8/9 – Baltimore, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion
8/10 – Philadelphia, PA – Mann Center
8/11 – Boston, MA – Bank of America Pavilion
8/12 – New York, NY – The Beacon Theatre
8/13 – New York, NY – The Beacon Theatre
8/16 – Columbus, OH – The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
8/17 – Cleveland, OH – State Theatre
8/18 – Cincinnati, OH – PNC Pavilion at Riverbend
8/19 – Detroit, MI – MeadowBrook Music Festival
8/20 – Chicago, IL – The Venue at the Horseshoe Casino
8/21 – Indianapolis, IN – The Murat
8/22 – Nashville, TN – Schermerhorn Symphony Center
8/24 – Minneapolis, MN – Orpheum Theatre
8/25 – St. Louis, MO – Fabulous Fox Theatre
8/26 – Kansas City, MO – The Midland By AMC
8/27 – Denver, CO – Paramount Theatre
8/28 – Salt Lake City, UT – Red Butte Garden
9/8 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre
9/9 – Lake Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues
9/10 – Boca Raton, FL – Mizner Park Amphitheatre
9/11 – Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall
9/13 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater
9/14 – Grand Prairie, TX – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
9/15 – Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theater
9/17 – Mesa, AZ – Mesa Arts Center
9/19 – San Diego, CA – Humphrey’s By the Bay
9/20 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre
9/21 – Davis, CA – Mondavi Center
9/22 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre
9/23 – Eugene, OR – Silva Concert Hall, Hult Center
9/24 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre

Minneapolis on August 24th. I can't see myself not going to that. But I must admit, without Al Di Meola and not even the Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy reunion (with Bill Connors) that was mentioned earlier this year, this lineup of RTF pales in comparison. But that being said, seeing them and ZPZ in 1 night should be one of the bigger concert events of the Summer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Karnivool Live from "Moshcam" 6/25/2009

Watch Metro Theatre and other great gigs on Moshcam.

I haven't watched this yet, but it's a high quality recording I guess of a show from June 25th, 2009. Not long after the release of Sound Awake. 90 minutes or so?

All the people on the forums and message boards who have gone apeshit over Sound Awake should probably see this. Too bad I don't post on a lot of them anymore; but they should be able to find this here instead hopefully.

Do you like Warpaint and live in Europe?

5/16/11 12:58AM

edit: here's a couple of other recent videos, "Elephants" and another performance of "Undertow" from "Later" with Jools Holland which is tv program in the UK I guess.

I'd post another new entry, but given how this one was just a few days ago, it's probably best just to bump it with this video. Here's a quasi live video shot for The Interface of "Undertow."

5/11/11 12:17AM

Uh, you'll have some good opportunities to see them this Spring/Summer as today (5/11/11) they play the 1st of about 40 or more dates, nearly all in Europe from now until September 10th.

Are they moving there? And the makeup show in Minneapolis apparently may not actually occur until 2012 as they mentioned the day it got canceled.

last.fm Events link

Wednesday 11 May 2011
Warpaint The Junction
Cambridge, United Kingdom

FutureEverything 2011 at Contact Theatre
Warpaint, Das Racist Contact Theatre
Manchester, United Kingdom

FutureEverything at Across Manchester
Gang Gang Dance, Beach House, Daedelus, Steve Reich, Warpaint, Alex Smoke, Scout Niblett, Fucked Up Across Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom

May 12 Thursday 12 May 2011
The Great Escape Festival at Various
Sufjan Stevens, DJ Shadow, Friendly Fires, Okkervil River, The Sounds, Art Brut, The View, The Radio Dept. Various
Brighton, United Kingdom

Friday 13 May 2011
Connan Mockasin O2 Academy Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom

Warpaint @ FutureEverything at The Ritz
Warpaint The Ritz
Manchester, United Kingdom

Saturday 14 May 2011
Warpaint Gorilla
Manchester, United Kingdom

Sunday 15 May 2011
Connan Mockasin Tripod
Dublin, Ireland

Tuesday 17 May 2011
Connan Mockasin O2 Academy Bristol
Bristol, United Kingdom

Wednesday 18 May 2011
Connan Mockasin HMV Institute
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Thursday 19 May 2011
Connan Mockasin Leeds Metropolitan…
Leeds, United Kingdom

Friday 20 May 2011
Warpaint Lancaster Library
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Saturday 21 May 2011
Stag & Dagger Festival at Various Venues
Sons and Daughters, Clinic, Toro y Moi, Warpaint, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Kurt Vile, Yuck, Broken Records Various Venues
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Monday 23 May 2011
Warpaint O2 Academy
Newcastle, United Kingdom

Tuesday 24 May 2011
Warpaint The Leadmill
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Wednesday 25 May 2011
Warpaint HMV Forum
London, United Kingdom

Primavera Sound 2011 at Parc del Fòrum
Interpol, The Flaming Lips, Sufjan Stevens, PJ Harvey, DJ Shadow, The National, Animal Collective, of Montreal Parc del Fòrum
Barcelona, Spain

Thursday 26 May 2011
Warpaint Bataclan
Paris, France

Thursday 16 June 2011
Warpaint Rockhal
Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg

Friday 17 June 2011
Hurricane Festival 2011 at Eichenring
Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers, My Chemical Romance, Arcade Fire Eichenring
Scheeßel, Germany

Southside Festival 2011 at Flugplatz (Neuhausen ob Eck)
Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers, My Chemical Romance, Arcade Fire Flugplatz…
Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany

Sunday 19 June 2011
Warpaint Paradiso
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wednesday 22 June 2011
Warpaint Wedgewood Rooms
Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts 2011 at Worthy Farm
Coldplay, U2, Beyoncé, Kaiser Chiefs, Queens of the Stone Age, The Chemical Brothers, Jimmy Eat World, Ke$ha Worthy Farm
Shepton Mallet, United Kingdom

Thursday 23 June 2011
Warpaint Millenium Music Hall
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Tuesday 28 June 2011
Warpaint Kulturkirche
Köln, Cologne, Germany

Wednesday 29 June 2011
Warpaint at Rotown
Warpaint Rotown
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thursday 30 June 2011
Rock Werchter 2011 at Werchter
Coldplay, Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Queens of the Stone Age Werchter
Werchter, Belgium

OpenAir St.Gallen 2011 at Sittertobel
Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age, TV on the Radio, The National, Crystal Castles, Mogwai, Beirut, Elbow Sittertobel
Sankt Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Friday 1 July 2011
Main Square Festival at La Citadelle
Coldplay, Linkin Park, Moby, Kaiser Chiefs, Queens of the Stone Age, Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers, Arcade Fire La Citadelle
Arras, France

Tuesday 5 July 2011
Bright Eyes
Warpaint, Two Gallants, Jenny and Johnny Arena
Wien, Vienna, Austria

Thursday 21 July 2011
Warpaint Live in Jakarta at Kartika Expo at Kartika Expo Center, Balai Kartini
Warpaint Kartika Expo…
Jakarta, Indonesia

Friday 29 July 2011
Fuji Rock Festival '11 at Naeba
Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, The Chemical Brothers, CAKE, Wilco, Manu Chao Naeba
Yuzawa, Japan

Splendour In The Grass 2011 at Woodford
Coldplay, Kanye West, Kaiser Chiefs, Modest Mouse, Regina Spektor, Thievery Corporation, The Hives, DJ Shadow Woodford
Brisbane , Queensland, Australia

Thursday 4 August 2011
OFF Festival 2011 at Dolina Trzech Stawów
Mogwai, Primal Scream, Blonde Redhead, Gang of Four, Deerhoof, Low, Junior Boys, Xiu Xiu Dolina Trzech Stawów
Katowice, Poland

The Big Chill 2011 at Eastnor Deer Park
Kanye West, The Chemical Brothers, Calvin Harris, Empire of the Sun, Four Tet, Mr. Scruff, Robert Plant, DJ Food Eastnor Deer Park
Hereford, United Kingdom

Saturday 6 August 2011
Field Day at Victoria Park
The Coral, Four Tet, The Horrors, Tortoise, John Cale, The Sea and Cake, Willy Mason, Matthew Dear Victoria Park
London, United Kingdom

Tuesday 9 August 2011
Øyafestivalen 2011 at Middelalderparken
Kanye West, Aphex Twin, Wiz Khalifa, Fleet Foxes, Pulp, Explosions in the Sky, Lykke Li, Bring Me The Horizon Middelalderparken
Oslo, Norway

Thursday 11 August 2011
28. Haldern Pop Festival at Alter Reitplatz
Fleet Foxes, The Wombats, Alexi Murdoch, My Brightest Diamond, Wir sind Helden, Destroyer, The Antlers, The Avett Brothers Alter Reitplatz
Haldern, Germany

Way Out West at Slottsskogen
Kanye West, Tiësto, Wiz Khalifa, Fleet Foxes, Pulp, Explosions in the Sky, Robyn, Santigold Slottsskogen
Göteborg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Friday 12 August 2011
Flow Festival at Suvilahden vanha voimala
Kanye West, Röyksopp, Iron & Wine, Mogwai, Thom Yorke, Lykke Li, Q-Tip, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Suvilahden vanha…
Helsinki, Finland

Wednesday 17 August 2011
Paredes de Coura 2011 at Praia do Tabuão
Crystal Castles, Mogwai, Pulp, Blonde Redhead, Two Door Cinema Club, Marina & the Diamonds, Deerhunter, Metronomy Praia do Tabuão
Paredes de Coura, Portugal

Thursday 18 August 2011
Pukkelpop 2011 at Kiewit
Eminem, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, 30 Seconds to Mars, Good Charlotte, Rise Against, Deftones, Bullet for My Valentine Kiewit
Hasselt, Belgium

Friday 19 August 2011
A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 2011 at Evenemententerrein Walibi World
Arctic Monkeys, The Offspring, Interpol, Rise Against, Bullet for My Valentine, Aphex Twin, Crystal Castles, Fleet Foxes Evenemententerrein…
Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Tuesday 23 August 2011
Wild Nothing The Queen's Hall
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Aug 24 Wednesday 24 August 2011
Warpaint Spring & Airbrake
Belfast, United Kingdom

Aug 25 Thursday 25 August 2011
Warpaint Roisin Dubh
Galway, Ireland

Friday 26 August 2011
Reading Festival 2011 at Little John's Farm
Muse, The Strokes, The Offspring, Interpol, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jimmy Eat World, Panic! At the Disco Little John's Farm
Reading, United Kingdom

Leeds Festival 2011 at Bramham Park
Muse, The Strokes, The Offspring, Interpol, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jimmy Eat World, Panic! At the Disco Bramham Park
Leeds, United Kingdom

Friday 9 September 2011
Warpaint Voilá Acoustique
Ciudad de México, Mexico

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Riverside - Memories in My Head [EP] (2011)

1. Goodbye Sweet Innocence
2. Living In The Past
3. Forgotten Land

3 tracks, 33 minutes I guess. And it's some kind of special 10th Anniversary release, coming out on June 28th.

Riverside, lol, one of the most overhyped and overrated bands in the modern progressive rock scene, over the last 6 or 7 years. Why am I even posting about this then? Well, for one thing, their last record Anno Domini High Definition was by far the most listenable and melodic record they have made. And pretty much the only good thing they've ever done.

But naturally, the next thing a band does after making the 1st thing I like by them, I'm curious about. However, given pretty much every other record they've made seemed like a big waste of my time, I am not really expecting brilliance here. But any follow up from an album I like, I want to hear and hope for the best.

Friday, May 13, 2011

RE-Post: another new dredg interview

here's the link that was lost due to blogger's meltdown

So assuming that old post will not be recovered, I'll try and rehash what was said, which wasn't a lot.

Good interview with Gavin Hayes and Mark Engles of dredg; mostly about how and why they worked with Dan the Automator and how/why Chuckles came out how it did.

Also how they keep referring to their last album as "Pariah." All the people who keep calling it "Parrot" and "Delusion" need to take note of that. Even "TPTPTD" doesn't really seem the right way to refer to it as a short name. Semantics? maybe to a point, but when the band member continue to call it "Pariah" the fans who don't should take note.

I also might add it still is not easy to see them refer to struggling to pay their rent/mortage. dredg have been around for 17 years, and over a decade since their 1st album. They also could have release a lot more than 5 albums at this point. They should be past the point of living check-2-check. But it's a product of the economic times, but also just a symptom of a band whose almost too goo for the masses to fully embrace. Could it happen? sure, but the odds seem remote, at least to the level of some of their peers like The Mars Volta and Muse. Maybe in 10 years we'll see that happen.

Bend Sinister - The Warped Pane (2002)

After many years of wanting but doubting I'd ever be able to hear it, Bend Sinister, a band from Vancouver, BC who I love and still have big hopes for, have made their long out-of-print instrumental debut record The Warped Pane available digitally on their bandcamp page, here for $5.

1. The Wicker Room 04:16
2. ITS Colour is Green 04:46
3. Karmic Webb 06:25
4. SP-TA 04:29
5. Paths of Glory 05:26
6. Anatar 05:40
7. The Sin of Omission 05:44
8. Papp 06:14
9. Triple Entente 06:58
10. Cesky Krumlov 09:07

I have listened to most of it here at home once and I am loving a lot of this. Rather mathrock-like, but also bluesy. Dan Moxon is the only member of the band on this whose still with them. But in just listening to most of it once, I can already tell how they made Through the Broken City after this.

This was bend sinister first full length release in 2002. The band initially formed in 2000 with 4 friends from highschool jazz band, DAN MOXON, NABEN RUTHNUM, DAVE BUCK, and DAN GOUGHNOUR. This is the only album with all four original members, apart from the very first home recorded release of which 200 or so copies were made and distributed at shows. The band was instrumental at this time as dan was too shy to sing, and didn't even know he could yet.

released 01 August 2002
Recorded in kelowna in 1 day and released on TRUTH HURTS records in vancouver 2002

Hopefully I'll add more to this soon when I get to take it in, with headphones especially. But for now, I'm just really jazzed finally getting to hear it after 4 years so of waiting but doubting at the same time I ever would be able to.

Related - AllMediaReviews Music Essential: Bend Sinister

Ashton Kutcher joins the cast of Two and a Half Men



CBS and Warner Bros. Television announced today that Ashton Kutcher will join the cast of the hit comedy, Two and a Half Men.

The multi-talented Kutcher, whose success spans film, television and social media, will join Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Holland Taylor, Marin Hinkle and Conchata Ferrell on the top-rated series. Production on the ninth season of the Emmy Award-nominated Two and a Half Men will begin this summer for broadcast on the CBS Television Network in the fall.

“I can’t wait to get to work with this ridiculously talented 2.5 team and I believe we can fill the stage with laughter that will echo in viewers’ homes,” said Kutcher. “I can’t replace Charlie Sheen but I’m going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people!”

“We are so lucky to have someone as talented, joyful and just plain remarkable as Ashton joining our family,” said Chuck Lorre, creator and executive producer of Two and a Half Men. “Added to that is the deep sigh of relief knowing that our family stays together. If I was any happier, it’d be illegal.”

“Ashton is a pop culture triple threat—film star, cutting-edge producer and a social media pioneer,” said Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment. “He brings creativity, energy and personality to everything he touches. We are thrilled to have him, and excited beyond words for what he brings to the next season of Two and a Half Men.”

“Ashton Kutcher brings a new and distinctive comedic flavor to ‘Two and a Half Men,’” said Peter Roth, President, Warner Bros. Television. “He is a big-time talent whose unique style will blend seamlessly with Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and the rest of this terrific ensemble. We look forward to a great future for this revamped and reenergized show, helmed as always by the extraordinary Chuck Lorre, whose creative skills and consummate professionalism make him the best in the business.”

Ashton Kutcher is an actor/producer and co-founder of Katalyst, a new breed of media company that creates original digital media, television and film properties. Katalyst film credits include The Butterfly Effect, Guess Who, Spread and Killers. For television, Kutcher has served as co-creator and producer of MTV’s hit series Punk’d, and The CW’s reality series Beauty and the Geek and True Beauty.

Kutcher first gained recognition as Michael Kelso on the Fox/Carsey Werner hit comedy series, “That 70′s Show,” which aired for eight seasons. Kutcher went on to star in a variety of box office hits on the big screen, including What Happens In Vegas with Cameron Diaz, A Lot Like Love with Amanda Peet, Valentine’s Day, No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman, The Guardian with Kevin Costner, and the cult hit, Dude, Where’s My Car. Kutcher stars next in Garry Marshall’s film, New Year’s Eve, out in December 2011.

Two and a Half Men is produced by Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. and The Tannenbaum Company in association with Warner Bros. Television. Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn are the series’ creators.

Some of the jokes towards Sheen could make this more worth watching than for any other reason. Although part of me is annoyed a bit as had the show thrown in the towel, the chances of the Tyler Labine sitcom Mad Love being renewed would be higher.

The Network upfronts are next week, so we'll know about that in a just a few days.

Blogger down/lost

Apparently everything in here that was posted yesterday is gone. Fun. As I posted on twitter (and in the past), I may consider using tumblr as another option soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another new dredg interview

Gavin Hayes and Mark Engles who seem to be the 2 token guys from the band for interviews the last few years. Drew? maybe eventually.

nice interview. Perhaps some of the haters of Chuckes will come down a bit after seeing this. Although I'm not holding my breath.

Also interesting how they keep referring to their last album as "Pariah"..anyone who calls it "Parrot" or even "Delusion" might want to take note of that. TPTPTD even doesn't seem good. The short name for it is "Pariah"..those dredg fans who refer to it as something else really should see this video.

John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess Interview

new interview with @JPetrucci and @Jcrudess about the future of #DreamTheater go here + 5 more pages of reading

The 5 years part among some other stuff really stand out. Maybe I'll add more later..at least around the time of album info comes. A September release it sounds like. Damn, September may include 20 or more new records potentially.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cloud Cult: Spring/Summer 2011 Tour

They're going out on tour in a few weeks. Here's the dates confirmed so far along with a message (new Cellist).

Cloud Cult homepage

Sat May 21 7:00 pm Columbus, OH Outland, Columbus, OH
Sun May 22 The Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH
Tue May 24 Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ
Wed May 25 Paradise, Boston, MA
Thu May 26 World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA
Fri May 27 Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York City, NY
Sat May 28 The Black Cat, Washington, DC
Sun May 29 Vienna, VA Private Event
Fri Jul 08 Church of St. John, Rochester, MN
Sat Jul 09 Bayfront, Duluth, MN
Fri Jul 29 Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN
Thu Aug 25 Neptune, Seattle, WA
Fri Aug 26 Mission Theater, Portland, OR
Sat Aug 27 BurntWoodsStock, Burnt Woods, OR

Hi all,
The Cloud Cult U.S. Spring Tour is almost here. We've put together a new show that will include a handful of songs we've previously never done on stage, new back screen video, our new cellist (as well as the rest of the Cloud Cult regulars), and the spinning canvases of the Cloud Cult painters. We're also excited to be doing these dates with the gorgeous sounds of The Wilderness of Manitoba.

Please consider purchasing your tickets ahead of time, not only because it's less expensive for you, but also because some of these shows will likely sell out. We're very excited to see you soon!

good news about Craig's health apparently. Good to hear about the new Cellist. And Rather interesting to see them confirmed to play at Orchestra Hall Also they will be playing some new music on this tour.

I don't see how I can miss this show, as I continue to get more into them, and as I've said, not seeing them so many times in the past, I am making up for lost time. And a show at Orchestra Hall of all places certainly helps.

Related - Best Wishes to Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult

Bruce Peninsula - Light Flight (Pentangle Cover)

as I posted on the Mars Volta forum in the BP topic

I know Pentangle, although not incredibly well. I could have seen some of the members a number of years ago live in Minneapolis. They were one of the better early Psych/Folk groups along with Fairport Convention and even Renaissance who I love. I can see how Pentangle would be an influence on BP. I should let a friend of mine whose a Pentangle fan know about this cover. Maybe he'll be curious about BP even.

not bad. Of course it makes sense not to have Neil doing the vocals. I'm curious to compare the original Pentangle song now.

Dead Letter Circus with Last Chance to Reason and Animals as Leaders US Tour

Facebook Link
This July we will be touring the US supporting Animals As Leaders with Intronaut, Last Chance To Reason and a very special guest TBA!!!
Let the good times roll!!!

Given I am a Dead Letter Circus fan and they are from Australia, this is kind of rare/significant. Any band from down under or 1/2 way across the globe hitting the States is I suppose.

However, the dates aren't announced and the odds of a Minnesota date are never incredibly high with special/budget-conscious tours.

Last Chance to Reason some folks on the forums have gone sort of apeshit in recent weeks as well. I need to revisit their latest album, but what I remember about it, some good stuff, but it being rather DENSE and almost overproduced. Maybe they don't come across quite like that live.

And Animals as Leaders, well they were better live on the dredg tour, but I still can't claim them to be a favorite of mine. But I'd still be interested to see them.

More to add...

Pink Floyd Remastered Editions

Breakdown site

My priorities

Obscured By Clouds
Atom Heart Mother
Piper at the Gates of Dawn

edit: it appears none of those are coming soon. The typical Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, The Wall go 1st.

More to add later (time permitting).

Monday, May 9, 2011

Notes: dredg, forums...

I could go ahead and post multiple new entries, but I guess a new notes entry might make sense and be more efficient.

#1) I shouldn't be so shocked or surprised by all negative reviews of the new dredg album. I and many others sort of saw it coming. But its now come to the point of cliche and predictability.

Blah Blah Blah. Haha "Chuckles" is not very funny. haha, dredg sucks. What was dredg thinking? How could dredg become more gay? What faggotty title and even more mailed-in, lazy music. Etc, etc.

I am not great at predictions, but I really am curious what some of these neanderthals (and the ones that I like, but still find it their need to go out of their way to piss on this new album) might say, say in 2 years even about this record.

I mean I went in assuming it would be different, shorter, more stripped down. But it still would sound like dredg. And guess what? IT DOES. The melodies are still there, namely the vocal melodies on many songs, like especially their last 2 records, ARE EARWORMS. For hours really.

Maybe I'll dissect it more thoroughly if/when I ever get the chance this year (which certainly is questionable). But if not before, at least by the time the Album Index is due.

It's a record that FLOWS, it doesn't have any songs I skip. It probably just doesn't have as many breathtaking elements or sections compared to their others. But it still has enough, frankly, MORE THAN ENOUGH COMPARED TO MOST OTHER BANDS, to still enjoy and want to go back to. And I'm rating it at 4-stars, and until I feel any way worse about it, it'll stay at that.

And also, the band may actually receive the most exposure commercially/mainstream ever. Which is ironic, but regardless, still a GOOD THING.

Gavin did say something in this interview about breaking up potentially, but I recall he's said that in the past. But if this is the album that gets them to get BIG like they in many ways deserve, however many pissants have worse diarhea-of-the-mouth than I do about it, it really won't matter. In fact in some ways it'll probably be something that helped them.

Who would have thought, making an album so many fans and non-fans hate would acquire you your most success? Very ironic, but perhaps in a good way.

New music:
Josh Rouse
Michael Nesmith
MarchFourth Marching Band
Fountains of Wayne

new song from The Dear Hunter from the other night in Hollywood.

I'm slowly catching up on television, finishing off Parenthood and Fringe the last 2 weekends. But the gf activity has slowed it up more than I'd like. And I have still yet to watch AMC's The Killing. But maybe in some way that's a good thing, as I did the same with Rubicon last year and it ended up being enjoyable to not have to wait week after week for the next episode. The Walking Dead as well.

But I do need to get going on probably 35 hours or more of DVR cleaning to do. And of course the 2011-2012 network lineup announcements are right around the corner, I think coming 1 week from tomorrow-Thursday of that week.

Message Boards: I am leaving/lurking on them more so than any other time. Why? I'm just fed up with a few bad apples, along with too often topics being buried about an unknown band. Many of those criminally unknown bands will find THIS LIST I'm sure.

You know, someone else can report news and introduce them to new bands. Apparently on the forums, I'm really not all that great at it, at least in terms of percentage. If said readers REALLY still want to know what I am listening to, discovering, and news about new releases only posted on a few sites like last.fm or 1 or 2 forums, then THEY SHOULD JUST READ THIS BLOG. Or the twitter and facebook posts I make.

Especially given I have another factor (a girlfriend) taking up my free time, the posting on the forums are one thing I can at least consider a casualty. This blog perhaps as well, but hopefully not ultimately. In other words, the time I might spend posting about said band or new album on 5 different forums, will be given to this blog and twitter/fb. Which it is for the most part already. But not giving activity to the forums is one tradeoff.

That and, I am really sick and tired of some of the trolling that takes place. It may only be 1 or 2 users, and then may have some others feeding said trolls. But it's enough to not even care to give said trolls and troll-followers the time and energy.

Haters are gonna hate. Kids will act like Kids. And 16-20 year olds will act like petulant children as well. Especially on something as faceless as an internet message board. They can go ahead and do that, while denying others of stuff like news and tours that someone like myself would know about long before the rest of the forum.

And of course bands become popular on said forum after those users that leave/lurk 1st talked about them, in many cases, not even giving credit or even bothering to find the original thread.

The broken record of that process after how many years, really just lends to the idea of the leave/lurk. The web and the boards/forums/last.fm/imdb/facebook/youtube/blog comments gives any douche with a keyboard and mouse a license to embarrass themself in as many ways as they enjoy doing. But ultimately, if nobody feeds said troll, they are more or less talking to themselves and thus their activity deemed irrelevant.