Wednesday, November 28, 2018

2 New Vinyl Videos from 2018 Pickups

Been awhile since I made any of these. I forgot at least 1 record, so I will be making another video or 2 soon if time allows.

Or more per inspiration. I just may have to plan, I dunno. Sea Of Tranquility is doing a Top 10 Songs lists of videos, which I could easily do, if I write them out probably.

Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse Godspeed You Black Emperor - Lift Up Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven 22 - You Are Creating (Limb 1 and Limb 2) I was thinking of F♯ A♯ ∞ not "Yanqui U.X.O."

Black Belt Eagle Scout - Mother of My Children Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz Josh King - Into the Blue Bend Sinister - Foolish Games Kai Danzberg - Pop Up Radio Jeff Buckley - Mystery White Boy Murder By Death - Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them Kindo - Happy However After Bent Knee - Say So Kimbra - Primal Heart Fjokra - Evening Lights [1B] System of a Down - Mezmerize Chick Corea - Before Forever

Saturday, November 24, 2018

T.H.R.U.S.H. - Tears of Audrey (Kevin Gilbert)

I've never heard this cover before and it is from 3 musicians I guess who were based in Minneapolis about 10 years ago.

Phil Solem is from The Rembrandts who I do know are from Minnesota, and are probably best known for their hit "I'll Be There For You" which was the theme song for the tv show FRIENDS.

Anyway, awesome cover.

I don't think T.H.R.U.S.H. are still around, and I'm not even sure if they ever recorded an album or anything.

Mutemath - Voice in the Silence [EP] (2018-2019)

Podcast with Darren King from back in June 2018

from Facebook yesterday

Hey everybody!

So I've decided to put out a new Mutemath EP that is dedicated to you, the tried and true. If you're reading this and are still around after everything that went down this past year, you have no idea what that means to me. Your dedication and support is downright humbling, borderline insane, (lol) and I love you all! So I wanted to cap off this year especially, by framing it in some music for us.

2018 will undoubtedly be an unforgettable year for me. When the new year rang in, I took it upon myself to re-imagine and perform a song from our last album just to see if I could. I dove into it as an experiment and wasn't sure where it might lead, but the song itself became a mantra for me and as the year went on I began to feel inclined to channel this experiment into something tangible. Specifically, I wanted to gather certain songs I'd written for Mutemath that hadn't been released but marked some special moments for me throughout the past 15 years. And I look forward to sharing more about the stories that surround these songs at a later time. But to get going, it just felt right that these particular stories be told in the context of a unique Mutemath project.

When I reflect on everything surrounding the release and touring of our last album, Play Dead, I realized I was in such a state of damage control, I never really got a chance to step back, clear my head and figure out how I needed to say goodbye to what was suddenly over. So this past year, I spent a lot of time soul searching, and I can say I've meaningfully accepted the loss of an era but wanted to make peace with it in my own way. I needed to move forward on my own terms and not feel it's just a reaction to circumstance or what people think I should do. So here it begins with this EP. And for those who like the deep cuts, there is an extended version just on vinyl coming that will have an additional 4 songs I'd love for you to experience solely in the "play a record while sippin on a cozy drink in a comfy chair" scenario. For me, it was great to uncover the time arc that spans through these songs, and I'm thrilled to share it with you as our own sort of musical photo album.

And lastly I want to point out that not only is this project intended to highlight the musical path we've gotten to share so far, but also serve as an invitation to join me for what's next. I have gradually been banking ideas for my new solo project 1PM which I'm stoked about and will continue to work on through next year. However my main focus and passion has become helping to support and empower the new tier of artists as a producer slash auxiliary collaborator guy.

For Mutemath, I've decided I will be the only one driving the creative process going forward and would like to afford it the flexibility of morphing with any collective of musicians that feel right for the moment. Although at this moment, I felt it needed to be just me. So all of this to say, lots of music to come in many forms. I'm excited about this new chapter and so grateful for all of you who are still here.

Mutemath has meant a lot to me, I'm proud of the work that came of it, and I don't feel the need to bury it and walk away. Just repack it, find a new compartment in the suitcase, and let it come with me in a revised form for the next part of my trip. I look forward to still seeing all of you and continuing the narrative we share through this music.

Much love everyone and have a great holiday season! 


No automatic alt text available.

Holy crap these are AMAZING!

Paul Meany is like sElf or incredible 1-man band!

The title track is from many years ago, I guess written around the Armistice period, which I definitely can say it sounds good enough, it probably could have been on that record.

Voice In The Silence EP Out: 12/5/18 Vinyl Pre-Orders Begin On: 11/27/18

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Ours - New Age Heroine II (2018-2019)


Here are the Preorders from their official site/store. Interesting that the CD copies are limited (I preordered 1, maybe I should have ordered more than 1 for that reason).

And that crossed-out pricing, which may be limited?

I also still wonder if with the Remixed version of Ballet the Boxer I and Spectacular Sight III coming, if some kind of boxed set may eventually come out. But you know, all in good times.

Pretty excited to get my CD copy in January, and the Vinyl in 2019 (understandably, those will take longer, but ANY Ours Vinyl is something to look forward to).

Also for the preorders, a Digital Download will come your way soon after you preorder per Facebook

Due to the change of times, we will only be manufacturing a limited amount of CDs. If you would like one, NOW IS THE TIME!

CD Preorder

Due to the change of times, we will only be manufacturing a limited amount of CDs.
(CDs will be delivered by January 5th, 2019)

180 Gram Vinyl | All vinyl pre-orders will receive a digital download link within 24 hours.
(Vinyl will be delivered in 2019)


It's only available there as far as I know. Download and Streaming.

I didn't see it on Spotify and I would assume most of the other Streaming sites right now.

Hoping BANDCAMP and some physical versions, or information at least about the physical copies will be coming soon.

Great fucking record! Really loving many of these songs even more like You Are the Light and the title track especially.

Yeah, so heard this once 1.5 times on the laptop and most of it also in the car, and I am starting to warm up to it.

I still need to hear it with headphones, which hopefully tomorrow at work will happen.

1. Kill Me 4:47
enjoy it, nice album opener like most Ours albums.
2. You Are the Light 4:07
enjoy it more each time, nice flow
3. Pain Aside 4:39
very energetic and catchy. The most on this album, and it is a bit of an outlier in that sense here. Similar to say "Sing" from Ballet the Boxer.  This track was also on the original Spectacular Sight track list.

4. My Love 5:08
Gorgeous ballad. A love song, maybe one of if not the best love songs Jimmy Gnecco has written. The standout ballad on an album that has a handful.

5. New Age Heroine 6:32
I like this, but am only maybe luke warm as it kind of has the same tempo throughout. It may need more time though.

6. Fallen Flower 4:08
Probably the track I'm struggling with the most. One of a bunch of slower, ballads on New Age Heroine. I'm going to keep going back to it to see if it grows.

7. Fly 6:03
Oh my gawd this track is stellar! Very dreamy and yet this awesome atmosphere and mood. Some wonderful vocal lines and drum work.

8. Miles Away 4:42
Like Fallen Flower, I'm struggling a little with this one. It was on the original track list for Spectacular Sight I recall, so I'm not sure why Jimmy released it on this one instead, but maybe that'll come out at some point. But this is another slower track that I may just need the headphones to finally have it click with me.

9. Made to Love 4:49
This is another slower, ballad type song, but I think the Falsetto vocal section in the middle and Static's guitar solo make this one really work among other things.

10. Ring the Bell 5:19
I enjoy this, but can't say I am into it yet at least, like many other tracks on this album. And as far as Ours albums closers, in some ways has a lot to compete with, with them having more or less a perfect track record (Get Up, Fall into My Hands, Red Colored Stars, and even As I Wander...)

Overall early impressions is I enjoy a ton of the music on this record already, and would have a hard time for it not to be the leader-in-the-clubhouse for 2018-2019 (22, Muse and some others though pending).

I am getting a similar feel to Ballet the Boxer I with it. A lot of highlights, and in terms of tone and go-to tracks, etc it is on-par, or maybe slightly better in some ways.

But this is only hearing it about 2 times. We'll see, and of course with Spectacular Sight looming, it'll have that to compare with or be paired-with in some ways.

Not sure if more commentary will happen in here, although for the 2018-2019 preview and I would think any singles/videos I'll have to post more.

And of course I'll be bumping this entry this coming week once the official links for its release are available. Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

This finally showed up in my Inbox this late afternoon.


Everyone who pre-ordered Spectacular Sight, Black Card Holders, and those who purchased the Distorted Lullabies Stream...check your email tonight for a gift from us. We hope you like it. New Age Heroine officially goes on sale next next week. With Love, For Love.

I have only listened to a little bit of it per it showed up while in the middle of doing laundry and getting ready to go out to dinner; i.e I don't yet know how much I love it since I haven't heard it yet.

But I have a feeling (in my fanboy bias) that I am going to love it, pretty much like every other Ours album.

Gotta head to bed now, but I likely will take it in tomorrow and post an EDIT in here about it.

1. Kill Me 4:47
2. You Are the Light 4:07
3. Pain Aside 4:39
4. My Love 5:08
5. New Age Heroine 6:32
6. Fallen Flower 4:08
7. Fly 6:03
8. Miles Away 4:42
9. Made to Love 4:49
10. Ring the Bell 5:19

Some more information from Jimmy there:

I am wondering a couple of things

1) What this album will be like compared to Spectacular Sight III ? which is coming it sounds like in a matter of months
2) Will hard copies be available? which I suspect they will, and along with the Remixing/Remastering of Ballet the Boxer I, might all of these be sold in a Boxed Set or Package, possibly vinyl?
3) Concept?
4)When does it officially go on sale? Black Friday? or Next Saturday the 24th? or maybe even Wednesday the 21st? Given it is Thanksgiving week, a lot of normal stuff is done on different dates like on Wednesday instead of Friday.

I will definitely post links when it does go officially on sale.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Meaningful Songs: Toy Matinee - Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)

Toy Matinee - Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding, Live)

One of Kevin Gilbert's shining moments recorded live, on the Live at the Roxy May 1, 1991.

Today would have been Kevin's 52nd birthday.

There just a magical vibe about this cover that while I enjoy Dream Theater's, Kevin and the live Toy Matinee made it in some ways their own.

Happy Birthday Kevin..I have a lot of his other tracks rolling through my head and play list tonight.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Mars Volta Game


fun game and cool to hear a lot of their songs in 8-bit.

Maybe this will expedite the next album from The Mars Volta.

Pre-2018 Albums I enjoyed for the 1st time in 2018

Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks Act 3

Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks Act 2

Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks Act 1

Dirt Poor Robins - The Cage

Dirt Poor Robins - The Last Days of Leviathan

The Spent Poets - The Spent Poets

Barock Project - Detachment

King Bathmat - Overcoming the Monster

Dada - Puzzle

Mals Totem - Mals Totem

Ninet - Paper Parachutes

their may be some titles missing, and the whole Christian calendar says there's 5 or 6 weeks left, so maybe something else will come my way, but there are among if not the main list of albums and artists I discovered to enjoy in the Christian Calendar year 2018.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Meaningful Songs: Shadow Gallery - Say Goodbye to the Morning

Shadow Gallery - Say Goodbye to the Morning

one of my favorites from my favorite Shadow Gallery album, the Self-titled Album/EP/Demo, etc.

The way it flows/floats at times and the immortal Mike Baker's vocals never sounded better.


also this was inspired by this recent video chat/tribute on the 10th anniversary of Mike Baker's death in 2008, back on October 29th.

I should sometime write out a long winded story/explanation about my story with Shadow Gallery and my take on their albums.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fjokra - Sugarface [1B] (2018)



Streaming Here

Sugarface + Sugarface Remix

Dig it. Love the horns of course, love Anne Bea + Fjokra are great together.

Maybe more later....

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Meaningful Songs: Prince - Computer Blue

Prince - Computer Blue

Ever since picking up the anniversary/deluxe edition of Purple Rain of  like a year and a half ago, and revisiting, remembering, learning about how amazing this track is.

I can say it is my favorite track now from Purple Rain, and it may be my favorite Prince song (from what I know.have heard which admittedly, isn't nearly as much as I should).

Why? I love the hook and the groove. The guitar solo almost sounds like a Satriani thing or something. It's Prince in some ways at his most technical or virtuosoic.

Or simply, it was 1 example of Prince doing prog, and yet it's on an album of pop hits oddly.

This tonight also was inspired by the 100th Episode of Black-ish homage to Prince.

But I still think this tune needs more love.

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Monkees MIKE and MICKY Show 2019 Dates (incl MN!)

My wife whose the Monkees and Nesmith-lifer is rather excited to see this tour again, especially given they are coming to of all places, MYSTIC LAKE CASINO on Thursday March 14th, 2019.

From what she has told me, Mike has never been willing to play Casinos, but maybe he's making an exception this time for Minnesota?

I suppose per this tour we traveled to Chicago for back in June, Minnesota was a spot they wanted to make it back to given it wasn't on that tour last Spring/Summer?

And perhaps the theaters they play were full booked? I dunno.

Should be fun, and also noteworthy for me, 2 days before the Fates Warning show in Medina. I guess I'm going to be doing some Western Suburbs driving in Mid-March, lol.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text

3/1/19--Medford, MA-- Chevalier Theatre

3/2/19-- Atlantic City, NJ-- Ocean Resort Casino

3/3/19--Lancaster, PA-- American Music Theatre

3/5/19-- Red Bank, NJ-- Count Basie Theatre

3/6/19--Glenside, PA-- The Keswick Theatre

3/8/19--Huntington, NY--The Paramount

3/9/19--New York, NY--The Beacon Theatre

3/10/19--Albany, NY--Palace Theatre

3/12/19--Royal Oak, MI-- Royal Oak Music Theatre

3/14/19--Prior Lake. MN--Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

3/15/19--New Buffalo, MI--Four Winds Casino

3/16/19--St Charles, MO--The Family Arena

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ours Albums coming 2018 and 2019 (incl 1 this week 11/11-117 2018)

While the information on the upcoming Ours album and albums and his Solo album(s) have gone back and forth, it sounds like they are finally coming out.

Part 2: New Age Heroine is the album it sounds like there will be released this coming week.

Part 3: Spectacular Sight will be coming "Early in 2019." 

along with a 3rd album likely in 2019 which I wonder was the solo album Jimmy was going to release back in late August/September.

He had to MIX all of these songs himself per the sad/unfortunate death of Jason Corsaro in 2017, who was working or planned to work and Mix Spectacular Sight.

I will of course be posting more details about all of these albums soon including New Age Heroine coming up this very week! 

Also per the comments/q-and-a there, Jimmy does intend to record and release another solo album which may include the long desired by fans recording of LIVING IN A VIDEO.

Also Ballet the Boxer 1 is getting remixed I guess which while I don't mind a lot of the mix on it, I know many fans weren't thrilled with some of the mix on many songs from it; so that Remix/Remastering is another thing to anticipate soon.

5 fucking Ours/Jimmy Gnecco releases to plan for. And a Tour which Jimmy is doing, but it's not coming to Minnesota unfortunately. But I wouldn't be surprised if a full OURS tour of the States happens to support these albums in 2019 and/or 2020.


Part 2 New Age Heroine coming next week!
Also, Part 3 Spectacular Sight coming in early 2019, and a remix and master of Ballet the Boxer!!!


@ny_drummerMy recording partner who was set to mix the record with me passed away, and so I had to mix everything myself. All 22 songs, and I decided to complete them all and put out two records!

jimmygneccoofficial I decided to call the solo album and (an?) Ours album, but I have tons of new songs to record for a solo record.


@powernoizeDecided to make them all Ours records. Will be 3 in total, and then another solo record down the line.


Pretty Pain remix there to download.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Albums of the Year 2017-2018 (11/1/17-10/31/18)

Another 12-month cycle of albums and here's the List of releases I checked out and got into since November 2017.

I think overall 2017-2018 was in some ways a better batch of releases than 2016-2017 during-the-year.

The Family Crest and Kindo releasing new albums within 1-week of each other back in April was a really big deal for me and while nothing came out that seemed to be better than both of them, the 2 of them held up for me quite well.

But, given the records I've discovered from the year before this (Dirt Poor Robins) the feeling about this being a greater year than last year may not be true now.

I think like many years, this past year seemed to have a lot of favorite artists with potentially coming out with new albums that I was excited for. And some of them did (Bend Sinister, Kimbra, Kindo, Family Crest, Galactic Cowboys, Vennart), but many of them still did not. Which makes 2018-2019 of course a very exciting year to anticipate.

But like many years, some pleasant surprises are always a big part of what makes this fun. Grimus for one coming out with a really good new album, especially given I haven't thought about them for a few years.

Also getting more music from Fjokra (and in Physical form being on Vinyl) finally and another album from Small Leaks Sink Ships, but not expecting it so soon.

The Gloomcatcher and even the 1st Typhoon album in 5 years of course was a big deal for me.

And finally an album from King Gizzard that works as-a-whole, which may stick out in their catalog given the varied styles and prolific-ness (they released 5 albums in the past 12 months? and maybe closer to 10 in the last 5 years?)

But I suppose this past year was a year with a good mix of favorites and surprises that I look for in every year.

We'll see what happens in the next 12 months to find out how it compares, but I in no way find what I've been able to get into over the last year disappointing.

Only heard clips from
Umphrey's McGee - It's You
Metal Allegiance - Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty
Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It
Paul McCartney - Egypt Station
Dog Fashion Disco - Experiments in Embryos

Live Albums

Live Over Europe.jpg
Fates Warning - Live Over Europe

No automatic alt text available.
Michael Nesmith and the First National Band Redux - Live at the Troubadour

iamthemorning - Ocean Sounds

A Symphonic Journey
Renaissance - A Symphonic Journey

Canon Blue - Lasso Yo
Bill Hubauer - We Came from Space
Greta Van Fleet - Greta Van Fleet
Nicholas Krgovich - In an Open Field
Nicholas Krgovich - OUCH
Nile Rodgers and Chic - It's About Time
Lawrence - Living Room
Prince - Piano and a Microphone
Umphrey's McGee - It's Not Us


Chime (Dessa album) cover.jpg
67. Dessa - Chime

Harakiri - alchemy choir cover.jpg
66. Harakiri - Alchemy Choir

Umbrellaman - Volcano Beach cover.jpg
65. Umbrellaman - Volcano Beach [EP]

64. God is an Astronaut - Epitaph

Head Over Heels Chromeo.jpg
63. Chromeo - Head Over Heels

62. White Denim - Performance

61. Arcane Roots - Landslide [EP]

Dead Magic
60. Anna von Hausswolff - Dead Magic

59. Jason Bieler - Birds of Prey [EP]

58. Field Music - Open Here

57. The Arusha Accord - Juracan [EP]

56. Janelle MonĂ¡e - Dirty Computer

SPOCK'S BEARD - Noise Floor
55. Spock's Beard - Noise Floor

The Mercury Tree - Cryptic Tree
54. The Mercury Tree - Cryptic Tree [EP]

Raise Vibration - LK album.jpg
53. Lenny Kravitz - Raise Vibration

52. Inferi - Revenant

51. Soft Machine - Hidden Details

50. Dream the Electric Sleep - The Giants' Newground

Hannah Wicklund & the Steppin Stones.jpg
49. Hannah Wicklund and The Steppin Stones - Hannah Wicklund and The Steppin Stones

48. Phideaux - Infernal

Copeland EP.jpg
47. Vennart - Copeland [EP]

46. StellaRoma - Revel and Ritual

45. Kai Danzberg - Pop-Up Radio

Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger.jpg
44. Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger

43. Minus the Bear - Fair Enough [EP]

Cover Album
42. Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted

41. The Monkees - Christmas Party

40. Tax the Heat - Change Your Position

Josh Rouse - Love In The Modern Age.jpg
39. Josh Rouse - Love in the Modern Age

U2 Songs of Experience cover.jpg
38. U2 - Songs of Experience

Album artwork for Punch Brothers' 2018 album All Ashore.jpg
37. Punch Brothers - All Ashore

36. The Sea Within - The Sea Within

35. Augury - Illusive Golden Age

Dang! cover.jpg
34. The Dang Ol' Tri'ole - Dang!

Josh King - Into the Blue cover.jpg
33. Josh King and Them - Into the Blue

Nosound "Allow Yourself"
32. Nosound - Allow Yourself

A Parley With Angels.jpg
31. Fish - A Parley with Angels [EP]

A great preview for the final record coming in 2019.

I have to say maybe the thing that stands out most is hearing a live version of "The Voyeur" it hit me how much it reminded me of some of the Shaming/Kaviar Kevin Gilbert stuff.

The Faceless "In Becoming a Ghost" album artwork.jpeg
30. The Faceless - In Becoming a Ghost

"The Spiraling Void" stands out as 1 of the best tracks they've done. The rest is good but I am on the fence about this band with all the drama and members leaving, etc, kind of bugs me to want to listen to this of late.

Maybe more down the road.

29. Journal - Chrysalis Ordalias

This is massive and long and layered. Not too different than Unlorja, their last album from 2010.

It's still moody though.

But it's as technical and epic a record that came out this year, but sadly went under the radar at this point. The Tech/Death and Metalcore scene should check this out certainly.

CapitalCities Solarized.jpg
28. Capital Cities - Solarize

"Venus and River" is my favorite, but take all the singles and the Swimming Pool Summer EP and you have a good collection of catchy tunes, while not new when it was released, can't be ignored how consistent they are.

But I do agree with many in not liking this quite as much as their debut A Tidal Wave of Mystery.

27. Yossi Sassi and the Oriental Rock Orchestra - Illusion of Choice

Very fun and progressive. Middle Eastern instrumentation with a lot of strings and heavy rock riffs at times. And largely instrumental which in some ways adds to its charm.

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs.jpg
26. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs

25. Crippled Black Phoenix - The Great Escape

A return to form in some ways. Maybe their best record since I, Vigilante.

Not too long, and this isn't their 5th album in 3 years. I wonder if they may have spent more time on this, it showed in it's quality?

although glancing at their discography, they released a few albums in 2017 and 2016, so I'm not sure.

Regardless, this record I enjoy, and more than many of their other recent ones. It almost reminds me of what Klimt 1918 should still be doing or me enjoying music like Katatonia more than I normally would.

Automata I.jpg Automata II.jpg
24. Between the Buried and Me - Automata I/II

Better than expected, although the style is really not much different than their last few records. I think with some good moments and the length not being too much helped these.

"Yellow Eyes" off Automata I is 1 to go back to certainly.

Exposure (Esperanza Spalding).jpg
23. Esperanza Spalding - Exposure

An original experiment being written and recorded live for 3 days, streamed on Facebook.

I enjoy a lot this, although I think a lot of it is more traditional jazz sounding than
Emily D+-Evolution or even 12 Spells which came out later.

But the ambition here may have more legs in the long run.

All Is As All Should Be (Art).png
22. The Dear Hunter - All Is as All Should Be [EP]

It's The Dear Hunter and while it's 6 tracks or whatever, I still enjoy them quite a lot.

But at the same time, they are not from The Acts or any concept other than how they were recorded at 6 lucky fans homes/hometowns.

"The Right Wrong," "Blame Paradise," and the title tracks are favorites.

Offerings Typhoon Album.jpg
21. Typhoon - Offerings

Very dark and still containing some of the chamber rock/folk stuff I enjoy.

"I Remember" and "Rorschach" are 2 of the best parts.

Image may contain: one or more people
20. Kimbra - Songs from Primal Heart: Reimagined [EP]

These are surreal and sublime at times. Even better than the original studio version in some ways.

It's only 4 tracks though which is maybe the only issue.

19. Esperanza Spalding - 12 Little Spells

Loving A TON of this. The odd/quirky jazzy-pop section that to me is being as progressive as any jazz artist working today.

"Touch in Mine," "Dancing the Animal," "You Have to Dance," "Readying to Rise," "Thang," "With Others".... jazz, prog, soul, r and b..even a bit of spoken word iirc.

18. Childish Japes and Dave Vives - Salamander

One of the best surprises of the year. This is probably my favorite release JP Bouvet has done since The Super Pilots.

And Dave Vives is an outstanding singer which truth be, I think makes this album 2 or 3 times as good. He totally has a great Jeff Buckley-thing type voice at times which I totally love.

Bend Sinister - Foolish Games cover.jpg
17. Bend Sinister - Foolish Games

"Shannon" is a hugely catchy, riffy tune. The rest of this album is still very consistent with many layered tracks with riffs and keyboard parts that still really work.

16. In Vain - Currents

15. Galactic Cowboys - Long Way Back to the Moon

The Cowboys are back! And this is no slouch of a record with energy and heavy riffs in their progressive-grunge style.

Dane Sonnier, their original guitarist sounds awesome, as does Ben Huggins and Monty Colvin on many of these banging tracks like Zombies and Internal Masquerade which are catchy as hell at times.

14. Black Belt Eagle Scout - Mother of My Children

Wonderful 2nd LP from Katherine Paul of Genders. Some of this reminds me more of her work in Forest Park. Very dreamy and atmospheric.

No automatic alt text available.
13. A Dying Planet - Facing the Incurable

Great, emotional, atmospheric prog metal from the Tipton brothers with guests including a track from Erik Rosvold.

Like the samples too.

Sad/melancholy also given Troy having to only be a vocalist and not a bassist anymore, but you can totally hear it in his voice and the music.

12. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland

The best King Gizzard album for me, and their proggiest.

"Crumbling Castle" is quite the piece.

11. Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs

Hugely symphonic and their most technical.

It's long, but all of their albums are.

But it goes up from All Is One and even ORwarriOR I guess in some ways in that I think it flows slightly better.

Coheed and Cambria - Vaxis Act I.jpg
10. Coheed and Cambria - Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures

Epic, although that's kind of par for their course. I can't deny, this album reminds me a bit of Good Apollo 1 more than I would expect.

No production/mixing issues and there are some quite good melodies here. The 1st 3-5 tracks and the last 3-4 songs sans for the last song "Lucky Stars," I get sucked-in, in some ways like Good Apollo 1.

Stronger melodies and deeper/ more addictive moments help this one compared to so many of their previous albums.

Like it a lot, and maybe their best album since Good Apollo 1 (The Afterman albums were decent, but I at this point would lean towards this record over those).

Probably their 3rd or 4th best record for me.

Primal Heart by Kimbra.jpg
9. Kimbra - Primal Heart

Heavily Electronic at times, but a lot of the songs still have good moments. "Everybody Knows" is a favorite especially, and I do enjoy many of the singles.

I suppose I can't deny that some of the different elements and feelings from older fans about it not being as pop or soul-driven are valid, but I enjoy every track enough to not be bothered by the differences.

I just hope/wonder if this is her new muse/direction, or is this album kind of a 1-off experiment and she may want to still emphasize her jazz and pop side again more in the future (my wife who enjoys Vows and a song like "Miracle," feels this way).

8. Vennart - To Cure a Blizzard Upon a Plastic Sea

Pretty dense and varied album that I do enjoy more or less every track. I suppose to be fair, I haven't been as attached to it as I wish, otherwise it may be even higher.

"Donkey Kong" and "Spider Bones" are both excellent and among the best songs he's written.
"Diamond Ballgag" and "Immortal Soldiers" are 2 other standouts.

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7. Small Leaks Sink Ships - Polaroid People [EP]

4 tracks from Small Leaks, and all 4 of them are awesome. I may even feel some of these are better than the Golden Calf stuff from last year.

This band is on a winning streak I hope never ends.

Quirky, layered post-rock prog who as I've said, remind me of Menomena and Wolf Parade at their most progressive.

This one has a cool electronic side to some of it.

Great, emotional vocals as usual.

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6. Fjokra - Evening Lights [3-track Vinyl, [1B]

A 3-track single, but it finds its way here and this high because it includes that many tracks.
Poppy, experimental, jazzy, loungey, and still kind of crazy.

The title track may seem tame to those who want the most "out there" Fjokra stuff, but I still love how melodic it is.

This guy and his band are savants and even if this is his approach of singles/videos, I am still a happy Fjokra fan with that way of making/releasing music.

5. Long Distance Calling - Boundless

All-instrumental, but it hardly hurts this album. In some ways it feels like a sequel to the classic Avoid the Light.

4. The Gloomcatcher - Blade in the Belfry [EP]

Breath of fresh air to get another new batch of tunes from The Gloomcatcher! Love the piano and acoustic melodies.

Grimus - Unmanageale Species
3. Grimus - Unmanageable Species

Another great layered/textured pop/rock album from Grimus. I will probably never get past but also always find no problem with how much I love their music reminding me of Ours/U2.

2. Kindo - Happy However After

A great collection of tunes that are maybe more prog-rock than some of their other albums. These songs I loved per the Patreon and they have held up for nearly 2 years.

The War: Act I
1. The Family Crest - The War: Act I

My favorite record from one of my favorite bands this decade. While I love Beneath the Brine, I feel this album is even better. I suppose part of it is the consistency and flow. Every track I enjoy and it never drags. Catchy, energetic, and diverse. Many tracks also get better with time.

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Dream Theater - Distance Over Time
Dan Mangan - More or Less
Fish - Weltschmertz
Muse - Simulation Theory
Ours - Part 2: New Age Heroine
Ours - Part 3: Spectacular Sight
Roine Stolt's The Flower King - Manifesto Of An Alchemist

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