Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Orphaned Land - The Road To OR-Shalem DVD (2011)

10/11/11 12:35AM

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October 24th Europe
November 1st in the US

This and The Dear Hunter TCS Boxed set. Thankfully the concert season is taking a much needed break now.

7/1/11 1:23AM

they may never tour the US again (hopefully not, but there's a really unfortunate story behind that, maybe for another time), but this hopefully will compensate a bit for that.

And I can't complain having seen them twice live myself, but for those who have not seen them live, this should be worth looking forward to especially. Also interesting to see Steven Wilson appearing on more than 1 song there.

Setlist? from this topic on their fans forum on ultimatemetal.com

00 - A´salk (intro)
01 Birth of the Three
02 Olat Ha´tamid
03 Kiss of Babylon
04 A Never Ending Way
05 Disciples of the Sacred Oath II
06 Bereft in the Abyss
07 The Storm Still Rages Inside (fragmento acustico)
08 Sapari
09 From Broken Vessels
10 - 13 (Yehuda Poliker)
14 The Path pt1
15 Ocean Land
16 Solo de bateria y percusion
17 M I ? (con Steven Wilson)
18 New Jerusalem
19 Vayehi Or
20 The Warrior
21 Barakah
22 Codeword:Uprising (con Tomer Jones)
23 Seasons Unite
24 El Meod Na´ala
25 In Thy Never Ending Way

26 The Beloved´s Cry (acustico, solo de Steven Wilson)
27 Thee By the Father I Pray
28 Norra el Norra + Ornaments of Gold