Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marillion: North American Tour Dates 2012

As Lucy Jordache, Marillion's manager announced just a little while ago here

We are pleased to announce the dates for our North American Tour in 2012. Head over to http://www.marillion.com/tour/index.htm to check them out!

The British are coming! Marillion have announced their long awaited return to North America, for a 13-date summer tour. Having maintained a continuous touring schedule through the rest of th...e world, as well as the high profile Marillion Convention Weekend events, this will be the band’s first visit to the US since 2004. The tour will hit several cities across North America, with 2-consecutive-night events planned in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. To mark the occasion of these special events, Marillion will be performing different set-lists over the consecutive shows in these cities. Fans travelling to these destinations will witness unique sets as the band set-up camp in select markets.

As legions of fans that regularly flock to see the band live or buy their records are all too aware, there really is no other band like Marillion. Hailed as Internet pioneers for their game-changing use of technology to unify and mobilize their global fan community, Marillion have been un-compromising with their music and vision. With their revolutionary presale campaigns, in-house label and their own Racket Records recording studio, Marillion have remained uniquely independent.

The overwhelming demand to bring Marillion back to the States once resulted in a fan-sponsored tour fund and a series of legendary dates for rabid fans in 1997. For their 2012 return to North America though, everyone’s invited to experience the unforgettable show that only Marillion can deliver. Currently in the studio, creating their 17th studio album, Marillion look forward to unveil their latest collection in mid 2012 as they hit US shores.


Please Note: These shows are the complete Tour, no other dates will be added.

10 June
Sun Washington DC
USA 9:30 Club

4th/5th November
12 June
Tues New York City
USA Irving Plaza

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
13 June
Weds New York City
USA Irving Plaza

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
15 June
Fri Philadelphia

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
16 June
Sat Boston
USA Paradise Rock Club

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
18 June
Mon Quebec
Canada Imperial

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
19 June
Tues Montréal
Canada L'Olympia

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
20 June
Weds Toronto
Canada The Opera House

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
22 June
Fri Chicago
USA Park West

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
23 June
Sat Chicago
USA Park West

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
27 June
Weds Los Angeles
USA House Of Blues

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
28 June
Thurs Los Angeles
USA House Of Blues

Tickets on sale 4th/5th November
29 June
Fri San Francisco
USA The Fillmore

The Chicago Street Team Page

I foresee attending both Chicago shows, and/or maybe 1 or 2 others. I suppose part of my decision will have to do with buying tickets next week. I may end up buying tickets for both Chicago shows and another, like the LA show and then depending on finances and scheduling, not necessarily making said other show.

It is interesting how they are doing a show on my birthday, the 20th, but in Toronto. Wouldn't it be something to see them on my bday. O well.

The girlfriend's attendance at these shows will probably be more of an uncertainty, but as much as I'd love to believe, these shows probably won't completely sellout in a day or week. Namely the Chicago shows since there are 2 of them. But her decision to go may be more clear when they go on sale on November 4th/5th.