Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory VINYL

pre-order link

Kinda cool to finally see this, among dozens (if not 100's) of albums released during Vinyl's most limited period (1995-2005-ish) finally coming out on Vinyl record.

$30 though, but it is a double unlike the 70+ minute compact disc.

I have a list of I started and still need to work on before it'll be published on my rateyourmusic page, of albums like this one. I just question the ability, or even interest in purchasing so many of these albums, especially the longer ones (1 hour or more), that will be double LPs, and thus the cost being $30 or more.

One interesting thing to notice on that link is along with "Enjoy the Ride Records," Brookvale Records is also involved with the releasing of this. Brookvale of course is among others, Hotel of the Laughing Tree's label. Now what that may mean as far as HOTLT and Dream Theater? more likely than not, absolutely nothing. But I can't help but namedrop and want it to lead to something with the 2 bands involved again, such as a tour especially.