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Pain of Salvation - Road Salt One (2010)

3/30/10 11:08PM

So they changed the official title (and artwork) to "Road Salt One" (from "Road Salt pt. 1,: Ivory").

-the release date is now May 17th, 2010

the samples? meh..it's too hard to tell really. But I am definitely skeptical. I don't think it'll be an awful record, but from where this band has come from, they quite possibly are a lot different now.

They're not really "prog metal" even as much as they used to be different and better than most if not the entire genre, they still had those awesome, melodic, crazy sections. I don't know if they are a band that does that so much now.

But later in the year (November) when "Road Salt Two" comes out (Ebony) perhaps an even clearer idea will be shown about who or what PoS are now. On the tails of Scarsick, I just sense they have changed a ton over the last 5 years since the glory days of TPE and Remedy Lane.


Road Salt One (also called Ivory) is now done! It is recorded, mixed, mastered and is soon pressed. The artwork has been finalized for both the Regular and Limited edition (see differences below), and the only task remaining right now is the artwork for the vinyl edition (it’s 1976 on steroids, how can we not have an LP version, right?).

For those who are curious about the album can listen to the unique preview tracks that have been uploaded to www.painofsalvation.se – already today, even though the album is not scheduled for release until mid-May!
Now, here is info about the editions and track lists:
Jewel case with 20 page booklet.

1. No Way (standard edit)
2. She Likes to Hide
3. Sisters
4. Of Dust
5. Tell Me You Don’t Know
6. Sleeping Under the Stars
7. Darkness of Mine
8. Linoleum
9. Curiosity
10. Where it Hurts
11. Road Salt (standard edit)
12. Innocence

Total playing time ca 52 min.
Fold-out digi pack with 24 page booklet.

1. What She Means to Me (bonus track)
2. No Way (extended edit)
3. She Likes to Hide
4. Sisters
5. Of Dust
6. Tell Me You Don’t Know
7. Sleeping Under the Stars
8. Darkness of Mine
9. Linoleum
10. Curiosity
11. Where it Hurts
12. Road Salt (extended edit)
13. Innocence

Total playing time ca 56 min.
Road Salt one is scheduled for release May 17 and will be available as CD (Standard), CD (Limited), LP and Digital Download.

Also when has any band put a *bonus track* as the 1st track on an album? I wonder if that was intentional, or kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing at "bonus tracks."

awesome video of Johan Hallgren singing "Road Salt" live.

3/21/10 1:22PM

babblemouth link

Sweden's PAIN OF SALVATION is tentatively scheduled to release its new album, "Road Salt - Ivory", in Europe on May 19 via Insideout Music. Frontman Daniel Gildenlöw previously stated about the CD, "It is a 12-track album of sweaty grovel, asphalt butterflies, untreaded paths and brave decisions. It will be presented to the world in one standard edition and one limited director's cut, of which we, of course, recommend the latter one."

He added, "See, as usual, we refuse to add some stuff haphazardly to put together a limited product — we always see the larger version as the 'real' one; the one that makes us the proudest."

I'd have bumped the other entries, but they changed a few things. Part 2 "Ebony" is supposed to be released in November I guess.

I'm a bit wary here. These 2 records very likely will make or break my feeling about what was up to recently, 1 of my favorite bands. If this and Ebony is pretty much of the quality of "Linoleum" and "Scarsick"..I would say they have more or less jumped some sharks. Coheed and Cambria's new turd has found them in a similar spot.

Ark - Aradiokaos (2010)

This might be slightly old news, but there's very little to no links about it until recently.

Apparently they are back together and have a new album coming out called "Aradiokaos."


not that I *know* or ever was a huge fan, but I mix with more than enough people..or mixed, over the years. Really from that period when they were active from 2000-2002, that went apeshit over them. I recall even Mike Portnoy was a fan.

I may have to revisit/visit their older work again (their 1st album some have posted is better than "Burn the Sun" but I seem to recall BTS getting more hype). Hopefully it's more than just the predictable progmetal that the demographics of fans also go for (Andromeda, Circus Maximus)..maybe more Shadow Gallery and Superior instead.


Walking Sleep - Measures (2010)

1. The Cause
2. In A Dream
3. Final Chapter
4. As A Volunteer
5. Let It Go On
6. Arso
7. Don’t Be Fooled
8. What We Forgot
9. Shake The Cold
10. Standing In The Threat

link with a mp3 download available of "Final Chapter" the 3rd track ironically.

also I had no idea Sarah Radle is with them, and she used to be in The Rentals who were a band a friend of mine used to play on her radio show a few years ago.

Dead Letter Circus - This Is the Warning (2010)

3/30/10 1:10AM
track list and cover art

3/4/10 9:07PM
This debut album comes out on May 14th. A new song can be heard "Here We Divide" when you pre-order the album from their site's "Project Dead Letter" pre-order program

Uh, I guess I'll wait and see 1st.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Conspirator (2010)

imdb page

Alexis Bledel, Evan Rachel Wood, Robin Wright Penn, James McAvoy, Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Justin Long.

Doing a period piece about a conspiracy of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Directed by Robert Redford.

It's probably far too early to tell, but this movie has Oscar buzz written all over it potentially.

Judgement Day - Peacocks / Pink Monsters (2010)

3/28 10:00PM

go stream "Zombie Rodeo Clown"

3/2/10 12:23AM
This upcoming record that is being released on April 13th, from this instrumental string-driven group who probably are now best known for their support of dredg on their American and European tours the last couple of years.

They're a unique group, especially live. Adding sort of a metallic and proggy edge for chamber-string music. I won't forget how at the show in Minneapolis in November'08, in some ways they outstaged dredg Great energy.

A bit like Apocalyptica but maybe less classical-music inspired? Or even The Diablo Swing Orchestra sans for the opera/vocal elements.

I have a couple of their discs, and I'd be lying if I said they weren't mood records at best. Good for just that, but they aren't exactly a Long Distance Calling or even a note. in terms of everyday play.

well maybe this new album of theirs will be?

Facebook Page

but I have to comment a bit on this video that for 1 of their songs, but also shows the creation of a piece of art. I guess 3 people spent 2 hours layering and layering what became (or may become?) the cover art for this record.

My confusion about this is, when capturing a mood or *tone* for in a piece of art, from music, often the 2 are similar or complement eachother. The fact they spent 2 hours going over and over on that 1 piece, almost seems to be over-done. Judgement Day's music isn't exactly as layered and complex as that painting seemed to find it's way to become.

The comparison I can make is seeing local Minnesota musician Jenny Dalton live a couple of times with dancers and of course what ended up being a charcoal artist, who spent a good portion of her performance adding-to, adapting, etc to said work, live then and there. But it definitely wasn't smothered with line-after-line and layer-over-layer the way that video looks to be. It was much more careful and spaced-out.

Now not being an art, painting, or drawing savant, i may be totally off on how well that piece fits with the JD music, but just on the surface, I'm a bit skeptical that work would be something that really captures what they put down on the album. But that remains to be seen right now of course.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Refused to do a REUNION?

Enemy link

not that I am overly thrilled about this as I only recently heard this band, but it's good news to pass along.

Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe also painted further evidence of a possible reformation when he expressed his delight on his Twitter page earlier today (March 27) adding: "This. Is. HUGE!!!!!, Refused have reformed."

edit: now I'm confused. someone on last.fm says it's just a LIVE reunion. And then DJ Zane Lowe (whose cited in that Enemy story) has posted this on his twitter "Refused Are Coming"!!!??... I'm sorry but that is playing on peoples hopes. Oh well, apologies for the false alarm.

official Refused site as it says there "Coming Soon."

amongst the hardcore vox, they do have a lot of experimental, textural (the guitars mainly) and cool melodic sections, from hearing "The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts" (1998)

it might be interesting to see what 12 years of music history/influence will bring to their music now. Although I'm not sure it did a ton for the Glassjaw reunion. But I already dig these guys more than Glassjaw.

Local Natives @ SXSW videos (courtesy of prickfork)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fish Tank (2009/2010)

edit: there's more to add to this review, but right now I'm dealing with elbow bursitis and am trying not to aggrevate it. In due time perhaps.

The "coming of age" adage that this movie is given does make sense to a point. Katie Jarvis plays the lead character Mia, and focus of this movie; ultimately she does "come of age" but with a lot of angles and hurdles to get by.

This movie is realistic and dark. Her character lives with her lackadaisical mother and kid sister. Both of whom
don't have concern of the language they use nor the things they put in their body (the younger sister in 1 scene
is seen with a friend smoking a cigarette, and she's maybe 9 or 10 years old).

Mia does not have many friends really. She is shown calling presumably 1 of them early on in the story, but we never meet this friend.

She likes to dance, hip-hop primarily. She even watches, criticizes and ends up head-butting 1 of the girls dancing in
her neighborhood. Pretty much of the feeling she's a far superior dancer. I suppose it's an ego-boost to her.

She wants to free this tied up horse, but isn't actually able to, due to the people who have it chained up being shady
and when they find her, they end up roughing her up. She is lucky to get away from them more or less unscarred.

Probably the most compelling character in the movie is her mum's new boyfriend Connor, played by Michael Fassbender who she ends up bonding with in a few ways, even after she criticizes him, more or less due to seeing him with her mum. But later, that feeling is
gone when he helps with her dance audition and ends up making a pass at her successfully.

We come to learn he has an ex and a daughter. She breaks in to their place and sees video footage of his young daughter
and I would guess partially out of jealousy and partially of anger for him fleeing her (and her mum I suppose) she sort of
kidnaps the daughter and actually ends up pushing her in the water. But her sense and heart is good enough not to abandon the much younger girl.

I sense to a point what she did with the daughter was similar to what she did with the horse; wanting to set them free.
A bit like her own situation not wanting to go off to some boarding school her mother is trying to send her to basically
out of lack of responsibility on both her own and mum's part.

Kierston Wareing is good in the role of her mother, although quite different than in It's a Free World the other thing I saw her in. I suppose in a way I felt she was a little underused, but the film's focus is on Jarvis, so I follow why.


similar movies:

We Valedictorians - The Goon (2010..1.0)

3/26/10 10:55PM

Last night at the "Afton Showcase" at the Varsity Theater (in between watching as much of the basketball at "The Library" Pub across the street) I saw what was kind of a hybrid/fill-in combo platter of WV, Total Babe and the 3rd group name I'm blanking on (Howl something?). And I got to hang out with Jordan Gatesmith, Clara Salyer (from Total Babe), Evan Murnane (cello in WV), Satavee Kijsanayotin (violin) their (new) drummer Jason "Range" Capecchi (I think it was) and some others.

But Jordan told me the deal with their debut 8-track LP/EP/Mini-Album is it should be released in May finally. A cd release show is to happen on May 14th at the Triple Rock Social Club. I recall Jordan told me. I'm all well and looking forward to that, or I was until I realized May 14th is the same day Jimmy Gnecco is opening (as confusing as that is) for Greg Laswell at The Entry.

If these 2 shows are in fact the same night, I'm going to have to find a way to see both. Because I can't skip Jimmy solo. I've never seen him solo. But missing WV's cd release show seems pretty un-thinkable for me.

worst case scenario: I go to see Jimmy and then takeoff and stop in to the Triple Rock after he's done. WV's presumably will be playing more shows over the Spring/Summer just to support this record locally. The timing might not be so bad if WV's either go on rather late or early 5 or 6pm-ish being an all-ages show. Or another act gets added to the bill with Jimmy and Greg Laswell, which it appears is an 8pm doors which means 9 or later for the music.

Or perhaps I heard Jordan wrong on the date.

At least they are close enough, only parking should be an obstacle. But the event/concert conflicts always seem to find me of course, lol.

Annuals - Sweet Sister [EP] (2010)

3/26/10 10:24PM

the whole ep can be streamed here with registration/sign-in required

this does sound like an obvious extension of "Such Fun"..which isn't a bad result, but like I posted below, I think this band can get away with changing. Perhaps more new things will be in store with their next full-length.

2/17/10 12:13AM

you can hear a new song from it and the artwork+tracklist is below. "Loxstep" the new song is good, although not vastly different from "Such Fun" (2008)

And they've released ep's in the past. I guess I'm looking forward to this and seeing them live again of course as that link states they will be touring this Spring.

But with their next full-length I am hoping they mix things up some and strip some of the music down. I recall speaking with 1 of the guys from Local Natives about "Such Fun" and how it has a "glitzy" production. Which isn't bad, and in a lot of ways makes it great to hear. But I like this group, so much so, that I think they are good enough to change styles and still progress. heck, even just some extended percussion of course hehe.


1. Loxtep
2. Turncloaking
3. Sweet Sister
4. Holler and Howl
5. Flesh and Blood

1/20/10 1:42AM

facebook wall

This new EP is due on March 30th from one of my favorite live bands over the last few years. And their studio work has usually been pretty damn good. Experimental Psych-Pop..a group who universally are all fans of the band Yes.

I may or may not have featured them before here, but if not, they need more love.


I suspect this new EP may not be their only work in 2010. In 2008, their new lp sort of came out of nowhere as I had no idea it was going to be so soon after their last (2 years). So a full-length may also be in-store for them. If not, 2011 would be very likely barring some unforeseen circumstances.

Oh and they need to go on tour with Local Natives, since Annuals is the only band who really deserve a comparison of the modern bands, to LN's. But will any of these indie lemmings who can't avoid but give LN's the Arcade Fire/Vampire Weekend comparisons. They likely don't listen to music very closely..at least like I do.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foals - Total Life Forever (2010)

3/22/10-3/23 7:28PM-2:16AM


Video for the new single "This Orient"


interesting and still different from their previous record's sound. But not as good as "Spanish Sahara"

3/4/10 1:12AM

A new song

really surprised, impressed and more optimistic about this album after hearing that. It sounds like they may be moving in new, better directions. And possibly be stripping their obvious influences away to a point.

2/19/10 11:32PM

I just noticed this on rateyourmusic and Foals's last.fm. Foals, a band who seem to quote other bands, almost blatantly, but still managed to have their songs be enjoyable. They really are the hybrid of Minus the Bear and Bloc Party in many ways.

While this hardly is a HUGE deal to look forward to, I enjoyed 2008's "Antidotes" enough to have optimism with this.

Also it has a drop date of May 10th

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dream Theater, Jay-Z, Pixies, Sum 41, Smashing Pumpkins, The Offspring, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Orbital, Passion Pit

Japan's "Summer Sonic Festival 2010"

Haha..I hope this pisses some people off. If only it could happen in America, lol. I'd love to see the faces of some of those Pixies fans, or Jay-Z pimps sitting through Home or something, lol.

Maybe Jay-Z will ask the Dream Theater guys if he can join them on stage for "Take the Time" to do the rap section, lol. Or maybe they'll do the Canadian Rap (or the Japanese Rap) lol.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Contextually Inept (2010)

their debut full-length is coming out in a few months I guess, but they put up a free (320) download of a new song today called "Contextually Inept"

wow, pretty much the cat's ass.

go hear it.

myspace blog
download page

ftr: I still don't like the word "contextually" or "contextualize." I understand what it means, but it's like "in all actuality"..why not say "actually" or "in context" instead? lol.

but as far as TTOL, another nice "post" band from down under. The Tool/Chevelle-clones I couldn't be paid to listen to again, but along with Ne Obliviscaris (an entry about them shouldn't be too far away given my recent discovery of them and their debut lp also dropping soon), and some others, they do have a nice roster of bands from down there still (Silverchair is another).

Insurgentes - The Film (2010)

Steven Wilson's myspace blog

New Insurgentes clip
Lasse Hoile has posted up another clip from the Insurgentes film on his YouTube page here. This time it is SW's opinion on the impact of shows like Pop Idol on modern music.

We should have some news about a late 2010 DVD release of the film soon - in the meantime it continues to play at selected international film festivals. The latest confirmed is a screening in Argentina at Muséo Municipal de Arte Moderno de Mendoza, on 28th May at 20:30.

I want to see this. Dunno how likely you'll find me forking over the cash for a dvd (unless it's cheap or they threw in a copy of the album at least). Maybe Hulu or archive.org will host it (or youtube).

However, it doesn't mean the album is any better, more different (than PT/Blackfield) or original or anything. Any more than when it came out in 2008.

Funny Rumor: The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium 2 (2010)

This is likely just "rumor" and probably a joke. But 11 pages with many at least curious over there, has me needing to post it anyway.

forum link

RUMOR! Follow-up to De-Loused for late 2010

Someone at Warner has leaked information about there being a (potential) follow-up to De-loused to come out this year. He mentioned that the current formation of the band is the one that will be used for the recording, as well as Paul re-taking the helm on noise/sound manipulation.

And by follow-up, my "informant" re-iterated that the album will be a concept story along the same lines of the first album, but obviously not from Julios' perspective but someone else's instead. He also threw around the name "De-throned by the Comatorium" which is also a lyric in Eunuch Provocateur, if you'd care to recall.

He recently got let go from the company so I think he feels obliged somewhat to tell people things he knows. Doesn't make it right, but whatever.

A Courtship of Rivals: (Magic Johnson and Larry Bird HBO Documentary)


some talk about this on Dan Barreiro's show and a friend of mine saying he caught some of it recently has my interest now. Damn, if I only had HBO.

-maybe it's available ON DEMAND vis comcrap
-maybe I'll subcribe to HBO for a few months this Summer to catch True Blood and it'll be aired.
-of course there is the ole online opportunities..Hulu and other places, hehe.

City Island (2010)

Excellent dysfunctional family dramedy. The kind of plot-line and stories have been done before, but that doesn't take away from quality of the writing, characters and acting work done here.

I actually think the younger son played by Ezra Miller was the best part or at least the funniest character in this movie. I remembered after scanning his credits, he was 1 of the re-occurring characters last season on Royal Pains. Andrew McCarthy played his asshole/richsnob dad. He was a lot funnier in this, honestly. Maybe he's a bit of an untapped talent?.

Andy Garcia, Emily Mortimer (whose back-story I didn't entirely follow. Being from NYC and her kids; and also whether she really did have romantic intentions for Garcia's character or not). Marguiles and Garcia's "secret" of a son.

There wasn't really a slow or dull moment in this movie. Why it's received such little buzz or promotion seems to be pretty surprising. Maybe it didn't screen well? Perhaps the NY/NJ part of it? The title "City Island" which frankly, doesn't really seem too fitting for what it's about. The title easily could have had the word "secret" or something instead.

No matter, hopefully it'll find an audience when it hits the box office in early April, as for the early movies of 2010, I can't claim to have seen anything better yet.


Water & Bodies - The Rain City Sessions 1 & 2 [HELP PRE-ORDER]

kickstarter pre-order fund link

I of course already pre-ordered the vinyl + cd there. Like The Age of Rockets did and The Red Paintings did on a larger scale, that Water & Bodies are now doing as well.

Someone put up $500 just last night, so they are starting to get a little momentum. $4,000 I noticed is their goal there, and the $670 they have right now is at 17%. 55 days remain (although who knows if that number of days/weeks is set in stone).

Breaking Bad Season 3

3/21/10 12:45PM

Season 3 Premiere is tonight on AMC boyeeez!

2/20/10 4:13PM

Sunday March 21st, 2010 Season 3 Begins on AMC.

Probably the show I'm most looking forward to it's return right now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is Gold

if every Jonas Brothers song had music and vocals like that, they might actually warrant a percentage of their success.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Subterranean Masquerade - In Pastille Colors (2010?)

3/10/10 12:06 A.M.

this link has it listed as to be coming out in December.

I take this with a grain of salt, considering

a) Subt Masq is not the only project the members of this project do. November's Doom among some others.

b) This record was talked about being released as early as the Summer or Fall of 2008.

But the fact it's listed there, plus a friend of mine was able to speak to Paul Kuhr, the vocalist for November's Doom & Subterranean Masquerade last year when ND played in St.Paul, and he mentioned this record should be released in 2010.

If it in fact does make it out in 2010, it may be my most anticipated Metal record (if it wasn't already). Their debut record "Suspended Animation Dreams" is among my favorite progressive metal and extreme metal albums. It only has become better with years of play. And the ep "Temporary Psychotic State" is something I've grown to enjoy a lot within the last year as well.

Although with a December release date? it may feel more like a 2011 album. But perhaps that December date is just a window, i.e. it may find it's way out earlier like October/November-ish.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marillion - Angelina

On Sound Opinions last week they did a show with a "radio" theme. Songs about radio and how radio was involved in the history of Rock and Roll more or less.

of course they play songs about it and also at the end they encourage listeners to call up about the show. Offer suggestions of songs as well.

well, a few years ago I was able to be a guest on Radio K's Sunday guest-project show. I forget the name. But it was obviously after I was done doing radio at KFAI, and Marillion's incredible double record from 2004, "Marbles" was released after I finished volunteering as a dj at KFAI. So I naturally never was able to play anything off Marbles on KFAI. But in this situation, it probably made sense to, given how much I had listened to it in the recent months. And what song, but "Angelina" would make a lot of sense to play as it was sort of about radio itself.

This is some kind of sync-ed foreign film/short film that uses it pretty effectively, although many of the images in here I never really have pictured with this song/

Steve Hogarth, whose Marillion's singer and lyricist (along with John Helmer occasionally) kind of explains more about it here.

it really is a wonderful track, and one very relate able to anyone whose lonely and finds comfort in something on the radio. I won't deny, I have been through that far more than I ever would like to imagine.

I was thinking of calling up Sound Opinions and suggesting this, but as I often do when I get an idea to call and leave them a voicemail, I find it's probably not worth it. I have called a few times and they never played my messages. They did once or twice, but I'd guess I've tried more than twice that many times, that the odds are they wouldn't play my message. Let alone the fact when they play the caller's messages, and they allude to a piece of music, they play a clip from it. The guys from Sound Opinions including the producers, I'd suspect have never heard this Marillion track anyway, and may not desire to even try tracking it down and cutting a short clip to include with my message. But I can't be sure, since it was in Chicago (where Sound Opinions is based) I saw Marillion twice (or once, and one time as "Los Marillios Trios") in 2004 and 2005. On the last tour they did of the US supporting Marbles.

Fuck, Marbles is such a great record. It wouldn't surprise me to see it find the legendary/legacy status that Brave has found, if it hasn't already. In 10 or 20 years, Marbles will be one of those records people cite from the 2000's. It's just perfect, and even with some extensive song lengths, the whole record flows so incredibly well, they don't feel as long as they are really. And many of the shorter songs are very accessible, that any new or non fan could easily enjoy them.

And this song, Angelina, while not my favorite part of Marbles, is as good a song the band have written in their career. Someday maybe some girl named Angelina will become a disc jockey and she'll have to use it as her theme music. Or perhaps even some female dj will take on the radio-name Angelina, just like Margarita. Hell, maybe even a drink will be named Angelina like that as well (if there isn't already one or more).

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record (2010)

3/9/10 12:10AM
track list added below.

2/19/10 10:01PM

1 World Sick
2 Chase Scene
3 Texico Bitches
4 Forced to Love
5 All to All
6 Art House Director
7 Highway Slipper Jam
8 Ungrateful Little Father
9 Meet Me in the Basement
10 Sentimental X's
11 Sweetest Kiss
12 Romance to the Grave
13 Water in Hell
14 Me and My Hand

Hear the 1st single/song "World Sick"

I like it overall. It's more melodic; however the "post-rock" sound is more subdued from hearing that. People still need to understand BSS are in fact a "Post Rock" band. They're the kind of "Post Rock" that actually is interesting. But they still have inherently some of the qualities of "Post Rock" in their sound. Why most people don't refer to them as "Post Rock" is baffling to me. But so be it. To digress..

I'm not sure with less evidence of "Post Rock" in their sound (if the rest of this record sounds like this song) if that's better or worse. Please don't become 2010's Vomit Collective guys, I know you're sohh much better than to allow the shitsters overhype and kill your quality.

original 2/1/2010 11:51PM

Pukefork Media interview with Kevin Drew (not my former classmate)

same day as "Together" from The New Pornographers, lol. BSS and The New Porno's release new albums the same day. The 2 (primarily-based) Canadian quasi indie supergroups. And frankly, the 2 proggy indie bands I associate with eachother (maybe along with The Decemberists).

When more info is available, this posting of course will be bumped.

Friday, March 5, 2010

IFP's and MarsCON

reposted from twitter:

#IndependentSpiritAwards are also tonight. I'm still unclear why they are being held on a Friday night this year *shrug*

@marscon tonight. But the odds are probably better I win the karaoke contest than am able to do the movie/album sync-thing this year.

Royal Pains - Season 2 Premieres in June

In watching the Season finale of Burn Notice tonight, they showed ads for both In Plain Sights upcoming season and of course now Royal Pains. It starts airing new episodes in June.

But I haven't scowered the USA network's twitter's nor the website or forums to see what their plans may be with all these shows over the Summer. They may do 1 show per night. But that would have something moving to Mondays. Royal Pains or White Collar perhaps.

Or, another new show?

As for RP, I'm definitely looking forward to it's return in a few months. Hank Med was broke at the end of last season. So how that gets resolved, Hank's relationship with Jill (the female doctor) and her ex. And then the board that banned him. The similarities to Burn Notice seem to be there certainly.

In Plain Sight - Season 3 Premiere Wed 3/31/10

Interesting how they're moving it to Wednesday evenings. The whole 1 show-per night thing may continue, but chances are Psych will go back to Fridays. Although, by the time Psych 5th Season begins, IPS may be already done (16 weeks from 3/31? *looks at calendar*..

scratch that. If IPS didn't take a week off, and went 16-straight weeks, Psych could come back on Wednesdays and replace it in Mid July.

Damn, what happened to the Friday-Night psych tradition?

regardless, I'm looking forward to this new season of IPS. Marshall + Mary should hook up, but the writers are trying to avoid that all-too-common shark-jumping scenario.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More (2009)


Another record I and as I'm noticing many others were not familiar with when it dropped last year, but now am catching-up on. Like the A Silent Film record, I only have heard this once, but was impressed enough by it to already believe it's worth telling about.

They are playing in Minneapolis the same evening Midlake are. Which show will be less? unless I win free tix (like Laura Veirs) I may lean towards seeing these guys, as their music sounds like it would translate really well live.

They are kind of in the chamber, dramatic folk style just having to describe them in some specific way. A bit like The Swell Season I suppose. Although they are from England, their singer and music almost sounds Irish.

And the song that 89.3 and other places are playing is hardly the best track on this record. I believe this song "Thistle and Weeds," among a few others, was one of the best tracks on here. The crescendo really works.

A Silent Film - The City That Sleeps (2008)


Well I can't exactly add a huge amount of depth of an opinion yet about it/this band, as I only just listened to this debut album of theirs earlier today. But I was pretty impressed by it. Very well written clean, melodic, adult-contemporary pop/rock tunes. I found myself liking this band very much how I like music from Coldplay, One Republic or even U2.

It's not prog, no. And it's not even as technical or jazzy as The Reign of Kindo, but it's definitely well thought-out music (and lacking cheesey, melodramatic lyrics). Production quality is not lacking either.

This debut record dropped in 2008, so maybe this UK group has a follow-up in the works already. I did see the name in "Alternative Press: 100 Bands You Need To Know for 2010" so that may mean something.

Coheed and Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow (2010)

3/4/10 9:30PM

cover art

1. One
2. The Broken
3. Guns of Summer
4. Here We Are Juggernaut
5. Far
6. The Shattered Symphony
7. World of Lines
8. Made Out of Nothing
9. Pearl of the Stars
10. In the Flame of Error
11. When Skeletons Live
12. The Black Rainbow

new song "Here We Go Juggernaut" is up on their myspace now.

I hate hearing it with that mypace compression, but I won't deny, there was a section (melody) towards the last 2 minutes (or less) that caught my attention. I'm not expecting this record to be as good as Good Apollo 1, but I guess it won't take them that much to surpass NWFT no matter. I just hope the production isn't too hot, which a lot of layered albums seem to be.

David Botrill should work with them again (see more evidence in that new Circa Survive song).

2/10/10 12:55AM
New song "The Broken"

12/7/09 6:47PM

12/7/09 7:50PM
artwork, tracklist, a teaser/trailer will be added in due time to this entry

new album is called "Year of the Black Rainbow" and expected in April.


Hey Everybody,

Happy Holidays and all that. We know you have been waiting patiently for Coheed info for 2010, so we hope this fills your hunger for now:

Our new album will be titled, “Year of the Black Rainbow,” and is set for release in April 2010 and will be followed by a headline tour of the US, and then on to Europe and the UK for festivals and such.

As most of you know, the new album will be the “Origin Story” or “The Prequel,” and likely the final story of the ongoing concept story of “The Amory Wars”

With “Year of the Black Rainbow,” we will be releasing a deluxe package that includes a NOVEL OF THE SAME NAME. Not a graphic novel, but a full 300+page prose novel, which will tell the origins of Coheed and Cambria, and much more. There will be no mystery to this story, you will be able to explore it like never before. Presales will start near the end of December, exact date and pricing to be announced soon.

Producing this record is:
Atticus Ross http://www.ninwiki.com/Atticus_Ross
And Joe Baressi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Barresi

They have helped us evolve our sound to be more powerful and dynamic than ever and we think it’s definitely our best work to date.
Some song titles are: “Here We are Juggernaut,” “The Broken,” “Pearl of the Stars,” and “Guns of Summer.”

Co-writing the book with Claudio is Peter David http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_David

The album will be released through Columbia Records/Sony in North America. For the rest of the world, Sony has licensed the rights to Roadrunner Records, who we feel will better make our music available in those territories, and opening up the potential for us to come to countries we rarely or never have been to before. We are very excited.

Can’t wait til you can experience it.
Peace, Co&Ca

Producing this record is:
Atticus Ross http://www.ninwiki.com/Atticus_Ross
And Joe Baressi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Barresi

Atticus Ross:
* Error (band founder)
* 12 Rounds albums JitterJuice, My Big Hero(programmer, writer)
* Tapeworm
* Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth and Year Zero (programming and production
* Nine Inch Nails, Ghosts I–IV (songwriter, production and programming)
* Trent Reznor (frequent collaborator)
* Korn, See You on the Other Side (co-writier, co-producer) "Untitled" (co producer); (remix)
* Pink, Missundaztood (programmer and musician)
* The Transplants (remix)
* From First To Last (remix)
* Dillinger Escape Plan (remix)
* Neneh Cherry (remix)
* Notorious B.I.G. (remix)
* Telepathe (remix)
* Touching Evil (Score, along with Claudia Sarne and Leopold Ross)

Joe Baressi
As producer

* The Melvins - Stag (1996)
* The Melvins - Honky (1997)
* Queens of the Stone Age - Queens of the Stone Age (1998)
* Fu Manchu - King of the Road (1999)
* Four Sick Cats - Frayed State of Mind (2000)
* Pennywise - Land of the Free? (2001)
* Powerman 5000 - Transform (2003)
* Backyard Babies - Stockholm Syndrome (2003)
* Tomahawk - Mit Gas (2003)
* Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze (2005)
* The Butterfly Effect - Imago (2006)
* Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell (2007)
* Clutch - From Beale Street to Oblivion (2007)
* Puscifer - Cuntry Boner (2007)
* Zico Chain - Food (2007)
* Saviours - Into Abaddon (2008)
* Minus - The Great Northern Whalekill (2008)
* Alexisonfire - Young Cardinals (2009)
* ISIS - Wavering Radiant (2009)
* Coheed and Cambria - Year of The Black Rainbow (2010)

[edit] As engineer

* Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun (1992)
* Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley (1994)
* L7 - Hungry for Stink (1994)
* Kyuss - ...And the Circus Leaves Town (1995)
* Weezer - Pinkerton (1996)
* L7 - The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum (1997)
* The Jesus Lizard - Blue (1998)
* Fu Manchu - King of the Road (1999)
* Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First (2004)
* Satyricon - The Age of Nero (2008)
* Tool - 10,000 Days (2006)
* Taking Back Sunday - New Again (2008)
* Isis - Wavering Radiant (2009) [2]

[edit] As mixer

* Kyuss - Blues for the Red Sun (1992)
* Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley (1994)
* Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go (1997)
* Fu Manchu - King of the Road (1999)
* Psycore - I Am Not One of Us (1999)
* Amen - Amen (1999) (2 tracks)
* The Juliana Theory - Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat (2005)
* Alpha Galates - A Stimulus for Reason (2007)
* Braintoy - Vehicles (2008)
* Xavier Rudd - Dark Shades Of Blue (2008)
* Enslaved - Vertebrae (2008)
* Kazuya Yoshii - VOLT (2009)

These names may not have much if any impact on how good or bad this record is. However, those resumes really do next to nothing for me. Granted, the guy who produced the new dredg album, Matt Radosevich I felt similarly about his experience, and the final result ended up rather good.

However, if this *prequel* ends up being similar in style or quality to their last record "No World For Tomorrow" I certainly will have an easy reason to point toward that production team. Those middle 2 records are excellent, and really at one point I was thinking Coheed was going to become one of my a-list bands. They could, if this next record, YOTBR, ends up being better. But I'm at a wait and see. I suppose they're kind of in a feast or famine situation for me.

Dream Theater opening for Iron Maiden Sumer 2010

3/4/10 7:15PM

what's next, opening for Rush finally? Of course this tour is nowhere to be found in Minnesota. Maiden hasn't played my hometown since '97 or '98 I believe.

I'd be curious to see some of the comments from the anti-prog anti-Dream Theater fans on some of the Metal forums; although with Maiden, there has often been more respect given I sense since Dickinson has been a flag-waver for Dream Theater for many years. But that doesn't mean the Maiden fanbase is on board with them just because of that.

Also significant they will finally play at MSG. Hopefully they will find their way back here with another big name (Rush? or Metallica maybe?) and they'll have the chance to play at XCel finally too.

RoadRunner Link

Prog rock/metal icons Dream Theater will spend their summer supporting Iron Maiden on the band’s month-long tour of major US and Canadian markets. The tour launches on June 9 and runs through July 20, and includes a stop at the storied Madison Square Garden in NYC, marking the first time in a lengthy and respected career that Dream Theater have played the world’s most famous arena. This tour will mark another milestone in Dream Theater’s history, which continues to expand and evolve twenty-five years deep.

Of touring with Iron Maiden in North America, drummer Mike Portnoy said, “It is a bit of a dream come true for us. After 25 years together, at this stage in our career, there's honestly only three bands Dream Theater would consider opening for and Maiden is one of them. It is an absolute honor. Through the years, we've done many one-off shows with Maiden and they've almost all been overseas. It is very exciting to finally be doing a full tour with them and on our side of the pond no less. These are gonna be amazing shows that the fans won't want to miss. Up the f***ing irons!”

Playing MSG for the first time is also a huge accomplishment for the band and they are thrilled about the prospect. “Dream Theater has achieved so many dreams through the years, from playing the Budokan in Tokyo to Wembley Arena in London to Radio City Music Hall in NYC,” Portnoy recalled. “But the one remaining dream that has eluded us through all of these years was to play at Madison Square Garden. Well, on July 12, along with Iron Maiden, that dream will finally be fulfilled.”

Guitarist John Petrucci was equally stoked about the MSG play, saying, “I am unbelievably excited to be finally playing Madison Square Garden, and with the almighty Maiden to boot! They have been heroes to the band since the beginning and are iconic in our eyes. There is nothing like achieving success and recognition in your own country, in your own city. It's going to be an incredible night for sure.”

Portnoy has proof of this career-long dream, saying, “About a month ago my family and I were watching a video of my first band Intruder from back in 1983, and in the video before the show, I was interviewed and asked what my dream goal was. I responded ‘to play the Garden.’It took almost 30 years, but it’s surreal that I will now be able to check it off the list.”

Dream Theater’s Black Clouds & Silver Linings was released in 2009 and debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 Sales chart.

Tour dates for the Iron Maiden/Dream Theater run are as follows:

June 9 – Superpages.com Center – Dallas, TX

June 11 -The Woodlands - Houston, TX

June 12 - AT&T Center - San Antonio, TX

June 14 – Fiddler’s Green – Denver, CO

June 16 – The Pavilion - Albuquerque, NM

June 17 – Cricket Wireless Pavilion – Phoenix, AZ

June 19 - San Manuel Amphitheatre – San Bernardino, CA

June 20 – Sleep Train Pavilion – Concord, CA

June 22 – White River Amphitheatre – Auburn, WA

June 24 – General Motors Place – Vancouver, BC

June 26 – Rexall Place – Edmonton, AB

June 29 – Credit Union Centre – Saskatoon, SK

July 3 – Molson Amphitheatre – Toronto, ON

July 11 – PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ

July 12 – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY

July 14 – Post Gazette Pavilion – Pittsburg, PA

July 15 – Blossom Music Center – Cleveland, OH

July 17 – DTE Energy Music Theatre – Detroit, MI

July 18 – First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre – Chicago, IL

July 20 – Nissan Pavilion – Washington, DC

Periphery: - Periphery (2010)

3/4/10 12:54AM
"Light" is there

sounds decent.

Icarus Lives can be streamed hera

I'm not so sure about this track.

track list? I can't find one anywhere right now.

I guess the drums are programmed, blech. The new singer sounds okay I guess from pc speakers.

This may be a feast or famine deal. production quality may kill my interest in this album. But then again, they sound potentially really good, like as good if not better than a band like Painted in Exile. But this "Djent" and almost pure 'Core style seems to blur and bores me to death at times.

Then again, this is just a debut record.

1/20/10 11:27PM

4/20/10 Self-titled debut album drops.

Sumerian Records Newsletter

Periphery have announced their new full time vocalist Spencer Sotelo who can be seen with the band live on the upcoming Veil of Maya, Animals As Leaders, Circle of Contempt tour starting January 29th - February 20th. The band has also been confirmed to support Kittie and God Forbid from May 3rd - May 11th. Their self titled debut album will hit stores everywhere April 20th.

They have a singer finally, they are finishing up recording their album. And I worry that the cymbals are horribly clipping as a result of compression, based on those quick samples.

Oh and their tours are not coming to Minnesota (no surprise).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Reign of Kindo - Hold Out (studio video)

man their drummer/percussionists are sick.

All Good People (short film)

this still remains I think the greatest youtube film I've come across (not counting adam02's work). It's a bit like Ghost World in how it does (or could) represent my life/who I am/how I feel/what I go through, etc in many ways.

The Apples In Stereo - Travellers in Space and Time (2010)

3/3/10 12:23AM
the whole thing can be streamed here and there's pre-order links.

Fuck, this is goooooood!

bump 1/29/10 8:28PM

Comes out on 4/20.

1. "The Code"
2. "Dream About the Future"
3. "Hey Elevator"
4. "Strange Solar System"
5. "Dance Floor"
6. "C.P.U."
7. "No One in the World"
8. "Dignified Dignitary"
9. "No Vacation"
10. "Told You Once"
11. "It's All Right"
12. "Next Year at About the Same Time"
13. "Floating in Space"
14. "Nobody But You"
15. "Wings Away"
16. "Time Pilot"

Original 11/8/09 1:58AM

Tell me about the new Apples album you’re working on.
We started it last fall. It’s really, really different. My manager reprimanded me — it’s so different that he doesn’t want me to talk about it. It’s like there’s a party on a UFO, and everybody’s invited to come in. It’s sci-fi R&B. It’s not 100 percent different from various songs we’ve done, but it’s different from our albums, and it’s really, really different from the last one

Sounds intriguing enough. New Magnetic Wonder was a record that never got tiresome. I suppose a possible concern could be the fact the female singer (+ other things?) departed the band. She was a big part of what I liked about NMW from 2007. I guess we'll see.

Schneider is a good songwriter, certainly, so her absence hopefully won't matter.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shattered - Shipwrecked EP/Demo (2010)

3/2/10 1:45AM

2/28/10 1:27PM

new last.fm page "Shattered (WI, USA)"

Facebook page
myspace page
youtube page

Artwork as far as I know, still hasn't been made available. It's expected to be released in some form in March 2010.

But the recording/mixing/mastereing of this new collection of tracks finally is. And they have a pretty impressive new singer named Matt Davis. Who of course is not to be confused with the What About Brian star of the same name


Shipwrecked EP/Demo
1. The Fury (5:00)
2. Shipwrecked (4:37)
3. The Walk of Death (6:47)
4. Eternal Burn (5:04)

I have only been able to hear the original drafts of 2 tracks with headphones, and just this weekend the finished 4-track EP/Demo via small pc speakers, and not through headphones as I like to. But early impressions are pretty favorable for these guys.

I guess, thus far, the best part(s) or my favorite moments from these 4 songs are the guitar work, namely the solos on "Eternal Burn" and "Shipwrecked" I beleieve it was.

Are they re-inventing the wheel? no, not really. Although if you heard the original Majesty Demo that Dream Theater made, or even the "Hereafter" demo Reality aka Pain of Salvation made, you might not say they were either (if they were).

But certainly, these songs show promise. And as Josh, their drummer, has told me, they have a plan for a full-length concept album soon, so this very well may be them just getting their feet wet.

Of course seeing this and some others of late (Graham Butler), makes me interested to start to get-going with my own music. And the software issue, at least initially, I'm not sure is/would-be an actual problem I face. However, something that may pose a problem (besides time and procrastination) quite possibly is my living situation. I.e. where I would do any recording in order to avoid disturbing some neighbors who live below me. But, shit should hit the fan one way or another and I will either figure out a system and/or be moving units in my current place. When that is finally a reality, I hope to finally actually try doing something. As that was a goal/resolution of mine for 2010.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kevin Gilbert Performs Toy Matinee Live (2010)

3/1/10 6:11PM

released today.


order page

Last Plane Out
Things She Said
Remember My Name
There Was a Little Boy
Queen of Misery
Turn it on Salvador
The Ballad of Jenny Ledge
Toy Matinee
Funeral For A Friend
We Always Come Home

I hope the booklet has something extra, which I suspect it will.
Also a rematser of THUD I guess with demos and some other goodies may not be too far away. The Shaming of the True Vinyl possibly as well. The sales of this and the Nuts/Bolts/Welcome to Joytown are going to impact if/when they do get released.

I find it interesting that in the time I really got into KG, 2004-present, it wasn't until last year that his estate released anything in that time. I guess it means a little more with that wait.

Also in less than 1-month, on March 31st, KG's estate will select 10 winners of autographed copies of the 1st Giraffe cd 'The Power of Suggestion."

So the KG stuff is still on the minds even a number of months after those releases last fall.

2/17/10 11:07PM

Available March 1st

"Kevin Gilbert Performs Toy Matinee Live" is out. This brilliant performance, beautifully recorded at Los Angeles’s renowned Roxy on May 1, 1991, was mixed and produced by Kevin and mastered by John Cuniberti. The band includes luminaries Marc Bonilla, Spencer Campbell, Toss Panos and Sheryl Crow with a guest appearance by Tim Pierce. This CD is a must have for any Toy Matinee or Kevin fan.

The likely track-list
1 Last Plane Out 6:29
2 Things She Said 5:15
3 Remember My Name 6:10
4 There Was a Little Boy 8:15
5 Queen of Misery 4:41
6 Turn it on Salvador 7:35
7 The Ballad of Jenny Ledge 7:44
8 The Toy Matinee 5:37
9 Love Lies Bleeding 7:34

yes, this means a fair amount to me, as ANYTING Kevin Gilbert related to be released does. Perhaps beyond the mastering, this release will include some extra live tracks and something neat in the booklet, much like the Toy Matinee Special Edition (and DVD-A I imagine) did.

But we do need to know a couple of things still.

a) whether it will actually be released on March 1st. How many times has his estate pushed things back?

b) if it will in fact be released as a hardcopy compact disc. The blurb there doesn't say. But I am assuming it is.

c) is this the actual Roxy show. Toy Matinee did tour, but sadly, not all that many of their shows are available. The Roxy show is usually regarded as 1 of the only recordings.

Also notice how the title of the show was changed. I would guess it wasn't called or listed under the Toy Matinee name due to cost or legal reasons. Perhaps the word/name "Roxy" as well. But the title almost suggests it is a recording of a show Kevin performed everything solo/alone. I don't think so, but certainly a bit of a twist on the title many people expected it to be.

I guess this also means I shall be hitting his site multiple times per day until a link and info about this release is given. Thank goodness March 1st is less than 2 weeks away, lol.

"Indie Rock" should be referred to as "College Rock"

"College Rock" was penned in the early or mid 80's, because, of course the music of this style, for lack of a better term, was given this description becuase college radio stations and college hipsters were pimping it to their friends to seem cool and anti-mainstream.

Well fast-fwd about 10 years later, or let's say just the early-mid 90's and it was then called "alternative" or "alternative rock." Okay, but why the name change? it was still littered all over the college music scenes. And alternative? alternative to-what? for the most part, you could just call it alternative to good music, or alternative to musicianship even, lol.

So it took about 10 more years, but then in the early 2000's I'd say, the term "independent" and then shortened and raped much like "progressive" becoming the pedestrian "prog" people started pushing the word "Indie" everywhere.

And some 5+ years later now, the term "Indie" is used like it's been assumed to have been known (and used) since this style of music began as "college rock."

Why "indie"? because it comes from "independent" record labels? No, not a lot of it now. Because it's like "Independent Film"? Again, not necessarily. And I would say that at least the "independent" word with film fits better. As that is often set up with lack of rules and a financial limits.

You know what very likely will happen? sometime later this decade another term will come up, and it'll probably get raped and overused and be-as, if not-more inaccurate than "Indie" is, lol.

Just call it bloody "college rock" and don't go any further. And I guess all the "indie prog" I enjoy really deserves the term "college prog" and I personally wouldn't mind that at all.