Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bend Sinister - She Don't Give It Up (live with Orchestra)

Well fuck, that was pretty breathtaking. Although I would have been curious to hear the guitar solo done in chorus on the strings. But man, this sounds awesome with the strings!

I'd love to see/hear the rest of this set. Hopefully they'll share it soon, as they shared this in the process in finishing work on their upcoming record I guess, which could be released in early 2014.

Hey everyone, we've just been getting the mixes for the new album streaming in now and were hard at work getting everything together for a release date early 2014. In the meantime check out another video we just finished of our perfomance with the VAM orchestra. 

On Dec 7th Bend Sinister performed a set with the Vancouver Academy of Music Student orchestra at their winter concert. This is the second song we recorded from the 2012 album SMALL FAME. 

Produced Mixed and Mastered by Alex 'Condor' Aligizakis and students at Nimbus School of Recording Arts
Videography by Paul Bennett, Thomas Buchan, Hans Goksoyr
Edited By Paul Bennett
String arrangements by Doug Smith

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Return of The Dissociatives in 2014?

What if I told you The Dissociatives had just got out of the studio? A special one off is coming your way. Stand by!

That's a post from Paul Mac's twitter last weekend.

Hell Fucking Yeah I say! The Dissociatives, the electronic-power-pop duo who made a really refreshing Self-Titled debut record that was released in 2004, with a new record, it'll be sort of a decade-reunion record of sorts.

The hipsters can pine for their Neutral Milk Hotel and The Postal Service reunion records (they both got live reunions anyway), and of course the short-lived ass-kissing of the return of My Bloody Valentine earlier this year.

But sorry, this reunion/return (whether a song or 2, an EP, or more) will hopefully mean a lot to many because for one, Daniel Johns activity has been only spotty since Silverchair's extended hibernation (although he should show up somehow on Kimbra's next LP at least). And Paul Mac, I have no clue actually, what he has done. I thought he may have done some solo work of his own, or session stuff.

But I remember in 2007 when I discovered Silverchair and this album from the help of Frank, from Fair to Midland's management, hoping, almost expecting more music coming soon. And I even recall on Myspace and their or Paul's forum, some rumors/mention.

Anyway, The Dissociatives are to me, 1 of the best examples of blending Power-Pop with other styles, since Jellyfish really. I'd put them with The New Pornographers as my favorite acts to come out in the last 10-15 years. And I always have felt they could expand, improve, extend more of what they did on that 2004 LP. Even when you listen to both Silverchair records between it, you can hear some areas where Daniel Johns may have taken them (while still being distinguishable from Silverchair).

But, this is awesome news, and another big return/reunion coming in 2014, along with Subterranean Masquerade, Kaddisfly (if not 2013), and some others.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Warpaint - Love Is To Die (Documentary?)

10/28/13 10:31PM

The song/stream "finally."

Sounds like some from The Fool, slow, methodical, meditative, and the Warpaint-dreaminess...but that record varied enough, and some of the live tracks, I suspect their upcoming record won't sound only like this.

10/7/13 4:50PM This apparently is a teaser for a documentary film titled "Love Is To Die." How that connects/related to their upcoming record, only can be presumed in some direct or indirect way. But it hopefully will be soon. It's a bit like the new Mew record. They are sharing things they are busy with at least, but the actual record's information is still pending both on what it is, and even when exactly it'll be coming.

Warpaint 'Love Is to Die' Teaser 
Visionary director Chris Cunningham spent 2 years with Warpaint, filming and photographing as they made new music. In addition to capturing imagery he also reimagined the songs themselves, creating beautiful and exciting alternate versions to soundtrack the visuals. The resulting documentary is something that only could have come from this unique meld of talents. The above teaser gives a little glimpse of what's in store...
Warpaint Live:


hey beautiful people!
we wanna thank you all for being so patient...we cant wait to share our new music w you!!!
here is a teaser of "LOVE IS TO DIE"
over the past 2 years, we have had the honor of working w the incredible chris cunningham on this project, and its been amazing to say the least..
this is a glimpse of what's to come!!
we hope you enjoy !;) love wp

Gatherer - High Fives (2013, Single)

10/24/13-10/28/13 6:10AM
Sounds nice. A little more electronic, but the Gatherer sound is still there with the big guitars and drum rhythms along with vocal exercises. New record could be coming in 2014? I'd love to hear it (and have the time of course, lol. I need to have a 1 week off a month I think to allow that right now, lol).

edit: here's a studio video

Saturday, October 26, 2013

East of the Wall - Redaction Artifacts (2013)

I am literally just passing this along as I have not seen mention of it sadly on any of the forums and I think Facebook I saw something last week, which is a lot later than I would expect. But I've been busy and not blogging or online as much as I typically am, over the last month or more.

But I totally love 2011's The Apologist, and ever since then, have been really excited to hear what else they do. As long as they have no production/mixing issues, I wouldn't be surprised I don't at least like this. But then again, how many times have I been burned by a follow-up to a great record and its hopes? I am a little shy in reading they have a new lead guitarist and vocalist.

Release Date is October 29th. Another late-in-the-year release, which I'd love to believe things have changed, but often hurt its visibility on the year-end lists, whether it's fair or not, or if the band or fans like myself should care. I just recall The Apologist getting very little recognition back in 2011,  and worry the same could happen with this album. But I guess ultimately it shouldn't and may not matter, more than the band being happy with it and them continuing on.

This is all from their website:

This new track, titled “The Fractal Canopy,” contrasts the previously-released singles from Redaction Artifacts by exposing more of EAST OF THE WALL’s melodic side. The eight-minute prog opus, while still retaining the soul of the group’s metallic bite, references the tonal palette of 90s left-of-center alt rock like Failure and Hum as frequently as it calls back to Opeth or Converge.

Listen to “The Fractal Canopy” at eMusic now AT THIS LOCATION.

Also check out the band’s studio montage video for “Arbiters Meet” at Metal InjectionHERE.
Redaction Artifacts, the most broadly-scoped album EAST OF THE WALL has yet released, will be released on October 29th via Translation Loss Records. The vinyl version, licensed by Science Of Silence, is already available for preorder HERE. This is the first disc to feature the band’s revamped lineup, which sees guitarist/vocalist Chris Alfano moving to bass, and the addition of new lead guitarist Ray Suhy and guitarist/melodic vocalist Greg Kuter.
EAST OF THE WALL has several record release shows booked in New York, Pennsylvania and their home state New Jersey over the coming days, with widespread tour plans coming together for the months ahead.
EAST OF THE WALL Redaction Artifacts Record Release Shows:
10/25/2013 Casa De Swezey – Centereach, NY w/ Old Wounds, Cryptodira
10/26/2013 ABC No Rio (3pm Matinee) – New York, NY w/ So Hideous, Meek Is Murder
10/26/2013 The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ w/ Tidal Arms, Estella
10/27/2013 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA w/ Air Is Human, Harbor
Review copies of Redaction Artifacts, live coverage and interviews with EAST OF THE WALL are available worldwide now:
- East Of The Wall

1. Solving The Correspondence Problem
2. I’m Always Fighting Drago
3. Obfuscator Dye
4. The Fractal Canopy
5. Arbiters Meet
6. Third-Person Camera
7. Excessive Convulsive
8. The Methuselah Tree
9. A Negligible Senescence
10. Redaction Artifacts
11. Noir Filter

New Jersey-based progressive metal unit EAST OF THE WALL will be releasing their fourth full-length, Redaction Artifacts, on October 29th, once again through Translation Loss Records.
EAST OF THE WALL’s first record since the departure of bassist Brett Bamberger and guitarist Kevin Conway sees the band’s style expanding into a newer archetype, the sound of Redaction Artifacts surging with a more direct and driving core while the mellower and melodious atmospheres of the songwriting sound more vibrant and cohesive than ever. In Conway and Bamberger’s place, the band’s remaining members — Chris Alfano, who moved from guitar to bass, guitarist/vocalist Matt Lupo, and drummer Seth Rheam — have added Ray Suhy, a jaw-dropping guitar shredder from Portland, Maine, as well as  guitarist/vocalist Greg Kuter, who adds the strongest melodic vocal presence the band has yet had.
Redaction Artifacts is the densest EAST OF THE WALL record to date, with eleven tracks of intricately conceived genre jumping metal. The album was tracked by Eric Rachel (Municipal Waste, God Forbid, Burnt By The Sun, Skid Row) at Trax East, and Todd Hutchinsen (Zud, The Baltic Sea) at Acadia Recording, and mixed by Eric Rachel at Trax East. In addition to the digital and CD versions through Translation Loss, Science Of Silence will be releasing the record on vinyl as a double LP.

Stay tuned for tunes from Redaction Artifacts and more to hit, including the band’s first official video and more. In the meantime fans can check out the cover art and a Youtube trailer for the album and more AT THIS LOCATION.

EAST OF THE WALL has confirmed several shows over the coming weeks, including several tri-state record release shows. Expect a barrage of new tour dates to be announced over the coming weeks and into next year.
Review copies of Redaction Artifacts and interviews with EAST OF THE WALL are available NOW. Worldwide send all coverage requests to
10/13/2013 The Championship – Trenton, NJ w/ Diecast, Enemies Deceased
10/25/2013 Casa De Swezey (Record Release Show) – Centereach, NY w/ Old Wounds, Cryptodira
10/26/2013 ABC No Rio (3pm Matinee Record Release Show) – New York, NY w/ So Hideous, Meek Is Murder
10/26/2013 The Saint (Record Release Show) – Asbury Park, NJ w/ Tidal Arms, Estella
10/27/2013 TBA (Record Release Show) – Philadelphia, PA

Twin Cities Metal Blog

At the Between the Buried and Me concert a few weeks ago, I met a guy who like me, keeps a blog about the music he feels deserves some recognition. Music, specifically Metal hence the name. He was kind enough to pass a link and write a little bit about myself on his blog here:

And so I am returning the favor. As his "About" mentions, he used to publish a physical zine that I imagine covered a lot of what this blog of his now does. And it received a fair amount of distribution, being at places like Hot Topic, Virgin Megastores and Tower Records among others I imagine. I suppose I wonder if he was based in another town at 1 point, or like my friend That Drummer Guy, maybe he published and covered a lot of music that wasn't necessarily based in Minnesota. It's just he was, and thus the zine was made here.

But in that sense, I get the sense he can relate to me, unlike many other (music) blog writers in Minnesota, in that he covers a lot (maybe mostly) music/Metal that isn't from here. And the local connections are mostly from THE TOURS that do come to town.

Which is one thing I never got about all-local music radio shows and sites like at least considering INCLUDING LOCAL EVENTS even if the music is not from artists that are/were from Minnesota. Because for whatever reason, a lot of the best music I and a lot of other folks enjoy, tour here, but aren't from here. But because they at least PLAY LIVE HERE, and in some cases QUITE OFTEN (Fair to Midland for example), they should be regarded as PART OF THE MUSIC EVENTS/SCENE HERE. At least in my mind, and I suspect in the Twin Cities Metal Blog owner's mind.

That's not saying there is not a lot of good local music in Minnesota, including Metal, such as bands like After the Burial, Deretla, Iron Thrones (RIP), The Royal Veil, Maeth, and others. But when referring to the music people are into here, including Metal, it's silly not to also include the live shows/tours and radio shows like The Root of All Evil (and Locust Lecture on Radio K, although that may not be around anymore sadly).

Anyway, it's cool to have met and made a contact with someone else in town blogging about music, and not catering what he includes to be about what's popular or hip, even in Metal circles. That Drummer Guy I'm sure knows him and it would be fun to see them both at some event and talk. Perhaps even on an Epic Rock Talk. Unfortunately, TDG has been battling some medical issues the last couple of months, and his activity and stuff like his radio show and the little podcast we have tried to do, have to likely be put on hold until things come around on his front (and mine in terms of free time I suppose).

But hopefully I'll run into the TC Metal Blog writer at another show or 2, even though my focus doesn't include that much Metal comparably to his or That Drummer Guy. But still enough where I might still see him, or even just be in contact online. I dunno, for even suggested music. I wonder if he's a fan of East of the Wall and heard their new album for example (I will admit, I still have not).

Nicole Atkins - Slow Phaser (2014?)

This is not a new announcement or anything as this campaign I believe was 1st launched about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I saw it and meant to contribute, but never got around to it until yesterday. 

Yeah another crowd-funding campaign (this blog almost seems like it's becoming just for forwarding along just those, lol). 

And her campaign appears to be nearly fully funded at 88%, and 43 days left. I honestly am not surprised by that as she has a pretty good following and has been around for a number of years. Her last record Mondo Amore from 2011 I felt was her best and I recall putting it pretty high on my year end list. But the way she talks about this new record Slow Phaser, I wouldn't be surprised if this new record is even better.

Funny video there that I'm failing to find an embed code for. 

Also odd of the name of her self-formed label is "Oh'Mercy!" ..I say that because when searching on google for it, you get a A Record Label called "Oh Mercy" which may not have meant anything to Nicole when she chose a name for it, but I'm just saying, many may find that other label's site when looking for her label.

I am assuming this album will not be released until 2014, even if it is being Self-Released, given the campaign itself almost goes to the end of 2013 alone. If by some chance it comes out in December, even as a Download to the pledgers, well that would be cool and I'll post more about that when it happens.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Graham Butler - Dread Fascination (2013)
Dread Fascination on FACEBOOK

This is a project and the debut album from Los Angeles based musician Graham Butler. This album likely has been a long time in the making as I was introduced to Graham with a demo or 2 maybe around 2008 or 2009. I didn't realize he was living out in LA, as back then I saw him and some of his family members at the Liquid Tension Experiment concert in Chicago ("When the Keyboard Breaks," I recall).

But style wise, his music then and in just listening to this now, shares a lot of what many like in modern prog rock. I hear elements of Porcupine Tree and OSI among some others. Textured/Textural rock music with movements and time changes.

The songs I would say found my attention the most in just 1 listening,
"My Disguise" and "Flicker" with some of the big riffs and build ups.

And "Closer and ":Paradise" which have kind of a melancholy about them at points.

The vocals seem to sound like a few singers like Nick D'Virgilio, and maybe the singer from Sound & Shape, who I actually seem to hear a lot of singers who remind me of both of them, which isn't a bad thing necessarily.

01 Calcine Love
02 Dread Fascination 6:08
03 Air Conceals pt. 1 4:16
04 Testify 4:06
05 My Disguise 9:32
06 Sleep Forever 10:28
07 Flicker 4:55
08 Air Conceals pt. 2 1:49
09 Closer 4:32
10 Faith Alone 4:52
11 Paradise 5:26

From the site:

Dread Fascination is the free-to-listen debut album from Graham Butler. It represents a unique approach to concept albums, with no characters and no dialogue; Instead, it attempts to tell a story through different perspectives, bringing to light the thoughts & emotions that come about from experiencing tragic or life-altering events. It explores themes of love, loss, depression, death & rebirth, and the process of finding purpose and fulfillment in the face of life's resistance.

Graham Butler is a Musician/Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. After playing drums and producing records with many different artists for several years, he decided to start developing his own project in 2006. After the attempted suicide of a friend, he was compelled to write and record an album as a reaction to that event as well as his own experiences with depression. The result, after 7 long years, is Dread Fascination.

I will admit, the description reminds me of Neverending White Lights, with doing concept albums with different voices, etc. But musically, I would say they don't share A TON but perhaps with hearing this more, I may trace more than just on the approach to songs/albums and concepts.

Kimbra - 10min Video/Doc from show w/ Van Dyke Parks + Daniel Johns

This looks like it was a pretty jaw-dropping show I would have loved to have seen. Silverchair, The Beach Boys and Van Dyke's original stuff with a mother fucking orchestra? damn, I would love to hear a FULL RECORDING. Studio and/or Live.

I recall Kimbra consulted with both Van Dyke and Daniel Johns, but this show? I guess we'll find out when her next record drops. But this live at Adelaide festival performance would be wonderful to hear just as that video samples.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Radical Face - The Family Tree: The Branches (2013)

10/23/13 2:28PM
Paste Magazine stream

I know this is a week old, but I haven't of course had time to post about it in here, let alone even listen to yet myself (maybe today or tomorrow), even though I already bought it on vinyl/download.

I did enjoy some of the new tunes at that show last week. Maybe most notably, the 6+ minute track "The Gilded Hand."

Given I have more to try and catch up on, any more commentary about this group will have to wait. But I can add for now, I am a bigger fan of them now, even more than before, from seeing that show last week. Ben Cooper is a great songwriter and entertaining live performer.

10/11/13 5:19PM
This is the 2nd record in a trilogy of records called "The Family Tree" from Radical Face (1 of many musical projects from Florida based songwriter Ben Cooper).

The 1st record of the trilogy is titled "The Roots" was pretty sweet. New track sounds sublime. Pretty excited to see Ben Cooper and his band? live next week at the Varsity Theatre.

10/22 for the US release. I doubt it, but maybe they'll have them for sale on this tour.

Preorder Link

Hi Folks,

So I've got a couple updates on this new release. I'll keep it short. Promise.

The album proper will be out on Oct.22 (US), Nov.4 (Europe), but the first track, "Holy Branches", is up to listen to on soundcloud if you'd like to hear that. And I just finished a video for that song that I'm pretty tickled about. That should be up soon.

I've been getting emails about the preorders, and those are up on Amazon and Itunes, but I also have a deal on my webstore with a bunch of extra goodies. So yes, I am doing a preorder package -

And lastly, I am now on the road. I'm typing this in the van. Here are the tour dates again in case you're interested in coming out to the show: 

9-Oct Sixth Street Synagogue Washington, DC
10-Oct World Café Live Philadelphia, PA
11-Oct Le Poisson Rouge New York, NY
13-Oct The Sinclair Cambridge, MA 
15-Oct Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL
16-Oct Varsity Theatre Minneapolis, MN
19-Oct The Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, Canada
20-Oct Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA
21-Oct Mission Theatre Portland, OR
23-Oct Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA
24-Oct Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Hollywood, CA
9-Nov Colston Hall 2 Bristol, United Kingdom
10-Nov The Deaf Institute Manchester, United Kingdom
12-Nov Union Chapel London, United Kingdom
13-Nov Point Ephemere Paris, France
15-Nov Crossing Borders Festival Enschede, Netherlands
16-Nov Crossing Borders Festival The Hague, Netherlands
17-Nov Crossing Borders Festival Antwerp, Belgium
19-Nov Kulturkirche Cologne, Germany
20-Nov Lido Berlin, Germany
21-Nov Uebel & Gefaehrlich Hamburg, Germany
23-Nov HAFEN 2 Offenbach, Germany
24-Nov Karlstorbanhnhof Heidelberg, Germany
25-Nov Backstage Munich, Germany

And that's it for now. I hope everyone is well.


Janelle Monae Minneapolis 10/22 at the Skyway Theatre : brief thoughts

This is what I wrote last night after I got home. My right ear is still ringing/shot and I had my earplugs in the entire time I was there. The setlist was more or less the same as every other show Janelle and her band have done on her current tour.

Suite IV Electric Overture 
Givin Em What They Love 
Dance Apocalyptic 
Sincerely, Jane. 
Electric Lady 
Ghetto Woman 
I Want You Back 
(Jackson 5 cover)
Cold War 
Tightrope  (w/ extended jam)

Let’s Go Crazy 
(Prince & The Revolution cover)
Come Alive (The War of the Roses) (w/ extended jam playing to the crowd, crowd surfing, and having the crowd kneel for 10 or more minutes)

Encore 2:

What an Experience 

whoever did the sound tonight (Jake Rudh?) at the Janelle Monae show at The Skyway Theatre probably should get their hearing checked. Most of the show sounded like a huge wall-of-sound from where I was. Vocals-clipping, guitars-clipping, drums-clipping frequently.

Also, maybe even more than that, whoever estimated the capacity at The Skyway Theatre for this show, and considered it to be at standing room only, and also factored in many people needing to dance moving-into others personal space. They really didn't consider the frequent bumping, elbowing, clamoring for space and moving within the crowd. 

In other words, it was claustrophobia 101, and more or less feeling like you're trapped in a can of sardines.

Someone also was lighting up, and I'm pretty sure The Barfly bldg has a no smoking policy.

Prince was there, but he did not join Janelle on stage.

Looking at my concert calendar this fall, the Janelle show was maybe the most significant, and by far it seems like it was the worst (although nearly every other show I have seen the last 2 months has been good if not outstanding). And that even isn't much to do with Janelle and her band's performance, but more so likely due to the venue and the crowd.

I had only been to The Barfly a few times, in The Loft part, which I found to be okay, not amazing, but not really repulsive. The Skyway Theatre seemed worse. Although in fairness, it is new, and perhaps like Mill City Nights, perhaps some improvements in the security, sound, and not overselling a venue for maximizing the ticket sales will change my feeling about that place. But for now, it definitely isn't my favorite place to see a concert in town.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kiss Kiss - Reality vs. the Optimist on VINYL?

10/22/13 8:25AM

Funded. Nicer jacket. A day or 2 left to order one.

9/30/13 9:21PM

This is an incredible debut record that will sound all the more amazing on vinyl. And as Josh says, this will be a limited printing, and likely a 1-time only chance to put it out on vinyl.

And, I would imagine if it does succeed, the 2nd Kiss Kiss LP The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left may follow (and perhaps the Vuvuzela debut LP The Hollow Choir even at some point).

This campaign needs a little under $2K more in the next 3+ weeks.

Kickstarter Link

Our hope is to re-release this 2007 Kiss Kiss cult classic "Reality vs the Optimist" on vinyl as was always our intention.
For those of you who do not know Kiss Kiss, or "Reality vs The Optimist" here is a bit of history.

Kiss Kiss was a NY based band comprising of violin, vintage synths, guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. We wrote pop songs with a sort of carnival like demented quality, using lots of odd time signatures, textures, and unique melodies. But in the context of all this weirdness we strove to write the catchiest songs possible.

"Reality vs. The Optimist" was our first full length album for Eyeball Records ( My Chemical Romance, Thursday, and Murder By Death). We started recording it with producer D. James Goodwin at The Clubhouse studios in Rhinebeck in the winter of 2006. It was released in 2007.

Even as this was a debut record we stretched ourselves as much as possible and arranged the record to have full string sections, horn sections, and even a chainsaw.

If you have not heard the record someone put it up here to be streamed.

But for our fans who already know us, I know how special having your favorite album on vinyl can be. I am a music nerd/vinyl enthusiast myself.

On tour Kiss Kiss was always asked if we had vinyl, but alas we did not. With this kickstarter I want to remaster and re-release our cult classic "Reality vs. The Optimist" on vinyl for the first time and only time. For the fans that have been asking all these years, and for ourselves, who love music more then anything else in the world.

If this gets funded I will have the record fully remastered for wax, and pressed on 180 gram. And then mailed off to you with a smile.

Josh and Kiss Kiss

Risks and challenges

Risks: None.
Challenges: Money
Basically this is like a pre order. If we sell enough to cover the cost of pressing the vinyl will be made. If we fail to raise enough cash "Reality vs. The Optimist" will forever be stuck in the digital realm.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Revere - My Mirror/Your Target (2013)

10/7/13 6:00PM

They just made the album available to the Pledgemusic backers!

1 I Won't Blame You 4:30
2 Keep This Channel Open 3:12
3 We Won't Be Here Tomorrow 2:46
4 A Road From a Flood 4:04
5 Land Lock'd 2:18
6 ...We Just Sank... 0:57
7 Tadoma 4:01
8 Code 3:01
9 These Halcyon Days 3:09
10 Solomon Says 2:59
11 Don't Look Up Hannah! 3:36
12 Fold Up Your Flag 3:54
13 What Am I If I'm Not Even Dust 3:09

14 Maybe We Should Step Outside 6:18

10/5/13 1;04PM

This looks pretty awesome. A heliograph.


3/7/13 12:00PM

New video for "I Won't Blame You."

2/13/13 11:59AM

new single "I Won't Blame You" is available to stream there on their website. Absolutely addictive song. Love the 2nd half, little intricate parts. The style is to be fully honest, somewhat different from a lot of the Hey Selim stuff, but I totally am on board with that!

I swear I posted something about it a few months ago when they announced the title post-Pledgemusic campaign back last year, but I can't find it.

Anyway, if this latest track is any indication (along with "Keep This Channel Open" the other early single), this album could make some noise in my 2013 Album countdown come June/July and December.

edit: if the website doesn't work. A video should be coming soon I guess.