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Warner Music DOWNSIZES Roadrunner Records


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It seems that when it comes to the rock & metal world, almost all the big stories of 2012 have been sad ones, such as the news of Jim Marshalls passing or the cancellation of Sonisphere Knebworth 2012. This news however really takes the proverbial biscuit, as the incredibly sad news has reached us this afternoon that Roadrunner Records‘ UK offices are to close in a few weeks time, with cutbacks being reported across the label worldwide. At the time of writing this there have been rumours that the German and Canadian Roadrunner offices are also set to close, and we will confirm or correct this as soon as we can get confirmation one way or the other.

Update – We can confirm that the Canadian offices are also being shut down, and we think all the offices apart from the US office have been scheduled to close down, again further updates when we can confirm this.

Rocksins’ have worked with the team at Roadrunner UK almost from day one of the site starting and they’ve always been nothing but friendly and hugely helpful to us so we would like to send our love and sympathy to the entire team, safe in the knowledge that they are among the very best in the business at what they do so hopefully they’ll all move to success elsewhere.

Needless to say, this is a huge blow for the rock & metal industry across all of Europe. More news on this subject as soon as we get it here at Rocksins.

Second Update – are reporting that Roadrunner UK will actually continue to exist in some form, as will the Canadian office. The only office to be closed entirely is the Dutch office in the Netherlands. Whether this is accurate or not remains to be seen, as everyone Rocksins’ knows in the UK office has been made redundant, and the head of Roadrunner Canada Rose Slanic earlier tweeted saying today was her last day in the job after seven years. Various members of the US team have also been laid off, but this does not including their digital director Jeremy Rosen (who runs the US Roadrunner twitter account at @rrusa) as we have confirmed with him first hand via twitter that he’s still employed). We’re pleased Jeremy still has a job, we just wish a few of his British colleagues did too. We will of course continue to update this story as new developments become available.

Sucks, but it is the nature of the industry. Warner Music buys them out given how successful RR had become, then they get rid of most of the staff that made them successful to begin with. Yeah, makes PERFECT sense of course.

How this impacts bands like Rush, Dream Theater or even a newer band like Gojira remains to be seen, but I would not be incredibly optimistic if I were them.

Maybe all music, including Metal needs to just be sold via places like Bandcamp. That in theory could be the best solution, however, that isn't going to happen for many years still.

The corporate vampires still hold enough cards.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kevin Gilbert's Giraffe - (Genesis) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Video

I've seen it and listened to the mp3s many times, but the quality is much better in this transfer. And I'm sure many have never heard or seen it before.

In 1994, Kevin Gilbert reformed his progressive rock band Giraffe for one special performance of Genesis' opus The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway at Progfest 94. The concert took place at at the Variety Arts Center in Los Angeles, CA on November 5, 1994.

Kevin's management was contacted by Genesis after band members Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks saw this performance, as they wanted to arrange an audition for Kevin to be their new singer. Sadly, this audition was never to be as Kevin had already passed away by that point.

The performance does not include the entire Lamb album (several songs were omitted due to time constraints), but two non-Lamb Genesis track were included in the set. Here is the setlist:

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Fly on a Windshield
Broadway Melody of 1974
In The Cage
The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
Back in N.Y.C.
The Carpet Crawlers
Lilywhite Lilith
The Lamia
The Colony of Slippermen
Raven (Instrumental)In The Rapids
It / Watcher of the Skies
The Musical Box

Band lineup:

Kevin Gilbert - vocals
Dan Hancock - guitar
David Kerzner - keyboards
Stan Cotey - bass
Nick D'Virgilio - drums

The Faceless update

4/26/12 6:09PM

UPDATE (the AD sucks, I know, but there's no way avoiding it I don't think).

"barring any disaster, it should be out by Summer Slaughter"

we'll see, 10 songs it sounds like. Here's the Summer Slaughter dates. Between the Buried and Me + The Faceless sounds nice, but @ the Sauna that is Station 4 (in the Summer especially), and with that many bands? save for a free ticket or it being held outdoors, I can't see myself going sadly.

Jul. 20 - LosAngeles, CA - House of Blues
Jul. 21 - San Diego, CA - SOMA
Jul. 22 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
Jul. 23 - Scottsdale, AZ - Venue of Scottsdale
Jul. 25 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues
Jul. 26 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
Jul. 27 - Mission, TX - Pharr Events Center
Jul. 28 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
Jul. 30 - Tampa, FL - The Ritz
Jul. 31 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
Aug. 01 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
Aug. 02 - Knoxville, TN - The Valarium
Aug. 03 - Charlotte, NC - Amos Southend
Aug. 04 - Baltimore, MD - Sonar
Aug. 05 - Philadelphia, PA - The Trocadero
Aug. 07 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
Aug. 08 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
Aug. 09 - Albany, NY - Northern Lights
Aug. 10 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
Aug. 11 - Montreal, QC - Heavy Montreal
Aug. 12 - Toronto, ON - Heavy Toronto
Aug. 14 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
Aug. 15 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrew's
Aug. 16 - Chicago, IL - House Blues
Aug. 17 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
Aug. 18 - St. Paul, MN - Station 4
Aug. 20 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall
Aug. 22 - Seattle, WA - The Showbox Sodo
Aug. 23 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
Aug. 24 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
Aug. 25 - Anaheim, CA - The Grove

2/25/12 1:30PM
Just a small update, but a good sign. I guess Michael Keene hurt his hand last Fall and it hurt the progress of this record. But it appears to be healed up and they're finally getting going on this album. Hopefully more specifics about the record will come soon, and the anticipation of their 3rd record will be more conscious to myself and others.

Facebook post

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michael Nesmith - Wax Minute

 This song is awesome. I was just reminded by that fact in chatting on facebook with some friends.

I really haven't added much about Mike or The Monkees in here, like I should have. Especially the Davy Jones passing. Why? the ole time, procrastination, and too many other items to post about as well.

My girlfriend worships Mike and The Monkees, among others like Mayer Hawthorne, Josh Rouse, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Hall and Oates to name just a few.

But maybe it's Mike, among all her favorite music, I am most intrigued by. The guy has made some amazing music, with The Monkees and on his own. And I have listened to some of it, but not as much as I'd like.

If/when the time happens, I will try and include a lot more about both him and The Monkees. In the mean time, I will say Michael Nesmith, despite my gf's take, was doing progressive music of a sort. Sort of alternative country of a sort, with psychedelic elements thrown in. Pedal-steel and/or slide-guitar featured at times.

Also some of his music has this driving funk/groove to it. Like the track "Capsule" for example off his 1979 record Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma.

The thing to watch for is, within the last month, Mike is for some reason posting a ton on facebook. Why? perhaps due to his eyesight returning after Cataract surgery. Also maybe due to his realizing time is catching up with him and others with Davy's passing. He is opening for Lambchop on May 4th (ironically my gf's birthday) in San Francisco, along with some other tour dates soon. Plus an album is in the works.

For the record...

Right now, I HATE this new interface. There was a reason I switched back to the older version a few months ago.

I may eventually get used to it, but as of right now, it sucks, and is totally throwing my ability to post things in here off.

But as far as I can tell, I have to use the new version now (unlike before, where they recommended it, but didn't force you to use it).

The Crooked Fiddle Band - Overgrown Tales (2011)

1. Countess Bathory's Finishing School for Girls 03:10
2. The Ruination of Junkyard Joe 4:11
3. Clockwork Bride 4:01
4. All These Pitchforks Make Me Nervous 4:07
5. The Mountain Hag's Advice 3:38
6. Beneath Ash and Ocean 2:55
7. Over Hill and Under Hill 6:57
8. What the Thunder Said 14:15
The Crooked Fiddle Band on bandcamp

I was searching for info about Ne Obliviscaris, and stumbled upon a blog here that mentioned a FROG Fest, which refers to bands combining Folk + Prog. A combination I do enjoy at times. This band caught my attention. This video I posted above namely.

Their sound though overall maybe is more rooted in Folk than even some groups like Lehto &; Wright or Greg Herriges. But there's enough musicianship involved, I'm going to check this band and their debut album out.

 They almost sound like Gogol Bordello in some ways, but without the vocal style. They also seem to have a bit of a soundtrack-element, and even one of their songs "The Milkman" ended up on a soundtrack for a movie titled Underbelly Razor.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ramona Falls - Prophet (2012)

4/23/12 11:55AM
whole thing can be streamed here

4/19/12 4:26PM
another new song "Brevony" can be downloaded by going to this link on their homepage

the beginning almost sounds like DJ Shadow, and the fuzz guitar, beyond reminding me in many ways of Brent's Menomena fuzzy guitar parts, almost sounds like a Deadwing-era Porcupine Tree style.

This album keeps sounding even better, with each new track.

4/9/12 5:58PM

Just pre-ordered the CD. I want the Vinyl, but I am figuring it'll be worth purchasing at the show in June. But damn, that video of the artwork holds a lot of intrigue. It reminds me of Friend or Foe a bit, with its puzzle-like style. Or even like a Zeppelin Physical Graffiti or III style to it.

Very cool.

Also this 2nd shared/downloadable tune "Sqworm" is working well. I think it's clear Brent's straying from the Intuit and Menomena sound enough to not be accused of repeating himself. Some of it almost sounds industrial in a way, a little bit like the last Pure Reason Revolution album.

All the different options for Pre-ordering there sound neat, but a little too much $ for me. But if this record ends up being my record of the year, I might wonder why I didn't order one of the most extensive pre-order packages. Although the $5 shipping for a $12 compact disc still does make me scratch my head as to how shipping a cd from the US (presumably) would amount to almost half the cost of the item.

But so be it.

3/9/12 7:06PM


Track list Updated, tour dates including Minneapolis on June 5th (The 7th Entry, again *rolls eyes*)

Ramona Falls -- 2012 Tour Dates
SXSW Schedule
Wednesday, March 14th PDX Showcase @ The Grackle (1700 E 6th Street) - 9:30pm
Thursday, March 15th Barsuk Showcase @ Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St) - 9:15pm
Friday, March 16th Noise Pop Showcase @ Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River St) - 3:45pm
Saturday, March 17th Baeble Showcase @ Peckerheads (402 E6th St) - 6:00pm

Spring North American Tour Dates
05/08 - San Diego, Ca - Casbah
05/10 - Los Angelese, CA - Echo
05/11 - San Francisco, CA - Cafe du Nord
05/12 - Davis, CA - Sophia's Thai Kitchen
05/17 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
05/18 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir
06/05 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
06/06 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
06/08 - Toronto, ON - Drake Hotel
06/09 - Montreal, QB - Petit Campus
06/12 - Allston, MA - Great Scott
06/12 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands
06/14 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
06/15 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
06/16 - Washington, DC - Red Palace

Facebook announcement

Yes baby! Intuit was awesome, perhaps this will go even further.

With love from our chocolate hearts : announcing new album "Prophet" out May Day. Premiere of 1st single "Spore" : ♥ B of ®ƒ

1 Bodies of Water
2 The Space Between Lightning and Thunder
3 Spore
4 Divide by Zero
5 Archimedes Plutonium
6 Sqworm
7 Fingerhold
8 If I Equals U
9 Brevony
10 Proof
11 Helium


The 1st single "Spore" is streamable and downloadable via p4k.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Annuals - Born Raised (2012)

4/22/12 1:12AM

Hear the finished version of "Bother" here

nice, although it sounds much like their last EP. Par for the course.

also just a vague update on a timeframe.

Matt Dietz
what's the news on the new album!
April 3 at 11:50am
Hey matt, we're shopping it around right now to see if any labels want to jump in. More news coming soon!

12/16/11 12:11PM

facebook post

one piece of the puzzle that is the forthcoming annuals record titled 'Born Raised'

the song in that post "Mark Beatle" I believe is playing now.
link to "Mark Beatle" on Soundcloud

pretty excited for this album.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Memoryhouse stolen gear

This sucks to read about as I recall at least two other incidents involving bands I know where this happened. 1 being Kaddisfly, the other, I believe Men, Women and Children.

I remember when this happened to Kaddisfly, it was almost surprising how they didn't feel extreme anger for those who did this to them, but instead, pity and sadness, that people are that desparate, they go to these lengths just for what? food, liquor or even drugs? Who knows, but it is more SAD than ANGER that is pathetic to read about when this happens.

Hopefully with a little time, Memoryhouse will get back on their feet and move past this unfortunate incident. But in the short-term, I and hopefully enough others can help them out, even in any small way (even if it's just a little, every little amount counts, even towards $4000-$5000 worth of equipment)

edit: interesting link about insurance for music equipment

There’s no good way of saying that we have had some unfortunate luck. Last night our van was broken into just outside of Washington, DC and most of our equipment has been stolen. To our dismay, we have no choice but to drop out of the upcoming Philadelphia and Boston shows with Washed Out. We are asking for donations to help buy/rent equipment so we can get back on our feet for New York and continue on the rest of the tour. We hate to ask but we suffered a huge loss and anything would really help. Thanks to everyone for your support and I hope to see you all very soon.

Donate here and help spread the word.


Kimbra interview #5000 LOL (@ Coachella The Dear Hunter)

she talks about The Dear Hunter and Casey a bit at the beginning, and later about the US version of Vows along with a lot of other names being dropped.

I did see her after the show in Minneapolis a few weeks back, but unfortunately being able to chat about music, other than TDH, didn't happen. It was too late in the evening. Hopefully another time.

Emanuel and the Fear "Wooble" and Interview

"Wooble" is a new track, which I'd presume will be on their upcoming record. Wow, it sure does smoke!

In that interview Emanuel Ayvas, mentions that much of the new record will be "heavy" which like this new song, I think should be a good thing.

The last thing I read, they are mixing? their new record and expect it to be released sometime in the late Summer or Fall (or that may just be MY guess, I forget, I just recall that timeframe in reading some recent updates on Facebook).

Karnivool - DVD (2012)

just a little teaser. Despite my feelings about Sound Awake, that stuff sounds much better live (and without hearing the cymbals clip from memory). They are a terrific live band, so this should be worth checking out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Casey Crescenzo - Coachella interview/Elbow cover

Not a lot of new info, but interesting his mom sang on Michael McDonald and Rick James records, along with more about Casey's musical upbringing and relationship with his brother.

"Grounds For Divorce" by Elbow.

Set List for Coachella

The Church and The Dime
We've Got a Score to Settle
The Thief
The Inheritance
Things That Hide Away
Lost But Not All Gone
He Said He Had a Story

Rush - Clockwork Angels (2012)

Go stream the full "Headlong Flight" at this link

digging the instrumental element, the vocals? jury=is=still-out. I'm not sure how good the vocal melodies Geddy comes up with in recent years ever become. Snakes and Arrows suffered from the same issue.

That being said, I am still optimistic after hearing this. The riffs are ballsy, which I dig no matter.

4/11/12 8:45AM

June 12th is now the release date.

Artwork, track list and a teaser for the song/single "Headlong Flight."

I guess there's a reference to "Bastille Day" (I haven't heard this yet)

1 Caravan
2 BU2B
3 Clockwork Angels
4 The Anarchist
5 Carnies
6 Halo Effect
7 Seven Cities of Gold
8 The Wreckers
9 Headlong Flight
10 BU2B2
11 Wish Them Well
12 The Garden

Billboard story

Rush will return this summer with "Clockwork Angels," the iconic prog-rock band revealed on Wednesday. The new album, due June 12, will be the trio's first studio effort since 2007's "Snakes & Arrows" and their debut for Anthem/Roadrunner Records.

For the new set, the band turned again to "Snakes & Arrows" co-producer Nick Raskulinecz and recorded in Nashville and Toronto. The conceptual set will trace a protagonist's journey through a world of steampunk, alchemy and an exotic carnival; drummer and lyricist Neil Peart is also penning a novelization of the album with prolific author Kevin J. Anderson

Between albums, Rush has kept busy with a series of tours, documenting their most recent dates with the "Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland" live album and DVD last November. (They also made an appearance as the object of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's sonic affection in the 2009 film "I Love You, Man.")

The band is sharing an advanced taste of the music with a hard-riffing album trailer based on the "Clockwork" cover art.

2/20/12 1:07AM

As posted/linked here, the album is expected to come in May. Some stuff about it being loosely a concept, and stuff like the title track being a multi-part piece, has been posted before elsewhere, but still worth reading about/adding.

Am I expecting a prog masterpiece? no, not really. But I must admit, having liked "BU2B" and "Caravan" enough, I'm a little more intrigued by this, than I was hearing ":Far Cry" from Snakes and Arrows especially, a few years ago.

But as always, we'll see. I am kind of curious about the tour to support this record regardless.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rush - Summer/Fall 2012 NA Tour dates

Sept 7: Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Arena
Sept 9: Washington, DC - Jiffy Lube Live
Sept 11: Pittsburgh, PA - CONSOL Energy Center
Sept 13: Indianapolis, IN - Klipsch Music Center
Sept 15: Chicago, IL - United Center
Sept 18: Detroit, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills
Sept 20: Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena
Sept 22: St. Louis, MO - Scottrade Center
Sept 24: Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
Sept 26: Winnipeg, MB - MTS Center
Sept 28: Saskatoon, SK - Credit Union Center
Sept 30: Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place
Oct 10: Bridgeport, CT - Webster Bank Arena
Oct 12: Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center
Oct 14: Toronto, ON - Air Canada Center
Oct 18: Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
Oct 20: Newark, NJ - Prudential Center
Oct 22: Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center
Oct 24: Boston, MA - TD Garden
Oct 26: Buffalo, NY - First Niagra Center
Oct 28: Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
Oct 30: Charlotte, NC - Time Warner Cable Arena
Nov 1: Atlanta, GA - Verizon Wireless Ampitheater
Nov 3: Tampa, FL - 1-800-ASK-GARY Ampitheater
Nov 13: Seattle, WA - Key Arena
Nov 15: San Jose, CA - HP Pavillion
Nov 17: Anaheim, CA - Honda Center
Nov 18: Los Angeles, CA - Gibson Ampitheater
Nov 23: Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand
Nov 25: Phoeniz, AZ - US Airways Center
Nov 28: Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
Nov 30: San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center
Dec 2: Houston, TX - Toyota Center

Monday evening September 24th (the anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah by the way), they are at Target Center, a venue that is more or less infinitely inferior to XCel Energy Center, where 2 of their last 3 tours in Minnesota were (the other being at the MN State Fair).

I haven't missed a show of theirs since 1994, the 1st show they played in MN since I became a fan. I can't see myself a) missing this show b) paying more than my budget allows, hehe.

Dream Theater NA Summer Tour (w/ Crimson ProjeKct) announcement

Thu 4/19 Seoul, KR Olympic Hall
Sat 4/21 Jakarta, ID Mata Elang Indoor Stadium
Mon 4/23 Osaka, JP Orix Theater
Thu 4/26 Fukuoka, JP Civic Hall
Sat 4/28 Aichi, JP Prefectural Art Theater
Mon 4/30 Yokohama, JP Arena
Wed 5/2 Singapore, SG Kallang Theatre
Fri 5/4 Beijing, CN Century Theatre
Sun 5/6 Taipei, TW Taipei University Auditorium
Tues 5/8 Bangkok, TH Thunder Dome
Fri 6/15 Rochester, NY Main Street Armory
Sat 6/16 Montebello, QC D-TOX Rockfest
Sun 6/17 Lewiston, NY Artpark
Tues 6/19 Columbus, OH The LC Pavilion
Thu 6/21 Cleveland, OH Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
Fri 6/22 Detroit, MI The Fillmore
Sat 6/23 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
Mon 6/25 Cincinnati, OH Taft Theater
Wed 6/27 Minneapolis, MN State Theater
Thu 6/28 Kansas City, MO Starlight Theater
Sun 7/1 San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
Mon 7/2 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheater
Tues 7/3 Anaheim, CA The Grove of Anaheim
Thu 7/5 El Paso, TX Abraham Chavez Theatre
Fri 7/6 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theater
Sat 7/7 Austin, TX ACL Live
Mon 7/9 Grand Prairie, TX Verizon Theatre
Thu 7/12 Richmond, VA The National
Fri 7/13 Washington, DC Warner Theatre
Sat 7/14 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
Tues 7/16 Boston, MA Bank of America Pavilion
Wed 7/18 Huntington, NY Paramount Theater
Thu 7/19 Huntington, NY Paramount Theater
Sat 7/21 Chester, PA Harrah’s Chester Downs




DREAM THEATER have announced a second North American leg of a world tour in support of their acclaimed and globally successful album A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS (Roadrunner). The progressive hard rock icons who’ve sold in excess of 10 million records and DVDs worldwide will launch their summer dates June 15 in Rochester, NY and wrap July 21 in Chester, PA. The tour includes stops at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles and the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ plus a two-night engagement at the Paramount Theater on Long Island, NY.

Joining DREAM THEATER, starting June 16 in Columbus, Ohio and for the rest of the tour, is special guest Crimson Projekct featuring Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter, Julie Slick and Tobias Ralph. They’ll be performing the songs of progressive rock legends King Crimson.

For the past few months DREAM THEATER has been touring around the world including visits to Europe and Mexico and are set to begin an Asian tour on April 19 in Seoul. The tour will bring the group to Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan and will conclude May 8 in Bangkok Thailand.

The band—James LaBrie (Vocals), John Myung (Bass), John Petrucci (Guitar and Vocals), Jordan Rudess (Keyboards and Continuum) and Mike Mangini (Drums)—recently received their first-ever Grammy nomination for “On The Backs Of Angels” in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category. The song is the first single from their 11th studio album A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS (Roadrunner), which had 14 Top 10 debuts around the world including the U.S. where it entered at #8. The album also features the single, “Build Me Up, Break Me Down.” You can watch the lyric video here.

Meanwhile, A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS is now available on HD Tracks, a digital retailer that offers high resolution downloads. Systematic Chaos and Black Clouds & Silver Linings will soon be available on the platform as well.

Here are DREAM THEATER’s complete tour dates. DREAM THEATER meet & greet and VIP packages are available for all dates. Please visit for details.

I know this announcement is a few days old, etc. But I haven't had the time to get around and post it. I don't foresee not going to this, even with how soon after it'll be from the Marillion in Chicago show. For some reason, every freaking big show/tour has to be held within a few weeks in May or June. And I'm missing The Dear Hunter and Kimbra in town of course (both opening for acts I have NO interest in seeing, paying or even free Anthony Green and Foster the People), for said Marillion trip.

But my streak of Dream Theater shows in Minnesota I don't foresee ending. I should try and get ahold of whoever is promoting this, whether it be Sue McLean or someone, and see if I can get involved with the posters and flyers.

The Crimson ProjeKct should be cool to see, especially given I missed both Three of a Perfect Trio and Stickmen shows at The Cedar Cultural Center the last couple of years.


a big at the Promoters in Chicago:

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Piñata (2012)

4/17/12 10:29AM

Opening track/lead single. Nice, although more or less par for the course for these guys. Apparently the release date is now May 22nd.

1/24/12 2:12AM - 3/28/12 12:23AM
Facebook post on January 17th

new/official cover: (I believe)

1. Voodoo Mon Amour
2. Guerilla Laments
3. Kevlar Sweethearts
4. How to Organize a Lynch Mob
5. Black Box Messiah
6. Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball
7. Aurora
8. Mass Rapture
9. Honey Trap Aftermath
10. Of Kali Ma Calibre
11. Justice for Saint Mary

back or inside cover?

This link says it's coming in April

10/9/11 4:41PM

Announcement from Facebook

Ladies and gents, we just finished our last rehearsal before the recordings will begin and we finally agreed on a title:

Pandora's Piñata

Album will be released in the first quarter of 2012 so be patient and stay tuned for sneak peaks of what to come!

Cool news, as I've been pretty anxious to hear their next record ever since being won over at ProgPower USA in 2009 by them (after not caring for them previously..the Opera-style of vocals mainly, which I've come to like), and then their record released around that time Sing-Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious finishing in my top 30 albums for '09.

This band are crazy and fun in all the best ways. Like Unexpect or Akphaezya but maybe a bit toned-down. More emphasis on cello and concsise guitar-riffs.

I found out this upcoming record was not coming until 2012 earlier this year, although it was funny enough how announced on April 1st they were breaking up. Thankfully, that was just something to find funny (unlike the other bands who've broken up this year).

Kimbra - Settle Down live SXSW

pretty similar to the "Settle Down" studio video linked here

pretty fucking annoying to see girls there on their cellphones though, but so typical/predictable.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flood (Chloe Alper of Pure Reason Revolution+ Tom Bellamy)

I'm not sure yet if this new project is/has become the name of Chloe Alper of PRR's new band, or if it is a completely separate thing from what I read as an upcoming solo album coming hopefully later this year. (I just sent her a message via twitter inquiring, she has changed her name to "Flood", but not the s/n/url as you can see here )

Tom Bellamy is from The Cooper Temple Clause, and more importantly, someone who co-wrote/produced some of Pure Reason Revolution's last record, Hammer & Anvil.

Whether this is that formerly announced solo album of hers, or something else, I and I'm sure other PRR fans especially will be interested to check it out.

Monday, April 9, 2012

OSI - Fire Make Thunder (2012)

4/9/12 6:23PM

new video for the song "For Nothing"..meh. This record went from intriguing to luke warm at best, to now I don't know if I'll even listen to again, until the end of the year review period, lol. But I'm hardly surprised.

3/19/124:46PM-3/22/12 9:43AM

Go stream "Big Chief II" here. I'm already digging it more than "Cold Call."

3/5/12 11:50AM
New song "Cold Call" via this article

2/15/12 9:39PM
A couple of interviews, the one comment that has me a little concerned is

Kevin saying at 9:24 "I dunno, for me, when I listen to it, just like you were saying, like after mastering, just from beginning to end. it seems this album had a more consistent mood to it. It's kind of more MELLOW overall I'd say, than previous albums. But um, it definitely has like a certain sound to it. The overall production, the sound of it, and like the keyboards sounds ...are more unified throughout the whole thing"

well, the last record Blood was almost entirely all MELLOW songs, lol. I'm not sure how much "more mellow" an album from OSI could be?

I am curious about this live performance referred to. Sounds like it could be like or thing. The latter, I'm not crazy about paying for. But when if/when it may happen, it'll be something to consider.

1/23/12 11:58AM

01. Cold Call
02. Guards
03. Indian Curse
04. Enemy Prayer
05. Wind Won't Howl
06. Big Chief II
07. For Nothing
08. Invisible Men

b-mouth link

"Fire Make Thunder" marks the fourth undertaking for the collaborative duo known as OSI. The CD is slated for a March 27 release via Metal Blade Records.

Formed in 2002 by Jim Matheos (FATES WARNING, ARCH/MATHEOS) and Kevin Moore (CHROMA KEY, former DREAM THEATER keyboardist), OSI is a long-distance partnership, both musicians typically writing and recording alone and sending song ideas back and forth for further elaboration.

Written and recorded throughout most of 2011, this latest release once again reflects the eclectic influences of both Matheos and Moore.

Returning as OSI's session drummer is Gavin Harrison of PORCUPINE TREE, this time co-writing one of the tracks with the band. All other instruments and programming were performed by both Matheos and Moore, while vocals and lyrics were handled exclusively by Moore.

All of the recording for "Fire Make Thunder", with the exception of drums, was done by Moore and Matheos at each musician's respective home studio with drums being recorded at Harrison's home in London. Final overdubs as well as some additional writing/arranging was completed in July 2011 in Jamaica, Iowa, where the band mixed alongside engineer Matt Sepanic at Sound Farm Studio & Recording Environment. Mastering was handled by renowned engineer Roger Siebel. The record was produced by both Moore and Matheos.

It sounds like there's some heavier riffs and samples perhaps. Songwriting and flow? we'll see. I've been impressed by other album previews, and the album didn't end up sounding as good as I thought it would. But I guess I'm slightly optimistic about this album now.

1/16/12 2:29PM

Nuclear Blast for sale link

March 23rd, on Vinyl and CD.

not that I'm all that excited or optimistic about this, as they've pretty much jumped the shark since KevMo hijacked this project to being more or less an ambient sister band to Chroma Key.

But I and I'm pretty sure others who find/read/stumble-upon this blog want to know about this record regardless.

But I'll repeat what I have said many times in this blog. The 1st record is a great flowing album, that is textural, heavy, atmospheric, and melodic. And the songwriting is terrific.

Free was mediocre, and Blood was even worse, a snoozefest save for maybe 2 songs.

By some chance, they bring back the heavy-ness and the samples, my interest might be renewed. But until then, this is an album I'll check out when it comes out and then expect to read baffling comments about it, and how it compares to the others, including the debut record, and the debut record still being their worst album by these folks, lol.

But, of course that would mean nothing is new. But so be it.

At least once this is released, Jim can start to focus on the next Fates Warning again, hopefully.

The Dear Hunter - Never Forgive, Never Forget (Video)

The Dear Hunter "Never Forgive, Never Forget" from LET 'EM HAVE IT! Productions on Vimeo.

Haven't watched it with the sound, but I guess it's a bit unexpected, from this track off the Black EP

The Receiving End of Sirens - DVD (to support reunion shows)

The DVD I am now thinking is going to include history from touring and interviews based on that. But the DVD also I would think, will include the complete Between the Heart and the Synapse, live with Casey Crescenzo, that was filmed at a show few years ago.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gojira - L'enfant Sauvage' (2012)

1 of the 1st awfully heavy/brutal bands I've gotten into over the last 5+ years since getting into extreme metal. I actually liked The Way of All Flesh, maybe about as much as From Mars to Sirius, the record many fans caught on to them from. That was 4+ years ago, so hopefully they've brought some new things to writing/recording with this one. June 25th/26th it's expected to drop.

1. Explode
2. L’enfant Sauvage
3. The Axe
4. Liquid Fire
5. The Wild Healer
6. Planned Obsolescence
7. Mouth of Kala
8. The Gift of Guilt
9. Pain Is a Master
10. Born in Winter
11. The Fall

Review from Metal Hammer

We have the new Gojira album. We have the new Gojira album. La la la la we have the new Gojira album! Fuck yes!

We got Features Editor Amit Sharma to run his critical ears, hands, tongue and whatever else he fancied over new Gojira album ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’, and we like what he has to say on it. Check out his ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ track-by-track guide below…

1. Explosia
It only takes Gojira 10 seconds to prove that they are once again back with a record that will melt your ears into a pool of bloody mess. All the classic flavours of the French titans are right where they should be – gargantually brutal riffs, cheeky pick scrapes, pounding rhythms and pulsating ambiences delivered with unwavering dedication. Fuck. Yes. The next hour is shaping up to be something very special indeed.

2. L’Enfant Sauvage
The title track is even faster. Whilst they maintain a perpetual brain-simmering heaviness, there are cleaner melodies that seem to leap out of nowhere and sit above the crushing rhythms, adding a cerebral progressive edge to their signature brand of skull-crushing metal. After three minutes comes a full-on blast of death that echoes the sheer brutality they visited on From Mars To Sirius.

3. The Axe
If Mastodon were more death metal influenced, this is what they would sound like… The Axe carries a searching, torch-bearing sense of pilgrimage with a chorus that is hellishly catchy and wouldn’t sound that out of place on Enslaved’s last record Axioma Ethica Odini. It’s a brooding journey of transcendental, dark spiritualism with background chanting that brings further gloom to this blackened religious experience.

4. Liquid Fire
Liquid Fire picks things up in tempo with apocalyptic sized riffs and Joe Duplantier’s instantly recognisable usage of guitar harmonics. The half-time break in the middle of the song is a great example of how anthemic Gojira can be when they want to.

5. The Wild Healer
The Wild Healer is a short, instrumental track that is pretty mellow for Gojira – it’s atmospheric and spacey. But you know this is just the quiet before the storm. Oh yes, there is a storm….

6. Planned Obsolescence
Planned Obsolescence is a total face-melter, echoing the gloriously heavy, fist-in-the-face noise of Morbid Angel’s Domination but with added intensity. There is another half time chorus on this scorcher that boasts an almost twisted bluesiness.

7. Mouth Of Kala
This is Gojira showing their groovey side, once again stepping out towards the progressive and not far off Mastodon’s heavier work. The blastbeat fury at the end is like what you’d hear if Opeth covered a Tool track in their own style.

8. The Gift Of Guilt
This opens with a tapping lick that is part Angus Young and part Eddie Van Halen, though there’s nothing classic rock about it. The massive chorus here could be the catchiest Gojira have ever written.

9. Pain Is A Master
Another ambient excursion off into more progressive realms. Pain Is A Master lures the listener to a false sense of security… this lullaby turns into a death metal nightmare very, very quickly.

10. Born In Winter
The shimmering structures of Born In Winter are a definite highlight on this record, sculpting evocative manifestations and lofty musical circles around the listener.

11. The Fall
The Fall starts off like something off Nine Inch Nail’s The Fragile before evolving into an acid-marinated anthem that is dark, psychedelic and sickeningly heavy. Welcome back, Gojira!

‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ is released June 25 via Roadrunner. Bring it on, fuckers!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ihsahn - Eremita (2012)

1. Arrival
2. The Paranoid
3. Introspection
4. The Eagle And The Snake
5. Catharsis
6. Something Out There
7. Grief
8. The Grave
9. Departure
10. Recollection (deluxe edition only)’s-eremita-confirmed/

Candlelight Records confirmed today June 18 as the European release date for Eremita, the anticipated fourth album from Ihsahn. Recorded and produced at Telemark’s Ivory Shoulder Studios, with additional tracking completed at Notodden’s Juke Joint Studio and Seattle’s Envisage Audio, Eremita was mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth) at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. Alongside Ihsahn, the album features performances from drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen (Leprous), saxophonist Jørgen Munkeby (Shining-Norway), guitarist Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore), and vocalists Devin Townsend, Einar Solberg (Leprous) and Heidi S. Tveitan (Starofash). The album’s packaging has been created by award-winning Spanish designer Ritxi Ostariz.

Eremita begins a new musical chapter for the highly regarded musician; his previous album, Norwegian Grammy Award Nominated After, forming the final part of a planned trilogy on its release in early 2010. Offering nine new songs to his growing worldwide audience, Eremita is the longest and most spirited of Ihsahn’s solo recordings. Reflecting on the recording process Ihsahn notes, “this is right where I want to be musically, with lots of room for dynamics and expressive variety. Tobias and Jørgen have really added to the organic vibe I was going for and have contributed to the overall feel with their fantastic musicianship. And to have Devin, Jeff, Einar and Heidi adding their special moments, I am very privileged to be able to work with such a talented group of people. I really feel this is some of my most inspired work yet.”

Exhibiting Ihsahn’s highly-trained guitar and keyboard skills, Eremita (latin for hermit) is a journey that is sure to find an expanded audience for the revered 36-year-old. Guitar World senior editor Brad Angle says, “with Eremita Ihsahn proves yet again that he is one of the most influential, progressive and enduring musicians to emerge out of the classic Norwegian black metal scene.” MetalSucks editor Vince Neilstein says, “Ihsahn just keeps getting better and better with every album he releases. He’s really come into his own as one of the most talented musicians and songwriters in all of metal, and his distinct, singular sound has come a long way from his days in Emperor. I cannot wait to hear this record.”

Ihsahn’s prodigious and prolific talents have been at the forefront of heavy music for the past two decades. He began his career at age thirteen as a member of what would become fledgling black metal crew Emperor. As a band, Emperor would both define and refine metal, pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible within the most arcane of art forms and taking some of the most adventurous and extreme music of all time to a huge global audience. With albums like seminal In The Nightside Eclipse (recorded when Ihsahn was only seventeen), and Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk, Emperor obliterated all-comers and became one of the most revered metal bands in history. After the release of their final masterpiece, Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise in 2001, Ihsahn announced that the band were to part ways to enable himself and his colleagues to pursue new creative avenues.

Ihsahn performed live for the first time on US soil last autumn at ProgPower. The sold out 3-Day festival was the perfect stateside avenue for the musician. On confirmation of the performance Ihsahn noted, “I am very excited to get the opportunity to play at ProgPower. Given the nature of my material, I believe this festival will be a great place to present it live.” Festival organizer Glenn Harveston comments, “Ihsahn’s ferocious intensity combined with his amazing musicianship completely won over the crowd. It was the best set of the fest for me.”

Eremita will be available on standard cd and a limited edition deluxe digibook (featuring an exclusive bonus track).

I never could stomach Emperor, namely due to production, but Ihsahn's a totally different thing. Black Metal with Saxophone; 2010's After combined the two really like nothing I'm familiar with.

The River's Edge Music Festival (St.Paul, MN) 6/23-6/24 2012

link to story


Dave Matthews Band
The Flaming Lips
Brand New
Motion City Soundtrack
Coheed & Cambria
Scissor Sisters
Gardens & Villa
Delta Spirit
Mexican Institute of Sound
Civil Twilight
An Horse
AM & Shawn Lee
The Whigs
Hey Rosetta!
Kids These Days
The Rope

This is all well and good, and in all likelihood, I'll still be in Chicago on the 24th, given the Marillion show is on the 23rd. Along with in St.Paul, The Dear Hunter will be at Station 4 that same evening. Which just hit me, might help them, but also hurt given some people going to this instead.

That all being said, I'd enjoy seeing Mutemath, AM & Shawn Lee and maybe Coheed, but for $75 or $100? lol, yeah, I suppose not. I love Mutemath though, but I just saw them, and have seen them 6 times or whatever.

I suppose one silver lining with this is, perhaps the festival will get better in the coming years, and I'll consider it. Maybe it'll finally be our Coachella or SXSW (or NXNW), but if so, I sure hope it is LESS CORPORATE, which given those prices and the names their bringing, I have my doubts.

Then again, we've had Taste of Minnesota, the Aquatennial Block Party, 10,000 Lakes and Rock the Garden among other festivals for years or even decades, so maybe this isn't anything incredibly new to our town.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A message from Jerry Gaskill

haven't watched it as I'm at work. But very encouraging.

(for those who don't know, Jerry, the drummer of King's X, suffered a Heart Attack recently).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ON ORDER (List) 4/3/12

not that I'm sure many if any others care, but I need to, if for no other reason, keep a list for dictation-sake, of the items I'm awaiting but have not arrived in my mailbox.

maudlin of the Well Vinyl Boxed Set (Bath, Leaving Your Body Map, Secret Song 7")
Jimmy Gnecco – The Heart X Edition (CD)
Miracles of Modern Science – Dog Year (CD)
maudlin of the Well – Bath, Leaving Your Body Map, Part the 2nd (CDs)
The Age of Rockets 2 to-be-out-of-print T-shirts
Ne Obliviscaris 1 to-be-out-of-print T-shirt (reduced price at their store)
Pepe Deluxe – Queen of the Wave (CD)
The Kris Norris Projeckt - Icons of the Illogical

Marillion – Sounds That Can’t Be Made
Ours/Jimmy Gnecco - Black Card
The Dear Hunter - Lifetime Membership letter (and poster?)

The Age of Rockets - Adults (3 CD)
House of Fools - When the Lights Go Out Documentary (DVD)
Joey Eppard - Joey Eppard Live (DVD)
Vuvuzela - TBA (CD)
Judgment Day - Polar Shift (CD or Vinyl)
Renaissance – Grandine il Vento (CD)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion (2012) (1.0)

3/30/12 9:10AM - 4/1/12 10:23PM

not sure if this is actually the real McCoy (the song "Hag") but it's not bad if it is. Mikael singing in Swedish?..nice synths.

I'm not finding an exact Embed code at this point. But go here to view a video with Steven and Mikael talking about the album with SAMPLES.

original article

3/9/12 8:41PM

Track List, Release date (May 8th).
not sure if this link works anymore

Cover Art:


01. Drag Ropes (9:52)
02. Storm Corrosion (10:12)
03. Hag (6:28)
04. Happy (4:53)
05. Lock Howl (6:09)
06. Ljudet Innan (10:20)


01. Drag Ropes
02. Storm Corrosion
03. Hag
04. Happy
05. Lock Howl
06. Ljudet Innan
07. Drag Ropes
08. Storm Corrosion
09. Hag
10. Happy
11. Lock Howl
12. Ljudet Innan
13. Drag Ropes (demo)
14. Hag (demo)

STORM CORROSION is the long-discussed and highly anticipated collaboration between two of the modern progressive rock scene's most innovative and multi-talented artists: Mikael Åkerfeldt of OPETH and PORCUPINE TREE's Steven Wilson. The pair will release "Storm Corrosion" on May 8, but you can pre-order it in two deluxe packages starting today.

The "Storm Corrosion" Special Edition Blu-ray/CD Set & Collector's Edition Double LP Bundle (pre-order link) is $50, and includes the album on 180-gram black virgin vinyl, in a gatefold jacket with exclusive artwork; a digital download of the entire album in high-quality FLAC files; the Blu-ray/CD version of the record, which offers the album on CD; a Blu-ray disc containing a 5.1 audio mix of the entire album, two exclusive demo tracks, and five instrumental tracks; a 24" x 36" fold-out poster; and a separate 12" x 12" poster autographed by both Mikael Åkerfeldt and Steven Wilson.

The "Storm Corrosion" Collector's Edition Double-LP Set (pre-order link) is $35, and includes the vinyl version, the digital download, and the two posters.

A little background information on the genesis of this project: Åkerfeldt and Wilson have been friends since the late '90s, when Wilson co-produced OPETH's revered "Blackwater Park" album. Over the years, they'd often spoken of working on a project together, but it wasn't until recently that they managed to make something happen, when Mikael flew over to visit Steven in the U.K. and they ended up in Wilson's home studio throwing ideas around. That visit was the nascence of a whole self-titled album, written and produced by the pair, and mixed by Wilson.

The sound of STORM CORROSION can best be described as enchanting, orchestral, ambient, epic (half the album's tracks clock in around the 10-minute mark) and nothing short of surprising to the new ear. However, the musicians' respective fanbases will be primed to appreciate the new output, with Wilson's recent solo album, "Grace For Drowning", and OPETH's "Heritage" having brought them to a logical place to understand STORM CORROSION. This eponymous collection is almost viewed as one side of a musical triangle.

Says Wilson, "If you'd asked me three months ago about the music, I would have said, 'Expect the last thing you would expect.' But actually, now that 'Heritage' and 'Grace For Drowning' have come out, I don't think it's going to be that much of a shock to people, because it's almost like a third part of the trilogy, in a way. If anything, it's even more orchestral, even more stripped down, even more dark, twisted and melancholic… but it certainly feels like it comes from the same place as 'Heritage' and 'Grace For Drowning', which indeed it does because it was written during the same period.”

"Some of the music on this record I think is the most beautiful music I have participated on ever," adds Åkerfeldt. "There's some magical sections on there. Musically, I think we've created something earthy, a bit frightening, exhausting, profound and rather intense. All at the same time. I can safely say I don't know any other band or artist that sounds anything like STORM CORROSION. I guess that was also one of our goals, so to speak."

Roadrunner Senior VP of A&R, Monte Conner, welcomed STORM CORROSION to the Roadrunner family, commenting, "I am honored to have the Roadrunner logo on the STORM CORROSION album. Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt have demonstrated time and time again that they are two of the truest and most important artists working today, and it is not often that I get to work with musicians of this caliber. This album is a beautiful piece of work that will appeal to fans of Steven and Mikael's past records, while at the same time exploring new avenues for both artists."

12/26/11 1:16AM

Storm Corrosion will be issued by Roadrunner in April 2012. Apart from Mikael and Steven, the album includes guest appearances by Gavin Harrison on drums/percussion, Ben Castle on woodwinds, and Dave Stewart on string arrangements.

9/26/11 8:57AM

Due in April 2012.

Opeth's facebook Wall post

"The long awaited collaboration between Mikael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) is finally being completed. The project goes under the name of 'Storm Corrosion' and will have a self-titled record out in April 2012 through a yet unnamed label. This album could be seen as the final part in the odd trilogy of records completed by "Heritage" and Steven Wilson's brand new solo album "Grace for Drowning". Read more on Steve Wilson's latest venture at"

3/30/11 6:14AM

The project it sounds like will be titled "Storm Corrosion" and the record itself as well. It is done, but it won't be coming out until early 2012.

b-mouth story

not really a ton of new quotes or info in that. It'll be orchestal, yes. And different than anything they've both done, yes. And very little to no drums, yes.

But not until 2012.

I am anticipating something vaguely like Scott Walker's The Drift. Somewhat subtle, and minimalistic stuff. But who knows, hearing even that kind of music from these 2 guys. But we have awhile until we'll know anyway.

11/2/10 1:32PM
Blabbermouth link

"STEVEN WILSON On Project With MIKAEL ÅKERFELDT: We Didn't Wanna Do A Prog-Metal Supergroup - Oct. 31, 2010

PORCUPINE TREE's Steven Wilson recently spoke to the U.K. branch of Roadrunner Records about his much-anticipated collaboration project with OPETH's Mikael Åkerfeldt, tentatively dubbed "Storm Corrosion". You can now watch the chat below.

On how the songwriting sessions for "Storm Corrosion" are progressing:

Wilson: "In March we started [working on the material for it]. It's sporadic, because we get together once every three months. [Mikael] comes over to my studio and we work for a few days and we get really drunk on red wine, go buy and loads of records and then come back, and if we're lucky, do, like, ten minutes work. But the incredible thing was that although, comparatively, we haven't worked that long, what we produced we were so happy with, and we are so happy with. It's nice to know that what we always suspected was that when we actually got together, it was gonna be quite easy. It was also in the back of your mind, thinking, 'Maybe it won't work.' Maybe it [was] just built up so much [in my head before we started writing songs], and it was so easy. So easy. And the music was so crazy and so inspiring to both of us. So I think that was good to feel, like, 'It's gonna work.' So we have about, I'd say, 25 minutes of music [written] so far. We're getting together again in November to do another piece or two. Drink some more wine, buy some more records... So that's kind of a work in progress, and I don't know when that will come out. Then it would be great to do some shows around that, too, but he's [Mikael] gonna be back with OPETH next year at some point, so it may not be feasible. But certainly the record [should be ready to be recorded and released by then]."

On the similarities and differences between PORCUPINE TREE and OPETH and how they play into the new project:

Wilson: "The funny thing is that the music we're making together is actually nothing like either of us made before. Because I think we both had this idea of this kind of music that we knew we couldn't get our bands to play, but that we both kind of understood where we were coming from. 'Cause we have this kind of passion [for] very experimental, obscure records, almost orchestral in their scope. And we wanted to make a record like that for a long time. It's a long way from metal and it's a long way from anything that, I think, Mikael has ever done, including the 'Damnation' record [from OPETH]. I think a lot of people thought, 'Oh, it's gonna be like 'Damnation'.' It's not; it's a long way from that, too. And it's actually a long way from anything I've done; [it's] possibly closer to aspects of things I've done, but really quite distinct from anything I've ever [released]. [It's] very orchestral, lots of strings, lots of guitars and vocals, too. Lots of very long songs that kind of go in different directions that you don't necessarily expect them to go in — almost theatrical in a way. And we both kind of admitted to ourselves that there are a lot of fans out there that are probably gonna hate it. But we're doing it for us. The one thing we didn't wanna do is get together and do a prog-metal supergroup, which would have been so easy to do — and kind of expected, in a way. And, you know, we might do that anyway one day. But this time around, we thought, 'Let's just do this [kind of] record.' Some people will love it and some people will not, and that's OK, because, in a way, I don't think we wanted to just give what was expected, and we're certainly not doing that."

On whether Steven and Mikael are self-producing the new project:

Wilson: "Right now, we kind of fall into my studio at midnight and work through the night and just... It's great, because in many respects, Mikael is the closest I know to someone who is... How do I put this? He's the equivalent of me in his band. He's like the captain of the ship and we kind of understand each other — all the frustrations of being in that position, all the stresses and pressures of being in that situation — so because of that, there's no ego thing at all — yet! [Laughs] But we're both kind of control freaks, in a way, so that's kind of a strange situation to be, where you're working with someone where you don't feel any of those issues and you have that complete trust. So we're just like... [I go], 'Here, you have the guitar. Do something amazing.' And he does. And then I'm like, 'Oh, I've got an idea for that,' and I do some keyboard thing. And he's like, 'That's amazing! I love that.' And so it's really... It sounds like we're kind of blowing each other the whole time... [Laughs] But it's just so much fun. And that's the important thing — I think it's fun. Because there's no ego and there's no pressure. Because people don't know what to expect. And we've kind of already resigned ourselves to the fact that we're gonna do something that people are gonna hate, anyway. I mean, I'm exaggerating... I'm sure a lot of people are gonna dig it. But people are gonna be surprised by it. We're not giving people what they expect, so there's little pressure, really — there's very little pressure. It's just literally swapping instruments and I'm kind of recording it on my own system."

In a recent interview with U.K.'s Classic Rock, Åkerfeldt stated about the writing process for the "Storm Corrosion" CD, "I got together recently with Steven at his house, and we wrote a new tune straight away. Of course, with the two of us involved, it was 10 minutes long. And it came out so well that we started working on a second one as well."

Although DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy was initially supposed to be part of the project, it now appears that he will no longer be involved.

"To be honest, there's just no room for drums on what we've done so far," Åkerfeldt said. "I called Mike up, and he was cool about it. He's got so much going on anyway, and I'm sure we will work together in the future."

So, I'm sort of late in the game here with this. Sorta, kinda, not really. The info is not all that detailed, other than what Steven added there. The name "Storm Corrosion" and some other bits were mentioned a few months ago, I just never got around to passing it along.

I have to admit one thing, the thing about Steven saying this won't be a "Prog Metal" project is fine and probably best, but then he says they may do that eventually. I'm kind of hoping they won't unless it's not like PT or Opeth especially, and more or less derivative of other music.

But not a ton to add, other than I will listen to this, and I won't expect anything mind blowing, but would love to be pleasantly surprised. The Portnoy point has been beaten to death. He's not in it. Maybe he'll be asked to play in the "Prog Metal" project they may do.

Steven's 2011- 2012 Forecast though which I guess is nice to get an idea about.

-Solo Album with guests
late Spring-Fall:
-Blackfield III aka their 3rd album
late Summer/Fall:
Storm Corrosion

no Concerts in Minnesota

Porcupine Tree

no concert in Minnesota

Miracles of Modern Science - Dog Year (2011)

1. MOMS AWAY! 04:27
2. Strangerous 03:33
3. Tensity 03:18
4. Eating Me Alive 03:25
5. Quantum Of Solace 04:52
6. Luminol 04:40
7. Friend Of The Animals 04:55
8. Space Chopper 05:16
9. I Found Space 04:20
10. The Moon & Australia 01:13
11. Bossa Supernova 04:57

I heard about this band from of all people, Jim DeRogatis, take a shot at them after seeing them at SXSW, joking how about at least they didn't have a ukele amongst their other instruments, in his 2012 South By Southwest review on last week's Sound Opinions podcast. And given some of his taste and comments, and then doing a little reading about them almost being progressive rock at times, I was curious enough.

And wow, I'm glad I was as some of this record is fan-fucking-tastic! They combine the ole chamber/proggy styles of course, emphasizing acoustics and dynamics, along with a goofyness. In other words, as I wrote on facebook last week, they kind of mix bands like Kiss Kiss the Punch Brothers and new dynamic-acoustic discovery Buke and Gass (hopefully something will come in here about them as well).

I've only listened to this record twice, but I am already so won over, I ordered a copy on Compact Disc via their bandcamp page linked above.

I guess right now, I am going to continue to listen to hear new/definitive things about it, but the things I already love about it are the dynamics, vocal arrangements/melodies/harmonies, male/female vocal contrast, the use of violin which is at times a lead instrument. And I'd say from track 5, "Quantum of Solace" through the end of the record, every track really works in some way save for I believe it is the 11th/2nd-to-last track "The Moon & Australia" which is a short interlude-ish piece that unfortunately, I hear their singer swallow a number of times, I likely will always skip.

Although I am pretty certain, said to-skip track is not the 2nd-to-last in fact, and there is a hidden track that is one of the better, more interesting, and humorous songs on this record about a man needing to get an amputation. Very much in the audio-theater vein, but some of the instrumentation on that one is as great as many of the tracks on this record.

Another specific thing that I can't leave out, even as early in my time hearing it, is the 11th track "Bossa Supernova" has a melody that is almost IDENTICAL to a melody/interval pattern on The Receiving End of Sirens song "The Rival Cycle." So much so, I don't know if I'll ever be able to not think of that song when hearing it. However, it's still a great tune, but that part is almost the same for a portion of the track.

But this band definitely has impressed me a lot; and I envision listening to this record a good amount this year, and in the distant future. Perhaps I'll get to see them live and whatnot among other things. How great this record is/becomes and where it may have ended up in my 2011 Index is a question I'll ponder, but it wouldn't surprise me if it could have finished in the top 20 or even top 10; or historically, it'll become one of those albums I'll think about as among the best albums that were released in 2011, despite the fact I didn't hear it until many months after the calendar year was over.

But for now, Miracles of Modern Science aka MOMS are a band whose scored pretty high for new bands for 2012. Hopefully some other folks will catch on to them as well soon.

Timbre live 3/28/12 @ The Beat

(the video and image above are NOT from this show, but other recent shows)

Timbre aka Timbre Cierpke is a Harpist/Vocalist/Songwriter/Hired-Gun I've been a fan of ever since seeing with Brooke Waggoner live, which in just doing a little research, was nearly 2 years ago on April 1st, 2010 at The Triple Rock Social Club.

I love Brooke, but at that show, I may have been as if not more blown away by Timbre and her mesmerizing harp along with angelic vocals. So much so, I asked her if she had music of her own, and she did, and I ended up buying her 1st record Winter Comes to Wake You blindly. Then not too long after, her follow-up, the 2010 album Little Flowers was released; which hasa become a record I have grown to adore, and ended up pretty high on my 2010 Album Index.

It's funny though, it has been only 2 years since being introduced to her music, but it seems like longer. Possibly part of that is following her on facebook for so long, this show seemed like such an accomplishment for me at least, having posted "please come to Minnesota" at least 5 or more time probably on some of her status updates.

So, she played with her trio of sorts as a short-notice show at The Beat Coffee House on Wednesday evening. This being the 1st time I got the chance to see her play her music, it was more or less a gigantic thrill. She played many pieces from Little Flowers including opening with my favorite track off it "I Will Go Plant Little Flowers." I totally had goosebumps hearing that/seeing her and her group perform it. I think that song, and the record captures such a fantasy element, like an escape or something. Almost like when you might go through a struggle with something, and then it all seems worth it because it produces something so beautiful, none of the sadness of your past matters.

Her group consists of herself of course, and 2 other musicians, Samuel Lockridge who played xylophone, vocals, guitar textures and even some drums/percussion. And Patrick Rush plays Cello and sings as well (and maybe some percussion?). Being just a 3-piece, they do or did sound bigger than that may seem. So much so, I think Timbre's music may come across even better live. It is so passionate and heartfelt.

As far as the rest of her set, she played 1 or 2 pieces off Winter Comes to Wake You along with 3-5 other Little Flowers songs besides the opening namesake track of sorts. And then 1 or 2 new songs, and a Radiohead cover, which despite my taste for Radiohead, sounded pretty amazing arranged for a harp and with her voice.

Of course a huge thrill was also getting to visit with Timbre and her band members. She confirmed more or less she is working on a new record right now, that may be released within the next year or less. Including 1 piece I recall she said, was a 15 minute Choral composition. I actually remember seeing her post something about that maybe even around the Summer or Fall of 2010. She also is involved with Brooke Waggoner's upcoming record, which I'm sure will be amazing. I also would suspect she will end up playing on other records as her list of credits include many (Anathallo, O'Brother, mewithoutYou, Umbrella Tree)

To add to her performance, this show included pleasant surprises from Samuel Lockridge and formerly of Nashville (and Colorado among other places), and new Twin Cities native Amy Courts.

Samuel Lockridge did the singer/songwriter thing pretty well at times, although I cannot forget his vocal style seemed to channel among others, Jeff Buckley and the lesser-known but still talented Scott Matthews. His songs almost reminded me of some of the dynamic and passion I enjoy from Glen Hansard and/or The Swell Season. I ended up purchasing a copy of his newly printed album on cd When I Rise, except for some reason I cannot find it now. I either left it at The Beat somewhere, or he never gave it to me after I gave him the money. I guess at least it's available to stream (and/or download) here on his bandcamp, but that still sucks that I don't have a copy after having paid for it.

And Amy Corts, I was impressed at times by as well. She does do the singer/songwriter thing pretty well, although the thing for me is with that style, a lot of artists sound similar. But I guess with her, I did find at least a few of the songs she played, having this high level of passion with wailing and what not, plus really clean sounding acoustic guitar, which I can be a sucker for at times.. I did pick up 1 of her discs as well, These Cold and Rusted Lungs, which while I'm not guessing I'll become addicted to it, still does have a few really nice, passionate tunes on it. Namely the *hit* she referred to( in trying to write) "Shiver" and "Stand" just from listening to it. But her performance probably had twice that many songs that got my head turned. So much so, I think I'll end up seeing her again in Roseville at J Arthur's Coffeehouse on April 20th.

This was definitely one of the best shows I've seen in 2012, and very fulfilling after Timbre went on tour a number of times and wasn't able to come here. I did send The Cedar Cultural Center a request/suggestion about the date which they had open, but a few days after the show they finally got back to me saying they typically book shows 2 months in advance. Which, I know makes sense, but still, it didn't exactly show much confidence. However, maybe they will keep her in mind the next time I may suggest her play there.

I suppose getting in touch with The Ritz Theater and of course my cousin Marc's venue, The Baroque Room about a tour ahead of time would make sense. I mean it's odd how she even was part of the National Association for Campus Activities Conference the day after, which honestly, I think the fact Timbre and her group being scheduled for that showcase in St.Paul on Thursday, was the primary reason she found interest to do a show of any kind in Minnesota on her tour, lol. I suppose had I known that, I might have been a little more forward with trying to emphasize how great it would be to get a venue to have her play at. I guess it was held in downtown St.Paul, literally walking-distance from The Baroque Room, lol.

Oh well, hopefully next time, there will be a little more notice and the show won't seem so last-minute. That being said, I do like The Beat Coffeehouse, and it was great to have them hold this show, being so at the 11th hour.