Tuesday, October 18, 2011

maudlin of the Well VINYLS: Bath+LeavingYourBodyMap+SecretSong

10/18/11 3:40PM


Friday October 21st is the Pre-Order.

Okay, that is good to know, and the pre-orders get some extra goodies. The price itself is given in British Pounds 80 and 65, which converts to about $109 and $89 US. Pretty spendy, but this is a very extensive and  a 1-time only thing. I guess after regretting not ordering the failed The Shaming of the True (Kevin Gilbert) vinyl campaign, which was to include some cool extras as well, but not this much, for basically the same price ($100), I probably see this as worth that large figure.

motW - Deluxe Box Set: Final Details!

maudlin of the Well -- Bath/Leaving Your Body Map 4xLP + 7" Box Set

Strictly limited to 500 copies. 250 for worldwide distribution (Blood Music). 250 for US and Canada only (Antithetic Records). Once these are gone, they're gone forever!

The box will feature a huge motW silver foil stamp logo on the front and fully black flood printed interior.

12" records will be pressed on heavy-duty 200 gram vinyl. Each disc will be a different color, corresponding to the interlude on that disc.

Vinyl will be inserted into black poly-lined inner sleeves.

12" gatefolds will be on upgraded heavy-weight board stock. They will feature the original high-resolution artwork, scanned at 1200 DPI when this set was first produced.

The 7" record will be on heavy-weight 70 gram vinyl (equivalent to a 180/200 gram 12").

7" will be in a 100% poly inner sleeve.

All audio is being remastered from the original sources by Mell Dettmer [Earth, Sunn O))), Altar of Plagues] at the Sinister Kitchen. This will no doubt be a jaw-dropping audio experience.

An mp3 digital download card will be included which will be for both full lengths as well as The Secret Song.


There will be several items that will be included ONLY FOR PREORDERS!! Those are as follows:

motW logo printed guitar pick

motW logo screen printed patch (roughly 4" x 7")

11x17 poster featuring new artwork exclusively made for this release by Toby Driver, and also signed by Toby Driver.

Option to purchase a replica of the rare motW 'Part the First' T-shirt.

After pre-orders are filled (175 each), the box sets will contain only the vinyl in jackets and sleeves, with an unsigned poster.


Blood Music Store (worldwide, outside of USA/Canada)

Antithetic Records Store (USA/Canada only!)

earlier post

Blood Music is pleased to FINALLY announce solid ordering information about the motW 200 Gram 4xLP + 7" Deluxe Box Set.

The pre-orders will go live on Friday October 21st, and there will be 2 separate options to buy:

Box set with all the goodies for 65€ + ship.

Box set with goodies + a motW shirt. Price is yet to be determined, but we assume to be around 80€ + ship.

There will only be 250 sets available through Blood Music. Our pre-order goal is 175 in order to get this deluxe set into pressing stage. As a bonus, we offer the following goodies ONLY for pre-orders:


motW logo SCREEN-PRINTED PATCH (10 x 17.5 cm).

28x43 CM POSTER, signed by Toby Driver.

The option to buy a MAUDLIN OF THE WELL "Part the First" replica SHIRT. Only 100 of these shirts were made available when these albums were released 10 years ago.

The shirts will NOT be sold separately. And the only thing that will remain in the final 75 box sets is an unsigned poster.

The front design of the T-shirt is still being finalized, but the back will be a replica of the original "Part the First" shirt released in 2001:

8/5/11 2:11PMcopy+ paste Antithetic Records post

Greetings again everyone. If you're signed up to receive the Kayo Dot newsletter, you're probably here to get an update regarding our upcoming maudlin of the Well box set release. Things have been quiet about this set recently, but trust when I say that its not for lack of progress behind the scenes. We were just waiting for the right time to divulge some more information. The time has come! Here are the details so far, with some secrets revealed, and some still in store for a later date:

-4xLP + 7" Box Set - You read correctly, the set will now be featuring a separate 7" for "The Secret Song"!
-500 sets in total, EVER. This set will not be repressed.
-High resolution scans of ALL of the original artwork have been recovered and will be used to create all new vinyl sized layouts for these albums, meticulously pieced together by Toby Driver (who hasn't seen this art in a VERY long time himself!)
-Digital download card will be included for both albums
-All audio will be remastered for the vinyl format
-These are being done as a split release (as we've stated before) between Antithetic and Blood Music out of Finland. US and CANADA buyers will purchase through the Antithetic store, the rest of the world will purchase from the Blood Music storefront. Please be certain to follow these guidelines! Any international purchase made in the Antithetic store for this item will be refunded.
-Other goodies: This is still a work in progress as we determine what is feasible to include, and how many copies will include what items. Possibilities at the moment are a poster, patch, motW shirt, guitar pick, etc. None of these are set in stone as of yet and will be announced as soon as the final decisions are made.

So as soon as we finalize these last few items and can nail down the price, we will start taking preorders for this item. Please bear in mind that this will likely be $65-70 depending on the final feature set. Since this is such a huge undertaking, we will kindly ask for your patience once your order has been placed! In order to make this a reality, we will need to sell roughly 175 sets through each store (Antithetic and Blood Music). I don't believe this is an unreasonable goal at all, considering the overwhelming response we've received regarding this set so far. We thank you for your patience thus far, and are thrilled to finally be moving this set forward!

More soon.


I don't know why I wouldn't order these, even though I still would go for copies of those albums on compact disc. Unfortunately their debut album My Fruit Psychobells... A Seed Combustible is not included. Perhaps they'll consider it down the road.