Friday, August 30, 2019

Tool, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead...

I honestly do not care about, to the point I get inundated by comments, posts, suggestions and message board replies on Social Media, that at least in a window of time, seem to never end.

I know people like these artists, but they aren't for me (or as much as they once were).

I guess part of the idea of almost BEING EXPECTED TO LIKE OR EVEN TALK ABOUT THEM gets tedious and I have to put on my IGNORE CAP regularly.

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Hipster-itis among other issues 
besides (Tool, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead)
Kamasi Washington
Greta Van Fleet
Ariana Grande
Tame Impala
5 Seconds to Summer
21 Pilots
Imagine Dragons
Bruno Mars
Chance the Rapper
Childish Gambino
Arcade Fire
The Flaming Lips

Among prog circles (this list probably needs a rather extensive EDIT):
Big Big Train
Animals as Leaders

Don't hate, but just don't care
The Ocean
Seventh Wonder
The Pineapple Thief (way too much like Radiohead with Thom Yorke-like vocals)

It's been awhile since I really got into any of their work, and I may or may not spend much if any time with their new album.
Devin Townsend
Between the Buried and Me
The Decemberists

Monday, August 19, 2019

Bent Knee - You Know What They Mean (2018-2019)

edit: 2nd single/video above "Hold Me In."
This album comes out on October 11th (which is looking like a a big day and month for new music)

Here's the Applemusic Link which appears to be the only thing currently listed (hardly my site of choice, but I'm going with it).

edit: All the Digital Streaming Links

Spotify has the new single "Hold Me In" LISTED, but still not playable for me at 1:02AM CST

The single from a few months ago I also embedded below.

I love Bent Knee, who are band without a poor record. Their last 3 are all excellent. Looking at this one to be in the mix come fall and November for the end of the AOTY race.

No photo description available.
1 Lansing 1:22
2 Bone Rage 4:13
3 Give Us the Gold 3:51
4 Hold Me In 4:50
5 Egg Replacer 3:10
6 Cradle of Rocks 3:59
7 Lovell 1:26
8 Lovemenot 5:09
9 Bird Song 2:55
10 Catch Light 4:38
11 Garbage Shark 5:38
12 Golden Hour 5:50
13 It Happens 5:05

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tuxedo at The Cedar Cultural Center 8/14/19

Great show at The Cedar Cultural Center from Mayer Hawthorne's synthy-funk duo Tuxedo with Jake One.

The 2nd time my wife and I have seen Tuxedo, and this definitely, overall was a BETTER show than the one a couple of years ago at The Fine Line.

Mayer played bass on some of the tunes, including their cover of Chic's "Good Times."

He did not however play it on the groovey opening track The Tuxedo Way, as it sounded like it was sequenced in.

Why? no idea. And actually "The Tuxedo Way" definitely has a GOOD TIMES-like bassline, so combining or transitioning them would have made some sense to me.

But the highlights besides the 1st song were "On a Good One," which is another banger from Tuxedo III, the new Tuxedo album.

You and Me, So Good, The Right Time, 2nd Time Around

and the 2 Mayer tunes that are kind of staples, Designer Drug and Henny and Gingerale

Great show, great energy, and good SIZE crowd.

The crowd itself? MIXED as my wife and I stood near some tall and very TALKATIVE guys..frat-boys-like. I tolerated it, mocking them a bit by using my hand showing chatter.

Some people like to go to concerts, drink beer, and let not only their friends, but others there who paid good money to see and HEAR the music, HEAR THEIR CONVERSATIONS as well.

Also what does it say when you have a 30 minute wait to buy a bottle of water? LACK OF VOLUNTEERS? I guess.. I used to love, and still like The Cedar, and realize only so many volunteers are available, but I have seen 50 or more concerts there, and not once have I ever had to wait that extensively to buy a bottle of water.

I was thirsty after the show since I wasn't willing to wait that long and miss Tuxedo, so I didn't even bother. I bought merch instead.

But, overall, still a great show, and I'm not sure how we could have done it differently. Parked nearby for cheap, later (8:20-ish, doors were at 7). The DJ went on past his time (8:48..should have been done at 8:30. And he may have been the same DJ that opened at The Fine Line in 2017, which I think the same happened...the guy needs to learn when his time is up and to get off the stage, but apparently it doesn't matter to anyone).

Maybe the only tune they didn't do, which I don't they played in 2017 either, is my favorite off Tuxedo II, Back in Town, but I'd have to check the set list. Otherwise, the set list, energy, performances, etc were very good and rival-ed many of Mayer's incredible solo shows.

Christian Wunderlich was great. The new keyboardist was good, although I think we missed the rhythm section a fair amount at times.

Set List
The Tuxedo Way
Number One
Shy (with snippet of So Ruff, So Tuff by Zapp)
You and Me
2nd Time Around
So Good (with snippet of Feels Good by Tony Toni Toné)
The Right Time
On a Good One
Good Times (Chic cover)
Toast 2 Us (with snippet of Big Poppa… more )
Get U Home
July (with snippet of Corsican Rose by Mayer Hawthorne)
Designer Drug (Mayer Hawthorne song)
This Beat Is Mine (Vicky D cover)
If U Want It
Fux With the Tux
Do It

Watch the Dance
Henny and Gingerale (Mayer Hawthorne song)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Bird and the Bee @ The Turf Club 8/11/19

The wife is a pretty big fan of The Bird and the Bee.

The Bird and the Bee recently released a 2nd "Interpreting the Masters" album, which is in-effect, is a Covers album, but they are interpretations, not direct covers.

And it was for Van Halen (they did one for Hall and Oates previously), the David Lee Roth period specifically.

I actually kind of like the synthy, jazzy at-times versions of these Roth-era Van Halen tunes.

And my wife is NOT a Van Halen fan (unlike her love of Hall and Oates).

Anyway, we saw them live at The Turf Club on Sunday night. The 2nd time we've seen The Bird and the Bee since 2015.

And like 2015, it was just Inara George with her backing band, i.e. NO Greg Kurstin (nore Dave Grohl, like in LA).

As I found out per twitter from Inara, Greg does not like to tour, like ever, even though he's HALF of the band.

But the wife and I knew that going-in.

And Greg Kurstin in recent years has become a hot producer for the likes of Adele, Beck, The Foo Fighters among many other HUGE names (including Kimbra actually). So touring for his own band isn't exactly where his primary priorities.

But it was a fun show. Probably better than the 2015 show at The Cedar. We at least had seating, compared to the back problem standing the whole show I had back in 2015 I recall.

They/Inara and her band did a combination of the Van Halen and Hall and Oates tunes, and then many Bird and the Bee tracks. And she closed with the Bee Gees "How Deep is Your Love?"

The track list is NOT in order and I may have missed 1 or 2 tracks besides the B-side I didn't catch.

The trombone(s) may have been my favorite part of her band actually, which I didn't catch the name of the guy playing both that and guitar.

Also oddly enough, I ran into a few local prog fans in Marc, Creighton and Ian. Although I would hardly call The Bird and the Bee prog, their music is quirky enough at times, I can follow the appeal, which begs the questions why my wife is so into them. 1 comparison on rateyoumusic is to the Cardigans which she is a fan of anyway. Maybe the Hall and Oates thing brought her in no matter?

Set List
Again and Again
Recreational Love
F*cking Boyfriend
Will You Dance With Me?
Love Letter to Japan
The Polite Dance
Panama (Van Halen)
Running with the Devil (Van Halen)
Ain't Talking About Love (Van Halen)
I Can't Go for That (Hall and Oates)
Sara Smile (Hall and Oates)
Ray Gun
La La La
I'm a Broken Heart
How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gees)

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Kindo @ Skyway Theatre (Studio B) 8/9/19

Kindo/The Reign of Kindo played their 1st headlining show in Minnesota on Friday night at 1 of the smaller venues inside The Skyway Theatre in downtown Minneapolis.

I could be wrong, but the tour they are on is their 1st headlining tour of North America, at least outside the Northeast.

How many people were there? I would guess maybe 100-150, but I'm not certain. There are Kindo fans in Minnesota as I know from the 2 most recent shows they played here (April of 2019, and August of 2017). I also have found some of their cds at Half Price Books and even Cheapo perhaps.

So I must mention the openers, which were all good, enjoyable and music I would go for hearing more of. Maybe most in particular, Rocco of the Snow, the 1st band. Rocco DellaNeve is the keyboardist from Kindo, but he has some fantastic music of his own.
Image may contain: 1 person
I enjoyed Rocco so much, I ended up buying his record Prime Mover (not a Rush or Ghost reference).

I took from Rocco's music to be very catchy, dreamy and electronic rock. Almost like a cross between The Apples in Stereo and Timmy Sean.

Very well written, melodic and moody. It almost fits in with the "Indietronica" stuff I've written about, and I talked to him after the show and he kind of likes that term for his stuff. I am really digging it, so much, I can definitely see myself writing something more about Rocco of the Snow soon in here.

Adrian Bellue (not to be confused with Adrian Belew of King Crimson, Zappa, Talking Heads) does this really cool multi-sustained electrified acoustic guitar. It's all just him. Lots of tones and effects. Similar to say Michael Hedges or Tim Reynolds. He was crazy good. And he is planning on playing Minneapolis again this Fall (October? I thought he said).

I actually messaged him a few months ago when he was named for this tour, about the Adrian Belew thing, and he told me he may try and do a Bellue plays Belew sometime.

Sirintip is what I would describe as a Female Singer/Songwriter, but maybe with a bit of a Jazz and Soul element? But her show on Friday was JUST HER. Ala Imogen Heap, or Kimbra at The Cedar a few years ago, or even St.Vincent many years back at The Walker.

It was her and an assortment of keyboards and microphone effects.

Very moody, atmospheric and electronic.

She reminded me of those above and even say Jessie Ware at points.

The highlight for me was a song she dedicated to a friend who had died recently. Very melancholic.

Her music might do well with film or television, as it has a cinematic quality I enjoyed. Although I wonder what it would be like with a full band, which she said this is the 1st tour she's done without one.

And as far as Kindo, it was another fantastically energetic show with many highlights.

I Hate Music maybe being my favorite as I can't ever get sick of that song. The funky/catchy bass rhythm from Jeff Jarvis, while repetitive, totally works with a sick groove. Maybe even better live than on the studio version.

Waiting on the Wind (not to be confused with Walking on the Wind from Spock's Beard), which is 1 of the Patreon tunes that has not been released, was another great part.

Impossible World, Flowers by the Moon, Something in the Way that You Are and and Just Wait were tunes I don't think I had heard them do be before.

Hold Out and The Moments in Between and of course Hero were others that always sound even greater live. Smell of a Rose, Return to Me and Human Convention also never fail to work well live. Kind of live staples from Happy However After.

Gerald Castillo who plays percussion (Djembe? and some others) really adds a lot to their live sound. He actually had this great drum-off with Kindo's drummer Kendall Lantz, during the encore during Just Wait. It was a really great way to end the show.

Also great to chat with members of Kindo, including Joey finally. I told him about my love the tune "Poor and Hungry Kings" ; how it's now become 1 of my 5 favorite tunes and how much I wish more fans (not on the Patreon) could hear it. But I didn't ask him about when the next album was coming, etc.

He did tell me they are planning on doing 1 of those in-studio videos for Human Convention which should be great to see.

But they have 15? or more songs that didn't get released on Happy However After, and there's more coming. And as great as HHA is (and it is, as I put it #2 on my list of favorite albums 2018), I think many of the strongest tunes from the last few years, from Patreon, have yet to be released. Besides Poor and Hungry Kings, stuff like Ladybug and Citizen of Nowhere namely. And that tune they did on Friday, Waiting on the Wind.

So depending on schedules, maybe their next record will come in 2020 or 2021?

I also talked about The Dear Hunter with them, and how Nick Crescenzo on a recent podcast mentioned being a huge fan. I think it's not IF but just WHEN they finally tour with TDH. Because I would estimate like 50% of the TDH fans are Kindo fans.

Also cool to see some local fans, 1 being Tom from the band Earthrise. He was animated the whole show, getting the fans into it in the front.

the other being Matt O'Leary who I found has a great YouTube Channel where he talks about prog and indie rock among other genres. He has even done collaborations with Notes Reviews in fact.

I was able to chat with him and his wife Nina about a number of topics, mostly music of course as they are both huge/passionate music fans (and musicians themselves, which I guess was the original intent of their channel).

We talked among other things, about Kindo and what we could do to try and help them sort of breakthrough because we know they could have a larger audience if given the amount of exposure. My friend Nate mentioned to me how with Kindo, their music is almost too diverse for the masses, as catchy and melodic as it can be. Like Keane goes Jazz-Rock.

But I still wonder, given the right tour or a hit single or something, they could find a larger audience. I suppose my fanboy bias is included in wanting that so much; but I have seen this happen many other times; King's X, Three, dredg, etc, etc....The Dear Hunter and Dream Theater have kind of been exceptions to an extent. Baby-steps at their own gradual pace?

Set List
Let Me Be
Hold Out
Impossible World
Human Convention
Waiting on the Wind
Bullets in the Air
Romancing a Stranger
Return to Me
Something in the Way That You Are
Flowers by the Moon
The Hero, the Saint, the Tyrant, and the Terrorist
Smell of a Rose
The Moments in Between

Feeling in the Night
I Hate Music
Just Wait

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dan Moxon - Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight [1B] (2019)

Dan Moxon released this new single back on June 21st, which is for an upcoming solo album, expected out in the Fall per

Good tune, even though a ballad. I dig the sax.

I can follow why Dan is doing a solo thing for various reasons. For one, maybe some of the tunes he writes don't totally work with Bend Sinister.

Also to tour, it's probably more cost effective.

Anyway, I'm surprised I hadn't noticed this until now, but better late than never of course. Looking forward to the full-length which when details come, I'll have to post about it of course.

Funny music video, which I could be wrong, but Dan may have lost a little weight?

4-Star Albums [486]

I'm not going to post images or write any specific blurbs.

This is just an estimate of all the albums  (not many SINGLES though aside from a few epic exceptions) that I have rated at 4-stars on my rateyourmusic page. A few compilations, but some removed.

486 total.

I know NOW, some of these albums I probably would not rate at 4, whereas there may be some 4.5's or 3.5's that I would now re-rate at 4-stars.

But between this list at 486, the 120+ 4.5 star releases and the 62 or so 5-star albums,  I rate about 668 albums at 4-stars or better. Which honestly any record I consider 4-stars or better is worth paying money for and revisiting, with the hope it holds up.

Now that I've shared this epic list, do I dare tackle the 3.5's? I may do something similar to this one, but inevitably, it'll take a good amount more time.

But, this actually didn't take too long, so even if it's 2-3 times as long, that won't seem as bad/time-consuming as it would I expect.

Again not RANKED, just in chronological order by Year. I can without question say some of these albums I prefer over others (with 486, that certainly should be the case).

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (1966)
The Beatles - Revolver (1966)
Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967)
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (1968)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (1969)
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats (1969)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II (1969)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Déjà vu (1970)
The Who - Live at Leeds [25th Anniversary Edition] (1970)
King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon (1970)
Soft Machine - Third (1970)
Genesis - Trespass [Definitive Edition Remaster] (1970)
Yes - The Yes Album (1971)
Pink Floyd - Relics (1971)
The Mahavishnu Orchestra With John McLaughlin - The Inner Mounting Flame (1971)
Pink Floyd - Meddle (1971)
Led Zeppelin [IV]
Deep Purple - Machine Head (1972)
Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave (1972)
Black Sabbath - Vol 4 (1972)
Wishbone Ash - Argus (1972)
Deep Purple - Made in Japan (1972)
Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy (1973)
Genesis - Live (1973)
Queen - Queen (1973)
Bruce Springsteen - The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle (1973)
Renaissance - Ashes Are Burning (1973)
Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters (1973)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness and Eternity (1973)
Queen - Queen II (1974)
Renaissance - Turn of the Cards (1974)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - So Far (1974)
Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Todd Rundgren's Utopia (1974)
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)
Return to Forever featuring Chick Corea - No Mystery (1975)
Rush - Fly by Night (1975)
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (1975)
Jethro Tull - Minstrel in the Gallery (1975)
Rush - Caress of Steel (1975)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)
Steve Hackett - Voyage of the Acolyte (1975)
Chris Squire - Fish Out of Water (1975)
Styx - Equinox (1975)
The Billy Cobham / George Duke Band - "Live" - On Tour in Europe (1976)
Genesis - A Trick of the Tail (1976)
Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life (1976)
Rainbow - Rising (1976)
Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow (1976)
Rush - All the World's a Stage (1976)
Al Di Meola - Land of the Midnight Sun (1976)
Kansas - Leftoverture (1976)
Genesis - Wind & Wuthering (1976)
Annie Haslam - Annie in Wonderland (1977)
Jethro Tull - Songs From the Wood (1977)
Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy (1977)
Styx - The Grand Illusion (1977)
Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station (1977)
Renaissance - Novella (1977)
Alec R. Costandinos and The Syncophonic Orchestra - Romeo and Juliet (1978)
Al Di Meola - Casino (1978)
Renaissance - A Song for All Seasons (1978)
Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978)
Styx - Pieces of Eight (1978)
Kansas - Two for the Show (1978)
Led Zeppelin - In Through the Out Door (1979)
Various Artists - Music From the Soundtrack of the Film Quadrophenia (1979)
Genesis - Duke (1980)
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell (1980)
Al Di Meola - Splendido Hotel (1980)
Hawkwind - Levitation (1980)
Rush - Exit...Stage Left (1981)
The Police - Ghost in the Machine (1981)
Pat Metheny Group - Offramp (1982)
Van Halen - Diver Down (1982)
Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear (1983)
Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (1983)
"Weird Al" Yankovic - In 3-D (1984)
Marillion - Fugazi (1984)
Rush - Grace Under Pressure (1984)
Steely Dan - A Decade of Steely Dan (1985)
The Dukes of Stratosphear - 25 O'Clock (1985)
Tears for Fears - Songs From the Big Chair (1985)
Fates Warning - The Spectre Within (1985)
Rush - Power Windows (1985)
Van Halen - 5150 (1986)
Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian (1986)
Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill (1986)
Giraffe - The Power of Suggestion (1987)
Rush - Hold Your Fire (1987)
Marillion - B'Sides Themselves (1988)
Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime (1988)
N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton (1988)
Marillion - The Thieving Magpie (1988)
The Beach Boys - Smile (1989)
Rush - A Show of Hands (1989)
XTC - Oranges and Lemons (1989)
Dream Theater - When Dream and Day Unite (1989)
Marillion - Seasons End (1989)
Queensrÿche - Empire (1990)
Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet (1990)
Galactic Cowboys - Galactic Cowboys (1991)
Jimi Hendrix - Stages (1991)
Shadow Gallery - Shadow Gallery (1991)
The Spent Poets - The Spent Poets (1992)
Peter Ostroushko and Dean Magraw - Duo (1992)
Faith No More - Angel Dust (1992)
Extreme - III Sides to Every Story (1992)
Faith No More - Easy (1992)
Jim Matheos - First Impressions (1993)
Savatage - Edge of Thorns (1993)
The Tea Party - Splendor Solis (1993)
Cynic - Focus (1993)
Angra - Angels Cry (1993)
Ours - Sour (1994)
Cirque du Soleil - Alegría (1994)
Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola and Jean-Luc Ponty - The Rite of Strings (1995)
Kevin Gilbert - Kashmir (1995)
Manfred Hübler and Siegfried Schwab - Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party (1995)
Spock's Beard - The Light (1995)
Echolyn - As the World (1995)
The Tea Party - The Edges of Twilight (1995)
Pink Floyd - Pulse (1995)
Santana - Dance of the Rainbow Serpent (1995)
Various Artists - Supper's Ready (1995)
Various Artists - Tales From Yesterday (1995)
Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons (1995)
Savatage - Dead Winter Dead (1995)
Savatage - Japan Live '94 (1995)
Saigon Kick - Devil in the Details (1995)
Victor - Victor (1996)
Marillion - Made Again (1996)
I Mother Earth - Scenery and Fish (1996)
Superior - Behind (1996)
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing..... (1996)
Marillion - This Strange Engine (1997)
Pain of Salvation - Entropia (1997)
Savatage - The Wake of Magellan (1997)
Yes - Keys to Ascension 2 (1997)
Royal Hunt - Paradox (1997)
Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine: Recorded Live in Rome (1997)
Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day (1997)
Enchant - Break (1998)
Poncho Sanchez - Afro-Cuban Fantasy (1998)
Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment (1998)
Jeff Buckley - Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk (1998)
Pain of Salvation - One Hour by the Concrete Lake (1998)
Superior - Younique (1998)
Marillion - Radiation 2013 (1998)
Shadow Gallery - Tyranny (1998)
Fates Warning - Still Life (1998)
Rush - Different Stages / Live (1998)
Dream Theater - Christmas CD 1999: Cleaning Out the Closet (1999)
maudlin of the Well - My Fruit Psychobells... A Seed Combustible (1999)
Francesca Gagnon - Au Dela Des Couleurs (1999)
Spock's Beard - Day for Night (1999)
dredg - Leitmotif (1999)
Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun (1999)
Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (1999)
Self - Breakfast With Girls (1999)
Marillion - (1999)
Opeth - Still Life (1999)
Doves - Lost Souls (2000)
Jeff Buckley - Mystery White Boy (2000)
King's X - Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous (2000)
Spock's Beard - V (2000)
Self - Gizmodgery (2000)
Enchant - Juggling 9 or Dropping 10 (2000)
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven! (2000)
Anathallo - Luminous Luminescence in the Atlas Position (2001)
Nexus - Metanoia (2001)
Opeth - Blackwater Park (2001)
Marillion - Anoraknophobia (2001)
Jeff Buckley - Live à L'Olympia (2001)
Muse - Origin of Symmetry (2001)
Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York (2001)
The Tea Party - The Interzone Mantras (2001)
Green Carnation - Light of Day, Day of Darkness (2001)
Lehto and Wright - The Further Adventures of Darling Cory (2002)
Pat Metheny Group - Speaking of Now (2002)
Archive - You All Look the Same to Me (2002)
Bend Sinister - The Warped Pane (2002)
Shaman - Ritual (2002)
Murder by Death - Like the Exorcist, But More Breakdancing (2002)
Spock's Beard - Snow (2002)
Peter Gabriel - Up (2002)
Porcupine Tree - In absentia (2002)
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It in People (2002)
Sigur Rós - ( ) (2002)
Opeth - Deliverance (2002)
The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium (2003)
SikTh - The Trees Are Dead and Dried Out Wait for Something Wild (2003)
Muse - Absolution (2003)
Oceansize - Effloresce (2003)
Murder by Death - Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them? (2003)
Kaddisfly - Did You Know People Can Fly? (2003)
Transatlantic - Live in Europe (2003)
Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 2 (2003)
Akphaezya - Anthology II: Links From the Dead Trinity (2004)
The Apex Theory - Inthatskyissomethingwatching (2004)
Blackfield - Blackfield (2004)
The Decemberists - The Tain (2004)
Archive - Noise (2004)
The Dissociatives - The Dissociatives (2004)
Clann Zú - Black Coats and Bandages (2004)
Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops (2004)
Meshuggah - I (2004)
Pain of Salvation - Be (2004)
Brian Wilson - Smile (2004)
Crotchduster - Big Fat Box of Shit (2004)
Fates Warning - FWX (2004)
Oceansize - Music for Nurses (2004)
Superior - Ultra - Live (2004)
3 - Wake Pig (2004)
Archive - Noise (2004)
Kaddisfly - Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You a Unicorn (2005)
God Is an Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright (2005)
Karnivool - Themata (2005)
Josh Rouse - Nashville (2005)
The Decemberists - Picaresque (2005)
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing (2005)
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - The Dust of Retreat (2005)
Pain of Salvation - Be Live (2005)
System of a Down - Mezmerize (2005)
Gospel - The Moon Is a Dead World (2005)
Shadow Gallery - Room V (2005)
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (2005)
The Ebb and Flow - Time to Echolocate (2005)
Neverending White Lights - Act I: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies (2005)
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (2005)
Gojira - From Mars to Sirius (2005)
Slowlands - Never Was There a Town (2006)
東京事変 [Tokyo Jihen] - 大人 (Adult) (2006)
Anathallo - Floating World (2006)
Mason Proper - There Is a Moth in Your Chest (2006)
Russian Circles - Enter (2006)
SikTh - Death of a Dead Day (2006)
Unexpect - In a Flesh Aquarium (2006)
Kunek - Flight of the Flynns (2006)
The Decemberists - The Crane Wife (2006)
Annuals - Be He Me (2006)
Martyr - Feeding the Abscess (2006)
The Faceless - Akeldama (2006)
100Ft Snowman - 100Ft Snowman (2007)
Averse - Scolopendrian Perception Haze (2007)
Cavil at Rest - Orion Way (2007)
The Ebb and Flow - Attack and Decay (2007)
The Apex Theory - Lightpost (2007)
Menomena - Friend and Foe (2007)
Kiss Kiss - Reality vs. the Optimist (2007)
The Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder (2007)
The Pax Cecilia - Blessed Are the Bonds (2007)
Cloud Cult - The Meaning of 8 (2007)
Ne Obliviscaris - The Aurora Veil (2007)
Thurisaz - Circadian Rhythm (2007)
In Vain - The Latter Rain (2007)
People for Audio - The New Ancients (2007)
Various Artists - Once: Music From the Motion Picture (2007)
Janelle Monáe - Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition) (2007)
Biffy Clyro - Puzzle (2007)
St. Vincent - Marry Me (2007)
Three - The End Is Begun (2007)
The Receiving End of Sirens - The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi (2007)
The Reign of Kindo - The Reign of Kindo EP (2007)
Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice (2007)
Bend Sinister - Bend Sinister (2007)
Jared Micah and Hats - T.C.H.T.O.B. (2007)
Woven - Aftermath EP (2007)
Time of Orchids - Namesake Caution (2007)
Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring (2007)
Neverending White Lights - Act II: The Blood and the Life Eternal (2007)
Distrails - Virginia Creeper (2008)
Isyou - Emotional Friend (2008)
Media Addicts - Elsewhere (2008)
Sculptured - Embodiment (2008)
Agalloch - The White EP (2008)
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Foals - Antidotes (2008)
Cloud Cult - Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) (2008)
Arsis - We Are the Nightmare (2008)
Demians - Building an Empire (2008)
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Late of the Pier - Fantasy Black Channel (2008)
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The Age of Rockets - Hannah (2008)
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East of the Wall - Farmer's Almanac (2008)
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Animal! (2008)
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Not Animal (2008)
Marillion - Happiness Is the Road Volume 1: Essence (2008)
NOMIA - Nomia EP (2008)
Warpaint - Exquisite Corpse (2008)
100Ft Snowman - Juggling Knives (2009)
Revere - As the Radars Sleep (2009)
Sound and Shape - The Love Electric (2009)
The Kris Norris Projekt - Icons of the Illogical (2009)
Bruce Peninsula - A Mountain Is a Mouth (2009)
Shelter Red - Strike a Mortal Terror (2009)
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Sholi - Sholi (2009)
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Archive - Controlling Crowds (2009)
maudlin of the Well - Part the Second (2009)
Water and Bodies - Water and Bodies EP (2009)
My Latest Novel - Deaths and Entrances (2009)
Kiss Kiss - The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left (2009)
Cale Parks - To Swift Mars (2009)
Sigmund Droid - Maximum Grind (2009)
Mutemath - Armistice (2009)
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Porcupine Tree - The Incident (2009)
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Sing Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious (2009)
Karen O and The Kids - Where the Wild Things Are (2009)
Brooke Waggoner - Go Easy Little Doves (2009)
The House Harkonnen - Vol.6 (2009)
Russian Circles - Geneva (2009)
Painted In Exile - Revitalized (2009)
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What's Left of Her - Perceptions (2010)
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Judgement Day - Peacocks / Pink Monsters (2010)
The Apples in Stereo - Travellers in Space and Time (2010)
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Journal - Unlorja (2010)
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Annuals - Count the Rings (2010)
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The Book of Right On - All These Songs About Music (2010)
Timmy Sean - Songs From and Inspired By Noisewater (2010)
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Saturday, August 3, 2019

REACT TO: That Drummer Guy's Top 350 Albums

So at, That Drummer Guy did what is an updated version of his favorite albums of all-time. I say that in that he has posted at least once or more an all-time list. At least on Mike Portnoy's forum many years back.

And his list has changed since then, I think as much as the albums he chose, than bands. Although I think the list he made on may have only been 100 rather than this list below of 350.

But he used the same rules I think: 1 album per artist, no live albums or compilations, or ep's.

Now mind you, Josh's taste is incredibly deep with Hard Rock and especially Metal. And with those, it often seems a plethora of styles of Metal largely from the last 20-25 years.

I.e. Metal of the 21st Century.

But to summarize this massive list of Josh's, saying it's all Metal isn't true. There's a lot of Prog and Prog Metal in there, especially recent Prog.

Some names like Mew, Kaddisfly, Oceansize and Bend Sinister I don't know if I would have expected to be included (whereas some others not included such as Angra, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Transatlantic, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Gathering, Vektor, Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold, Necrophagist, Orphaned Land, Unexpect, Savatage).

I imagine it was not easy reducing a list of artists down, inevitably, even with 350 artists, there will be many not included.

But also interesting how Josh picked stuff like Ocean Machine, We're Here Because We're Here, Kezia, and Gretchen Goes to Nebraska; all of which I would pick as MY favorites actually. Whereas in the list he chose in the past, he had others. Terria I recall was his favorite album of all-time for many years, from Devin Townsend who I believe still is his favorite artist of all-time.

But stuff like Machine Fish from Galactic Cowboys, and Autotheism from The Faceless are not typical favorites from fans, but I know Josh often will prefer many less common favorites. To that I can relate to him (Relayer being my favorite Yes album for example).

Seeing and thinking about his list, it might be another fun project, exercise to list 1 favorite album from 350 or 500 artists. I guess I kind of tried to do that with some of my React-To lists from 89.3's 893 Countdowns, but this would be more in-depth and might be a little easier given only 1 is allowed.

Ranking? Josh did it here, but I just can't see myself being able to. An Alphabetical Order makes more sense for me.

350.) My Chemical Romance- Welcome To The Black Parade (2006)
349.) Metallica- Ride The Lightning (1984)
348.) Rishloo- Eidolon (2007)
347.) Mew- No More Stories... (2009)
346.) Sons of Aeon- Sons of Aeon (2013)
345.) Vital Remains- Dechristianize (2003)
344.) Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom (2006)
343.) Burning Inside- Apparation (2001)
342.) Wilton and Akerstache- Storm Corrosion
341.) Dave Brockie Experience- Diarrhea of a Madman
340.) Widowmaker- Blood And Bullets (1992)
339.) Karnivool- Sound Awake (2009)
338.) Vertigo Steps- Surface/Light (2012)
337.) 1349- Demonoir (2010)
336.) Shai Hulud- Misanthropy Pure (2008)
335.) Burst- Lazarus Bird (2008)
334.) Pelican- City of Echoes (2007)
333.) Twelve Foot Ninja- Silent Machine (2012)
332.) Acid Bath- When The Kite String Pops (1994)
331.) Thrice- The Artist In The Ambulance (2003)
330.) Mr. Bungle- Mr. Bungle (1991)
329.) Levi/Werstler- Avalanche of Worms (2010)
328.) Kaddisfly- Set Sail to Prairie (2006)
327.) Portal- Vexovoid
326.) Goo Goo Dolls- Dizzy Up The Girl

325.) Exhorder- Slaughter in The Vatican (1990)
324.) Solstafir- Köld (2009)
323.) Egypt Central- Egypt Central (2008)
322.) The Exies- A Modern Way Of Living The Truth (2007)
321.) Cephalic Carnage- Anomalies (2005)
320.) Fear My Thoughts- The Great Collapse (2004)
319.) Izah- Sistre (2015)
318.) Judgement Day- Peacocks/Pink Monsters
317.) The 11th Hour- Burden of Grief (2009)
316.) The Kris Norris Projekt- Icons of the Illogical (2009)
315.) Primal Rock Rebellion- Awoken Broken
314.) Wolves In The Throne Room- Celestial Lineage (2011)
313.) OSI- Free (2006)
312.) Gridlink- Longhena (2014)
311.) Goes Cube- Another Day Has Passed (2009)
310.) Hella- Hold Your Horse Is (2002)
309.) Red Fang- Whales and Leeches (2013)
308.) Miss May I- At Heart (2012)
307.) Spiral Architect- A Sceptic's Universe (2000)
306.) Hate Eternal- Upon Desolate Sands (2018)
305.) Earshot- Two (2004)
304.) From Autumn To Ashes- Abandon Your Friends (2005)
303.) Mercenary- The Hours That Remain (2006)
302.) D.R.I.- Danger Zone (1989)
301.) Mercyful Fate- Melissa (1983)

300.) The Man Eating Tree- In The Absence of Light (2015)
299.) Badlands- Badlands (1989)
298.) Slayer- God Hates Us All (2001)
297.) Queens of the Stone Age- Songs For The Deaf (2002)
296.) The Human Abstract- Nocturne (2006)
295.) Ghost Bath- Starmourner (2017)
294.) Cryptopsy- Once Was Not (2005)
293.) Gorefest- Rise To Ruin (2007)
292.) A.F.I.- Sing The Sorrow (2003)
291.) TesseracT- One (2011)
290.) Winterfylleth- The Dark Hereafter (2016)
289.) Mnemic- The Audio Injected Soul (2004)
288.) King Parrot- Bite Your Head Off (2012)
287.) Dekadent- Veritas (2015)
286.) Type O Negative- Life Is Killing Me
285.) Subterranean Masquerade- The Great Bazaar (2015)
284.) Mutemath- Mutemath (2006)
283.) Megadeth- Rust In Peace (1990)
282.) Spock's Beard- Snow (2002)
281.) Warbringer- Woe To The Vanquished (2017)
280.) Star One- Victims Of The Modern Age (2010)
279.) Rosk- Miasma (2017)
278.) The Mars Volta- Deloused In The Comatorium (2003)
277.) Dynazty- Titanic Mass (2016)
276.) Vallenfyre- Splinters

275.) Soulfly- Prophecy (2004)
274.) Against The Wall- The Truth (2009)
273.) Horrendous- The Chills (2012)
272.) Arctic Sleep- Arbors (2012)
271.) Pig Destroyer- Phantom Limb (2007)
270.) Vaura- Selenelion (2012)
269.) Nailed To Obscurity- Black Frost (2019)
268.) Alter Bridge- AB III (2010)
267.) Saor- Roots (2015)
266.) Bison- Dark Ages (2010)
265.) Minus The Bear- OMNI (2010)
264.) Suicidal Tendencies- Lights...Camera...Revolution (1990)
263.) Oceansize- Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up (2010)
262.) From A Second Story Window- Conversations (2008)
261.) Probot- Probot (2004)
260.) Kyuss- Blues For The Red Sun (1992)
259.) Grave Digger- Healed By Metal (2017)
258.) Sonata Arctica- Reckoning Night (2004)
257.) Falloch- Where Distant Spirits Remain (2011)
256.) 96 Bitter Beings- Camp Pain (2018)
255.) Bad Religion- New Maps Of Hell (2007)
254.) Meshuggah- Destroy, Erase, Improve (1995)
253.) The Haunted- rEVOLVEr (2004)
252.) GWAR- Lust In Space (2009)
251.) Harakiri For The Sky- III: Trauma (2016)

250.) Insect Warfare- At War With Grindcore (2005)
249.) Polkadot Cadaver- Purgatory Dance Party (2007)
248.) Sabaton- Primo Victoria (2005)
247.) We Sell The Dead- Heaven Doesn't Want You And Hell Is Full (2018)
246.) The Dear Hunter- The Color Spectrum (2011)
245.) Wearing Scars- A Thousand Words (2015)
244.) The Sword- Warp Riders (2010)
243.) Wintersun- Wintersun (2004)
242.) Trivium- Ascendancy (2005)
241.) Overkill- Ironbound (2010)
240.) Hurt- Vol. 1 (2006)
239.) Zimmer's Hole- While You Were Shouting At The Devil... (2008)
238.) Machine Head- Burn My Eyes (1994)
237.) Cold- Year Of The Spider (2003)
236.) Abigail Williams- Becoming (2012)
235.) Destrage- Are You Kidding Me? No. (2014)
234.) Power Trip- Nightmare Logic (2017)
233.) Corrosion of Conformity- No Cross, No Crown (2018)
232.) Tribulation-  Down Below (2018)
231.) Johnny B. Morbid- Fall of The Cicada (2015)
230.) Hail of Bullets- III: The Rommel Chronicles (2013)
229.) Kayo Dot- Hubardo
228.) Celtic Frost- Monotheist (2006)
227.) Exhumed- Gore Metal (1998)
226.) Queensryche- Operation: Mindcrime

225.) Obsidian Kingdom- A Year With No Summer (2016)
224.) My Dying Bride- Feel The Misery (2015)
223.) Horse The Band- A Natural Death (2007)
222.) Threat Signal- Under Reprisal (2005)
221.) Shadows Fall- The Art Of Balance (2002)
220.) Akercocke- Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone (2006)
219.) Weezer- The Blue Album (1994)
218.) Lamb Of God- As The Palaces Burn (2003)
217.) Terror Syndrome- Terror Syndrome (2008)
216.) Mono- Hymn To The Immortal WInd (2009)
215.) Sevendust- Seasons (2003)
214.) Iron Thrones- The Wretched Sun (2010)
213.) World Under Blood- Tactical (2011)
212.) The Ocean- Pelagial (2013)
211.) Muse- Absolution (2003)
210.) Sentenced- The Funeral Album (2005)
209.) Napalm Death- Utilitarian (2012)
208.) Obituary- Obituary (2017)
207.) Bolt Thrower- For Victory (1994)
206.) Sonic Syndicate- Confessions (2016)
205.) Selpultura- Chaos A.D. (1993)
204.) Yob- Our Raw Heart (2018)
203.) Armored Saint- Symbol Of Salvation (1991)
202.) Intronaut- The Direction of Last Things (2015)
201.) Falconer- Black Moon Rising

200.) 30 Seconds to Mars- A Beautiful Lie (2005)
199.) Moron Police- Defenders of The Small Yard (2014)
198.) Pyramaze- Immortal (2008)
197.) Suspiria- Attitude (2009)
196.) Pantera- The Great Southern Trendkill (1996)
195.) Kalmah- Seventh Swamphany (2013)
194.) Dying Fetus- Wrong One To Fuck With (2017)
193.) Ramallah- Kill A Celebrity (2005)
192.) Iron Maiden- Dance Of Death (2003)
191.) Hypocrisy- The Arrival (2004)
190.) Eluveitie- Spirit (2006)
189.) Junius- The Martyrdom Of A Catastophist (2009)
188.) Protest The Hero- Kezia (2005)
187.) Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction (2015)
186.) ICS Vortex- Storm Seeker (2011)
185.) Candiria- While They Were Sleeping (2016)
184.) maudlin of the Well- Leaving Your Body Map
183.) Converge- Jane Doe (2001)
182.) Exodus- Tempo Of The Damned (2004)
181.) Judas Priest- Angel of Retribution (2005)
180.) Last Chance To Reason- Level 2 (2011)
179.) Destroyer 666- Wildfire (2016)
178.) The Black Dahlia Murder- Everblack (2013)
177.) In Vain- Ænigma (2013)
176.) Bend Sinister- Animals (2014)

175.) This Will Not End Well- GOFUCKYOURSELF (2009)
174.) Hope Drone- Cloak Of Ash (2015)
173.) Goatwhore- Constricting Age Of The Merciless (2014)
172.) So Hideous- Laurestine (2015)
171.) Aborted- Terrorvision (2018)
170.) Cage- Hell Destroyer (2007)
169.) Behemoth- The Satanist (2014)
168.) Leprous- Bilateral (2011)
167.) Fallujah- The Flesh Prevails (2014)
166.) Kataklysm- Serenity In Fire (2004)
165.) Municipal Waste- The Art Of Partying (2007)
164.) Into Eternity- The Scattering Of Ashes (2006)
163.) Tokyo Motor Fist- Tokyo Motor Fist (2017)
162.) The Mantle- The Mantle (2017)
161.) Unearth- The Oncoming Storm (2004)
160.) Insomnium- Across The Dark (2009)
159.) Pagan's Mind- Heavenly Ecstasy (2011)
158.) Circus Maximus- Nine (2012)
157.) Frank Zappa- Sheik Yerbouti (1979)
156.) The Mute Gods- Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (2017)
155.) S.O.D.- Speak English Or Die (1985)
154.) Inter Arma- The Cavern (2014)
153.) Alice In Chains- Dirt (1992)
152.) Helmet- Meantime (1992)
151.) Gojira- Magma (2016)

150.) Evans Blue- This Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends (2007)
149.) Wolfheart- Constellation Of The Black Light (2018)
148.) In Mourning- The Weight Of Oceans (2012)
147.) Cauldron- In Ruin (2016)
146.) Periphery- PII: This Time It's Personal (2012)
145.) Prong- Ruining Lives (2014)
144.) Arcturus- Arcturian (2015)
143.) Sybreed- Slave Design (2004)
142.) At The Gates- Slaughter Of The Soul (1995)
141.) God Forbid- Gone Forever (2004)
140.) Bloody Hammers- The Summoning (2019)
139.) Freak Kitchen- Organic (2005)
138.) Anaal Nathrakh- The Whole Of The Law (2016)
137.) 3- The End Is Begun (2007)
136.) Orange Sky- Dat Iz Voodoo (2008)
135.) Kamelot- Karma (2001)
134.) Journal- Chrysalis Ordalias (2018)
133.) Obscura- Akroasis (2016)
132.) Anthrax- We've Come For You All (2003)
131.) King Crimson- In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969)
130.) Oceans Of Slumber- The Banished Heart (2018)
129.) Fear Factory- Archetype (2004)
128.) Carcass- Heartwork (1994)
127.) Pain- Coming Home (2016)
126.) Distorted Harmony- Chain Reaction (2014)

125.) Lantlôs- Melting Sun (2014)
124.) Primordial- Redemption At The Puritan's Hands (2011)
123.) Deafheaven- Roads To Judah (2011)
122.) Shining- Blackjazz (2010)
121.) CKY- Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild (2002)
120.) The Faceless- Autotheism (2012)
119.) Revocation- The Outer Ones (2018)
118.) Sum 41- Chuck (2004)
117.) Atheist- Unquestionable Presence (1991)
116.) Scar Symmetry- Pitch Black Progress (2006)
115.) Kyng- Trampled Sun (2011)
114.) Stolen Babies- Naught (2012)
113.) Amorphis- Skyforger (2009)
112.) Demians- Building An Empire (2008)
111.) While Heaven Wept- Fear Of Infinity (2011)
110.) Alcest- Les Voyages De L'Âme (2012)
109.) Textures- Drawing Circles (2006)
108.) Cannibal Corpse- Kill (2006)
107.) Dog Fashion Disco- Adultery (2006)
106.) Dark Tranquillity- Character (2006)
105.) Head With Wings- From Worry To Shame (2018)
104.) Darkest Hour- Undoing Ruin (2005)
103.) Scale The Summit- The Collective (2011)
102.) Emperor- Prometheus-The Discipline Of Fire and Demise (2001)
101.) Necromancing The Stone- Jewel Of The Vile (2016)

100.) Galactic Cowboys- Machine Fish (1996)
99.) Godspeed You! Black Emperor- Raise Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (2000)
98.) Dark Funeral- Where Shadows Forever Reign (2016)
97.) James LaBrie- Static Impulse (2010)
96.) Story Of The Year- Page Avenue (2003)
95.) Daylight Dies- Dismantling Devotion (2006)
94.) Candlemass- Candlemass (2005)
93.) Lords of Black- II (2016)
92.) Toothgrinder- Phantom Amour (2017)
91.) Riverside- Love, Fear, And The Time Machine (2015)
90.) Testament- The Gathering (1999)
89.) For The Imperium- For The Imperium- (2012)
88.) Being- Anthropocene (2012)
87.) Mutiny Within- Mutiny Within (2010)
86.) 6:33- Deadly Scenes (2015)
85.) Magic Dance- New Eyes (2018)
84.) Ancient VVisdom- A Godlike Inferno (2011)
83.) Novembers Doom- Aphotic (2011)
82.) King Diamond- Abigail (1987)
81.) Sanctuary- Refuge Denied (1987)
80.) Fates Warning- Theories Of Flight (2016)
79.) In Flames- Clayman (2000)
78.) Paradise Lost- Tragic Idol (2012)
77.) Boris- Pink (2005)
76.) Redemption- This Mortal Coil (2011)

75.) Skull Fist- Chasing The Dream (2014)
74.) With The Dead- Love From With The Dead (2017)
73.) Native Construct- Quiet World (2015)
72.) Thulcandra- Ascension Lost (2015)
71.) Clutch-  Earth Rocker (2013)
70.) Symphony X- Paradise Lost (2007)
69.) Cloudkicker- Beacons (2010)
68.) Raunchy- Death Pop Romance (2006)
67.) Black Crown Initiate- The Wreckage of Stars (2014)
66.) Ayreon- The Source (2017)
65.) Ghost- Opus Eponymous (2010)
64.) Blind Guardian- Imaginations From The Other Side (1995)
63.) Torche- Meanderthal (2008)
62.) Bloodbath- Nightmares Made Flesh (2004)
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1.) Devin Townsend- Biomech: Ocean Machine (1997)