Saturday, March 31, 2018

Kimbra - Like They Do on the TV [1B]

Nice tune, albeit pretty straight forward. It almost reminds me of Mutemath in some ways.

The video is nice, a little surreal with the retro televisions and what not. Kimbra posted on YouTube how she always wanted to be an animated character, so she finally got her wish.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Capital Cities - My Name is Mars [1B]

Pretty nice tune and lyric video.

No trumpet and no Spencer Ludwig though, but that seems to be the case with many of their new tunes.

on a side note, I've been having quite the difficult evening with my and wife's dog Coco having to go into emergency surgery (and the cost of course being through the roof), but I can now say the surgery went okay and she should make a full recovery. So this new track does help ease my mood and stress (sadness), so no matter how much I love this tune, maybe it'll hold that amount of huge SENTIMENTAL VALUE to me now.

Love Little Puppy! Long Live Little Puppy Coco!!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Protest the Hero w/ Thank You Scientist + Closure in Moscow @ Varsity Theater 3/25/18

The 10th Anniversary of Fortress, Protest the Hero's 2nd full-length album from 2008, they of course played it in-full.

The support acts, Thank You Scientist who played 1st, and Closure in Moscow, I had mild curiosity about each at best.

Thank You Scientist: I arrived during maybe their 2nd or 3rd song unfortunately as I didn't enter the building til probably around 10 after 8PM (per waiting to pay the meter on the street at 8PM exactly).

I have known about, and heard their music over the last 5 or 6 years especially, and know they have a following. I know a lot of like-minded fans with similar taste in modern progressive rock who really dig them. And they played both on Progressive Nation at Sea along with touring with Bent Knee among others (Coheed I think).

But I struggled with them per they always sounded like if Claudio Sanchez were singing in a Jazz/Horn/Violin or even Ska band at points. And while combining those things together might work well for some, especially his vocals being so much like Claudio, it was hard to get past.

So, hearing and seeing 2/3 or more of their live show last night, my feeling isn't dramatically different. At 1 point I kind of wondered if they would be best all-instrumental, because the musicians are very good and the chops + compositions overall work. Prog, but not too excessive.

And I can say, the last track they did "My Famed Disappearing Act" may have worked best for me, or at least was my favorite.

I think I may force myself to check their music out more or again, just to see if something clicks. They do actually remind me of Kindo in some ways of course, but also SNARKY PUPPY, except with a singer who sounds highly like Claudio.

Closure in Moscow: To be honest, I am not going to go into tons of details. Simply put, my 1st exposure to them and their debut album in 2009? 2010? sometime around then, was they were almost a clear copycat of The Mars Volta without the songwriting or even interesting instrumental chops.
And I've heard their more recent music has been more stripped down.

And it was for the most. I just kept hearing the Volta, but with no amazing, memorable melodies or sections.

I guess I can say they did have good energy and did play to the crowd a bit, but I guess they may not be for me at this point.

Protest the Hero: 10 or so years ago I saw them on the Fortress-tour at Station 4, and while I'm sure the performance was fine, the sound was next to awful. I couldn't hear the vocals at all.

Last night at The Varsity (without original bassist/songwriter Arif), my feeling was this did makeup for that disappointing show many years ago. The sound, while hardly perfect, and despite a bit of a Ne Obliviscaris blast-beat dominated mix, I was still able to hear Roddy's voice much better.

They were consistently energetic as their music gets. It's frantic and crazy fast at times. I did get some chills just remembering how much I loved much of the Fortress album, per I maybe haven't listened to it 10 years (maybe 7 or 8? I can't be sure).

It's a record that has a consistent flow, with dynamics, and doesn't go on too long (like 45 mins?). And I have always felt "Bloodmeat" and "Sequia Throne" are 2 of their best songs.

Now let me just add a very important point in here that I'm sure I have many times in the past, but not recently per I have not had all that much about PtH in many years.

I LOVE their debut album Kezia, and have felt really since 2006 or 2007 when I 1st got into them, was clearly the SUPERIOR album. I even purchased it on Vinyl in the last year or 2. The acoustic sections, production, female vocals and overall epic nature of it (it's a concept album anyway, which Fortress I suppose is as well).

So I had a bias and have seen so many people talk about Fortress being their classic, etc. And while I did always enjoy it, never found it had the depth/magic of Kezia.

But at the same time, I would consider it their 2nd best record still/better than all of the albums they've released since.

It is kind of samey in some ways with the riffs and frequent energy and even many songs in the same key, etc.

But I suppose it works maybe even better live (certainly some of the clipping cymbals/mix/loudness that may be present at points, is not noticed live).

So overall I really enjoyed seeing the whole thing live last night, even with some of the banter/stories from Roddy to the crowd (about Milwaukee, Katy Perry, Chicago Blackhawks + Maple Leafs among other things).

The new track "Chuna Fish" reminded me of naturally, the Pacific Myth stuff which was nice per I really enjoy that EP, save for the fact it's just an EP. And "Sex Tapes" from Scurrilous, maybe is my favorite song from that album (I recall thinking it was the most different from any previous thing they'd done at the time).

So, I guess I can say I got to finally see Protest in a decent/improved/more acceptable sound environment. And they are kind of out-of-my-system, live. I don't know when I will see them again, i suppose it may have to be with another strong support or if they open for someone (like Faith no More? or of course the likes of SikTh or something).

And I did pass on the Godspeed You Black Emperor show a few weeks ago on St.Patty's day for this show per I just saw Godspeed in 2016. But the fact is, I am more into Godspeed now and their new album from last year. But, it was a compromise. Hopefully I'll get to see Godspeed again (it was only their 2nd show in MN in 17 years).

Plus I now know I think how The Varsity will have seating downstairs for seeing like Jessie Ware soon, etc by going last night.

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photo: Nate W

Protest the Hero
The Dissentience
Bone Marrow
Sequoia Throne
Palms Read
Limb From Limb
Goddess Gagged
Goddess Bound

Sex Tapes
Chuna Fish (New song)

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photo: Nate W

Thank You Scientist
Wrinkle (Instrumental Jam)
The Somnambulist
Blood on the Radio
Mr. Invisible
The Amateur Arsonist's Handbook
In the Company of Worms
My Famed Disappearing Act

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, night and concert
photo: Nate W

Closure in Moscow
Kissing Cousins
Had to Put It in the Soil
I’m a Ghost of Twilight
Arecibo Message
Reindeer Age
A Night at the Spleen

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Song for a Dead Friend

I don't want to pass along a ton of personal details about this, unlike say when I learned of James Bickers death or something.

But to at least add what and how I can, a classmate of mine from High School died recently. He was someone I knew, and hung out with occasionally.

He wasn't my closest friend, but at the same time, I knew him somewhat well, at times. And even just a few years ago I was contacted by him and we hung out 1 night.

Now, just as background, my High School was small, and my actual class/grade only had 49, so for the most part, everyone knew each other to a degree.

He was really the only one I even was in contact with from my class, and that was only back in 2014 when we did get in contact.

The more I think about it and remember things, the more I am feeling weird about someone I know being dead. I suppose he's not the only person I know dying, or even my age (at least 2 of my classmates from Grade School sadly, are also dead).

But I guess I am holding on to my memories of the times him and I spent together at least; many of which are in my memory, but I need more things to be jogged out to find. Probably paging through my yearbooks would do it, and maybe old photos. Unfortunately right now, that stuff is in storage, but probably wouldn't require a ton of time to track down at the storage space soon.

One other thing that I may or may not go through with, feeling today and recently, thinking about High School and the past, just about myself and my passion for music and things and THE CULTURE of friends I have kept, really since HS. It's a possible RANT or at least spilling of my guts, which may or may not be found to written about in here (there's other places for that kind of thing potentially).

But Rest in Peace old friend. Kevin Gilbert's sentiment with that song certainly fits how I'm feeling right now about him.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Video + Podcast: DISCLAND + Marvel's RUNAWAYS

Sculptured - The Spear of the Lily Is Aureoled [CD] Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds Pink Floyd - More Sega Genesis Games: MLBPA Tony LaRussa Baseball Lakers vs Celtics

Brian K Vaughan: Y: The Last Man Marvel's RUNAWAYS Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Fjokra - Evening Lights Bend Sinister - We've Heard it all Before

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fjokra - Evening Lights [1B] (2018)

Yeah, this awesome. But it's Fjokra, go figure. The guy and his band are brilliant.

I may wear this thing out, but then again right now, can't be sure how much at work.

Here's an interview with Fjokra 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Dear Hunter + BTBAM w/ Leprous @ First Avenue in MPLS 3/3/18

The set lists are all below. I can 1st add since it's March 6th, this is a delayed review of course (new yet screwed up, and soon to be exchanged Laptop being a big reason).

Leprous: they were fun, energetic. Their drummer has mad chops. I like the atmosphere and they had this wonderful cellist on tour with them. Their music though, I can't say I feel any more strongly about overall than I did before really. I suppose they do add presence, but when it comes down to it, I question if their style of prog metal will be something I will ever get obsessed with.

But I thought they set up the evening well and hardly lacked interest. And oddly, I don't recall a ton of chatting upstairs where I sat during their show. But to counter, maybe per time limits, their singer didn't have a ton of stage presence.

The Dear Hunter: Of course I guess this was kind of a slight-double bill, so they got a bit of a longer set than the Coheed show in 2017. The sound:..well I suppose was BETTER than the terribly low mix at the Coheed show. But maybe it's just my hearing, I still found their levels to be too low. Especially Casey's vocals. Maybe that was intentional? or last year with Coheed as well? I dunno.

I thought their performance was fanboy-biased, quite good still. Liked the little guitar solo during "Mustard Gas."

"This Old Haunt" I don't recall if they played on the last tour, nor the "Bitter Suite IV and V." I enjoyed "The Moon/Awake" of course as a closer.

The new EP tracks? I'm not sure if I could even recognize half the time, but it might just be my familiarity or like I mentioned, the mix/sound. Or maybe it's what I get for sitting/watching upstairs?..dunno.

But, I'm counting in my head, and I think this was my 10th or 11th show seeing them, going back to 2007 with Say Anything, Saves the Day and Meg and Dia at First Avenue.

Of course being a Lifetime Member, that numbers seems pretty understandable, and now 11 years later. And oddly, with BTBAM headlining First Avenue finally, maybe First Avenue is starting to come around on Prog? with Coheed, BTBAM and maybe TDH will find themselves headlining there too in the coming years.

As I told many there, the likes of dredg, Porcupine Tree and Fair to Midland got ignored but The Dear Hunter may have endured long enough not to find the same fate with First Avenue.

Between the Buried and Me, especially considering the set list was almost entirely from Parallax-Present. The new album? haven't heard it beyond the 1st song/video, but I hopefully will soon.

I'm not sure, but I guess the newer music, or even include The Great Misdirect, I can accept live easier. Now I'd still prefer the Colors/Alaska/Silent Circus tracks of course, but I get that they want to play the new stuff. Focus on it, etc. And the jury is still out on both Automata I and of course II later this year.

I did really enjoy mixing with the fans both at Pizza Luce beforehand..even saying a few words to Dan Briggs of BTBAM with a group of fans, and then meeting up with some huge fans of The Dear Hunter.

And then waiting in line, between sets, and afterwards. I can definitely say the BTBAM fans are usually really cool and down to earth (even the ones who moshed, lol). Which I'm not sure was as much the case for many of the Coheed fans last year (although I met some cool people there as well mind you).

Anyway..that's  more than enough detail for now. I do think this show and being among TDH fans, I really want to write and publish a RIYL/FFO entry for them soon (so anyone who cares, maybe look for it in the near future).

also cool to meet some people who came just for Leprous, although it wasn't their 1st show here, it was nice to meet some hardcore, underground prog metal fans in MN.
The Dear Hunter

The Old Haunt
Blame Paradise
The March
The Most Cursed of Hands
The Tank
The Bitter Suite IV and V: The Congregation and The Sermon in the Silt
Mustard Gas
The Revival
Witness Me
The Moon / Awake

Between the Buried and Me
Condemned to the Gallows
The Coma Machine
Dim Ignition
Astral Body
Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
Obfuscation (second half only)

Silent Flight Parliament
Goodbye to Everything Reprise

Play Video
The Flood
From the Flame
The Price

Short Update

-BTBAM/TDH/Leprous review? hopefully soon
-New Laptop?..not totally working out, per I struggle to type and thus BLOG with the cursor moving constantly, screwing up my text.

With the 1/2-foot of snow, my trip to the store I picked it up has been delayed. Hopefully by Saturday if not earlier.

-Been watching Bryan K Vaughan's Runaways adaptation on Hulu (thanks to a friend of the wife's again). Liking it, but the dialogue isn't as pop-culture filled or sarcastic as Y: The Last Man. Granted, BKV I don't think writes any of the screenplay or dialogue. I think he's just an Exec producer and Consultant. Also the fact I've never read them, and assumed they were more Superhero-y and Scifi-Drama like rather than the more character heavy YLM or even on Lost and Ex Machina. But the best news is YLM should be coming to FX from Eric Green (American Gods) sometime. But more info is needed about it.

-New Job duties has ended all listening at work to music, podcasts, video rips and even talk radio. Production Production Production and needing to focus, etc...hopefully it won't last forever.

YouTube/Podcasts and others..coming although with needing to do taxes, budget and finding a place to move to, who knows yet how much time I will be allowed in the coming weeks/months. Sucks even at my folks I can't per no internet or even tv until April 15th per they are in AZ and they shut their Comcrap bill off until then. I need a Hotspot I guess.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

God is an Astronaut - Epitaph (2017-2018)

Release date is April 27th. 1st song/video.

kind of droney 1st track though.


1. Epitaph
2. Mortal Coil
3. Winter Dusk/Awakening
4. Seance Room
5. Komorebi
6. Medea
7. Oisín

Mew - Frengers [15th Anniversary Deluxe]

CD Preorder

Coming on May 11th. As much as I have multiple copies of this album, I can see wanting this, at least eventually. The 7 extra tracks I'm pretty sure I've heard via the Evil Office back in the day, but have yet to revisit in 10 years or more.

They're also playing the album live, but in Europe I recall. Would love to witness that one of course.

Image may contain: 1 person

No automatic alt text available.

Danish import of the 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Frengers.

Mew's iconic album "Frengers" is considered one of the 00's most important Danish rock albums. It will be re-released on CD/double vinyl on the 11th of May with 7th additional tracks to celebrate 15 years since its original release.

Released: 11th May 2018


    Am I Wry? No
    Snow Brigade
    Behind The Drapes
    Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years
    Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
    She Came Home For Christmas
    She Spider
    Comforting Sounds
    King Christian
    That Time On The Ledge
    City Voices
    I Should’ve Been A Tsin-Tsi For You
    Like Paper Cuts