Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Dear Hunter: New and older Video

this new video is ace. I wonder if the girl is the same girl from Act II? I suppose I haven't spent enough time with the lyircs to Act III to recall.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kevin Gilbert - Nuts and Bolts liner notes from Cintra Wilson

I transcribed them, and feel they are worth more people seeing just to understand why his music is so significant.

It has been twelve-odd years since Kevin Gilbert's untimely death at the tender age of twenty-nine. Those of us who knew and loved him best still miss him a lot and think about him all the time.- and when we think about him (I think I speak for most of us) we think: "Damn, I wish Kev could drop back in for a day, so he could whup out a few of his casually brilliant, hilarious musical comments on our current state of affairs, and also that we might have the opportunity to dummy-slap the tar out of him for depriving the rest of our lives of his peerless talent and exquisite company."

It's hard to say what direction Kevin might have gone in as a songwriter in the last decade. His evolution always happened in leaps, fits and spurts. His personal, professional and creative selves were always wadded up in the same sock drawer - damp, tangled and bleeding colors all over each other. He was already profoundly jaded by Hollywood: his eventual compromise with those Powers That Be would surely have been painful - either for him, for them, or for us. He was already so ferociously appalled by American life that it is hard to imagine him lasting even the first four years of the Bush administration without either moving to Amsterdam or stripping down to a red, white and blue vinyl G-string and immolating himself on the White House lawn. But then again, he never really cared much about what happened in Washington. He had enough political difficulties in his own job. It was a juggling act; he was a showman, in the Bob Fosse sense of the word ("All That Jazz" was, incidentally one of his favorite films), always walking that razor-sharp, piano-wire line between the razzle-dazzle of 'entertaining,' and digging deep, telling the truth, and revealing himself. He encountered the most opposition from his professional world when he felt he was being most courageous: exposing parts of himself that even he didn't particularly want to see hanging around his own living room... let alone singing. He had a profound sense of justice, a nearly pathological need to be honest about tendencies most people would protect themselves by concealing, and a burning sense that he was, in a way, speaking up for underdogs everywhere - he had nearly boundless compassion for people victimized by their own demons.

That was the paradoxical power of Kevin's songs: they are funny, catchy, sometimes too sweet, occasionally too maudlin, always virtuosic, always excruciatingly truthful journalistic dispatches by a reporter at war with himself.

Like Mendelssohn or Jell-O tequila shooters, Kev was always a strong acquired taste...but in a proper mood of submission and indulgence, you might be deeply surprised by what you'd find in your ear.

This collection shows off many facets of the 18-sided die that was Kevin - the twee, sentimental prog-rock troubadour; the emotionally stark naked guy, standing in the dark night of the soul without shoes, shame or raincoat; the caring brother who wrote "Shannon Elizabeth" for his newborn niece; the petulant jerk lashing out a poison pen letter to his ex disguised as a love song to his dog, and most of all: the disappointed, embittered poet who nonetheless tried to redeem his own life, and yours, through piercingly beautiful music...and often succeeded.

What becomes really obvious listening to these tracks is that Kevin Gilbert, as existentially depressing, romantically bereft, and morally liminal as he could be, was a totally blinding, white-hot genius. History may have its share of talented songwriters, and some may have been more well-known or more widely appreciated, but none, really, were any better than Kevin. He truly was, ladies and gentleman, an artist at the apex of human ability in his chosen medium - and those don't come around every day. It's the kind of genius that you're a little more awestruck by each passing year, because even in the midst of certain tangy synthesizer sounds endemic to the year he wrote them, you realize that fundamentally, Kevin's songs are as potent today as they were ten years ago. They're real art: they're timeless.

Of course, what was really interesting about Kevin Gilbert - what Kevin found most interesting, anyway - was his love-life, and the trials he suffered, bedding numerous beautiful women - blondes, primarily - during his short reign on earth (it must be remembered that he began his professional life while still a teen, touring as a keyboardist for rock legend Eddie Money.)What I can tell you from personal experience is that ten inches is a conservative estimate...(to be continued in liner notes of "Bolts.")

Cintra Wilson, 2009 I was saying, to pick up where I left off in the previous liner-notes for "Nuts," ten inches is a conservative estimate of how thick Kevin Gilbert's little black book was, and the angsty feelings resulting from these romantic entanglements certainly weren't his alone, but we can safely say he wrote better songs about them than any of his girlfriends.

Anyway, in the legendary graphic novel "Transmetropolitan" by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, there is a religious movement in which one voluntarily discards the earthly body and "downloads" one's entire consciousness into a cloud of nanobots, and becomes a vapor-state known as a "foglet." the star of the series, future journalist Spider Jerusalem, rhetorically asks:

"If a guy has a prosthetic leg, is he still still human?... How about if he had two artificial legs? Artificial arms? A plastic heart? Carbon fibre bones? Artificial neurons? Where do you stop being human?"

You don't is the conclusion these drawings draw; a foglet is the ultimate, sentient, "postbiological man."

"You could download a mind out of its - let's face it - eminently crappy, badly designed human body and into a seriously useful and functionally immortal artificial form,"

said Spider Jerusalem.

Which leads me to further discussion of the Kevin Gilbert codex.

It's not the wit and sophistication of Kevin's lyrics. It's not the torturously thoughtful production values. It's not even his virtuosic musicianship or that sailing voice - it's the fact that twelve years after his death with a pair of headphones, he still is urgently, throbbingly real, ridiculous, vindictive, whiny, sarcastic, stunningly smart and painfully earnest all at the same time. He is still so beautiful, infuriating and immediate you still want to reach out and hug him and/or cry uncontrollably and/or hurl your coffee mug at him. His ability to press any number of out emotional buttons, for good or ill, is as strong now as it ever was when he was a living, breathing tortured genius-cum-lover-cum-brother-cum-collaborator-cum-friend.

Whatever form Kevin's soul is currently inhabiting in the space-time continuum, it is a safe bet that he still can't find his car keys; it is also safe to say that some eternal part of him is still waiting to feel that enough other people ultimately got him... that his music resounded, was understood, was loved, as listened to, and was necessary.

The songs in this collection have an impact more forceful than Kevin or anyone else ever gave him enough credit for. If you had the good fortune to know Kevin Gilbert while he slouched around earth, you were lucky, especially if you had a piano for him to fool around with. If you didn't know Kev, you're probably better off - he could be a really infectious downer sometimes, especially after he finished your bourbon; and it was inevitable that he'd say something unbelievably rude to several of your guests. But then again, that special charmlessness was half of his enduring charm.

If you still want to meet Kevin Mathew Gilbert - the "Canvas Mattress" himself (his infant brother somehow couldn't pronounce his name any other way) - you have the opportunity to meet Kevin now. He's like a Transmetropolitan foglet. He's still all in there. All of him. Right inside the music. he spared no molecule of himself to make it, and this is why these discs make him immortal. They were, very consciously, imbued by Kevin with the sum total of his own soul.

Cintra Wilson, 2009

"The Best of Everything" may be my newest favorite KG track. Such a perfect piano ballad. I should write something more extensive about these 2, and the Welcome to Joytown DVD soon.

I also should try and find that graphic novel Cintra Wilson referenced "Transmetropolitan" as it sounds intriguing, I've been kind of into graphic novels of late reading "David Boring" recently, "Ex Machina" and "Y: The Last Man" earlier this year. It sounds up my alley, even beyond the fact she referenced it with Kevin.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

so I finally saw it tonight, at the so-called IMAX in Roseville. That was secondary.

There's a ton to say, yet, in words, it doesn't really express the emotion that this movie brought to me.

Hmm, I read the book as a child, like many kids. I have verrry vague memories of the book, namely of the images of boy with the horned-suit on, and the monsters. What it was about, until I actually read a synopsis again a few months ago, I didn't fully remember. But I suppose the key plot-point after that was remembering he was sent to his room without any dinner. I think by his mother.

The other details, I should and will go back and page through the book again now after seeing the movie twice this evening (I missed the 1st 5minutes and this was such a good movie, I had to catch the WHOLE thing. And frankly, there were certainly multiple benefits/motivations for a 2nd viewing anyway).

edit: Wikipedia says and refreshed my memory now

The text consists of only ten sentences. It tells the story of Max, who one evening plays around his home, "making mischief" in a wolf costume. As punishment, his mother sends him to bed without supper. In his room, a mysterious, wild forest and sea grows out of his imagination, and Max sails to the land of the Wild Things. The Wild Things are fearsome-looking monsters, but Max conquers them "by staring into their yellow eyes without blinking once", and he is made "the King of all Wild Things", dancing with the monsters in a "wild rumpus". However, he soon finds himself lonely and homesick, and he returns home to his bedroom, where he finds his supper waiting for him, still hot.

I do remember that, and the way the forest grows in his room, almost reminds me of "the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." The supper being warm when he gets back home also I recall. I do like how Jonze *adapted* some things though, but remained true to the spirit of the book.

Jeez, so maybe Hollywood will end up adapting "Caps for Sale" "Goodnight Moon" and "There's a Nightmare in My Closet." maybe Jonze would be interested in working on some of these as well? lol. yeah, right.

I think the biggest thing that got me with it may be how much it struck a chord with childhood and my personality. Max is a kid who has a vast range of emotions, and what seems like a temper. He also has a vast imagination. Telling his mother the little story about the buildings and vampires was one example, but also the way he sees the world in his experience on the island.

I guess I felt partially transported back to being a child again watching this. I hate to make comparisons, but especially the 2nd time through, I felt very similar to how I feel/felt watching The Wizard of Oz, and I suppose some other heartfelt stories.

By running away to the Island, meeting the monsters, etc Max sort of fulfills that escape fantasy that many children yearn for. But at the same time, ultimately his tie to his mother (was his father in the book? I forget, he's only referenced vaguely in the movie) and family back home. The Wizard of Oz paralells are there, sure, but it doesn't make the story any less moving.

But his time with the monsters on the island, and then *****SPOILER**** going back home on the boat; leaving them behind was as touching a scene/sequence I've ever seen in any movie. The acting, music, cinematography, editing, etc is just perfect.

Ya know the truth is, after seeing it once (save for the 1st 5mins) I didn't expect to tear-up with what the story is. But I honestly could not hold back my tears. And then I figured, the 2nd time through the same wouldn't happen, having just seen it once and knowing what would happen; but my gawd, I did EVEN WORSE. This was like putting on Marillion's BRAVE or something. THE WIZARD OF OZ does it to me everytime, but it's not as if every movie I love does. "Synecdoche, NY" didn't do it to me? and there is certainly stuff in that movie that is sad. Ironically, also a movie Catherine Keener starred in as well.

Some of the best parts were in scenes with not a ton of dialogue, but you could see the emotion in the performance, albeit subtle at times, other times just an overly long-winded emphasis.

The boy Max Records, really did a fine job playing the lead character Max. I'm not sure what else he's done:

edit: he was the young version of Mark Ruffalo's character in "The Brother's Bloom." Mark Ruffalo, also was in WTWTA, lol.

I certainly will remember him, even if he never does anything as good as this again. He pulled the role off quite well. Capturing those emotions just right. Sure, the scenes at the beginning of the movie were truncated, especially the part when he reacts to his igloo being destroyed (did he even look at it and point it out, before or during his tears?..I don't think so, but it still worked well enough I thought).

No Spike Jonze really got this movie just right. The author, Maurice Sendak, was great to wait for him, the right writer and director to put it to film.

edit: really strange how Steve Vai released a live album earlier this year of the same title, and it comes from his performance in Minneapolis at the State Theater, lol

Also in 1985, according to Wikipedia, a stage performance of WTWTA was performed in St.Paul. My guess is the "Children's Theater" there. I remember going there, namely for the "500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins" and something related-to, but not necessarily The Wizard of Oz (and A Christmas Carol I believe since a friend of mine and my brother's was in it I recall), but I'm not sure if I caught that play specifically. But it wouldn't surprise me given how I had and read the book not that many years earlier (early 80's is my guess).

I could elaborate on a lot more details and other things involving this movie; and I very well may, at least when I do my end-of-year list. Especially considering how great it was, and I'd be surprised to see a better, more moving picture the rest of the year/season (although I'd love to be wrong).


Kind of funny as this comes right on the heels of finally getting the Kevin Gilbert "Nuts, Bolts, and Welcome to Joytown DVD/CD" which will likely be in my mailbox by Saturday if not earlier since I placed my order (here) on Monday night. And also Between the Buried and Me's album "The Great Misdirect" leaking. So, it's kind of come within a segment of multiple favorite and significant sources of art/entertainment for myself.

Epica Tour, Simone : )

bumped 10/22/09 12:39AM

original 7/22/09 2:55AM

I won't deny, their music I don't know all that well. But that pretty face is just too wonderful to pass up the chance to see (and hopefully meet!) on February 6th in St.Paul.

Here's the obligatory press-release:

Dutch female-fronted symphonic metallers EPICA entered Gate Studio in Wolfsburg, Germany on March 2 with producer Sascha Paeth to begin recording the follow-up to 2007's "The Divine Conspiracy", tentatively due in September/October via Nuclear Blast Records.

Commented EPICA guitarist Mark Jansen: "It's been a great time at Gate Studio in Wolfsburg recording 'Design Your Universe'. We worked with the same team and we worked for the first time together with our new guitar player Isaac Delahaye [formerly of GOD DETHRONED]. This made a difference and made things very refreshing because we could add some new elements because of him. We have worked harder than ever on the details. We preferred to spend some extra money on great additions which brings our songs to a higher level instead of leaving things like they are. The result is that we worked so hard on this album that we hardly can listen to the album anymore. Now it's time to let it go and release it to humanity. We were already very happy with 'The Divine Conspiracy', but I'm sure this new album tops that one.

He added, "The album title, 'Design Your Universe', deals with new breakthroughs in quantum physics. It proves that we are all connected to each other on subatomic level. Also, it shows that we can create or at least influence matter with our thoughts… a very interesting fact. Because it changes everything for us, our whole worldview collapses once you accept these facts and integrate them in your lives. So this had to become the new album title."

EPICA will return to North America for a headlining tour in the beginning of 2010, with DAATH and BLACKGUARD as support. EPICA will offer fans a special VIP ticket which will grant them access to the venue an hour before door times, a pre-show meet-and-greet with EPICA and a event poster customized for the city of the show. Fans are urged to purchase these VIP tickets as only 50 are being allotted for each show. Tickets go on sale today through exclusively until August 19, at which point they will be made available through all other normal ticketing outlets.

Confirmed tour dates are as follows:

Jan. 26 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA
Jan. 27 - Trocadero Theater - Philadelphia, PA
Jan. 29 - The Blender Theatre at Gramercy - New York, NY
Jan. 30 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
Jan. 31 - Club Soda - Montreal, Quebec - CANADA
Feb. 01 - MOD Club - Toronto, Ontario - CANADA
Feb. 03 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
Feb. 04 - The Pearl Room - Mokena IL
Feb. 05 - The Rave - Milwaukee, VI
Feb. 06 - Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
Feb. 08 - Royal Albert Arms - Winnipeg, Manitoba - CANADA
Feb. 10 - Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta - CANADA
Feb. 11 - Warehouse - Calgary, Alberta - CANADA
Feb. 13 - Sugar Nightclub - Victoria, B.C. - CANADA
Feb. 14 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
Feb. 15 - Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
Feb. 17 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
Feb. 18 - Key Club - West Hollywood, CA
Feb. 19 - U.B.'s Bar - Mesa, AZ
Feb. 20 - The Rock - Tucson - Tucson, AZ
Feb. 22 - Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
Feb. 23 - Marquee - Tulsa, OK
Feb. 24 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
Feb. 25 - Scout Bar - San Antonio, TX
Feb. 27 - Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC
Feb. 28 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carl Gerber-crybaby-food_shit

# You Vikings fans really are hateful people. I don't see how you can sleep at night. I am going to sign off and be with GOOD people now8 minutes ago from Echofon

# Oh come on. How lucky13 minutes ago from Echofon

# This will be start of long losing streak for ViQueens13 minutes ago from Echofon

# We won, by the way, 26-014 minutes ago from Echofon

# We're in range, Ravens fans16 minutes ago from Echofon

# Where's that midget Antoine Winfield? This looks easy18 minutes ago from Echofon

# Ravens only need about 35 yards19 minutes ago from Echofon

# So what? Here comes the REAL purple team20 minutes ago from Echofon

# What happened to the supposed awesome ViQueen defense? I told you they were lucky and overrated22 minutes ago from Echofon

# Adrienne looks hurt. Poor baby25 minutes ago from Echofon

# Here we go Ravens Here WE Go26 minutes ago from Echofon

# Look! ViQueens LOSING.27 minutes ago from Echofon

# Oh, look, ViQueens about to LOSE. Think I'll go watch in parking lot since this game is over35 minutes ago from Echofon

# Lions get NOTHING from what is probably the best defense in NFL. Looks like Baltimore is starting to dominate MNabout 1 hour ago from Echofon

# Are there any nicer people on earth than Packer fans? Just a better quality of humans, I think Lambeau is like a giant group hugabout 1 hour ago from Echofon

# There is no finer place on earth than Lambeau field ona fall Sundayabout 2 hours ago from Echofon

# The big question today: Is Donald Driver a first or second ballot Hall of Famer?about 2 hours ago from Echofon


AllMediaReviewsVikings did not deserve to win today. Jeezus..what a horrible meltdown.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Archive - Controlling Crowds (2009)

bumped 10/16/09 7:32AM

Controlling Crowds Part IV

1 Pills
2 Lines
3 The Empty Bottle
4 Remove
5 Come On Get High
6 Thought Conditioning
7 The Feeling Of Losing Everything
8 Blood In Numbers
9 To The End
10 Pictures
11 Lunar Bender

mostly new songs. I need to revisit CC's again just to get an idea if it should remain as high on my 2009 Albums Index as it is. But adding this is something to consider I suppose. A stream is nice, but hopefully this will leak soon too. Street Date is soon (if not already) but a US release of it or ANY other of Archive's albums is puzzling.

link to buy it on their official site.

original 3/28/09 2:35PM

the whole thing can be streamed on their myspace right now:

I'd recommend this album as it reminds me at times of Woven's "Designer Codes" album from last year. It often seems like a 76minute soundtrack like DC's was. It's more of a departure from some of Archive's work in the past like "You All Look the Same to Me" and "Noise." There's isn't as much prog rock, and more trip-hop. But the songs are still there, and it consistently keeps your attention, that it doesn't seem as long as the 1hour and change it clocks in at.

Here's my notes I wrote down the other day (sorry for the caps)

1 Controlling Crowds - "I'm sick of the controlling crowds, here they come"
2 Bullets1st single. Catchy.
3 Words on Signs - "There's no-bod-dee here for me right now-ow-ow"
4 Danger Visit - "so much writing on the wall" 10x's...sweet bass-line..nice effects on the pedals and repeated vocal-choruses "sing along, sing along, sing along, sing it"
5 Quiet Time - hip-hop..ambient wall-of-sound almost like Marillion..great build of energy
6 Collapse Collide - sad melody reminds me of Neverending White Lights..female vox..GREAT WALL-OF-SOUND AMBIENCE THAT BUILDS..GREAT ATMOSPHERE


82/100 and 5th place currently on the '09 AotY race.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fields (the UK Band) - RIP :(

apparently they broke up. "Hollow Mountains" was supposed to come out in March, but their record label dropped them before it could. By all accounts it was recorded and mastered. Some of the demos on their myspace sounded promising enough.

I hope somehow they decide to release Hollow Mountains on their own or something. Look at maudlin of the Well or Self. As long the legal side isn't an issue and they can accept a paypal kind of deal. Otherwise, it's really a waste, on their part since they wrote and recorded it.

Reminds me of Soundscape...I hope we hear Hollow Mountains before 2019, lol.

RosieFM wrote:
August 2009

they've split *cries*
RosieFM wrote:
August 2009

I heard from a friend of the band... so I think pretty damn reliable I'm devastated too, had been waiting for another album with baited breath... Don't know what's going to happen to it, don't think they were signed anymore.

Time: I don't have enough of it.

Fuck Fuck Fuck.

last 2 nights: I get home from work, eat dinner, try and catchup on emails/forums/leaks and then get 1-2 hour nap in before a concert where I'm out until 1am.

So many items to mention, review..and I have no fucking time right now as it's 2am.

So, all I can do is copy and paste some posts I guess.


some of this is unbelievable. Fuck.

The Arusha Accord came out, In due time I'll hear it.
Wolfmother was supposed to have dropped yesterday, and with a leak coming soon, ditto.

10/13/09: School of Seven Bells, Warpaint and The Depreciation Guild. @ 7th Street Shack

I attended their show in Minneapolis tonight.

1st off: I actually went to the show 1st and foremost to see Warpaint who I might describe as a textural, dreamy female-driven rock group. They're quite good, and they just re-released their debut EP "Exquisite Corpse" with an extra track. And expect them to put out their debut full-length next Spring.

I'm rather intrigued where they will go after remembering and enjoying their music again (I checked out their ep back in March, but kind of misplaced/forgot about it until noticing they were on the bill with SVIIB).

The 2nd band The Depreciation Guild weren't bad either. Kind of electronicagaze. They had a visual screen that fit well their music, altho most of the rhythms were generated with a drum machine I suspect, as it sounds on their music.

And then seeing School of Seven Bells finally, was a rather trippy, surreal experience at times. Most of the lights were down and they also had a projection screen that was a big part of their show. But sonically, the guitar and textures they use really dominated a lot of the sound. The twins pulled off the vocals okay, but at times the hugely amped-up, distorted guitars really caused them to almost sound like they were in the background.

They are a pretty different group live, as the album at times puts me to sleep, but this was many levels louder and in-your-face. And some of the color-spectrums and visuals really added some to the music. Although, at the same time they re-used some of them, and a couple of the one's early in the set kind of got boring after a few minutes.

But I'd definitely see these guys again live. The studio work? meh, I'm really not sure. They come across as almost a heavy-electronica group live, but Alpisims doesn't leave much of the same impression. It's almost more earthy.

more..A LOT MORE I hope to be added about this show, mainly WARPAINT. The girls in Warpaint are incredibly sweet. I wish they lived here and I could see them play a lot more often. They're all cute too, but I suspect all have boyfriends. Go figure, I'm not one to ruin a band anyway, but affection is hard to avoid, especially when receiving hugs :p.

10/12/09 Fair to Midland @ The Rock Nightclub

just got back a bit ago.

7th show in less than 3 years, lol.

new stuff sounds more refined, more eclectic, and tighter. Musical Chairs of course is now a little more known, but they still play an extended version of it live. The other new songs, well I can say right now "Rikki Tikki Tavi" rules. I am totally psyched about that tune more now. There's a great chours in the middle that I love. The shifting moods, times works really well.

The others..the one that is rather ambient I am curious about..1 is a poppy piece I recall them doing last time.

As far as news: They would have had a chance to record and release a new album this year, but the fact they are not clear ON THEIR LABEL situation right now, is the biggest reason they haven't Also cost/$ of course. But They are actually with the Serj connection, looking into a major lable, perhaps Interscope or Warner Brothers. This is vague, but that's what Cliff mentioned to me.

But with the delays, they have written more songs, and I guess more or less every one of them is different stylistically. I'd believe it. I really think their next record will not be Fables Part 2 at all. Even tho some elements to Musical Chairs reminds me of Fables, that may be the only song that will remind folks more obviously as having much of the Fables sound. But then again, what we've heard is just a demo, the final/released version may be quite different potentially.

The rest of set:
Tal Tales
April Fools
Walls of Jericho
Seafarer's Knot

Darroh did his usual hanging from the lights antics..a lot of cut/crowd-vocal choruses..and extended versions.

7th time, and this was another great memory to put in the books.

Another thing that I must mention and stress. The OPENING BANDS. Empty Set: they caught my attention at times, especially this 1 almost proggy/jamband track. BloodRoot Mother: the myspace stuff I was impressed by, and they also were interesting enough at times. I bought their cd and may see them at Station 4 on Friday (instead of Mastodon at Roy Wilkins).

The House of Harkonnen: um..THESE GUYS NEARLY FLOORED ME. Wow, ok. They have been playing shows with FTM for many years in Texas I guess, but they haven't done a ton of touring with them. Fuck, these guys killed! Speed Metal to the Nth degree! They were wearing Motorhead, I thought I was listening to Motorhead at times seeing them, lol. I guess 1 of the guitarists is classically trained too. Fuck, they had such great energy, my jaw dropped at times.

If you dig energetic, technical-at-times, speed metal..or perhaps just groups like Mastodon or Baroness..sort-of blues-based at times, but with great energy..this band could be a CAN'T MISS.

I told them and Cliff, perhaps they could become like The Galactic Cowboys were with King's X for FTM. Tour-partners from the same hometown/state.

They really are a band more people would enjoy if they received the right exposure. I know I will be checking out their back catalog now, and look fwd to seeing them again hopefully soon.

They almost outclassed FTM to be honest. I purchased their latest disc.

The Decemberists @ The State Theater last Friday 10/9/09. Here's a post from another blog:

I missed The Decemberists show..fuck

bloody hell, how in the blue fuck did I miss this? ShittyPages had NOTHING about it for weeks. I never saw any ad for it, nor was it on the Mr.Chan Presents.

Pisses me off..Laura Veirs opened and sat in with them of course. Rock the garden was wayy too overpriced with too many bands I didn't feel like paying for to see, and while this show was $32.50, I would have tried to get in for $20 or less like I often do,

the only silver lining is I saved myself some $, but god damnit, I've waited nearly 3 years to see them again. Fuck.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Local Natives - Gorilla Manor (2009/2010)

drop date is November 2nd in the UK. Likely March 2010 in the States.

01. Wide Eyes
02. Airplanes
03. Sun Hands
04. World News
05. Shape Shifter
06. Camera Talk
07. Cards And Quarters
08. Warning Sign (Talking Heads)
09. Who Knows Who Cares
10. Cubism Dream
11. Stranger Things
12. Sticky Thread

PRE-ORDER I just did.

They have a concert coming up on Sunday 11/29 at THE VARSITY!..absolutely a huge concert to look forward to now.

Oct 9 2009 7:00P
Warwick University (NME Radar Tour) Coventry, UK
Oct 10 2009 6:00P
Civic Hall Bar (NME Radar Tour) Wolverhampton, UK
Oct 12 2009 7:00P
Waterfront (NME Radar Tour) Norwich, UK
Oct 13 2009 7:00P
Koko (NME Radar Tour) London, UK
Oct 14 2009 7:00P
Concorde 2 (NME Radar Tour) Brighton, UK
Oct 15 2009 7:00P
La Maroquinerie (w/ Peter, Bjorn and John) Paris, France
Oct 16 2009 8:00P
Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland
Oct 17 2009 8:00P
Bang Bang Club Berlin, Germany
Oct 23 2009 12:00A
CMJ Showcase @ Mercury Lounge w/ Patrick Watson, Alec Ounsworth, Sean Bones and more (21+) New York, New York
Nov 1 2009 7:30P
The Clubhouse w/ White Rabbits (allages) Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 2 2009 8:00P
El Rey w/ White Rabbits (allages) Los Angeles, California
Nov 4 2009 8:00P
Slim's w/ White Rabbits (allages) San Francisco, California
Nov 5 2009 8:00P
Wonder Ballroom w/ White Rabbits (allages) Portland, Oregon
Nov 6 2009 8:00A
Biltmore Cabaret w/ White Rabbits (allages) Vancouver, British Columbia
Nov 10 2009 8:00A
3rd & Lindsley w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and Fool's Gold Nashville, Tennessee
Nov 11 2009 8:00A
40 Watt Club w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Athens, Georgia
Nov 15 2009 8:00A
First Unitarian Church w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov 16 2009 8:00A
Black Cat w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Washington DC, Washington DC
Nov 17 2009 8:00A
Bowery Ballroom w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold New York, New York
Nov 20 2009 8:00A
The Starving Artist Keene, New Hampshire
Nov 21 2009 8:00A
Pearl Street Downstairs w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Northampton, Massachusetts
Nov 22 2009 8:00A
Club Metronome w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Burlington, Vermont
Nov 23 2009 8:00A
Petit Campus w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Montreal, Quebec
Nov 24 2009 8:00A
El Mocambo w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Toronto, Ontario
Nov 27 2009 8:00A
Lincoln Hall w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Chicago, Illinois
Nov 28 2009 8:00A
High Noon Saloon w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Madison, Wisconsin
Nov 29 2009 8:00A
Varsity Theater w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dec 1 2009 8:00A
Boulder Theater w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Boulder, Colorado
Dec 2 2009 8:00A
Velour w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Provo, Utah
Dec 3 2009 8:00A
The Neurolux w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros & Fool's Gold Boise, Idaho
Dec 5 2009 8:00A
Neumo's w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Seattle, Washington
Dec 8 2009 8:00A
Biltmore Cabaret w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Vancouver, British Columbia
Dec 9 2009 8:00A
Doug Fir Lounge w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Portland, Oregon
Dec 10 2009 8:00A
W.O.W. Hall w/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Fool's Gold Eugene, Oregon

a track-by-track analysis will come soon I imagine, but right now I need to headout to Hudson, WI to see the movie 'Clear Lake, WI" finally..timing is great due to the fact that film used "Dance of the Manatee" by Fair to Midland in 1 of the trailers, and FTM are playing in Maplewood on Monday night, lol.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Transition..and

Postings during the day = gone.

To put it simply, I won't be online during the workday anymore, now until the unforeseeable future.

No big deal I hope. But it's a wakeup call.

I got to hear the Local Natives album finally. I'm pretty sure it lived up to my hopes. That band just knows how to write really good songs. And they have their own sound.

if I find the means, a lot more to be told here and rym about that rather soon. Debut album of the year likely, and pretty reasonable chance a top 10 candidate.

The only question is how long it takes until their name becomes a lot more commonly known. I was around in December 2006 ya''s wonderful yet could be sad. But they deserve the success they should get rather soon. Lookout Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and Animal Collective.

Seeing probably the new Michael Moore movie tonight to take my mind off the stress at work today. Words should come soon after as well.

Twins everything. FTR, I expect them to lose in 4 to New York, but if they somehow upset them, I wouldn't be shocked. Gardy still hasn't proved much as a post-season manager, but this team has no pressure on them, his others kind of all did.

as a result of my change in daily web limits, I may actually be able to do more reading, so perhaps this blog will start to include some literary reviews. Guess I'll see. But I have a a number of things to do now with this change, however unexpected they were.

6 shows next week, lol:

10/12 Fair to Midland
10/13 Warpaint/School of 7 Bells
10/14 Telluric Currents (Greg Herriges) FREE
10/15 Monte Montgomery (and I think) Lehto and Wright
10/17 Mute Math w/ As Tall As Lions
10/18 Mahogany Frog

new FTM demo is doing well on the 93X Cage Match, having won 2 nights in a row. Certainly should be nice to see them and talk to the members, especially Cliff about that.

dredg is filming a DVD for their November 1st show in Dortmund, Germany. Possibly 3 hours and some of the EP/B-side/Unreleased tracks could be played. Wish i lived in Germany, blah blah..

Kevin Gilbert 2 studio and live dvd/cd it appears could be available by Halloween. The wait isn't too far away. Those/That will be as big a deal for a new album to hear all year for me, even moreso than the Local Natives today. Soh soooooon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Go Twins Go! Go Twins Go!

go Twins Go! Go twins Go! go Twins Go! As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz "There's no place like DOME. There's No Place like DOME!"

Dave Grohl - WTF...

bumped 10/6/09 11:56PM

original 8/19/09
is so special about this guy? I'm partially echoing a friend of mine's sentiments, but I agree with him for the most part.

Why do all these *legendary* musicians keep kissing this guy's ass? McCartney, Chris Squire, the Rush guys, Mike Portnoy, to now John Paul Jones in this new *supergroup* he's in with the Josh Homme from another highly overated band in Queens of the Stone Age.

Seriously, why in the blue fuck does this guy keep getting heaps of praise? Nirvana sucked all kinds of ass, and more or less became the most over-rated band of the last 20 years, if not ever. And The Foo Fighters pretty much milked the fact he came from Nirvana, and arguably, are even worse, lol.

What makes him so fucking special? There's literally hundreds of other musicians that have shown an infinite amount of more talent, than this clown. Perhaps he, like Cobain, has found some kind of way to hypnotically cause them to like him and his music. Otherwise, it's highly baffling, and the music industry would be a far-better place if he'd just go the fuck away.

Minus the Bear - Into the Mirror (2009)

Go Hear "Into the Mirror"

nice female vocals.

Minus The Bear, Into The Mirror (Exclusive) MP3
by Staff | 10.05.2009

Seattle-based quintet Minus the Bear are excited to announce a four-week North American headlining tour that will begin October 30th in Eugene, Oregon, proceeded by warm up dates in the Northwest and New York. Having spent the last 4 months in Seattle’s Avast! Recording Co and Electrokitty Recording studios, working on their highly anticipated fourth studio album, the band is looking forward to debuting their new material to fans in a live setting. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes), Minus the Bear’s new album will expand on their complex and exciting brand of rock n roll. "This album has more scope than the past records,” says guitarist Dave Knudson, “some songs are more poppy and immediate while others expand on the complexities we're known for.”

Before the early 2010 album release, Minus the Bear are giving fans a sneak peek at the Chiccarelli sessions by releasing the new album’s first single “Into The Mirror,” a song that not only shows the more expansive elements of the new record but is a song filled with keyboard-driven soul mixed with the immediate charm of pop music. Set for an October 27th release, the single will include b-side “Broken China” a perfect pairing of the band’s indie / prog-rock influences. “Into The Mirror” and “Broken China” will only be available as a special 7” and through digital music stores. Enjoy the FILTER exclusive premiere of "Into The Mirror" here, and be sure to pick it up on October 27th.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday, September 12th.

Into the Mirror - Minus the Bear (FILTER Exclusive)

Tour Dates (more to be announced):

5th- The Nightlight- Bellingham, WA
6th- Doug Fir Lounge- Portland, OR
10th- Pyramid Breweries- Seattle, WA
15th- The Gramercy Theatre- New York, NY
30th- WOW Hall- Eugene, OR
31st- The Boardwalk- Sacramento, CA

1st- Downtown Brew- San Luis Obispo, CA
2nd- Belly Up- Solana Beach, CA
3rd- Glass House- Pomona, CA
4th- Orpheum Theater- Flagstaff, AZ
6th- The Door- Ft. Worth, TX
7th- Jagz- Pharr, TX
8th- White Rabbit- San Antonio, TX
10th- Workplay Theater- Birmingham, AL
11th- Club Firestone- Orlando, FL
12th- 40 Watt- Athens, GA
13th- Cat’s Cradle- Carrboro, NC
15th- The Crazy Donkey- Farmingdale, NY
17th- The Westcott Theater- Syracuse, NY
18th- Port City Music Hall- Portland, ME
19th- Pearl Street- Northampton, MA
20th- Mr. Small’s Theatre- Pittsburgh, PA
21st- Otto’s Niteclub- Dekalb, IL
22nd- The House of Bricks- Des Moines, IA
23rd- Granada Theatre- Lawrence, KS
25th- The Black Sheep- Colorado Springs, CO
27th- In the Venue- Salt Lake City, UT
28th- Knitting Factory Concert House- Boise, ID

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fair to Midland new song on 93X on Monday 10/5/09

bumped 10/5/09 1:24PM

fans forum link

If you haven't heard already, Pablo from 93x in Minneapolis will be featuring our demo recording of Musical Chairs in their cagematch monday night (oct 5th) at 9pm central time.

for those that don't live there the link to listen online is here:

afterword, to vote on the cagematch go here:

pretty easy right? hope everybody enjoys it!

9PM Central.

(and then each night after that if they win. People need to hear it to know about THE CONCERT next Monday October 12th at THE ROCK NIGHTCLUB)

Vikes/Pack will have to have the sound down around then.

Missing Adrian Belew and Mono tonight as well, lol.

original 10/1/09 2:07AM
ftm's twitter: will debut a BRAND NEW SONG on 93x in Minneapolis on Monday! (Listen online worldwide!) Details soon!

that dj from 93X, it is cool having him from Minnesota and pimping 1of MY bands.

And the 7th show coming up in 30 months or whatever doesn't hurt either.

So, on Monday, Packers/Vikings and a new FTM song. When it'll be, who knows. But I may tell a friend of mine, I'll pass on going to bar for the game if I haven't heard it yet on 93X. Although hopefully someone over on one of the boards will rip the stream when it happens. I just hope 93x's server doesn't crash. May not be a bad idea to test it out soon just to get an idea about how to stream their station ahead of time.

The Dear Hunter: I probably should hold-off and write a more appropriate review including my 5:15-6:30pm 4hour-free parking dilemma. I'm kind of tired now.

But if there's one thing to get down is the metaphor that crossed my mind about TDH, Casey, and music that kind of goes with my repeated feelings when I'm around my brother and his kids, and with my parents too.

They got the American-Dream: career + kids etc. Success.

I have, well what I have. Work that pays my bills and isn't exactly boring (or as boring as it sounds/is stereotyped as), but isn't a career for me. And I have no marriage or gf and no kids.

So what DO I have? I have my entertainment, lol. My music, movies, television and other things. Trivial, right? Limited, trivial hobbies, or even addictions.

Casey Crescenzo, while he's humble and modest about his talents as a musician/entertainer, etc. He is significant to me, and possibly others. He's an icon. His talents are just too much to not be thankful for them each time we experience his music. And he's an icon. When I have been able to talk to him, yeah he's a normal person like anyone, but I'd be lying if it doesn't mean something a bit more to me.

I think it's almost like a line I or others might say to a beautiful woman. "You don't know how much pleasure you give me. I wish I could allow you to feel as much joy as I do from you."

It's true, I really wish Casey could fathom what it's like for me, and fans that can't truly put into words, their appreciation for his music. I'm sure he has, with others that he's met before. Like if he met Terry Gilliam I suppose, Minnesota's own I might add.

So trivial to others, and I guess cds, tv, etc are trivial things, but it goes back to the idea of, what else do I got? No career, no lovelife, music is all I got, so it thus becomes more than trivial to me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marillion - Less Is More (L=M) (2009)

bumped 10/4/09 3:17AM
I heard most of it via a progrock podcast/radio show, and dig it. I need a little bit of time to allow some bills to clear, but sure enough, I will be purchasing it soon.

"Interior Lulu" I think thus far was my favorite part.

original 9/3/09 6:05PM
New acoustic versions of older songs, album. I should go to their site and see if more details have been released about it, especially since this video was put up in July.

edit: myspazz blog

We are pleased to announce that Less Is More will be distributed throughout Europe (and therefore hopefully available in all good record shops). The release date for the album is October 2nd.

Racket Records and Marillion will also be stocking the new album and ordering details will be available on our site soon. We will not start shipping ordered copies until October 2nd but everyone who orders from us will receive a free download of the album on this date. The album will also be available to buy at most of our concerts dates (with the possible exception of 6th - 18th November dates).

The tracklisting is:


(plus additional hidden track)


h, Pete, Ian, Steve and Mark

interesting tracklist. "It's Not Your Fault" had me stumped. They must have played it live, cuz it ain't a Marillion song on record! I know my Marillion pretty damn well..hehe.

October 2nd should be sweet.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Jimmy Gnecco solo tunes

Bumped 10/1/09

a new pic from a photoshoot for a video I guess for 1 of the songs. And I guess they've shot videos for 2 songs.

looking more and more forward to February!

bumped 8/11/09 4:29PM

a new video from his homepage So it appears the projection is now 2010.

edit: February 2010.
killtheband forum

"I got to talk with Jimmy after their show in Charlotte, NC on 8/10. I asked him if he knew when in early 2010 his record would be coming out and he told me it would be out in February."

I had an amazing time in Europe. The crowds, the venues, and the scenery, what a cool experience. Thank you all for coming out. It was great to meet you, and to put faces to our European fans. I hope to be back very soon.

Until then, peace, and much love,


original 7/17/09 3:38PM

brightantenna link for Jimmy Gnecco

those are the links, although you need a code to get them. "I Heard You Singing" and "Meet Me In the Tower" both sound excellent. But nothing less than that I would expect. His new album should be out by the end of the year.

MMITT was a re-arranged version; more orchestral than the Ours acoustic EP version. No idea if it'll be on the album.