Friday, July 31, 2009

In Vain - Mantra (2010)

just a note, but not much else in terms of details. It's expected to drop in the First Quarter of 2010 as that says. So I'd imagine by April if not earlier.

In Vain's myspazz blog

Our label issues statement regarding album delay

Indie Recordings and Indie Distribution takes on new adventures.

Since the start of Indie Recordings and Indie Distribution in 2005 a lot has happened. Indie Distribution has grown from being a small Norwegian underground distributor, into being a significant player in the Norwegian music market . We are now handling labels such as Nuclear Blast, SPV Steamhammer, Metal Blade, Rough Trade and tons of others, and we feel confident that Indie Distribution is the no. 1 hard rock/metal distributor in Norway today. Indie Recordings started off as a small side project to Indie Distribution, as we felt the urge to work closer with bands than what we could do as a distributor only. Indie Recordings has grown from releasing relatively unknown acts on a rarely basis, into releasing several albums pr. month with acts such as Satyricon, Enslaved, Keep Of Kalessin, Audrey Horne, Borknagar, Shining (Halmstad), Godseed, Carpathian Forest + +. Having the opportunity to work with such fine musicians for the last years has been a great inspiration to us, and has motivated us to bring our business yet a step forward. So far Indie Recordings has been distributed via a third party outside Norway, and Indie Distribution has been a business focusing only on Norway – we find that now is a good time to change this. We are launching Indie Distribution as our very own international distribution starting January 2010. Indie distribution will naturally handle Indie Recordings, but we will also carry other respected Norwegian and foreign labels. More news on this will follow shortly.

On the contrary of what a lot of people might think, feel and say - we are confident that the future of the music industry is bright, and we embrace this challenge with courage and great passion for our work!

If you are a distributor that would be interested in cooperating with us – or a label looking for distribution - please get in touch with Erlend Gjerde via email; or phone; +47 23121780
We..ll be at the Wacken Festival July 30th – Aug 2nd and can meet face to face if you want to! Get in touch via email or cell + 47 45037053.

Upcoming Releases

Due to this change in our setup we have decided to postpone all releases previously scheduled for 2009 until 2010. This affects in particular Borknagar and In Vain, but we are confident they will be better off benefiting from our new setup.
Here is the tentative schedule for Indie Recordings in 2010. More releases will be added, and release schedules for additional labels will be available soon.

Band Title Catalogue nr/Formats Release

Gehenna First Spell re-issue w/bonus material INDIE012LP First quarter
Vreid LIVE DVD INDIE037DVD First quarter
Shining NOR New Album, Title TBA INDIE045CD/CDL/LP First quarter
In Vain Mantra INDIE015CDL First quarter
Borknagar Universal INDIE014CD/CDL/LP/CDBOX First quarter
Sahg Sahg III INDIE028CDL/LP First quarter
Mencea New Album, Title TBA INDIE043CD First quarter
Stonegard LIVE DVD INDIE038DVD First quarter
Audrey Horne New Album, Title TBA INDIE032CD/CDL/LP First quarter
Enslaved LIVE DVD INDIE039DVD/DVDL First quarter
Nattefrost New Album, Title TBA INDIE035CD/CDL/LP Second quarter
Solefald New Album, Title TBA IINDIE030CDL Second quarter
Keep Of Kalessin Reclaim Re-issue INDIE046CD/LP Second quarter
Funeral New Album, Title TBA INDIE042CD/CDL Second quarter
Keep Of Kalessin Reptillian INDIE033CD/CDL/LP/CDBOX Second quarter
Carpathian Forest New Album, Title TBA INDIE034CD/CDL/CDBOX/LP FALL 2010
Red Harvest New Album, Title TBA INDIE041CD/CDL FALL 2010
Gehenna New Album, Title TBA INDIE018CD/CDL/LP FALL 2010
God Seed New Album, Title TBA INDIE029CD/CDL/LP/CDBOX FALL 2010
Sarke New Album, Title TBA INDIE047CD/LP FALL 2010

Best Regards

PHONE: + 47 2312 1789
FAX: + 47 2312 1781
MOB: + 47 4503 7053

Thursday, July 30, 2009

100 Ft Snowmen and BrainFreeze

100 Ft. Snowmen

a band I discovered in the last couple of months who is really fucking good. Having found another perhaps today in "BrainFreeze" (more on them soon) I was inspired to listen to the Snowmen again along with their latest newsletter.


Yo homiez,

Snowman 3 & 5 have worked very hard this month getting our website up and it lookz goood! You'll find all our little animations to be adventurous.

The site includes flyers to our upcoming shows....

Including our FREE show Tomorrow @ TRiP!!

Jul 29 2009 10:00P
TRiP Santa Monica, California

Jul 31 2009 10:00P
the Guitar Merchant Canoga Park, California
Sep 16 2009 8:00P
Season Ticket Simi Valley, California
Sep 24 2009 9:00P
Paladino’s Tarzana, California

You can see it all on a map...

Our website holds all our updated LIVE performances as well as our nonchalant photos. O, and don't forget to check out the 100ft Lyrics! Pheona is my Favorite.

If you somehow missed the updated. We were featured on Keyboard magazine's July '09 issue for "best unsigned band of the month." This is a milestone and great press. There is a link... We were compared to Led Zeppelin, Collective Soul, Chris Isaak, and Incubus!

We will have limited edition, 'Devo-Crew', 100ftsnowman T-Shirts Available this week! They look cool regardless if someone didn't know who we were. Buy one or they'll be gone and then you won't be able to anymore.

We are always adding updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. so you're missing out if you're not following us or if you're not our fans.

We, currently, are working with Producer/Mixer Gary Lux. As soon as snowman 1 gets the score ready, we start working ASAP. We are going to work on Three Songs first and see how it runs. As we, Snowmen, know thus far, Songs You're You, Origin, and Fire are going to be reproduced and recorded professionally. No paper work has been signed yet so we'll update you with that information. I believe that to be very important to the fans and to us so i think you guys should know...

It's all very excited but we're not throwing our hats in the air yet.

August is going to be the biggest break thus far. No shows are booked for most of August and Snowman 1 is hittin the Boston to D.C. artery and Snowman 5 is honeymooning. But we are going to practice as much as we can and start the pre-production.

I hope you all had a good July and we wish for you a better August. Don't lay your goals down. WORK HARD. Hard work brings you what you want out of life.

Peace & Love,

- Snowmen

Good to see some activity from them and the fact at least 1 publication has recognized their talent like myself. Cavil at Rest/Local Natives, 100Ft Snowmen, and now BrainFreeze

BrainFreeze is a dutch band whose music, really doesn't sound all that European. Their debut album "Focus" was made available to download totally free from their website back in February. It was in the top 10 on the other day and described as among other styles, "psychedelic," so it got me curious.

Not blown away or anything, but for an unknown band, there was something impressive about the production, and maturity. Energetic, bluesy-at-times, psychedelic FUNK. The bass player has some tasteful lines that won me over. The last three cuts especially, on 1st impression.

Given it's a complementary album, and hardly repulsive, plus apparently well enough received on 1 community, I don't see why more people wouldn't check this band and their debut album "Focus" out. Hopefully more will.

Arsis - Starve for the Devil (2010)

A note as this is the title of the next Arsis LP, to be expected in early 2010. "We Are the Nightmare" was an excellent tech/death record from 2008, so I would hope for something of similar or better quality. One note I guess is their original drummer rejoined the band for this album; which given my lack of interest in their drummer live and how much I enjoyed their last album, the jury is probably gonna remain out about that.

also just now...

The Color Turning: another new name. Sort of remind me of how I feel about The Stills, just from the myspace. They have enough for me to like them, but nothing outstanding as far as I can tell. Their debut disc "Good Hands Bad Blood" just came out earlier this year. It sounds like they use some samples, which is something that could win me over when I checkout the record. However, some groups also use sound-bytes and it doesn't necessarily demand I listen to them regularly because of that.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dear Hunter Wed September 30th!

blog on myspazz

ticket links for August and September shows!
heeeeeeey! here are ticket links for our upcoming shows in August and September. the ticket link for the Sept 23rd show @ Musica in Akron, OH isn't available yet, but it'll be posted as soon as it's received. also, tickets for the headlining dates go on sale this saturday (8-1-09)! here ya goooo:

August 26, 2009- Crocodile Rock Cafe (w/ Coheed and Cambria)- Allentown, PA

August 28, 2009- Club Hell (headliner)- Providence, RI

August 29, 2009- Town Ballroom (w/ Coheed and Cambria)- Buffalo, NY

September 24, 2009- The Mixtape (headliner)- Grand Rapids, MI

September 25, 2009- Beat Kitchen (headliner)- Chicago, IL

September 26, 2009- The New Loft (headliner)- Madison, WI

September 27, 2009- The Firebird (headliner)- St. Louis, MO

September 29, 2009- The Rave Bar (headliner)- Milwaukee, WI

September 30, 2009- Triple Rock Social Club (headliner)- Minneapolis, MN

October 3, 2009- Marquis Theater (headliner)- Denver, CO


I'm hoping something special may occur given we lost out a few weeks ago.

I am happy, especially since they are HEADLINING for the 1st time ever here. But among those big 4 lost shows, TDH were certainly the most likely to return here and of course the band I'd seen the most recently and tied for the most in 3x's.

But this is a bit of silver in my lining. A show i will appreciate even more now. Wednesday night at the Triplerock aint' my 1st choice, but I cannot complain much.

Another movie and the obvious obscure names continue

I'm seeing the Michael Cera indie Paper Heart as the 2nd advanced screening at Lagoon Theater in as many nights. $9.99 was okay. Mainly Geoffrey Rush, as the voice of the failed/fake Angel was the reason to see it.

One of the more promising new Metal albums for 2009 may have finally found it's way into my headphones in European progressive death/melodic death band Persephone's 3rd? album "Shin-ken" which finally leaked yesterday. More to add, but save for the length (68mins) and some blatant Dream Theater influenced spots, this was pretty sweet. The chops are there and work for the most part. Melodies, interludes. They don't lose me for too long. Nice energy, and some ballsy guitar work at times. We'll see where it goes after a a few more times through.

Local band We Valedictorians I am intrigued by after meeting some of the members last night @Cheapo (and they weren't the only cool people I encountered there last night. 4 cute girls, 2 of them named Sara/h. i wish I could remember the other 2's names. They all sounded intrigued by Apes and Androids and dredg. Of course I mentioned this blog, but I also don't expect to ever see them again, but starnger things have happened. I probably had 10+ years on all of them sadly, which is something I hate to have to come to grips with; this age gap. But I still look 21 ha!, lol. Maybe I'll see them at dredg on August 9th.) The Of Montreal -> Apes and Androids name-dropping occurred. They seem like cool guys with interesting electronic and chamber-pop/rock? directed music. It's also worth mentioning, 1 of the members at least, is also in the band Total Babe as well who I saw last month on my birthday, and certainly are/were among my favorite new local bands to have learned about in 2009.

some other names from blogs in the works
Djamra a Japanese avant jazz-fusion act
The Flowers of Hell
Perfume Genius

also in the works: a aoty assessment. But these back-2-back movie passes-nights have delayed that a bit. Hopefully by this weekend if not sooner.

As Tall As Lions - You Can't Take It With You (2009)

This is a preview/teaser video posted by Alternative Press.

As Tall As Lions Album Trailer from Alternative Press on Vimeo.

perhaps this entry will just get bumped/changed-the-time-and-date

but man, I want to hear this sucker. For that reason, I'm worried I won't dig it as much as I hope. A few months ago hearing "Circles" anything was more or less icing on the cake, as I wrote them off. But this long wait for a leak has caused my impatience to come up, lol.

*hopes by posting this, a leak will occur any day/hour now*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$9.99, Time of Orchids, motW

I'm likely gonna be catching this intriguing Animated feature this evening.

I guess it came out for the Oscars, originally late last year, but didn't receive any nominations. The dialogue looks funny anyway.

Time of Orchids I don't have time to explain my whole memory of this band, but in short, I am checking them out today, and I like a lot of what I have heard thus far. 2007's "Namesake Caution" is rather close to between maudlin of the Well and Kayo Dot. Not a perfect record at this point, and to say that Toby Driver does this style better with motW, would be accurate. But I may be in for a treat discovering them and their catalog. Sadly, they are done now. But that of course never means one can't listen to their music for the 1st, 5th, or 500th time.

And maudlin of the Well, listening to ToO's music put me in the mood for some motW. I think they are truly this decade's Jellyfish or perhaps on a higher level than Clann Zu in brilliant-ahead-of-their-time in a short window; where they are sadly appreciated years after when they were around. Every time I listen to them, I think I love them more.

Monday, July 27, 2009

These are gold

the tribute to Monk

and the shot at that all-too-serious ripoff "The Mentalist" on CBS.

Enchant, Shadow Gallery, Metheny oh my!

Enchant are playinjg the ProgPowerUSA "Showcase" on Thursday September 10th. Uhh..when it rains, it pours, and pours again. I fly in to Atlanta ON FRIDAY. Anyone got an extra $250 they want to give me so I can afford to change my flight and pay for a *separate ticket* for this event?

Shadow Gallery are now finished I guess with their new album; a record the late Mike Baker never got to sing for, but I guess was familiar with the music and perhaps wrote some of the vocal lines. Word is there will be a collection of singers for this including DC Cooper who was on their 1998 album "Tyranny."

As I've posted on some of the boards, DC Cooper is a nice singer, mainly on the 1 Royal Hunt record "Paradox" but as I understand it, he won't thankfully (I think) be doing a ton of the lead vocals. I guess they have a bunch of guests. Which hopefully will turn out to be for the better, but on paper, that almost looks like Ayreon (blech!). Except, I'd like to think with the SG DOING THE WRITING it'll be more of the quality of Shadow Gallery, than of the melodramatic, We-Are-The-World-With-Cheesy-Prog-Metal-Style variety that is Ayreon.

The drop date is targeted for late October/early November. However, unless I'm mistaken, they along with every artist that was last signed to Insideout Music/SPV it hasn't been explained how they will ACTUALLY RELEASE an album given their record label is bankrupt. An explanation surely should come before the end of the year for them, Pain of Salvation..Transatlantic and any of the other artists (who I care about, which to be honest, aren't that many anymore).

Pat Metheny is doing some kind of ambitious project called "Orchestrion" that I read about on the last night. I'm not clear if it's a studio project, live, or both. But it sounds a little bit like what Tim Reynolds has done live, with only him and a large assortment of technology to make 1 guitar sound like a full orchestra. It's a lengthly read, but check your Pat Metheny resources for more details.

It's supposed happen sometime in 2010 I guess.

I finally caught up with In Plain Sight (woohoo!) and some others. More blogs should be coming rather soon as the message board vacations/lurking continue to be an addictive practice.

Friday, July 24, 2009

BURST is kinda breaking up indefinitely...

more or less.

As I posted the other day, they're going on tour with Gojira in the States..but this news means after that, they are basically done. That totally sucks. I need to try and see them now.

Lazarus Bird is such a great album. I suppose they could be going out on a high-note at least fwiw.

myspace blog

US tour....and Farewell.
Current mood: melancholy
We are glad to announce that Burst will embark on our first US tour immediately following our appearance at the intriguing Planet Caravan festival in Asheton, NC on september 19. The tour will go through to October 10.
Half the tour Burst and opener Zoroaster will be gigging with the draconian French metal philosophers Gojira on their Metallica off-dates, half the tour we’ll do our own shows with Zoroaster.
See all the dates HERE (a few extra dates TBA soon).

At the same time, we’d like to announce that our first US tour will also be our last.

Following a band meeting at the end of June, we have decided that it is time to let Burst sleep.

We will honor our commitments, play the planned No Budget fest in Larissa, Greece as well as the US tour, and a possible best-of show in Sweden in late fall. But after that and for the foreseeable future, Burst will lay down its arms. Whether it is definite or indefinite, we can’t say. Thus, in accordance with modern internet heavy metal news site lingo, we’ll call it an “indefinite hiatus”.

Burst have made music in this constellation for over ten years now, and while our creative urges remain intact, the energy and motivation it takes to be in a band that continues to grow and gets a lot of touring offers has slowly but continuously weakened over the last years. Why? Who knows.

There are a million and one reasons why we haven't been able to reignite ourselves following the release of Lazarus Bird. We were so proud of that album, and we should have had all the power in the world within us. But something’s been missing. For a while now our band has been shaky, unmotivated and prone to a lot of internal discussions, and all that has sucked the energy out of us. That’s not how it should be.

[b]We guess the most significant reasons are that we have different views on what our band should be about, how much effort we are able and willing to put into it, as well as individual band members’ wish to prioritize other things in their respective lives. [/b]

We are too proud of our band and our music to let it slowly wither or perhaps explode in a flurry of intra-band conflict. So, we’ll end it now amicably and avoid what could possibly turn into a less friendly split. We might have separate views and wills, but there is no animosity between us now.

When you think about it, being in a rock band is a fucked up social experiment: five different persons are to agree on something as individual as creative visions AND have the personal chemistry to be able to spend a disproportionate amount of time together on tour buses and cramped backstage rooms. There are a lot of nasty smells to be digested, a lot of insane behavior to be handled, a lot of mundane issues to be solved.

Burst is a shining example of this: being in this band is like being in a dysfunctional but loving family. There is a lot of love, and there are no huge egos - but there are a lot of strong opinions and disparate personalities that sometimes make it difficult to agree on where we are going. Burst has been the most important mission in our lives, but we have come to a point where we need to stop kicking the old, tired body.

Kind of sad though. Burst has been central for us all for so long. But hell, there is a point in itself to drastically change the components of your life now and then, isn’t it? You might lose stuff that’s important to you, but you probably gain something new. If you never change, if you never risk anything, you don’t fucking live. Who knows, maybe we'll get together in a couple of years and make a new album. Given how we thrive when making music, the embers might start glowing again some time.

With that said, we are super excited to play in Greece and FINALLY go to the US! We’d like to ask all fans to take this last opportunity to see Burst live - expect a band and a show in full power.

Who dares, wins.

Harmony for all.

Robert, Linus, Patrik, Jonas, Jesper

bad luck? conspiracy? Murphy's Law? Karma? I dunno wtf is the deal with my misfortune even tho these are just trivial things like music. The only superstitious angle I can surmise would be with this year, 2009. For just a brief period, things seemed to be really great. Around late Feb/early March. I got the Soundscape album, something I'd dreamed of for many years. Transatlantic was going make a new album. Pain of Salvation was finally going to tour here. I met someone I really liked. maudlin of the Well. Andre Matos was playing PPUSA A few months later Kiss Kiss got announced.
Even Kevin Gilbert's music I thought had the chance of coming out.

Maybe it's all just circumstance and pure coincidence. A band breaking up or going on *indefinite hiatus*'s not like this is the 1st time, even this year for this.

But what hurts about this is, it's Burst, not another lesser interest band I'm into. After discovering Between the Buried and Me in 2007, I have found a lot of bands in the so-called extreme styles of Metal, experimental Metal. But still, within those, their are a few standouts. And with "Lazarus Bird" last year, I saw Burst as 1 of the best; or at least my favorites. Certainly that album is. "Origo" their previous disc I enjoyed before that, but after getting into LB, I got a little more into it and the band as well.

And I've been pining for them to tour the States for nearly a year.

Well they are, but it's likely the only least for many years if ever.

Perhaps they'll become more popular now, lol. It seems to happen. Breaking-up and deaths always increase interest in a band. Look at SiKth. I'll admit, I got into them after they announced they were breaking up. Part of that was timing, but no question when I read about them, I immediately wanted to listen to them more often. Kaddisfly (in a way), The Receiving End of Sirens. Godspeed You Black Emperor. Jeff Buckley. Kevin Gilbert (well he still needs a ton more due, but that's for an entirely differeng blog entry I suppose). Just go down the fucking list.

But in this case, I already loved this band. I suppose if the discussion about LB jumps up, or even Origo, as a result, going out with a bang and finally seeing more interest will be a consolation. If that happens, if and whenever they return, hopefully a lot of those people will remember them. I wouldn't count on a reunion though, based on that blog. But music from the members in other groups or solo stuff, etc..I suppose is the ole hope down the road at least. Maybe it's taught those guys that could be the best way to go. 1 big advantage of being a solo artist. I totally can see that. A bit like being single instead of in a relationship, lol. I know about that of course, lol.

The Reign of Kindo News...

I just noticed this (although it may be a few weeks old)
The Reign of Kindo who put out a pretty nice jazzy-prog pop album last year in "Rhythm, Chord and Melody," have some new work on the horizon. An EP and a full-length soon.

hello all,

SO. i know it seems like we've been slowly disappearing for a while. this is not the case.

after a time of going back and forth with people and trying to decide what possible step there was for this band other than breaking up, we are very, very excited to announce that we have officially signed with CANDYRAT RECORDS.

some of you will recognize the name from having seen musicians like andy mckee, antoine dufour, or any other one of their superbly talented roster on youtube.

seriously, check some of the stuff out. we plan on having an ep out sometime in early to mid november, with a full length following soon after. basically what we did on 111.

which of course brings me to mention and emphasize how important 111 has been to the life of kindo, how grateful we are to them, how fantastic of a label they are and how honored we are to have had such a good relationship with them. we continue to be friends and supporters of the label, and Candyrat is extremely eager to push and promote the 111 albums just as much as our new music.

so yea. thats whats up. we are going to start recording some of the new music soon (we are very, very happy with how it is coming out). you'll be seeing new videos and all that good stuff. aaaaaand yep. smile.gif hope this finds everyone well..even though that is unfortunately and physically impossible.

the reign of the water temple and how it is so annoying to have to keep switching the water level every time you want to do the smallest thing.

Also worth adding of course also on CandyRat Records, Dean Magraw.

etc..I just got back from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Hopefully words can be shared soon.

Trying to catch-up on this Torchwood mini-series, just a bit into the 2nd episode. Intriguing story; sometimes I enjoy this show much more than Dr.Who due to them taking more risks or being more liberal in the storytelling, etc.

a few upcoming events:
"Exit Stage Right" the local Rush tribute is doing a 2-hour special show tomorrow night.

Greg Herriges is playing the 2nd Annual St.Catherine's Art Fair on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

BURST finally to tour the States but...

the dates they are playing, supporting Gojira, it doesn't appear will include the Target Center appearance. That I believe is one of the shows Gojira is opening for Metallica.

Damn, I totally dig Burst and their album Lazarus Bird from 2008. Either the Milwaukee or preferably the Mokena, IL date may be a possibility.

Sad, but it comes down to timing of course, the fact they will be in Atlanta a little over a week after ProgPowerUSA.

I'm going to have to start pricing things out. The loss of many of those other shows, may be helped a little with the chance to see Burst, even if it's just for 30 or 45 minutes.

sphere management email:

Gojira to Support Metallica on North American Fall Tour
and headline tour dates with Burst and Zoraster on Metallica Off-days.

A series of headline dates on off days from the Metallica/Lamb of God tour which goes from September 14th thru October 18.
Support on these shows will come from Zoroaster and Burst. The dates are as follows:

09/14/2009 Nashville, TN Sommet Center
09/15/2009 Cincinnati, OH US Bank Arena
09/17/2009 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse
09/19/2009 Montreal, QC Bell Centre SOLD OUT
09/20/2009 Montreal, QC Bell Centre SOLD OUT
09/21/2009 Brooklyn, NY Williamsburg Music Hall w/Burst/Zoroaster
09/22/2009 Baltimore, MD Otto Bar w/Burst/Zoroaster
09/24/2009 Atlanta, GA Masquerade w/Burst/Zoroaster
09/25/2009 New Orleans, LA The Hangar w/Burst/Zoroaster
09/27/2009 Houston, TX Warehouse Live w/Burst/Zoroaster
09/28/2009 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center SOLD OUT
09/29/2009 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center SOLD OUT
10/01/2009 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Bank Atlantic Center
10/02/2009 Orlando, FL The Social w/Burst/Zoroaster
10/03/2009 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
10/04/2009 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
10/05/2009 Knoxville, TN Valrium w/Burst/Zoroaster
10/06/2009 Milwaukee, WI The Rave w/Burst/Zoroaster
10/09/2009 Mokena, IL The Pearl Room w/Burst/Zoroaster

10/12/2009 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre SOLD OUT
10/13/2009 Minneapolis, MN Target Center SOLD OUT
10/15/2009 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
10/17/2009 Charlottesville, VA JPJ Arena
10/18/2009 Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable Arena
---More dates TBA---

Fresh off the heels of their successful and critically acclaimed first US headlining tour, French metal act, Gojira, have been tapped by Metallica to support the first half of their North American fall tour in September and October, along with Lamb of God.
The band will also be headlining their own shows between Metallica dates.

Gojira vocalist/guitarist, Joseph Duplantier commented, "Metallica has invited us to open for them on the first part of their North American tour this fall. Fifteen shows around US and Canada with Lamb Of God as main support. Metallica has been our main influence since we started playing music, and we can say that this announcement is a dream come true."

Gojira’s latest album, “The Way of All Flesh,” debuted at number 138 on Billboard and number 1 on Billboard’s new artist chart. Their album, “From Mars to Sirius,” was recently named one of the “21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century,” by The band has toured North America with Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, In Flames,
Machine Head, Trivium and Behemoth, among others.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leak (songs)

Imogen Heap - "Canvas." (video rip?) no clue.
Dying Fetus - "Your Treachery Will Die With You."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dr. Who, Sufjan Stevens

just a minute or two to get this down.

Dr.Who's 1st special other than the X-Mas Invasion, airs on BBC America on Sunday. "Planet of the Dead"

with the Torchwood events this week, and Dr.Who, it's sort of a reprise of the Dr.Who universe of late after many months of dormancy. I even went to a Dr.Who party/episode viewing thing last week.

Sufjan Stevens new LP is called "Run Rabbit Run" and is being released on October 6th.

there's also this bit I noticed on a forum earlier about a dvd and audio-visual thing involving a Brooklyn Freeway

Back in October of 2007, Sufjan Stevens debuted The BQE—a visual and musical homage to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway—at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House in downtown Brooklyn. Originally commissioned by BAM for the Next Wave Festival, the BQE featured three simultaneous film projections, a 35-piece band and orchestra, and live hula hoopers for a 3-night run.

One week following the performances, Sufjan and his orchestra went into the studio to record the soundtrack, but afterwards, feeling disenfranchised by the magnitude of the universe, Sufjan decided to shelve the project. Until now. Two years later, Sufjan found inspiration to mix the music, edit the video and expand the project to include photographs, liner notes, a comic book, and a stereoscopic image reel—a multi-media package that attempts to render this much-loathed urban expressway into a conscionable work of art.

The release date is set for October 20, 2009. The double-disc album will include the original film on DVD, the original soundtrack on CD, a 40-page booklet (with photos and liner notes), and a stereoscopic image reel (aka View-Master®), created by illustrator Stephen Halker.

The limited edition vinyl is available as a double gatefold and includes the soundtrack on 180-gram vinyl, a large-scale 32-page booklet with liner notes and photographs, and a 40-page Hooper Heroes comic book.

And on October 24, 92YTribeca will host a release party for The BQE. This will include a showing of the film as well as a performance from string quartet Osso (playing selections from Run Rabbit Run), the recently-announced re-imagining of Sufjan's Enjoy Your Rabbit. Roberto C. Lange (aka Helado Negro) will DJ. Tickets go on sale Thursday, July 23rd for $12.

And in September, Sufjan will be playing at the ATP (All Tommorow's Parties) in New York, alongside Crystal Castles, Super Furry Animals, and Boris.

edit: ok not seeing the info until now, it is just a remix album, which I'm not usually too high-on. But the BQE piece of news is certainly noteworthy. Although maybe he's abandoned the States-concept album project? he should do a song for each State maybe?

Monday, July 20, 2009


I suppose this blog may become a new spot to announce leaks as well. Links?..fat chance.


Cave In - "Planets of Old" (new EP)
Muse - "The United States of Eurasia"

my daily list right now:
As Tall as Lions ..for some reason, that song "Circle" is killing me to hear the whole thing. Hopefully soon.
Mute Math
Imogen Heap
Porcupine Tree
Ramona Falls

and then Stomacher "Sentimental Education." This band changed their name, and used to be known as "In Reverent Fear." Their debut/newalbum is already available to buy on their website. The IRF cd "Stomacher" is okay, but the samples of the Stomacher (band) debut album "Sentimental Education" on myspazz sound a bit too Thom Yorke vocal-wise and too Radiohead for me to even consider paying for it now. However, if I found a promo for a couple of bucks at Cheapo I might splurge. In the mean time, hopefully it'll surface and I'll know if I should spend the cash or not. Not a favorite band of mine, but still one I'll checkout their newest work if available affordably.

Torchwood Returns! 7/20-7/24

as my DVR reminded me early this morning, this the week BBC America will be airing this new Torchwood mini-series titled "Children of Earth."

The thing I posted last night about it being next week: incorrect. So if you receive BBC America, tune-in. I believe each new episode will air at 8PM Central time; with an encore each night of the previous episode. Torchwood Week: very cool!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


If you want to make a list of your favorite songs of all-time. MAKE IT SHORT. On the Sound Opinions Message Board I've participated in Albums-of-the-Year polls, Favorite Artist Poll, and Favorite alltime-Albums Poll. But Songs? I have way too many to consider, and then RANK.

I got a headache, after listing over 400, and knowing all-too-well I was not including dozens and dozens. And I was up-against-the-clock in my procrastinating-habits of course. O well, the way this Poll is set-up, it's a lot different with 250 total songs to vote for, but a limit of 5 songs per 50 from 1 artist (I could have probably voted for close to 50 Marillion songs alone, lol).

My votes wouldn't/won't do much for the final results anyway. But it bugs me a little, knowing there's so many great songs that won't be named there. Even though of course those who read them, will forget most of them anyway.

Blech. So, in my new found time/effort to devote to this little blog, I have had far too many temptations to start spitting out a midyear albums list. Not tonight, but if I don't get my time hijacked too much, I could put something in here within a few days. At least I'll try and post a bunch of recent album reviews. As there have been a ton.

Warehouse 13, I'm mildy interested in having watched the 2-hour pilot. Saul Rubinek has an all-too familiar face from other shows, and is an actor generally worth watching. Joanne Kelly I recognized, but needed an imdb refresher to recall her work in both Jeremiah (Libby, Jeremiah's deceptive gf the 2nd season) and more recently in The Dresden Files playing the female vampire. My memory may not be great, but I think she looked much different in that show, than in Warehouse 13.

Plus the show includes Bagdad Cafe's CCH Pounder who like Rubinek, is usually worth watching in most work she does.

The previews for Caprica the Eric Stoltz Battlestar Galactica prequel show look promising. I just don't foresee paying $10 or whatever to see the 2-hour Pilot right now. SyFy (new silly name. "Skeefee" would have been a better new name :p) better air it, otherwise it would be kind of pointless to start the show from Episode 2 (or 3?). I'll wait.

Torchwood 5-day Mini-series airs on BBC America next week I believe. Even though they killed off Owen and Tash, both characters I liked, I am yearning for more of this show. As long as RTD can limit (or eliminate) most of the gay overtones.

White Collar is a new show that airs on the USA Network this fall as well. Starring Saved By the Bell's Tiffany Thiessen and Matthew Bomer the dude who played Bryce Larkin on Chuck among other cast. The premise? the jury is still out on.

I'm seeing Harry Potter: And the Half-Blood Prince finally on Thursday. I'm looking forward to this, as it was a comeback in the book series I felt. I'll try and post something on rateyourmusic and in here soon after.

Monk is not taking a midseason/fall break in this it's 8th and final season. 16 episodes, and more or less 16 weeks. A few breaks likely, but it'll probably end around X-Mas or early in 2010. What I'm not clear on is, what USA Network will air in the Winter on Fridays to pair up with Psych. Or, might Psych also be airing through the Fall as well? If that is the case, Friday Nights will become a rather busy evening; with Smallville and Dollhouse already on my plate.

But in the mean time, Friday August 7th is the big premiere night for both Monk and Psych. Both of which I think have representatives at Comic-Con 2009 (Psych does, I think Monk does as well) which I'd like to attend someday (I think), but will be looking forward to G4's television coverage next Saturday, July 25th. A 2-hour Star Wars special I guess, starts at 1PM (Central) and then 3 or 4 hours of other coverage. The SW content I imagine may be involving some of the gawd awful animated show (why they didn't stick with the style of the original Clone Wars mini-series, is mind-boggling. but it's George Lucas. fucking up his own previously good work's legacy comes natural to him). But perhaps some other content will be about the new live action television show, which i guess has been pushed back a handful of times (like the Animated show was).

Even if it sucks, I will check this out. Like Sundance, there's always the possibility celebs will show up unexpectedly of course.

The Time Traveler's Wife is only about 1 month away (forbidding no more pushbacks). And Where the Wild Things Are comes out October 16th. I'll just state this now, as I did recently. I see that, partially due to the fact ya got Spike Jonze directing, as my leading candidate for film of the year. It may not end up being the best movie I see this year, but it certainly the most anticipated movie for me in many years. I do like, and often prefer it when an album, or movie in this case, catches me by surprise. Comes out of nowhere to wow-me. But this may be one of the 1st times, I've known about a movie this far advance that may. 2006's The Science of Sleep may be the last example of this. Will it receive any awards come Oscar/Globe/IFP time? probably not, given my luck. Maybe Jonze will, but that'll be it. So be it. I've come to expect it anyway with my taste.

I'll maybe write something more soon about the 4 lost-live concert experiences of 2009. The names are just to note for now.

Pain of Salvation
The Dear Hunter
Kiss Kiss
Andre Matos

all of them are/were significant. TDH and PoS at least I have seen, but it's a big deal to miss them no matter. PoS's case, it's been 5 years. Even if Progressive Nation would have only given them 30 minutes. Personally and for so many others, it's hard to still accept, until they find a way back here. And Matos, it's been 12 years. He was on my list of acts/singers I need to see before I die. He still is. I thought a dream came true with his ProgPowerUSA announcement. The Visa's and customs process through the government played too large a role. Should I expect him to try and come again? I suppose, but I may be more gunshy before buying my ticket and believing it'll be true. Marillion's deal in '04 was hard to believe. And the Soundscape album. Transatlantic and someday the Kevin Gilbert albums. I dunno, keeping my hopes low is the best learning experience I guess. It would have killed me 7 or 8 years ago probably, but it still stings.

Kiss Kiss reasonably could be back. But they never came here over many tours. However, if they don't soon, I will try and find the funds to trek to NY and try and see them along with hopefully Apes and Androids. Sucks to have to spend some cash, but if I find it in my budget, and the cost isn't insane like the Marillion weekend in Montreal, I don't see why I wouldn't want to. $500 for Kiss Kiss and likely Apes and Androids? as long as they don't break up (like The Stiletto Formal sort of did! :\ ) it'll totally be worth it. I just need to keep my eyes on their concert schedules. A&A's have been quiet the past few months, which may not be a good sign, or possibly could be a sign of something good (new album in 2010?..I sure hope so).

the time is getting late, so this report needs to conclude for now. As they say, that's the news, and I'm 5000.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Short notes about Kiss Kiss and Fair to Midland

another brief one to pass along outside of twitter.

Kiss Kiss whose latest album "The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left" I need to review on here (I know!), and were part of the 4-band group thus far I should have seen live this year, I may not. Anyway, I think some folks might find this in interesting. A video of Rebecca, their violinist, talking about her gear.


the embed code they give there I haven't been able to get to fully work.

Watching that I can say:
she's extremely cute talking about geeky-gear stuff. And it only pains me more to know I didn't get to see her and the band play last weekend.

Fair to Midland just posted this on their twitter

"By popular demand, we are re-releasing inter.funda.stifle! Stay tuned for details!"

inter.funda.stifle (IFS) is arguably as good if not BETTER record than the album that everyone knows them for in "Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True" and I think they repressed IFS a couple of years ago after so much demand for it. But I imagine they sold out/ran out of copies. I sincerely hope with this re-release more people will come to the feeling I have about it (or more importantly, be FAMILIAR with it). While sure, 6 songs were re-arranged and re-recorded from IFS for FABLES, they are still *different* versions and also work really well on that album (and it's concept). Not to mention the other tracks that were not put on FABLES. IFS doesn't have a bad song on it. "Orphan Anthem'86" "Granny Niblo" "Timbuktu" "Abigail" "Quince"..all of those are among the best songs FTM has ever written. This should be great to finally have a wider familiarity for them, the way many of the FABLES tracks are.

Now, if only there were some way to get their debut cd "The Carbon Copy Silver Lining" re-released?..wishful thinking at this point sadly.

Also, more FTM stuff isn't far away given they've been writing and then recording for nearly a year now. Their next album, I'm not expecting until the Spring 2010, but stranger things have happened. Perhaps another ep or something 1st. But it's sooner rather than later, for when we get to hear their next all-new work.

Some new names: OperaHouse (RIP?) lol, I just discovered them and their debut album just came out in April, lol! wtf. Reminds me of The Ebb and Flow in that I discover them just months after they breakup what was an all-too-short career.
The Old Soul.
both of those I purchased cds from yesterday at Cheapo. And then some names to checkout after sampling Beirut (the trumpet/mariachi thing may get me. Some dude told me about them at the Paper Route show back in April, I think it was.)
Skidmore Fountain and Ego Plum and the Ebola Music Orchestra: the album I sampled from this band sounded a bit melodramatic sadly. But on paper, they seem like a potential good Indie Chamber pop/rock group.

Leaving Comments on this Blog

also a note: to those who may be wanting to leave comments. Um, if your comment isn't what I consider *tactful* it very easily will get deleted. That is the kind of bullshit I have had to put up with on the message boards. But here? sorry, but this is MY FUCKING BLOG. I don't need it anywhere, especially here. This is a place I get to say whatever the fuck I want. If you come here and read it, and don't agree or don't like something I've written, go get your own blog and complain. It's not your place, it's mine. Ya know, if it's tactful enough, I am likely to respect that and not delete said comment. But I'd say in most cases, if your comment isn't something I deem worth being publicly displayed here..i.e. it makes me or something I wrote about look bad, it's not worth having kept here. I have also removed Anonymous Comments. I'm sorry to have to do this, as I'm sure there may be many worth having published here. But sorry, if you're so tactless that you don't even identify yourself in some way (even though any registered account is just about as anonymous), than your words are even less worth having here. You're just being that much more small-minded than the words you are using to try and criticize. For even more reason, I don't follow why would I ever be able to respect that.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Emmy Nominations (post 1)

1 link

I haven't watched the video nor scanned through that much of the list. But given some time later, I will dissect and bitch about how predictably pathetic the nominations are for this Awards show, like most Awards shows. But, seeing both How I Met Your Mother after it's what, 5th Season, lol and Big Bang Theory receive some love, I can't be as annoyed as I might be.

I'll try and post/repost the actual list. I guess Joss Whedon got something..likely for Dollhouse; and I didn't see his name on the links there.

Another new song to hear (watch) from Imogen Heap's "Ellipse" album

go here to watch the video for "Canvas"

pretty fucking surreal and rather melancholy.

Between that and "First Train Home" which you can find on many youtube links and was released as a single on Tuesday (and can be found on any number of other links to stream and/or downloaded) I'm thinking "Ellipse" could be

a) a much different style/toned album than "Speak For Yourself."

b) and/or could be more varied.

why I say that is SFY was such an energetic and catchy record. Sure it had the textures and a unorthodox approach to using electronic style into pop music, but at least from those 2 new songs, she didn't want to make SFY Part 2. Which seems to be a common approach recently, and I in most cases applaud.

Trying to be different than your last work, overall, I prefer. But I guess once the rest of it leaks, the result will tell how much different Ellipse actually is.

I do like both of these tracks, so no matter, my anticipation for this album, if anything, has only gone up.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grammatics are good, but The Stiletto Formal are better

tis a fact.

Funny thing about Grammatics is, I knew about them way back in October, but nobody had ever heard their name then. Look on RichTaylor's comments on rateyourmusic, and you'll see I asked if he was familiar with them then.

Now all of a sudden, like a dozen more people on the 5/8 are going apeshit over them. Which, ultimately, I'm fine with, as I do like them, and only want to see them have success.

But sorry, that Stiletto Formal album from last year is (to use a seemingly new cliche) shitton better than the self-titled album Grammatics released a few months ago.

We're talking about 1 band whose made a mid-to-high 70's album, to another whose now approached the mid 90's.

If Grammatics are Aereogramme, then The Stiletto Formal are dredg.

But of course, to go along with a handful of others, the level of interest in The Stiletto Formal on the 5/8 is nowhere near what it has become, seemingly overnight, in Grammatics.

Wonderful 5/8. Numbers don't lie, but I have 9 months worth of time being addicted to "Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!" to not question this.

It sort of feels like some of the other comparisons, but the evidence is there: Apes and Androids, Bend Sinister, Soundscape, House of Fools. As great as a community in terms of depth of taste the 5/8 is, it's not without failure.

Go listen to the superior band

Monday, July 6, 2009


This is me spouting-out therapeutic exercises in text. It's not directed at anyone specifically reading this blog. Understand, this is like the only place for me to get this out right now, where I feel it worth doing so.

I'm really fucking sick of the back-and-forth shit on the boards. I don't NEEEED IT! I want to go away. I want out. Either I'm highly sensitive, reading into/taking too much of the posts far too seriously, or I just happen to invite or get involved with a ton of highly sensitive people. People who basically seem offended, or make it their interest to stroke their egos while not really getting anything accomplished except alienating me and others based on their lack of tact.

Seriously, wtf...if it weren't for leaks and some other things, I don't see what the point of me continuing to post or even read on any of the boards right now, if ever again.

I could do so much more with my time. But I don't. Message boards are a fucking disease. A mental/psychological disease. I've fooled myself into believing they are a healthy social outlet. No, they're not. They're evil. They hijack my life. And you know what? if I never posted on any of them, ever again, it's entirely possible most if not all of them wouldn't a) notice for a long time if ever b) care.

I need to stop talking about it, and actually just fucking leave. I'll continue this and I suppose twitter and rateyourmusic, but that's it. But it's hopefully either no-more, or lurk-mode from now on. I've been getting along fine doing-that on 1 for awhile already.

People don't need me to post on the boards about news. Those people can go find the news themselves. And suggesting bands?, I've had so much success with that of late. No, fuck that.

This blog is where news and those new bands will be mentioned, and mentioned only here. If you miss it?..well, it's your fault you didn't read here.