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Film: Transsiberian and Burn After Reading. Music:Small Update

Transsiberian imdb link

Forget how much I saw on this prior to reading the summary and seeing it. But the premise sounded like my kind of Indie flick anyway. A couple choose to trek across much of the Russian territories via train instead of flying home to presumably their native USA. They meet another couple through their bunk who seem inviting enough to keep them company along the way; except quite early-on in that time amongst that couple their seems to be way too much more than meets the eye.

Emily Mortimer is very convincing as a woman in more than enough unstable situations involving death, deceit, and a few types of investigations on foreign soil. Ben Kingsley eventually shows up as a Russian detective whose ultimate motivations are not known until the climax of the film.

Woody Harrelson provides reasonable, but not spectacular comic-relief and naivete throughout. And Eduardo Noriega who plays Carlos is both creepy and charming. I guess the things that stand out about this film most are:

a) how dark the plot and story is.

b) Partial spoiler: but why the Jessie character was so paranoid, and time after time with the detectives, to not explain what exactly happened with Carlos. Self-defense among other things you'd think a normal person would consider, especially after all the questions. The guilt and lying seemed like it was eating her up. I suppose the writers did that intentionally; and perhaps the uncertainity of what could happen to her by explaining that in of all countries, Russia, was a big risk itself. But when they are torturing someone, you have no shoes and socks on and gun to your, most people would break under that pressure I imagine.

c) Carlos and Roy ..when Roy disappeared, my 1st suspicion when Carlos picked up the crowbar or whatever it was, was, he was going-to and then did take out Roy then and there. Why he tried to act like he did not care at all when Roy disappeared.

d) the Carlos character, while he was clever in ways, he definitely came across as having alterior motives for many things he did. I suppose that is part of his character, but if the writer/directors of this picture wanted him to be more devious and masked, I guess he didn't really pull that off. Just his relationship with his girlfriend seemed half-assed to a point. But if that was the intention, it worked well since he seemed pretty untrustworthy throughout. But Jessie of course seemed to trust him more than I expected. Also what led to his demise, really, was one of those unrealistic events, that liberties I suppose a film fan can let slide. The effect still worked really well though.

Concluding that this was definitely in the vein of my top film of '08 "Snow Angels" and maybe moreso, the other Woody Harrelson film I saw this year in "Sleepwalking." Dark, character study; and one that has the characters changing/growing and enduring a lot to get past a current predicament. Also it does explore a bit of a theme I thought was interesting in Drug Mules. It reminded me of how they used that work as a plot element in the film "Maria Full of Grace." Dark, dangerous, business, that those who get involved don't always know how risky it is.


Burn After Reading
imdb link

I've never been a HUGE Coen Brothers fan, but I still have enjoyed stuff like "The Big Lebowski" and "Fargo," for example. I guess my impressions of this based on the trailers were it looked a bit contrived and OVERCAST especially. You'd find yourself looking at the ACTORS and many of them left and right in a matter of seconds; instead of the characters they are playing. I suppose this movie didn't entirely avoid that, but it had enough mystery and love trapezoids (not a triangle..not a square even) to allow it to pull me in. The plot(s) were silly, but I didn't find myself taking each situation too seriously to care enough for it to hurt the overall impact.

George Clooney, John Malkovich, and Richard Jenkins I guess are worth watching in most work they do anyway. The loose ends were for the most part tied up save for Tilda Swinton and Clooney's wife. I also found it kind of ironic how Clooney and Swinton end up in so many scenes together, just after they were at huge odds in last year's Oscar nominated "Michael Clayton." Not intentional, but ironic, and ironic how the film up against that one at the Oscars was also a Coen Brothers in "No Country For Old Men."

The best Coen Bros movie? no. Film of the Year? no. Oscar Worthy? I wouldn't think so. Entertaining? Yes, if you don't expect huge comedic or dramatic genius. Coen Brothers I have never found to be nearly as brilliant as they are made out to be, but they are relatively consistent, so I don't imagine even the stack full of casting and the goofy twist the plot takes kills this one for me. Really, it's about on par with many of the recent Apatow films. Decent, but not brilliant.


Upcoming: Choke..more tba as I've caught some previews and reviews of late that I cannot recall at the moment (9/25/08).

Also coming soon/long overdue: a whole boatload of album and some concert reviews. Between the Buried and Me live may or may not happen next week for myself. I am absent from seeing Sigur Ros and Opeth this week, being out of town. 3, Minus the Bear, Brian Wilson, dredg, and Amanda Palmer are all on my concert calendar. Perhaps even seeing Terry Bozzio in St.Paul on 10/19.

in the meantime:
2008 Top Albums

2008 Anticipated

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some copying/pasting and more drivel probably could be absorbed here in the near future.

My most played record of the last week:
Burst - Lazarus Bird

Also addicted to:
Jared Micah & Hats - TCMOH

New to:
Friendly Fires
The Alps and The Alps (seriously, 2 different bands..different styles, both good)
Adebisi Shank
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo

Also some tv commentary shouldn't be too far off. FRINGE is the best new show I've seen thus far.

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Fall TV Season 2008-09: Friday/Weekend/Cable


NBC has this show called "Crusoe" which really doesn't look like anything special, but the previews didn't look horrible at the same time. Sam Neil in like his 50th NBC show/miniseries. Based on the character from the Robinson Crusoe book of course.


The Ex-List: link

Premieres: October 3rd (CBS)

Creator Diane Ruggiero and 20th Century Fox Television brings The Ex List to CBS. When a woman visits a psychic and discovers that she's already dated the man she is destined to marry, she sets out to find out who it is by looking up past loves.

This looks good, and hopefully a somewhat suitable replacement for a show I really enjoyed last season in "Moonlight." Elizabeth Reaser I have liked from seeing her in Grey's Anatomy and the independent film "Sweetland" among other things. The premise sounds like it may have some legs as well. And as far as network tv, really this is the only thing I'm planning to watch/dvr for now regularly on Fridays.


Life: link

I never watched it last year. Some episodes were on my DVR. Donal Logue, who I liked in a few things I saw the past years, notably the film "The Dao of Steve" and "Knights of Prosperity," is joining the cast. I guess I may have to ask a friend of mine what he thinks before tuning in, but I wouldn't eliminate ever watching this.

Scifi Channel has a new show called "Sanctuary" which looks dark, but potentially interesting. It may depend. In looking up a bit of info about it the other day however, it seems like it's cast and writers come mostly out of the Stargate-franchise which for most part fails in my interest. Amanda Tapping: She joins the ATLANTIS show once SG-1 is over, and now she's in this?..mmkay. But, I again don't mean to entirely judge a book by it's cover, so I may check it out before writing it off.



Valentine: link

Premieres: October 5th (CW)

Greek deities Aphrodite and her son Eros have settled here on Earth and are in the matchmaking business in this romantic dramedy from The CW.

Valentine is produced by Media Rights Capital. 13 episodes have been ordered for the first season.

This sounds potentially good. And while the names in this case don't totally ring any bells, they look familiar for some reason. "Aliens In America" sadly is gone, but this could be the potential sleeper show like that one, they come up with this season (it seems they come up with 1 or 2, but still cancel them like AiA among others).

Also of course many show's info hasn't come out yet, but will be on the air this season. Battlestar Galactica has 10 episodes left and a movie I guess now. Reaper will be back and it may replace 90210 or Privileged (probably this) sooner than later depending on ratings, lol. Rob Thomas from VERONICA MARS has 1 or perhaps 2 shows coming out. One being the reprise/return of "Cupid."

And, of course the cable shows which are winding down their Summer seasons. Psych, Monk, Burn Notice, and Kyle XY. Dr.Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures I haven't seen much on. There is to be a Christmas Invasion episode at least with the Cybermen returning, and a movie I guess with Tennant, there's talks about.

Also HBO's "True Blood" I'm in the process of seeking out. But I don't get HBO so that really has no set schedule for myself. But vampires and Anna Paquin plus some reviews have caused me want to check it out.

Fall TV Season 2008-09: Thursdays


Smallville: link

Premiere: September 18th (CW)

The one veteran show the CW has maintained and kept my attention in recent years (Gilmore, Veronica are gone now), and actually gets decent ratings by their standards, lol. Although, the show is near shark-jumping terriroty if it wasn't already. It should end soon, and I have read this is to be the last season (hopefully they won't pull a 7th Heaven on us). But, even that being the case, much of the cast keeps dropping off the credits; which actually that's happened each of the last couple of seasons. Really since Pete left if I recall. Yeah, they've added some new cast since, most notably Erica Durance as Lois, but that was inevitable for the Superman Universe. But apparently Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum are off the opening credits, along with the girl who played Kara last season. What we're left with I guess would be: Clark, Chloe, Lois, and perhaps Jimmy. And some new faces I recall reading.

I just hope we get some resolution with Lex finally becoming the evil foe we know him to be, and of course Clark has got to fly, lol. They could and should bring back Oliver Queen and the Justice League, which I heard they are, but the previews didn't include all the guys we knew from it (just Queen and Aquaman a friend told me). And the other kind of unresolved plot I have remembered is with the Martian who has popped up couple of times the last 2 seasons.

Yeah there are some continuity errors, and it is partially for Superman-fans and those into eye-candy. But given what else there is to watch, there's a lot of other things I'd get bored by.

Ugly Betty: link

Premieres: September 25th (ABC)

I'm not gonna say a lot here because frankly, I haven't watched this show in over a year. But I suppose I would not discount the idea of getting back into it due to the fact Thursdays have now become very light with TV (as opposed to a few years ago when it was the busiest night of the week). Like Battlestar Galactica, it might be worth a 2nd assessment/investment as I always enjoyed it, but not immensely or anything. I like America Ferrara and Rebecca Romijn should add reason themselves (even tho her plot has always seemed absurd..maybe more than the Patrick character on Men In Trees having a black biological father).


My Name Is Earl: link

Premieres: September 25th (NBC)

Somewhat like Betty and even Smallville. This show has very a very low amount of interest for me now. Frankly, it has jumped the shark as well. The writing isn't what it once was. Crabman: they don't even use or his lines aren't as funny as they had been. I have resounded to the fact I don't plan to watch this regularly. Maybe with a good guest, which at times they have had. But it was one of the best sitcoms on TV, just a couple of years ago sadly.


Grey's Anatomy

I stopped watching this show as well, even if Katherine Heigl is hard to ignore. Writing, and Hospital/Medical Dramas as a whole get too serious, too disgusting, and have very little appeal to me normally. This one did for a while with some of it's subtle humor and cast, but even that overall is gone. Heigl frankly is probably the only reason I'd want to watch it, and she even said publically how she thought the writing sucked last season.


Life On Mars: link

Premieres: October 9th (ABC)

ABC Studios, 20th Century Fox Television, and Kudos Productions are co-producing the remake of BBC drama Life on Mars . Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) is a detective from the 21st century who travels back in time to the 1970s after a car accident. Tyler clashes with new boss Gene Hunt who doesn't take his coming from the future seriously. Tyler ends up working on a case involving a serial killer...

Ok, I had the British show on my DVR and only was able to watch a couple of episodes of both seasons for various reasons. They disappeared sadly. But I liked it. It had the dude who played the Master in the new Dr.Who among others. Very 70's, very British, and very much an action/mysterious cop show involving the leads future life, etc.

So this comes out and it does look very similar. The new tradition it seems of Hollywood adopting a popular show from England.
It has Rachel LeFevre who seemingly has shown up on more than half the tv shows I watched the last few years as a guest (What About Brian, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men..some others I'm not remembering now).

edit: apparently she's not on the show anymore. Gretchen Mol got recast I guess just from looking at the credits. Ok, fair is fair, but I was looking forward to seeing her. Gretchen Mol I like too, but that kind of sucks. On the other hand, Harvey Keitel and Lisa Bonet are also going to be on this. Cool. I recall Colm Meaney aka Chief O'Brien from the Star Trek franchises among others (Men In Trees most recently) was also going to be on this but alas, nothing is listed as far as I can tell.

David E Kelley is involved, for some controversial reasons involving blackmail with ABC 86'ing Boston Legal if he didn't I remember reading. No matter, I like his work too. Why I am optimistic this could be one of the best new shows this fall, and at this point it's not gonna have a lot of competition. "The Eleventh Hour" on CBS doesn't have much interest from me at 9PM or actually the entire evening. No, this very easily could be along with Smallville the only show I'm gonna watch/dvr on Thursday which in a way is a relief. Although, Lost's timeslot may determine what happens to this come Winter, but hopefully it won't impact it's fate entirely.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall TV Season 2008-09: Wednesdays


Pushing Daisies: link

Premieres: October 1st (ABC).

Bryan Fuller seems to have struck gold over and over with TV. Work on Deep Space 9, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Heroes, and now this show. Very Tim Burton-like, but also certainly has elements of 2 of those babies in DLM and Wonderfalls. The odd, inventive elements of nature, god, and science that we don't exactly know as well as we thought. Lee Pace stars, and I always liked him on Wonderfalls. The premise itself with Ned's ability to revive the dead for 1 minute, seems a bit short, but I guess that's part of it's appeal. And of course the whole having to touch them again within that minute or someone else dies is funny. Question being, is that always how the show will work? For now, yes, but maybe not as the show explores more ideas and plots. Everything with his non-touching love and lust for Chuck his childhood unfulfilled love interest. The Emerson character is probably as funny as anything on the show. I also really like hearing the narration from Jim Dale whom I will admit, really enjoyed his voice work in the Harry Potter audio-books.

Strike-impacted of course as it didn't return and only being it's 1st season last season like some others. We may be in for a treat as to what transpires for Ned, Chuck, Emerson, and talented Kristin Chenowith's character Olive. It should be interesting and also I'm still hoping to spot more DLM and Wonderfalls alumni at some point.


Gary Unmarried: link

Premieres: September 24th (CBS).

A newly divorced father of two balances life with his new girlfriend and his ex-wife to whom he was married for fifteen years. Jay Mohr ( Saturday Night Live )stars in this CBS multi-camera comedy. 13 episodes have been ordered for season 1. The show is being produced by ABC Studios and CBS Paramount Network Television .

Not that I'm a huge Jay Mohr fan, but he's not been horrible in some of the movies and guest-appearances I recall seeing him in. But I guess the biggest thing about this one is the previews looked pretty good. Not a totally unfamiliar plotline for a sitcom, but CBS has been batting a decent percentage with sitcoms this decade especially. I'm gonna give this a go. I like Paula Marshall too who I last recall seeing somehow replacing Jeri Ryan in-a-way on "Shark" the end of last season.


Do Not Disturb: link

Premieres: September 10th (Fox).

A glamorous New York hotel has a not-so-glamorous staff in this multi-camera comedy project from FOX.

I am guilty right now having not seen any trailers or anything for this (I'm sure they're online, I just need to find them). However, a sitcom set at a hotel with en eclectic cast of characters sounds like it could have something. Jerry O'Connell stars, and while not everything he has done I love, he has done some work I really enjoy. Sliders for example. He definitely has been and can be one of those actors I just like watching (and no, it's not due to his looks, no thank you. He is an attractive guy, but I don't swing that way ya know :P). He even was on an episode of "Samantha Who?" last season which he wasn't bad in. The rest of the cast, while I am not remembering their names, they look familiar anyway. Perhaps some of this could have a similar spontaneity and interesting adventure-style comedy that I enjoyed about a newer film with Wonderfalls's Caroline Dhavernas and Craig Ferguson called "Niagra Motel" (probably one that deserves a review itself). A story about a bunch of characters connected in some ways at a motel. Guess we'll see. But with Gary Unmarried and this on Wednesdays, there could be 2 of the best new sitcoms on 1 night. An odd combo if Lost returns as well to Wednesdays in the Winter.


Lost: (ABC):

edit: considering this is a mid-season start and

a) nothing I've found indicates if it'll be airing here again or Thursday like it did at the end of last season. And perhaps 8PM instead of 9PM.

b) It probably warrants it's own individual blog in fact. BSG and some others in fact may too.

the Lost review/preview/conflicts will have to hold-off for now.

Jeremiah (TV Show) link

So after approximately 6 weeks of airing 4 episodes every Thursday, The Scifi Channel finished airing every episode of this show this past week. Albeit edited given the fact it originally aired on Showtime with nudity and profanity among some other non-censored elements.

My history with this show. I was/am a J Michael Straczynski fan of course with Babylon 5, one of the best Scifi or any kind of dramas on television over the last 2 decades. After that, he went on to start, but then get screwed over by TNT with the Gary Cole B5 spin-off show "Crusade." Which did air 13 episodes in the summer of 1999. I liked "Crusade" and have always felt it was a shame it was not picked-up by SCIFI or another network; but actually that Summer of 1999 I knew off the bat it was done sadly. So in a way it was like watching a Mini-series.

Fast-Fwd. Towards the end of Star Trek Voyager's run, the next ST franchise was talked about. And what ended up being the largely disappointing Rick Berman created "Enterprise," could have, and frankly SHOULD HAVE been JMS's next project. Maybe the failure of "Crusade" impacted that, but more likely, Paramount was still in bed with Berman, and JMS's pitch, much like it was turned down nearly a decade earlier, wasn't given much chance as I have read. Of course the whole Babylon 5/Deep Space 9 story many know about. The paralells, etc. I will just say that was certainly 1 case of when I'm glad they didn't give JMS the greenlight, since as a result, instead of having 1 classic Scifi show, we got 2. And DS9 also I will always trace back to my 1st real love of Scifi and Star Trek.

So, what I presume went down, JMS had this show "Jeremiah" which is somewhat loosely based on a comic-book series by a Belgian writer named Herman Huppen. A deadly plague known as "The Big Death" has wiped most adult humans, and the kids have had to grow up in the post-apocalyptic world. 90210's Luke Perry and The Cosby Show's Malcolm Jamal-Warner star.

I rented the 1st disc from Netflix a few years ago, but never got around to renting the rest of the 1st season, nor the 2nd season of course. The premise sounded interesting. Reasonable cast. And maybe best, it was from JMS.

Now finally having finished watching both seasons, I will say it was certainly one of the better Scifi shows to come out this decade. I really liked the adventures and uncertainities they explored about how the world was, rebuilding it, and starting-over. The 2nd season wasn't as good as the 1st, but they did add Sean Astin, which interestingly was maybe at his peak of stardom just following the huge exposure he got with the LOTR movies. His character towards the end of the show references humans re-setting of some kind. It's 16 years since the "Big Death" and now that the kids from then are old enough, they are going in a similar struggle as a race.

They also added another character the 2nd season in Libby, who has a connection to Jeremiah working with his dad at "Valhalla Sector." Not to spoil it entirely, but her character of course has more than one side, and she ends up connecting with Jeremiah when they meet through her dad at the beginning of Season 2. What transpires later with her and her work and life with Jeremiah isn't fully explained unfortunately. Bad enough her character does not stay throughout the whole season, but I really wished they'd told more about her background with coming to Valhalla Sector and everything else that led her to do what she did.

Overall, this show definitely stands out among stories I have read/seen about post-apocalyptic worlds. That idea, when done well, is an appealing story idea in Scifi and all fiction really. Although "Children of Men" sadly could have been done well in a similar way, but unfortunately I didn't feel it succeeded. The dark tone, and in-your-face war and violence kind of killed that movie among some other reasons. However, getting to experience this show and it's story, I have renewed faith that it can be created in a beneficial and entertaining way in Hollywood.

Put it up along side the likes of great short-lived shows like Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Freaks and Geeks, Brimstone, etc.

The biggest thing now I think is, it still leaves me wondering if/when JMS will get a chance to do another show like this. Just scanning his credits on imdb, it looks like he's doing a bunch of work in films now, which makes me curious. Judd Apatow's path became that in fact, maybe he noticed and is following suit. I still could go for him directing an episode of Lost, perhaps Battlestar Galactica (the show that reminds me most of B5 since B5 ended), and course someday still Star Trek. Hopefully Jeremiah can be another piece to add to why he should have those opportunities if he so desires them at some point.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall TV Season 2008-09: Tuesday...

These are a couple of links I like:

tviv: Somewhat updated Grid
wiki's helpful grid


90210 (The Next Generation..hehe): link

Premieres: September 2nd (CW)

I'm only vaguely curious about this maybe mostly due to the fact my recent discovery of "Jeremiah" and Luke Perry in that show. Very likely I'm gonna watch it once and maybe again only for certain guest appearances. Rob Thomas may not be involved much beyond the pilot. Kinda scary to think this is occupying Gilmore Girls longtime timeslot.


Fringe: link

Premieres: September 9th (Fox)

FBI agents Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop are faced with a rapidly spreading unexplained phenomenon of the threatening kind. In an attempt to stop the spread, they enlist the assistance of Bishop's estranged father, the institutionalized scientist Dr. Walter Bishop. Dawson's Creek 's Joshua Jackson will play the lead role of Peter Bishop, a smart guy with many gambling debts. The Secret...

The premise of this show sounds a bit like a very short-lived show from the 90's I used to catch reruns on Sunday Nights on the Scifi channel called "The Burning Zone." A secret government task force fight some dangerous diseases to save mankind. Josh Jackson I have liked beyond his Dawson's Creek work. And it is JJ Abrams for what that's worth. He actually has a bit of a similar history with tv as Whedon. Cult-fans, some great stuff that critics loved, and a few gambles that didn't pay off (see Six Degrees, The Nine..sadly even What About Brian). Between this and the Trek film, Hollywood has not denied him any creative chances. I'm cautiously optimistic. Depends on if it gets to be too detailed and serious. I don't need a 24 here.

Privileged: link

Premieres: September 9th (CW)

Originally called Surviving the Filthy Rich, this CW drama is an adaptation of the popular Zoey Dean novel How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls. In the series, Yale graduate Megan Smith recently moves to Manhattan with hopes of finding success in the field of journalism. However, when her plans go wrong, she accepts a job as the live-in tutor helping two wealthy high school students in Palm Springs get accepted at a top university. Privileged, from Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Paramount Network Television., has reveived a 13 episode contract from The CW Television Network. The executive producers are Gilmore Girls' Rina Mimoun and Gossip Girl's Bob Levy and Leslie Morgenstein. 30 Rock's Michael Engler directed the pilot.

I'm not huge into Teen Dramas. Dra-medy's however can work (Gilmore Girls, Men In Trees). I like Joanna Garcia (Freaks and Geeks, Welcome to the Captain), and the girl from the failed Bionic Woman show last year might add a bit. But let's just say, this only will get me to watch if there's nothing else, or it surprises me a lot. But, judging books by their covers I try to avoid. I wonder if Reaper will eventually return at this timeslot in the Winter. Very likely not.

The Mentalist: link

Premieres: September 23rd (CBS)

The Mentalist tells the tale of Patrick Jane who is employed as an independent detective working with the California Bureau of Investigation to solve crimes. He has refined his observations skills to a near perfect level and lends these skills to the CBI to help them solve cases. The team that he works with consists of the senior agent, Teresa Gibson, agents Kimball Cho & Wayne Rigsby and the rookie, Grace Van Pelt.

It has reminded some people of "Psych," a show I love and my favorite current program on all of television. But actually it sounds more like "Monk." It's just this guy doesn't have a partner or assistant. And likely not the same kind of humor nor much mystery on his ability to solve cases. Simon Baker's name is familiar, but his work isn't to me. "Devils Wears Prada" and a short-lived (rarely-if-ever-aired show) "Smith" are his only work I have heard about. Not a lot of optimism, but the other stuff it's up against I'm not either so it has as good a shot as any of finding my viewing or never crossing my consumer-palette.


The Goode Family: link

Premieres: Midseason (ABC)

"It's so difficult being good."

Mike Judge, creator of Beavis & Butt-Head and King of the Hill, brings us this new animated series about an obsessively "green" family whose politically correct liferesults in constant laughs.

ABC has so far ordered 13 episodes of this series. The show is scheduled to air midseason.

The show is being produced by 3 Arts Entertainment and Media Rights Capital.

I love Beavis and Butthead, and "Office Space" is very *Classic*. But "King of the Hill" I never got into. Mike Judge sadly may need the comforts of a lesser-censored format (Cable and movies) to excel the most. But, the premise to this sounds like it could have some potential. I do think he writes well when he's set in modern-day (as opposed to King of the Hill). Given it's a mid-season replacement show, and on ABC, this may not be on the air long enough to find it's audience. But by January the other stuff on at it's time may not be worth the time of day, so it could get some ratings by default.


Eli Stone: link

Premieres: October 14th (ABC).

Good show! Johnny Lee Miller I'll probably never forget for his work in the Angelina Jolie mid-90's film "Hackers." His role here isn't exactly like that one, but he still is quite good here as a protagonist lawyer; with visions of the future from a brain Aneurysm that seems to dictate much of his life's path whether he likes it or not. This show had good writing, a good albeit familiar cast (Victor Garber from Alias, Natasha Henstridge, Julia Gonzalo from Veronica Mars, Tom Cavanagh from Ed and Love Monkey). But it kind of came out of nowhere last year and lived up to the ads ABC force-fed the public during Lost, even with the George Michael obsession. The fact his condition got exposed to everyone may be the hardest thing to get past. Many good shows at 1st have a character with a secret, and once the secret comes out, the show needs something more. However in this case, it's a legal drama that with Boston Legal going away, it may benefit from filling those shoes regardless. It's even taken over BL's familiar 9pm timeslot on Tuesdays. We'll see how well it does and if some of the BL audience comes on over by the Winter when presumably it'll be the only law drama ABC will have on the air.