Thursday, April 9, 2009


A ton more news, updates with music..if the stars align, a huge blog or 2,3 will be up this weekend. Problem is:

a) I got concerts from dredg and Paper Route Fri/Sat

b) The Masters is on, however much that hijacks my schedule

c) there's a ton to cover of course.

But let's just say June 23rd and June in general is to be maybe the biggest single month and date for new albums for me, that I can think of.

Briefly on June 23rd:

-My dad's bday, and it's 3 days after mine.
-King's X are playing Crap Ave. Their 1st concert our town in like 4 years.

Albums being released:
Soundscape - Grave New World
The Dear Hunter - Act III
Kiss Kiss - The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Born of Osiris - A Higher Place

and perhaps more, including the new Mew album.

The Mars Volta's "Octahedron" is released the week before.
dredg's new album "The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion" is released the week before that on June 9th.

Water & Bodies are making 1 new song stream-able on Wednesday April 15th, and their debut EP is being released on Friday May 15th. 7 songs. More to add later.

maudlin of the Well's new album could be available to download any day now. Also a new sideproject called "Baliset" I am intrigued by. Greg Baliset, I guess was 1 of the members of motW (and possibly Kayo Dot as well). It's his new project. I may purchase that soon too.

Apes and Androids will be on BBC 6 and George Lamb's show next Wednesday April 15th at 5AM to 8AM Central Time (10AM-1PM in the UK).