Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Bewitched - Without a Net (2012)

Here this album is available on their Bancamp page where it's "pay what you want"

Without a Net Cover Art

1. another day, another life 03:10
2. small world 04:25
3. things like that 04:22
4. the boulevard of broken dreams 05:19
5. olde lullaby 03:44
6. violet hour 05:58
7. late night creature feature 02:52
8. when all the freaks come out and play 03:20
9. watching the stars go out 05:03
10. without a net 03:56

As always, I don't have much time to write something in here, but I just have to post what I can for now (and likely not much later, even until the end of the year, sadly).

I met Mary and Eric at an Amanda Palmer concert I recall in late 2008. They are fans of course of Amanda and the Dresden Dolls like myself. Their music is influenced, but not entirely like the Dolls/Amanda's.

They do this interesting style of what I'd call Psychedelic acoustic-mostly Cabaret Pop/Rock/Folk. Rather lyrical, ironic, dark, humorous, theatrical, and especially on this album, there's a great dreamy element. Some parts sounding almost middle eastern. I think a lot of that is Mary's use of dulcimer, which for The Bewitched, is a primary instrument. That among other things, does distinguish them.

My favorites from this album, I'll confess, are the 1st 2 tracks "another day, another life" and "small world" which I recall them playing live when I saw them, which was sadly maybe 2 or more years ago last.

I know they spent a great deal of time writing and recording this record, and among other things, the production seems to show that. Am I blown away by it? no, not really. But it has a really nice mood and flow to it. And I'm not just saying that due to the fact I know them and consider them friends, nor that they are from Minnesota. I think the extensive time they spent writing and making this album shows.

Best Minnesota record of 2012? unlikely, but probably will be among my top 5-10 at least, and 1 I will revisit, especially since Mary said the other day on facebook they plan to have hardcopies at a show this coming Summer. Maybe The Bryant Lake Bowl again? or maybe even a place like The Ritz Theater.

And I still think they should try and play a gig with Jenny Dalton or maybe even Cloud Cult at some point. We'll see, but in the mean time, i'm enjoying this album and am very happy for them to finally see it come out. This week though, ironically, among the 8 or so other records just on my radar alone.
The Bewitched on Facebook

Sucré - A Minor Bird (2012)

3/29/12 5:15AM
new song/single "Hiding Out" available

stream, stream/download


nice subtle orchestration. It is the opening track on this record, which has a pre-order link now and the track list is now given here.

1. Hiding Out
2. When We Were Young
3. Troubled Waters
4. Light Up
5. Chemical Reaction
6. Say Something
7. Persuasion
8. Stampede
9. No Return
10. Endless Sleep
11. The Cliff Waltz

3/6/12 8:21PM

"Happy to reveal the cover+title of the album "A Minor Bird."

From the forthcoming debut album, A Minor Bird (April 10th, 2012).

Sucré is Stacy King, Darren King, Jeremy Larson.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kimbra - Live SXSW Video/Samaritan/Settle Down BestFit/Imogen Heap Just For Now

3/28/12 12:11AM

here's couple of other videos

new song "Samaritan" live (whoever was filming certainly may have had extra interest when showing her/the performance, lol)

A layered via technology version of "Settle Down"

which kind of reminds me of this alternate multi-layered live version of "Just For Now" from Imogen Heap, who frankly, is 1 name I hardly see Kimbra get compared to, which is surprising.

3/27/12 1:26AM

This is about a week old (I know), but still well worth checking out.. She doesn't exactly go after all the falsettos live, but some of that is the way some of the songs are arranged. Her band, namely her drummer, are terrific.

A couple of other things about Kimbra.

Her 22nd birthday was yesterday. She mentioned on twitter

"Just bought The Colour Spectrum by The Dear Hunter off iTunes. Pumped to get into this...@CaseyCrescenzo"

"@CaseyCrescenzo Are you guys on tour soon? We're here all month! Hope to cross paths x"

She's also mentioned being a fan of Mew, among others. What if a tour of her with The Dear Hunter, Mew or The Mars Volta ever happened?..or a collaboration for something in the studio? oh my. (she also is a fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan as well as a lot of other music, but for my and other tastes, TDH, Mew and the Volta stand out).

Also her headlining set last night in NYC was the following, including 3 new songs (1 being Come Into My Head)

Cameo Lover
Good Intent
Two Way Street
Street Marigold (new)
Plain Gold Ring
Call Me
Old Flame
Samaritan (new)
Settle Down

Come Into My Head (new)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mercies - The Ballet [EP] (2012)

3/27/12 8:45AM

I'm still waiting on my Pre-Order Email download link, but until then, it's available to
stream for free here

edit: holeeeee those 1st 2 instrumental tracks are totally sublime. Maybe better than anything on Three Thousand Days lol.

4-stars. Wow, this year has not only been the year of the Bandcamp album, it's also become the biggest year for EPs, maybe ever. It's only March 27th, but I cound already 7 EPs in my top 25 releases, lol. I may have no choice but to make a 2nd EP Index with 50 or more at this rate, lol.

2/19/12 3:55PM

Interesting how Luke Dent, Erick Serna nor Nate Patterson are involved with this collection of songs. I suppose the music will speak for itself.
Mercies - The Ballet bandcamp link

1. Music for a Ballet: Light
2. Music for a Ballet: Dark
3. Clouds
4. In Your Mind
5. Take You Away
Tucked in the woods of northern Connecticut is the barn/recording studio/rehearsal space that Mercies calls home. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Josh Rheault, with the help of his family and friends, restored the barn in the Fall and Winter of 2010/2011. Not only were 2×4′s cut, concrete poured, and electricity run, but Mercies found its humble beginnings through this restoration process.

While living in Los Angeles for several years and extensively touring/recording with his previous band, Josh’s desire to pursue his own avenue of expression as a songwriter began to come to life. When he returned home to Connecticut after going through these seminal experiences in L.A., the restoration of the old tobacco barn ensued, as early demos were recorded and plans for a full length emerged. Joined by friend, collaborator, and drummer Sammy Dent, the duo spent the Fall and Winter of 2010/2011 recording the album Three Thousand Days in the space now simply and affectionately referred to as “The Barn.”

The foundation of Three Thousand Days is deeply personal, yet presents easily relatable lyrics sung with powerful and memorable melodies. The album is colored with a homemade quality, an attention to detail, and a sonic exploration that was directly inspired by the place it was recorded. Quite simply, Three Thousand Days is “one of those releases that engages [you] within a few bars; immediately feeling like something special. Something important. Something to keep around, something to tell your best friends about.” (My Old Kentucky Blog)

Not wasting any time, Josh and Sammy, now joined by bassist Jordan Flower, have already begun to write material for their next full-length album. In addition, they will be releasing an EP titled The Ballet in March 2012 containing some new material, some reworked material, and their music for a ballet commissioned by The Charlottesville Ballet in Charlottesville, Virginia.

With their sights set on more collaboration with dance companies, other multimedia projects, scoring films, and touring to support Three Thousand Days, the future is looking bright for the ambitious trio.
releases 27 March 2012
2/13/12 11:16PM

I'll add the details of course soon-ish, but the title and release date, which I'm guessing will be initially just as a digital download on Amazon, iTunes and hopefully their Bandcamp page . I'm pretty curious about this since their debut album from 2011, Three Thousand Days, was terrific.

Announcement post on Facebook

Early Pink Floyd TV Appearance (French, post-Syd)

love me some early Floyd. I ADORE that organ sound. The new Pepe Deluxé record uses that at times. Such a warm, soothing tone to it. Damn was Rick Wright just using a product of his time, or was he just plain brilliant? maybe a little of both.

Ours/Jimmy Gnecco - Black Card link

Ours Black Card

Starting at: $100.00

Your Ultimate Access Pass to Ours PLUS Jimmy Gnecco Solo Events
AVAILABLE NOW-March 31st, 2012
*Due to the nature of this offer, the Ours Black Card will NEVER be available again*

OURS Black Card5 year all access pass
Price: $100.00
Term: 5 years. All cards will expire on March 31st, 2017
DeliverablesOurs Black Card will provide access/invites to the following at Ours shows plus Jimmy Gnecco Solo shows:
  • Meet & Greets
  • Select Soundchecks and after show events
  • Invites to free private live shows and parties (for card holders only)
  • Invites to visits to recording studio & video shoots
  • Plus 15% discount on all cloth merchandise sold by Ours/Jimmy Gnecco at OURS/JIMMY GNECCO shows
  • And many other special card holder giveaways
*You can add as many additional people (+1, +2, etc.) to your card for an additional fee per person so you can bring your friends and family to all Ours Black Card events with you. Price breaks offered after +4.
Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and your personalized Ours Black card in the mail by April 30th, 2012. Cards will be distributed ONE TIME ONLY. Management/Artist reserves the right to cancel any Black Card event due to unforeseen or reasonable circumstance. Management/Artist reserves the right to deny access to any Black Card event. Entry to shows, including Festival performances, is NOT included as part of the Black Card offering. Card is not valid for support performances, unless otherwise communicated. Card is non-refundable. If card is lost or misplaced, please contact A replacement card may be purchased for an additional fee for the same card holder name as originally purchased. Cloth merchandise discount is only available at Ours/Jimmy Gnecco Solo shows. All festivals excluded from merchandise discount. Card holder must have valid email address to receive all news and updates regarding the OURS Black Card.

I feel a little bad/guilty to have not shared this many weeks or even months ago, as I recall 1st learning about it back in late December. My initial reaction was $100? why that much? and in comparing it to The Dear Hunter's Lifetime Membership, which was only $25, but FOR LIFE, it didn't seem like quite as good a deal. 5 Years is awhile, but it also has to be asked, to get USE out of it, Ours or Jimmy Gnecco HAVE TO ACTUALLY COME TO MINNESOTA. Which for the 1st 2 or more years I recall, when I was a fan (2005-2007) they/he did not. But then within a 2-year period, they came 4 times, only once not headlining. And then Jimmy was last in Minnesota in 2010 opening for Greg Laswell.

So, I suppose odds are they'll/Jimmy will end up back in town at least a few times in the next 5 years.

Plus, maybe using it in other towns isn't as far fetched as it may sound for me. Even just Chicago.

And the fact they haven't even determined everything it'll give access to, besides the perks listed there. Especially if anything ever comes about with Jimmy and Velvet Revolver/Slash. Namely, if some kind of collaboration happens, and suddenly a large demographic of people start to check out Ours/Jimmy's music as a result, having this CARD will allow me to still get to chat with Jimmy and the band, before or after shows without considering the venue or crowd.

Although like The Dear Hunter's Lifetime Membership I suspect, it will only happen at HEADLINE gigs at this point.

I would say for even the casual Ours or Jimmy fan at this point, it's a bit to spend, but anyone whose pretty into them, it very well may be more than worth getting.

Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase one ends on Saturday March 31st according to that link above. And as it says, this very likely will be a 1-time only offer. Now in 5 years, renewing it might be a possibility, but no guarantee about that. I suppose it depends on how successful this project is.

As far as Ours/Jimmy they are supposedly working on a new record right now, and Jimmy also has plans for Weathervane. But both of those camps have been relatively quiet from the stuff I've seen. I'm hoping some news will come in the next few months. I know there's a show coming up in April I think, so they are still playing live. But I recall not that long ago (within the last 2 months), Static posted on twitter, writing music for the next Ours record.

Sound & Shape - Hourglass (2012)

This is somewhat unexpected at this time, they just announced last evening this is their new record and it's available now on iTunes exclusively. As they posted with this announcement on Facebook, it should be available on compact disc at shows among places eventually.

1 No Time to Explain 2:33
2 Everybody Leaves 2:42
3 Wolves in the Forest 3:45
4 Able Archer 3:06
5 The Whispering Boy 3:07
6 Signals 2:21
7 Hourglass 2:36
8 Wheels to Babylon 3:15

given who knows when I'll get to see them, and when this record will be available in other places and I want to support them I bit the bullet and downloaded this on iTunes. As much as it pains me to have to pay Apple for music, and have to convert the files. But so be it, $7.32 isn't a fortune.

Although in streaming the converted tracks on Windows Media Player just now, I'm hearing some clipping, and not of the cymbal-compression variety. I worry it's from converting the bitrate. I suppose once I burn this and listen via headphones, I'll know.

As far as impressions on this just off the bat, the style isn't incredibly different from their other music, namely 2011's Now Comes the Mystery EP. Shorter songs, and in this case, a shorter album being about 24 minutes. It's more of the length of an EP. Maybe The Love Electric will be their only work in epic length songwriting?

I was thinking earlier, I hope these guys don't go the way of a band like The Apex Theory, who made a fantastic 15 minute song/EP with Lightpost, and then the follow-up record Faces (under new name Mt. Helium) was spotty at best, and thus disappointing. The Love Electric is terrific, their debut record Where Machines End Their Lives isn't as good, but still okay.

I guess I'm hearing some moments on many of these songs, including a few with strings and horns; but I'm hoping headphones will lend to more of the *wow* factor I got from when I 1st discovered them with The Love Electric.

Monday, March 26, 2012

dredg - Catch Without Arms (live) 3/22/12 Santa Clara, CA

3/26/12 8:20PM

The whole show is there on Youtube. It includes Uplifting News!

3/2/12 3:30PM

Thursday, March 22nd 2012.
LIVE 105.3- The Avalon &; Man Down Productions

10:00 PM

8:45 to 9:30

8:00 to 8:30 pm

Doors 7:00 pm
Show 8:00 pm
$20 pre-sale $25 day of show

Avalon-Santa Clara
777 Lawrence Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Tel: 408.241.0777

Also, we're going to playing all of our album Catch Without Arms, from front to back, we well as some other songs. But we've never done that and we thought it'd be a good selling point. If you want to promote the show that way as well go for it. I would suggest then using any songs from the Catch album for the radio spot. Looking forward to it!

I wish I could go, but I can't see it. But witnessing songs like "Hungover on a Tuesday" and "Matroshka" live, are a couple I've never seen but wanted to.

Sigur Rós - Valtari (2012)

Ég Anda (“I Breathe”)
Ekki Múkk (“Not a Peep”)
Varúð (“Caution”)
Rembihnútur (“Double Knot”)
Dauðalogn (“Dead Calm”)
Varðeldur (“Campfire”)
Valtari (“Roller”)

their homepage here has "Ekki Múkk (Not a Peep)" streamable

Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

Release date is May 28th.

Jonsi has been rather prolific in recent years, along with the band. I recall posting before how I've always liked them, but at the same time, never found them addictive. Although I think the Hipsters have overrated them a bit in recent years. Their last record was okay at best. Takk was a little better. And those last two definitely aren't at the same level as () and Ágætis byrjun.

Plus the soundtrack Inni last year which I honestly never got around to hearing, nor seeing sadly. It was at St. Anthony Main for only 1 week and I wanted to go, but the timing didn't allow me to.

I expect the Hipsters to claim this better than anything in 2012, at least for awhile, which sadly, may end up detracting from my interest. But maybe this one will be an exception.


Sigur Ros have announced full details of their new studio album 'Valtari', which will be released in May.

The Icelandic band, who have now returned from an ''indefinite hiatus'', will release the follow-up to 2008's 'Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust' on May 28.

The record contains a total of seven tracks, with the band yet to state whether they will be releasing any songs ahead of the album's full release.

Sigur Ros will play their first UK show for four years at this summer's Bestival in September. They are also booked for festivals in Canada, France, Japan and Ireland.

Bestival will take place from September 6–9 at Robin Hill Park on the Isle Of Wight. For more information about the event, see New Order and Stevie Wonder will headline the festival.

Sigur Ros' last release was 'Inni', a concert film and live album, which came out in November. It documented the group's final two shows of their last world at London's Alexandra Palace.

Ian Anderson - Thick as a Brick 2 (TAAB2): Whatever Happened To Gerald Bostock?

3/26/12 8:44AM

"Tomorrow’s Facebook stream of Ian Anderson’s ‘Thick of a Brick 2’ commences at 3pm (GMT) and will be available for 24 hours."

3PM GMT TODAY MARCH 26TH (England time, which would be 10AM Central, 11AM Eastern) the whole thing is going up to stream for 24 hours.

2/17/12 1:55PM

It's not under the Tull name, but Ian's I guess. Track list, pre-order info. Comes with a DVD, etc.

Ian Anderson's ambitious follow-up to his seminal 1972 opus, Thick As A Brick.

Special edition with CD, audio-visual DVD and 16-page booklet.

The DVD contains 5.1 surround mixes, 24-bit stereo mix, videos covering the making of the album, interviews with the musicians and a lyric reading where Ian Anderson reads the lyrics in various settings.

5.1 and stereo mixing by Steven Wilson.
Preorder now for 2nd of April 2012 release date

1 From A Pebble Thrown

2 Pebbles Instrumental
3 Might-have-beens
4 Upper Sixth Loan Shark
5 Banker Bets, Banker Wins
6 Swing It Far
7 Adrift and Dumfounded
8 Old School Song
9 Wootton Bassett Town
10 Power and Spirit
11 Give Till It Hurts
12 Cosy Corner
13 Shunt and Shuffle
14 A Change of Horses
15 Confessional
16 Kismet in Suburbia
17 What-ifs, Maybes and Might-have-beens

2/1/12 9:13AM

2 Press releases of sorts on this Ian Commentary

Whatever Happened To Gerald Bostock?

In 1972, I wrote and recorded the Jethro Tull Progressive Rock classic album Thick As A Brick. The lyrics were credited at the time to the fictitious child character, Gerald Bostock, whose parents supposedly lied about his age. The record instantly became a number one Billboard Chart album and enjoyed considerable success in many countries of the world.

We then, somewhat dutifully, took the quaintly theatrical show on the road in the UK, USA and a few other countries. Since 1972, the album has never been performed in its entirety although a few minutes of the material have been a regular repertoire staple in both Tull and Ian Anderson solo shows over the years.

Now, scheduled for performance again in 2012, I will take the original album and this follow-up recording, TAAB2, to a theatre near you.

So, forty years on, what would Gerald Bostock – aged fifty in 2012 – be doing today? What might have befallen him?

The theme of this anniversary “part two” album is to examine the possible different paths that the precocious young schoolboy, Gerald Bostock, might have taken later in life and to create alter-ego characters whose song-section identities illustrate the hugely varied potential twists and turns of fate and opportunity. Not just for Gerald but to echo how our own lives develop, change direction and ultimately conclude through chance encounters and interventions, however tiny and insignificant they might seem at the time.

In the development of the piece, the divergences of life’s infinitely forked roads finally give way to an almost gravitational pull which results in convergence to, perhaps, a pre-ordained, karma-like conclusion.

As we baby-boomers look back on our own lives, we must often feel an occasional “what-if” moment. Might we, like Gerald, have become instead preacher, soldier, down-and-out, shopkeeper or finance tycoon?

And those of more tender years - the social media and internet generation - may choose to ponder well the myriad of chance possibilities ahead of them at every turn.....

Odd chap, life.....

If someone had suggested that I might release a Prog concept album in the year 2012, I would have thought him seriously, dangerously even, off his trolley. But that is precisely what happened. A few years ago, Mike Andrews and Royston Eldridge, two ex-Chrysalis Records gents pressed me to consider a follow-up to Thick As A Brick. I gave it some dutiful deliberation - for a couple of minutes - and politely declined. Nice idea, nice chaps but, after reflection, no-oooooo.

Then, in 2010, a re-aquaintance with seventies Prog Rock vocalist-turned-record exec Derek Shulman - yes, he of Gentle Giant fame - restarted the old refrain. Yes, but.... no, but, and finally - OK, I'll give it some more dutiful deliberation (four and a half minutes, this time) eventually produced, in February of 2011, the synopsis of the idea. Derek's enthusiasm and gauntlet-challenge plus two weeks of dedicated, fast and furious music and lyric writing combined to produce a flurry of material. And - blow me down with a Dodo's tail-feather - the whole thing was completed ready for scoring and arranging by the beginning of March. There were a couple of pieces prepared earlier which were bent into new shape and fitted into the scheme of things, so they too were popped into the bubbling saucepan.

It was a little daunting to consider the impact – or perhaps lack of – which this release might have on old and new fans alike but I eventually decided that I would embark on this for my own benefit and enjoyment rather than trying to please anyone else at all. To find the balance of interesting musicality and more accessible content too was not the main issue. The conceptual and heavily lyrical nature of the beast, however, might be out of place in the attention span-deficit world which we seem to occupy these days. But, having toured in 2010 and 2011 in Italy, Latin America, Australia and other countries where passions run high, I decided that maybe the world – or our little corners of it – was, in fact, ready for a bit of more substantial and weightier fare.

The era of professional media Prog-bashing seems to have given way to a more appreciative appraisal of the genre and newer bands such as Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and Spock's Beard have possibly prompted a new and younger audience to re-examine the seventies originators' seminal albums too.

So, it's not such a cold and lonely place after all. The elements of Folk, Classical and Jazz Music are still to be found in today's more Rock-oriented Progressive Rock. You will certainly find them subtly present in TAAB2 but along with a rather more acoustic feel than many of our peers, past and present. Not the only flute in town but......

Actually, I played much more acoustic guitar than usual on this record having written most of the music on that instrument. But there are still sections conceived on the flute and sometimes – quite often, in fact – the lyric writing preceded all the melodies and harmonic structures. Starting with lyrics and then thinking of the music is not normally the way I work but it was here. A title, a few words or a verse or two and then the acoustic guitar was immediately to hand to conjure up a full song section out of the growing lyrics. Having a plan was important. Stories to tell made it all easier. The imagination-filled process of thinking how things might have turned out for the young and older Gerald kept me fascinated. Maybe you will be too. And maybe not.

Ah, well – you can always go and watch The X Factor and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ian Anderson January 2012

'Thick As A Brick 2'

Ian Anderson announces 40th anniversary sequel to the hugely successful, groundbreaking 1972 album
Following the recent announcement of a 19-date tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of 'Thick As A Brick', on April 2nd Ian Anderson will release a sequel to the original album.

In 1972, Ian Anderson wrote and recorded the Jethro Tull Progressive Rock classic album 'Thick As A Brick'. The lyrics were credited at the time to the fictitious child character, Gerald Bostock, whose parents supposedly lied about his age. The record instantly became a number one Billboard Chart album and enjoyed considerable success in many countries of the world.

So, forty years on, what would Gerald Bostock - aged fifty in 2012 - be doing today? What might have befallen him? The anniversary "part two" album will examine the possible different paths that the precocious young schoolboy, Gerald Bostock, might have taken later in life through alter-ego characters with song-section identities illustrating the hugely varied potential twists and turns of fate and opportunity. Not just for Gerald but to echo how our own lives develop, change direction and ultimately conclude through chance encounters and interventions, however tiny and insignificant they might seem at the time.

Ian Anderson says of the album, "As we baby-boomers look back on our own lives, we must often feel an occasional 'what-if' moment. Might we, like Gerald, have become instead preacher, soldier, down-and-out, shopkeeper or finance tycoon?," Adding, "and those of more tender years - the social media and internet generation - may choose to ponder well the myriad of chance possibilities ahead of them at every turn....."

To coincide with this groundbreaking release, for the first time since 1972, Anderson and fellow musicians John O'Hara (keyboards), David Goodier (bass), Florian Opahle (guitar) and Scott Hammond (drums) - as well as some guest performers - will take to the road to perform the album in its entirety and, it can now exclusively be revealed that, in addition there will be a second part to the show where Anderson and the band will also perform the sequel.

'TAAB2' tracklist:
1 From A Pebble Thrown
2 Pebbles Instrumental
3 Might-have-beens
4 Upper Sixth Loan Shark
5 Banker Bets, Banker Wins
6 Swing It Far
7 Adrift And Dumfounded
8 Old School Song
9 Wootton Bassett Town
10 Power And Spirit
11 Give Till It Hurts
12 Cosy Corner
13 Shunt And Shuffle
14 A Change Of Horses
15 Confessional
16 Kismet In Suburbia
17 What-ifs, Maybes And Might-have-beens

'Thick As A Brick 2' will be released on the 2nd of April 2012 in three formats: a standard jewel case CD and digital download, and a Special Edition 2-disc format featuring the album plus a DVD containing a 5.1 surround mix, a making of the album film, interviews with the band video and engineers and lyric reading video.

no Martin Barre? I guess I am at a wait-and-see. I love TAAB immensely, but like the Yes album without Jon Anderson, I can't really expect nearly what they made with TAAB. Nostalgia at this point. But I'd rather them do this, than nothing, even sans Martin Barre.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Well, I pretty much can retire this blog now

After seeing this video

and this video of course

I'm not quite sure if there is much reason to add more to this blog. These 2 videos more or less sum up me and everything I do here (well, not everything, but I'm sure anyone who sees this knows what I mean ;))

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Mother Earth - We Got Love (new song)

I've been a fan of these guys for over a decade, although more so, around 10 years ago. And it is not to be ignored the fact original singer Edwin is not with them in this reunion of sorts. What I'm unclear is, is this something for a new record coming soon? I'm guessing yes.

There's also a new Big Wreck album that just came out, which is surprisingly pretty good. And some of the members of IME and The Tea Party, among others, did that project Crash Karma back in 2010. Maybe there's a revivial of the mid-to-late 1990's Canadian grungey-prog stuff now?

No idea. But perhaps The Tea Party will return as well.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another new interview with Casey Cresenzo

another new interview with Casey, talking about TCS and more about his plans for 2012 and the next TDH record. He just briefly mentions The River Empires. Also this band K Sera who I sampled yesterday after seeing them included in the Alternative Press "100 Bands You Need to Know" issue. Although honestly, they may be a bit too emo-sounding for me. But with Casey producing, I'm still curious.


How has the fan response to The Color Spectrum been?
I think that the response has been, for the most part, really positive. I think it was really surprising. I don’t know if I really had expectations of exactly what was going to happen or how people were going to react to it, but I can say that it’s been definitely a good surprise that people were as open to the different styles and the different vibes that weren’t necessarily native to the band in the past. On tour, some people come up and said that was the first thing they had heard of the band and that they got hooked on that. I think it was really refreshing because in the past, for the most part, or at least the vocal majority of the fans of the band, have been really into the story of the records that I was doing before this. So it’s all been really amazing. The last year of touring and promotion for the record has been just really surprisingly positive.

The album took a long time to make, which forced you to be away for over a year from touring. Sometimes after a long process like that is over and you look at in hindsight it might not have seemed worth it, depending on the reception a band or artist can get. Are you still happy with your choice to switch it up and break away from the acts for at least one release?
Oh, yeah absolutely, I think as far as doing act records, it’s something that when I am doing it, it feels real and natural. And if it’s not going to feel organic, then I really don’t want to force it. That was the point I felt like I was at, like if I went and tried to continue that at the moment, it would just be forcing it. I’ve done my best to be as honest and natural musically as I can, so this popped up as something I could do. It just seemed like such a perfect thing to do and once I started getting into it and immersing myself in it. I definitely felt really good, you know? That’s why I said I really didn’t have any idea or expectation for the reaction. It was because I really just tried to do right by myself first and be honest and genuine musically and then the reception is going to be the reception, whether it’s good or bad. So, it was a huge breath of fresh air to step away from doing those records.

A lot went into the record to make it as whole as possible right down to the packaging. Was it nice to make it such an artistic experience?

I think in the past it is something that I have really strived to do as well, making something that’s actually worthwhile. Once the music is mastered, it has to be looked at from a certain perspective as being a product because you are selling something. So at the point that the creativity of the music is done, because I don’t look at that part as product, but at the point when you are looking at selling something to someone and expecting them to pay money for it, I think that if you’re not giving people something exciting or at least giving them their money’s worth, then it’s really just taking advantage of people. It’s funny for somebody who just puts out a jewel case or a gift pack or something without a lot of effort to be upset when somebody downloads their music. But when you give them something that has heart and soul put into it, people are going to buy it. That was something I strived for in the past, but I think my ambitions with the project, with all the act records went out of the abilities of the band, being the size that we were. Things like the packaging that would fit the grandiose nature of that kind of music wasn’t really possible. But for this, I think the vision from the beginning was so clear and clean and once I brought in Cameron Thorne to do all of the artwork, it was all so perfect and simple and when Triple Crown came in they were 100% on the same page. I think this time more than any other release, it was really easy to get everybody aligned with the same ideas and the same goals for the packaging and for really everything. So it was really nice to see something that exceeded my imagination as far as what other people were involved in it.

What was it like playing material for the first time that was outside of the act concept for these three or four tours in a row?
I think that it goes both ways on any given night. It’s really hard to pick a set list that is going to be the average Dear Hunter fan’s positive, enjoyable set list. What The Color Spectrum did was it kind of spread out the fan base a little bit more and in the past, people who might have liked certain albums of the band, they got a couple EP’s that made them more into that element, but at the same time, the reverse was happening on different sides of the band’s audience. So it’s really tough, but I think it’s been really fun to learn what does work and what doesn’t work. It’s refreshing, always, to play music from the most recent release, even though that’s not always the most exciting thing for the audience, I know that’s one of the ways a band or audience gets to keep on feeling that excitement is to keep things new and fresh. So that obvious side of it is heavily enjoyable for me to be playing newer music. And it also makes playing the older music more fun, because it takes on a new nostalgia. I’m not promoting Act III or Act II or Act I, I just play the songs that I really want to and it’s not a concern, necessarily, to try to win people over for this new release by playing songs from those records.

You did do three major tours this past year with your headliner, the Manchester tour, and the Anthony Green tour. Did they all go pretty well?
Yeah, I think so. I think that in the moment, they all feel really great and each one feels a little better. Doing our first national headliner was really rewarding and exciting. We’ve been on tours with other bands where there’s thousands of people a night, but when you have 150 or 200 or 100 or 50 kids that are all excited and there for you and the night you are putting together, it’s way more powerful than playing in front of two thousand people who are waiting through you. The headliner was really a highlight of my life so far and the other tours that we did also with the first tour we did back at the beginning, almost a year ago now, they’ve all been really great. The reception has been good. People who have never heard of the band are liking the band when they hear us live and people who love the band are still enjoying it I think. I don’t think we’ve lost too many fans. Yeah, everything seems to be going really well.

Will you be announcing any more tours any time soon?
As far as touring, I don’t think there is going to be any touring after this or at least after…there is like a week of shows, kind of a weird second leg of the Anthony Green Tour that’s in June. Other than that, I’m just going to be going back in July to start doing a new record, probably. That’s kind of tentative in my head. I’d like to get back in the studio in July and do a new album.

In March, I believe you are producing K Sera new album, are you excited to change things up and produce?
Yeah, absolutely, I have a studio at my house that I love and it’s really…It allows me to get really creative and be really comfortable. So when I can invite someone else into that setting where I feel very comfortable and it’s not just flying somewhere and doing something for two weeks and going away, I feel very creatively safe in the studio. Having someone else come in and especially being like that, I feel is very talented with good musical ambition behind them, I’m really excited with all of the downloads. We’ve been going back and forth with pre-pro. It’s going to be awesome, I’m really excited for that. They’re coming in just a couple of days and I actually just bought an acoustic piano for my live room because they do a lot of piano and I know in the past we’ve been stuck, so I wanted to make sure that we could make the record as organic as possible.

Are you looking to do more producing in the future?
Yeah, I mean I’ve done it for a while now. Some of my favorite stuff that I’ve worked on is this band River Empires. This man, Jessy Ribordy, is kind of the mastermind of it, and also he was in the band, I guess it’s still going on, it’s more like a studio thing now, but this band Falling Up. Oh and there’s a band from right around where I live called Naïve Thieves and we brought them out with us and they actually also perform in The Color Spectrum. So I’ve been working with them. I love producing and I love engineering and I just love being in the studio and creating. I could definitely see myself doing a lot more in the future, but at the same time, I’m so excited to be making a new Dear Hunter record as soon as I can that I think after this session, I’m probably going to just concentrate on the shows I’m playing and then get right to making the record.

Will this new record be a new act or something different again?
I don’t really know. I think that as soon as I sit down at a piano, and I’m in the mindset of writing, I’ll be able to tell where my heart’s at. Right now, it tells me that I want to just be making a record: a non-act,non-plot-driven record, just songs. And, I’ve never really done that. Even though The Color Spectrum is kind of like that, it’s so expansive. I would just like to make a record, you know? Without any preconceived plot or concept. So that’s what my heart tells me to do, but I really don’t know for sure.

You’ve had albums before The Dear Hunter, but is it going to be weird if you do end up going that route? Do you think it will be interesting to do a side of The Dear Hunter that fans have yet to see?
Yeah, and I think that one of the reasons I want to do it. It would be really “safe” for me to go and do another act record because I think that some people are waiting for it, and that kind of music I already understand what I want to do for an Act IV or an Act V. I know where I want to go with it and I think that safety of it in my head makes me want to do something different. It’s still a project that I want to finish and am very passionate about, but I think I would just like to see what that is because I also think it’s a side of me that I am not really in touch with. Because I have been doing primarily conceptual work for a while. I think it would be another breath of fresh air for myself to take a little bit more of a personal approach directly to making another album and kind of put some of the conceptual work on hold.

That’s great for a breath of fresh air and your artistic freedom, but does it concern you at all in terms of your fan base?
No, I don’t think so. I think it would be giving them not enough credit to think that they couldn’t handle a record because it wasn’t conceptual. I think that they like the music first and the concepts second. Even of the concepts, there’s still writing from the heart and even though it might be dressed up in a plot and might be dressed up in a more grand idea of what a project is, it’s still just music and there are still people who are just fans of music. So as long as the music is good, genuine and from the heart, I think that the fan base wouldn’t have any issue with it. I think it would only be at point where it was noticeable that I sold out or that I had made a record simply for the sake of making money that anybody in their right mind would stop listening to it. As long as I continue doing what I’ve been doing, which is writing from the heart, I think they’ll enjoy it. It just happens to be that right now, writing from the heart is not writing a story-based record.

So the loose plan is to record this album with K Sera, do those shows, and then start writing the next record?
Yeah, a little while ago I kind of took a stab at it and then I got a little bit sidetracked. So, I’m hoping to, in the next couple weeks at night, when we’re done in the studio, to get reacquainted with writing and give it a little bit of a go.

Are you working on any other projects of any sort?
I’m definitely trying to get a couple other things going. One of which is that band Naïve Thieves. Working on their full length record. And then there’s my cousin who lives in the area, and his band is working on and hopefully getting a full length together and I really want to help them with that because I think they are a super talented band. But as far as my own projects, there’s a couple of people that I really love to work with and that we’ve had plans to work with for a while. It’s just really hard to find time. That is something that I always keep myself open to but as far as any solid plans, I don’t think I have any.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kimbra - Come Into My Head (new song live SXSW)

I haven't watched/heard it yet (as I'm at work right now), but there's already been a lot of raving comments about it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Album Index Race

I can now claim to there is an actual *race* as Pepe Deluxé has taken over the top spot, and Anathema is right behind them. House of Fools was in 1st for pretty much the entire year until this week.

Pepe Deluxé
House of Fools
The Mars Volta
Lehto & Wright
Josh Benash
Umbrella Tree
Northern Abbey
Forest Park
Crippled Black Phoenix
Spawn of Possession
Bend Sinister
Flying Colors
The Royal Veil
Lost Lander
Van Halen
School of Seven Bells

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pepe Deluxé - Queen of the Wave (2012)

1. Queenswave 4:54
2. A Night And A Day 4:04
3. Go Supersonic 4:44
4. Temple of the Unfed Fire 2:48
5. Contain Thyself 3:52
6. Hesperus Garden 4:08
7. Grave Prophecy 4:33
8. In The Cave 1:51
9. My Flaming Thirst 3:48
10. Iron Giant 2:22
11. The Storm 3:43
12. Riders Of the First Ark 7:22

I have probably a lot more to say about this record, than I have time at the moment to (how many times have I said that? countless :p), but I guess I'm going to just do the ole as brief/quick review as possible and if necessary, edit in more later.

I am really digging this album. I discovered it and this group 1 day a few weeks ago scanning the 2012 Chart, and this was #1 at the time. That and given the style being "Art Pop" and "Psychedelic Rock" I was at least curious what they may sound like.

So, now after listening to this new album of theirs, at least half a dozen times, I'm following why it was and still is rated/ranked so high. It's a rather impressive and cohesive album start-to-finish.

Specifically, I'd say the styles or comparison that come to mind are the *vintage* late 60's/early 70's tones. With instrumentation, production in some ways, and especially songwriting. This album is one of those records that I seem to romanticize about from that period. It sounds like it was made in 1967. Hammond organs, rhodes keyboards, harpsichord, flute, fuzz-guitar, tribal drums, horn, and the like.

Also a very big part of this album's style is the cinematic/soundtrack like element. Ennio Morricone is very likely a big influence on this band. Also I read one comparison to James Bond soundtracks, which I definitely can hear. But also specific artists, like Janelle Monáe come to mind. The orchestral parts that are very theatrical, namely the vocals.

edit: one other pretty obvious side to their sound is their Dick Dale Surf-Rock/Surf-Guitar. The arrangements/phrasings totally work on a bunch of these tunes. The riff on "The Storm" for example, sounds right out of the Dick Dale school.

The videos below seem pretty obvious, they are going for a cinematic or soundtrack-esque approach when they composed this record. It definitely tells a story (or stories?). Science Fiction perhaps, but also what reminds me of stories about Ancient or just biblical tales.

Other names to add might be the likes of Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, and Carlos Santana and even perhaps The Who and Cream, specifically the lead basslines I have thought of John Entwhistle or Jack Bruce even on more than one occasion.

This record has balls, and upfront riffs. It's catchy, namely the track "Go Supersonic" which could easily fit on a James Bond soundtrack. It has a fair amount of groove and soul to it, perhaps coming from the female vocals especially. It's also a rather *thematic* album as some of those tales or adventures the band is offering up, seem to take me in. The 7+minute closing track "Riders of the First Ark" maybe most, as it's epic and rather *big* sounding. Even just the baritone? vocals about the Big Blue Ocean and a voyage "out of the blue" give a deep impression.

I would say this now has become my top record of 2012. It's not extensively long, but it offers a lot. It is consistent from track to track, including little interludes between some tracks. The layers, twists, energy, themes and many other parts of it have sucked me in. Will it end up on top by the end of the year? doubtful, but as of right now I haven't heard anything better or more interesting, and addictive in fact.

Adding to it, they have a decent history, going back to the mid 1990's, and having checked out their previous 2 records Beatitude and Space Time Machine, I would definitely say this is a breakthrough album of sorts, but it also seems they have transitioned their style, as less than 10 years ago, they were doing more electronic, trip-hoppy drum'n bass kind of stuff. Maybe a reinvention of their sound, that at this point I'm really happy to have heard. Although I'll confess those other records I've heard aren't bad, and I need to spend some more time with them. It's just they may have finally found a style that works for my taste with this latest of theirs.

I also am rather curious how they produced these videos. I gotta believe the cost was not cheap. But impressive no matter. I wonder if seeing them live might be as impressive, although they are kind of spread throughout the globe, with some members in Finland, but others in other parts like the US.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anathema - Weather Systems (2012)

3/13/12 6:20AM

for those unaware, this album was made available yesterday, March 12th, on Spotify (and various other sources/webrips). And just having heard it, it's rather breathtaking.

3/5/12 6:13PM

popmatters story

Wow, this record is sounding better and better. Damn, some of the vocals sound a little like Annuals, who by the way, announced they finished mixing their new album Born Raised recently. But that's unrelated to Anathema and Weather Systems.

I'm gonna prognosticate slightly here and predict this record will finish in my top 10 for 2012. If it doesn't, that either will mean 2012 was amazing, or this incredible stuff doesn't stand the test of the year. But I'm skeptical if that'll be the case.

I received a "pre-order" bundle offer via The End Records in my email (claiming I ordered something from Opeth from them, which I don't recall, lol) that includes Vinyl+CD+T-Shirt for $40. Tempting. I may consider canceling my Flying Colors order, and getting that instead. But I'd guess I have a little while to decide still.

2/15/12 8:37PM
Track times edited-in below

Free download of "The Beginning and the End"

2/3/2012 12:17AM

track list from b-mouth link

1.   Untouchable Part 1 (6.14) 
2.   Untouchable Part 2 (5.33) 
3.   The Gathering Of The Clouds (3.27) 
4.   Lightning Song (5.25) 
5.   Sunlight (4.55) 
6.   The Storm Before The Calm (9.24) 
7.   The Beginning And The End (4.53) 
8.   The Lost Child (7.02) 
9.   Internal Landscapes (8.52) 

story from their homepage

Anathema will return in April with Weather Systems, their brand new studio album.

Weather Systems is the follow-up to 2010’s We're Here Because We're Here. That album featured prominently in numerous end-of-year polls and the producer, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), has described it as 'definitely among the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on.'

The bar for Weather Systems has been set pretty high then but Daniel is certain that the album will exceed these lofty expectations, ‘it feels like we are at a creative peak right now, and this album reflects that. Everything from the production to the writing to the performances are a step up from our last album.’

He continues, ‘This is not background music for parties. The music is written to deeply move the listener, to uplift or take the listener to the coldest depths of the soul.’

The intertwining melodic structures of these profoundly beautiful songs are intensely powerful, yet simple. These are songs that will transport the listener closer to the heart of life, that is to say, to the heart of themselves.

It is also an album of polarity. The play of opposites; light and shade, birth and death, love and fear. The simple truths of life and loss, hope and strength and darker internal themes are all explored here.

The album was recorded in Liverpool, North Wales and Oslo, each place significant to Anathema past, present and future. The record was produced and mastered by 5 times Norwegian Grammy nominated Christer-André Cederberg (Animal Alpha, In the Woods..., Drawn), who Daniel has described as ‘a revelation. His calmness and brilliance has helped to bring about the greatest inter-band chemistry that Anathema have experienced together in their career.’

This album will please fans who call for more of Lee Douglas’s vocals, as her role within Anathema’s brand of alternative, melodic rock has matured to become an integral energy. In this way and more, Weather Systems is the sound of a band finding their voice and growing in stature, moving further along their artistic path with a truly stunning musical vision.

Their best ever work? ‘Not yet’ says Daniel, but he does believe that with Weather Systems they have surpassed previous glories; ‘we are pleased and proud of the record and we feel that, alongside the best moments of WHBWH, this record contains our very best work so far in what is becoming a long career.’

Weather Systems will be available on Kscope from April 16th 2012.

Yes yes yes! I actually expect a lot from this, but that of course is a GOOD thing. I adore Falling Deeper and especially their last proper LP We're Here Because We're Here from 2010. Atmospheric, melancholy, gothic, heavy progressive rock.

Fuck yeah! April 16th baby!

Kevin Gilbert's The Shaming of the True (live) 6/2/2012

CalProg is honored to announce the only show of the epic rock opera by the brilliantly twisted late, great Kevin Gilbert called "The Shaming of the True". This full-scale theatrical production is being directed by Mark Hornsby (Rewiring Genesis) and Nick D'Virgilio who also is featured in the starring role as Johnny Virgil. The band is comprised of musicians that all performed with Kevin at some point in his career. They are:

Stan Cotey - Guitar (Giraffe)
Dave Kerzner - Keys (Thud)
Paul Ill - Bass (Kaviar)
Brian MacLeod - Drums - (Toy Matinee, Tuesday Night Music Club, Thud, Shaming, Kaviar)
Plus Special Surprise Guests

"Shaming" was something that Kevin worked on off and on for years throughout his career. NDV who had been intimately involved in many aspects of the project decided to complete it for him following his untimely tragic passing, and the finished product was this brilliant piece of work. It was performed live only once in 2002 at ProgWest. It had been recorded for a live release, but due to glitches in the recording it was never released. This time it will be recorded digitally for a DVD/CD production, and there will be no "glitches"!

Shaming of the True Live
Saturday June 2, 2012 - 8:00pm
The Shannon Center for the Performing Arts at Whittier College (seats 400)
Tickets go on sale This Saturday (March 17) at 8am, only at (do not call the theater)
$80 - Orchestra
$70 - Mezzanine and Balcony

The album follows the career of a singer/musician named Johnny Virgil, which follows an arc common to many big rock and roll bands/stars. It starts out promisingly, but he is lured into the common trap of record-company exploitation and seduced by fame and drugs/alcohol. He becomes more and more burned out and withdrawn as his career becomes larger than life, feeling like he's losing touch with his humanity, until the whole thing culminates in a breakdown. He goes through a period of disillusionment and depression but eventually makes peace with himself. A number of clues (last song title, lyric "End of a long days life," reprise of train whistle in distance, etc..) may also indicate that Johnny dies penniless on the street or takes his own life.

I'd love to go, but with this, as of right now, looking at costing $500 or so at least (the cheapest airfare from Minneapolis to LA around June 2nd, is $319 right now, lol), along with other costs and potential trips

-The Dear Hunter in Boston May 9th
-A cousin of mine's Bat Mitzvah in Cleveland May 11th-12th
-Marillion in Chicago June 22nd/23rd

-Bend Sinister in Winnipeg March 13th
-A trip to Scottsdale, Arizona in the next month
-Arch/Matheos in Hartford, CT May 5th

I just don't follow how I will be able to afford this. The Marillion shows are the only one's I am certain I will put money and priority to, as I bought 2 tickets to each show for myself and my girlfriend.

I suspect the timing of this being so-close to not only the upcoming Marillion tour in June, but also Nearfest Apocalypse, which just sold out a little over a week ago, I'm thinking were not factored in. It likely was the best and maybe only time/weekend all these people had free over the next 6 months or more. Namely Nick I'd imagine, with his busy Cirque Du Soleil schedule.

But it's unfortunate for myself and maybe some of those others who already planned trips to see Marillion and/or Nearfest (among other shows/trips) this late Spring/Summer. Because if this was taking place say in August/September/October I'd probably not even question about going. I would, even at the somewhat hefty $70-$80 ticket cost. Given this is Kevin's music, played by people who he played with, and that it seems, like The Dear Hunter show in Boston, like a sort-of Kevin Gilbert fan convention, the $500 wouldn't seem so unreasonable. But so soon around the time of this other stuff, I'm really doubting I can throw that level of cash to this.

I guess their may be some kind of Kevin Gilbert-related opener, but that is not able to be announced at this time.

At least it may come out on CD/DVD unlike the 2002 ProgWest show, but that's kind of a consolation at best. I suppose the thinking could be, like the Kevin tribute act, Champions of Nothing, they could try and do this another time in the near future. Maybe even in Chicago, but that may be wishful thinking, because like I said before, a lot of the timing of this, was how it could work around the schedules of those involved. Nick and some of the others may never have another weekend to do this (and time to prepare) for many years, if ever.

But I guess we'll see. I will at least think about buying a ticket, like I did for The Dear Hunter The Color Spectrum show. Other things like meeting the Used Bin guys and some other stuff in LA would be nice, along with meeting many of the Kevin Gilbert fans. I wonder if even some of his direct family or ex-girlfriend Cintra Wilson might be there. Or The Debster (Debbie Miller) who runs his website and 1 of the email lists as well. Some of them likely, which I suppose meeting them would be another potential interest of mine. But I still can't ignore the cost and timing for now.

Friday, March 9, 2012

King's X - 6/12/91 BURNING DOWN BOSTON (Jerry Gaskill Benefit)

Item Picture


"Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91" is a special MP3 download-only title. As many of you are aware, King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered a serious heart attack in the early morning hours on Sunday 2.26.12. Many of you have overwhelmingly expressed a desire to help and contribute. We have compiled this exclusive live release from the archives -- and 100% of the proceeds from this release will go directly to Jerry to help offset mounting medical expenses. A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone for the outpouring of concern and love.

This release was edited and mastered from a stereo FOH recording. While the audio is far from perfect sonically, the performance documents yet another magical night on tour while supporting the "Faith Hope Love" album. While many of the song titles are familiar, the band expands many of the cuts featured here, including performances that are blistering ("Moanjam"),heavy and funk-laden ("We Are Finding Who We Are"), beautiful ("The Burning Down"), and truly transcendental ("Over My Head").

A few songs from the show were omitted due to tape damage. However, we have included three bonus tracks (an additional 15 minutes) from the same show that were not presented in the main track listing.

All recordings previously unreleased.
14 songs. 89 minutes.

Dear Friends, in addition to the gift with this download, please let anyone who wants to further make a personal gift to Jerry to help him with his medical bills know that they can send a check made out to Jerry Gaskill. Mail it to: Jerry Gaskill, c/o World Entertainment Inc., P.O. Box 3095, Sea Bright, NJ 07760. 100% of your gift goes to Jerry Gaskill to help him defray his medical bills. Jerry Gaskill is an individual and not a charity. Any funds given to him would be a gift and no further tax deduction for charitable contributions would be coming from him. We appreciate your help.

Track Listing:

We Are Finding Who We Are (6:33)
Mission (4:17)
Far Far Away (4:44)
We Were Born to Be Loved (4:57)
It's Love Intro (3:36)
It's Love (5:28)
I'll Never Get Tired of You (3:51)
Visions (7:27)
Over My Head (12:47)
Moanjam (10:19)
The Burning Down (9:53)
Talk to You (Bonus Track) (4:44)
Fall on Me (Bonus Track) (4:13)
Power of Love (Bonus Track) (6:02)

MP3 - 320kbps - 219MB* (Very large file - please be patient)
Artwork (jpg): Cover art, credits
Promotional video commercial (MPG4)
Total Audio Playing time: 88:42

just bought/downloaded it. Others should as well.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kimbra - The Build Up Video/Vows out May 22nd

We are excited to announce that Vows will be released on May 22, 2012 and features several brand new songs in addition to tracks from the platinum- certified Australian edition of the album. The additional tracks features producers and songwriters like Greg Kurstin (The Flaming Lips, Foster The People) & Mike Elizondo (Dr Dre, Fiona Apple) as well as performances from musicians such as Deantoni Parks (The Mars Volta), Trevor Lawrence Jr (Herbie Hancock), Keefus Greene (Mike Patton, Elton John), and many more.

In addition to the release of Vows, Kimbra will perform at the SXSW Music Conference in Austin, TX March 14-17. She will then re-join Gotye on his headline tour which begins March 22nd in Washington, DC. Later this spring, she will support Foster the People on their US tour, which kicks off May 29th with two nights at Rumsey Playfield in New York's Central Park, and runs through July 7th in Las Vegas, NV.

SXSW Shows:
March 14 – The Warner Sound Presented by Nikon @ La Zona Rosa – Austin, TX
March 14 – KCRW Showcase @ Haven – Austin, TX
March 15 – MTV Woodies Festival @ Outdoor Austin – Austin, TX
March 15 – Filter Magazine Party @ Clive Bar – Austin, TX
March 15 – The Warner Sound Presented by Nikon day party @ La Zona Rosa – Austin, TX
March 16 – Nylon Magazine party @ W Hotel – Austin, TX
March 16 – To Be Announced – Austin, TX
March 17 – To Be Announced – Austin, TX

March 22 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
March 23 – Tower Theatre - Philadelphia, PA
March 25 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
March 26 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY (headline)
March 27 - Webster Hall - New York, NY
March 29 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
March 30 - Corona Theatre - Montreal, QC
March 31 - Kool Haus - Toronto, ON
April 2 - Pease Auditorium - Ypsilanti, MI
April 3 – Aragon Theatre - Chicago, IL
April 4 – Epic Event Center - Minneapolis, MN
April 6 - Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO
April 10 – Showbox SODO - Seattle, WA
April 11 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR
April 12 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
April 17 – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA (headline)

May 29 - Rumsey Playfield - New York, NY
May 30 - Rumsey Playfield - New York, NY
June 01 - LC Pavilion - Columbus, OH
June 02 – Livestrong Sporting Park – Kansas City, KC (KRBZ Beach Ball)
June 04 - Verizon Theatre - Grand Prairie, TX
June 05 - The Backyard - Austin, TX
June 07 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Alpharetta, GA
June 10 - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia MD
June 11 - Summerstage - New York, NY
June 12 - Lachine Canal - Montreal, QC
June 14 - Mann Center - Philadelphia, PA
June 15 - Bank of America Pavilion - Boston, MA
June 16 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI
June 19 - Downsview Park - Toronto, ON
June 20 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL
June 21 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL
June 22 - US Bank Theater - Minneapolis, MN
June 25 - Deer Lake Park - Vancouver, BC
June 26 - WAMU Theater - Seattle, WA
June 27 - Edgefield Amphitheater - Troutdale, OR
June 29 - Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA
June 30 - Gibson Amphitheatre - Los Angeles, CA
July 1 - Gibson Amphitheatre - Los Angeles, CA
July 3 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
July 5 - The Great Salt Air - Salt Lake City, UT
July 6 - Commerica Theater - Phoenix, AZ
July 7 - The Pool at the Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bend Sinister - On My Mind [EP] (2012)

3/6/12 11:42AM
$4.95 via Amazon (don't bother with iTunes, at least I don't :p)

Hopefully after hearing this, more stuff about the "acts as a teaser for more great things to come", will be understood and soon announced, i.e. a full-length.

2/6/12 5:18PM

1 Give It a Rest
2 Got You on My Mind
3 I'm the One Leaving You
4 Please Say
5 The Road Divided

I'm  pretty excited to hear this, even if it is just 5 songs, and I'll fully admit Spring Romance I never loved like all of their other releases. But it's interesting in the article it talks about this EP acting like a *teaser.* And rightfully so, given the band have been touring a lot over the last few years, and in 2009 they won that $50,000 for finishing in 3rd place in British Columbia's "Peak Performance Project" which they presumably were going to use to record their next album. Although I suspect a chunk of that money went towards the making of videos for every song off Stories of Brothers, and Spring Romance from 2010.

But I gotta be honest, as much as I love this band. I am just cautiously only expecting a mild amount of  things after SR and with members departing off and on. Might this or the believed to be next full-length be as good or better than Stories of Brothers? perhaps. But I guess I'm just going to wait and see. I have not heard the opening track "Give it a Rest" that is streamable/downloadable below via Soundcloud. But I suppose hearing that might change how I feel.

I'm at the library right now without headphones, so that's going to have to wait at least a few hours. As far as the tour, they are opening for of all bands, Electric Six, lol. And of course it's still Canada-exclusive. I have too many other shows/trips/events in the coming months to realistically think about traveling for one these shows. But I guess it may be worth pricing a trip out to Winnipeg, like I did a few years ago, just to get a ballpark figure.

I remember wanting to go up there to see a show on the Stories of Brothers tour, and it would have ended up costing me about $300 or more. Yet, a show in town here? probably about $15 + merch. But someday hopefully, as long they don't break up.


By Gregory Adams 
West Coast unit Bend Sinister have yet to release a full-length follow-up to 2008's Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers, but at least the band have some new tunes to deliver to their devoted next month, via their upcoming five-song EP On My Mind. 

The mini-platter arrives March 6 through File Under: Music. Described as coming "from a band that clearly knows that their capabilities as players and songwriters are limitless," the record apparently touts a sound that seamlessly bounces from prog rock to pop anthems, according to the press release. The collection was captured by Shawn Cole (You Say Party, Yukon Blonde) at Vancouver studios Fader Master and Mushroom, and you can check out the opening number "Give It a Rest" down below. 

Though a new LP has yet to be properly announced, the press sheet hints that the EP "acts as a teaser for more great things to come." 

While the studio news is no doubt welcomed, Bend Sinister also just unveiled an upcoming Canadian tour schedule, which has them heading out from BC to Quebec and back again. You can see the details of the March trip down below.

Tour dates:
3/1 Kelowna, BC - The Habitat
3/2 Olds, AB - Tracks Pub 

3/6 Montreal, QC - L'Esco Bar
3/8 London, ON - Call The Office
3/10 Toronto, ON - Cherry Cola
3/13 Winnipeg, MB - The Pyramid
3/14 Regina, SK - The Exchange
3/15 Saskatoon, SK - Amigos
3/16 Calgary, AB - The Gateway
3/17 Edmonton, AB - The Starlite Room
3/18 Banff, AB - Wildbills
3/19 Jasper, AB - The Horseshoe Club
3/20 Fernie, BC - The Northern
3/21 Nelson, BC - The Hume Hotel
3/22 Kamloops, BC - Catus Jacks
3/23 Vancouver, BC - Venue
3/24 Victoria, BC - Club 9one9
3/26 Whistler, BC - Garibaldi Lift Company

Water & Bodies - We're Not Alone (new song)

Facebook post

I noticed this earlier and figure it's worth passing along. I guess they had 1 of the members of The Panic Division mix it. It sounds familiar. I'm wondering if I checked out a live video of it in the last few months.