Friday, June 29, 2012

Ozric Tentacles: Victimized in Colorado Fire

Not a ton to add

Not a ton to add other than this is really sad. A lot of the work Ed Wynne has goes back maybe even to the 1970's. And their home, studio, etc, are all gone now. I suppose things can be replaced, and memories still last. Plus maybe they have insurance, to help, but this is a shame, especially considering some of these fires in Colorado I heard were MAN MADE i.e. the work of Arson.

Hopefully they'll bounce back after this tour they're on, but for now, this is sad if you're a fan of Ozrics or music in general. I recall a lot of folks who weren't even fans of Sebastian Bach and Skid Row, spoke out a few years ago when that flood took everything from him and his family.

From the Ozrics Email List:
Topic: High Park Fire (Read 994 times)
« Reply #30 Today at 1:23pm »

Hi All,
We can not thank you enough for your kind words and concern during this difficult time.
On this solstice, Friday, June 22nd, 2012, our lovely mountain Erpland burnt to the ground,
taking with it all of our archives, photos, masters, studio equipment, artwork, a ton of instruments, the list goes on and on.
We were really having fun making those posh re-releases with all kinds of new images and bonus material, but all that is going to be a lot harder to find now. I was thinking to maybe open a P.O. Box, where if people have old photos or recordings or various other mementos collecting dust they think we should have, then perhaps they could send them on when they have the time. We have created this email account: for anyone who wants to send messages, digi images, or audio even (though it probably won't accept large files, but it's at least a contact for a start to open up some ideas), ...or any information on building houses, preferably sustainable, or anything at all that that they feel they would want to pass on to brighten the day be it a joke, or advice, or to advise us that they have any studio gear they are getting rid of, we're going need to buy a few things . . . !

Communication is quite difficult at the moment, we are kind of all over the place, things should settle down in a bit, but maybe not for a week or two, I'll try to keep checking in but the amount of questions I have to answer this week is quite over-whelming especially after not getting to come home after the tour, we're STILL tired from that ! =)

For all the locals in FoCo our friend Kyle from "Good Gravy" is putting on a charity benefit show for High Park Fire refugees this Friday evening, all proceeds go to rebuilding homes for those who have lost them.

Still shocked but alive. . .love & light ~ brandi x x (& ed & silas)

Kimbra and Janelle Monáe 7/14/12 Montreux Jazz Festival

I've made the comparison between the 2 ever since getting into Kimbra last Summer, but maybe this will finally bring more folks to follow why (and make the same comparison).

Both released rather impressive and well thought-out, refined, arty debut records in the last couple of years that were many years in the making. Both also have this great sense of music history they draw upon, especially soul music.

Now, having them play the same stage/bill is one thing, it might be another thing for this to lead to either/or a tour together or a collaboration.

I am curious, Kimbra knows who Janelle is, but does Janelle know Kimbra? likely, but how well? it'll be interesting if any comments come from Janelle after this show, that is I guess closing out this Jazz (of sorts) festival in France at Miles Davis Hall. Miles, being a big influence on Kimbra and possibly Janelle as well.

Now, if only Imogen Heap were there too. Maybe we'll see Miss Kimbra connecting down the road with her as well.

Ours - Ballet the Boxer?

6/29/12 5:12AM

from the latest newsletter

Hello Friends,
We are about to launch our first ever Pledge campaign to raise money for our next record. To learn more about how you can participate and download a preview of new OURS material, click HERE

so it's Pledgemusic (and not Kickstarter). Which I think Pledgemusic may be European-based given Revere is using it. I'm not sure why Jimmy/Ours would use it then, but so be it. I am glad to see him MENTION it, not show it already launched (unlike EvaRusnik and many others who seemed to have just launched it, without passing the word along for awhile about it coming up, 1st).

Also in regards to Black Card Events:

6/28/12 Boston, MA Johnny D’s
6/29/12 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place
7/1/12 Columbus, OH Kobo Live
7/2/12 Indianapolis, IN Birdy’s
7/5/12 Detroit, MI Shelter
7/6/12 Chicago, IL Ultra Lounge
7/8/12 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest
7/10/12 Minneapolis, MN 400 bar
7/11/12 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
7/13/12 Kansas City, MO Czar Bar
7/14/12 St Louis, MO Firebird
7/16/12 Nashville, TN 12th & Porter
7/17/12 Charlotte, NC Milestone
7/19/12 Washington DC U Street Music Hall
7/20/12 New York, NY Studio @ Webster Hall

Ours Black Card holders, please check-in at merch for meet & greet and stayed tuned for details on soundcheck access at select shows.

so, if a Meet and Greet and/or Soundcheck happens at the show coming up on July 10th in Minneapolis, I'll have access.

6/11/12 10:04AM

Hello friends,
We are about to launch our first ever Pledge Campaign to raise money for our next record cycle. To learn more about how you can participate and download a preview of new Ours material, click below


facebook post

The upcoming tour is titled "The Ballet the Boxer tour," so that may indicate the title of this upcoming record. Another Ours album is a HUGE deal to me and the dedicated fans of them and Jimmy Gnecco. I'm not sure about the logistics about this campaign, and based on it, when this record may get released. For some reason, I wonder if it's more likely in 2013 given this thing is just about to be launched now. But I'm sure given a chance to chat with Jimmy and the others next month at the 400 Bar, I'll get to learn more about it then if not sooner.

As far as the preview of "Devil" I have yet to hear it, although I recall hearing it live I think. And there's a few other new tunes live on Youtube including 1 song titled "Surrender."

What that means as far as the bevy of tunes Jimmy has played live that have yet to be recorded or released like "Living In a Video" or "Wished For None," etc, maybe those will come out on a solo record or maybe some will be on this, some will be on his next solo record. It'll be interesting to find out soon though.

Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know (Star Wars Parody)

535,000 hits in 2 DAYS?, LOL

This is worth sharing (as I am), and it does have some Weird Al-ishness to it in a Star Wars-Fan/SciFi-nerd/DVD-nerd kind of way. But that number of hits in 2 days? Rather pathetic. It doesn't take much (despite how much time/money/resources etc this required to make) to get attention.

Also, they should have got Chad Vader to appear.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Muse - Survival (new single for the 2012 Summer Olympics)

not horrible, but it does sound a fair amount like the pomposity from The Resistance, but maybe it'll grow.

Miracles of Modern Science - Pretty Ballerina (The Left Banke cover)

I know this tune, and in fact, they are probably not the 1st band to cover it, that I've heard before. It's pretty faithful to the original, save for the little sped-up outro. Still, cool to check out from 1 of the better new bands I've discovered in 2012 thus far.

Now, given the new Menomena album is titled "Moms" I wonder if these guys are aware of this fact, and if they might want to go out on tour together. Maybe Miracles of Modern Science could play this live? All wishful thinking of course from myself in my closed little world and mind :p


I noticed Gavin Hayes from dredg post about this project just a bit ago on his twitter.

Help some friends, and our guitarist, create some music! RT @mengles:

I just checked out some of their music, and it's not bad. Kind of acoustic piano-driven Female singer/songwriter with orchestral flourishes. Somewhat in the vein of Brooke Waggoner or Sucre I suppose. The compositions sound nice enough, so I pledged.

However, what is a bit confusing is their Kickstarter campaign. It's great they are using it, however the dollar amount of $17,000 and maybe even more so, given the time frame of 33 days left. I can't find the actual launch date, but I'm just guessing it was launched within the last day or 2.

Raising as much as $17,000, and in just over a month? maybe it'll happen (I gave $25, which is pretty blind given I only just heard them for the 1st time), but if it does not, this project supports another puzzling way of thinking with artists and the AMOUNT OF TIME THEY EXPECT TO RAISE SAID FUNDS FROM KICKSTARTER.


And I'm not sure how Kickstarter campaigns are set up, but I would think if the album is expected in May of 2013, they could give themselves AT LEAST 3 MONTHS to raise that level of money.

What I have felt bands should do, is instead of launching the Kickstarter campaign and then going out and advertising, while the CLOCK HAS ALREADY STARTED COUNTING DOWN.

Go Out and MENTION a Kickstarter Campaign will be LAUNCHED SOON. Maybe even just see on Facebook and Twitter how many "Likes" and "Retweets" you get, even by posting about it a handful of times over say 33 days or so.

That all being said, I hope this Kickstarter campaign is a success. In the mean time, I probably will pick up a copy of their 1st record High Collar Dark Sky, just based on some of the impressive samples on the bandcamp page below.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6/26/12 Minneapolis: Kristin Chenoweth opening for....DREAM THEATER???!!!

This has got to be up there with the St.Paul Pioneer Press publishing the band Porcupine TEETH among the media's most appalling errors/typos in Minnesota and prog-related events in Minnesota.

So, I almost would be tempted to print out that listing, go down to the State Theatre and ask about when Dream Theater will be going on? Maybe ask the Chenoweth fans what their favorite Dream Theater song is, etc.


Agalloch - Faustian Echoes [EP] (2012)

6/26/12 11:35AM


6/20/12 6:30PM

So this new EP is what they are supporting on this tour, not surprising. What is kind of annoying though is in order to get a copy, you actually have to attend one of these shows, lol. THANKS!

It does say hard copies will be made available in the mail after the tour, which is the 2nd week of August. Hopefully SOON after, assuming the EP will be worth purchasing.

I wouldn't be all that upset about that fact, but the fact The White EP is now out of print (hopefully there will be enough demand soon for it to get reprinted), and the lame fact the promoters in Minnesota had their heads up their ass's by not finding a way to bring them here, and thus, they end up playing a show in the middle of bumfucknowhere/Omaha, Nebraska.

that being said, along with The White, 2010's Marrow of the Spirit is another recent favorite of mine and others, I can only expect something cool with this EP.

Hopefully the usual artwork and location to find it should be included hopefully sooner rather than later.

facebook link from June 12th

AGALLOCH: U.S. Tour Dates Announced
Band Set To Release Faustian Echoes EP
“We fumed and screamed in our mountain nook, mad drunken Americans in the mighty land. We were on the roof of America and all we could do was yell, I guess—across the night, eastward over the Plains…” – Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Portland musical enigmas AGALLOCH are pleased to announce a month-long bout of live performances this summer. Slated to commence on July 11 in Portland, Oregon, the tour will include a nightly rotating set list featuring both new and early material with stage times anticipated to be between 90 – 120 minutes. The band will be joined by TAURUS featuring Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle and Ashley Spungin (formerly of Purple Rhinestone Eagle) as well as various local openers throughout the journey, all hand-selected by members of AGALLOCH. Comments the band in a collective statement: “We are excited by TAURUS’ experimental and challenging music and feel they are a perfect fit for us. We have carefully selected local openers whose music fits the environment of an AGALLOCH show. Where there are no openers selected, we will play nearly 120 minutes. We are all personal fans of the openers and encourage everyone to show up early to see them.”

This tour will also mark the release of AGALLOCH’s recently recorded EP Faustian Echoes a mammoth twenty-minute epic released through the band’s own imprint, Dammerung Arts. This EP was recorded at Jackpot Studio in Portland, Oregon with acclaimed engineer Billy Anderson (MELVINS, SLEEP, NEUROSIS) at the helm. It was mixed by Anderson and mastered by Justin Weis (LUDICRA, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE) at Trakworx in San Francisco.

Though stream and digital download options will be available in the coming weeks, the LP and CD versions will only be available at the shows during the dates on the tour and will be available via mailorder after the tour.

AGALLOCH Summer Tour 2012
w/ Taurus

Wed 7/11 in Portland, OR at Branx w/Eight Bells

Thu 7/12 in Seattle, WA at the Crocodile w/Eight Bells

Fri 7/13 in Vancouver BC at the Rickshaw w/Eight Bells

Sat 7/14 in Spokane, WA at The A Club w/Eight Bells

Mon 7/16 in Bozeman, MT at Zebra

Tue 7/17 in Denver, CO at Bluebird Theater w/Velnias

Wed 7/18 in Omaha, NE at Waiting Room w/Velnias

Thu 7/19 in Milwaukee, WI at Miramar Theater

Fri 7/20 in Chicago, IL at Reggie's

Sat 7/21 in Ann Arbor, MI at Blind Pig w/Musk Ox

Sun 7/22 in Cleveland, OH at Beachland Ballroom

Mon 7/23 in Toronto, ON at Opera House w/Musk Ox

Tue 7/24 in Montreal, QC at Petit Campus w/Musk Ox

Wed 7/25 in Boston, MA at Middle East

Thu 7/26 in Brooklyn, NY at Williamsburg Music Hall w/Musk Ox

Fri 7/27 in Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts

Sat 7/28 in Springfield, VA at Empire

Sun 7/29 in Raleigh, NC at King's Barcade

Tue 7/31 in Tampa, FL at Orpheum

Wed 8/01 in Atlanta, GA at The Earl

Thu 8/02 in Birmingham, AL at Bottletree w/Pallbearer

Fri 8/03 in New Orleans at One Eyed Jack's w/Pallbearer

Sat 8/04 in Dallas, TX at La Grange w/Maleveller

Sun 8/05 in Austin, TX at Red 7

Wed 8/08 in Phoenix, AZ at Rhythm Room

Thu 8/09 in San Diego, CA at The Casbah w/Author & Punisher

Fri 8/10 in Los Angeles, CA at Echoplex w/Oskoreien

Sat 8/11 in San Francisco, CA at Great American Music Hall

For sixteen years the Pacific Northwest group AGALLOCH has defined what it means to combine influences from a variety of musical genres into one brooding, colossal, and cinematic sound that provides the soundtrack to existential themes concerning man, nature, loss, and death. It has been said that AGALLOCH is to heavy metal what Ingmar Bergman is to cinema.

After two demo releases in the late ‘90s the band released three full-length albums: Pale Folklore (1999), The Mantle (2002), and Ashes Against The Grain (2006). The Mantle has since been heralded as a classic for having been one of the first albums to combine elements from black metal, neo-folk, progressive rock, post-rock, and ambient music. The influence of this record can be seen in many so-called “post-black metal” bands today.
In 2008 AGALLOCH began re-releasing their demos, B-sides, and EPs under their own Dammerung Arthouse label. In 2010 their fourth album Marrow of the Spirit made number one on numerous critic’s top ten lists. In between each of these full-lengths the band pushed on the flexible boundaries they had developed around themselves through a series of EPs that found the band experimenting with post-rock/instrumental rock (The Grey, 2004), neo-folk/psychedelic folk (The White, 2008) and most recently Faustian Echoes (2012) released through Dammerung Arts.

AGALLOCH has earned a reputation for explosive and emotional live performances. They have sold out tours across Europe and the U.S. and have played a variety of major festivals including: Roadburn, Inferno, and Scion, among others. The band takes special care constructing the environment of each and every show with wood, incense, and imagery taken directly from their home in the Northwest. Such care makes an AGALLOCH show more than just a typical heavy metal concert.

Porcupine Tree - Godfearing Demo (2001-2003?)


just a demo, and the years indicate it was written and worked-on during the In Absentia period. Not bad, although nothing mind blowing. But the amount obsession for Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson, and even just specifically In Absentia, it's probably worth passing along for those who haven't seen/heard it yet. It's downloadable for free, which suggests it likely isn't coming out (at least this version) on any official release anytime soon.

Opus Däi - Moth to the Flame (2012 Single)

6/26/12 12:12AM

Free Download (with a Donate option)

To our dear friends and fans
We make music because we are passionate about it and we love our fans because we know you are too.

We hope the music we make will inspire you the way you have inspired us for so long now.

Over the last two years, we've written a collection of music that we are quite proud of and can't wait to share with you. "Moth to Flame" is just one of these songs. It's yours to enjoy for free.

As you may know, to make this music possible it takes a lot of time and money to record, write and keep the creative engines of all those we work with running at full speed. So, if you value what you hear and are able to, feel free to help by supporting it.

Whether you choose to offer support by donating money, by sharing this page with your friends or by simply taking the time to listen, we want you to know that we really appreciate you. Your selective taste and love for music are not only what fuels us, but what helps the forward movement of creativity itself.

5/24/12 10:05PM

It's been quite a long time since their last work, 2008's Touch the Sun EP. But they never broke up. I suppose they just did other things. But this single is being released on June 6th, and I am curious if they have more in store in later in the year.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kimbra - Settle Down (live) short film

this is quite an interesting look at how she creates the layers in that tune. It would be neat for them to do similar things with some of her other tunes as well.


Kimbra: Settle Down (Live) on

Kimbra: Settle Down (Live)New Zealand's Pop Prodigy Multiplies Into a Formidable Beatboxing ChorusOne-woman, iPad-looping sensation Kimbra performs her breakout hit “Settle Down” in our exclusively commissioned and dynamic short by directors Us. Springing to global attention after featuring on Belgian chart-topping phenomenon Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” the soulful 22-year-old Kiwi dropped her debut album Vows in America last month. Us directing duo Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor filmed a single take of the track to capture the live energy of Kimbra’s performance, visually recreating her vocal loops in post-production. “She builds the entire song using just her vocals, some beatboxing and her iPad,” they explain. “It’s often quite hard to distinguish many layers of sound, so we wanted to break down the structure of her performance, and highlight what she was actually doing.” Currently touring the States with indie rockers Foster the People, NOWNESS caught up with Kimbra on the road to snare her choice of dance moves and drum kits.

Jet set or settle down?
Jet set!

Up or offbeat?

Shuffle or playlist?

Vinyl or leather?

Whiskey or wine?

Twitter or Tumblr?

Bach or The Beatles?
The Beatles.

Hi-tech or lo-fi?

Pop art or pop tart?
Pop art.

A cappella or Acapulco?
A capella.

Drum kit or tool kit?
Drum kit made up of a tool kit.

Toe-tap or head-bop?
Head BANG.

Shimmy or shake?

Dior or Dion (Celine)?
I'm down with Celine.

Solo or duet?
Duet... With D’Angelo, please?

1950s or 1990s?
50s for the style, 90s for the cheesy R&B.

Showgirl or playgirl?

Beastie or Backstreet?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marillon Night 2 in Chicago (6/23/12)

Again the setlist is just a estimation of what I remember. The order of songs included. Another fine evening, and sad that this very well may be the last time I ever see them. Hopefully in the next few days I can include more details about these 2 shows in Chicago, but for now this will have to do as around 10 minutes after 1AM on a Sunday morning, I'm beyond spent.

The Invisible Man
Cover My Eyes
Out of This World
Afraid of Sunlight
Cannibal Surf Babe
Slainte Mhath
The Great Escape
Lucky Man (new song)

Encore 1:
This Strange Engine
Between You and Me

Encore 2:
No One Can (H piano)
Three Minute Boy (beginning with H Piano)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marillion in Chicago Night 1 (6/22/12):

I don't have the time/energy to write a proper review, but here's what I remember of the setlist

The Invisible Man
You're Gone
Fantastic Place
Power (new song)
Ocean Cloud
A Voice From the Past
This Towns/100 Nights
Man of a Thousand of Faces

1st Encore

2nd Encore:
Sugar Mice
Happiness is the Road

I actually got to speak to Steve Hogarth after the show, given where the seats my GF and I found towards the back upstairs. Pretty unexpected, as he was rather upbeat.

Anyway, great show, I got goosebumps and found a few tears (Sugar Mice), not unexpectedly. Tomorrow night I wouldn't expect much difference, save for the fact the set will be entirely different than tonight's cracking performance and set.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Deerhoof + The Flaming Lips: 20th Century Schizoid Man

This King Crimson cover of "21st Century Schizoid Man" is probably the best (only) thing I've ever liked from The Flaming Lips. I'm not fully clear on why it's labeled "20th" and not the proper "21st" but so be it.

As some may have read in the past, I'm a fan of Deerhoof, but The Flaming Lips (shits) I've never cared for, and likely never will. I'm happy for them for covering Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and stuff like this, but that hardly changes my mind about their own music, nor how "prog" they are.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

this blog has a boatload of images of her, that does go back to October of 2010, long before I ever heard her or the Gotye song "Somebody That I Used to Know."

But, that being said, it is a TUMBLR blog, thus its focus is on PHOTOS, almost to the point it's rather CREEPY.

Also, I don't really notice much if any actual opinions or discussion of HER ACTUAL MUSIC. It has videos that include interviews of course, but basically the people who run that blog, like more or less 90% or more of the blogs on TUMBLR, really don't have a goddamn personal thing to say or offer up.

I also suspect if the folks behind it actually tried to, would not really know much about what actually goes in to her music. How it was recorded, the instrumentation, etc.

In other words, this is still for the most part, like a Kimbra TABLOID, i.e. focusing on IMAGE and STYLE and NOT SUBSTANCE.

not to forget, one of the best things about Kimbra is how she is so passionate about OTHER MUSIC. But what are the odds that blog will ever have anything about a band like Gatherer? or even the other artists whose she's name dropped like The Mars Volta, The Dear Hunter, Mew, The Dillinger Escape Plan among many others. Pretty much no chance.

So while they're claiming to be the #1 source for All Things Kimbra, actually, they really don't cover all that much about what SHE IS ABOUT, save for the (mostly visual) content in OTHER (by the way) Media sources.

Mutemath - Prytania [Video]

kind of a double vision approach. Nothing groundbreaking, but not bland I suppose.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rush to Tour with a STRING SECTION (Fall 2012) link

Not that this is anything visionary or new per say, but I suppose how Rush does it, compared to many others, does raise the bar of curiosity a bit. Also especially what potential songs from their catalog. Someone mentioned "Losing It," which is a tune many fans, including myself have longed to see performed live. The biggest thing about that one if memory serves, is they have been quoted (Geddy I believe) to only desire to play it live with Ben Mink (the violinist who plays on the studio recording). So unless that has changed, or if Ben Mink (of the Canadian band FM) were to come with Rush on tour, it doesn't sound likely.

That all being said, I can imagine a handful of others going over rather well if the arrangements are as they could be.

I might also add, how in the past, the clips Rush have used with South Park live (from an episode I believe), I would definitely prefer an adaptation/musical of the Clockwork Angels story by someone else other than Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But the odds of that happening seem rather low. I love Rush, but have never found South Park in the least bit funny. And I'm jewish and my name is Kyle, lol. But I guess it's a necessary evil if the Rush guys are such fans.

With "Clockwork Angels," its first new album in five years, just out, Rush is planning a tour that will surprise many of the Canadian trio's fans.

"Our intention is to take strings out on the road," guitarist Alex Lifeson tells Orchestrations, arranged by David Campbell, feature on several of "Clockwork Angels' " tracks, and Lifeson says Rush will employ a small string ensemble, likely eight to 10 pieces, to recreate those pieces and to be added to some of Rush's older material. "It's just something different for us, and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like."

Lifeson says Campbell will be writing arrangements for the tour, which kicks off Sept. 7 in Manchester, N.H., and will likely appear at some of the shows as well. "Certainly in the beginning he'll be out for a bit," the guitarist says. "I think his intention is to use these musicians he's been working with for a long time, who he trusts, and once they're settled in he doesn't have to be around all the time and he can come out whenever he feels like it."

Lifeson says the production is "still in a planning stage" but promises that "it's a while new show. It's new staging, new lighting, everything is new and fresh about it. I would say that it's an evolutionary extension of what the (2010-11) Time Machine Tour was, but we are definitely freshening it up and bringing and there'll be a lot of new video stuff going on." And, of course, Lifeson and his mates expect to dedicate a considerable amount of stage time to "Clockwork Angels," a concept album that will be followed by a novel co-written by drummer/lyricist Neil Peart and Kevin J. Anderson.

"The set list is quite fluid these days," Lifeson reports. "We're dropping and replacing songs constantly, and that's the way it always goes before we get into rehearsals. There's a great deal of pressure on us now to do the whole record, which we don't anticipate. I think our intention is probably to prepare the whole thing; whether we'll do it or not we're still not sure, especially on the first leg of the tour. There's still a lot of older stuff we want to do, and we've got some great songs lined up from the past. We'd be loathe to drop them to add more of 'Clockwork Angels,' at least on the first leg. It's always nice to switch up on the second leg and make it a little different."

Lifeson hasn't read the "Clockwork Angels" novel yet, but says Peart was recently in the studio to record an audio version of the book. "That is all coming together very quickly and it will definitely be done in time for the tour, if not shortly before," he notes. As for other "Clockwork Angels" adaptations, Lifeson cracks that "maybe if we can get Trey and Matt (Parker and Stone of 'South Park' and 'The Book of Mormon' fame) to do the musical we'd have some success with it. But, you know, we're focused on the tour right now. The album just came out. The book is very important to Neil, and that's his little baby. But certainly for the three of us the album has been the most important thing, and what happens and comes of it, we'll see. We're preparing for the tour, and right now that's what our focus is. It's been very, very busy in the Rush camp for the past couple of months."

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Marillion: US Tour costs/concerns

This was posted a few days before the tour began on facebook:

We're leaving on Thursday for the tour and we're excited and nervous all at the same time! 10,000 of you have bought tickets so far and we're very grateful for that but, believe it or not, we need to sell more if we stand a chance of coming home with our shirts on our backs, so please keep spreading the word - oh and keep the sunshine waiting for us - we can't wait to escape the British 'Summer' rain!

I recall seeing it, but never got around to replying/passing it along. But 10,000 tickets sold and their still losing money? sounds a little odd, but as they explain in this video below from a couple of years ago; selling a fair amount (but not necessarily every single) ticket, can still put them in this position. And a totally understandable reason why they have not toured the US since 2004 (in full), and sadly, this may be their last time.

go to 1:49 to 6:06 in the video.

That being said, the tour isn't over yet.

Also the Fan Weekend that takes place, I imagine will continue to happen in North America, but given they are happy with holding them in Montreal, they don't seem to find trying to hold one in the US, like Chicago or Las Vegas instead something to consider.

I suppose among other things, that is 1 question to try and bring up to the band. Although I suppose even just Lucy Jordache would have a somewhat realistic explanation on why or what the chances of that happening down the road. But given next week I could/should have a chance to talk to them (and/or other fans who might know), it should be worth remembering to ask about next weekend in Chicago.

King's X: Dug Pinnick and Ty Tabor short interview

just a short clip shot late last year. Interesting perspective about where Dug and Ty are at. "The New Age" was awesome to hear live if I recall correctly.

sElf - 615 Day Full Session (21 minute set)


even as stripped down as this is, it sounds pretty sweet as sElf music usually is. Some of these tunes likely are intended to be on the record Matt's been making/planning etc, for a release at some point. When that is? later this year, or within the next couple of years, perhaps. But until then, things like this will have to tide Us fans over.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Rush: Interviewed by Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins)

nice interview with Geddy and Alex, that is around 50 minutes long. I hadn't heard about the fact on "The Wreckers" Geddy and Alex switched instruments.

The Smashing Pumpkins opening for Rush? as much as Billy sounds genuine and likable enough for that idea, I'd be rather surprised, at least in a full-scale tour, if that happens.

Of course personally, I'd love to see any number of other bands open for Rush, but I've come to believe it'll never happens as Rush along with their fans, enjoy the "Evening With" format a bit too much.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pain of Salvation: new live acoustic videos link

Some interesting arrangements, especially with some of the rarely played songs. I guess they've done a few shows in the past 6 months in this vein. A bit like, but still different from the 12:5 approach of 10 years ago.

I guess they are looking to release 1 of these shows, or some of these recordings for another live release. Despite my feelings about the Road Salt records and especially the massive lineup changes, Daniel Gildenlow is still (potentially again) a very talented songwriter, worth paying attention to along with PoS.

From June 8th, 2012 in Leipzig, Germany

Chain Sling
To the Shoreline
Sleeping Under the Stars
She Likes to Hide
Disco Queen
Second Love
Mrs. Modern Mother Mary
King Of Loss
No Way
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
The Perfect Element
Perfect Day (Lou Reed)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kimbra September/October 2012 NA Tour (w/ Stepkids)

Kimbra has announced her first- ever headlining tour of US and Canada! The month- long run kicks off September 25th in Vancouver, BC and runs through to October 27th in Toronto, ON. The Stepkids will support. Ticket on- sales begin Friday, June 15th.

Headline Tour Dates:
Sept 25 – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
Sept 26 – Showbox @ the Market – Seattle, WA
Sept 27 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
Sept 29 – Shoreline Amphitheatre – Mountain View, CA
Sept 30 – Majestic Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA
Oct 03 – Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
Oct 05 – House of Blues – San Diego, CA
Oct 09 – The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 10 – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO
Oct 12 – Verizon Theatre – Grand Prairie, TX
Oct 14 – Austin City Limits – Austin, TX
Oct 16 – Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Oct 17 – Metro – Chicago, IL
Oct 20 – Webster Hall – New York, NY
Oct 21 – Theater of the Living Arts –Philadelphia, PA
Oct 23 - 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
Oct 24 – Royale Nightclub – Boston, MA
Oct 26 – Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC
Oct 27 – Danforth Music Hall – Toronto, ON

Tuesday evening October 16th in Minneapolis at The Varsity. Stepkids open. If only Ramona Falls could also join the bill. Of course I just saw and enjoyed Stepkids open for Mayer Hawthorne.

link for the Minneapolis show

I just came up with 2 potential plans for avoiding the pathetic situation that occurred last winter with the scalpers for the Gotye show with Kimbra. And it will involve me leaving work for a short period of time this friday, hehe.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kevin Gilbert's band NRG - No Reasons Given (1984)

1. Morning Light
2. Watching Me
3. Goodman Badman
4. Wings of Time
5. Mere Image
6. Welcome to Suburbia
7. Staring Into Nothing
8. Frame by Frame
9. When Strangers Part

NRG Available for the first time on CD!

For the first time Kevin Gilbert’s debut album NRG (No Reasons Given) is available on CD. Meticulously re-mastered from the original tapes with all the original cover art. This is a must for all KG fans. Get a glimpse at how it all started.

I honestly have never been crazy about this album, but I've always regarded it as like many artists, so early in their career, the quality can be taken with a grain of salt.

Kevin's voice was a fair amount higher/younger sounding. And the style was almost like a hybrid of 80's synth-driven pop with neoprog of a sort. Although, I'll confess, some of that impression was given to me with the extensive amounts of recordings that I have heard from the early days, some of which are from this, some not.

That being said, it is nice to finally be available. I guess 300 or so copies were available and mostly (if not entirely) sold out last weekend at The Shaming of the True show in Southern California (I should have gone, I know. As I've stated, it was a budget thing. $500, when I already planned to go to Marillion in Chicago in a few weeks, and I skipped The Dear Hunter and Arch/Matheos last month for the same reason).

I guess 1000 or so have been printed, so there are some, but not a ton available. The hardcore Kevin fans will want this. I know it was for a long time available to stream on his website, so many probably know it already, even though never owning it.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

House of Fools - Oblivion Video

interesting video. Sad. Kinda like still, after a brand spanking new album, their fan base, including the progressive rock scene, has not grown much. But then again, that's been status quo for over 5 years now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kimbra: More Videos

It's amazing how much stuff there is on Youtube that you don't know about.

This 1st video is from Australia's version of 20/20 is rather in-depth, although there is not much about her music specifically, but it's more of a getting-to-know background kind of thing. Interesting about her manager not only discovering her 4 years ago, but more or less INVESTING in her financially, which I would guess should pay off now, given her success already. But that is kind of a bold move, although perhaps he's done that with others that didn't quite work out.

Also nice to see some comments from Gotye about Kimbra. I haven't really seen much about his thoughts of her music and album, so that was nice.

Her rapport with the interviewer, a Diane Sawyer-type, wasn't bad although it did seem she was digging for any kind of dirt. But perhaps this appearance, which shows multiple occasions of meeting and interviewing Kimbra, might lead to follow-ups.

These videos below, frankly, don't really resemble the Kimbra that most people know or are getting to know. The 1st one is an appearance she made from some group called Miami Horror. It's not a terrible tune, and I'm not certain if it's Kimbra portraying both female singers in the video, as the 1st one doesn't look exactly like her. Also the electronic effects on this song might be it's worst aspect.

These two are videos from her singer/songwriter phase, which as 1 person posted on youtube, basically sound like cookie-cutter Adult-contemporary kind of stuff ala Natalie Merchant or even Sheryl Crow a little. I honestly was bored by them, other than a few moments. It wouldn't surprise me Kimbra sees those and kind of laughs herself, as I watched a video of her from last year having her talk about her older music sounding like a lot of other music, whereas the last couple of years, her new music has given her her own voice.

Also interesting on how the guy in 1 of them resembles like a younger Gotye a bit, which is kind of funny.

But I suppose down the road for the hardcores like I am/may be, these songs will not be forgotten, especially tracing the evolution of her music's sound.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Amanda Palmer Kickstarter: $1,192 Million/24,883 Backers

Wow, just wow. As the co-host of "Epic Rock Talk" said the other day, if it happened once, it can happen again.

Here's the link