Thursday, February 28, 2013

K Sera - Collisions and Near Misses (2013)

Collisions and Near Misses cover art

1.Collisions 02:44
2.Near Misses 03:15
3.Meditations in an Emergency 03:38
4.Dream, Like I Do 04:01
5.St. Peter 03:44
6.Carry 02:59
7.Hollow Ground of London 05:16
8.True Enough To Be Interesting 03:30
9.Ambien 04:14
10.The Economist 03:30

This is the debut album from the San Francisco-based college-prog band, an album that Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter produced. More to add in due time, but I saw their name last year in Alternative Press and they mentioned working with Casey on this debut record. The EP I checked out was not amazing, but had enough to have me curious.

I've checked this record out once and while it's not the most original thing I've ever heard, the styles, influences (The Dear Hunter? 22? Panic at the Disco? As Tall As Lions?) seem to have enough appeal, along with the all-important songwriting which sounds like it's good enough and varied enough to impress me enough to plan to go back to this more.

I'll hopefully add more here or in another entry soon/later in the year. But on the surface, 1 of the 1st new bands of 2013 that has my attention.

The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum LIVE DVD

2/28/13 5:05PM

"Deny It All" featuring Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra.

1/18/13 11:50AM

1st song/video "Home" (yeah, I was there in spirit :p)

Release Date is March 12th.

12/19/12 6:09PM

Looks rather good. Bittersuite (;)) for myself given I should have been there, but if you read back to some of the posts in this blog around March/April of this year, it's been explained why I didn't go.

This should be cool, and for some reason, remind me of the Dream Theater @ Roseland Live Scenes From New York DVD. But I am obviously a lot more excited to hear about the next record, which I guess is projected to come out sometime in March.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside (2013)

 2/26/13 11:40AM
GO HERE to stream the whole album

I thought I posted more about this record previously, but I'll have to edit the details in later. Anyway, the whole record is available to stream now at the link above.

1. Nucleus (7.13)
2. Inside the Flood (6.43)
3. Ductus (6.48)
4. Tell the End (6.02)
5. Welcome Change (7.06)
6. Waves (6.38)
7. The Man Within (6.33)
8. Breaker (8.14)
9. Black Hole (4.28)

11/19/12 9:45AM

Facebook photo link

Despite how underwhelmed I was with their Self-Titled follow-up record from 2011, their 2009 masterpiece Avoid the Light I still love and why I'm still optimistic about this band's new record. For those who don't know them, Long Distance Calling are a band from Germany who make a unique form of Post Rock. It's heavy, melodic, intricate, but not excessive. They create really a nice atmosphere at times.

Another early 2013 record to look forward to. A bump should occur when more info is given.

David Bowie - The Next Day (2013)

2/26/13 9:22AM

This is the new/2nd video (and single?) from this record "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"

rather provocative and gender-bending with  Bowie and Tilda Swinton featured . I guess Tilda has been likened often to how Bowie looked especially in the 70's. (not sure if this is NSFW, as I had to stop it out of concern).

The song itself I heard on 89.3 this morning and I'm liking it a fair amount more than "Where Are We Now?"
which may raise the optimism for this record a little more being as good a song as this new song/single is.

1/8/13 5:59AM

This album drops on March 11th. The 1st video/single is below. Not a bad tune, namely how it picks up towards the end. More to add later, but I guess Tony Levin played on this album which is noteworthy.

I guess I'll add just briefly my 2 cents about this/Bowie. I never was hugely into him, until about 10 years ago when a co-worker at my old job burned me a bunch of his records. And at that point, I realized how diverse he was, including a period of his music could be described as prog. I'm referring to mainly the Ziggy Stardust period, and from an album like Hunky Dory, the string arrangements drew me to some of his songs, namely "Life On Mars?" Rick Wakeman even played with Bowie, although not on Ziggy Stardust (as many think of). It was the fact he had the 2 offers at once, 1 to join Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders band, and the other was Yes. Whether he chose the right band, who knows. It can be argued either way, but the fact is, he did play with Bowie and his impact is noticed on a lot of those early Bowie records.

And I enjoyed parts of more or less every record this coworker burned for me, but I can't say any one specifically ever stood out over others, although I'll admit to not spending great amounts of time with them. I do recall of his 2 most recent records, I enjoyed Heathen much more than Reality. I remember Heathen being more consistent, more energetic, and layered (and heavy even?). Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, even made an appearance on it.

So, I am not expecting a ton with this album, but, if resembles Heathen more than Reality, that would be my preference at this point.And having Tony Levin on it can't hurt.

I'm not sure if the way the image below is, with the title like that, is the actual cover, or the image on his website without his name and the title is. But I'll go with the 1 below for now.

Barnbrook designs for David Bowie
1 The Next Day 3:51
2 Dirty Boys 2:58
3 The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 3:56
4 Love Is Lost 3:57
5 Where Are We Now? 4:08
6 Valentine's Day 3:01
7 If You Can See Me 3:16
8 I'd Rather Be High 3:53
9 Boss of Me 4:09
10 Dancing Out in Space 3:24
11 How Does the Grass Grow 4:33
12 (You Will) Set the World on Fire 3:30
13 You Feel So Lonely You Could Die 4:41
14 Heat 4:25

Bonus tracks:
15. “So She”
16. “I’ll Take You There”
17. “Plan”

DAVID BOWIE Where We Are Now? (New Single 2013) from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito (2013)

2/25/13 9:14PM

new song "Sacrilege"..not bad. The Choir adds something new, which makes me curious if it was used on any other songs.

1/18/13 1:54AM

I don't have a lot to add to this, other than the cover art is pretty embarrassing. I did enjoy their last record It's Blitz a fair amount, and of course Karen O's work on the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack.

The cover may be bad (they should have considered more of what Psychotic Waltz did with the album art for their album titled "Mosquito"), but if the music is good, it won't matter much. Drop Date is April 16th.

yeah yeah yeahs mosquito album cover

Sunday, February 24, 2013

For the Imperium - Hail the Monsters (2013)

2/24/13 5:10PM

Whole album can be streamed at the above link.

1/19/13 1:25AM

Video for "Sudden Death"..not bad, although different in some ways, as it seems the vocals are more guttural overall.

1/8/13 5:03AM
I'm pretty excited to hear this record, as their Self-Titled debut record from 2011 finished pretty high on the AllMediaReviews Index as it's a record that impressed me a ton back then, and I still enjoy playing every so often.

For those unfamiliar, For the Imperium are a Finnish experimental/avant-garde progressive Metal band who have managed to mold their own style somehow while taking a bunch of influences such as Faith No More/Mike Patton, Avenged Sevenfold, Protest the Hero, Coheed and Cambria, System of a Down, and Between the Buried and Me among others.

But I think maybe what made that debut record the most impressive is of course, the quality of the songwriting. It almost always comes back to that, and that record has it, and hopefully this one will have it as well. And as that press release reads below, the 1st single "Sudden Death" is coming on January 18th, and then the whole thing comes on March 1st, just before/within the same week I now count 3 big records being released along with Cloud Cult and Brooke Waggoner. It seems like every year March has at least 1 week where a bunch of highly anticipated albums come out, and this year, at least the 1st week of March seems to be one of those weeks.

The cover art by the way, I can't avoid thinking, looks like the Baroness (and Kvertelak?) album covers. I wonder if this is the same artist, or someone whose a fan?

Hail the monsters

2013, Warner Music Finland/Graphite Records

Track listing:
1. Take a Breath, Now You´re Going To War
2. Northern Rampage (Muscles and Gasoline)
3. Victim´s Day
4. Sexual Advisory (Explicit Content)
5. Heaven Shall Fall/Hell Will Return
6. Army of Death
7. Sudden Death
8. Satan Det Gör Ont
9. FRNDSHP Is Over! P.S. Say No More
10. Filthy Animal, Go and Save Yourself!

Produced by For The Imperium and Kari Huikuri
Recorded by Kari Huikuri at Scandal Recording [June/July 2012]
Mixed by Miitri Aaltonen at Falcon Nest [Sept. 2012] / Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox [Oct. 2012]

FTI: Hakim Hietikko: vocals / Ville Suorsa: guitars / Jyri Helko: bass / Tuomas Rauhala: drums

Keyboards, programming, backing vocals and additional instruments by FTI.
All songs composed by FTI, all arrangements by Kari Huikuri & FTI.

All hail the new age of metal – Hail The Monsters!

Prepare for the retaliation of For the Imperium!

The new website for the band got released today. The stupendous description of the album "Hail the Monsters" is included, written by Mape Ollila (the grand old man of Finnish metal scene)

The Helsinki-based FOR THE IMPERIUM has given its metal a brand new outfit!

"Hail the Monsters", an album manufactured during the whirls of last year, is ready to be released and will see daylight on the 1st of March.

The band and the forthcoming album have already aroused active interest among the peers in the music industry through borders. It goes without saying that this spring, FOR THE IMPERIUM will pull an assortment of aces from their sleeves.

The prelude to "Hail the Monsters" will be heard on the 18th of January when FOR THE IMPERIUM will release the first single "Sudden Death". The perceptive lyrics and the astonishing video - which will be featured on Inferno Metal Magazine's website ( - inspired the band to donate all the profits acquired from the single to charity undeducted.

Commented by the band's bass player Jyri 'Käärmetukka' Helko: "We chose a group called Food Not Bombs from Helsinki because we wanted to support small local activity that actually makes a difference. Millions of people in the world are starving while staggering amounts of money are spent on rearmament. The purpose for Food Not Bombs -activities are to pay attention to this fact by giving away free food."

"Sadly, not too many bands these days dare to voice their opinions about anything. The lyrics tell us about a world where people are no longer treated as individuals, but statistics. Those who refuse to stand by silently, will be silenced."

"Hail the Monsters" will be released in Finland and Great Britain 1st of March 2013 (Warner Music Finland / Graphite Records). The remaining dates will be announced later.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Robert Plant open to a Led Zeppelin Reunion in 2014

I haven't watched it, but apparently he mentions to Australia's version of 60 Minutes, that his "2014 plans are open" and he would be possibly interested in a reunion. The tickets of course for a tour would be SKY HIGH, like $500 a pop probably, but if I found a way to go for an afforable price, it would definitely fulfill a longtime dream to see Zeppelin, just once, the 1st band I ever loved (not counting Huey Lewis or Duran Duran I suppose).

Cloud Cult - Good Friend (Official Video USA Viewers Only, blech)

MTV Just Added Videos on Overdrive
Get More: Cloud Cult, Good Friend, Music, More Music Videos

This is the only working link/embed for the video, but apparently it only works for those whose IP address shows they are from the USA which sucks. Hopefully a GLOBAL stream/embed will show up later today (there was one HERE, but the link keeps giving an error).

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Groove Machine (live King's X cover)

Very cool, slightly differently arranged cover of the King's X tune. I hope the King's X guys get to hear/see it. Although odds are they will as TGCO posted on FB about this tune being included on their upcoming record, due out early in 2013 I guess. I'm rather curious how that will sound.

ironic as Galactic Cowboys and their connection to King's X, lol. I wonder if that led the TGCO peeps to some of King's X's music (TGCO I guess have received a lot of emails from Galactic Cowboys fans over the years).

New Interview with Drew Roulette (from dredg)

Good interview/discussion. It sounds like dredg are kind of waiting for the right time to return, but hardly on the brink of ending. But then again, Drew doesn't elaborate all that much about the present state of dredg. Interesting about Dark Heavens, which I always took to be kind of a parody or joke band, but perhaps it may become or is meant to be more serious than I thought. I'm curious about the video he mentioned, along with the short film Mark Engles and him are working on.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Brooke Waggoner - Originator (2013)

2/15/13 11:30AM 

I just preordered both the Vinyl and CD.



Head over to the webstore now and pre-order your copy of ORIGINATOR before it hits the shelves! CD &/or Vinyl is available.
If you prefer digital, you can pre-order through the site via my Bandcamp or head to  iTunes. The iTunes album is currently only available in the U.S., Canada, & Mexico.

And, I'm hitting a few beloved venues for release month!
Come. To. The. Show.
A gold piano, lunar eclipse, and my amazing band are some of the treats in store.

-Grimey's Record Shop InStore - Nashville, TN 3.4.13
-3rd & Lindsley RELEASE SHOW - Nashville, TN - 3.5.13
-Proud Larry's - Oxford, MS - 3.8.13
-Spanish Moon - Baton Rouge, LA - 3.10.13
-Cedar Door SXSW BMI Show - Austin, TX - 3.13.13

See link for details


2/4/13 12:30PM

New video for the song "Rumble"

12/17/12 11:55AM

The below info is all from her latest newsletter. Release date of March 5th, same day as the new Cloud Cult album in fact.

Extremely thrilled to announce that ORIGINATOR will be releasing March 5, 2013!!!

This is the official album cover for the lp.
I want to thank Rory White for artwork/image and concept and JT Daly for the design work on the packaging. These guys are insanely talented and I'm ecstatic with how it's all turned out.

I also want to announce the official tracklisting for the project:

1. Shiftshape
2. Rumble
3. From the Nest
4. Ink Slinger
5. Squint
6. Perish
7. Welspryng
8. Waterlogged
9. Canticle
10. Mixin' with the Birdies
11. To Love

There's so much music ready to share with you.
We'll have new merch, vinyl, tours, release shows, and a slew of other news to share with you as the new year begins.

Stay tuned,

10/17/12 1:00AM I guess this is the cover. It apparently was sent to her email list. I guess I'd like to see something from her about it elsewhere like Facebook/Twitter or her website, but until then, the word of the Email list will have to do. It's certainly odd, almost striking, but maybe the music will be that way as well. Even if the cover art doesn't stand out as much as I'd like, if the music is good, it will hold very little importance.

9/14/12 12:35PM

She made this announcement from her Facebook on Tuesday.

My new single INK SLINGER is available for worldwide download today via Rolling Stone!

This is a FREE download from my upcoming album "ORIGINATOR"!

Enjoy and come back to support more when the album releases early next year (2013)!

That's right folks, the album release is being delayed for a few months.

My apologies for the postponing, but keep checking back for updates -- coming very SOON!

Also, head over to Industry of One to check out the photo shoot we did at my Nashville home when Industry of One came down from Brooklyn to visit. My most recent interview is also included.

Final bit of news, I'm playing NPR's Mountain Stage again this year - show date is officially November 18, 2012! Come to the event and hear some new songs from the upcoming record, "ORIGINATOR".




While I'm honestly a little sad the album is delayed a few months, I know it will come out all the more better when it does. And the new single linked above "Ink Slinger" is REALLY FUCKING GOOD.

I guess I've said this about 50 times about her and Timbre too, but it bares repeating. All the JOANNA NEWSOM and Regina Spektor (to a lesser extent) Hipster Lemmings need to check Brooke out and realize what what good songwriting combined with good musicianship from a adventurous yet accessible singer/songwriter ACTUALLY DOES SOUND LIKE.

2009's Go Easy Little Doves is an AMAZING RECORD, that STILL NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE HEARD/APPRECIATED. And this next album could very well match or be better. Although "Ink Slinger" is a little different stylistically, but it still has the trademark layered, emotional and uplifting element that Brooke is known for.

I guess for now, that tune will have to tide me over, but come early next year when Originator drops, I'm going to be extremely excited, and probably still but not expect a larger amount of notice about it, than her previous work.

I should hope Jack White will get a copy and perhaps say some things about it. Of course that would be in part, due to the fact Brooke's been part of his touring band in 2012, and I believe she also played on his new album. And beyond the Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor crowd, maybe then The White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather and his Solo Band fans will be exposed to her own music. And at least a percentage become fans.

We'll see, but for now I'm loving this new tune of hers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Josh Rouse Spring Tour Dates

Given I've never seen him live, I am looking forward to this show, even though I don't care much for The Dakota anymore. I'm sure the girlfriend and her Josh fandom will be excited about this, although maybe more depending on how good his new record, The Happiness Waltz, is.

The dates below I don't believe are the full tour, as Josh mentioned in his facebook announcement.
We've just announced our first wave of US tour dates. These will be with a full band (myself, Cayo, Xema and returning to the drum seat, Marc Pisapia). See dates below. Most of these US shows go on sale tomorrow (Thurs. 2/14) at 10:00 AM (local time). 

**Note that European dates will be in May, with a full list to come soon**

Hope to see you on the road this spring!

THU 7 MARCH La 3 Valencia, Spain
FRI 8 MARCH Music Hall Barcelona, Spain
SAT 9 MARCH Moby Dick Madrid, Spain

THU 18 APRIL WorkPlay Theatre Birmingham, AL, US
FRI 19 APRIL Terminal West at King Plow Arts Center Atlanta, GA, US
SUN 21 APRIL 3rd & Lindsley Bar and Grill Nashville, TN, US
TUE 23 APRIL The Grey Eagle Asheville, NC, US
WED 24 APRIL Birchmere Alexandria, VA, US
THU 25 APRIL The Sinclair Cambridge, MA, US
FRI 26 APRIL World Café Live Philadelphia, PA, US
SAT 27 APRIL The Bowery Ballroom New York, NY, US
TUE 30 APRIL The Bell House Brooklyn, NY, US

FRI 24 MAY Pleasance Theatre Edinburgh, UK

WED 12 JUNE Bomhard Theater, Kentucky Center Louisville, KY, US
THU 13 JUNE City Winery Chicago, IL, US
FRI 14 JUNE City Winery Chicago, IL, US
SAT 15 JUNE Dakota Minneapolis, MN, US
TUE 18 JUNE The Triple Door Seattle, WA, US
WED 19 JUNE Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR, US
FRI 21 JUNE Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA, US
SAT 22 JUNE Troubadour West Hollywood, CA, US

Monday, February 11, 2013

Foals: Winter/Spring Tour 2013 (with Surfer Blood)

02-11 London, England - Rough Trade East
02-28 Dublin, Ireland - The Academy
03-01 Dublin, Ireland - The Academy
03-02 Manchester, England - Manchester Academy
03-04 Liverpool, England - O2 Academy
03-05 Glasgow, England - Barrowland
03-06 Birmingham, England - HMV Institute
03-08 Norwich, England - UEA
03-09 Leeds, England - Leeds Metropolitan University
03-11 Bristol, England - O2 Academy
03-12 Nottingham, England - Rock City
03-13 Portsmouth, England - Pyramid Centre
03-15 Brussels, Belgium - AB
03-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
03-18 Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
03-19 Berlin, Germany - Astra
03-20 Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
03-22 Zurich, Switzerland - M4 Music Festival
03-23 Villeurbanne, France - Transbordeur
03-25 Paris, France - Olympia
03-26 Lille, France - Aeronef
03-28 London, England - Royal Albert Hall (two shows) +
04-10 Reno, NV - Knitting Factory #
04-11 San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore #
04-12 Indio, CA - Coachella
04-13 Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues #
04-18 Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre #
04-19 Indio, CA - Coachella
04-20 Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades
04-22 Mexico City, Mexico - El Plaza Condesa
04-25 Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds ^*
04-26 Dallas, TX - House of Blues ^*
04-27 Austin, TX - Emo's ^*
04-28 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues ^*
04-30 Atlanta, GA - Goat Farm ^*
05-01 Charlotte, NC - Neighborhood Theatre ^*
05-03 New York, NY - Terminal 5 ^*
05-04 Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory ^*
05-05 Washington, DC - 930 Club ^*
05-06 Albany, NY - Upstate Concert Hall ^*
05-08 Providence, RI - The Met ^*
05-09 Boston, MA - House of Blues ^*
05-10 Montreal, Quebec - Club Soda ^*
05-11 Toronto, Ontario - Koolhaus ^*
05-13 Cleveland, OH - House of Blues ^*
05-14 Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts ^*
05-15 Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall ^*
05-17 Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe ^*
05-18 Chicago, IL - Vic Theatre ^*
05-19 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall ^*
05-20 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue ^*
05-29 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom ^*
05-30 Vancouver, British Columbia - Commodore ^*
05-31 Seattle, WA - Neptune ^*
06-03 Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot ^*
06-04 Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre *
06-05 Lawrence, KS - Granada ^*
06-07 St. Louis, MO - Pageant ^*
06-09 Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls ^*
06-11 Baltimore, MD - Ram's Head ^*
06-12 Asheville, NC - Orange Peel ^*

+ with Efterklang
# with The Neighbourhood
^ with Surfer Blood
* with Blondfire

I nearly saw Foals at the 7th Street Entry back in 2010. There's at least 1 long blog about it, and the fact it was the same evening Menomena was headlining at The Varsity Theater and Janelle Monae was opening for of Montreal in the Mainroom.

I bought a ticket, but had to eat it as the timing didn't work out to see both them and Menomena (with Brent Knopf by the way). I think/hope I made the right choice, even though I have only grown to enjoy Foals more and more, and Total Life Forever since. But, Brent isn't with Menomena anymore, and he may never play with them again. And Janelle, the show was sold out anyway. But I do mean to see her live at some point.

Anyway, Surfer Blood is 1 of the openers, 1 of the 2 acts they played music from at the 89.3 Music Meeting I didn't hate. 

This is another Spring show that adds to maybe the most insanely busy Spring concert schedule I've ever faced. But in fairness, many of the shows are for artists that are sort of Bucket List-acts, and I also wonder how many if any chances I'll have to see again.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Foals - Holy Fire (2013)

2/8/13 6:00PM
I'm enjoying this album over the last few days. The 2 standout tracks being ""Milk and Black Spiders" and "Providence"..great classic Foals builds/crescendos.

More to add, although only if I find the time. It'll be in the mix for the 2013 Countdown, but I'm skeptical if I will enjoy as much as their other 2 LPs.

12/15/12 12:30AM

New song "My Number" which compared to "Inhaler" sounds more like their traditional sound, which is fine, but I'm not as intrigued by. I kind of felt the same way about "This Orient" which I find works okay on the record, but as a single, is one of if not the worst songs on Total Life Forever. But anyway, this is still worth passing along of course.

11/7/12 2:04AM

Video for the new single "Inhaler." Pretty sweet groove. Also pretty heavy for them, which I'm not so surprised by actually.

10/29/12 9:25AM

This upcoming record drops on February 11th, 2013


We revealed to you last week a name…and the name was ‘Holy Fire’. Now we have some more things to tell you.

‘Holy Fire’ will land on British shores on Feb 11th 2013.

You’ll be able to pre-order a copy of the album (case you forget) on iTunes from Nov 5th, upon which time you’ll get ‘Inhaler’ straight away.

A final announcement for our Australian contingent…we’ll be performing a one-off club show at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Wed Jan 23. Tickets go on sale on Oct 30 at 9am from & 1300 438 849. See you there.

More news coming soon.

 Both of their full length records are excellent, so I can't help but be giddy about hearing this thing early next year. And hopefully if/when they play in Minnesota on tour, the show won't have Menomena or Janelle Monae conflict.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

89.3's "Music Meeting" 2/5/13 @ Amsterdam Hall

2/6/13-2/7/13 Noon both days (so far)

  The crowd closes out the night by giving a resounding,
You can sort of see me in the pic about 4 rows back on the left, lol
I posted the below review
of this new "Music Meeting" on facebook earlier. I have more to add about it and the station in general, but unfortunately I'm up against the clock right now to include much more. But I suppose the biggest thing I took from it last night is I'm not sure I care as much as I might have before. 89.3's listeners or "members" as they call them, just have very different taste than myself. And so even if 89.3 started playing bands like The Dear Hunter and dredg, those people wouldn't like it anyway. It's just a demographic of people I suppose.
 I would be curious if at some point either/or/both someone like Caleigh of Radio K or my gf ended up working there, what kind of impact they may have (or more insights, which was 1 of the reasons I went to this last night. Sadly, I didn't get a ton of them, other than they mentioned how they have these music meetings every week among the staff. And they like at KFAI and Radio K, sift through a lot of music, trying to find the best stuff. I just suspect when they do find some of it, they don't care for it (or enough of the staff don't). So The Dear Hunter might not pass their "music meeting" approval. But among the music they played last night, most of the singers sucked. Casey, fundamental-wise as a singer, is pretty much a better singer than every artist they played last night. 
more to add later hopefully... 
 edit: another edit should come after this, but I just saw the post on their website
Also I remembered 2 other artists played, Wavves and Leagues, both who were highly forgettable/not worth pursuing.
Anyway, I should add more, specifically 1 thing how Mary Lucia of all people chose me for the 1st song to comment when I put up a "1" for what turned out to be a sample of a new My Bloody Valentine song. Talk about Ironies, LOL. The very 1st comment on the very 1st song, and Mary Lucia, who I will say, I don't care to hear her on the air, but she seemed cool enough in that environment the other night. 
Another irony, my venturing to Into the Void records afterwards, a Metal-centered record store in downtown St.Paul. 1 of 2 new music retail stores I've discovered recently. 
Last night at The Current - KCMP 89.3 FM Twin Cities - KMSE 88.7 FM Rochester "Music Meeting" they played 15 songs last night to vote. I don't recall every artist they played, but in jogging my memory, here are I believe 11 of them. And I can say, I only liked 2 enough to look into, this artist named Young Man who reminds me a little of Abandoned Pools (of course pretty much every comment about the song from Young Man didn't mention AB or any artist like ABs..Silversun Pickups? LOL, not really) The only other one that mildy impressed me was a song from the group @Surfer Blood (who sounded more like Fountains Of Wayne than any of the comments/comparisons that were brought up about them) Jessie Ware I like, but the song they chose to play "Wildest Moments" hardly was fully indicative of her sound (doesn't remind me much of Janelle Monae who I was originally suggested she did sound like, and some songs it kind of seems to be true, just not that tune), let alone a good introduction track. I would have suggested a track like "Running" instead. I'll possibly add more in my blog later about this. I will say, the people who work at 89.3 I can fully say I don't hate. They all seem like nice, genuine people, even if on the air they don't always come across that way. And so, I have sort of come to a bit of a conclusion about 89.3's "brand" and demographic, despite I think they could play better music, I'm not sure I want to care so much that they don't anymore. I would though be willing to attend another one of these Music Meetings again.

Young Man
Surfer Blood
Jessie Ware
Iron and Wine
Dido feat Kendrick
Black Angels
Devendra Banhart
Flaming Lips
My Bloody Valentine
Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

Menomena - "Toomer" (MOMS B-side)

Not sure on the story on it, but the reaction online is pretty positive. I'll know later, as I need to head out to work right now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Local Natives on Jimmy Fallon 2/5/13

It slipped my mind it was last night. I haven't watched it yet, but I shall later. I am finally getting a good assessment of Hummingbird, and I might compare it to MuteMath's 2nd LP Armistice (not stylistically, but it's uneven-ness and how it compares to the 1st record).

I count 7 or 8 songs on Hummingbird I like to really enjoy, however this track "Heavy Feet" is not 1 of them. Maybe hearing/seeing it live will change that take.

The Crooked Fiddle Band - TBA (2013 or 2014?)

2/6/13 12:00PM


 $19,521 Pledged of $19,875 Target

they're SOHHHH CLOSE! $354 with 55 Hours left!

1/31/13 4:45AM

The Crooked Fiddle Band's Pozible Quest from The Crooked Fiddle Band on Vimeo.

About the Project

The Crooked Fiddle Band are about to embark on the epic quest of recording our second full-length album, and we need your help to do so. 

We've been making dark, ecstatic and energetic music since 2006 and we're proud to be completely independent. All our releases have been entirely self-funded from shows and festivals (and some credit card debts along the way). This Pozible campaign will help us fund the new recording without that debt, and means you can guarantee a copy of our new album. 

Our 2011 debut album, Overgrown Tales, was recorded by Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago.

The experience at Electrical Audio was amazing - we got to record to tape on the best analogue gear, through meticulously kept vintage microphones. Engineer Albini has recorded thousands of albums and that experience enabled him to calmly approach all potential issues - even when we wanted to record an epic tune in 5 sections and dovetail edit the joins on tapes, or record drummer Joe shovelling snow outside. 

The fact that Albini's recorded a ton of our favourite albums (The Dirty Three, Nirvana, GY!BE, PJ Harvey and Joanna Newsom) is what led us to Electrical Audio, but that professionalism is what leads us back for a return trip. 

This project is all about our follow-up, tentatively titled The Deepwater Dirges.  

We've written the tunes, 45mins worth. 

We've booked the flights, the Electrical Audio Studio A with Steve Albini, and our accommodation in Chicago. 

Here's a total breakdown of the expenses to record this album:
Studio Hire                                  $7800
Engineer                                      $8400
Tape (Tracking and Mastering)     $1275
Guest Cellist                                  $800
Instrument Hire                             $500
Mastering                                    $1100
TOTAL:                                     $19 875

We'll be covering the following:
Accommodation                          $2250
Flights                                         $7530

We're asking you to help us cover the in studio costs. If we surpass that goal, we'll be able to cover the costs of producing the artwork for our album cover and maybe even manufacturing the cds.

As a reward for helping us you can get the new album, fill in your collection of tCFB back catalogue, get exclusive merch or a one-off special event. Rewards can be combined, so if more than one option takes your fancy, you can contribute for both!

In return we promise that we'll record a unique album of oceanic epics, dockland parties and deepsea melodies, all delivered in our own crooked way. We'll record without having that money stress in the back of our minds, which is definitely a relaxing notion, and we'll deliver it to you in a timely manner. 

We always appreciate the crooked community that surrounds us, your suggestions, your support and your crazy dancing. So join the crooked crew by helping get this album recorded.

For more information check out 

The Pozible promo video shot and edited by Andy Johnson, with artwork by Maia Sinclair-Ferguson and handwriting by Emily Constantine. Huge thanks to Andy, Maia and Emily for their great work!

$1,669 Pledged of A $19,875 Goal (35  Days to Go. Deadline February 7 12PM EST)

I pledged $10. This band I discovered last year being referred to as a "Frog" band (Fiddle + Prog), and playing in at least 1 progressive rock festival down under. I liken them to a bit like Gogol Bordello or some other energetic gypy punk, but they definitely emphasize musicianship and dynamics.

This upcoming record of theirs they plan to record this Spring I think, maybe not entirely, but at least partially based on how this campaign goes. This is on a site called "" another in what seems to be a extensive list of fan-funding projects sites. Kind of sad how once 1 is successful like Kickstarter, how many similar (copycat) type sites (or businesses) pop up?

But regardless of what site is doing this, of course their GOAL seems rather hard to expect, at least from my perception given their cult-ish following at best. But I've seen other bands campaigns raise these enormous dollar amounts that I would never expect (Evarusnik, Revere among others), so it wouldn't shock me to see them reach their $19K goal. How that figure was made? I don't follow exactly. Over $16K just for someone to work with them in the studio and an engineer. Jeez, fuck journalism, I might want to go to school for that if that's the rate those people can charge, lol.

At any case, this will certainly be worth paying attention to, and hopefully by early February they will meet their goal (February 7th being the deadline, save for an extension like on pledgemusic). Assuming they do, when the album is finished may not be until 2014, or maybe it'll be as early as this Summer or Fall. I'd assume that stuff will come out soon, again, assuming they reach their goal for this campaign.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally acquired Toy Matinee on Vinyl LP..

And included in the sleeve was a very cool, albeit slightly faded-paper Media/Press release. I don't own a Scanner, so I am going to just transcribe it for now.

(image of a boat)                                                            m e d i a  i n f o r m a t i o n
r e p r i s e

                                                                                                                        Reprise Records
                                                                                                                        3300 Warner Boulevard
                                                                                                                         Burbank, CA 91505
                                                                                                                         FAX 818.846.8474
                                                                                                                         Telex 194487

                                                                                                                         75 Rockefeller Plaza
                                                                                                                          New York, NY 10019
                                                                                                                          FAX 212.484.6850
                                                                                                                          Telex 5815718

                                                                                                                          1815 Division Street
                                                                                                                          P.O. Box 120897
                                                                                                                          Nashville, TN 37212
                                                                                                                          FAX 615.329.1739

                        toy matinee 

Kevin Gilbert -- lead and background vocals, guitars and keyboards
Patrick Leonard -- keyboards and background vocals

                                                      With Lots Of Help From:
                                             Brian MacLeod -- drums and percussion
                                                      Tim Pierce -- guitars
                                                          Guy Pratt -- bass

"No expecttations. We had the opportunity to do an album we cared about simply because we cared about it. The best part about making music is in the doing of it, without the pressure of having to create a hit or meet anyone else's specifications. Our approach from the beginning was that we'd think about selling it after we'd finished...which makes the fact that what we developed was viable on those terms a nice side benefit."

So says Pat Leonard on the origin, direction and raison d'etre of one of the most intriguing and original new groups in recent memory. The story behind Toy Matinee and their dazzling debut album on Reprise Records comprises elements of serendipity, determination and dreams that refused to fade.The

                                              - 2 -

result, on nine utterly original cuts, including the featured cut "Last Plane Out," is a richly-textured musical totality that draws on a great tradition of modern music even as it suggests some intriguing and expressive new possibilities for the next decade.

If the name Pat Leonard sounds familiar, it should. As a songwriter, producer and performer, Leonard has put his stamp on some of Madonna's biggest hits, including much of her 1989 autobiography-in-sound, Like A Prayer. But what Leonard -- and a select crew of co-conspirators -- are up to with Toy Matinee has little to do with that megastar's pop portfolio or even, for that matter, Leonard's writing and producing work for Bryan Ferry's most recent album, the acclaimed Bete Noire. No, something entirely other is afoot this time around.

"Ever since I first started playing in bands," Leonard continues, "I've wanted to pursue a very specific musical ideal. As a musician, the music that most influenced me was played by virtuosos whose songs actually expressed ideas and emotions. From Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd all the way through Genesis, Gentle Giant and Jethro Tull, what turned me on about that music was a certain feeling of risk and adventure. Getting that feeling again is part of what this group is all about. The other part is introducing the feeling to a new audience."

To achieve his long-standing goal and map some new musical turf in the process, Leonard joined forces with Kevin Gilbert, a vocalist, songwriter and musician from the San Francisco Bay Area. Gilbert's own musical roots,

                                                     - 3 -

and reach, set off an instant spark of recognition in Leonard when the two met in October, 1988.

"I'd put together a band called Giraffe," recounts Gilbert, "to perform some of the music I was doing on my own in the studio, which is where I basically spent my adult life. We entered Soundcheck -- The Yamaha Rock Music Showcase and were playing in the Finals in Los Angeles. One of the things the contest promised -- aside from $25,000 and a trip to Japan -- was an all-star panel of celebrity judges. Pat was one of them."

"What Kevin was doing really hit a nerve," continues Leonard. "And, after talking to him and discovering he was into all the same source music I was, I started to think that maybe this could work. There was immediate communication. We were able to completely anticipate each other's moves from the first time we got together and started writing."

Despite the fact his band won the competition (going on to land the Gold Prize at Yamaha's International Band Explosion in Tokyo), Gilbert immediately turned his full creative energies to the fledgling partnership with Leonard. "I'd been harboring the notion that through music you can make real statements about how you see the world," he explains. "I wanted to write songs you could sink your teeth into, music you could listen to over and over and treasure, albums that weren't only collections of 'hits.' I was three years old when most of the groups Pat mentioned were in their prime. I was into Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads, but the impulse was the same and it all came together when Pat and I started writing and demo'ing material. We were tracking...."

                                                           - 4 -

It was a track that quickly crossed the path of another key player in the Toy Matinee saga. "Once we realized what were getting I wanted to bring Bill in as producer," explains Leonard. The 'Bill' in question is Bill Botrell, who had most recently worked with Leonard on both Like A Prayer (as engineer) and on Madonna's I'm Breathless album (co-producing several tracks written by Stephen Sondheim). But Botrell's dossier stretches back considerably further, with credits that include Electric Light Orchestra, Dave Edmunds, Atlantic Starr, the Pointer Sisters, Tom Petty, the Traveling Wilburys, Thomas Dolby and, currently, co-production on Michael Jackson's upcoming album.

The idea of using an "outside" producer, when one with Leonard's credentials was available, may seem odd, but the reason was simple. Botrell, too, had caught the vision. "Bill kept the whole thing in perspective," continues Gilbert. "He was a reality check, reminding us that we were there to do more than just have a good time. He's got an amazing grasp of music history and really brought it to bear as the album was developing, helping us to key in on the spirit and mood we were after from song to song."

Key also to the Toy Matinee strategy was the concept of a full-realized band. "This is not my vanity project," insists Leonard. "I turned down everything except I'm Breathless to focus my attention on making this music happen. I even took singing lessons. My aim was to create a complete musical identity from distinct elements and then disappear into that identity. I wasn't after a bunch of session guys following my lead."

                                                         - 5 -

That guiding principle led to a singular line-up of supporting players, assembled with active participation from Botrell even as Leonard and Gilbert continued to develop and hone material. "I had worked with our drummer Brian MacLeod, who used to play with Wire Train, on some projects in the Bay Area," Gilbert reveals, "and Pat knew our bassist Guy Pratt, who plays for Pink Floyd, from Pat's work with David Gilmour. But our guitarist, Tim Pierce, was a real surprise. He was the first guy we auditioned. It was just obvious we didn't need to go any further. He's got extensive studio credits, but what he gave us was the music he had kept for himself."

With the Toy Matinee line-up in place, recording began in earnest in the summer of last year. "It was basically five guys in the studio with very little overdubbing," reveals Leonard. "We recorded the basic tracks, stepped back for a month, and then Bill and Kevin and I went back in to start fine tuning. We thought of ourselves as being on a mission of the highest integrity, sometimes spending three days on a single track. We were trying to make all the intangibles -- the feelings and subtle shades of meaning -- come together. It's a very demanding task and we were working to very high standards."

The result is an album that resonates on several distinct levels, interwoven into a seamless musical whole. Serious intent coexists with pure delight of ensemble playing. Moments of clarity mesh with engaging ambiguities. Sharp and surprising melodic turns segue into unforgettable hooks. Toy

                                                      - 6 -

Matinee by Toy Matinee is, in short, the cutting edge of a whole new vision of popular music as championed by some very dedicated and talented musicians. "There's a new generation that has nothing to compare this music to," asserts Gilbert. "What's fresh for them is the idea that music can expand and develop without losing its relevance. These days, that's a breathtaking concept."

"The influence and inspiration behind this music is a decade old, not twenty minutes old," concludes Leonard. "it's great to realize that there's a wide audience of people out there hungry for music that can move them in many different ways. But even if there weren't, this is still what we all plan to be doing for the foreseeable future."


Note: I should still write up my Champions of Nothing in Milwaukee, WI comments/review soon, and in doing this, it may get me even more motivated.