Friday, March 29, 2013 100 Greatest Debut Albums: King Crimson?

So, it's actually impressive and surprising to see the likes of Toy Matinee and Apes and Androids in there (or Ours, The Receiving End of Sirens, The Dear Hunter, Kevin Gilbert among so many others), along with King Crimson of course...LOL.

But it is Rolling Stone, more or less the proto-Pitchfork. Even the blurbs seem to resemble the tripe-like approach that comes from P-Fork and MTV began vomiting out by the early 90's.

Maybe I'll try and compile my own list somehow, but maybe not with too many blurbs as that adds to the amount of time it takes to finish of course.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Renaissance - Grandine il Vento (2012)

3/26/13 4:53PM

From the Kickstarter Update. Hopefully I'll check this out tomorrow and maybe re-read Annie's below descriptions. I'm really stoked to finally get to hear this tho!

1 Symphony of Light 12:09
2 Waterfall 4:45
3 Grandine il Vento 6:30
4 Porcelain 6:42
5 Cry to the World 5:45
6 Air of Drama 5:21
7 Blood Silver Like Moonlight 5:16
8 The Mystic and The Muse 7:48

Annie Haslam describes the tracks:
Symphony of Light
A tribute to the genius Leonardo Da Vinci.
About the rainforests in Brazil… I have been there many times and love it!
Grandine il Vento
A love song that transcends life itself.
About an African village and the people who live there.
Cry to the World
Our ‘World Song’ in honour of Mother Earth and all who are part of her.
Air of DramaA love song about two people who come together again later in their lives in Paris, where they had first met.
Blood Silver Like MoonlightThis is a duet with John Wetton. He has been a friend for many years and I always felt our voices were similar in their timbre and range. I was told once by a ‘spiritual’ energy friend that John and I sang in the Angels choir together. That is what this song is about. Remembering the choir!
The Mystic and The MuseI was inspired to write this by two of my paintings The Mystic and The Muse. Although it is a fantasy in a way, I see Michael as The Muse and me as The Mystic.

The digital download links will be emailed to backers today - Tuesday March 26. The physical CDs will ship in early April.

9/28/12 1:38AM

I wish I could see them on this tour, but these samples sound rather promising, even if the record doesn't come out until 2013.

New Album Samples and More

Thank you for your continuing support and positive energy. This has been a summer of intense focus on the composing and recording of our new album, Grandine il Vento. We've barely had time to come up for air, let alone enjoy the summer. That said, the journey has been magnificent and we're now in the final stages of production; weaving in a couple of fantastic guest appearances before starting the process of mixing. To say we're multi-tasking is an understatement!

With this said, completion of Grandine il Vento is taking longer than we had originally anticipated. In order to keep you and your ears in the loop, here is a sampler of several songs from the album. The songs in the sampler are:

Symphony of Light
Grandine il Vento
Cry to the World
For those of you that missed the deadline for our Kickstarter pre-purchase album campaign earlier this year, you can visit our website and review some of the few packages that we are making available.

We are looking forward to seeing you on tour. If you haven't purchased tickets please do so and be sure to let your friends know. For those fans in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, the Scottish Rite Auditorium is sold-out, but there are good seats still left for the Keswick Theater.

Once again, many thanks for your loyalty.


Annie, Michael, Rave, David, Jason, and Frank

3/30/12 11:56AM


kickstarter link (the EMBED isn't showing up for me here on Internet Explorer for some reason)

About this project
We cherish our fans, the music we have created, and the place we have earned in the history of progressive rock music. It is painful and disappointing that the very record labels who still happily profit from selling our extensive catalog of albums (from which we receive little if any royalties) have turned their backs and closed their doors to us in favor of working with quick-selling pre-packaged pop.

We have been composing a what we think will be the best album of our career. Thanks to KickStarter, social media, lovers of music and our own loyal fans, we are able to reach out directly to you in order to help us finance the recording and promotion of this first studio album in nearly twelve years: Grandine il Vento.

For your pledges you will receive an album we're sure you'll love, as well as enable us to record and distribute our music with pride and independence from the world of corporatized record companies.

We appreciate the role you will play in helping to make this endeavor a reality.

Thank you...


I'm pretty excited to hear this, although $40,000 via Kickstarter, while likely not impossible, is a little ambitious. By May 29th, and they're already at nearly $8600. I hope it goes through, and I shall be contributing of course. Hopefully others who may find this, will as well.

Sir Video: News SINGLES per BANDCAMP (2013)

3/26/13 4:40PM

Up to 250 Likes (and more!) on Facebook, they shared another great new track "Never Knew" also as a FREE Download.

Never Knew cover art

3/25/13 11:50AM-2:05PM

Do What You Wanna cover art

And another tune "Do What You Wanna" (the song from the trailer video below I believe). 

And with 225 "Page Likes" comes another brand new song. This one featuring some vocals from the one and only Frankie Pedano, formerly of Fat City Reprise. Download the mp3 for free at! One more song coming your way when we hit 250 Likes! 

On And On cover art

I haven't heard it yet of course, but this is very cool to finally get to hear (and download free!) something from Sir Video. Thanks for those that *Liked* them on Facebook to allow this to be shared. And as the post below says, the more "Likes" the more music will be uploaded. 

Without further ado, "On And On" by Sir Video (feat. Brian Mahoney of The Mahoney Brothers on saxophone). The next new song is coming in just 17 "Page Likes"! 

3/23/13 6:52PM
They have 185 Likes already. Sohhhhhh close. If you dig Timmy Sean's work as a solo artist, Sir Video may very well be up your alley as well!

Share with your friends and when it hits 200, 225, and 250 "likes" we'll post some brand-spankin' new songs!

Introducing SIR VIDEO from Sir Video on Vimeo.

The Dear Hunter - Migrant (2013) + Tour/TCS DVD

3/26/13 4:20PM
Whole Album Stream

Thanks BILLBOARD for providing an EMBED CODE, lol.

Sounding awesome so far.

3/23/13 7:25PM
Another new song "Girl" is available.
Digging it, especially hearing Casey's sister sing.

3/21/13 11:48AM
Stream the new song "Shame" HERE
outstanding new song.

3/19/13 7:30PM

3/5/13 11:50AM

New single "An Escape"

and I believe this is it live.

2/20/13 9:13PM

nothing especially new, but the full song "Whisper" can be streamed via Youtube now.

1/24/13 2:19PM
Song there "Whisper" to stream. I'll try and track down an embed later. No time to go into detail yet of course. But my head feels like it's going to explode with all the tours and albums coming this Spring.

Rel 4/2/13

1. Bring You Down
2. Whisper
3. Shame
4. An Escape
5. Shouting at the Rain
6. The Kiss of Life
7. Girl
8. Cycles
9. Sweet Naiveté
10. Let Go
11. This Vicious Place
12. Don't Look Back

Tour including April 14th at The Entry. Lifetime Membership? I hope so as they are headlining.


The Color Spectrum Live rel 3/12/13

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Dixie Dregs on the Tonight Show 1993 = FAIL

I just stumbled upon this earlier, and had no idea the Dregs appeared on a Late Night Talk Show, especially as recently as 1993.

But my reaction was while their performance is good, why on EARTH did they have to play a bloody MEDLEY? And for that matter, throwing in COVER TUNES within that.

I wonder if when they were asked on to the show, they told the producers the song they wanted to play was 6 or 7 minutes, and the producers said to them they couldn't do it, due to length, so they had to do something shorter.

It kind of brings up the idea of why for the most part, prog, at least when progressive rock (or jazz-fusion in this case?) when doing what they do best, doesn't seem likely to fit the confines of commercial radio or in this case, Major Network Talk Shows time restrictions.

I remember back around 2002/2003 when Dream Theater's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence was out, they were asked to go on The Today Show I think it was, and the producers only wanted them to play stripped down, shortened acoustic songs. And the band declined. 

Which kind of makes me wonder if other prog groups in the past either turned down offers due to what the show asked of them, or when they did appear, had to pick a song to play that fit the requirements of the show/producers.

Sigur Rós - Kveikur (2013)


1 Brennisteinn
2 Hrafntinna
3 Ísjaki
4 Yfirborð
5 Stormur
6 Kveikur
7 Rafstraumur
8 Bláþráður
9 Var

Drop date is June 17th.

The song in the video below, which is the opening track, the last 3 minutes are pretty sweet. But the 1st 4:40+, some of the comments about this *new* direction for them, which I interpret as them more or less combining shoegaze and industrial sounds, being a good *new* direction, I can't say I agree with.

But then again, Valtari and I'd estimate most of what they've done since () has been somewhat predictable and underwhelming. Sans for the Heima film, although that was more of the film itself, rather than the music alone.

However, with another new record, these guys are getting rather prolific, along with Jonsi solo record a few years ago, I wonder if they are suffering a bit from the The Flower Kings/Omar Rodriguez-Lopez disease in that just because you've written and recorded music, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best work you can make right now. I.e., maybe they could use a (new/outside) producer?

Someone like Rick Rubin or Brian Eno perhaps?

Anyway, I'll hopefully get to check this out, although I said the same about Valtari last year, and I maybe listened to it twice. And I actually spent even more time listening to music last year, as opposed to this year thus far, I have not spent even 2/3 the amount of time with new music sadly, yet.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fates Warning: Mid-Late Fall 2013 Tour Dates/News

I have posted some stuff about the upcoming Fates Warning album when an update was given a few months ago. But a lot of the comments over on about this announcement talked about Ray's voice, and so I chimed about the upcoming album and tour.

the big thing for Ray to me is, if he has Terry Brown writing vocal lines for him, the quality of his voice doesn't matter so much. FWX was good, but I felt his vocals/the vocal melodies were better on both APSOG and Disconnected. 
As far as the tour, I think the fact it's so far away, I may have a chance to plan to travel to see one of those dates. Although I would honestly prefer to see an Arch/Matheos show given I've never seen John Arch live; but John Arch's ability both physically and schedule-wise (and desire?) to play live is probably not what the other members of FW and Arch/Matheos are. But who knows. More likely, Arch/Matheos could make a FESTIVAL appearance, which inevitably would cost more money than a tour date, but beggars can't be choosers of course.

But good to see tracking begins in April.

The wait is over, and one of the premier bands of the American progressive metal movement is back! Fates Warning is proud to announce that the band will enter the studio in April to begin tracking on a new studio album - the group's first album of new material in nine years, and first studio release for InsideOut Music.

The Fates Warning U.S. run will launch November 15th in Joliet, IL and wrap December 14th in Seattle, WA. The band's 11th studio album is set for a fall release, and will feature founding guitarist Jim Matheos, classic lineup members Ray Alder (vocals) and Frank Aresti (guitars), longtime bassist Joey Vera, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek.

Tickets for the band's long-awaited winter tour will be available for purchase starting March 27th - please see below for all Fates Warning U.S. tour dates (European and South American dates will be announced soon). Fates Warning was also recently covered in our Sunday Old School column here.

Nov. 15--Joliet, IL--Mojoe's
Nov. 16--Detroit, MI--Harpos
Nov. 17--Louisville, KY--Diamond Pub & Billiards
Nov. 18--Cleveland, OH--Peabody's
Nov. 20--Toronto, ONT--Mod Club
Nov. 21--Poughkeepsie, NY--The Chance
Nov. 22--Hartford, CT--Webster Theater
Nov. 23--New York, NY--The Studio @ Webster Hall
Nov. 24--Clifton, NJ--Dingbatz
Nov. 26--Amityville, NY--Revolution
Nov. 27--Lancaster, PA--Chameleon Club
Nov. 29--Springfield, VA--Empire
Nov. 30--Spartanburg, SC--Ground Zero
Dec. 1--Atlanta, GA--Masquerade
Dec. 3--Houston, TX--Scout Bar
Dec. 4--San Antonio, TX--Backstage Live
Dec. 5--Dallas, TX--Trees
Dec. 7--Phoenix, AZ--Rocky Point Cantina
Dec. 8--San Diego, CA--Brick By Brick
Dec. 10--Los Angeles, CA--The Whisky
Dec. 11--San Francisco, CA--DNA Lounge
Dec. 13--Portland, OR--Hawthorne Theater
Dec. 14--Seatlle, WA--Studio Seven

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bend Sinister in Chicago 3/20/13

Here;s the setlists they played from memory:

One Shot
Hot Blooded Man
Better Things to Do
Fancy Pants
Black Magic Woman
Things Will Get Better

Underground Lounge
She Don't Give It Up
Fancy Pants
My Lady
Better Things to Do
Man of Faith and Virtue
Time Breaks Down

I'm not 100% on the Set-lists, but that's damn close if not exact. They played both new tunes "Fancy Pants" and "Better Things to Do" at both performances, and I can't forget how good both of those new tracks sounded. Especially the latter, has this tremendous outro that comes from a classic Bend Sinister twist in time and tone of the song.

But I'm not sure how long this write-up will be, but I'm sure I'll feel like it should be a lot longer given I have waited nearly 7 years to see them. And I probably mentioned half a dozen times or more about wanting to see Bend Sinister live, and doubting it would ever happen.

But the JBTV show, was at this cool, professionally set-up studio by this guy Jerry Bryant, which I'm not clear on if under the current incarnation, goes back as far as he has being doing these filmed band performances. But I guess he's done these things for 28 years in Chicago, possibly all at the same studio. On the wall are a large assortment of signed and framed plaques, photos, etc from many different Rock acts. I guess for the most part, the bands that end up playing at The House of Blues in Chicago, end up going to JBTV and doing interviews and performances to the small group of lucky fans.

Bend Sinister, were not of course at the House of Blues later last night, but it was very cool regardless. I noticed among the bands on the wall, Ours, from the Precious period I guess. The next time I see Ours/Jimmy I'll have to ask him about JBTV in Chicago. Also as I understand it, all the performances (and interviews?) are available to watch on JBTV's website  . The Bend Sinister performance from yesterday should be up there eventually, but it may be a few weeks or over a month  depending on how long it takes them to edit it.

But as it turns out, I was the only FAN who showed up for Bend Sinister (until the very end when 2 others did, but it was after they had finished playing unfortunately for those 2), so as the guys who did the camera, lights,. sound and whatnot there said, "it's like having your own private show." Which it was, but it didn't detract one-bit from it.

So, after they were done, I was going to kill time before heading over to The Underground Lounge. But the Bend Sinister guys were cool enough, to let me hang with them and ride over to the venue with them in their van. That was really fun, as they are all nice, down to earth guys. Just getting to chat with Dan Moxon meant a ton to me.

We even ate dinner over at the somewhat famous Philly-Beef sandwich restaurant "Al's" which while it was/is a fast food sandwich shop in the vein of a Subway/Jimmy John's I guess, the Hot Philly Beef sandwich was MOUTH WATERING good, I totally follow why Adam Richman of "Man vs. Food" featured it. And Dan, along with the rest of the band have been eating "90% Vegan" the last few months, including on this tour. But Dan knew about Al's and it being recommended for Chicago sandwiches, and made an exception last night.

It kind of reminded me of having dinner with the Kaddisfly guys back in 2006. Those guys, are just normal guys who happen to be awesome musicians and songwriters, and I was lucky enough to get to hangout with and have dinner like buddies. Also somewhat like the Joey Eppard experience in Rochester, MN a few weeks ago. Shooting the shit with Dan and the other guys was something I'll never forget. Maybe as much if not more than the actual performances they gave last night.

So, the show finally started, and the Underground Lounge, I might compare to a place in Minneapolis I like called "Club Underground," which I mentioned last fall in my Minnesota venue diatribe. It seems like a place that might be sort of a dive-bar type, but actually, while not amazingly nice, is a lot more intimate and non-repulsive than many other "bars" or cheap clubs I've gone to in the past.

There were 3 bands there, 1 being BS of course, another being The Runaway 5 which I was sad due to how late it got, I ended up missing. The 3rd/opening band however, Single Channel Stereo, I caught a bit of their Sound-Check which intrigued me. And then finally seeing them a bit later, they at times floored me. And dare I say, stole a little bit of Bend Sinister's thunder.

They kind of reminded me of a couple of bands who I enjoy, maybe 1st and foremost, Brice Plays Drums. With their Multi-part compositions that seem to shift well in tempo and styles in some ways. Vocal harmonies, and other parts. The keyboard arrangements and their guitarist really has great feel and knack for adding a boost to some parts. And their drummer was almost like Keith Moon at times, lol. He was playing a small kit, but incredibly animated and bombastic throughout many of their songs. Their bassist wasn't bad either, and I can't forget how much he reminded me of AJ from Hotel of the Laughing Tree with his beard and winter hat, lol.

Single Channel Stereo are on Facebook and have a Bandcamp Page Here . Although I'm pretty sure many of the songs they played last night are not on there, but some are on an EP that was released just in December it appears. I definitely am going to keep tabs on SCS and anticipate something more soon, along with hopefully seeing them live again at some point. Maybe they could get on a bill with Brice Plays Drums or The Royal Veil or another local Minnesota band I enjoy.

So, then Bend Sinister went on, and I was getting goosebumps maybe even more than at the studio earlier. Dan sort of mentioned before playing "Dr. Lee" and "Time Breaks Down" it was for me. Which was totally unexpected, but I was thrilled of course. I mean sure, I could pick out my ultimate set list and have told them about it, but I know set lists are often about what the band enjoys playing and can play. And often about music the band members currently playing live, wrote and recorded themselves. So the BROKEN CITY stuff and even the STORIES OF BROTHERS music, is older music for them.

Many of the Small Fame tunes work really well live. I'd say "My Lady" is even more badass then the studio version. And every track they did, I enjoyed.

But hopefully this won't be the last time I get to see them. I may even have to finally make a trek up to Winnipeg if their touring doesn't come to Minnesota of course. We'll see. And those new tunes may get recorded and released soon, perhaps later this year depending on their schedule. They played SXSW of course, and I hope they left a good impression like many bands do there (Local Natives, Warpaint, Cloud Cult..just from memory). Their tour takes them to Canada (including Winnipeg, lol).

March 06, 2013 Seattle, WA El Corazon
March 07, 2013 Portland, OR Dante’s
March 08, 2013 San Francisco, CA Thee Parkside
March 09, 2013 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy
March 10, 2013 Fullerton, CA Slidebar
March 11, 2013 San Diego, CA Soda
March 12, 2013 Scottsdale, AZ Pub Rocks
March 13, 2013 El Paso, TX LOWBROW PALACE
March 14-17, 2013 Austin, TX SXSW DATES
March 19, 2013 St. Louis, MO Fubar
March 20, 2013 Chicago, IL Underground Lounge
March 22, 2013 Toronto, ON THE HIDEOUT (CMW)
March 23, 2013 Montreal, QC Quai des Brumes
March 24, 2013 Ottawa, ON Raw Sugar
March 27, 2013 Winnipeg, MB ROYAL ALBERT
March 28, 2013 Regina, SK O'Hanlon's
March 29, 2013 Saskatoon, SK Vangelis Tavern
March 30, 2013 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop
March 31, 2013 Calgary, AB Ship & Anchor

But after this tour ends, they are heading home and depending on if another tour opportunity arises, they may be looking to record some of those new tunes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 : Minnesota Radio History Site

I stumbled across this site last night and found myself in a big nostalgia mode. Although it doesn't seem to include much if anything about KFAI or Radio K that I can tell. But being that I grew up listening to WLOL and Hines and Berglund and a bit of KDWB, and then later KQRS.

I also came to learn Tom Barnard was known as "Catman" on his old WDGY days, in which he often sounded more *black* than his deep pipes have ever given the impression to me (not meaning to stereotype).

I honestly had NEVER heard Barnard like that, and never would have guessed it was him after hearing some of those "Catman" voices from the 70's.

I guess Barnard has a PODCAST in which he does on his own now, that includes working with his old KQ Morning show producer Tony Lee. I may end up spending some time checking that out as well soon.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bend Sinister - Black Magic Woman LIVE (with an Orchestra)

This is phenomenal. I'd love to hear more of their tunes like this (maybe I'll mention it to the band on Wednesday, lol).

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nicole Atkins - Red Ropes (New Single)

I haven't heard it yet of course, but I will later today. Good to hear some new music from Nicole. Is it about licorice? lol.

We’ve been fans of the best thing to come out of New Jersey since Springsteen and Paulie Walnuts, acclaimed singer songwriter Nicole Atkins, for quite some time!  We’ve followed her in a none stalky way ever since her ‘Blood Diamonds’ EP  introuduced us to a vocal and song writing talent that left us in awe. A voice that can send shivers down your spine, illuminate the bleakest of days and generally make the world seem a better place (yes even Birkenhead on giro day!)
Since then she ‘s performed on ‘Letterman,’ ‘Conan,’ ‘Later With Jools Holland,’ released two critically acclaimed albums, collaborated with David Byrne, toured with The Black Keys, hung out with Springsteen fell out with her record company, and  generally experienced the often bumpy but nevertheless exciting ride that only venturing out on the rock n roll highway can offer.  Some people are, as they say , born to do it !
She reunites with Tore Johansson who produced her beautiful début album ‘Neptune City’ for her third long player entitled ‘Slow Phaser’ which includes a number of tracks co-written with the legendary Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman, Bad Seeds, and The Cramps).  She’s also given us an exclusive stream of one such track,  the first from the forthcoming album, the dark sensual ‘Red Ropes.’  She’s  just touched down in the UK to start a tour opening for the EELS and y’know what? The world really does seem a better place – it’s great to have her back and sounding on such great form. Check the song out below and catch her on tour (dates below.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

deadmau5 & Imogen Heap - Telemiscommunications [Official Video]

I haven't watched or heard both the new single/video nor the 30min chat that is below between Imogen Heap and deadmau5. I could be wrong, but especially given his Canadian heritage, I think the name Deadmau5 I know most recently from working with, or at least mention from Canada's Daniel Victor of Neverending White Lights. But it may be something else as well, perhaps he did a remix or 2 on someone's album or b-side I recall seeing.

At any case, this song, I guess is the final track from deadmau5's latest record, and was collaboration between Imogen Heap and deadmau5.

here's the latest Imogen Heap email newsletter:

deadmau5 + Imogen Heap’s single ‘Telemiscommunications’ will be released on 12th March 2013.
In the closing track on deadmau5's latest album, we hear one voice of a phone conversation between two lovers. Whether it's a battle with bad signal, public announcements or kids screaming, the friction develops during their precious little time to talk.
To celebrate the release Imogen and deadmau5 will 'meet' for the first time, hosting a Google+ Hangout during which they will premiere the Telemiscommunications video.
Watch the Google+ Hangout on 12th March at 4pm GMT (11am CST) at to see the results of the global 'Heapmau5' competition which found 20 animators, each of whom were given their own segment of video to create, working in their own style and medium, to produce a remarkable music video.
Tweet your question for Imogen & deadmau5 during the hangout using the #askheapmau5 hashtag.
The Telemiscommunications EP will be available on 12th March and features 4 remixes:
1. Telemiscommunications
2. Telemiscommunications (Crookers Remix)
3. Telemiscommunications (Copy Paste Soul Remix)
4. Telemiscommunications (John Roman Remix)
5. Telemiscommunications (Kölsch Remix)
We hope you can join Imogen and deadmau5 at from 4pm GMT (11am CST) on 12th March!

Peter Banks (of Yes) 1947-2013

Odd how I just picked up Time and a Word on Vinyl over the weekend. . Very sad. Also sad how he is the 1st member of Yes to go
A more official press release I guess will be coming later today? (according to some comments in that thread/link below).

I'll try and add more soon (maybe today) about this, although I'll fully admit, to not having spent great amounts of time with the 1st 2 Yes LPs, and of course not really ever hearing his work outside of Yes, but I should. I at times feel really bad for the way I and I would guess others, end up checking out music for the 1st time from artists when they die. It shouldn't happen, but better late, than never as they say.

Also sad for my many Yes fanatic friends, namely my friend John, as I'm sure this will/is stinging. I wonder if he ever got to see Peter live.

Guitar Legend Peter Banks Passes – July 15, 1947 – March 8, 2013
London, UK - Best known for his innovative and unique guitar work with YES and Flash, as well as his own critically acclaimed solo albums, guitar legend Peter Banks passed away at his home in London on March 10, 2013. Banks, a founding member of the ground breaking progressive rock group YES, performed on the band's first two albums, 'Yes' and 'Time And A Word'. He would go on to form Flash and release 3 well-received albums (Flash, In The Can, Out Of Our Hands), along with several successful tours of Europe and the US, culminating in an appearance on the widely watched late night American TV show 'The Midnight Special'. With an admitted fondness for improvisation, music critics touted Banks as a cross between Pete Townshend and Wes Montgomery. Even Pete Townshend, one night after witnessing a YES performance, walked up to Banks, slapped him on the back and said, “You're great!”
After Flash, Peter Banks would form the band Empire in the mid '70s and eventually release 3 albums 'Mark I' 'Mark II' and 'Mark III'. During his career, Banks would release 5 solo albums (Two Sides Of..., Instinct, Self-Contained, Reduction, Can I Play You Something?) and had been active in recent times working with acts such as Harmony and Diversity, Prog Collective, ANT-BEE and Days Between Stations. Banks first solo album 'Two Sides Of Peter Banks' has been considered by many as one of the great 'prog' records of all time and features an all-star line-up of Jan Akkerman, Phil Collins and John Wetton. In the early 2000's Banks wrote his autobiography 'Beyond & Before' published by Golden Treasures publishing in the US. Peter was putting on the final touches of the log awaited live recording 'FLASH - IN PUBLIC' CD set for release on Cleopatra Records at the time of his passing.
Peter Banks will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of progressive rock guitar and will be missed by musicians worldwide.
Peter Banks - July 15, 1947 - March 8, 2013
Manager: George Mizer - PH: 330-833-0808, 
Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Alpha Rev - Bloom (2013)

3/11/13 2:05PM

New video for the song "Sing Loud"

2/8/13 6:24PM

1 Lexington
2 Crystal Colorado
3 Sing Loud
4 Lonely Man
5 Black Sky
6 Highways
7 Eden Home
8 I Will Come
9 When You Gonna Run
10 You Belong

Casey McPherson's main group when he's not doing Flying Colors. I got into them last year, at times, they reminded me of among others, Josh Rouse. Ironically, this album is coming out the same date, March 19th, as the new Josh Rouse LP.

I'd be up for seeing them live on this tour, but....the girlfriend's bday is Saturday the 4th and I'm already seeing Steven Wilson that night. It's unbelievable how every god damn show has to fall between late March and early May, lol. Impressive they are playing The Varsity. If I don't make it, hopefully they will do another tour this year. I suppose how good this new album is may dictate how important it is for me to see them live. I do like a lot of their other album New Morning, but I hardly LOVE it do death or anything.

02/22/13 San Francisco, CA Sunset Sessions @ Grand Hyatt
03/20/13 Waco, TX   Common Grounds w/ Ben Rector
03/21/13 Bryan, TX   Grand Stafford Theater w/ Ben Rector
03/22/13 Austin, TX   The Belmont w/ Ben Rector
03/23/13 Dallas, TX   House of Blues w/ Ben Rector
03/24/13 Charleston, SC   Spring Jam Music Fest
03/26/13 Lawrence, KS   The Granada Theater w/ Ben Rector
03/27/13 Fayetteville, AR  George’s Majestic Lounge w/ Ben Rector
03/29/13 Norman, OK   Meacham Auditorium @ University of Oklahoma w/ Ben Rector
04/03/13 Oxford, MS   The Lyric w/ Ben Rector
04/04/13 Auburn, AL   Bourbon Street Bar w/ Ben Rector
04/06/13 Charlotte, NC   Amos’ Southend w/ Ben Rector
04/11/13 Birmingham, AL   WorkPlay w/ Ben Rector
04/12/13 Nashville, TN   Cannery Ballroom w/ Ben Rector
04/17/13 Knoxville, TN   Bijou Theatre w/ Ben Rector
04/18/13 Greenville, SC   The Handlebar w/ Ben Rector
04/19/13 Atlanta, GA   Center Stage w/ Ben Rector
04/20/13 Raleigh, NC   Lincoln Theatre w/ Ben Rector
04/23/13 Charlottesville, VA The Jefferson Theater w/ Ben Rector
04/24/13 Washington, DC   9:30 Club w/ Ben Rector
04/25/13 New York, NY   The Bowery Ballroom w/ Ben Rector
04/26/13 Cambridge, MA   The Sinclair w/ Ben Rector
04/29/13 Toronto, Canada   Virgin Mobile Mod Club Theatre w/ Ben Rector
05/01/13 Grand Rapids, MI  The Intersection w/ Ben Rector
05/02/13 Madison, WI   The Majestic Theatre w/ Ben Rector
05/03/13 Minneapolis, MN   Varsity Theater w/ Ben Rector
05/04/13 Chicago, IL   Park West w/ Ben Rector
05/07/13 Denver, CO   The Bluebird Theater w/ Ben Rector
05/09/13 Tulsa, OK   Cain’s Ballroom w/ Ben Rector
05/10/13 St. Louis, MO   Old Rock House w/ Ben Rector
05/11/13 Columbia, MO   The Blue Note w/ Ben Rector

Jimmy Gnecco of Ours: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance-Vocal Tracks OST

This is I guess a game, maybe derived/evolved/de-evolved from "Metal Gear Solid" how many generations from when I recall hearing about it back in the late 90's.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance-Vocal Tracks
Amazon Link

Jimmy Gnecco I guess does in fact sing on both of these tracks, which are used in the game? and maybe at some point on an original soundtrack for the game.

The style, might be best described as Symphonic/Power/Speed/Prog Metal with some Dubstep. Jimmy, well it does sound like him, it also sounds like he wasn't really singing like he's used to. Although, on paper, hearing Jimmy sing any kind of operatic Metal or progressive stuff, I actually think might not be bad. These tracks naturally got some criticism by some of the Ours fans on the fans forum, but I suppose I don't find them un-listenable really. Other than the reverb and compression, but that also may be partly due to these being on Youtube.

I, like many of the comments on the Ours Fans Forum, hope he earns a reasonable amount of money for singing on this/for this game. And don't worry that this is the style of music he and Ours are heading towards. But like I said, at least on paper, I wouldn't be so opposed to hearing his voice with some of the style of music that is on this.

edit: it actually is for a Soundtrack composed and released under the name

Jamie Christopherson .
Tracks 10 and 11

10 Collective Consciousness (Maniac Agenda Mix) 2:38
11 It Has To Be This Way (Platinum Mix) 2:55

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Miracles of Modern Science - She Drives Me Crazy (Orchestral FYC Cover)

I watched (and liked) about half of it, although I'm at the mercy of the gf needing to do her homework (and can't have this playing in the background...headphones?).

A bit like all the new music this week I should be taking-in but am not: unfortunately has been usurped by being led to do an entirely different job at work (unaware/unanticipated). But I'm a Team Player, and need to do what needs to be done. So, those 5 or 8 or more records are going to have to wait, and even for now, the rest of this what sounds like, a pretty cool arrangement of the late 80's hit.

YOUTUBE REVIEW: Steven Wilson - The Raven..(by The Needle Drop)

I'm just passing along this new review of the latest Steven Wilson album by Anthony Fantano aka "The Needle Drop" the so-called "The Internet's Biggest Music Nerd." (which if he is, than I'm sure I would qualify for something similar, which I'm not sure if it would be a good or bad thing, lol).

I guess as briefly as I can be I'll say a few things:

1) This dude, I guess makes these video reviews and other things with his s/n "The Needle Drop" for a living somehow. Props to him, although it raises the question to me, if he can, could I? (and no, I don't really think I could, but it certainly makes me wonder). And his review videos, generally are well-made and he does a reasonable job being in-depth and explaining his opinions.

2) He does review stuff I like and have talked about here in this blog. Percentage-wise, the stuff he reviews overall there is not a huge amount of crossover. But especially anything that the Hipsters like, that I actually happen to like, there's a good chance he will review it. I.e. Foals, Local Natives, Bloc Party, Muse, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Between the Buried and Me, Mastodon, etc..even Opeth or Agalloch I think/wouldn't be surprised. Bands like The Dear Hunter, dredg, Pure Reason Revolution, Fair to Midland, Karnivool, I suppose I'd be surprised and IMPRESSED if he reviewed music by, but SW and PT sort of cross over enough into that level of obscurity to a point.

2) I am perhaps a little guilty or 1 of a few who may have baited him into reviewing this new record, as I think I commented once or twice on some of his other reviews about it, and then I sent him at least 1 message last week on twitter about it. And if that is/was somehow the case (and I know I wasn't the only one), I am glad he did it. Although I'm glad he did it regardless if I had nothing to do with it., just for the sake of seeing him and his 119,594 subscribers (and all the ones who watch or will watch this) get exposed to not only Steven Wilson but Porcupine Tree and the other groups he stresses SW's is influenced by (or borrowing from?). Which I can see overall, is only a good thing.

That all being said, he does criticize the album pretty well, and in many respects, stuff I and probably many others more, strongly disagree with. The compositions on this album, are among the best Steven Wilson has ever made. And the musicians he had play on this are more than just technicians. And the lyrics not being emotional, or vocals?

I guess it's unfortunate in some ways, that he didn't love the record, that it seems most other reviews and just fans have stated. I suppose most of the other comments about the record have come from fanboys and people who SW style is directed towards. But if the album did hit #1 on iTunes in the US it's 1st day last Tuesday, I suspect not all of those sales were from that obvious demographic.

Now, I wonder if the Sound Opinions guys will end up reviewing it. I'm still skeptical, but who knows. They did review Fear of a Blank Planet a few years ago anyway.

And as far as Anthony and The Needle Drop. I suppose now having seen him actually review something I suggested, and not caring all that much for it, I wonder if it would make sense to suggest something again, specifically prog-related. The Dear Hunter comes to mind (namely since their new album Migrant is going to *drop* rather soon as well), but I may be a little more gun-shy about doing that in the future.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prince on Jimmy Fallon

It's Prince, with his new backing band, Warpaint, lol.

Pretty sweet anyway

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Failed by Man and Machine [EP]

3/4/13 12:00PM

The whole thing can be streamed now:

2/21/13 2:10PM

Failed by Man and Machine cover art

1.Dance Before You Die 02:41   
2.(quakes) 05:24
3.Failed by Man
5.Failed by Machine 

2/14/13 12:01PM

For those of you who missed Monday's announcement, here it is. New EP. 5 tracks of completely new material. Joining us on the night will be Solkyri (NSW) and Antelope. Expect to hear some sounds from it very soon. Nice!
I was pretty impressed but ultimately, not addicted to their full-length debut from 2011 Deaden the Fields. Mainly per the cymbals clipping on a chunk of it. But writing-wise, it didn't disappoint. This band have a very unique approach to post/prog whatever. With emphasis on jazz and at times heavy and unexpected things/parts.
As it says there, it's a 5-track EP, about 18 minutes I thought I read on another Facebook post, coming on March 2nd (release show).

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amanda Palmer: Speaking about "Trust"

This is quite the story that easily could be rather inspiring to many artists. I suppose Amanda is not like many other artists who would look to crowd-funding, but I can attest, I have seen some rather obscure bands have  very successful Crowd-Funded campaigns, so much so, I think there is something to using the web and just making connections. 

I'm not sure how far it can go for every artist trying to fund the making of every album, or maybe more so, just having a STEADY INCOME of some kind. But just as an initial challenge of making music, the crowd funding tools and maybe more of what she emphasizes in this short presentation, CONNECTING with the fans more DIRECTLY, may allow music to be made without the concerns of going into debt in order to make a record or even do a tour.

Now, whether the music industry and major labels, streaming services (and things like the RIAA) ever will come to accept this as a viable alternative in their industry is a whole other issue. But then again, go back only 5 or 6 decades, the music industry wasn't about capitalism anyway, so, perhaps those in that part of the industry may discover that doesn't and maybe shouldn't ever have belonged in the control of the business world. 

But, only time will tell. But Amanda's story certainly could have an impact.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Warpaint - New Songs Live

These videos were taken as the videos show, at their 2 shows on the Coachella cruise back on December 22nd/23rd 2012. Not the best quality, but listenable enough.

The sound seems naturally more mystical and slower like the work off The Fool (less than Exquisite Corpse EP). It's also interesting how they are not using 2 guitars on them. Perhaps the new record will have less guitar and more vocal layers or keys?

I guess they have been and are still? in the studio recording their sophomore LP. It wouldn't surprise me if it ends up being a Fall release, but hopefully it'll be released in 2013.

The titles on these songs are possibly just *working* titles, as often live versions can be.


"Keep It" or "Keep It Heal"


Joey Eppard and Family in Rochester, MN 3/1/13

3/2/13 3:00PM

Purple Rain, such an epic, tasteful ending to last night's special show.

3/2/13 1:19AM
I just got home from seeing this private room party performance at Kathy's Pub in downtown Rochester, MN

this show was awesome. Joey and his Dad Jimmy played for probably close to 90 minutes including an acoustic set from Joey. My friend Josh Rundquist, filled in on drums for Joey's brother Josh who couldn't make due to obligations with Coheed and Cambria. And Josh was a very good fit for them, in this setting.

The whole thing was for Joey's Grandpa Waylon's 80th B-Day. There were like 30 or 40 family and friends there, myself and some of Josh's friends sort of felt we were crashing a private party. They had this great buffet of food with 2 or 3 types of meatballs and pigs in a blanket. Veggies, Fruit and a lot of other stuff.

The stuff Joey did was much if not all on his new Live DVD, which I would strongly recommend others pick up on his site (or at least download it I guess, in FLAC form? via bandcamp I thought Joey mentioned).

Joey's dad is a really good mostly blues/blues-rock guitarist, which now having seen him play, I can understand how the guitar chops runs in the family.

They even closed the show with Purple Rain

A really great, personal-able night, getting to see and chat with Joey and some of his family. His son Julian even ended up walking around near Joey, Jimmy and Josh during many songs, it was comical.

here's 1 of the tunes they did "Stranded in a Treetop" with Joey's father Jimmy (not from the show tonight obviously.