Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Arch / Matheos - Winter Ethereal (2018-2019)

2nd single "Wanderlust"

haven't heard yet, will listen after work, etc. Bugs me a lot of other sites got promos, but whatevs, May 10th is only a 1-week from Friday (and an Album Stream probably will show up soon, although I also preordered).


At work = can't listen yet.

Dark/Gloomy cover art. Almost reminds me of like an Agalloch album cover. And the title "Winter Ethereal" sounds rather Agalloch, Opeth or Scandinavian Metal esque.

Anyway, very excited for May 10th, or even just later tonight to hear "Straight and Narrow" the 1st single (available on multiple formats: facebook, youtube, itunes, bandcamp, etc).

Love me some John Arch!

edit: Yeah "Straight and Narrow" is outstanding. Album of the Year?..maybe


Press Release on FB 

Arch / Matheos reveals details for new album, 'Winter Ethereal'; launches video for first single, "Straight and Narrow"

Winter Ethereal will be released May 10th on Metal Blade Records. A video for the song "Straight and Narrow" is available now for streaming. Watch the video and pre-order the album in various bundle packages at http://www.metalblade.com/archmatheos

In progressive metal circles, the names of guitarist Jim Matheos and vocalist John Arch are spoken with due reverence. With the former having been a driving force in Fates Warning for thirty-five years, and the latter the original front-man of that band, they also have a single seminal work under the Arch / Matheos banner, 2011's Sympathetic Resonance. In 2019, they have reunited to follow that record up with Winter Ethereal, a more stylistically varied and perhaps deeper collection that explores a lot of sonic territory over the course of nine immersive tracks. "This stems from both of us trying to step out of our comfort zones a bit, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes being pushed," states Matheos. "Having worked together so many times, it would be easy to fall into the same way of doing things, and I think we were both interested in exploring some new areas." Arch concurs and adds: "Each song is notably different from the next, and nothing sounds repetitive. It is not a concept album, but somehow after a full listen from start to finish, there does seem to be continuity between the songs that I can't describe. At over an hour long, I think the fans will agree that it is a full listening experience."

Winter Ethereal will be available in the following formats:
-black / white marbled swirl (US exclusive - limited to 700 copies)
-clear w/ blue smoke (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
-180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
-blue / red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
-ice blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
-white vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 100 copies)
-white / black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 400 copies)
* exclusive bundles with shirts, plus digital options are also available!

Winter Ethereal track-listing

1. Vermilion Moons
2. Wanderlust
3. Solitary Man
4. Wrath of the Universe
5. Tethered
6. Straight and Narrow
7. Pitch Black Prism
8. Never in Your Hands
9. Kindred Spirits

Friday, April 26, 2019

Jon Anderson @ The Fitzgerald Theater 4/20/19

Much against the wishes against my better half, I attended this concert last Saturday night.

This was the 5th time I've seen Jon Anderson in Minnesota outside of a Yes concert (3rd solo/solo band, once with Jean-Luc Ponty and once with ARW), and in some ways it might have been the best.

I say that largely due to the band he has is really excellent. They very much jazz-ed and jungled/tropical-ed up many of the classic Yes tunes and some of his solo stuff including some of the Olias of Sunhillow work which were highlights especially.

Along with some of the material from the new album 1000 Hands. Among them, the 1000 Hands piece that went into Starship Trooper and then back to Solid Space.

I was really digging that piece, which I will confess to have the album on my hd, but have yet to listen to it yet, but mean to soon of course.

1000 Hands may be the best music he's done since "Open" which I asked my super-Yes fan John about if Jon's ever thought about playing live, but he didn't know but would like to ask Jon about.

But as far as the band, he had this great female electric violinist, more than 1 percussionist, and a couple of guys who played multiple instruments including Trombone, Flute and keys.

edit: here's what is listed in an article as his touring band:

Michael Franklin (keyboards), Tim Franklin (bass), Matt Brown (drums), Tommy Carlton (guitar), Jocelyn Hsu (Violin), Antonio Esposito (keyboards) and Chris Charles (saxophone, flute?).

Set 1
Ocean Song? (excerpt)
Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes song)
Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes song)
State of Independence (Jon and Vangelis cover)
I've Seen All Good People (Your Move / All Good People)
Makes Me Happy
America (Simon and Garfunkel cover)

Set 2
Flight of the Moorglade
Sweet Dreams (Yes song)
To the Runner
Long Distance Runaround (Yes song)
First Born Leaders
1000 Hands (Come Up)
Starship Trooper / Solid Space (Yes song)

Roundabout (Yes song)

Kindo @ The Amsterdam Bar w/ Thank You Scientist and ItPoW 4/25/19

I saw Kindo again last night, for the 2nd time in less than 2 years, at the same venue they played at in 2017, The Amsterdam Bar in downtown St.Paul.

The set list below I believe is correct as I found it on setlist.fm for other shows this tour.

Great show, great performance, yadayadayada of course. "Till We Make Our Ascent" was the biggest highlight for me as I still consider that my favorite track from them. I literally got goosebumps through much of it.

The band's lineup was a little different than from 2017, which I think largely was due to time. Steven Padin was not there, but new drummer Kendall Lantz . Also 2nd percussionist Geraldo Castillo also was not there either, but a really talented guy whose name I didn't catch either.

Kindo did announce they will be doing a Headline Tour this Summer which includes a show on Friday August 9 at The Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis.

I can't see missing that of course.

Kindo of course has their Patreon which I am a part of, receiving 1 new song nearly every month. They've released 15+ new songs that were not included on Happy However After, *however* in speaking with Jeff Jarvis and Kendall at the Merch booth, their next official album isn't likely to be coming out all that soon. I wonder if a lot of that has to do with the touring and also among those 15 tunes and what I would assume, is many not released songs, they aren't ready to release a group of them together yet.

I.e. I'm not expecting their next record for probably 2 years. But as a Patreon, I can't be unhappy about that given how many new songs I already have been able to hear of course.

And I did see Joey and sort of talked to him during Thank You Scientist's set, which was loud of course. He asked me if I could chat after the show, and I told him yes.

But unfortunately, I had to leave at 11PM. TYS was still playing, and a combination of:
-My back and maybe unexpectedly, MY RIGHT ANKLE were bothering me.
-My wife needed to go into work at 6AM (getting up at 5AM likely), so I really needed to get home and to bed. As it turns out, she didn't get up/go into work at that time.

I didn't get to chat with Joey more for that reason, but hopefully next time.

Obsolete (abbreviated)
The Hero, the Saint, the Tyrant, and the Terrorist
Human Convention
Till We Make Our Ascent
Feeling in the Night
Symptom of a Stumbling
Return to Me
The Moments in Between

Estradasphere and RX Bandits? This was the 2nd time for me seeing Thank You Scientist. The below set list was taken from another show this tour on setlist.fm. I don't know their catalog well enough to know how accurate it may or may not be.

I can say, I enjoyed their performance more than the show I saw them open for Protest the Hero. They have some great moments in their music, and while I still can't avoid hearing their singer channeling Claudio Sanchez, at 1 point last night I almost thought he sounded like Chris Ruff from Kaddisfly (Buy Our Intention-era).

They even included some ethnic instruments and instrumental sections which were cool and fun.

They are kind of technical and staccato-happy, almost

Their drummer, honestly should form a band with the bassist from White Denim in that he looked like he was about 19, but he was rather good.

And I guess they are going to go on tour with Bent Knee later this year. which I can totally follow and if it hits MN I likely will go.

Their "new" or new album-songs I may have enjoyed more than anything else they did, and their new album coming on June 14th is a Double LP, and I probably will try and check it out (time permitting of course., and disciplining myself. Instead of at-work, I'll try and add to the flash drive in the car).

But I can't say I still have been won-over enough by TYS that I enjoy them enough to consider myself a fan yet. I went through a similar situation with The Contortionist, Leprous, Riverside and even RX Bandits even. But with all of those bands, I never got hugely into them, but they did release 1 album I went back to at least (and made my end of year album list).

Thank You Scientist
FXMLDR (listed as 'Half Knuck' on the setlist)
Blood on the Radio
Son of a Serpent (listed as 'Serpent' on the setlist)
Lo Mein (unofficial name from setlist)
The Amateur Arsonist's Handbook
Poop Magician (unofficial name from setlist)
Chromology (listed as 'Buc-ee's' on the setlist)
Shitballs (unofficial name from setlist)
Mr. Invisible

Feed the Horses

This is not the exact set list as it was taken from another show on setlist.fm, and they did play a cover of Let's Go Crazy from Prince, and likely 1 or more of those other songs was not included.

As for them, I enjoyed moments in their music, probably some of the more proggy, technical parts. The Bass Guitar, not unlike other shows, was WAY TOO HIGH in the mix for me. At points it seemed like more or less all I was hearing.

Their singer both also sounded like he was doing his version of Claudio Sanchez, and also was too low in the mix I could barely hear him (on their 1st song).

But overall, their energy and busy moments I enjoyed.

In the Presence of Wolves
The One Who Fell to Earth
M.U.A. (Manipulation Under Anesthesia)
Let's Go Crazy (Prince Cover)
White Noise
Thalassas II: What Dwells Below (The Portal)
Man of the Times

Also it was neat to see some friends: Rob from Brice Play Drums/The Dang Ole Triole,
Nate and Heidi, 2 other local progrock fans.

I didn't see YouTuber Matt O'Leary nor Min Lee, but maybe next time.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Carleton Exit 69 A Capella- The Dear Hunter WAVES

Very cool A Capella version of WAVES from The Dear Hunter from a local Minnesota A Capella group at Carleton College in Northfield, MN.

No idea how big of fans of The Dear Hunter they are, but this is pretty cool, especially if you're a The Dear Hunter fan like myself.

I noticed they did some other tunes per their Facebook like Talking Heads (Take Me to the River) and Sufjan Stevens via Woody Guthrie? (No Man's Land)

Video: 893 Essential Songs, Foals, Dug Pinnick

I'm off today and had to drop a few items off at the storage space, so it was convenient to make a quick video.

The midseason may be including a video (likely without many physical items).

The React to Songs list, a video? I don't know how long (winded) going over it would be. Perhaps an abridged/summary video could work. Again, of course time permitting.


Kindo concert in St. Paul, MN
Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part
Dug Pinnick - Dug Pinnick's Tribute to Jimi
89.3 The Current's 893 Essential Songs since 2000 comments

Fish with Phil Collins and Paul Carrack - Kayleigh (1988)

Pretty sweet performance which includes Phil Collins on drums and one Paul Carrack on keys.

Massive crowd at Wembley, although Marillion Fish at that time were pretty big there.

Plus being the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday performance, it makes sense.

Cale Parks and Aloha?...Rekindling TO SWIFT MARS and Indietronica Magic

So in working on the Favorite Songs and Artists of the 21st Century list, which has ballooned to over 500 now (may not ultimately be that many though), I find many names of the past and even reviews and comments from music I was into for awhile.

And I have talked about Cale Parks and the EP To Swift Mars that Brian Jacobs worked on/produced and played on that came out in 2009.

Cale Parks who is best known for his work with the band Aloha, who are a band I knew from Radio K and some sites in the mid-late 2000's. A band I never was able to get into, but maybe I never heard the right songs?

Anyway, I LOVE this EP. There's this beauty and romantic element that I have a huge soft spot with electronic (Indietronica) when composed well. It's sad, melancholic, cinematic and captures that atmosphere and longing both to go back in time (nostalgia), into the future, or into another dimension.

Much like Blood Moon and a lot of other music that I feel so almost inspired-by to imagine being somewhere else, like being younger and back in time, or in a parallel dimension.

Sometimes I can't put my finger on it, the elements or magic that certain moments these songs have in them. And this EP from Cale Parks nearly every track includes at least 1 or more of them.

Maybe it's the dreamy synths that Brian actually plays on, and I suspect he chose the patches.

It's odd how Electronic Rock/Indietronica often does that, but then at times it doesn't so much, even when the elements of the style are present. I think the synth patches used and the arrangement makes a big difference. Also the DRUMS.

I was listening to a band named Mind Cinema earlier today and those electronic drums... just don't work. They kind of ruin it.

But I now kind of yearn to hear more from Cale Parks, who I think does most the vocals on To Swift Mars, but I'm unsure if he does on his other releases. Unfortunately, I don't think Brian Jacobs worked on any of his other music, but that may not mean I wouldn't like it.

And Aloha, the jury is still out, but from reading comments on rateyourmusic, I am wondering if some of their tunes will work for me. Some comments talk about prog and also about Menomena.

Also maybe 2 goals

1) make a list or lists of as many songs that capture that mood/inspiration
2) try and elaborate on a creative level when or soon after hearing them

then again, it goes back to that whole looking for that brilliance/magic. Looking for that obscure band/album that has it, whether it be new, or from the past (80's Scifi music last year), and not finding it. It's almost like great in the-idea-of finding it. Finding gold/that rush when finding it, but I've come to assume it was happening more in the 2000's than in the last decade.

And almost like it's better not to hunt for it, or expect it to show up, and instead I'll just believe I'll stumble upon it at some point.

In the mean time, I am going to have to pick up a hard copy of To Swift Mars soon,

To Swift Mars EP stream on YouTube

Kimbra - Home (Apes and Androids?)


11. "Home" Johnson, Ciancia, Brian Jacobs, David Tobias 3:04


11 Home
Engineer – Michael Harris (10)
Producer – Keefus Green
Written-By – Brian Jacobs, David Tobias, Keith Ciancia*, Kimbra Johnson

Not a lot new to say about this song it self which I'll be honest, is okay, but not 1 I ever was attached to necessarily on the 2012 re-release of Vows. Although beyond this information about Brian Jacobs and David Tobias of Apes and Androids co-writing this tune, Greg Kurstin of The Bird and the Bee also worked on a lot of the tunes that the (inferior) 2012 re-release included. Although I have always loved the tune "Sally Can I See You" which Kurstin worked on.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Current 893 Essential Songs of the 21st Century My 10 Song-Voting Submission

Voting Link

My Voting Page 

Deadline is tonight at midnight for this thing. There's my list, none of which will be ever played on their air.

Of course those are in no way the definitive 10 songs of the 21st Century for me, but certainly 10 songs I really love and appreciate.

And my epic list of 270+ or maybe taking 89.3's voter's results with how many artists have more than 1, I may do that with certain artists and post anywhere from 500-1000 songs since the 21st Century.

At this point, and time permitting, I would guess there will be some 300 or more artists though.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mew's "Comforting Sounds" on X-Factor 2015

This is from X-Factor, the Reality/Music (Vocal) Performing competition show. I don't believe this was on the AMERICAN version of it, but maybe in Denmark?

Regardless, it's quite a good cover.

Friday, April 19, 2019


It's likely happening.

The voting ends on Monday night at Midnight, and the playback on their Air in early May.

I will submit a vote of 10 21st Century songs, none of which will be on their air nor are necessarily definitively my favorite 10 songs of the 21st Century.

but how I'm doing this? like I meant to do last year, but never did, I am having only a slightly easier time with.

I've come up with 268 Artists/Bands who have released music since the year 2000.

1 song per artist/band at this point.

I'm not sure if I will find 500 worthy artists with at least 1 song, but I may.

in other words

500 artists, 500 songs, and I would suspect 75 or more Percent are artists 89.3 would never play of course.

893 or 1000? it might be a bit too much of scraping the bottom of the barrel, I dunno, I'll see. I know I am missing a ton, or I may take a liberty and select a 2nd song from some to get it to stretch out to 893 or 1000.

I'll see.

Time permitting of course..that darn house buying not only this but that book I mean to write..YouTube videos and other stuff have taken a back seat to recently.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

OT: Star Trek Deep Space 9 Doc: What We Left Behind

This documentary is hitting theaters on Monday May 13th.


Fathom Events (Ticket links)

As I've written probably a few times, Deep Space 9 is my favorite television show of all-time (ahead of Cheers, Beavis, Gilmore Girls and Psych among others).

There's a long-winded explanation,/story etc that I'm not going to type out right now, but perhaps soon.

But given that, this is a REALLY BIG DEAL to me.

I suppose 2 questions off the top of my head about it:

1) Will the Jadxia Dax/Terry Farrell leaving/contract/Becker thing be explained and afterthoughts, etc from her and the whole cast and crew (and fans). Because while I still enjoyed the 7th season, like many, when she left (spoilers..killed off), the show lost a little something. I liked Nicole DeBoer, especially given the circumstances, but o what could have been had she just stayed for the last season. And I liked Becker and her in it, and Danson (Cheers), but it wasn't DS9.

2) Babylon 5. Unlikely, but the whole drama with JMS and similarities, would be nice to be discussed finally in detail.

edit: also apparently it's not Kosher in this Babylon 5 Facebook Group, lol as I shared it and wrote "OT" and it was deleted and my posting access has been removed for 24 hours, lol.
ANAL, and there has been discussion in the past in that group about DS9, but some people are a bit too sensitive, lol. I don't feel too bad as the same Admin has locked a bunch of other not-directly-related topics in that group.

I love B5, but really? the admin in that group and I have noticed some of their fans are uptight as hell. It wasn't SPAM in the least, and in many ways related along with something those fans would likely want to know about/see (and might not before the 13th).


3) Movie, ending, etc..obviously. An 8th season?

but yeah, maybe I'll try and find the time to write-up my whole story with DS9 and the Spring of 1997 sometime soon. Maybe around when May 13th when I see the documentary.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Meaningful Songs: The Spinners - I'll Be Around (+ an 80's Cover)

So I've been hearing this tune a little more recently of late. Maybe within the last year on WDGY.

The thing about it is, I will ALWAYS associate as the outro-bumper music on "Bumper-to-Bumper with Dan Barreiro, on KFAN radio.

I have listened to KFAN and first Hartman + Barreiro, and then Barreiro for the better part of 27 or 28 years. Once they split the 2 of them up, and Barreiro got his own show, I think it was then I 1st heard this track. Right around 1999 or 2000. But in fairness, I only knew the 1st 30 seconds or 1-minute.

Anyway, the embedded video below is the Extended 9+ minute mix which includes some really tasty extended instrumental sections including what sounds like Djembe or tablas. And a totally rich and lush string arrangement.

The standard studio version radio plays I love. Pristine production and such a classic, moody piece that has a wonderful vocal performance from the members of The Spinners.

But shit, I dig this longer version even more!

So I heard about this cover of I'll Be Around done by 80's band What Is This, and while it does sound pretty date or at least of-its-time, I can see why some enjoy it. Myself? I like the solo, and for a period-piece, I get that. but overall I can't say I want to listen to it that often again.

Record Store Day 2019 Video

Sort of truncated in some ways, even though it's a 15-minute video.

we very well make a 2nd video, or at least I will, just talking about RSD and also maybe what we missed, strategy about getting items, dividing things up.

And yes, we had Open Houses to go to on Saturday and actually put another offer in (the 2nd in 2 weeks) but alas, we still didn't get it. We're starting to question if buying a house makes sense now.

-Record Store Day 2019 Bag, Sunglasses, Guitar Picks (Joe Bonamassa)
-The Bird and the Bee - The Bird and the Bee
The Bird and the Bee - Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future (10th Anniversary)
Jeff Buckley - In Transition
-Madonna - La Isla Bonita [EP]
-Ghost World Original Soundtrack
-Banarama - Remixed Vol. 1

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cloud Cult's LIGHT CHASERS: Interpreted Dance Performance

The whole thing is now on YouTube.

Being I'm at work, I haven't seen it yet, but hopefully tonight I'll get an hour to spend watching this thing.

This is happening at a school in North Carolina.

Interpreted in Dance and Movement.

Told through dance, movement, lights, and imagery, this beautiful and affirming piece finds joy in loss.  Produced with permission and in partnership with Cloud Cult.  Recommended for all ages.

Per the way that is written, I'm wondering if this is taking the Light Chasers album and using it as a soundtrack to the DANCE PERFORMANCE? which could be very cool itself.

But I also would wish/wonder if it was either

a) Cloud Cult themselves performing it while the interpreted dance performance happens
b) A group of musicians performing it while the interpreted dance performance happens

But even if neither of those situations are happening (and it's not written they are) this will still be cool to see what this group does with the album.

Light Chasers is my favorite Cloud Cult album and one of my favorite albums, especially in the last 20 years.

Given I don't foresee traveling to NC for this though, I will be looking forward to the film in January of course.


LIght Chasers from the WCU School of Stage & Screen

We're honored to have the entire Light Chasers album presented via dance, lights and imagery by Western Carolina University. Performances are this Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Cullowhee, NC. More info and tickets: https://www.wcu.edu/…/current-productions/light-chasers.aspx
This performance will also be available in film format in January.

Monday, April 8, 2019


Very cool!

maybe some edits later, but I guess they reformed a couple of months ago and the below songs are new.

Maybe a new album in 2019 or 2020?

I love both of their 2 full lengths, so this is awesome news!

Mew fans might want to check them and these tunes out by the way.


especially Blurry Precise sounds like it would fit in well on Blind as Night

I'm gonna have to read back to their FB posts the last few months and keep close tabs on them. A new album could be coming within a year or 2.

Very cool to have them back and to be so into Owel. The 2 bands should do a tour with Mew, lol.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Dirt Poor Robins - Dead Horse (2018-2019?)


Dead Horse cover art (also new music....a couple of songs I recall) are coming this month.

No photo description available.

Facebook Live Video (Live Streamed)

new concept album "Dead Horse" coming. Set in "Dead Horse, Alaska" in the 1970's if I heard what Neil said correctly.

1st 2 songs coming in April.

The Merch could still be coming.

The Raven Locks Graphic Novel is largely going to come with $ (Crowd Fund???)

Also they mention maybe when the whole thing is finished/released they will consider playing a show in their hometown of Louisville, KY.

Budget permitting, I would LOVE to go to that.

Those EP's Neil mentioned last year? I wonder if they became material for Dead Horse.

Also I am not assuming the whole album will be released/finished in 2019, but it sounds like that could be the GOAL, but no guarantee of course.

Pain of Salvation - Top 10-40 Songs (Better than IN THE PASSING LIGHT OF DAY)

I am going to post this, and likely won't do a ton of editing later, but this is a list of Favorite Songs from Pain of Salvation, in a vaguely ranked order (the top 5-10 are more solid, 11-40  could probably be interchanged, plus I'm likely forgetting some songs I do love, but have not listened to in over a decade).

But this was inspired largely from some discussion on the dreamtheaterforums and also more or less since In the Passing Light of Day was released in 2017 and the reverence and praise for the 15-minute closing track that I fail to hear the genius behind, especially just comparing it to so many other songs they (Daniel Gildenlow) has written and recorded.

The below list is both a Favorite Tracks list and I don't think it's a stretch to say every single one of these songs are better, or in some cases  A LOT BETTER AND MORE MEMORABLE OR GOOSE-BUMP WORTHY (or at least include moments that are), than the title track to In the Passing Light of Day).

Is In the Passing Light of Day a bad song? no. It has a decent chorus. The lyrics I can follow the sympathy and and relate-ability to. But for me, and many others, how much I love a song can come down to is how much I enjoy it MUSICALLY.

ItPLoD DRAGS to me and fails to have any HUGE MAGICAL MOMENT that so many of the tunes below have. Even just the chorus, while not bad, is done at such a slow tempo, it doesn't include as strong of an ear worm as many of the below tracks have.

I would say, unless hearing it more and changing my take, the title track may be the most overrated song Pain of Salvation's fans have ever put onto a high pedestal.

King of Loss for example, back in the day was, and I'll admit I initially only thought it was okay, but I had kind of a Led Zeppelin-Bring it on Home moment with it a year or 2 after buying The Perfect Element I, and realize how incredible it was. The Strings and climax just blew me away.

Plus I kind of feel the lyrics get too dreary and bleak, the music doesn't include enough of a contrast with beauty (melancholy) that allows me to enjoy them. Sure, it's about the hard/harsh reality Daniel was going through with the I'm sure what seemed like never ending mincing-pain from the effects of Flesh Eating Bacteria eating away at his body. But from an ART standpoint, the music and words didn't bring me the "oh my god " moments that many other songs and sections of songs do.

It's just dreary, bleak, etc. Kind of like going to a Hospital and seeing a loved one suffer. There's no enjoyment or even comic relief often. It's only something you want to do and get over with.

It reminds me of Doom or Drone Metal. There's not enough sound in it to grab onto. The best part is when it's over, etc.

40. Fandango
39. The Taming of a Beast
38. Water
37. Winning a War
36. Disco Queen
35. Ending Theme
34. Dea Pecuniae
33. To the Shoreline
32. Rope Ends
31. Idioglossia
30. Sisters
29. Used
28. Mrs. Modern Mother Mary
27. Stress
26. Meaningless
25. Lilium Cruentus
24. Imago
23. This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)
22. The Physics of Gridlock
21. Chainsling
20. On a Tuesday
19. Inside
18. Martius / Nauticus II
17. ! (Forward)
16. Home
15. Nightmist
14. Enter Rain
13. Reconciliation
12. Undertow
11. Flame to the Moth
10. Her Voices
9. Inside Out
8. Plains of Dawn
7. A Trace of Blood
6. King of Loss
5. Iter Impius
4. In the Flesh
3. People Passing By
2. Beyond the Pale
1. The Perfect Element

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets @ Orpheum Theatre 4/3/19

Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets played at The Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis on Wednesday night April 3rd, 2019.

I have never seen Pink Floyd, nor David Gilmour or even Roger Waters live (I hung out and listened to his show outside a couple of times though, after failing to get a cheap ticket).

And it's pretty well documented my love for Pink Floyd's music and especially a lot of songs and albums released before The Dark Side of the Moon (both Syd and Dave).

I have seen the Australian Floyd a few times and witnessed the local MN band Soap play the complete Animals twice.

But to finally being able to see Nick Mason and his band Saucerful of Secrets, was well anticipated.

And his band included Guy Pratt on Bass and Vocals. Pratt who I maybe think of 1st for his performance on the S/T Toy Matinee album, but also among a large discography, some live Floyd (Delicate Sounds and Pulse), and The Division Bell, On an Island, Rattle That Lock and The Endless River.

Gary Kemp, yes, of Spandau Ballet, who Sang many of the lead vocals and rhythm guitar parts.

The lead Guitarist and Keyboardist I had not heard of, but both made great impressions.

The performances were probably better than I would expect. Nick still can play and it was noted how this was the 1st time he had played in Minnesota since the 1994 concert at The Metrodome, which I still regret missing (I could only see 1 show that Spring, and it was Rush).

Nick joked "We're not the Australian Roger Waters" (or "The American David Gilmour Band"?).

Many of the songs had a lot of punch and volume to them. Some jams included like Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun of course. Lucifer Sam, Childhood's End, which 20 years ago would have been an even bigger thrill for me. I still enjoy it, but maybe not as much as when I 1st discovered my love for OBC.

Still, the version they played of that tune was both like it, but also faster or heavier I suppose, And the keys added something new to it.

Atom Heart of course was a big deal as well, even if it was kind of abridged and the keyboard part I love was only present in spots.

Nick also had intermittent video clips in the background, which were shown over a large wall with the Saucerful of Secrets tour logo. I wonder if it was intentional to try and capture the distorted/limited  at-the-time, in-and-out clips that overlay-ed that backdrop artwork.

In other words, the clips were seen, but not all that clearly.

And some of the tunes of course have official videos (Arnold Layne and See Emily Play come to mind), but were not shown/used.

As far as a set list? I can't deny, while a bunch of tunes I favor, they did do (Remember a Day, Childhood's End, Atom Heart..even without an Orchestra of course), there are a handful of tracks I would love to see. And by some chance they do another tour of the States and come to MN of course, maybe they could play

(Summer'68, Cymbaline, Apples and Oranges, Paint Box, Pillow of Winds, The Gold It's in the..., Wut's the deal, Flaming, Julia Dream, Corporal Clegg... these along with others may need to go on a Top 10-30 Floyd songs list; also I should plan to make a list of Artists/Bands I enjoy who have a clear Floyd influence).

also a bit of good karma: I bought a "Syd" t-shirt and ended up losing it after the show. It was in a plastic bag on the floor in front of me, but nowhere to be found after the concert. But the security people found it or another one in the same size and gave it to me. For someone whose lost shirts (Ours and dredg hoodies, Pain of Salvation shirt, and even a couple of hats; Vennart and Genesis) including a Local Natives shirt when I bought 2. Leaving the show with a shirt I paid for and lost, was a huge relief.

Set List

Interstellar Overdrive
Astronomy Domine
Lucifer Sam
Obscured by Clouds
When You're In
Remember a Day
Arnold Layne
Vegetable Man
Atom Heart Mother
The Nile Song
Green Is the Colour
Let There Be More Light
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
See Emily Play
Childhood's End
One of These Days

A Saucerful of Secrets
Point Me at the Sky

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Owel - Paris (2018-2019)

Classic Case of I've been checking out, but still have yet to hear an entire album (or heard it to form a semi-accurate opinion).

However, I've listened to about 2/3 of this album once, and some of the 1st couple of tracks a few times to know I am pretty much won over.

Credit goes to a super Mew/The Dear Hunter and PCR fan like myself named Heather whose maybe known best for her work on the MewX podcast.

Edits will likely have to happen, but this album dropped last Friday March 29th and Heather along with others comparisons to MEW along with some others (Oceansize and Kindo) had me curious.

Lorenzo from altprogcore also posted about them on twitter and his blog I assume.

Lots of great strings, namely Violin.

I hear Jazzkamikaze, Paper Route, Team Me, Ours, The Receiving End of Sirens, Aereogramme, Miracles of Modern Science, Revere and a lot of others.

The vocals are probably the biggest challenge, but technically their singer is pretty good. And the vocal lines are well-written. He just has a bit of an "Emo" or Youthful side (but not really like Anthony Green thankfully for me).

That and I suppose partially due to originality. They do remind me of a lot of other artists, however I think their songwriting is good enough it may not matter.

And this is their 3rd album, so I may have to go back to their previous two LPs eventually.

but for now, another album and ARTIST to come out of nowhere on my radar, that is doing progressive college rock with strings and dreamy dynamic parts that I totally go for.

And they're from New Jersey, so maybe I'll have a chance to see them live at some point.

Also they covered "The Crowing" from Coheed and Cambria, which I will have to check out soon.