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Kansas with King's X American tour Late Summer/Fall 2012

Kansas Facebook Page


After wrapping the immensely popular KANSAS Collegiate Symphony Tour of Spring 2012, America’s greatest progressive rock band, KANSAS, is transitioning to a more traditional tour approach for the fall. Without missing a beat, the band will be headlining shows in cities throughout the United States from September to November.

Original member and guitar virtuoso, Richard Williams, had this to say about the fall tour, “We are really looking forward to the upcoming shows with King’s X. They're a great band and a force to be reckoned with. It's a tour like this that allows us to dig a little bit deeper into our catalogue and play a few songs that KANSAS fans haven't heard for a while. It's gonna be a lot of fun!”

On most dates, fellow rockers King’s X will support KANSAS on the tour. dUg Pinick stated, “I've been a huge KANSAS fan since the beginning. I remember sitting on the floor with my friends listening to the just released record "Song for America" forward years later, King's X is going on tour with them!! It is an honor to be doing shows with them. This is gonna rock!!” King’s X is also comprised of drummer Jerry Gaskill and lead guitarist Ty Tabor. This tour will mark the first major tour for King’s X since Gaskill’s remarkable recovery from a major heart attack earlier this year.

On select dates the one-man band, That 1 Guy, Mike Silverman, will open the show.

For the first time ever, KANSAS is partnering with Music One Live to offer a limited number of Premium and VIP ticket packages, as well as exclusive merchandise, for most shows. These exciting packages, available for purchase directly from KANSAS’s official Facebook page (, will offer fans the very best seats in the house. The VIP ticket packages will also provide a limited number of fans a meet and greet photo opportunity with KANSAS. Fans are also encouraged to regularly stay connected with the band’s Facebook page for concert presale information.

With their self-titled first album released in 1974, KANSAS went on to become one of the decade’s most popular rock acts – issuing classic rock albums such as 1976’s ‘Leftoverture’ and 1977’s ‘Point of Know Return,’ along with the hit singles “Carry on Wayward Son” and “Dust In the Wind,” and “Point of Know Return.” The band – which in addition to Williams, is comprised of drummer Phil Ehart, singer/keyboardist Steve Walsh, bassist Billy Greer, and violinist David Ragsdale – continue to tour in front of large and enthusiastic audiences and to this day remain a fixture on classic rock radio.

Confirmed tour dates and venues with more to be added. Tickets on sale June 15, 2012 unless otherwise noted.

September 13, 2012 – New York, NY (Best Buy Theater)
September 14, 2012 – Bethlehem, PA (Sands Bethlehem Events Center)
September 15, 2012 – Atlantic City, NJ (Borgata Spa & Resort - Music Box)
September 21, 2012 – St. Charles, IL (Arcadia Theater)* **
September 22, 2012 – Minneapolis, MN (The Myth)** ***

October 5, 2012 – Salina, KS (Steifel Theatre for Performing Arts)*
October 6, 2012 – Kansas City, MO (Uptown Theatre)
October 12, 2012 – Montgomery, AL (Alabama National Fair)***
October 14, 2012 – Dallas, TX (State Fair of Texas)** ***
October 19, 2012 – Little Rock, AR (Arkansas State Fair)


To schedule an interview, please contact:
Jen Farhood/ChipsterPR

* Denotes tickets go on sale June 1, 2012
** Denotes King’s X is not confirmed for this date
*** Denotes That 1 Guy is not confirmed for this date

September 22nd at the newest venue in Minnesota "The Brick" (for now, as many shows have been moved from that venue). Seeing Kansas is nice, but not something that's really a longtime coming or looking forward-to, as I've seen them I recall 4 or maybe 5 times, the last being in 2009 or 2010 at Target Center opening for Styx (again) But seeing King's X again, even opening, is a big deal.


a) King's X and this other band "That 1 Guy" are still not yet confirmed for the show in Minneapolis along with many of those other dates yet

b) and this tour, while hopefully will happen, should not by any means be forgotten about King's X and Jerry Gaskill's health. He had a HEART ATTACK only a few months ago, and while he's doing well now, by all indications, having him going out and doing a tour, 6 months later, I can't help but still have some concern.

but, if he is cleared by doctors and feels up for it, and King's X are on the bill in Minneapolis, certainly it'll be another big show to plan for come this September (Rush and Pat Metheny as well, among others).

Kimbra talks about US version of Vows?..a little

Kimbra's facebook post

Kimbra sat down with to talk about the new songs on VOWS, the visual experience in her music and more! Vows is out now:

that post on Facebook mentioning the new songs on the US version of Vows, as this video shows, are only vaguely and briefly mentioned at the beginning. And I think most importantly, there is no explanation for the reason behind the such dramatic track list difference.

Maybe I haven't posted it yet in here, but I should now. The 2012 American release of Vows I'm pretty certain is inferior to the 2011 original Australian/New Zealand release. Primarily for 2 reasons.

1) the track list difference. Not so much due to the new songs being poor, as they are not really. But not including many tracks that made the 2011 original release work. And THE FLOW does not work for the new version as well, as a result. "Withdraw" "Wandering Limbs" "Call Me" "Limbo" and even the ending hidden track "Somebody Please" are a big reason why that version is great.

2) the mix is a bit too hot, not only on the new songs, but the original tracks sound slightly more compressed.

I will say, the live "Plain Gold Ring" on the US version is an improvement, but not enough.

Now, I'm making no mistake, both versions of Vows are great, and the US version is still not a bad record. And I am glad there are a number of new tracks, especially "Sally I Can See You," do add some to this re-release. But I wish she had just released this version with the original track listing and MIXES, and then just included many if not all of the new songs as Bonus Tracks or on a 2nd CD.

But I do wonder if the record label pushed her into how the US version came out. It would be nice to have someone ask more specifically about that in DETAIL. But this video piece, while nice, does not really.

Wikipedia: "New Prog" article gone

scratching my head a bit as to why this listing on Wikipedia: has been merged with into this little sub-text here:

Why? I follow why it helps to LINK them, but to entirely remove a page on Wikipedia?

Although admittedly, the term "new prog" ("nu prog") or "post prog" never has made much more sense than "indie" or "alternative" to me.

The term I often use, and think it would be nice to adopt is "college prog" and "college rock" in general, as I'm sure I've explained many times before.

The term "college" doesn't necessarily mean the music is from bands in college (or directed towards people in college per say), but it was the 1st term used in the early 1980's for this kind of music. "college rock"

All the terms that have come since are in no way more accurate, so why can't the original term just be used and leave it at that? I guess that would sound silly, lol.

But what is sad about someone on Wikipedia merging that article is how it now truncates this whole genre of sorts as one small part of the history of progressive rock. And, of course this Blog and a resourceful rateyourmusic list here was linked there.

I suppose adding them to that main page might not hurt, but it still begs the question why exactly was the page with them merged or removed to begin with.

Maybe I should create a page titled "College Prog" and edit in something about it on the College Rock Wikipedia page.

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My Minds Own Melody (2012)

5/30/12 1:19AM
Go Here.

Sounds and looks potentially amazing, but why the Embed Code is Disabled is pretty baffling.

This is what Daniel Johns is doing now that Silverchair is on indefinite hibernation.

Since this is both based around music and film, it probably needs an entry on each blog.

Silverchair Facebook

Watch 'My Mind's Own Melody' trailer with original music by Daniel Johns

'My Mind's Own Melody' is a cinematic modern musical created by Josh Wakely and Daniel Johns. A full feature film has been developed based on the concept but this trailer is for a short-film version. Keep an eye out for news of limited international screenings over the months ahead.

A film by Josh Wakely, original music and lyrics by Daniel Johns (Silverchair), featuring the talents of Golden Globe winner Lisa Gerrard, starring David Lyons, 'My Mind's Own Melody' is a Grace films Production.


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Mother Falcon - Little Documentary

In looking, I did post something about this band back in February and their record Alhambra from 2011. This is a nice little behind the scenes, getting to know them kind of thing. Although I can't help but give a bit of my feeling about it.

1) This series is called "American Hipster Presents" Mother Falcon are for American Hipsters? their music is hipster? eww-kay...

2) they talked about their background with classical music. Igor Stravinsky founded punk rock? I personally don't hear much if anything in more or less all Punk Rock from Stravinsky. Stravinsky was a big influence on a band like YES and Rick Wakeman, which makes a HELLUVA A LOT MORE SENSE than pretty much all Punk Rock.

But overall, it's an interesting piece. It does add to my thoughts of starting another blog or just an account on youtube or something named "anti-hipster" or something like that. But that may be a ways down the road.

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3 - 1994 TV appearance and Promo video

Mad props go to Neesh and her sharing this video and the ending promotional part.

Pretty much proof they came long before Coheed.

Interesting to see Josh Eppard at 14 years old, lol.

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Kimbra - Settle Down on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jeez, I had NO CLUE she was appearing on there, although it makes sense given Vows dropped this week in the States and her Foster the People support tour begins soon (or already has?).

This kind of exposure may finally open the flood gates. Her listeners are at 66,000 right now, let's see where they are in a couple of weeks.

also this video I saw like a month or more ago, and never got around to sharing. It's her from 2002 (10 years ago). Amazing, you could tell already then how into analyzing song structure and arrangements she was.

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Agalloch - 2012 North American Summer Tour

It's great and everything that they are doing maybe their most extensive American Tour ever, but given there's no date for Minneapolis or St.Paul, I can't help but remember how naive the promoters in my hometown are about Metal and progressive Metal if the band isn't named Dream Theater or Opeth.

Agalloch have even become somewhat HIPSTER/PITCHFORK/NPR APPROVED,

Of course there are dates in Chicago and Milwaukee, but also OMAHA, NEBRASKA???? I'm sure their fan base is enormously higher than what we have here in Minnesota, it was an obvious preference, lol.

O well, odds are even if we had a date, it'd be at Station 4, in the middle of the Summer which of course is a SAUNA without any air-conditioning.

That likely being the case, I would still like to see these guys live someday, and meet Don Anderson among others. Maybe talk to him about Sculptured, etc. But unless something changes or falls through, it'll have to be on another tour. Perhaps in the Fall or Winter if Station 4 is the venue, which at least with a lack of AC there then, it's not quite as sweat inducing an environment. Although the lack of AC is hardly the only issue with Station 4, but it remains the biggest issue still.

Agalloch does have a new EP coming this year titled Faustian Echoes which I'm looking forward to, but I still would trade seeing them live for getting to hear that right now.

Facebook announcement

“We fumed and screamed in our mountain nook, mad drunken Americans in the mighty land. We were on the roof of America and all we could do was yell, I guess—across the night, eastward over the Plains…” – Jack Kerouac, On the Road

AGALLOCH will embark on a full US tour this summer. We will be playing the following dates:

Wed 7/11 in Portland, OR at Branx w/Eight Bells
Thu 7/12 in Seattle, WA at the Crocodile w/Eight Bells
Fri 7/13 in Vancouver BC at the Rickshaw w/Eight Bells
Sat 7/14 in Spokane, WA at The A Club w/Eight Bells
Sun 7/15 - TBA
Mon 7/16 - TBA
Tue 7/17 in Denver, CO at Bluebird Theater
Wed 7/18 in Omaha, NE at Waiting Room
Thu 7/19 in Milwaukee, WI at Miramar Theater
Fri 7/20 in Chicago, IL at Reggie's
Sat 7/21 in Ann Arbor, MI at Blind Pig w/Musk Ox
Sun 7/22 in Cleveland, OH at Beachland Ballroom
Mon 7/23 in Toronto, ON at Opera House w/Musk Ox
Tue 7/24 in Montreal, QC at Petit Campus w/Musk Ox
Wed 7/25 in Boston, MA at Middle East
Thu 7/26 in Brooklyn, NY at Williamsburg Music Hall w/Musk Ox
Fri 7/27 in Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts
Sat 7/28 in Springfield, VA at Empire
Sun 7/29 in Raleigh, NC at King's Barcade
Mon 7/30 - OFF
Tue 7/31 in Tampa, FL at Orpheum
Wed 8/01 in Atlanta, GA at The Earl
Thu 8/02 in Birmingham, AL at Bottletree w/Pallbearer
Fri 8/03 in New Orleans at One Eyed Jack's w/Pallbearer
Sat 8/04 - TBA
Sun 8/05 in Austin, TX at Red 7
Mon 8/06 - OFF
Tue 8/07 - OFF
Wed 8/08 - TBA
Thu 8/09 in San Diego, CA at The Casbah w/Author & Punisher
Fri 8/10 - TBA
Sat 8/011 in San Francisco, CA at Great American Music Hall

We will continue to update this list as dates/venues and opening acts are confirmed.

Joining us for main support will be TAURUS (featuring Stevie Floyd of DARK CASTLE & Ashley Spungin ex-PURPLE RHINESTONE EAGLE). We are excited by their experimental and challenging music and feel they are a perfect fit for us:

This tour will mark the release of our recently recorded EP “Faustian Echoes” on both LP and CD. We have taken great care in the design of this release. Sometime before the tour we will have both a streaming and digital download option available. However, the LP and CD versions will only be available at the shows during the dates on the tour and will be available via mail order after the tour.

We will be adding material (both new and old) to our set list and depending on stage time we anticipate playing between 90-120 minutes. The set will rotate each night. We have carefully selected local openers whose music fits the environment of an Agalloch show. Where there are no openers selected, we will play nearly 120 minutes. We are all personal fans of the openers and encourage everyone to show up early to see them.

We will have a variety of merchandise for sale including: 2 new shirt designs, our back catalog, “The Demonstration Archive,” “Marrow of the Spirit” vinyl, a tour poster by Stevie Floyd, original photographic prints by Veleda Thorsson, and various other odds and ends.


We are further pleased to announce that we will appear at the Noctis V Metal Fest in Calgary, AB on Sat 9/29

We will post further news and updates via our Official Facebook:

and Twitter:


Mayer Hawthorne

I'm sure many people know the experience of a significant other and their favorite band/singer etc. Well for me, I didn't really until I started seeing someone a little over a year ago. My girlfriend's favorite musician of all-time is Michael Nesmith, and her favorite band more or less of all-time is The Monkees.

But being that she is a music-head like myself, she has plenty of other favorites. And I'm not sure how long it has been, but at least within the last year, her favorite modern artist is this new Blue-Eyed Soul singer/songwriter/dj etc Mayer Hawthorne.

Now, I checked out Mayer's music out last year, specifically his new record How Do You Do, and while I didn't find it bad, I also didn't hear the genius behind it like she did. For one, his vocals at times, almost sounded like Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers. Which, I don't hate, but again, don't find a lot of motivation to go back to.

But in hearing more of his music, and revisiting some of the How Do You Do tunes, I suppose that specific side to his sound, is limited.

Last Fall, my girlfriend attended the concert at First Ave in Minneapolis that Mayer Hawthorne opened for Chromeo, another band she recently got into. Not as much as Mayer, but definitely one that I continue to hear around her, and also not a band I mind, but also don't find addictive up to this point.

Following that concert, she kept reminding me how it was the best show of the year, and how I missed out. And I did feel bad for missing it, but I sort of was having to pick and choose between something like 6 shows in 10 days, and it ended up being one of the shows I skipped in that short window of time.

She talked about how great Mayer was, how everyone danced, and how Mayer requested they dance, otherwise they didn't have any business coming. And later, she got to meet him not once, but twice at his Merch Booth. Including mentioning to him how I couldn't make it, lol. I suppose that part sort of hit me worse than missing the show.

So, the next time he came here, I really had NO CHOICE but to attend. And that show was last Friday evening, at First Ave again. A concert, a bit like the recent Gotye/Kimbra concert in Minneapolis at Epic (moved from The Varsity Theater), where the demand for tickets got so big, it had to move venues, from The Fine Line to the Mainroom at First Ave.

Luckily, I and my girlfriend (along with a good friend of hers) purchased tickets to this show right when they went on sale in February. Because this show sold out pretty fast, largely in part to the nature of radio stations like 89.3 and Cities 97, pimping it and a few of Mayer's singles to their hipster (sheep-ish) audience.

The crowd demographic reflected that to a large extent, as in observing the difference from the concert last fall, the people who went to the show on Friday night were not the R&B/Soul/Dance loving crowd that apparently were at the show last Fall. Which, I suppose ultimately shouldn't matter, as long as the concert and performance of the music is good. But sadly, Mayer has become Hipster to extent, so much so, I told my girlfriend about how I was reminded of the experience where "my little band isn't MY band anymore" with the likes of Local Natives and Warpaint to an extent.

And Mayer actually never came out to meet the fans, as far as we knew, after the show. Why? My girlfriend and I could only guess due to time. In fairness, we didn't hang around for hours; but it definitely seemed a little different from the other shows she had seen him.

The show itself though, I'd say more than lived up to the hype and expectations. His songs and namely his BAND are really worth the price of admission. They are a very TIGHT group live. The grooves were groovier, the playing is rather energetic, and Mayer does play to the crowd quite well. Although it's noteworthy how at times, he does sound like the DJ he is, just in his voice and vernacular.

But he's Caucasian, and perhaps even Jewish, 2 things I share in common with him among others, which is an ongoing (and maybe always will be) thing to smirk about with my girlfriend. Although she connects with him in a number of things as well, outside of his music; such as Thrift Store shopping, Food exploration and his love of Vinyl/Vinyl shopping. Along with just his background with music and love of Soul and R&B. Including for example Hall & Oates, another Blue-Eyed Soul Artist, whom Mayer covered "You Make My Dreams Come True." And I'll fully admit, I thought was a Billy Joel tune when I heard Mayer go into it, but I was of course corrected immediately by my girlfriend. Although, I'm pretty certain Billy Joel has a tune that is rather similar to it, but I can't come up with at the moment.

I'd surmise this show only had maybe 2 or 3 songs that lost me, which I believe were ballads. But even some of the ballads eventually I ended up enjoying. I more or less concluded Mayer Hawthorne is a superior live performer, than his studio work. Although I probably need to revisit his recordings again, after enjoying this show as much as I did.

He even performed what sounded like a new tune, that sounded like one of the lyrics in the chorus were "I'm on Fire." In glancing at a set list, the song I'm thinking of may have been the single "Love in Motion" by an artist named Sebastian, Mayer was featured on last year. It seemed to be funkier than anything else of the evening. I told my girlfriend, it almost sounded like Prince's song "Kiss" at times.

Although I'm not certain the track with the lyrics which sound like "I'm on Fire," may not have been another tune. But among the set list posted below, that's the only song not on either of his LPs.

Mayer is not Prog, nor Metal of course, and not really College-Rock either. Yet, he does seem to blend a bunch of styles simultaneously, without ripping any artist off. He receives the 60's Soul or Motown tag a lot, and he is from Detroit originally, so that almost makes sense. But there's also something uniquely modern about his songs.

I suppose he's pulling off, in some different ways, what Pepe Deluxé, Janelle Monáe, Kimbra and some others are, by paying homage to his elders and older influences, but still not sounding exactly derivative.

Plus the songwriting along with his band, are things that make his music more endearing to me, and why I can't avoid saying I'm looking forward to not only seeing him live again, but what he records next. Perhaps he'll even collaborate with some of them; Janelle I know he's a fan of anyway.

This is a set list taken from the Detroit show last Tuesday, and I'm pretty sure this is nearly the same (if not the same).

You Called Me
Make Her Mine
Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'
The Walk
One Track Mind
Love In Motion
No Strings
Shiny & New
You Make My Dreams Come True (Hall & Oates)
A Long Time
Finally Falling
Green Eyed Love
A Strange Arrangement
Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
The Ills

Maybe So, Maybe No
Henny & Gingerale

"Henny & Gingerale" may have been the biggest highlight of the show, as I and I imagine many others in the crowd, kind of felt we didn't want it to end. We wanted Mayer to stay and perform longer. That is one of those great live tunes, where all the band members got to jam a bit (but not excessively), so much so, I think it could have gone on for 10 or 20 minutes and not felt too long. The flow of it just works incredibly well live.

Mayer claims First Ave is his favorite venue in America to play, and I get the sense he may enjoy coming to play in Minnesota, more than some other towns. A bit like Fair to Midland perhaps in that sense. Why? maybe our History with Prince, The Time and the recent hip-hop scene here. He even has come and DJ-ed at First Ave, as that is actually his background. And it wasn't a tour, but just a one-off event of sorts I guess.

But depending how big he gets, and how much 89.3 and the Hipsters latch on to him, it may dictate how eventful his shows will become. We'll see if the *new-ness* factor wears off and maybe his crowd goes back to being more Soul fans like my girlfriend, and less flavor-of-the-month groupies that seemed to be the jist of the population on Friday night.

It's also probably worth adding The Stepkids opened, and were actually pretty interesting. They had a rather surreal, trippy color/lighting background, sort of in the Pink Floyd or you name your psychedelic/dreamy/space-rock approach. I was reminded of a few groups in watching them, namely The Besnard Lakes and School of Seven Bells and White Denim (the last bluesy/riffy/jammy tune especially). And I think seeing them in the settings I've seen those other groups I mentioned, where it may be more intimate and less spread out, might enhance how dreamy/trippy of an effect their music could have live. If they comeback and play say The Turf Club or Triple Rock, I'll definitely be interested to see them in a smaller environment.

Interview with Mike Vennart (ex-Oceansize/British Theatre)

I'm sure many folks have seen this, but also many who likely have not, as it only was just posted last week (on facebook at least)

It's not crystal clear, but at least he does explain some of what happened with the demise of Oceansize (and how Biffy Clyro compares).

Mike Vennart is an incredibly talented and ambitious musician with an awesome back catalogue, but the future is also very, very exciting. He is the vocalist/guitarist for the now sadly defunct Oceansize, the live guitarist for Biffy Clyro, one of the most effortless cool men in rock and generally a bit of a legend. In a post-Oceansize world, he’s again working with Richard ‘Gambler’ Ingram on a new group, British Theatre. The first we properly heard from British Theatre came with the sudden release of an incredible three track EP in February this year, and since then it’s been a bit quiet. Here’s what happened when I caught up with Mike to talk about what the future holds for British Theatre

For the people that haven’t heard British Theatre, how would you describe the music you make?

I suppose it’s a kind of dark psychedelica, so far. We’re working in a primarily synthetic, synthesized medium. I’m still very much a guitar player, but I think texture, detail and atmosphere have always been my strong points so British Theatre is very much about that. We achieve that with, I suppose, a digitally altered version of often organic, natural sounds. Gambler is far more embroiled in abstract sound experimentation, and the recording and manipulation of acoustic, natural sound. At the end of all that, it’s usually my job to make it into semblance of a song.

You seem really excited and positive to be in the studio with Richard and working on British Theatre. How’s it all going?

It’s great. We work on initial ideas then swap drafts between ourselves via email. We don’t spend a whole lot of time together until there’s some serious work to be done. That said we do have a ‘jam’ from time to time. Just setting up a groove and playing over it so it’s still got that organic, spontaneous mentality to it.

Is there a release plan mapped out for British Theatre and if so when do you think we’ll be able to hear some more from you guys?

Not a map as such, but there’ll be a new EP out in the coming months with the album to follow a few months afterwards. As yet we’re totally DIY. We’ve been talking to a couple of labels but nothing makes any sense in that respect just yet.

When you first released the EP you seemed unsure about the idea of British Theatre performing live, but recently it seems you’re coming round to the idea. I would love to see British Theatre live, so are there any plans in the pipeline?

It’ll happen eventually. We’ve certainly got our eye on a couple of our mates to act as a rhythm section. It’s exciting, and personally I find it quite daunting working out how to pull it off, but Gambler assures me he knows it’s possible so it must be! I tend to think about things too literally in terms of the sonic reproduction of the record. I have to remind myself it’s not strictly necessary to do a gig that sounds exactly like the record. There’s likely to be some degree of adaptation. Should be fun!

Lots of young bands that I’ve spoken to name you as a major influence in their work, how does that feel?

They do? Well that’s just lovely. Now that I know that I’ll try and not write anything rubbishy.

Simon Neil mentioned last year that you’re involved in a project with him called Empire State Bastard. How’s that coming along?

It’s a tricky one because obviously Mr Neil is terribly busy with the juggernaut of relentless activity that is Biffy Clyro. Empire State Bastard will get its day in the sun and it will be a fucking shitkicker.

While we’re near the subject of Biffy Clyro, will you be rejoining them for their live shows this summer?

I shall. Of particular note is the Donington show, which I’m super excited about. Donington was the second ever gig I went to. My ma took me for my 12th birthday to see Iron Maiden. To this day, it remains one the most amazing days I’ve ever had. So to stand on that stage in front of 70,000 people and see that fucking big Dunlop bridge behind them – Fuck. It’s gonna rule.

With Biffy you’ve played arenas but with Oceansize you were (unjustly) playing smaller venues. How were the dynamics different; both within the band and towards the audience?

That’s a bit of a minefield. Firstly, it’s not likely that Oceansize would ever have worked as arena-botherers. The songs didn’t really lend themselves to that kind of vast ADD crowd who, let’s face it, if they’re not singing/moshing, are probably texting or buying hotdogs. That said, whilst Oceansize had no delusions of grandeur, there were those in the band that just weren’t up to the job.

Put it like this, when you watch Biffy Clyro live you can rest assured that they are pretty much stone-cold sober. They’re certainly not drunk, stoned, on downers or tripping their tits off on some new circuit-bent Chris Morris-esque tablet. They’re easy to play for cos they know how to play the songs and they play them correctly every single night. There’s an inherent trust there. There’s also a respect for their audience – they understand that their fans may have travelled miles, saved up money for tickets, planned their life around a show. It’s this respect for each other and their audience that has stood Biffy in good stead and it has helped take them to the top. That mindset has to be in place before you even consider a setlist. This respect and these qualities were, I’m sad to say, not consistent in the ranks of Oceansize.

Even if the opportunity had ever presented itself, Oceansize simply was not allowed to move forward. Whenever we had to step up to the challenge, the same fucking turd was on the doorstep.

Is there a worry that you’ll forever be know as ‘Mike from Oceansize’ or ‘that guy who plays with Biffy’?

I give not a toss. It’s nice to be known at all.

You were tweeting #LiesAboutVennart a while ago. What is the best lie you’ve heard or told about yourself?

I don’t think I’ve ever told any fibs about myself to be honest. Not because I’m some kind of saint, I just don’t really have the imagination or the inclination. I used to lie a lot at school. I used to have identical handwriting as my mother so I’d frequently write notes from her excusing me from P.E. or some unfinished homework.

You’re very passionate about music and in my opinion, live is where music comes alive. What was the last gig you went to and the best gig you’ve ever been to?

The last gig I saw was Graham Coxon as my friend Stuffy was drumming for him. I like Graham’s playing and his early solo records are lovely too. Always late to the party, I’ve just got into ’13′ by Blur too. It’s a damn shame that smack is so evil and damaging cos it sure as hell makes for great music!

Best gig I’ve seen? They usually come under the ‘lucky to have been there’ banner. So, Faith No More in 1992, Mr Bungle in 1996, Nine Inch Nails in 1994, Cardiacs at the Roadhouse in 1996… and of course Iron Maiden in 1988! There’s so many of them that I’ll never forget.

There are some incredible albums coming out this year. What albums are you looking forward to hearing?

I’m looking forward to the Liars record. I’ve heard a lot of the next Future Of The Left and it’s a belter. It’s maybe not cool to talk up someone I consider a good friend, but fucking hell, Andy Falkous is one of the greatest lyricists I’ve ever heard/read. The song ‘Failed Olympic Bid’ on their new record treads that fine line between the profound and the ridiculous, like most of his output. I think the body of work he’s produced between Mclusky and FOTL is vastly underrated. Future Of The Left should be at least twice as big as they are.

And now, the greatest interview question in the world. If you were a type of wood, what wood would you be?

Pine. Just cos it sounds needy and sweet.

With an EP, and album and the possibility of live dates on the way, things are looking good for British Theatre, and if their stunningly brilliant first EP is an indication of the direction they’re heading, then boy, are we in for a treat.

You can listen to/download the first fantastic EP from their Bandcamp page here.

Written by Dip on 06 May 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rest In Peace Kevin Gilbert and Donna Summer

Donna Summer died today at the age of 63, apparently due to lung cancer.


Here's the long/full version of "Love to Love You Baby"

It was only last year I realized there's a lot more to Donna Summer's music than her hits like "Last Dance"

And her death comes on the 16th anniversary of Kevin Gilbert's death. I wonder if Kevin was a fan? not someone I'd expect, but perhaps given how extensive some of her compositions were.

RIP to both of them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ne Obliviscaris - Portal of I #1 on ! 2012 Chart

Yes!. Take that Hipsters! and your substance-less, Kacica-wannabe band Beach House. (or Apes and Androids wannabes Japandroids)

Ne Obliviscaris just brought some justice to your list.

Of course we'll see, but don't be surprised if a bunch of Non-Metal listening/P4K lemmings go and downrate it.

But for now, like Pepe Deluxe and Anathema earlier this year, an actual album that warrants being on top, is.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Receiving End of Sirens - Live Stream Tonight 5/15/12


Video streaming by Ustream

This is an unexpected surprise. Very cool! 9:30PM Eastern I'd presume

thanks to Nate Patterson for this. VERY COOL!

Nate Patterson
For those that couldn't make it to any of the TREOS shows, I am going to be posting a USTREAM link to watch tonight in Providence, RI.
This could be terrible, but I thought I'd give it a try. Stay tuned we play at 9:30.
My buddy Joseph Gonzalez-Dufresne has a link on his FB for our friends in Orange Island & The Tower and The Fool

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kimbra - Vows [Deluxe] (2012)

5/14/12 12:33AM

The entire record is streamable if you go to the NPR stream here.


iTunes link
Amazon link

1 Settle Down
2 Something in the Way You Are
3 Cameo Lover
4 Two Way Street
5 Old Flame
6 Good Intent
7 Plain Gold Ring (Live)
8 Come Into My Head
9 Sally I Can See You
10 Posse
11 Home
12 The Build Up
13 Warrior (Bonus Track)
14 Call Me (Deluxe Bonus Track)
15 Plain Gold Ring
16 Limbo (Deluxe Bonus Track)

so the following tracks are new for this "Deluxe" edition being released on Warner Brothers in the US on May 22nd, on CD, MP3 and VINYL.

2 Something in the Way You Are
7 Plain Gold Ring (Live)
8 Come Into My Head
9 Sally I Can See You
10 Posse
11 Home
13 Warrior

"Something in the Way You Are" I don't believe is a cover of The Reign of Kindo tune "Something in the Way That You Are" but if it was, I'd be awfully curious about it.

The new tracks she's been playing live "Come Into My Head" is there, but "Samaritan" is not there. Maybe she never got around to recording it? I dunno, but it's a good tune, and I hope it eventually comes out on another release.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spock's Beard - TBA (2012)

Samples sound nice. Ted Leonard, from that, already sounds like he's fitting in with them.

As always, when more is available, a edit/bump should happen.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ne Obliviscaris - Portal of I (2012)

5/12/12 1:06PM

this link on bandcamp supposedly will have the album finally available for those outside of the Australia and New Zealand. And I would imagine a FULL ALBUM STREAM. But as of 1:06PM CST, it doesn't appear to be. Just preorders and the 2 tracks streaming.

5/9/12 11:45AM

Here's a few comments from forums and fb/twitter. I'll try and add more in time.

if you enjoy Opeth you almost owe it to yourself to listen to Ne Obliviscaris and their new album "Portal of I" which drops officially worldwide on Saturday May 12th.

Overall a great record. I'm kind of going back and forth about how I feel about it tho, just 1 time hearing it. On 1 hand, there's a ton of moments to always look forward to. On the other hand, they almost do channel Opeth more than I expected. And overall, you take in an album this long, a lot of it for various reasons resembles a certain sound. In other words, there's not a vast variety of sound to it. But I'm not sure that may matter.

But if you were to describe it, your description on Epic Rock Talk a few months back of "Opeth with Violin" seems more direct to me now.

I guess with time, more distinction will come.

I am hoping by some chance it'll receive a high enough rating early on, it'll knock off that hipster record by Beach House from soon. But then what may almost expectedly happen, the hipsters will go and downrate it to 1/2-star just to try and get Beach House back up to the #1 spot, lol.

5/3/12 5:56AM

4/14/12 3:56PM

Pre-Orders linked there

or Choose your Pre-Order package from the links here

4/2/12 4:02AM

Fucking Finahleee! May 7th in Australia, soon after the rest of the world.

Announcement on Facebook

Ne Obliviscaris 'PORTAL OF I' set for release MAY 7 & Australian album tour announced! FINALLY!!

“This is a work that simply must be experienced to be believed”- (Rod Whitfield/Heavy Mag)

"Almost 9 years after the bands formative rehearsals first took place; after numerous line-up changes that has seen the band go through almost continual change, always for the better; after more than 5 years have passed since the band released a 3 song demo that garnered us worldwide critical acclaim and a fanbase made up of all of YOU who are reading this and been waiting for this for so long; after a successful 15 month battle with the Australian Immigration Department saw our lead guitarist, Benjamin Baret, finally granted a long term visa in Australia due to the incredible support of thousands of fans worldwide; after more frustrations and delays than the band thought we could ever possibly deal with; we present to you... 'Portal Of I'.

Set for release on May 7 in Australia through Welkin Records and shortly after worldwide through a soon to be announced label (stay tuned), 'Portal Of I' is every bit of musical energy we could muster. Our love, our pain, our frustration, our joy..... It's 7 songs & 72 minutes and we will be performing the album in its entirety at all our Australian Tour shows in May/June.

Thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting for this news for all these years. We can't wait to hear what the world thinks.- NeO"

P.S. We had a Brisbane show booked on June 2 at the Primitive Room, but the venue was shut down for live music due to noise issues only a couple days ago so we are currently hard at work trying to finalise a new venue/date, so Brisbane people don't worry we haven't forgotten about you!

P.P.S. For those in cities that we have missed out on this tour such as Hobart, Perth & more, don't despair, we will be doing a more extensive tour slightly later in the year so will be coming to you soon!


Friday, May 18@ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+
Saturday, May 19@ The Castle, Dandenong, Melbourne *ALL AGES*
Saturday, June 9@ The Enigma Bar, Adelaide
Saturday, June 16@ The Bald Faced Stag (The Wall), Sydney
Brisbane show TBA!


10/14/11 8:44PM

Stream the new song "And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope"

9/27/11 8:43AM
With our album finally set to be mastered this week after a lengthy recording process, and then a lengthy mixing process with Jens Bogren (we're not good at doing things quickly it seems...have you noticed?), we're finally getting close to being able to let you all hear the final result of our years of hard work. So with that in mind, we thought we'd start to give you a bit more information about our debut album!

First of all, we have given it the title 'PORTAL OF I'. More than anything else, this album was for us a long epic journey, personally and musically, and throughout its creation we've experienced some of the best times in our lives and some of the worst. The portal this album creates for each of us in NeO is significant and pronounced, and whilst every person will experience this album differently, we hope that it also provides each of you with your own portal journeying into the musical world we've created.

Secondly, artwork for 'Portal Of I' has been completed by our vocalist Xenoyr. Here is the front cover for you all to check out! This album is full of complexities, and encompasses many shades of dark and light and we feel this artwork really reflects 'Portal Of I' well.

Lastly, here is the tracklist for 'Portal of I'. The album features 7 songs, and is just over 71 minutes in length. All of the songs are quite different and distinct and we can't wait for you to hear them all!

1. Tapestry of the Starless Abstract (12:01)
2. Xenoflux (10:01)
3. Of the Leper Butterflies (5:52)
4. Forget Not (12:04)
5. And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope (11:35)
6. As Icicles Fall (9:24)
7. Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise (10:43)

When's the official release date? Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks!


Fucking Finally!

How it's coming out? format? release date? yeah, that stuff still needs to be announced, but wow, I am pretty floored for this now. Although, on the surface it looks a fair amount like the Averse debut album from last year. But I always have thought these guys were a bit better than them, even with the abundance of extensive songs. I'm totally giving them the benefit of the doubt here.

Bring this sucker on. Could be the Metal album of the year, easily actually. Can't wait to find out in a short while.

Ours - 2012 American Summer Tour

Jimmy Gnecco's homepage link

6/28/12 Boston, MA Johnny D’s
6/29/12 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place
7/1/12 Columbus, OH Kobo Live
7/2/12 Indianapolis, IN Birdy’s
7/5/12 Detroit, MI Shelter
7/6/12 Chicago, IL Ultra Lounge
7/8/12 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest
7/10/12 Minneapolis, MN 400 bar
7/11/12 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
7/13/12 Kansas City, MO Czar Bar
7/14/12 St Louis, MO Firebird
7/16/12 Nashville, TN 12th & Porter
7/17/12 Charlotte, NC Milestone
7/19/12 Washington DC U Street Music Hall
7/20/12 New York, NY Studio @ Webster Hall

**NOTES: No FLASH Photgraphy at shows. Ours Black Card holders, please stay tuned for details on upcoming Black Card Events.

fuck yeah. July 10th 400 Bar. Despite the lack of AC there. I'm glad I got myself a Black Card now, lol. And it came in the mail just yesterday. Now why this tour is so limited and also seems to be mostly in the Central and Upper Midwest, I dunno. Jimmy and the band do gig a lot on the East Coast of course given they are from NJ, and they or he ends up in LA frequently. But I'm certainly happy about the fact Minneapolis got a date. I wonder what stuff they'll end up playing (new music perhaps? a lot of the music from The Heart: X Edition), and what kind of Black Card events will be included. Maybe having dinner at Jewel of India?, A place I imagine Jimmy's vegetarian diet would appeal to. Especially given its proximity to the 400 Bar.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mike Portnoy on USED BIN RADIO tonight! (4/3/12)

5/9/12 6:03AM
Here's the Podcast to stream/dl
The interview starts around the 36 minute mark.

My call is in the last 25 minutes or so of the show.

4/3/12 6:00PM 

7-10PM Pacific Time

the interview was done 1-week ago, as they have been forced to tape their shows and have them stream the week after, for the last 6 months or so.

This interview has been a long time a coming, for various reasons. Although tracing back my 1st exposure to UBR, a show/idea/format for something I personally always wanted to find or even do myself. But it was that James LaBrie interview not too long after Mike left Dream Theater, that brought them to my attention.

Much has been said, and the stuff that may have stood out then and since, hopefully is water under the bridge, and Mike is the PERFECT guest for Brad and Joe. So this interview, which I guess may be as long as 100 minutes long or so, should be rather enticing. I have a feeling, it won't be your avg Mike Portnoy interview, nor probably so similar to every interview they do on UBR.

Anyway, of course I did call in during the last hour, albeit brief. But that's secondary of course, other than the fact, if enough people hear this, it may be a little scary how many new listeners this show may have.

It should be PODCASTED, but when, who knows as the guys along with Rich from Pure Rock Radio have been a little backed up with getting them up the last few months. Although I have a feeling, this one may help prioritize their availability a bit more.

from the UBR newsletter

Hey kids… Join us on Tuesday for…
This week, your hosts Joe and Brad have landed the big one… yes, its all been leading up to this… an evening with the legendary MIKE PORTNOY. With a massive body of work, including Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob, Transatlantic, Liquid Tension Experiment, Avenged Sevenfold and a myriad of epic projects, Mike joins the boys in the Used Bin to discuss his latest FLYING COLORS release. A stunning collection of hook-filled pop, Flying Colors features a virtuoso lineup of Neal Morse, Steve Morse, Dave LaRue and Casey McPherson. This is one you don’t wanna miss.
As if that's not enough, our very own Rachel the Metal Warrior Princess, will be joining us to provide all the latest music news.
And as always, we also want to hear about what YOU'VE been listening to.
So join us, this Tuesday (and every Tuesday) for a 180 fun-filled, free-form minutes of tunes... talk... and talk about tunes...
Tuesday April 3
7PM PST (in Los Angeles)
...that's 9pm for you Central people...
...around 10pm for our East Coast pals...
...and 3am Wednesday morning for our British contingent.
...that's 7:30 am Wednesday if you're moving through Kashmir.
Tune into the show live at:
(Scroll down and click on the Tune In By Clicking link)
Call us live. (Yes, that's right you'll hear your voice on the radio)
[link=tel:%28888%29%20405-7440](888) 405-7440[/link] Toll-Free
(This phone number only works during our broadcast hours)
Send your emails (or any naked photos of your mom) to:
Get all the latest Used Bin info at:
(Be sure to visit the FORUM page and REGISTER so you can join the online conversation)

You can also listen to us live at
Missed any of our recent shows? Catch the podcast at:
Follow us on Twitter at:
Be our friend at our official FaceBook page:
Check out our latest video clips at:
Tell your friends about us. We can be found on iTunes at:

Join us on Tuesday
Join us in the Used Bin
And say hi to your Mom for us.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mikael Åkerfeldt in apparent Accident

5/8/12 11:39AM- 9:02PM

I know it's like 7 hours old, but worth sharing still: I do wonder what the he refers to "rescheduling" this show on their next tour. Perhaps Minneapolis will get a special makeup kind of show, sort of like Bloc Party did a few years ago. Although if it's at Myth, I'm unsure how much I'd want to go still.

  Facebook Post from Mikael

  Hi guys! I'm writing from beyond the grave. Seriously, I was not in a car crash and I haven't broken my arm. All that happened is I hit my head in mastodons tour bus as I was getting a new pair of (red) underwear out from my suitcase. Wish the story was more rock and roll, believe me. Anyways I split my head open down to the skullbone and had to be taken to the emergency. They gave me a bunch of shots in the wound, cleaned me up and stapled my head shut with 8 metal staples. Head is sore and if I smile it feels like the wound is gonna burst open again, but I'll be on stage by tomorrow again. I feel extremely disappointed that we couldn't play at the myth in Minneapolis, but paramedics told me I couldn't. We will reschedule the show for our next trip to the USA. So all rumors of me being in a car crash are false. I did crash my head into a car though, well...a bus really. Sorry for disappointing our fans in Minneapolis but I hope you understand. See you next time. Best. Mikael Facebook Post

He was not in an accident with an AUTOMOBILE/CAR, but just an accident. NOT a BROKEN ARM, but a collision to his head (which I worried). This now more specific/detailed account doesn't sound so worrisome, but still, hopefully the effects of this won't be much long term.

Many have already learned that yesterday’s performances at The Myth In St Paul had to be cancelled due to Mikael having an accident. Right before stage time Mike bumped his head on the tour bus which resulted in a pretty deep cut that required urgent medical attention. Mike was taken to hospital which he left a little later with eight stitches and a nasty headache. He’s doing OK now and we expect him to be up and running (though slightly slower) again for tomorrow’s show and onwards. Mike & the band were very disappointed not being able to play yesterday but thank everyone for their understanding and for the tons of get-well-wishes Mike has received since. The band also thanks their friends in Mastodon for playing an extended set that hopefully kept all who attended happy.

5/7/12 11:24PM

I just noticed some posts on some of the forums within the last hour or so. Opeth frontman singer/guitarist etc Mikael Åkerfeldt I guess was in an auto accident earlier today/tonight, Monday May 7th, 2012.
Here's 1 story which confirms Opeth canceled their show at Myth in Maplewood, MN tonight due to this.

OPETH Cancel Tonight's Show Due To Mikael Akerfeldt Being Hospitalized

Tonight's Opeth set at Myth in Minnesota has been canceled. The band's tour manager has just informed the crowd that Mikael Akerfeldt was in a reported car accident of sorts and has been hospitalized with a broken arm. Akerfeldt is said to be doing fine and expected to return to the tour shortly. Both Ghost and Mastodon will play extended sets to fill in. Further details will be posted as they become available.

As that story mentions, he was hospitalized with a BROKEN ARM, which is serious, but not hugely critical long term you'd think. However, if more happened (like something involving his HEAD?), that would be more serious.

But, as of right now, a lot of the details haven't really been released. I suppose by tomorrow sometime they could be.

In the mean time, as a fan of his and Opeth among his other music, I am sincerely hoping the severity of this accident to his health (physical and anything else) is not incredibly high.

Also a little ironic how this happens (or took place?) in my hometown, the venue, MYTH, actually is literally less than a 15 minute drive for me, is kind of eerie. I wasn't going to go due to a number of factors, probably biggest being price and the fact it sold out. But I can only imagine a lot of the speculation that may have been made there tonight. Sucks for those who went hoping to see Opeth. Maybe Mastodon or Ghost did extended sets.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Beach Boys - That’s Why God Made The Radio (2012)

Amazon link

1 Think About the Days
2 That's Why God Made the Radio
3 Isn't It Time
4 Spring Vacation
5 The Private Life of Bill And Sue
6 Shelter
7 Daybreak Over the Ocean
8 Beaches in Mind
9 Strange World
10 From There to Back Again
11 Pacific Coast Highway
12 Summer's Gone

here it is with the Ad

Promo with an Ad:


The cover art doesn't really seem like it would be real given it just says the name of the 1st single. "That's Why God Made the Radio" isn't a bad tune actually. But I am hardly expecting SMILE or Pet Sounds here. But, it does have Brian Wilson at least, so I will check it out. It drops on June 5th, same day I'm seeing Ramona Falls live.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dead Letter Circus - Wake Up [Single] (2012)

You can stream and/or download this new single from them. I'm kind of meh about it. It's alright, but not really sounding incredibly different from their other songs. But perhaps more time hearing it will help.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bruce Peninsula - Of Songs [Single] (2012)

1. Of Songs 13:47


We said we didn't trust a holy man who'd been holy all his life
And but for a single line
A distance bound by points
We watched as a body surrounded
A flickerin' light
And it shivered and it quavered as the wounded walk became the motion of
Arrivin' and returnin'
Sing a song of songs
When we press upon the past
That presses upon us


Of the world, not of the world
A song of songs I sing to St. Sisyphus
Of myself, not myself
My song mistakes its stone for a crucifix
The of itself, not of itself
Look in, look in, your dull light is flickerin
The of itself, lost in the world
A song of songs I sing to St. Sisyphus
The of itself, lost in the world
The of itself, lost in the world
Flickerin' out

All in the set-up, how how to roll in strides
One foot at a time, dusted with a weary white
(The sound of shivering sigh)
Shins, shoulders and a quiverin' spine
(One wound at a time)
Best just to control it, whoa oh oh oh
(Don't rest on the down roll)
Heave up, huff and hold it, whoa oh oh oh
(Don't rest on the down roll)
Your role actually felt
(Blown out at the knees)
Amazing memories prone to compete
(Daydreams grown as weeds)
To know 'em is to ruin their spark
(To know 'em is to ruin their spark)
Their question mark
(A mystery met, a mouthful said)
Their suiting to spar
(A mass of shooting stars)
To know 'em is to do with your time
(To set the shiver in your spine)
So terribly tight
(Just what you want and when)
Momentum met and left to rest
Let it rest, Let it Rest


You said that you could trust
The hopeful man's stance
About as far as you can throw him
Through the air
Your roll got knocked off its rail
And tumbled t'wards the edge
And if you don't breathe in
(The ground won't let out)
You'll be dead where you stand
(What you let in, let out)
Arrivin' and returning

Pound for pound
Recoverin' your ground
Lettin' back out
All you take
Pounce for pounce
Rotation comes back around
To claim and count the ground you've made

So lay a claim
Lay a claim
Lay a claim

What you let in, let out again

The of itself lost in the world
Found in the story of a man
Who turned his toiling into song
Who said I know it by the beating
My heart is recieving
That the body leaving
Runs the blood of songs

I know it by the ground I gain beneath
The pressure in my soul is pushing through my feet
The weight of my song

Pound for pound, recovering your ground
Let out all you take
Pounce for pounce, rotation comes back around
To claim and count the ground you've made

I start the work alone then I work along
When in the song I sing I hear a hundred more
I hear a hundred strong
That man was said to start all over again
Through the work of songs

damn, this is awesome. Sublime, tribal, percussive, choral, etc, etc The stuff BP are known for, but this is a bit more extensive/expansive. An epic, prog? sorta, yeah.

I guess it's only a digital release for now. I do wonder if this was left over from the Open Flames period, or totally new. Not a ton of Neil Haverty's vocals though, so I'm think it might be older or recorded around that time at least.

Regardless, this is pretty sweet. Maybe a sign of things to come as well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jellyfish - Live at Bogart's (2012)

First official live Jellyfish album—ever! This set was recorded in 1991 at Bogart’s (hence the clever title) in Long Beach, California while the band were on tour supporting their debut album Bellybutton. Get it now on CD or as a double LP with three sides of music and 1 side with laser-etched art. The first 1,500 copies pressed on translucent blue vinyl, and black thereafter.

Pre-Order: CD $15.99 Double LP $29.98

It's from the Bellybutton tour, so unlikely none of the Spiltmilk stuff of course. Bu so be it, damn I love JF.

Track List? Extras?

I may have to look through my bootleg dvds to see how many shows I have from that tour, and/or if that show I may have (it wouldn't surprise me).

edit: I have a show from Frankfurt from 1991, but that may be it. So, unlikely.

Gatherer - So Be It (2012)

5/1/12 11:04AM

Red Tape Records Link expiring at 6PM? Central on Thursday Evening 5/3/12

1 International Getaway 2:13
2 Mr. 2:21
3 Elvis Horizon 2:29
4 Thrive 3:58
5 So Be It 2:07
6 Regular Frontier 3:33
7 Camp Creative 5:29
8 Hammer 3:16
9 Building Houses 3:25
10 Cavalier 3:04
11 Sinister 4:06
12 DDPXL 5:14

Pre-order page

Gatherer is a familiar feeling, delivered with unfamiliar sound. Beautifully haunting melodies, complex rhythms and a wall of sound so huge it’s hard to comprehend.

On the road, Gatherer has shared the stage with bands such as …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, The Getaway Plan, Fear Before, La Dispute and a slew of other international acts. Gatherer's unique sound, combined with a ferocious, passionate live show, finds them not fitting in with any pre-existing crowd, but creating their own.

May 2nd marks the release of Gatherer's debut album, So Be It. Filled with ironic optimism and tongue in cheek backlash, less sporadic but still that little bit outrageous, So Be It will introduce a whole new world of sound to deliver what will ultimately be an 12-song epic.

For the next 48 hours, So Be It is up as a special 'pay what you want' download. The album can also be streamed and pre-ordered from their label, Red Tape Records, at

The physical release on Red Tape Records will be in stores on 1st June, via Fuse Distribution, and Elevenfiftyseven Records in New Zealand.

Can't fucking wait to hear this thing! I am really enjoying both the Gatherer singles and even This City Sunrise stuff. So this debut record has my attention and hopes.

Gotta give props to Kimbra again for introducing me to this band!

4/10/12 5:16AM

Kimbra just posted this on Twitter:
A treat for my prog-rockin' fans (I know ur out there)! Introducing the amazing @gatherernz: Go follow them! #NewMusic

Kind of curious. They sound a little amelodic; almost Crimsony but also perhaps with a hint of grunge. But I'm curious. I guess they were known as "This City Sunrise" and released 2 EPs and 1 full-length (according to this link from iTunes), before officially changing their name.

They're from New Zealand I guess, and this debut record of sorts is the 1st release to come out on "Red Tape Records," on May 7th.

Kimbra's taste has been scoring rather high of late, as evidence in her mentioning the likes of Mew, The Mars Volta and The Dear Hunter. I'm hoping she's right about this group as well.

Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra - TBA (2012)

5/1/12 3:52PM
Kickstarter Campaign which will go for another 30 days, that has nearly tripled her/the $100,000 goal.
edit: The Kickstarter Campaign is linked here
I put in $25. I hope this record comes close to as amazing as she sounds like it is. I guess if it's as good or better than Who Killed Amanda Palmer? I'm thinking that is more than worth it.

4/18/12 9:44PM

Not sure if the name of the record will be "Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra" "Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra" or just "The Grand Theft Orchestra." But whatever the EXACT name is, its a debut record expected in September. Kickstarter campaign coming in the next few weeks according to that.

I am a fan of The Dresden Dolls and of course her solo record Who Killed Amanda Palmer? from 2008. Evelyn Evelyn and the recent live record? not so much. But I'm rather curious reading about this.

to catch you up....brian and i (aka, ahem, THE DRESDEN DOLLS) rocked australia and new zealand hardcore, including a show where we played the violent femmes' debut album in its goddamned entirety with the femmes' bassist Brian Ritchie, and brought Richard O'Brien (creator of the Rocky Horror Show) on stage with us to Do the Time Warp. (Again?).

since then, i've been working night and day on a GIANT NEW RECORD with my band The Grand Theft Orchestra. we finished recording in melbourne, australia, about two weeks ago, and now i'm holed up in dallas with producer extraordinaire John Congleton (who some of you may know from his band The Paper Chase…or from his production on albums with St. Vincent, Murder By Death, Modest Mouse, Xiu Xiu, and MANY awesome others). we're almost done. i cannot wait for you to hear this shit. it's unlike anything i've ever done and if i am allowed to say it (fuck…of course i'm allowed to say it), it's the best thing i've ever made. it's a masterpiece....and the best kind of masterpiece, a collaborative one. my band KILLED, Chad Raines (the GTO guitarist) arranged the horns, Jherek Bischoff (the GTO bassist) is in seattle as we speak arranging and recording the strings, Michael McQuilken (the GTO drummer) did a ton of programming and basically everybody's crazy brains colliding to create a sonic explosion of awesome.

it's hard to describe what the record sounds like....but take my first solo album (who killed amanda palmer), both dresden dolls' records, add in a lot of mid-era cure and depeche mode, sprinkle on the cars greatest hits and some gary numan, then add a layer of my bloody valentine and swans and you've got a vague idea. it's LOUD. it's BIG. and it's totally awesome. it'll come out to the general public this septemberish. but true to form....i will bring it to you guys first.
in about two weeks (right around MY BIRFDAY), i'll be launching a Kickstarter project for pre-ordering.
if you're not familiar with Kickstarter yet, HERE is a video i did for FUSE talking about why it's awesome.
the packages available are going to consist of ALL sorts of beautiful ART (including, of course, the standard digital/CD/vinyl options).
EVERY package we sell via this Kickstarter campaign is going to be a limited edition backer-only version. that means different (and fancier) packaging than will be available to the public at retail, bonus content and all sorts of other unique madness which we're having LOTS of fun dreaming up. this stuff will NEVER be available in stores or online again. welcome to the future.
i don't want to say much more…just wanted you to be prepared. once the kickstarter campaign launches, all sorts of amazing things will start to unravel…and they'll unravel bestest for the people who get in on the ground up.

Fates Warning - Inside Out (remaster/ 2 CD/DVD)

I normally may not find this to be incredibly noteworthy; not due to the fact it's a Fates Warning release. But it is another remaster, and it's for maybe my least favorite record of theirs (although it's hardly an album I hate). However, in checking out all the extras, this is worth picking up. Not that the other remasters didn't include a lot as well, but this one has as much if not more than the previous ones.

This also may be the final one they do. Perhaps A Pleasant Shade of Gray or Sill Life, their lone live record. If APSOG were to get a Deluxe release, like with Making-of and maybe some other live footage and interviews, I'd be on it like white on rice. Or for that matter, if it were issued on VINYL.

Another bit of news with Fates, they have released Night on Brocken and The Spectre Within on 12" gatefold Vinyl (See this link). Which I would be up for picking up, save for the fact it is in Germany, and the Country's/Places listed to ship to, only include Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg. Hopefully those will be available to ship to the States at some point as well.

Fates Warning: a classic name not only on the Metal Blade roster but within the metal scene in general. In the course of our ongoing re-release series, the band's classic Inside Out is another must have item. Fates Warning always been one of the most influential bands within the metal scene. Being one of the founders of the progressive metal movement they have influenced the likes of Queensryche or Dream Theater among many others.

This re-release comes as a double CD plus bonus-DVD. It contains the classic original album as well as live tracks from a German show Fates Warning played in Dusseldorf in 1995 and unreleased demo takes. The bonus-DVD contains an assortment of live clips, from 1993-1995. The full track listing is below. A sample clip from the DVD, Monument, as well as one of the re-mastered tracks, Pale Fire, can be viewed now over at this location -

CD1 - "Inside Out" (re-mastered original album)
Outside Looking In
Pale Fire
The Strand
Shelter Me
Island in the Stream
Down to the Wire
Face the Fear
Inward Bound

CD2 – LIVE in DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY February 11th 1995
Outside Looking In
Down to the Wire
The Eleventh Hour
Point Of View
Face The Fear

Outside Looking In (demo)
Pale Fire (demo)
Shelter Me (demo)
Island In the Stream (demo)
Face The Fear (demo)
Monument (rough mix)
Circles (unreleased)

Outside Looking In 1994/95
Pale Fire 1993/94
The Strand 1994
Shelter Me 1993
Island In The Stream 2010
Down To The Wire 1994/95
Face The Fear 1994/95
Monument 1994/95
Afterglow Slide Show
Live In Still Water 1994
Through Different Eyes 1995
Guardian (Mike Portnoy drums) 1994
Shades of Heavenly Death 1995
MTV Europe Interview 1995
Eye to Eye 1994/95
Face The Face Of Fear 1994
Don't Follow Me 1994
Shortest Fates Warning Show Ever. 1994
Guardian (Arch/ Alder duet) 1994

"Inside Out" will be released June 1st/4th via Metal Blade Records in Europe on and June 5th in North America.

Arch/Matheos - 4/28/12 Live in Germany

No, I didn't get to see this show on Saturday, nor am I going to be able to fly to Hartford, CT for the show coming up sadly. But I think it's worth passing a little bit about it along. link

Neurotically Wired
Midnight Serenade
The Sorceress
Stained Glass Sky
The Apparition
Any Given Day/Strangers Like Me


edit if there is any surprise/disappointment I suppose is the lack of material off A Twist of Fate, but given the band may not have been able to learn that so soon, it's understandable.

Both of these videos are actually beyond impressive, namely for John Arch. He really sounds terrific live. I actually am pretty certain I have never heard "Epitaph" live, so this is the 1st time. Although they didn't play the outro with the synths, I can't complain nor be surprised about that.

Suppose this is bitter-sweet given I won't be seeing that show in Hartford, but perhaps this will lead to a few more shows in a year or 2 at least. John Arch really looks like he is enjoying playing live again, which was not clear going in.

Coheed and Cambria - "Somebody That I Used to Know" live 4/29/12

Go to about 9:15 into the video.

Despite the quality, I actually really like this cover. It's a different take on the tune really. To me, THIS is how you do a COVER. You take the basic melody or something that stands out about the song, and change it enough to distinguish it from the original. But it still captures what is great about the original at the same time.

Perhaps it doesn't hurt hearing Claudio Sanchez sing the parts instead of how many wannabes on Youtube (including of course that flash-in-the-pan Walk Off the Earth's version, which I think I've said it before but it bares repeating. Maybe consider posting a video of one your own songs, instead of creating some kind of attention-seeking video, that sadly, has become almost more known than the original video and song itself).

It also is interesting this is from their 1st concert with their new lineup (new bassist Zach Cooper, and Josh Eppard back on drums..I could be wrong, but I think this is his 1st show since rejoining the band).