Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kimbra supporting Gotye this Spring in the US


Kimbra to join Gotye on US tour

31 January 2012
by Shannon Andreucci
That haunting cameo appearance in Gotye’s multi-platinum smash hit Somebody That I Used To Know has got to be the best career move Kimbra ever made for herself. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter has just been invited to tour the US in support of the man of the moment himself, Gotye.

The nationwide run kicks off in late March and will see the pair embark on a 14-show stint through the States, not too long after their highly coveted slot on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show goes to air. 

Kimbra is also locked in to perform at the SXSW Music Conference in Austin, TX prior to the spring tour.

Originally from New Zealand, Kimbra Johnson has been spinning her jazz-inflected pop magic since the age of 14. She first made her mark on the Australian scene with debut album Vows, which spawned three hit singles, platinum status and won an ARIA Award for Best Female Artist.

But it was her arresting vocals on the chart-topping Gotye track that has propelled her onto the international stage. The video clip forSomebody That I Used To Know currently enjoys over 54 million views and is climbing the US radio charts at enviable speed.
Gotye -- 2012 North American Tour Dates
February 2 Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey
February 6 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
March 22 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club 
March 23 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA 
March 27 New York, NY @ Webster Hall 
March 29 Boston, MA @ Paradise 
March 30 Montreal, QB @ Corona Theatre
March 31 Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre 
April 3 Chicago, IL @ Park West
April 4 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theatre 
April 6 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theatre 
April 8 Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre 
April 10 Seattle @ Neptune 
April 11 Portland, OR @ (venue TBA)
April 12 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent

Absolutely no fucking way will I miss this (April 4th in Minneapolis) show even more now.


First Ave, get your heads out of your ass and move this fucking show to YOUR MAINROOM so those who don't have a ticket (who deserve one) can still buy one, thanks to the scum of the music industry in

trying to sell a bunch of tickets between $119-$200 here and for $223 and $225 here
and others
$223 and $225 here
$221 and $223 here
$229 and $231 here
$218 and $220 here
$220 and $222 here
$223 and $225 here

despicable filth of the music industry. But I have a few plans already to acquire a ticket, likely before the day of the show now.

First Ave should try and move this show to THEIR MAIN ROOM now, even more so. I know there's another show on April 4th, an arttist named Lucero. But perhaps they could have an ALL-AGES SHOW start around 5PM and have enough time to still get the Lucero show in. There's MORE THAN ENOUGH DEMAND for the tickets. If by some miracle it happens, those douche-scalpers better not pull off this same bogarting shit again.

Cynic - The Portal Tapes (2012)

I stumbled on this on rateyourmusic earlier. If I am not mistaken, this ain't the new full-length record they are working on, but "old demos."

Now, given my appreciation for Focus, these might hold some intrigue. I recall some of this work was included on 1 or more of the Focus remasters, one of I personally purchased. But perhaps the versions on this  will differ in both arrangement and mix.

Why this was placed under their normal discography, rather than "Compilations" on rym, is confusing. But so be it. I'm curious about these, but don't want to go overboard about this. This is not their all-new material release that is expected to come in 2012. But I suppose this should tide myself and the bigger Cynic fans over a bit until then.


As previously announced, Cynic will finally share the legendary "Portal" demos on a worldwide scale. "The Portal Tapes" will be released on March 23rd (March 27th in North America) through Season of Mist. The track listing is as follows:

1. Endless Endeavors
2. Karma's Plight
3. Circle
4. Costumed in Grace
5. Cosmos
6. Crawl Above
7. Mirror Child
8. Road to You
9. Belong
10. Not the Same

The artwork was designed by the late Robert Venosa, the artist behind the cover artworks of all Cynic releases. "The Portal Tapes" will be released in strictly limited editions of 5000 digipak CDs and 1000 vinyl LPs.

Chrome Canyon - Body Music [EP] (2012)

1 Computers of Love (Original Mix) 3:47
2 Computers of Love (Melee Beats Remix) 5:12
3 Computers of Love (Douze Mix) 5:55
4 Body Music (Original Mix) 3:33
5 Body Music (Heroismo Remix) 5:07
6 Body Music (Stavarsky Remix) 3:32

I just checked this debut EP out as it was released earlier today (yesterday), and it's stream-able there on Soundcloud.

This is the project of Morgan Z, who I believe has worked with a few different bands/artists as a keyboardist and for mixing, remixing, etc. But the biggest thing to me about the guy is his work with Apes and Androids, I want to say entirely with their live shows a few years ago.

The music on this EP, while not exactly like A&A's, does feature a lot of that heavy electronic/synth driven songs. The vocal use is processed, perhaps a heavy amount of auto-tuning or vocoder. Why? it does fit the music, but perhaps he's not into writing vocals like A&A's for now.

It includes 2 additional remixes from other DJ's, and is available on iTunes as well as This Beatport and Juno links.

I guess my biggest/only issue with it, other than I'm skeptical how addictive it'll become, is the lack of including this track "Branches" which a video was made, that I've embedded below. That piece I think is better than any of the original or remixes on this EP. Very Tangerine Dream or even Pink Floyd-y in a way, especially with the footage in the video. It's rather surreal, hypnotic and dreamy.

Maybe that track will be released at a later point.

Chrome Canyon - Branches from Chrome Canyon on Vimeo.

Also, one thing that is kind of cool, like his former bandmate in Apes and Androids,  Brian Jacobs (under his own name, as well as the moniker Majestyy with 2 y's), if you like remixes of new, popular or even obscure songs, the Chrome Canyon Facebook page and other links would be worth following.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anneke van Giersbergen/The Gathering

This is I guess a few notes about both of them.

I recall around 10 or 11 years ago, maybe even going back to the late 90's, knowing-of The Gathering, and their beautiful lead singer Anneke van Giersbergen aka "Anneke." I think they had their share of fans among the Dream Theater fans even back then. But I know around the time I started listening to "The Root of All Evil" and then volunteering/dj-ing at KFAI, I got to know their name. And eventually I purchased a copy of their 1st album with Anneke 1995's Mandylion

Soon after, I recall James Bickers both telling me about some of their fans at the initial ProgPowerUSA festival in 2001, saying they don't like them anymore because "they're not metal anymore."

And I recall he also wrote about their latest album in his impressive yet short-lived music zine Sea of Tranquility. In fact, it may have been reading about them in there that motivated me to purchase a copy of Mandylion soon after.

And while I liked some of that album, it never really grabbed me to the point of addiction. I probably listened to it 4 or 5 times, and have since not gone back to revisit it sadly.

The other really sad thing about The Gathering for me is, I still to this day, regret missing them live, with what I believe was on their tour during the Summer of 1999 with King's X, at what was known as "The Lab" or "4th Street Station." in St.Paul.

Now I'm not certain in terms of evidence they were on that tour, the Summer of 1999. On Wikipedia though, it does mention

Positive reactions came from all over the world, including the United States, where they played 14 shows during the summer of 1999.

But I do distinctly remember not too long after that show, seeing something online about those 2 bands on tour that Summer. And for King's X, I had never missed seeing them (since becoming a fan in 1996), since I probably had seen them 4 times during the 3 years or more, before that show took place. But the Summer of 1999 was not an easy one for me, as I lost my job at Best Buy and had just moved into my 1st apartment. When I became unemployed, I had to be as careful with my money as I could be.

Fortunately, I did find a job a few months later, but at the time, little did I know I missed the chance to see this band I would grow to become at least curious about. And to add, Anneke being there would have been a big reason to go, as I'll admit, she's as pretty a musician as I've ever seen, even just in photographs. I won't lie, getting to see and hopefully meet her, was probably as big a reason why I felt and still feel sad/bad about missing that show as anything.

But after that period of time, I knew they were still active, and recall wanting to see them live if given the chance. But I don't recall any other tour dates coming to Minnesota, at least for many years. And their studio work, I never spent much time checking out, for whatever reason, likely mostly due to listening to so many other things. Plus, it wasn't like they were a very buzzed-about band in the 2000's. At least not much on the forums I read and posted on.

But I do recall reading about Anneke's departure from The Gathering in 2007. Although I'll admit reading about Tarja Turunen's departure from Nightwish as much, if not more so around that same period of time. Maybe even mixing up the 2 lead female vocalist departures from European Metal bands. And for whatever reason, I wondered if Anneke leaving The Gathering was possibly a good thing.

But it still didn't end up motivating me to check out her music or more of The Gathering's. But now, some 12 years of more later, I stumbled upon her releasing her 3rd in-effect solo (studio) record Everything Is Changing, which was released a little over a week ago, and I streamed it a little while ago here.

Now what I heard on that album didn't really blow me away. A lot of it is gothic hard rock, not that different from my memory of her music with The Gathering. Although a bit also seems to be leaning in the pop and college rock vein. But I'll admit, I am interested to check it out again, with headphones. I also am curious enough about her other solo records, Pure Air, Air and In Your Room.(the latter two under the name Agua de Annique).

I guess the music on those is more acoustic, more stripped down, poppy, folky and singer/songwriter. Which for fans of The Gathering, is a big departure. Although part of what I remember about The Gathering's history, was an interest to change, evolve, not do the same kind of music each time around, etc. At least I recall James Bickers talking about his appreciation for them, for that reason. And in that sense, they were/are progressive. Maybe Anneke could be described in that way too.

And The Gathering themselves, given I have not heard really, more than a few songs beyond Mandylion, I am curious enough to check out their work, especially the albums from the last decade. With Anneke and the one since her departure, The West Pole. A lot of reviews suggest Souvenirs to be their best since Mandylion, but a few others like Home and the heavily layered How To Measure a Planet? may very well be worth the time to take in soon.

And they also have a new album expected in September I guess. The 2nd with new lead vocalist Silje Wergeland, who came from the The Gathering-influenced Norwegian band Octavia Sperati. They released a new single and video last May for the song "Heroes for Ghosts" and I must say, the 1st part of the song starts off a little slow, but by the middle of this track I became more impressed/mesmerized than I expected.

So I'm thinking I will be checking out a lot more of The Gathering and Anneke's work. Anneke has appeared on many albums as a guest and done some collaborations too. Maybe most notably for me, her appearing on Anathema's 2011 release Falling Deeper, on the track "Everawake"

She also performed with Anathema's Danny Cavanagh on a live disc from 2009 titled In Parallel, which I guess is mostly tunes from both Anathema and her work, re-arranged. I found 1 video earlier which was pleasant enough.

Perhaps I may find a new appreciation for both The Gathering and Anneke, in some ways like Anathema the last few years. I guess the biggest issue I have found with Anneke is her voice and vocal-lines seem to be limited to a certain range; which the songs end up sounding a lot alike. But maybe that was partially just a product of The Gathering's music. She does have a very good voice tonally/technically. She does remind me in some ways of Annie Haslam of Renaissance, or rather, my being drawn to her beauty, both outward and inward. She has an angelic voice like Annie. And I can see why many others have called upon her to sing on their albums. Even artists like November's Doom, Moonspell, Giant Squid, Napalm Death and Devin Townsend Project have. In fact I found a video of Anneke with Devin's band from last year live.

That tune is from Devin Townsend Project's Addicted LP. I may have to revisit it now, just for the fact she's on it.

Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know (Sound Opinions MB Blurb)

#11 2011 Singles Poll


"This song (and its consecutive video) will become your everything."

That sentence was the first thing I saw about this song on another message board one day last August. I had never heard of Gotye, but this song immediately caught my attention. The chorus is one of those rare examples of an Earworm that is so strong, it lasts for hours if not days later in your head.

"But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough
No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records and then change your number
I guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know"

Through listening to this song and watching the striking video (which reminds me of among others, Peter Gabriel), it became something I almost had no choice but to keep going back to. And subsequently pass along to as many places online as I could. This song was just too good not to share. And in those 4+ months since, the interest or even addiction to it has seemingly spread exponentially. So much so, there's a cover of it here that seems to be all the rage on Youtube, Facebook and many other sites right now.

Lyrically, this song drew myself and many others in, with what could be interpreted as a classic story of the lonely man thinking about how things ended with his ex-girlfriend. He's still contemplating with the fact he screwed up and will never get her back, even just as a friend. The two-perspective idea is used with the female vocal explaining, as much as she may still miss him, he screwed up, likely due to infidelity, and that is why she is now just someone he only used to know (but doesn't know anymore, by her cutting off contact with him).

The story seems to channel the drama that I'm sure has ensued, with countless examples, between two people in a relationship, in many cases online (changing a facebook status and un-friending someone perhaps?), or in direct, personal situations. It does have that sad, regrettable tone to it. Which as Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree has often said "I always find the saddest music is also the most beautiful," and I think this song being as sad as it is, is that way.

"Somebody That I Used to Know," while it has introduced the globe seemingly, to Gotye, is as significant for exposing how talented a musician he is, as it is introducing the globe to Kimbra as well. Although Gotye's music has been and may still be in the future, pigeon-holed from this one song. Over some time, at least enough people should come to discover his other music isn't really like this one song all that much. And that this song, while as impressive, addictive, inspiring, emotional, therapeutic as it is to many, is not exactly representative of the sound on Making Mirrors, nor Gotye's past work, namely the somewhat successful Like Drawing Blood from 2006.

Regardless, it (and the video for it) will be thought-of as one of the most popular songs from 2011. Whether it remains Gotye's one and only hit the rest of his career is unclear, but it is definitely a case of a rather talented artist, regardless of how arty or pretentious they may come across, creating something that appealed to the masses. Plenty of other examples have justifiably done this, and failed to reach that wide an audience. But I suppose it does hold hope for others, even when the statistics don't seem to suggest it's very likely to happen.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - Tree of Tongues (2012)

Mediaskare Records link

Soundcloud Link to stream the new song "Apis Bull"
(why they are such anal sob's not allowing people to embed it is baffling, but as their site is named metalsucks, they are good at *sucking* in the helping out blogs like mine, department)

As I recall posting last year, I initially really liked this band and their debut album I Have Made My Bed In Darkness. However, after taking it in enough, the hardcore screaming, especially with it so-high-in-the-mix was a turn-off and and too much of a distraction. So much so, I don't recall if it even made my top 50 albums in 2008.

But the sad thing is, these guys have enough prog to their sound, I really enjoyed them. So I and I would guess some others who read/might-find this blog would also be intrigued to hear this 2nd record of theirs.

The new song has that same upfront punk-screaming in it, I'm starting to get skeptical again. But then again, recently I revisited Refused and have grown to enjoy some of that kind of screaming. However, I'm not sure it's so high in the mix, as this new song or EAPZ's debut album.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mike Portnoy + Billy Sheehan + Richie Kotzen (2012?)

1/25/12 10:41AM

Apparently the guitarist is Richie Kotzen

from Melodicrock.com's twitter:

"One more exclusive for you. Replacing John Sykes in the Portnoy project will be Richie Kotzen."

1/24/12 2:49PM

This is the long mentioned project Mike and Eddie Trunk among many others talked about going back to early in 2011. Yesterday it was posted by melodicrock.com's twitter that John Sykes was out of the longtime referred to "Portnoy/Sykes" project, which I guess was going to be rather influenced by Classic Hard Rock ala Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc.

But as that post Eddie made a little while ago explains, it didn't work out. And then Mike just earlier today posted on twitter

“@JeremyBednarski: @EddieTrunk Can you say who the bassist was?” Billy Sheehan...we're moving on & now working w another guitarist/singer...

Eddie Trunk's linked post

24-Jan-12 Sykes/Portnoy band ends, the story
1/24/12: Recent reports have made the rounds on my social media and online about the status of the John Sykes/Mike Portnoy band that was first announced when the guys appeared together on That Metal Show last season. There has been much speculation on the status of the band and this project since we first revealed it, and as a friend and fan of both musicians I was very much at the center of it helping where I could and serving as a sounding board with all involved. Sadly I can confirm that as of now this project is no longer moving forward.

When I first talked about Portnoy and Sykes working together I joked with them that I had never met two guys with such different work ethics. Mike wants to do everything yesterday and John really takes his time and is much more conservative. That truly is the only reason why what could have been a killer band has dissolved.

Obviously bands are like any relationship, some click, some do not. This was simply a case of two different people not only getting to know each other musically but also personally, and the schedule and timing for making this work just fell apart. Mike and the bands bass player were ready to go, and John simply was not on the same timetable. There is truly no bigger story or any drama to report. It just didn't work and everyone is moving on.

Mike has several amazing projects in the works including the killer Adrenaline Mob album coming in March, and John may very well do a solo album or something else. He has some great material written and was singing and playing in top form when this dissolved. They both remain friends and I wish them both nothing but the best going forward and who knows what the future holds?
Eddie Trunk

I'm a little bummed by this, but the fact he's still working with Billy Sheehan, I'm still curious. The new guitarist? a lot of names being thrown out on Portnoy's forum. Tony McCalpine might make sense since Portnoy just played some shows with him; although stylistically, I'm not sure I picture Tony playing the same kind of music the Portnoy/Sykes project Mike described it as.

But I'm sure more information will come soon about this.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Reign of Kindo - TBA (2012)

Not that there's a ton info to pass along just yet, but I suppose one thing that can be forwarded in here is the band took questions from fans on Facebook recently. And are publishing them on their website as they just did the other day.

”When is the new album coming out and what’s the theme?” and seemed to generate some good interest from everyone else.

Well folks, as of now we are aiming to get this new record wrapped up and ready to hit the market in the summer months. We don’t have a specific date yet as we are still making the record and it’s most important to us that we feel it’s everything we want it to be before we put it out there. Also we are hoping to launch a decent marketing campaign to help us reach some new folks as well. This will take some planning indeed.

Thematically speaking, when we write our music and our records, we have yet to set out and stick with a specific theme. Usually the themes develop via happenstance. I can tell you that this could be one of the most diverse sounding Kindo records yet. Things are still developing and because we do a lot of our writing and final arranging in the studio, we know only a little bit more about what’s to come than you do. This keeps things fun and exciting for us, you see.

“When’s the dvd coming out?”
, this project has been evolving quite a bit. We are actually aiming to put together a short film that will include selections from the DVD recording as well as a great deal of footage that has been shot as we write and record this record. All we have is lots of footage and intentions to continue generating more throughout this process. I can’t give a date for when this will be done or released because we aren’t certain when to make a cut off for filming. I like the idea of documenting this process to help paint a picture of it for our fans. We have captured the very moments of when some of these songs on the upcoming records were taking shape and being recorded. It’s been interesting to leaf through some of the footage and observe ourselves at work and making decisions that will be heard on the record. I hope to possibly have several other Kindo concerts recorded to include selections from them for the film as well. Of course I’m sure it won’t be without footage of us acting like complete asses as well. As for now, the project remains a bit abstract… but I think it will be way more fun than a simple “Live DVD”.

The Chap - We Are Nobody (2012)

01 Rhythm King
02 What Did We Do?
03 Better Place
04 Talk Back
05 We Are Nobody
06 Curtains
07 Painkiller
08 Running With Me
09 Hands Free
10 Look At The Girl
11 This Is Sick


I don't have a ton to say at the moment, as their last album I enjoyed some of, but not as much as some of their earlier albums. Specifically Mega Breakfast. They aren't really the band who fill the Apes and Androids void exactly (maybe 2011's discovery NewVillager are tho?). Yet, I do still enjoy their music enough to still want to hear it. I do wonder given it was less than 2 years ago Well Done Europe was released, if this album might have been rushed or something. A bit like the way The Mars Volta or some other bands could be seen.

I guess I'll know when I hear it of course. But if this ends up at the same mid-level of Well Done Europe I'll kind of wonder if a different/new outside producer might benefit them. But I hope that isn't the case.

Drop date is February 20th.

Interesting review:

The Chap are nuts, right? They’re so weird that even guys who are pretty weird themselves think the Chap are weird. They don’t look like they play in a band! Weird. They’re almost in their 40s! Weird.

Their music is a hectic hybrid of almost everything that ever happened in modern western society, which means it’s really poppy but also quite screechy and detached and has really weird lyrics about cloning oneself and getting positive feedback from one’s boss. Weird.

But after almost ten years of weirding everybody out over the course of hundreds of intense live shows, four albums and even a best of Compilation, the Chap have finally let their sensitive side get the better of them, resulting in their distinctly melancholy fifth album. Written, recorded and produced by the band in London and Berlin over the first half of 2011, “We Are nobody“ is the most unified sounding Chap album to date. It contains 11 beautiful statements of loss, dislocation, nostalgia and defeat, mostly in a traditional pop song format and embedded in a surprisingly soothing and restrained sonic environment. I could go on. it’s all infectious, blistering pop music, but all the while something is deliciously wrong here. Another most intriguing and exciting collection of outsider pop from one of the UK’s most original bands.

In typical Chap manner, everything here is invested with instantly memorable melodies and several clear but disparate references whilst sounding like no other band has ever sounded. Opening song “Rhythm King“, over a distant reminder of a motown groove, asks of its elusive title character to “show me the way out of the darkness and remind me where my heart is“ while the album’s trademark super high-pitched guitars and super low bass rumble in a strange flow of harmonies.

“What did we do“ is the closest the Chap have ever gotten to a commercial radio single; while a pulsating synth bassline is complemented by ukuleles and more trademark high guitars, the song documents an onset of bittersweet memories triggered by a visit to an old haunt.

Elsewhere, on title track “We Are nobody”, the Chap magically combine a Tears For Fears homage of sorts with a surreal, frightening and deadpan tale of dissolving identities and mass migration.

“Look at the girl“ is the first song Panos and Johannes ever wrote together, shortly after meeting at University in 1997. Back then the original lyrics to the song were written by friend Geoff Lucas and have now been augmented by the Chap for the album version: as a sparse funk riff explodes into deft open harmonies, the narrator reflects on seeing a beautiful girl cycle by and eventually hints at a tragic incident...

The Chap are weird, right? So, making a serious pop record, is that going to work? You bet it is. For the human experience is a very weird thing and long ago the Chap, with their extraodinary musical versatility and deadpan delivery, made it their mission to condense that weirdness into breathtaking music. Be it in a hyperactive, humorous way or, as beautifully done here, a melancholy, introspective way.

Kimbra - Cameo Lover ([Disco-like] Remix)/Article

I just noticed Kimbra post a link to this article on twitter which includes this "Cameo Lover" remix by someone named Shook. It's kind of odd remix, in that it makes the song sound like a disco tune. I'm not sure if it's good or bad really.

Also the article is from "New Philadelphia" which makes me curious if that's a city/area of NZ or Australia. But what it talks about, her song "Good Intent" showing up on the popular-yet-long-since-jumping-the-shark Drama series Grey's Anatomy. And the curiosity about how the American music industry will appreciate her and her album Vows when it gets released in the States this year.

I just wish these people would stop comparing her to Florence and the Machine. She sounds really nothing like them. But I suppose it's just the token easy comparison because they have nothing else as well known to compare her to. Except Imogen Heap or Janelle Monáe ?..but of course it doesn't happen.

Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

Monday, January 23, 2012

MuteMath - Odd Soul NA Tour 1st Quarter 2012 (with Canon Blue)

1/23/12 2:19PM

This tour includes Canon Blue as a support!

10/14/11 2:06PM

mutemath.com link

January 26
Houston, Texas // House of Blues

January 27
Austin, Texas // Stubb's

January 28
Dallas, Texas // House of Blues

January 29
Tulsa, Oklahoma // Cain's Ballroom

January 31
Denver, Colorado // Gothic Theatre

February 2
Los Angeles // Club Nokia Live

February 3
San Diego, California // 4th and B Concert Theater

February 7
San Francisco, California // The Regency Ballroom

February 8
Sacramento, California // Ace of Spades

February 10
Seattle, Washington // Showbox SoDo

February 11
Spokane, Washington // Knitting Factory

February 12
Boise, Idaho // Knitting Factory

February 14
Salt Lake City, Utah // Club Sound

February 16
Kansas City, Missouri // Beaumont Club

February 17
Chicago, Illinois // House of Blues

February 18
Minneapolis, Minnesota // First Avenue

February 28
St. Louis, Missouri // The Pageant

March 1
Grand Rapids, Michigan // The Intersection

March 2
Detroit, Michigan // St. Andrew's Hall

March 3
Columbus, Ohio // Newport Music Hall

March 4
Cleveland, Ohio // House of Blues

March 7
Boston, Massachusetts // House of Blues

March 8
New York, New York // Best Buy Theater

March 9
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania // Trocadero

March 10
Washington D.C. // 9:30 Club

March 11
Norfolk, Virginia // The Norva

March 14
Charlotte, North Carolina // Amos' Southend

March 16
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida // Revolution

March 17
Orlando, Florida // House of Blues

March 18
Atlanta, Georgia // The Tabernacle

Boycotting 1st Crapenue? I may have to lift it for this show as they've never played a bad show.

5/9/12 The Dear Hunter - Complete The Color Spectrum live

1/23/12 11:32AM

I just got my ticket (Row B, Seat 10) as they went on sale for Lifetime Members today at Noon Eastern. However, given my potential travel schedule with 3 other trips from March until June that could run close to $1000 for me, I may not end up going. I would be up for selling at face-value, my ticket to someone if I am not able to go. But in the agreement before purchase, it states they are Non-Transferable. So, I'm not sure, but that may mean if someone else walked up to the door with my ticket, they wouldn't be allowed in.

I just realized, it may be worth contacting the venue about this, if I come to conclude I'm not going to be able to make this thing.

Tickets go on sale to the General Public on Saturday January 28th. Although given the smaller scale size of this venue, they may be all sold out by then.

1/19/12 2:07PM

a Wednesday night in Boston. More words hopefully later about this. I will do everything in my realistic-financial-budget to go.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lost Lander - DRRT (2012)

I'm enjoying a lot of this debut album from this new Portland group Brent Knopf of Ramona Falls/ex-Menomena, worked with.

They use fuzzy guitar, piano, vocal harmonies, strings, and a lot of other things that I often enjoy in music. Chamber College-Rock of sorts.

Kind of cool how in the encoding of the mp3's from their Bandcamp page, the lyrics show up on at least Windows Media Player I use.

The bandcamp finds in 2012, especially from bands that are working-with or even just promoted on artists facebook pages that I already know/like. It seems to be what I am digging the most this year so far.

I guess it could be safe to say, 2012: the year of Bandcamp.com or the year of the "Bandcamp finds." We'll see if I discover 1 every week, I'll have 50+ newly discovered artists just from said website.

Also for some reason, a lot of them hail from Portland, Oregon (Norhern Abbey, Forest Park, now these guys). Maybe I need to go visit or even move there? lol.

Lost Lander on Facebook

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Metal Genealogy Chart:

So, there's only 3 episodes left I guess of Metal Evolution on VH1 Classic.

1/21: "Shock Rock"
1/28: "Power Metal"
2/4: "Progressive Metal"

so in reading about the rest of the series, and of course in each episode + going back to Metal: A Headbanger's Journey they show the 26-subgenre Chart. So I wanted to actually take a detailed look at said 26-subgenre chart and the bands which Sam Dunn and co.include.


It's interesting where he puts certain bands, like Opeth for example, under "Goth Metal"? (and not "Swedish Death Metal" or even "Progressive Metal"..and there is no "Scandinavian Black Metal" only "Norweigan Black Metal")

I wonder if this series has been/is successful enough, if said other subgenre's could be featured in a continuation of this series.

It's also interesting how some bands (specifically progressive-related) are nowhere to found in there: Between the Buried and Me? Pain of Salvation? Angra? King's X? etc.

That all being said, I am looking forward to the "Progressive Metal" episode in a few weeks. Although for some reason I'm expecting it to include the expected names:
Rush, Dream Theater, Queensryche.
Pain of Salvation, BTBAM? likely not.
Tool or Porcupine Tree might be more likely.

Lehto & Wright - November (2012)

1/21/12 10:58AM

1 The Humors of Tuaimgreine/RakishPadddy/The Callahan Stomp 10:35
2 Lay Down Your Weary Tune 4:40
3 Redemption Song 5:11
4 Tom Joad 9:39
5 Shenandoah 5:55
6 Dominion of the Sword 3:51

I am checking this out right now as I type this. And in just reading this write-up on their page about it, I wasn't aware of a few of these tracks being interpretations from different artists. "Lay Down Your Weary Tune" being a Bob Dylan number, "Tom Joad" is a Woody Guthrie piece, and "Redemption Song" being from Bob Marley. Although both do sound familiar; what they did with them, it may come to be seen as their own (or rather distinguishable interpretations).

But early on, wow, this is pretty sweet. Not that I'm surprised since these guys are awesome, and pretty much their entire catalog is good. Especially their last record Children's Songs.

I'd say early in the year here, this has a chance to be among the top of my albums index already. And hey, Children's Songs was #2 (among 50+) in 2010, so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if this album places rather high by the end of year as well. I can already tell, like Children's Songs, this album has stellar production, which already scores big for me.

Will more people check it out? My friend Josh will, Jordan Blum I'm sure will. And perhaps some of the people who caught on to The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra will. But beyond that, I'm not expecting it, due to the gigantic failure by so many of those folks who haven't heard Children's Songs nor any of their other work still. At least by evidence online in the Twin Cities music Media (89.3, Citypages, Radio K, Jon Bream, Chris Riemenschneider) and music fans (save for Jearlyn Steele of WCCO Radio, and whoever at Kare-11 helped them appear on their Morning show a few years ago).

I should elaborate more in the coming days/weeks once I hear it with headphones. But initially, the prog-side is still apparent on a few tracks as the review below refers to. The opening suite piece "The Humors of Tuaimgreine/RakishPadddy/The Callahan Stomp" "Redemption Song" and the closer "Dominion of the Sword."

One thing I noticed in the write-up below, how  it says this is their 7th studio album, but I believe that is off by 1 or 2. Not only due to John Wright mentioning this being their 9th album last night at the cd release show, but I'm pretty sure on their website's store, they don't include at least 1 of the albums I own, which shows Steve Lehto and John Wright on the cover in front of an old-fashioned house with rifles I think.

Ye Mariners All (2000)
The Further Adventures of Darling Cory (2002)
A Game of Chess (2003)
The Thrashing Machine and Other Stories (2004)
Live At the Focal Point (2007)
Between the Jigs and the Reels (2008)
Children's Songs (2010)
Shenandoah [EP] (2011)
November (2012)

edit: maybe I'm thinking of a photo on the back or in the inner sleave. But at least looking at that list, this is their 7th proper full-length record, but 9th release overall, since they released the EP Shenandoah last year, and the 1 double live record Live at the Focal Point

It's available to buy now on their Website

Release year: 2012

$13.00 (shipping included)

"November" is the 7th full length studio release from Lehto & Wright. This outing continues to showcase the band's instrumental prowess with Irish Tune Sets while exploring the American song book as well. "Tom Joad," a Woodie Guthrie classic, is given a 9 1/2 minute workout while a Bob Dylan deep cut "Lay Down Your Weary Tune" is also given a Lehto & Wright twist. Our neighbors to the south are not to be excluded with an amped up version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" presented also. English Folk and Progressive rock are represented in full with an arrangement of "Dominion of the Sword" influenced by Martin Carthys recording of the same, here with all the Progressive Rock styling that Lehto & Wright are know for. Last but not least the fan favorite "Shenandoah" makes a re-appearance from its earlier release on a EP of the same name in 2011. "November" demonstrates Lehto & Wright's continuing forward momentum in their Folk and Folk Rock exploration.

1/18/12 12:44AM

Album title has changed to "November" (see John's post here on facebook.

Also there is an interview done with John archived here "1-15-12 "Center Stage: Celtic Roots" on WCCO Radio's Homepage with Jearlyn Steele (who also interviewed Lisi Wright last year for The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra's CD Release show I recall).

The CD Release show was obviously not January 14th, but now has moved to this Friday January 20th at The Dakota Jazz Club.

11/26/11 7:04PM

I look to include quite a lot of content about one of Minnesota best progressive rock acts soon, and this upcoming record of theirs being certainly part of that. Of course Lehto & Wright released a tremendous album in 2010 with Children's Songs, so this is in-effect the follow-up to that.

Just from doing a little searching on google, they have an album release show coming on January 14th at The Music Box Theater. Now, that was on a calendar listing here, but not something they cited officially. They don't post on facebook and twitter maybe as frequently as you'd think. Even as much as The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, John Wright's other main project. Although Lisi Wright, being more involved with that band, probably has a lot to do with why TGCO are online a bit more.

But at this point, from chatting with Lisi a few weeks ago at another TGCO show, she said their album is expected in January with a release show. So that show scheduled on January 14th at The Music Box Theater I'm assuming is said show and when at least initially this record will be released.

However, in just reading what they did post a bit about this year, they did put out on pro-cdr/mp3 a brand new EP titled Shenandoah which includes the title track, along with the title track to this upcoming album Dominion of the Sword.

from their homepage

1 Shenandoah 5:56
2 Dominion of the Sword 3:48
3 Second Waltz for Carol Jean 1:14
4 Ye Mariners All 6:47
5 Four Drunken Maidens 3:38

cdbaby link

"Shenandoah" is Lehto and Wright's first ever EP release. This recording features the first studio recording of the long time fan favorite "Shenandoah" which has been a mainstay in the live shows since 2009. Also on this CD is the titles track from the bands up coming 2012 release "Dominion of the Sword" in addition to a live version of "Four Drunken Maidens" and two other tracks.

Lehto & Wright on Facebook
Lehto & Wright on twitter

more to add about both of these and their past releases soon.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Catchup Blogging: 1/21/12-1/29/12

This is just a smallannouncement/reminder-to-myself (as I am my own boss around here, hehe).

I have next week off, and aside from a couple of routine errands and Friday Night's Hot Stove League. And likely Wed-night and Thursday (whole day) with the gf, my week is free.

I am hoping, almost demanding of myself to catchup on a lot of stuff in here. Playing reporter will happen I'm sure, but also the actual editorializing diarhea-of-the-text (and mouth likely) should be put in here in the next 9 days or so.

2012 preview?
2011 Turkey, etc?
lot more stuff in allmediareviewsnotmusic ?
Concert reviews/previews etc?

hopefully..now only if this job actually paid me something in monetary value, lol.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Imogen Heap - TBA (2012)

This is probably the 2nd or 3rd entry about this 4th LP of hers, but it's worth posting this new soundcloud upload as it includes now 4 songs that'll likely be on the record.

I haven't gone to her fans forum or even read much on twitter/facebook of late to know where's she's at. Although given how she's such a perfectionist, this may not be released until 2013 or later, but hopefully not.

"Album 4" so far... by imogenheap

1/18/12 rateyourmusic.com

Not that I want to cover much about politics here or on the new allmediareviewsnotmusic, but with this message on rateyourmusic.com today, it's probably worth passing along. If rym went away, while I'd survive, it would definitely change things and suck for awhile. Although I'm sure finding alternatives would happen, I still wouldn't want it to happen of course.

Stop SOPA and PIPA

SOPA and PIPA are two misguided bills intended to fight piracy, but will instead stifle online speech and threaten the existence of many legitimate sites such as RYM. Please take a moment to call or write your representatives to let them know you oppose these bills! If you live outside the US, please petition the State Department. RYM is offline today to raise awareness about the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bills which are currently being considered by the U.S. Congress.

As the founder of RYM, I'd like to explain why this legislation would threaten the existence of legitimate sites such as this one.

As most of you know, RYM is a reference site which provides information about music. We feature artist biographies, discographies, user-written reviews, and similar content. There is no music available for download on the site, with the exception of a collection of songs from around 100 unsigned artists who have given us explicit permission.

In addition, we prohibit users from linking to any pirated material, or even to other sites which are dedicated to providing such links. The result is that you won't find any pirated music on RYM, or even through RYM.

Despite our work in making sure RYM only contains legal material, we constantly receive complaints from a small group of misinformed artists and labels who mistake RYM for a piracy/file-sharing site and believe we're somehow making their material available for download. Oftentimes, a simple reply asking them to take a closer look at the site clears things up, but sometimes we are forced to have attorneys respond.

While I wish we wouldn't have to spend time and money responding to these false complaints, it's a situation that is manageable. However, the proposed legislation would change this dynamic in a way that would make it impossible for site owners to defend themselves against such false allegations.

The reason is simple: these bills allow the attorney general and/or third parties to effectively shut down sites like RYM without due process.

If this legislation were passed, any third-party could complain to the attorney general in an attempt to shut down RYM. The AG could then request a temporary injunction against RYM without us being notified or given a chance to defend ourselves against the allegations.

If that wasn't enough, the legislation would grant immunity to any service provider that decides to voluntarily stop providing services to RYM due to their own suspicion of copyright infringement. This gives third parties yet another way to subvert due process; they could simply bully the service providers into voluntarily shutting down a site, and it would usually be in the providers' best interest to do so given the immunity clause.

As I've mentioned above, some copyright holders unfortunately don't understand how the internet works at all. Some of them mistakenly believe that informational sites like Wikipedia are infringing sites. And the government itself has demonstrated that they can often be confused as well. For example, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency shut down a legitimate music site, Dajaz1.com, for over a year.

It therefore makes no sense to allow these parties to make a determination of the legitimacy of a site without input from the site operators themselves.

If RYM were temporarily shut down, it would be devastating to our finances. Running a site that serves 50 million page views per month is expensive. By the time I would be able to contest the shutdown and contact all the services needed to power RYM, I would be thousands of dollars in debt, and there's no guarantee that I would be able to re-establish all of the affiliate/advertising agreements that would be broken as a result of the injunction.

I strongly feel that artists should be properly compensated for their work. But this bill has little to do with protecting artists and everything to do with taking away fundamental legal protections to those who operate web sites. And legitimate, non-infringing sites that are related to entertainment - such as RYM - will be hurt the most.

Please take a moment to call or write your representatives to voice your opposition to this legislation. If you live outside the US, Wikipedia has information on how you can take action.

Hossein Sharifi

Founder, Rate Your Music

Resources and links

Wikipedia: SOPA and PIPA: Learn More

EFF: Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation

Ars Technica: Why Ars Technica opposes the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Tim O'Reilly: SOPA and PIPA are bad industrial policy

*Some proponents of this legislation claim that it only applies to foreign sites, but this is false. The definition of "foreign" is loose enough to include RYM due to its use of non .com/.net/.org domain names. And section 104, the immunity clause, applies to all internet sites.

Flying Colors - Flying Colors (2012)

1/18/12 1:35AM

Track Times
1 Blue Ocean 7:05
2 Shoulda Coulda Woulda 4:32
3 Kayla 5:20
4 The Storm 4:53
5 Forever in a Daze 3:56
6 Love Is What I’m Waiting For 3:36
7 Everything Changes 6:55
8 Better Than Walking Away 4:57
9 All Falls Down 3:22
10 Fool in My Heart 3:48
11 Infinite Fire 12:02

1/11/12 11:42AM




Quintet Features Mike Portnoy, Dave LaRue, Neal Morse, Casey McPherson and Steve Morse

New York --- Mascot Label Group has announced a March 27 release date for the debut from Flying Colors (available the day prior overseas) on their Music Theories Label. The formation of the ensemble began with a simple idea: virtuoso musicians and a pop singer joining together to make new-fashioned music the old fashioned way. Refreshing, classic, old and new, the recordings are saturated with the many styles, tones and hues of the players who in becoming a band have delivered a unique fusion of vintage craftsmanship and contemporary music. Flying Colors is Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals), Casey McPherson (lead vocals), and Steve Morse (guitar). Portnoy shares, "This album has bits and pieces of what you'd expect from each of us. However, the sum of all its parts led to brand new, unchartered territory for all involved."

In 2008, executive producer Bill Evans brought the idea to the world renowned musicians and producer Peter Collins. Intrigued by the idea, and the prospect of working together, the four signed on to form a band and record a first album. Steve Morse and Dave LaRue have developed a magical music chemistry over the years, that began early in their careers as partners in Dixie Dregs. Morse subsequently became a member of Deep Purple in 1995, while LaRue’s ongoing musical adventures include Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, Steve Vai, and the aforementioned Portnoy. Multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Neal Morse is one of the leading figures in progressive rock, who's significant notoriety follows his co-founding of the seminal band, Spock’s Beard in 1995, recordings as a solo artist, and contributions to the super-group Transatlantic. Mike Portnoy is one of the most popular and respected drummers in both metal and rock, and an accomplished writer and producer. He is the recipient of numerous industry accolades, including 26 Modern Drummer awards, Revolver Magazine’s Golden God award for “Best Drummer" and Drum Magazine's "Drummer of the Year". He rose to prominence as the leader, drummer, producer, and co-writer for metal/prog juggernaut Dream Theater, before moving on in 2010. That same year, he worked on Avenged Sevenfold’s #1 album Nightmare and their subsequent tour. And, it was Portnoy who recommended Alpha Rev's emotive singer Casey McPherson as a contender to join Flying Colors.

McPherson, who's 2010 Hollywood/Disney album New Morning debuted in the Top-5 on two Billboard charts, enjoyed major success at radio with multiple hits. The track “New Morning” spent 17 weeks in the Top-10 on Triple A Radio, and enjoyed a run on Vh1’s Top-20 Countdown for months. Steve Morse offers, "Casey was a glorious find, because he could make anything sound fantastic, and is a multitalented like the others."

Flying Colors convened for just nine days in early 2011, and composed and recorded this album during a short and intense session. Dave LaRue recalls, "It was quite an experience - the band moved at a fast pace, ideas flying around the room at all times. Sections of tunes were arranged, then re-arranged, ideas were tried every which way until we made them work, or, in some cases, discarded them altogether. Just keeping track of everything was a challenge!" McPherson adds, "This record is filled with trial and triumph. Raw and delicate songs alike amidst the swirling and daring orchestration of Steve, Neal, Mike and Dave. It's been such an inspiring challenge melding folk, prog, pop, and metal all into one big recording."

Touring plans for Flying Colors will be announced in the coming months.

To screen the Flying Colors EPK, click here: http://www.flyingcolorsmusic.com/video

For more information contact:
Steve Karas
SKH Music

Pre-Ordering Link


Pre-Order will be a Limited Edition Digipack CD!! Product will be shipped before release, so should be with you around releasedate.

Available on Ltd Edition Digipack, Double Vinyl and regular CD

1. Blue Ocean
2. Shoulda Coulda Woulda
3. Love Is What I’m Waiting For
4. The Storm
5. Kayla
6. Forever In A Daze
7. Everything Changes
8. Better Than Walking
9. All Falls Down
10. Fool In My Heart
11. Infinite Fire

well there it is. The tour dates I'll have to keep an eye out for. I will definitely think about that Double Vinyl, although like any single or double Vinyl in this case, it seems pretty much higher than I feel is worth spending €25,00 (or $31.73) then add tax+ shipping, that's likely close to $40 for a band/album I've never heard.

Although I haven't seen that clip yet since I'm at work. But that dollar figure is why I may hold off a bit until hearing more.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brooke Waggoner with Hammock


* We've sung the praises of ambient post-rockers Hammock before — as when we mentioned the recent and ultra-noteworthy Asleep in the Downlights, for instance. Via their Bandcamp page, Hammock is now offering a single called "Parkers Chapel" that features vocals from local songstress Brooke Waggoner and instrumentation from Hammock's Marc Byrd. Byrd notes that the lyrics were related to a deeply personal matter, saying, "When I told her the story behind it she approached the music reverently and something very special appeared." Stream "Parkers Chapel" below, or purchase it for a mere $1.25 at Hammock's Bandcamp.

I have a friend who loves Hammock, and I know some others who also are very big fans. Myself? not that I hate them, but haven't really found them amazing. But Brooke Waggoner of course I think is brilliant at times.

So this is an interesting pairing.

I don't believe this is what Brooke's been working on of late, as Timbre posted the other day, playing some Harp with her, on presumably, her own, upcoming new music/record etc. But in the mean time, this will have to tide myself and others over.

Ramona Falls - TBA (2012)

Facebook link

Big shout-out of Love and Gratitude to Mr. Tony Lash for mixing our new album. http://www.tonylash.com/ Wow: work-ethic + passion, a total Pro. ♥ B of ®ƒ

This is just an early announcement, as that post on Facebook Brent made confirms their new album is coming. In due time, likely in another entry, I'll elaborate about Ramona, but to say I'm excited to hear another album from them would be accurate.

In the mean time, check out that new tune in that live video.

There's also a chance for another Menomena album this year (sans Brent obviously).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Forest Park - Forest Park [EP] (2012)

1/16/12 8:34AM

Edit: the WHOLE EP is there to stream. It should be available to download soon as well.

Awesome EP. The drumwork and the trumpet among other things really standout on that last track "Landscapes."

These guys are without question one of my favorite new discoveries for 2012 (maybe along with Northern Abbey). Granted, it's only 15 days into the year, but I'd be surprised if this doesn't end up on the 2012 Album Index.

Terrific EP. Maybe more material will come by the end of the year as well.

Forest Park EP Cover Art

1. Golden 10:11
2. The Sun 06:06
3. Landscapes 08:13

1/13/12 2:13AM
um, wow. You know, when you hear a band you don't expect to be anything but derivative, and they are not? I just streamed this song from this project called Forest Park and totally love it! This is how Post-Rock should sound, or at least how the traditional "Post-Rock" sound works and doesn't get boring to me.

How did I hear about this? The Portland, OR band Typhoon posted a preview video to this project's new upcoming EP on their page. I think some of the members of Typhoon are involved with Forest Park.

Anyway, call me their newest fan. Really great stuff. Love the female vocal textures and trumpet especially.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Northern Abbey - Northern Abbey [EP] (2012]

Northern Abbey Cover Art
1 The Catacombs 5:29
2 Wayward Village 2:29
3 Paintings 3:29

Jessy Ribordy was passing this project along on facebook yesterday as it was just released. This 3-track debut EP from Nothern Abbey.

Wow, The River Empires much? regardless of how similar, this is SUBLIME. Damn.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jellyfish - Bellybutton Spiltmilk 12" Vinyl (2012)

1/13/12 5:02PM
They arrived at my post-office today. Absolutely lovely, not much more to say, other than I need to get around to buying a Turntable  even more, to actually listen to them now.

11/30/11 1:11AM
The typical no time to go in-depth about how I love this band's 2 records, blah blah.

They're awesome, and I've been hoping to find (still am I suppose) copies of both of them on Vinyl this year. And I did find some on discogs.com this weekend and nearly ordered a copy of Bellybutton, but failed to "Checkout." The price is cheaper for this newly released 12".

I saved a bit in shipping I believe by ordering both as well.

Maybe 2012 will be a big year for Jellyfish? a new biography is coming, and some talk about a Roger Manning + Jason Falkner and perhaps also Andy Sturmer collaboration as well.



Bellybutton & Spilt Milk

Available January 10, 2012 where fine records are sold!
As nature intended—as 12″ LPs with the first 1,500 copies pressed on 180 gram colored vinyl!
Cut from the original analog masters by John Golden at Golden Mastering.
Early ’90s power pop at its finest—commercially available for the first time on vinyl in the U.S.! After the demise of Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning’s Beatnik Beatch, the two recruited Roger’s brother Chris and former Three O’Clock guitarist Jason Falkner to create Jellyfish. While Jason and Chris left after the first album and tour—the follow-up, Spilt Milk, was created by Andy and Roger with help from Jon Brion (Aimee Mann, Kanye West, Fiona Apple, Spoon), Lyle Workman (Todd Rundgren, Bourgeois Tagg, Beck), and T-Bone Wolk (Hall & Oates).
Bellybutton Spilt Milk
Even though the group lasted for only two albums and four years, their influence on power pop bands since has been as profound as the bands that Jellyfish were influenced by: Cheap Trick, Big Star, Badfinger, Raspberries, Brian Wilson, and more—all part of the power pop tradition being handed down one generation at a time.
Omnivore Recordings’ release of the two Jellyfish albums on LP marks the first time either have been commercially available on vinyl in the U.S. Bellybuttonwas only released on vinyl as a promotional item in 1990—its only official release at the time was on CD. The first 1,500 copies of the Omnivore release carefully replicates the original tri-fold gatefold packaging and is pressed on translucent blue vinyl. Spilt Milk has a similar story. It was only released on vinyl in the U.K. The U.S. release was, again, only on CD. This time around Omnivore is pressing the first 1,500 copies on translucent green vinyl.

Click on the image to download your copy and have fun coloring!
Now we know that late January is still a ways away and you’ll probably need something to do to keep you busy while you’re waiting for these pretty pieces of vinyl to be fully cooked. So we dug deep into our archives and found this illustration that was originally used for a coloring contest to promote the release of Bellybutton. We thought you might like to spend a little time coloring in Jellyfish (or maybe your kids would). If you come up with something of which you are particularly proud, go ahead and send it to us and we’ll post the ones we like.
Send to:
I Colored A Jellyfish!
Omnivore Recordings
7958 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Here’s a few of the masterpieces we’ve received thus far—keep coloring and keep sending them to us! You can click on your fav to see it larger.

2011 Album Index on Rateyourmusic.com

1950: 20-11 Win-Loss Record.

the 2011 All Media Reviews Album Index has been transcribed (and extensively coded) to my rateyourmusic page


as it says there, the Turkey/Review Blog should be included/added in here and then there soon enough. Having that whole thing finally done, and a 3-day weekend (not to mention the next week after next off too) should allow myself enough time to finally do it (unless my procrastination habits kick-in horribly).

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gotye - State of the Art (Video)

pretty slickly animated video. This song is great, and hopefully the lemmings finally catching on to Gotye, who I have been into since August by the way, will recognize songs like this represent his style of music and art a lot better than "Somebody That I Used to Know" (or some lame cover a band uses to get attention they don't really deserve)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flying Colors - TBA (The Storm?) (the Morse's, Portnoy)

1/10/12 8:49PM

Mike just posted this on twitter a bit ago

• For all those who have been asking: Flying Colors info is coming TOMORROW!! Stay tuned... #MPin2012

maybe a new song or some samples will be included in this announcement coming tomorrow. Either way, it'll be nice to finally get more details about it.

11/9/11 12:17AM

So I was quoted by Portnoy himself on his forum earlier


I wonder if naming the band Morse Code would be too easy/obvious?

We kicked that name around for a minute and Steve told us he tried to use that name years ago and couldn't because somebody already used or trademarked it...

I can confirm (as Brauer already spilled the beans) that the band name is indeed Flying Colors...

More info coming very soon!

Flying Colors? weird, my cousin's violin/harpsichord/+other instruments baroque project has a similar name in "Flying Forms."

I guess I'll have to mention the similarity to him, even though he nor his wife have ever heard any music from Mike or anyone else involved with this project.

At any case, it's good to finally start to get more pieces to this puzzle after nearly a year.
This MMPLM aka Flying Colors project's 1st album is due in March from what Mike posted a few days ago. And just this evening he posted on twitter:

MP listening to the playback of The Storm by Portnoy, Morse, Morse, LaRue & MacPherson - Electric Ladyland Studios NYC.

So maybe a song is titled "The Storm" or the album is? one or the other (or both?)

I should add a lot more in this blog as the information continues. All I really need to know is a couple of comparisons (made by Portnoy mind you) this project received earlier this year were U2 and especially Jellyfish and Kevin Gilbert in style.

Nuff said for now.

Tokyo Jihen RIP

the final tour.
january 13 to january 23 (ticket sale)
february 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29 (shows)


the final tour.

january 13 to january 23 (ticket sale)

february 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29 (shows)

fuck :(. I suppose them being in Japan, seeing them live was unlikely. There of course is Shiina Ringo's solo career still. But another talented band I get into, who will be no more soon.

At least the Color Bars Mini-Album and the compilation will be coming out shortly to enjoy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Dear Hunter @ COACHELLA 2012

Not that it's some enormous accomplishment, even say a Talk Show appearance like David Letterman or Jay Leno would be. But it does say something that they are playing a festival this big and visible.

Too bad my Lifetime Membership won't get me in for free, lol.. Gotye's there  Godspeed You Black Emperor as well. The rest of the names aren't doing a lot for me from trying to read so many of them. But if this sucker is WEBCAST, I definitely will try and catch Gotye and TDH of course.

How many new fans will they make? how many did dredg or Fair to Midland make?


The Royal Veil - The Royal Veil [2012 EP]

The Royal Veil Cover Art

1 False Kings 5:30
2 Why? 5:23
3 Spiraling Lights 5:13
4 Trip* 12:14

Wow, some of this is totally badass. Very riffy, intricate, and not boring or repetitive. But also dark, textured, trippy and sludgey at times.

I've known Steve Bergquist, The Royal Veil's drummer, for a few years now from seeing him at shows. Their bassist Andy Klockow I first met when he played with SOAP to perform the entire Animals record from Pink Floyd live.

I got to see them a few times last year, including at the "Prog Gasm" at the 400 Bar last Spring with some other talented up-and-coming progressive rock bands in Minnesota (Brice Plays Drums namely), and certainly was optimistic about what and when they may release their 1st music, officially anyway.

So, I just purchased and listened to this 4 Track Self-Titled debut EP of theirs. And even just the 1st time hearing it, via my PC here at home, I'm already more impressed than I might have expected.

Comparisons can be made to Pink Floyd and especially The Mars Volta. But also groups like Mastodon or Tool.

I've already heard enough to know I'm going to be playing this EP of theirs a lot this year. I knew they were good, but they just hadn't released anything. Now that they have, they probably go with The Book of Right On, Between Two Skies, Lehto & Wright, Greg Herriges and Brice Plays Drums among my favorite acts, progressive or otherwise in Minnesota.

Hopefully more people will catch on in 2012 as well with this EP and seeing them live.

The Royal Veil's facebook