Thursday, February 23, 2017

Persefone - Aathma (2016-2017)

2/23/17 12:30PM

Album stream. Awesome, and probably better than Spiritual Migration. Paul Masvidal of Cynic really works well on "Living Waves."


"Prison Skin" video

1/21/16 9:31PM

14+ minute teaser, which is extensive clips from every track?

despite a good chunk already there, I'm still looking forward to this.

12/2/16 6:42PM

"Sneak Peak"

9/6/16 12:32PM
New Persefone album coming on February 24, 2017. Campaign, etc.

Sounds sweet. Spiritual Migration was surprisingly really good, so I have pretty high hopes for this one as well.


Almost four years have passed since Persefone unleashed to their highly acclaimed album “Spiritual Migration”. An impressive album that took both the press and the listeners by storm (1,2 million clicks on Youtube!). When the calendar shows February 24, 2017 it´s finally time to experience the evolution of Persefone with their new album “Aathma”!
The album will contain 10 new songs and it´s mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street. The artwork is once again created by Travis Smith.
“Aathma” will for sure set the standard for progressive metal in 2017!

Persefone´s own words about “Aathma”:
"It’s only once in every three, four years that we can express ourselves with freedom as musicians, by making music under the name of Persefone. Each album is a picture of our lives and the way we're experiencing this journey. It’s the first time we feel there’s someone out there, waiting for the album and we are doing our best to make honest music that shows the spirit and essence of the band. It’s not about releasing albums. It’s all about the music."
“Aathma” will be released on CD, 12” double vinyl, a limited digipak edition and of course as digital download.
Persefone is releasing a crowd-funding campaign in conjunction with these news, in order to finance the album, and keep people informed and on-track towards the big date in 2017. The crowd-funding campaign can be viewed here:

Intromental, Vicisolum and Metalized present:
PERSEFONE European tour 2017:
Persefone is the new rising star on the European progressive melodeath scene. Having released 4 critically acclaimed albums, and about to deliver the 5th album of extreme technical skills and fantastic songwriting, this band has climbed from being an unknown band from Andorra to claiming headliner status in Europe.
Persefone has previously toured the continent, as support for Obituary and Leprous, until they - in 2015 - co-headlined alongside Loch Vostok. The 2015 tour proved to the band, that it was high time, to do their own headliner tour, and with the new album in the luggage, they are more ready than ever, to shred the stages to a pulp.

As support, Persefone is bringing along the most interesting band to emerge from Greece for many years: The progressive sensation Poem. The band has released 2 albums, and 2016's "Skein Syndrome" is a tour de force in how to combine Tool, Pain Of Salvation and Opeth to perfection.
Poem toured all over Europe in the spring of 2016, as support for mighty Amorphis, with loads of new followers.

The 2017 Aathma tour schedule is as follows:
07/4: ES - Barcelona, Razzmatazz
08/4: ES - Madrid, Changó
09/4: ES - Murcia, Garaje
11/4: IT - Milano, Barrio's Cafe
12/4: DE - München, Backstage
13/4: TBA
14/4: FR - Paris, La Boule Noire
15/4: FR - Nantes, La Ferrailleur
16/4: UK - London, Underworld Camden
17/4: DE - Essen, Turock
18/4: NL - Hoofddorp, Podium Duycker
19/4: NL - Nijmegen, Merleyn
20/4: DE - Hamburg, Markthalle
21/4: DK - Copenhagen, Forbrændingen
22/4: SE - Stockholm, Göta Källare
Persefone line-up:
Marc Martins: Vocals
Carlos Lozano: Guitars
Miguel Espinosa: Keyboards
Tony Mestre: Bass
Sergi Verdeguer: Drums
Filipe Baldaia: Guitars

Track (from Spiritual Migration - 2013 ):
Video (from Spiritual Migration - 2013):

Persefone online:
Poem video:
Poem online:

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22 - You Are Creating [1B] [Official Video]

Fan fucking tastic!..the 7 year wait very well me well worth it. Kind of wish I could have participated in this video.

Amazing song,very cool video.

March 24th cannot come soon enough for that preorder. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

LA Priest - Oino [1B] (2015)

Very addicted to this song. The rhythm is so bloody catchy!

The album Inji is pretty good, although hit and miss at best. 3-stars.

"Lady's in Trouble with the Law" and "Party Zute / Learning to Love" also being highlights.

Miss Late of the Pier even more now.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Larry Coryell: Rest in Peace

Larry Coryell story

Amazing musician and pioneer in Jazz-Fusion. 73, sheesh.

I saw him live at least 2 times, once at the old Dakota, and once in Chicago at Jazz Central the night before Liquid Tension Experiment I recall. And with Paul Wertico, the only time I saw Paul play actually, who I consider my favorite drummer.

The 1 show I remember at The Dakota was with my friends John and Creighton, and I remember doing my show on KFAI after the show, and we talked about it on the air. Creighton even got some sheet music from Larry with his arrangement to the Gershwin standard (and used in the United Airlines commercial in the 80's) Rhapsody in Blue.

Rest in Peace Larry.

Genesis - Supper's Ready done to Literal Artwork

Pretty sweet. I guess the guy who made this spent many months on it and it shows.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2016-2017 New Releases Calendar (W/ Frequent Updates in 2017)


March 24
Moonloop - Devocean

2/3/17 12:00PM

March 3
Minus the Bear - VOIDS

March 24
22 - You Are Creating-Limb 1

1/25/17 9:10PM

April 28
Mew - Visuals

March 31 
Mastodon - Emperor of Sand

June 27
Ours - Spectacular Sight

12/30/16 12:30PM-1/1/17


Confirmed Title:
Barnum Meserve, The - When All is Lost FB link
24: Waaktaar & Zoe - World of Trouble

12/17/16 6:03PM

Okay, so this Year, I've decided to do things a little differently.

This entry is going to include CONFIRMED Titles and preferably Release Dates (and artwork, etc).

This will be updated/bumped regularly. I would date it October 31, 2017, except I don't like having a stickied entry hurting other new entries attention.

As far as the stuff to anticipate/speculate, etc. I will link soon another new entry there, That entry is almost ready to be published as well. And like this entry, it will obviously also be bumped/updated regularly.

It's a bit of back and forth, I know, but at least this more officially confirmed scheduled entry won't seem so cluttered at the bottom with dozens of names and often never edited/confirmed. It will mean I'll have to try to be more dedicated about doing this stuff, but at worst, I'll try and update it once every week or 2 at the least.

But, okay as far as the stuff on the Calendar right now, Anakdota and Klimt 1918 are the biggest release already out.

Then Pain of Salvation, Big Wreck, 22, Blackfield and Persefone are among my biggest anticipations.

It's already a pretty good list, but of course there's a lot more coming soon. I guess just from an early speculation, Anakdota, Pain of Salvation, 22 and Blackfield are all bluechips of a kind.

Unfortunately, I can't say that much about the Klimt 1918 album, but I need to give it more time.

And just among the confirmed titles below, Ours new album III is of course a huge release for myself and all Ours fans out there. The Sculptured album and Textures also are pretty high, especially Sculptured given like Klimt 1918 and 22, its been so many years since their last album (2008).

Blurbs? dunno, unlikely. But I will be making a Video or 2 about the new year, that in now thinking about it, 1 Video might be the list below, and the other is a likely/speculation/hope video.


4: Anakdota - Overloading

11: Umphrey's McGee - Zonkey

A portrait of a man with various colored portraits projected onto his skin. The band name and album title appear at the top and bottom, respectively.
18: Metallica - Self-Destruct

25: Rachel Flowers - Listen


Klimt 1918 - Sentimentale Jugend - Book + Shirt Bundle
2: Klimt 1918 - Sentimentale Jugend

4: Cloud Caverns - Collective Memory


13: Pain of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day


No automatic alt text available.
3: Big Wreck - Grace Street

Blackfield V album cover image.png
10: Blackfield - V

Mute Gods: Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth
24: The Mute Gods - …tardigrades will inherit the earth

Image may contain: sky
24: Persefone - Aathma

Cover art by Zan Goodman and Justin Hollar
24: Peter Silberman - Impermanence

24: Waaktaar and Zoe - World of Trouble


MTB Voids Cover.jpg
3: Minus the Bear - VOIDS

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, cloud, sky, water and outdoor
10: Nova Collective - The Further Side

24: 22 - You Are Creating-Limb 1
Bandcamp Preorder 

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water
24: Steve Hackett - The Night Siren

Moonloop - Devocean

31: Mastodon - Emperor of Sand


Image may contain: ocean, sky, text, water and outdoor
7: Deep Purple - Infinite

No automatic alt text available.
28: Mew - Visuals


27: Ours - Spectacular Sight

Confirmed Titles:
Barnum Meserve, The - When All is Lost
Joey Eppard - Word to the Wise FB 3's FB  3's Tw
Dave Kerzner - Static FB Tw
No automatic alt text available.
Moonloop - Devocean FB Tw (Spring)
Ours - III  FB Tw (Spring)
Radical Face - SunnMoonnElippse [EP] FB Tw
Sculptured - The Liminal Phase (Early) FB
Textures - Genotype FB Tw
U2 - Songs of Experience FB Tw

Brother Wilson - Utopia (2016-2017)

I just noticed this shared on House of Fools Facebook Page per David McLaughlin and Jack Foster of House of Fools play on this record.

The 4th track "Feels Good" is pretty catchy.

It's Blues Rock with a Country-Rock vibe which isn't too odd given House of Fools are from North Carolina, and Brother Wilson is as well. And House of Fools have often had a bit of a Southern Blues-Rock element to their music as well.

Over the Conlfuence of Giants (Queen+Steely Dan+ S Miller+UtIoG)

I wondered what happened to this, as I recall finding it on Under the Influence of Giants myspace page back around 2006 or 2007.

The only thing is, I don't recall the rapping nor even the Steve Miller, although I'm not surprised by that.

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Steely Dan - Do It Again
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle
Pat Metheny Group
Common (the Rapping)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Videos: Music Collection Video + Non-Music Videos?

Vennart - Target 15 (DVD)
The Dear Hunter - Act I: The Lake South, the River North (Graphic Novel)
Rachel Flowers - Listen (CD)
Klimt 1918 - Sentimental Jugend (Double CD Book)
King's X - King's X (Vinyl)
King's X - Ear Candy (Vinyl)
Mutemath - Vitals (Vinyl)
The Police - Synchronicity (Purple Vinyl)
Cloud Cult - The Seeker (Black Vinyl)
Anakdota - Overloading (CD)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mike Portnoy's SF - This Dying Soul (w/Daniel Gildenlow)

There;s been a lot about Cruise to the Edge 2017 the last few days, and Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress band revelead, playing the 12-step 5-song suite, etc.

This is the 1 that had me the most curious given it was Daniel Gildenlow singing.

Ted Leonard of Spock's Beard and Enchant also sang "The Root of All Evil"

the band is members of Haken and Eric Gillette which I guess I'm happy for the Haken fans and for Mike obviously to finally play this. Not being into Haken (and honestly, just not following their massive appeal), I guess I can't find myself obsessed over the fact they are in this band of his,

That being said and this performance, etc there will be a bunch of other events for this band to play the 12-step Suite over a number of months in 2017, so I suppose I can take the CTTE debut with a grain of salt.

Kind of wonder if Daniel Gildenlow and Ted Leonard will be available for those other dates, but if so, all the better as far as consistency, etc.

On a side/related note, Eddie Trunk's radio show has been enjoyable to check out from Cruise to the Edge. A lot of nice interviews and discussion.

Also 1 other thing, in checking some of the other clips out, there's 1 of Liquid Tension Experiment's song "Paradigm Shift" and it occurred to me while listening to it, that it has a very similar riff/rhythm to the King's X song "Moanjam"..which is odd how that I never noticed that before. And it makes me want to see like Ty Tabor and/or Dug join Mike and maybe Tony Levin sometime and play a mashup.

Or maybe Umphrey's McGee could, if they never do? lol.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Nordic Giants - Amplify Human Vibration (OST + Doc)

This sounds pretty sweet, Scoring a documentary, etc and Nordic Giants music could translate really well for one.

Go Fund Me page

Published on Feb 13, 2017
⌆ We are very pleased to announce the details for our new concept ‘Amplify Human Vibration’. This plans to be a documentary film, scored with an original soundtrack which could be taken on tour. We need your help to make this one possible plus we would love some of you to be involved in the actual film itself ! Please follow the link for more details, trailer and to see all the rare items we can offer in exchange for your contribution to this project - Thanks ⌆

Löki & Rôka

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Indietronica: Great History, but if/when will there be More?

Or Call it Collegerocktronica or Electronic-Rock for the 21st Century, etc.

I'm posting this entry about it as it sort of crossed my mind talking to my wife driving to the store this evening.

This so-called genre, or really subgenre of a subgenre, was a big deal to me not that long ago, but it has really been a number of years since I discovered anything new from it. New band/artist or new album.

And for some reason many of these bands/artists are from NYC, specifically Brooklyn. And are Duos, and very weird, artsy, costume-wearing.

Also many are like that from some part of the UK, maybe London.

Not sure if that is coincidence, or there's a reason for that.

I guess where is this music being made now? Is any of it any good? Will there ever be any really great albums to come out in this style again? If not, maybe it will be seen as kind of an era/age. Although most styles, if they have any kind of following, do come back in some way or another. So chances are it will happen, but it may be awhile either before it does, or at least I find it of course.

That being said, I guess just to give some background, which I'm pretty sure I've written about, but it was many years ago, so it may warrant some rehash.

Apes and Androids  (and Call Florence Pow, from Brooklyn,NY) were the key band who got me into it. And their album Blood Moon is a landmark record to me, and what I see as the definitive release of this so-called style of music.

And naturally I wanted to find music like Apes and Androids, ideally as good if not better.

Well that still has yet to happen, and really I've come to conclude, Apes and Androids and Blood Moon are incredibly unique and quite possibly I will never find anything as good as them.

But I still found some other bands/artists in this style that I enjoyed.

Brian Jacobs has of course released some Remixes of some pop songs, both new and old, and some "Jams" per say under the name Majestyy (with 2 y's). But its been rather scarce and random. David Tobias on the other hand, I thought I read a few years back, plays in a band in NYC. But the impression I've been given is, he's out of the limelight with Social Media overall as his Facebook page I only noticed a few years ago. I sent him a Friend request, but he never added me of course.

I also thought about this topic and Apes and Androids the other day per a new Twitter Page was setup in January 2017. That along with the Soundscape reunion got me wondering.

Late of the Pier - (UK) Their only album Fantasy Black Channel from 2008, while wasn't as creative and maybe original as Blood Moon, still worked well. Great energy, and cool use of synths. Unfortunately like Apes and Androids, they broke up not that long after its release, in the year 2010. And sadly, their drummer Ross Dawson died at the young age of 27, in 2015.

Now I recall reading some stuff, but didn't keep up with them. Their frontman and 1 of the main songwriters I guess, Samuel Eastgate, released music under the name LA Priest including a debut album in 2015 titled Inji. I actually wishlisted it on RYM around the time it came out, but never checked it out. And in sampling some of it on YouTube, while it's different than Late of the Pier, its not bad and still very electronic/synthy. Maybe more funky and chill in some ways, but maybe not to the point it'll put me asleep. I dunno, but I am planning to check it out now.

LA Priest also has another group that put out a debut album in 2016 called Soft Hair. That one, I'm a little more gunshy about after checking out a track. That does seem more slow tempo-ed and such. I guess I will wait and see about LA Priest 1st and then move on to that one later.

The Chap -  (UK) When I 1st discovered them, I almost found them to be like a UK version of Apes and Androids or Call Florence Pow. Their 2nd and 3rd records Ham and especially Mega Breakfast, I enjoyed, although not to the point of Apes and Androids, but they were electronic and quirky and melodic at times. Their song "Proper Rock" could have been an Apes and Androids song.

But I'll admit, I have checked out their other albums since, and have not been able to get into that much. Too political? or just nothing stands out all that much. I dunno. At the same time, I still check them out and certainly don't hate them, but they are one of those bands whose early work is what holds water for me at this point.

NewVillager -  (Brooklyn, NY) When their Self Titled debut album dropped in 2011, while I never felt they were reaching the brilliance of Apes and Androids, I for one enjoyed it enough, it led me to believe they were a band to have hope for. The song and video for "Lighthouse" alone gave me hope. And they kind of were the 1st new band in a few years to impress me with new music since 2008.

Unfortunately, it's now been 6 years since that debut album and next to nothing has happened. The last I read, they posted plans in 2016 to release a new single and publish a book of artwork and other things from their members. I'm not sure either happened unfortunately.

But among the bands in this style, at least I don't see them finding the same exact fate as others of breaking up, etc. at least this point.

Some others:

The Age of Rockets - (NY) Their 1st 2 albums definitely used synths with rock music rather well. The long worked on and delayed 3 super self-indulgent Choose-Your-Own-Adventure album Adults which finally came out in 2013. Sadly, I never got too attached to it, even though it had some good moments. But I recall it didn't have as much electronics as the previous stuff.

Hannah, their 2nd album, I suppose is the 1 I still would go to.

Unfortunately, they seem to be done or on a long hiatus, as Andrew Futral seems to be doing other things, like working with Field Mouse, touring included, etc.

Also I just noticed on RYM, he may have had another band titled The Robot Explosion which released an EP in 2006. Just for the sake of curiosity, I wonder somewhat about that. But then again, trying to find it, unless it's on YouTube may be next to impossible.

sElf/Wired All Wrong - (TN) I love sElf and Matt Mahaffey, and of course he worked with Call Florence Pow and Apes and Androids. sElf's actual music does include work in this style, but I guess the majority of it is more mixing power-pop with stuff like Weezer or Beck..or Prince even.

Wired All Wrong, is more overt in this style. However, I cannot say I have loved the 1 album from them to the degree of maybe any of the sElf albums. Not sure why, other than I found the kind of guitars and vocals didn't quite fit as well as the sElf stuff.

But I'll admit, its been many years since I've revisited Wired All Wrong, so I may want to go back to their 1 album.Breakout the Battletapes from 2006. But like sElf, WAW has been pretty quiet since then. Matt's a busy guy living in TN now I recall, tending bar. The sElf EP from a couple of years ago was good, but of course us fans want more. Not sure, but it seems more likely he'll be doing soundtrack work again, before another WAW record. But at least sElf seems to be something he wants to continue. Although how much of it ends up being electronic is unclear. My guess would be not much.

If the stars aligned though, I would flip for Matt to either produce or play on an album with Brian Jacobs and David Tobias again 1 day. But the odds seem remote for that anytime soon, but who knows.

Clor - (London, UK) 1 Self Titled album in 2005, and then they broke up in 2006. I recall enjoying them, but not as much as some of the others. Still, given they broke up in 2006, it makes me wonder what they may have done later.

Sigmund Droid - (NY) 1 or more of the members of this band played live with Apes and Androids. They released 2 EPs, Maximum Grind in 2009 and Black Motorboat in 2011. Nothing new has come since. They haven't announced a break up though, but very little activity on Social Media has made me wonder what their future is. I did just go to their FB and at least it seems they are using it as they posted a new photo and a video link just last month in January. Given they have not made a debut album, I still would love to hear what they could do. They are I suppose less electronic, but more mechanical and guitar driven from memory. But given their backgrounds

edit: they actually have 3 EPs, 1 they released in 2006 titled Interpretations of Screams which I may have heard and just don't recall. It's not on RYM at this time.

Operahouse - (London, UK) Another band who put out a decent debut album, in 2009 titled Escape from the Sun, and then broke up. Their vocals are rather Bowie-like, which is a common trait among this style. I suppose like Late of the Pier, I wonder if the members have done anything new since.

Pepe Deluxe - (Finland) I'm including them in here only per their history since their early stuff was more electronic than what became on their last couple of albums. And the fact some of their music actually reminds me of Apes and Androids and sElf (their newest Speak-and-Spell effect track included). Granted, their masterpiece, Queen of the Wave from 2012, still stylistically is more similar to the 60's and 70's psych pop/rock stuff. It does seem they incorporate enough of the electronics in their sound, I suppose I can look at them as the best thing to come into this style since, even if it's extending the umbrella a bit.

And their next album is a huge anticipation for me of course, whether it be in 2017 or later.

Chrome Canyon - (NY) Morgan Z who played with Apes and Androids, put out an intriguing debut album in Elemental Themes, on Stones Throw records no less a Hip-Hop label that Mayer Hawthorne of all people used to be on. I recall it was long and verrry synthy. Almost so much, it was more like Tangerine Dream or something New Agey, rather than Rock Music.

That being said, given his background, I'd like to hear what Morgan Z could do in the future, as it has been now 5 years since that record.

Metronomy - (London, UK) I would like to like this band, and kind of like the song "The Look" even though it seemed to get played a ton on Radio K in 2011 and 2012. I guess the other music I've heard from them has never impressed me enough. But to be fair, I can't claim to have heard any of their full albums besides the album with "The Look" which is The English Riviera, which I only gave 2.5 stars on RYM back in 2011.

Shiny Toy Guns -  (Los Angeles, CA) I remember when they opened for Mutemath and thought they were okay. But then I noticed on Myspace and, a ton of the Apes and Androids fans loved them. They are I suppose at heart, more of a Goth-Rock band, sort of more directly influenced by 80's New Wave bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure. But given the amount of popularity for them with Apes and Androids fans, I have often felt I may not have given them enough of a chance

Aloha/Cale Parks - (Ohio) Brian Jacobs of Apes and Androids I recall produced? or worked on 1 of Cale Parks solo EPs and I remember enjoying it. As far as Aloha, I honestly never found them all that amazing. Rather chill, but not highly memorable, even though they got airplay on Radio K and possibly 89.3 as well.

Alt-J - (London, UK) I met a girl at a show at First Avenue a few years ago who loved this band. I forget what show, it may have been Everything Everything now thinking about it. And the Hipsters wouldn't shut up about them when they popped up on the scene in 2012. The song or 2 that 89.3 and/or Radio K (along with Brian Oake from memory) played I found nothing special, but I suppose given I never checked out their albums, I might not know what they are capable of.

Black Moth Super Rainbow -  (Pittsburgh, PA) very hipster and college radio. Although they are trippy and I could see their live shows being better.
Franz Ferdinand - (UK) Hipster, and I found Bloc Party better, although they and BP seem more in the Post-Punk vein but share things in common with Apes and Androids.
Ghostland Observatory - (Austin, TX) checked them out and never got into. Too synthy to the point, it lacked the Rock element.
Innerpartysystem - (Reading, PA) same as Ghostland Observatory from memory.
MGMT - (Brooklyn, NY) Fjokra covered 1 of their most well known tracks, but like Alt-J, the hipster vibe really bugged me about them.. Somewhat of the thought why they got popular, while Apes and Androids or even Late of the Pier never did, etc. And like many of these bands, came around in the mid-late 2000's and were a duo from Brooklyn I think.
Neon Indian (Mexico originally, now in Brooklyn, NY)
Antony and the Johnsons (New York, NY)
of Montreal (Athens, GA) I often compare Apes and Androids to this band for those who never have heard Apes and Androids, but I say Apes and Androids actually can sing really well, whereas I have never been able to tolerate Kevin Barnes voice. Similar issue I have with bands like Radiohead, Circa Survive or The Flaming Lips (or The Postal Service/Death Cab for Cutie). Musically though I actually could enjoy them, although I've heard they have kind of dropped off or repeated themself a few times, to not look too favorably across their entire catalog. Because they have like 15 or 16 albums, which might be a case of quantity over quality. I can't imagine if we even had half that many albums from Apes and Androids, lol.
Phantogram (Saratoga Springs, NY)
The Postal Service (Los Angeles, CA) Never cared for Ben Gibbard's voice.
TV on the Radio (Brooklyn, NY) see Alt-J

Bands I enjoy, but like Pepe Deluxe or even Sigmund Droid, they maybe are not purely of this style, but with hints of it.

Some Power Pop, and especially Post-Punk and Dance Punk elements as well

!Forward, Russia! (UK)
Bloc Party (UK)
Chroma Key (Canada?)
The Dissociatives
Emanuel and the Fear - also from (Brooklyn, NY) I recall. Not highly electronic, but some moments here and there.
Fluid Ounces (TN)
Foals (UK)
Men, Women and Children/Cubic Zirconia (New York, NY)
Menomena (Portland, OR)
Janelle Monae (Atlanta, orig Kansas)
Muse (UK)
Mutemath (New Orleans)
OSI (CT/Canada?)
School of Seven Bells (NY)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Radical Face - SunnMoonnEclippse [EP] (2016-2017)

Me Likey.

Kind of reminds me of Cloud Cult at times, with subtle/pretty piano and nice dynamics. Not a vast departure, but different enough I follow why Ben Cooper mentioned how this would be different.

Published on Feb 9, 2017
This 3 song EP was built to be a cycle. The music, lyric content and visuals are all meant to loop indefinitely.

The video was made by Gordon McBryde, and as a first for both of us, we made the visuals and the music side-by-side. A direct collaboration instead of two separate processes. So this EP really makes the most sense when you watch and listen at the same time.

Special thanks to Laura Bearl for building and animating all the text.

And if you'd like to watch this EP with the ability to turn the lyrics off and on, I have a dedicated website up for that: [link]

More EPs coming soon!

Radical Face -

My personal webstore:

Free Songs:

SikTh - No Wishbones [1B] (2017)

Didn't find it before I left for work, but it's now up. Will check out during Lunch.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

General Update 2/7/16

I don't do these a lot, but once in awhile. And of course if time was available, this could be much longer, but I don't, etc.

Next week is Valentine's Day and I have my 1st full week off since the week after my wedding; per decent chance I'll be able to do some work in here and especially YouTube.

On YouTube, I made some recent videos that came out poor, so I never shared them. Vinyl/CDs, etc and news related. Hopefully if not before then, next week I'll be able to catch up and remake some of those, etc. Including maybe a Shoutout video as I have been finding some new channels to enjoy, namely this week. Kind of partially to fill the void that I feel without MinistryofMusic's channel active anymore.

Moving: related to YouTube perhaps, the plans are in the works, and to conclude, very likely I will be moving somewhere at the end of June, and putting most of my things into Storage, including Vinyl. I.e. the Vinyl videos may be taking a Hiatus for awhile.

What I'm moving to, not sure. It may just be with my wife at her place and then keeping clothes and essentials at her place or possibly my folks until the means arise to finally find a place for the 2 of us. House, Townhouse, Rental House, Duplex, etc.

Money Money Money of course. The problem is between the cost of a down payment being 20%, and her Student Loans, it may back our plans up for a few years at least. Maybe I'll win the Powerball though, hehe.

Health: dealing with the kidney stones still and this week, some kind of stomach issue. Not pain, nor cold or the flu symptoms. And unlikely Food poisoning. I fear it's related to my Kidney Stone medication. I see my Nephrologist in early March though.

I am seriously thinking as far as the videos, to start making them about stuff outside of music. Just favorite movies and TV Shows, dvds, etc. And my Graphic Novels too.

Perhaps that's a goal before all that stuff is put away in storage. The storage thing though it to Save Money. Sucks, buy my apt is more or less a large Storage Space anyway, and 1 I'm paying hundreds of dollars more than I need to, especially to try and save money for a down payment on a house/townhouse and those Student Loans.

But I do have plans of course, and maybe more of that stuff can be covered next week when I'm off, although of course I have a long list of things to get done that week too, which rarely ever happens on my weeks off.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lock Horns: Essential Prog Metal Albums

i may add more later, but for now here's my comment.

not too surprised; Pain of Salvation, Fates Warning, maudlin of the Well and SikTh are nowhere to be found. Also Burst (whose album "Lazarus Bird" I find better than any album Mastodon ever made) and Green Carnation's "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" are sadly not even in the spectrum of this list. That being said, the list is decent, although I don't care for Tool nor most Meshuggah, but instead of 10, this list probably could have been a Top 20 or 25.