Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SikTh coming to the US including MPLS (8/22/16!)! (w/Periphery)

Holy mother!..

FINALLY I will get to see SikTh live!

Also should be sweet to see CHON again. Periphery, of course have their fan base, and I have seen them before, from memory with Fair to Midland a few years back. I'll definitely be there to see them as well.

Monday Night August 22nd @ The Varsity!

8/4 Raleigh, NC
8/5 Atlanta, GA
8/6 Memphis, TN
8/7 Dallas, TX
8/8 San Antonio, TX
8/9 Houston, TX
8/11 Phoenix, AZ
8/12 San Diego, CA
8/13 Los Angeles, CA
8/14 San Francisco, CA
8/16 Portland, OR
8/17 Seattle, WA
8/19 Salt Lake City, UT
8/20 Denver, CO
8/22 Minneapolis, MN (Varsity Theater)
8/24 Milwaukee, WI
8/25 Grand Rapids, MI
8/26 Detroit, MI
8/27 Pittsburgh, PA
8/28 Philadelphia, PA
8/30 Boston, MA
8/31 New York, NY
9/01 Baltimore, MD

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I met Prince tonight...[REST IN PEACE PRINCE 4/21/16]

4/21/16 1:58PM
CNN Link 

Rest in Peace Prince.

Not much time to write up an extensive memorial/thoughts/homages etc. But the intiail below recollection tells a lot. I'll never forget those 2 minutes or whatever I exchanges words with him that afternoon at Cheapo back in 2009.

Very sudden and his music and legacy will live on. 
Beyond CNN and the globe though, it is all over the media here in Minnesota.  
Another icon gone in 2016, and especially from my childhood. With Michael Jackson and even Whitney Houston to a point, it leaves only Madonna left of the pop icons of my childhood. Aside from some I found later of course like Sting and Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, etc.

I never did get to see him live unfortunately, but this brush with him from 7 years ago is still rather significant.

2/23/10 10:09PM

He's debuting a new song "Cause and Effect" on 89.3 on Friday Morning

likely around 8AM. Thankfully, that's not the day I am going to Aspen (I don't believe).

Of course 89.3 is mentioning it like they won the lottery or something. I mean sure, it's cool of him. But as I posted there, it was pretty fucking cool of 93X to DEBUT "Musical Chairs" last October from Fair to Midland.

The ass-kissing of testimonials for that station has probably contributed to my health issues over the last couple of weeks. All I wanted to do is hear a Local Natives song live, a band I ORIGINALLY REQUESTED on that station going BACK to NOVEMBER (when their debut album "Gorilla Manor" was released originally) and frankly, could be given some due for knowing about them far ahead of so many others including pukefork and 89.3

But I swear to god, people are acting like their lives depend on 89.3, and their redundant and mostly tripe-filled playlist. Jeezus. And ya know, had they at least given me an interview back before they launched or heck, even some due for Local Natives or something else, I wouldn't loathe them as much. There are a few cool people there, but their listenorship are a bunch of lemmings. I'm sorry, but they are. Radio K does the same thing, and a lot better. And they're college kids. Radio K actually will play Death Metal or Post Rock. And Radio K actually answers their fucking studio-phone line, lol. Not answering the studio-line, among other things, is what 89.3 shares with KQRS.

No, I'd consider pledging to 89.3:

if they gave me my own weekly radio show.


I might even *think* about it if I was able to

a) attend 1 of the "meetings" and voice my interest in their playlist changing.

b) actually noticing it happening.

Sorry, but I may (consider) pledging to Radio K soon, but 89.3 ain't getting a penny of my $ as long as it's set up how it is, along with my past lack of receiving a deserving interview to dj there.

11/17/09 11:37PM

brush with stardom of a sort. As I posted on some of the forums. My schedule this afternoon/evening

4:30pm leave work
5:00pm go to the Hennepin Library
5:30pm: Dinner at Davannis
5:45pm: I hit Cheapo up quickly, with the intention of leaving by 6:15pm for the Edina Theater for "Untitled."
5:50pm: see Prince looking at the "Recent Arrivals" bin, which includes 2 or 3 of his cds, at least 1 was marked "$5.95 SKUF"

I saw him and and 1st didn't believe it was him. He had some girl with him browsing. So I figured, why not go up and ask him 1 quick question. The 1st thing that came to mind was Jellybean Johnson.

background: I saw Jellybean Johnson I wanna say September 2004 sit-in for a 1-hour jam with Paul Peterson of "The Family" as well, with Victor Wooten unmatchable live band. Jelly threw it down on GUITAR.

I knew he had played with Prince, okay, but I had no idea when I asked Prince, that he played DRUMS and not the guitar I saw him on with Victor. Looking back on that, I feel kind of stupid, but I explained to Prince that I knew JBJ from his guitar performance with Victor.

The rest of the time I spent at Cheapo, I was trying to cram-in my memory, many of the titles I had looked for at the St.Paul Cheapo within the last couple of weeks, with no luck (I just remembered now, Hammock was 1 in fact). But Prince ended up heading over to the Classic Rock section soon after that, and I was going back and forth in the Modern Rock and Metal sections which are near the Classic Rock section. But to say I was distracted would be accurate.

So, that was it. It probably would have been dumb to ask him, but if I had my druthers I'd have wanted to ask him about any or all of the following.

a) Apes and Androids
b) Kevin Gilbert..the Chris Cornell attempt didn't do much though, and CC was actually a bit more relevant given the Jeff Buckley relationship, King's X/Doug Pinnick and timing of his career and Kevin's/age etc. I also happened to be wearing a KG t-shirt today.
c) Dean Magraw..this might have been a more obvious 1. Dean actually is probably pretty close in age to Prince, thus came up around the same time. They both have a love and influence for Jimi Hendrix. And chances are, Prince knows Dean. With Dean's recent cancer, it would have been all the more fitting. But who knows.
d) Jeff Buckley..mainly the fact Jeff's birthday was today. It's too bad Cheapo didn't have some JB on the intercom. They had the Rolling Stones though, which it might have been interesting to ask Prince, what his opinion on was.

but no, I really didn't want to bug him, as his personality is kind of *touchy* I guess I might say, just from things I've read and heard. Maybe he's more laid back, mellow, and has more of a sense of humor than I realize. But most things with him seem serious. Who knows about tonight. But he said "thanks" when I told him I'd leave him alone after that question. He sounded serious enough, so it was probably wise of me to not appear anymore starstruck or fanboy-ish than i did. But I can't deny, trying to browse with him there after that was weird. Like, I almost felt as if I shouldn't be browsing near him or something, lol.

I was just thinking..damn, a guy like him, whose worth millions of dollars. I dunno, at least 10's if not 100's of millions if he never overspent, invested well, etc. he could bail Cheapo out. Seriously, it's pretty sad. I don't think he cares enough though. He'd feel it's like pity $ or something. Cheapo should struggle and survive on their own.

But it does sort of break my heart, knowing that. I dunno, maybe if it ever becomes bad enough, which I sure hope it won't, he and maybe others like Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis, they would prevent it from dying. But maybe they also see the whole cd sales as a dying industry, too much so, that it's not worth it, as a business decision it's almost a certain, big loss. But vinyl?

That was the other thing that surprised me. I figure Prince would be looking for VINYL, so he should have been downstairs. maybe he had been, or was going to go down there. Or maybe he was at Cheapo only for his friends. Who knows, questions that'll I'll never know, but are kind of fun to think about I suppose.

John, you missed out. Hopefully another time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Record Store Day 2016 Video #2 (12 mins, edited footage, conversations)

This was way more work and TIME of course than it should have been. But at least I found a way to finally put it together. The trial and error with Adobe Premiere Elements continues of course.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Record Store Day 2016 (Video #1, 19mins)

Per the description on YouTube:

Joyce and I tell about our experience on Record Store Day on April 16, 2016.

A video showing footage, conversations should follow (10-12 mins approx).

-The Monkees - 50th Anniversary Boxed Set
-The Monkees Picture Disc
-The Monkees - The Monkees Scoop 33 1/3 [EP]
-Michael Nesmith - And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'
-Madonna - Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits! [EP]
-Michael Nesmith - Mama Rocker/Lazy Lady 
-The Monkees - Good Clean Fun/Mommy and Daddy
-Michael Nesmith - Rio (7" Promo)
-Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin'/Losin' End (12")
-Alannah Myles - Alannah Myles
-Club Nouvaeu - Lean On Me (12" Remix)

-Mew- And the Glass Handed Kites
-Foals - Rain b/w Daffodils (Mark Ronson cover)
-Battles - Mirrored
-Sigur Ros - Ágætis byrjun

This video came out, overall pretty well. A lot of stuff about The Monkees stuff of course. We didn't tell every angle to our story of course, namely the change in plans before hand about going to multiple stores simultaneously, etc. And how we went to Whole Foods on Snelling for brunch. Along with more about Joyce's dog Coco's health concerns.

And as I mentioned, I shot a bunch of short clips during the day that I will try and edit-together if the Premierie Elements software doesn't require 8 hours to create/make/save, etc.

I still though mean to pickup a copy of Peregrine from The Appleseed Cast and that Hello Kitty Picture Hello World disc for Joyce. I saw them both on ebay, although the auctions may be over now, but there were multiple copies of both.

And it wouldn't shock me to see them at other stores down the road (like the Sigur Ros album was from a past RSD I recall).

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ours and Mew on "Transformers Roll Out" Soundtrack

4/16/16 6:15AM
Amazon Link for "Stronger"

Good tune, and heavy. The guitars and Jimmy's screams remind me of a song like "Live Again."

4/1/6 6:48AM
The Mew track "Count to Ten" is here. Not bad, although not incredibly different than a lot of the +- stuff.

The Ours song is called "Stronger" and from the sample on Amazon here I'm pretty optimistic about it.

Release date is in 2 weeks, Friday April 15th.

Full Track List on Amazon.com

Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Rush" episode of the ABC sitcom THE GOLDBERGS

ABC's website stream

No time, but of course maybe later, more to add. I'll just say my fiancee kind of loathed seeing this episode last night, but I couldn't help but crack up regardless.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Josh Benash - The Body Light [EP] (2015-2016)

4/13/16 2:00PM

Only a few weeks away now.

4/8/16 6:30AM

Vinyl Preorder which includes some Vuvuzela tracks!


The Body Light is an upcoming new EP from Josh Benash, which he was kind of enough to send me to check out early, before the May 3rd, 2016 release date.

Josh's last record, Stasis, from 2014 I liked a good amount, along with his 1st solo record The Dismal; The Beautiful from 2012 I also enjoyed a number of songs from.

Quirky, experimental, humorous, extreme and bombastic. And genre-bending/blending are many of the elements of his previous work.

I'm just sampling some of this tonight, and will try and add more perhaps tomorrow. Some of this sounds rather soundtrack-like, which Josh actually has also done some soundtrack work actually (an independent horror film titled Bleeding Hearts for example, and a number of others are listed on his imdb page here), so that doesn't surprise me.

Also, among the many artists I've been trying to feature on YouTube, I likely will try and make a video about Kiss Kiss and Vuvuzela as well as his solo music hopefully soon. Perhaps around the time of the release date of this new EP on May 3rd, on Motor Oat Records.

I imagine it'll be posted for stream and download, likely on his bandcamp page and on soundcloud, so I'll have to bump and include those links when they show up as well.

edit: So I've checked this out a couple of times now and this among his best work, although not a huge departure as it has the quirky, waltzy, circus-like tones and sarcastic lyrics and vocal personality. There's some nice female vocals that contrast well with Josh's voice (on the last 2 tracks,"Swim in the Blood" for one, I wonder if the title is a reference to Elizabeth Bathory? and "Extinction on Our Lungs.").

A lot of use of vocal distortion on this EP, which Josh Benash's music certainly has used, but maybe more prominently here. The title track I'm thinking of namely.

The final song "Extintion on Our Lungs" is sublime at times. The both melancholy yet beautiful ending which many of his records seem to have.

1. a moon by my side 4:01
2. the body light 2:46
3. prelude to pitchforks 3:00
4. swim in the blood 2;14
5. extinction on our lungs 3:56

Monday, April 11, 2016

REACT TO: Watchmojo.com Top 10 Rock Keyboardists

My comment there

it's a pretty good list, but the biggest issues  i have are

-Ray Manzarek, while I like him and The Doors, I don't agree with being #2. Wakeman, Banks and Lord easily are more known as keyboardists and have much larger bodies of work.

-Jazz-ROCK stalwarts CHICK COREA, JOSEPH ZAWINUL, JAN HAMMER and GEORGE DUKE namely, belong in the mix as they were all virtuosos and largely influential. And this is hardly the only list that fails to include them more or less per their being considered JAZZ. But Jazz-Rock or Jazz-Fusion is still close enough stylistically, I personally think it belongs in the same mix.

Fusion never gets any love, even in a Prog-heavy list. But then again, the people making this list (and voting I suppose) probably are totally unfamiliar with Jazz-Fusion beyond a few Miles Davis tunes.

Perhaps I'll edit-in or post my own personal Top 10 soon (which undoubtedly will include many of those fusion guys).

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Everything Everything at First Avenue 4/5/16

To the Blade
Fortune 500
The Wheel (Is Turning Now)
Cough Cough
Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread
No Reptiles
Distant Past

This set list I don't believe is 100% accurate (nor is even the order of the songs), per I should have but for some reason can't recall hearing "To the Blade" even though most of the sets they've opened with it. It's been my favorite track from Get to Heaven, and I was watching intently from the start. Maybe I just spaced out or something, lol.

At any case, their show was terrific last night opening for The Joy Formidable. I got the sense the crowd really did take to them and their energy. And their energy is often what appeals to me maybe most about their music, both studio and now seeing them live.

I would love to see them play a much longer set though, and to see some of the Man Alive stuff especially. They maybe played for 35 minutes as my phone's clock said 8:38 when they finished.

As for The Joy Formidable, I watched about 5 or 6 songs and then the Fiancee rang me and I went home. I will say, I see the appeal, especially live. They are a female-led (female singer at least) psych/blues rock band who also have a lot of energy and atmosphere to their music. I probably would have watched the whole show save for my schedule this week and having just been out late on Sunday for Mutemath.

But if you get a chance, definitely try and see Everything Everything live. They played to the crowd and had stage presence (which often isn't the case, namely when a band whose never toured in a certain city or country before. Although at least they are not exactly new now, having 3 albums, it's just that I think this is their 1st US tour).

The guys also came out to chat for a bit, Very cordial, welcoming guys in the band.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mutemath @ First Avenue 4/3/16

Awesome Show!

Set list:
Light Up
All I See
Joy Rides
Used To
Blood Pressure
You Are Mine
Safe If We Don't Look Down
Best of Intentions



These guys never fail to keep my attention. This being the 7th time I've seen them live, and since February of 2006 at The Ascot Room.

Paul Meany even mentioned to the crowd about the show that was in May of 2006 at The Fine Line that from memory, had Under the Influence of Giants open (who are a band I and my fiancee really miss). I guess people were asked to come per myspace then and their Self-Titled album had just come out, which I remember that album coming out early 2006.

But I'm not sure how much in detail I can say that differs from especially the last 2 First Avenue headlining shows. And actually all previous 6 times I saw them live. They just continue to have this infectious energy and atmosphere (Take Control of the *Atmosphere*) that is so consistent.

Darren King always stands out. I could probably just watch him play drums all night and I'd be satisfied. He even went down in front of the crowd with 4 electronic hand-drums, having members of the crowd in front each hold them up simultaneously to jam on.

Paul Meany did his usual playing to the crowd, crowd surfing on a big lit-up black mattress, playing a keytar and dancing/jumping around. Also at 1 point he handed a piece in his keyboard setup to the crowd to jam on (not the keytar, but what seemed more like a mobile theremin)

The set list included a lot of the new record Vitals, which I think the songs overall did work, possibly better live than on the album. For one, "Monument" was MAGICAL. That actually may have been my favorite part of the whole night. The mystical moments about midway through and emotion seemed so genuine and pure from Paul and the whole band on it. I really think I grew a new appreciation for that tune and definitely hope they play it live in the future.

Plus the 2 instrumentals I love so much "Bulletproof" and the title track were included.

I guess my only disappointment was not hearing "Cavalries" and maybe 1 or 2 other Odd Soul tracks, but I didn't find it hurt the set list (especially how much of the S/T and even Reset stuff they included)

I suppose what may have differed with this show compared to some others was the use of visuals and lights. Very spacey and fitting for electronic-driven music at times.

Mutemath continue to amaze and keep people engaged live. They really are one of the best live bands in the last 15 or 20 years. And the 7 shows I've now seen from them are 7 of the best concerts I've ever seen. I can't wait to see them again.

Also a note about Paper Route who opened. I think they impressed more than I expected, although it seems clear their drummer is the standout member of the band. And they did do "Are We All Forgotten" from the EP and 1st album which I still enjoy. The last song they played, which may have been newer, I found also worked well.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rush - 2112 Comic Book Video Suite


This is pretty awesome to see. And it's to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of 2112 which came out on April 1st, 1976.


It does make me wonder what may happen in the year 2112 with the Rush album. Or just in 2112 a bit, as corny as that sounds. And of course I and nearly everyone reading this in the next 5-20 years likely won't even be alive to see it sadly. I suppose children, grandchildren, etc could be.

I also can't help but wonder and wish other things like this could be made. I recall back around 2002, 2003, 2005? I forget, but a dude started work on a Dream Theater's Scenes From a Memory Manga. They got through "Strange DejaVu" but I never heard more of it.

Others like Coheed and Cambria (which has been made into a graphic novel I think), and The Dear Hunter (which has been and still is in progress to be made and published).

But sync-ed up to the music, etc I'm unaware of. But I could easily see those happening at some point, especially if there is someone who has the time and interest that was put into this.

Now, will 2112 the movie happen? Rush has become popular enough in recent years, Hollywood or someone in the Film industry may actually try and do it. I just hope it happens while all the Rush guys are still around.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Gracepoint - Echoes (2015-2016)

Holy crap! I had absolutely no CLUE these guys were putting out a new record! Although I forget, but it likely was at the Vektor show in February either in conversation with fellow minnesota prog metal fan and musician Sam Rhode, or That Drummer Guy, who may have mentioned they were back together. Or they never actually broke up? I forget, and don't quite know.

But obviously they are now together, and it's really been since about 2001 or 2002 I actually thought about them, sans for when talking about progressive rock in Minnesota and that progressive rock in Minnesota entry I did last year, and the entry about My Concert Attendance History.

But as I posted in there, I did enjoy their debut album Science of Discontent back in 2000 and 2001, etc quite a bit. I saw them live a few times, namely at what was known as "The Lab" (or The 4th Street Station? Ryans?) I recall then, and then eventually became "Station 4."

I also specifically remember interviewing them on KFAI around 2000 or 2001. Probably on Angie's show "In Your Ear." I seem to recall them talking about the band Cynic (and their album Focus) and the Steinberg guitars they used. Along with their use syncopation.

But, so this is their new album "Echoes" coming out Next Friday April 8th in fact. And there's 3 tracks already up to stream there on the bandcamp page. And I am really liking what I'm hearing. Do they sound different, after 16 years? Maybe a little, but I suppose their sound is similar but just more refined with cleaner, more polished production.

I guess I can't say for sure, but I wonder if this may be one of those albums that comes out of nowhere, and is a breath of fresh air, I get attached to this year. At a minimum it is great just to hear some new music from them again and to learn of their presence. Being from Minnesota or not. I suppose being a Minnesota band I once was into, and to see/hear them come back adds a little extra to this. But if the album is good, the Minnesota part will only be 1 element to enjoy about Echoes.

Echoes cover art

1. Animal 04:25
2. Spider 05:21
3. Secrets
4. Full Circle 06:49
5. Somber
6. Crucible
7. Bittersweet
8. July 4
9. Echoes
10. Moon

from bandcamp:
Since the release of their first album, “Science of Discontent”, Minneapolis based Gracepoint has continued to develop their distinctive approach to progressive metal. The goal from the inception of the band has been to create music that will be appreciated by both musicians and the average metal head. 
While “Science of Discontent” had a raw, underground sound, their newest release “Echoes” (April 2016) is the result of a collaboration with legendary producer/engineer Neil Kernon (Dokken, Queensryche, Nevermore). 

Drawing on a wide array of influences from classic heavy rock and metal, thrash and death metal, and a variety of progressive bands from the 70’s through today, Gracepoint has forged a heavy and rhythmically complex sound that remains focused and accessible. 

Bass player Sam Van Moer and drummer Lance Reed form a musical foundation rich in both syncopation and groove. Guitarists Lon Kunze and Stefan Radzilowski deal in aggressive and complex riffs while placing a clear emphasis on strong rhythmic and melodic phrasing. 

Together, the band tempers a myriad of time signature changes with groove, melodic sense, and concise song structures thereby forming the backdrop for the clear and powerful vocals of singer Matt Tennessen who brings another level of emotional depth and color to the music
releases April 8, 2016