Friday, August 24, 2012

Brice Plays Drums - Man the Animal Cannon (2012)

1. Freight Train Blues 12:40
2. The Jester 12:01
3. Delta Waves 18:07

This record has pretty thoroughly won me over. Like their debut record from last year I Laugh at Your Greener Pastures, this is clearly a band whose interest in composition are more at the *epic* scale. But refined at the same time.

There's a clear maturity in the compositions, textures, production. As much as I love Greener Pastures, this album in more or less every way is a step up. I think it's a classic case of a band learning and progressing in the product they released, from their last work.

I love the vocal harmonies, piano, the way they brought in the saxophone, and overall the amount of jazz/jazz-fusion they brought to this album.

Just as a reference, the liner notes on the back mention the following about the 3 pieces on this album:

Freight Train Blues inspired by the writings of Wendell Berry
The Jester inspired by Goethe's Faust and V for Vendetta
Delta Waves inspired by Camus's The Stranger Neil Gaiman's The Sandman and Nietzche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra

There is clearly a plethora of ideas coming from this band. I'm not sure if the writing is purely collaborative, or if Michael Higgins, who sings lead vocals and plays guitar, takes a lot of the writing on just himself. His brother Robert actually is terrific on here, with some really clean-toned and highly mixed bass lines that act as almost melodies at times. A bit like Yes I suppose in that way. In fact, this album resembles Yes among others in a number of ways. The structure is sort of similar to Close to the Edge with 3 tracks/2 sides. Melodically and harmonically, including the segues and namely the guitar tones at times I think of Yes or some of their other influences such as The Mars Volta.

But at the same time, the Brice Plays Drums sound is clearly evident here. I don't think there is a band who really sounds like them, nor this approach to writing multi-part pieces that FLOW perfectly. Each piece really does flow extremely well on this album. And they all have those crescendos and build to sections you look forward to.

Especially with the Jazz-side becoming more apparent. It wouldn't surprise me the band has been listening to more Jazz since Greener Pastures, just based on this.

There's more to edit-in later today, but just for right now at 6:09AM, this is clearly a breakthrough album that I can't endorse enough to any fan of progressive rock or anyone whose into supporting music in Minnesota.

I'd be surprised if a better album comes out in 2012 from Minnesota; it has a chance to at least make my top 10, and as of right now it's already among the 5 best records of 2012 I've heard.

Will it find its deserved larger audience? I've been down this road too many times to expect it. All the folks who never check it out are just shooting themselves in the foot. But maybe one of these times, it'll change.

Minnesota has prog, and it also has bands better than Polica and Owl City. But the local music media and hipster lemmings never give stuff like this a chance (or hear about it in the 1st place pathetically). Maybe just once, like with this album, that could change.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Biffy Clyro - Opposites (2012)

New single "Stingin' Belle"

I know this is not new *news* in that the single came out on July 31st, etc. And it appears they had up to THREE different potential titles for this new album, but Opposites, I guess is going to be the title. Release date? I saw 1 thing say August 11th, but obviously it didn't come out that day.

2009's Only Revolutions was good, but I didn't find as addictive as 2007's Puzzle. This new single is okay, the outro sounding like the best part. Biffy Clyro are one of those bands I still like, but doubt I'll ever love, so I don't know why I'd expect this record to blow me away.

I am curious if Mike Vennart of Oceansize/British Theatre actually played on it. I suppose it's unlikely given his schedule, but he is/has been a touring member of the band for quite awhile.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Water & Bodies - Fourth of July (Video)

Facebook link
Before you view our new video please take note on a few topics.
1. We recorded this record on our own the months of May-July in Chris's basement.
2. We gave the songs to our good friend Colton Holliday of THE PANIC DIVISION to mix and add his amazing touch.
3. We think these songs are some of the best we've ever written as a group of musicians and if you like this video/song please share it cause we could use the help spreading the word.
4. Our new EP, still don't have a name for it, will be coming out on EYOS Records this October!

This is a cool new tune and video by Water & Bodies. And as they posted on Facebook, it's coming from an upcoming EP expected in October.

I'm getting kind of a Jane's Addiction or I Mother Earth vibe from Aaron's guitar tone. A bit of Static as well (of Ours).

Pretty sweet.

Monday, August 20, 2012

British Theatre - Dyed in the Wool Ghost [EP] (2012)

8/20/12 1:55AM

The whole EP now streaming/available to purchase, etc.

8/6/12 9:42AM
article here with a Soundcloud stream of the new track "As the Leaves Are to the Limbs."

Direct Link on Soundcloud

7/31/12 10:12AM

facebook post

We've just completed mixing our second EP. It's called 'Died In The Wool Ghost'. It will be with you soon. X

This supposedly won't be the only thing they plan to put out this year (or rather soon) as they have mentioned releasing a full-length,

edit: which according to a listing on here shows it may be Self-Titled. But thanks to hearing directly from the group themselves here via twitter, that may not be the case. is a good source for information, which I admittedly use and contribute to frequently, but stuff like album titles, artwork, release dates are never 100% accurate. Although if they ever set it up even more so like Wikipedia, it would be much more easily edited (but they don't given the admins there restrict approvals and edits a fair amount).

Here's a few recent videos with I imagine some of the material for this EP and/or said debut full-length.

of course for those unfamiliar, this is 1-of, but likely the most attention-laden project coming from the Ashes of the end of Oceansize. It's rather Post-Rock like, but in a good way overall. The EP that came out earlier this year wasn't bad, but almost a tease. Hopefully more of this work will give us 'Size fans a better sense of what this project will be like.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Super Pilots/Mike Linden

more to add, but all I can say is this is one of my new favorite bands. They are doing Jazz-Rock like I love it. I wish they lived in Minnesota, but at least they seem to play here once a year.

I have Mike Linden's album to review soon, but 1st I'm seeing him and The Super Pilots for free this evening in Burnsville, MN.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Revere - Pledgemusic Campaign

8/14/12 10:03AM
3 days left + 32% still to go. C'mon @REVERE fans, they need your help to make what surely will be an awesome new album!

they just added another update/video go check it out and consider pledging.

8/3/12 5:57AM
Bumping this thread as they are still looking to achieve their goal on They are are 56% with 14 days left. They did something cool by sharing the 1st of 5 parts of a soundtrack .

And it sounds sublime, but it's Revere, so I'm hardly surprised. But I sure hope they get a push the last 2 weeks here so they can reach their goal and make this next record of theirs. If you don't know them, check out their debut album Hey Selim! or any of their singles on Youtube, Spotify, Grooveshark. and you find it's worth helping them out to make this next record.

Also they have a new song up called "Keep This Channel Open" on their Reverb Nation page which is different, but really intriguing.
EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Revere scored Film Soundtrack... 1/5
about 1 hour ago
During the recording of Hey! Selim, Stephen composed the score for a debut short film by writer and director Maurizio Von Trapp, which was recorded and mixed with Hey! Selim producer, Dave Moore. The film, “1 or 2 Things I Don’t Know About Him” portrayed a conversation between two lovers on Hampstead Heath…

As an exclusive free download to Pledgers we will be offering all five pieces composed for this soundtrack throughout the day…

1. Opening Credits

5/22/12 9:21AM

REVERE have written an album’s worth of new material, some of which we’ve been playing live over the last few months. We’re itching to get back in to the studio so we can get these new songs to you as quickly as possible, but we need your help to do it…

So far, REVERE have been able to do everything we do thanks to the ongoing and massively generous support of YOU, our fans and friends, who have helped fund, record, film and starred in several of our music videos as well as made our first album, Hey! Selim a reality.

But for this, our second album we want to do something REALLY AMBITIOUS and we really want you to be a part of it, from start to finish! Achieving the 100% target of this Pledge campaign will get us well on our way, and we’re more than grateful for any and all contributions, but the more we raise the further we can go into achieving something really exciting, so please don’t stop at the 100% mark…

We’ll be updating you throughout the process so you can literally watch and listen the songs develop and morph into the final versions which will grace the album…

Once more, thank you so much! Your support literally does mean everything to us…!


not finding en EMBED code for the video there, but this Youtube version hopefully will work.

I pledged the "Signed Set list" option the other day. Interesting the differences in this site, and Kickstarter. It seems they give more options at identical pledge amounts, and perhaps even more TIME to reach your support goal.

I'm not sure if the fact Revere are from the UK has anything to do with why they used that site. But regardless, they are seemingly headed towards their goal at 31% with 87 days left.

Hey Selim! took a long time to come out, and was pretty impressive for a debut album. Although I do think they are a band I personally could like even more, as well as a lot more people just to hear. Their music is accessible enough. But it all depends on exposure, timing and expectations I guess.

Monday, August 13, 2012

"Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra" (a remix of covers of the Gotye song)

This ain't bad, at least in spots. But I will repeat as I have in the past a few things.

1) The Walk off the Earth cover, which is likely still pathetically, the most viewed/known cover of this song, is probably the worst (and the most pretentious to not only hear, but WATCH)

2) This is great and everything, but like Walk off the Earth, it would impress me and I'm sure a lot of others, if these artists would actually show some evidence of being able to write their own original songs 1st and foremost. And for that matter, use the time they spent recording the cover, to try and write an original song instead.

3) The man's name still should be learned how to be pronounced correctly. It's "Gore-Tih-Yuh." or "Gore-tih-Yeah" (or at least "Gore-tih-Yay," instead of "Goh-tee-yay" how seemingly 90% or more of the globe says it). But the odds of this ever happening now are minimal at best.

4) I'm not sure on why this is being referred to as a "YouTube Orchestra." I guess maybe if it were "The YouTube Orchestra" that might be worse, because my cousin is a violinist who actually auditioned (and performed with/had his work included in-with a recording for) what was referred to as "The YouTube Orchestra" not that long ago. And I'm pretty sure many if not all of the clips from this remix of covers are not members of said "YouTube Orchestra." But that is just a guess, maybe primarily based on the kinds of groups my cousin typically has played with. And how "The YouTube Orchestra" he was involved with, was somewhat exclusive if I recall.

That all being said, I will admit to actually being curious about a couple of these. The 1 female vocalist at the end, genuinely sounds like she has a good voice. And even the guitarist shown whose clip follows her I'm curious about.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ramona Falls touring with The Helio Sequence November 2012

Very cool double bill. The Helio Sequence are a band I've always liked, but never got blown away by in the studio. However, the 1 time I saw them at 1st Ave I think the Fall of 2007, it was only 2 guys, 1 Singer (and guitarist?) and a drummer/keyboardist (I think he may have *sequenced* a lot of the keys live). But this show I saw them, they opened for Minus the Bear (1 of 2 times I saw MtB get outstaged by their opening act).

At any case, THS are a band I definitely am up for seeing live again, and of course I love Ramona Falls. The Helio Sequence have a new record called Negotiations coming out on September 11. And of course RF's just released a great new record Prophet.

And this show is on Thursday November 8th at The Turf Club, which has become 1 of my 1st choices in venues for various reasons:

-in St.Paul/close
-Parking is free and convenient
-it's not Hipster really

I also just realized I own a Split 7" vinyl from The Helio Sequence/Menomena . Both acts are from the Pacific Northwest anyway, so this tour isn't incredibly surprising.

Facebook post from Ranmona Falls

I'm so excited to announce :
(we open for The Helio Sequence (Official) )

2 November @ Dan's Silverleaf in DENTON, TX All Ages
5 November @ University of Oklahoma in NORMAN, OK (free)
6 November @ Mojo's in COLUMBIA, MO All Ages
7 November @ The Mill in IOWA CITY, IA
8 November @ Turf Club in ST. PAUL, MN 21+
9 November @ Shank Hall in MILWAUKEE, WI 21+
10 November @ Lincoln Hall in CHICAGO, IL 18+
12 November Horseshoe Tavern TORONTO, ON 19+
13 November il motore in MONTREAL, QC 18+
14 November @ Brighton Music Hall in BOSTON, MA 18+
15 November @ Bowery Ballroom in NEW YORK, NY 18+
16 November @ Black Cat in WASHINGTON, DC All Ages
17 November @ Underground Arts in PHILADELPHIA, PA

Mark your calendars! Hope to see you at a show!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Live Monkees reunion news this November (with Nez!)

Edit: She did just about flip. I likely will try and hit up more than one show (Chicago?) for this. Tickets may be going on sale as early as tomorrow.


11/08/12 Escondido CA
11/09/12 Santa Barbara CA
11/10/12 Los Angeles CA
11/11/12 Cupertino CA
11/15/12 Minneapolis MN
11/16/12 Chicago IL
11/17/12 Cleveland OH
11/18/12 Buffalo NY
11/29/12 Philadelphia PA
11/30/12 New Brunswick NJ
12/01/12 Huntington NY
12/02/12 New York NY

Go to The Monkees page later today on Facebook for more.

From Michael Nesmith on Facebook:

So the big news from here is that I made the most amazing gazpacho tonight -- miracle gazpacho. A miracle because I have no idea how I did it and could never do it again.

But the really big news -- astounding -- is that I suddenly understand that it is the red Bell pepper that makes the gazpacho red -- not the tomato -- which is what I always thought. Amazing.

Another jaw dropper was that the only cracker I had left -- a very nice garlic and chive flat bread cracker -- fell out of the bag it was in because I was inadvertently holding it upside down and it fell on the floor and broke into dozens of pieces.

So just as I was about to eat the miracle gazpacho the only cracker I had was useless in pieces on the floor. Talk about drama -- man its just so hard sometimes.

But that's all the news from here. Nothing else much to report. I see they put a car on Mars -- that was kind of amusing of course.

And Micky and Peter and I are going to do twelve concerts in November here in the States.

That's really all I've got. Going to bed now. I'll post pictures of the cracker and the gazpacho tomorrow, maybe. Maybe not.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ours - Pledgemusic Campaign

8/5/12 3:54PM

it's on the Ours Facebook, but also (for) now stream-able on Youtube. I dig it (despite it sort of sounding Post-Rock ish), or much of it, although the finished version I suspect won't last 11:52 but more around the 9 minute mark. I haven't heard live versions of it in awhile, but forget if they played it a few weeks ago at The 400 Bar (I don't remember them doing so).

The campaign is finally launched, and in the 1st day they've already reached 26% of their Target Goal.

I'd add more, but I sadly don't have the time right now. I will just add, the pledge info is a little off. The $55 level is not actually accurate if you want a signed cd copy of the new album. They add $20 on for that. I'm cool with that, but I just think they shouldn't advertise it without that part of the description (and the actual PRICE).

Also no Vinyl it appears, is unfortunate, but I suspect that will become available at some point given Jimmy's solo stuff has.

Edit: Now a Vinyl has been added. Shoot, I hope (gotta believe) I can change my pledge. I guess between a lyric sheet and a signed vinyl, espe saving a bit, I'll take the signed Vinyl for now.

New Album!
Ours' goal is to create music from the heart, capture the human condition, and be a part of the universal voice.
Ours’ goal is to create music from the heart, capture the human condition, and be a part of the universal voice.

Our hope is to continue. Your pledge will make a difference.


By pledging to our campaign, you will gain exclusive access to a “pledgers only” section of the website that we will keep updated with posts, videos, and photos. You also have the opportunity to pledge for all kinds of exclusive items and experiences—check them out on the right hand side of the page.

Every pledger will also automatically receive a digital copy of the new album as soon as it is ready. Plus you will get an exclusive new OURS song via download immediately upon pledging.*

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coheed and Cambria w/ Three + The Dear Hunter (twice) Northeast Sept 2012

Okay, these are the tour dates Coheed and Cambria has posted this September. As this description shows, the 9/29/12 date in Atlantic City will have all of them on the bill. I also noticed my friend Neesh on facebook mention the Rochester, NY Coheed show on 9/21/12 will include 3 as well (but not necessarily The Dear Hunter).

I imagine this short Northeast tour could include them all. Not that it is so relevant to myself living in Minnesota, but it is a pretty cool 3-band bill, that I'm sure some folks will want to check out, if they are a fan of all of them, or 1 or 2, or just progressive rock in general.

edit: this link shows the modified Tour Schedule below shows

The Dear Hunter: only for 9/28 and 9/29 dates
Three: 9/13, 9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/22, 9/24, 9/25, 9/26, 9/28 and 9/29.

13 Kingston, NY - Ulster Performing Arts Center*
15 Chicago, IL - Riot Fest Chicago
16 Charlotte, NC - WEND Wienie Roast
19 Buffalo, NY - Town Hall*
20 Toronto, ON – Mod Club*
21 Rochester, NY -  Water Street*
22 Albany, NY - Hart Theater at The Egg*
24 Syracuse, NY - Wescott Theater*
25 Burlington, VT - Higher Ground*
26 Hartford, CT  Webster Theater*
28 Worcester, MA - Palladium**
29 Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues**
* w/ 3
** w/ 3 and The Dear Hunter

tickets are available here

Christian Nesmith and the Theme Music Players - Kevin Gilbert tribute

A large amount of irony for myself seeing this. Not so much because these are covers/tributes to Kevin Gilbert, as there are certainly a handful of those out there on Youtube and other places. I recall when I 1st got into Kevin Gilbert, his website had a handful of tribute songs available to download (which they still may, I haven't looked for them in years there).

But the irony is, Christian Nesmith is the oldest son of Michael Nesmith, who of course was in The Monkees and has an extensive solo career since the early 1970's. And I recently have discovered enjoyment for Michael Nesmith's solo music. But also my girlfriend is about as big of a Michael Nesmith and Monkees fan out there, and she has been exposed to Kevin's music ever since knowing me of course.

Tying the 2 together is unexpected, but now thinking about it, it's not so odd. Kevin was a big Monkees fan. Peter Tork I guess once attended a private event Kevin's band Kaviar played not long before his death. And Kevin along with Marc Bonilla I recall, did a cover of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" live on a radio show which is streamable on Kevin's site I think. It was shortly after Toy Matinee had come out.

These versions are pretty faithful to the originals, although pretty nice visual parts with "Suit Fugue" including using some "A&R Women."

I suspect Christian attended The Shaming of the True tribute show back in June in Southern California. Had I been there and met him or even Mike, my girlfriend would have freaked, haha. Maybe another time.