Friday, April 29, 2011

Dream Theater's - New Drummer Documentary: The Spirit Carries On

4/29/11 11:28AM

Episode 3

uh-huh. I'll have to watch this later, but I already fast-fwded to see the outcome.

4/27/11 11:40AM

Episode 2

4/26/11 11:46AM
Road Runner Records Youtube Channel will have all 3 episodes this week

Episode 1:

Okay okay. I didn't post this yesterday due to time. And for now, my opinions will be delayed given the time I have right now. But if not today/tonight, after seeing the whole 3-part series and who it is (Mike Mangini likely), my take on it and the whole process shall come out hopefully.

I will briefly add now tho, I do like how they're doing it. But was it worth the delay?..meh.

Related - Mike Mangini the new drummer of Dream Theater?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skeleton$ - People (2011)

1. L’il Rich
2. Grandma
3. More Than the One Thing
4. Walmart and the Ghost of Jimmy Damour
5. No
6. Tania Head
7. Barack Obama Blues
8. People

What thuhhh?

I am rather surprised pleasantly, to learn of and now getting to hear this brand new record from Skeleton$. Of course, I had absolutely no idea they were working on a new record (or even around I suppose).

The short story with them is, that interesting year of 2008 yielded many names from blogs (and 1 online database I recall), and among them, these guys were one of the groups I enjoyed when stuff about their record Money from 2008 came across my radar.

What do they sound like? College Rock/Folk/Pop of a sort, with progressive undertones, but in a rather subtle LOW-FI way. I really think of them, when I think of the term "Low Fi" with music I like. Maybe just atonal or emphasizing minor keys at times.

Rather King Crimson-like in some ways.

Are they a catchy, ear-worm band? no, not really. But are they less-is-more. At times, definitely. And Money was one of those albums that I heard and wasn't blown away by initially, I enjoyed parts of it enough to desire to go back to it. And it also became one of those records I enjoyed more after each time I listened to it.

They have some of these great dreamy sections namely.

So much so I bought a copy at Cheapo eventually and thought about it on Vinyl. But I will say, it did TAKE SOME TIME, as I don't think it even made my top 50 for 2008. But now, I probably would have to rethink about that.

So, this new record of theirs, I suppose has a chance to be in my top 50 just based on knowing them and how that record and their music grows well over some time.

And in this case, coming unexpectedly. It's good to know they're still around and great to get to hear this new record of theirs as well. Especially after some recent records have been pushed back a bit (Fair to Midland for one).

Skeleton$ on bandcamp
order People

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Antlers - Burst Apart (2011) (1.0)

4/24/11 11:59PM

the whole thing is here to stream.

4/14/11 4:52PM


another new song from @theantlers 'Every Night My teeth Are Falling Out" can be streamed/downloaded here

4/5/11 1:30AM

Hipfork sucks, but you can hear the new track "Parentheses" here

3/18/11 6:10AM

the whole new album was played live and is stream-able there. Hearing just a few minutes: more falsetto not surprisingly.

3/8/11 3:23PM

Burst Apart release date is May 10th.

Track List

01 I Don't Want Love
02 French Exit
03 Parentheses
04 No Widows
05 Rolled Together
06 Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
07 Tiptoe
08 Hounds
09 Corsicana
10 Putting the Dog to Sleep

title, track list, cover. a press release I'll try and pass along in an edit (other than Hipforks).

Hey everyone-

We're completely thrilled to finally share with you the details of our forthcoming new album, Burst Apart. Finally!

We spent somewhere in the realm of 5 months recording it (although truthfully, we've been planning and sketching the record since we began touring on Hospice back in 2009). We moved into our own recording studio in September 2010, and spent essentially every waking hour working on Burst Apart, producing the record ourselves, with Darby at the helm engineering. We wrapped up recording this past January, and will be releasing this record to you on May 10 via Frenchkiss Records. I can honestly say that I've never been more excited to have people hear something as I am with Burst Apart.

Below is the tracklist, as well as the cover art, designed by the amazing Zan Goodman (who also designed Hospice's infamous hands).

1/21/11 7:06PM

twitter post

FYI- this was posted the second we officially finished our record.

They just posted on twitter they finished their new album.

Projected for May. Sounds like it'll be more electronic, psychedelic, and less depressing. Guess we'll see if that's a good thing, or a disappointing follow-up, as I've seen many cases of both instances following a great record. Although I sure hope it doesn't require something as traumatic as a relative of mine dying (not necessarily a death though, but something that serious/emotional to me) to have the impact Hospice did.

And ss much as I am anti-pitchfork and everything (not to mention Arcade Fire who the writer name drops of course, lol), I just noticed a good interview with Peter Silberman from p4k that they linked on twitter yesterday.


Born out of isolation, terminal illness, and heartbreak, the Antlers' 2009 breakout album Hospice was a wrenching-- and often triumphant-- affair. Led by singer and songwriter Peter Silberman, who is now 24 years old, the band's Arcade Fire-style emotional crests caught on, and they were soon traveling around the world, opening for the National at places like Radio City Music Hall and playing their own increasingly populated gigs.

But instead of bulking up their sound even more for the follow-up, the group-- also featuring drummer Michael Lerner and multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci-- is dialing things back with their electro-inspired, as-yet-untitled new record, tentatively due out this May.

I recently met the guys at the converted loft studio in Brooklyn where they've been toiling away on the new record since September. They were quick to poke fun at their rep as a bunch of sad sacks while playing a few new songs and playfully bullshitting about receiving a mysterious box of Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo tequila (which gets the Antlers' seal of approval, btw).

Of the new tunes I heard, a highlight was "Parentheses", which featured a hypnotic drum loop and plenty of Silberman's falsetto coos. The track could be accurately described as "sexy"-- a word I've never associated with the Antlers before. Meanwhile, "French Exit" had a damn near tropical outro, and the moody "Hound" peaked with subtle restraint.

Click on for a Q&A with Silberman, who talked about some of the new album's unlikely inspirations and how he managed to be upbeat while playing songs that are anything but:

Pitchfork: Did playing big shows while touring Hospice make you want to make "big" music with this album?

Peter Silberman: We definitely became a louder rock band on tour but we didn't want to do an arena rock record. Over the past couple years, we got into a lot of electronic music and post-rock that ended up coloring the new record. Stuff like Portishead, Boards of Canada, Dirty Three, Low-- I'm not listening to [Neutral Milk Hotel's] In the Aeroplane Over the Sea as much as I was when I was 19. To me, the new album sounds like an electronic, grooving record. There's less big, dramatic fanfare.

Pitchfork: After your success with Hospice, did you feel a need to hang on to fans by making something similar?

PS: For a while, I thought the next logical step from Hospice was to make some very sad, post-Hospice concept record. But thinking in those terms started to feel really manipulative and gimmicky. So I just let go of that idea and, from that point on, I was much happier.

In a lot of ways, this album is an easier record to listen to than Hospice; you can put it on and not feel like it has to be a severe emotional experience. It might be. But it could also be on in the background.

Pitchfork: Did you feel manipulative at all while playing those Hospice songs to so many people on tour?

PS: When I first started playing them, it really felt like I was just getting the message across. But, while the shows didn't become less important as time went on, my emotional intensity diminished. The record became much more real than the things it was based on. It was like I wasn't allowed to put the relationship Hospice was based on in the past. That's when I had to kind of separate myself from the songs we were playing. I'm not going to torture myself by trying to relive the songs over and over again. That'll destroy you.

Pitchfork: When I interviewed you about Hospice in 2009, you talked about how making it was a very solitary and harrowing experience. But now that you've toured a bunch and people like what you're doing, I'm guessing your life may not be so bad. Is that change reflected on the new album?

PS: That was the trickiest thing for me to figure out as far as writing this record. Hospice revolved around such a specific, crazy life event and, moving forward from that, I realized I wasn't in a position to complain anymore. I was really happy with my life. It was good because it meant that I couldn't just rely on misfortune or unhappiness to write.

This is not a sad record. It's sort of energetic and, in its way, psychedelic. It does have an emotional punch, but it's a little less desperate. There are no life or death situations on this record, no terminal illness, no abusive relationships. I felt like this album didn't necessarily have to be so directly based on my life-- it puts too much pressure on your life to be interesting. [laughs]

Pitchfork: I imagine it's tough to stay connected with the songs while not being miserable all the time, how did you figure out a way to balance that out?

PS: We went on tour with Frightened Rabbit a little while ago and I was asking [frontman] Scott [Hutchison] about this, and he said, "It's [the audience's] now. You'll sing it to them, but they're the one singing it. You can let it go and give it to them." That's how I managed to keep going.

Pitchfork: In our previous interview, you mentioned how Hospice was partly inspired by a rough breakup. Are you still in contact with that ex-girlfriend?

PS: No. One of the weirder moments of my life was running into her at our label's holiday party a couple of years ago. It was after our biggest show in New York and our Times review-- we were feeling really great. And while I caught up with her, people are coming up and congratulating me and being happy for us as a band. Meanwhile, this person who is responsible is standing right there having to see this whole full-circle thing happen. [laughs] I haven't seen her since.

also some news related to this band, they are going out on tour soon in Japan, and Local Natives is also on the same tour. Instead of The National (or Phantogram for that matter), I might be more optimistic about seeing them again with LNs on the bill.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sound & Shape - Now Comes The Mystery (EP) (2011) (1.0)

4/22/11 11:37AM

1. Tangled in the Mane 3:29
2. Our Hollow Reasons 3:33
3. The Sacred and Profane 2:52
4. Bells at Twelve 2:52

more to add as I've heard this thanks to the band.

3/13/11 5:55PM

May 10th. And it's an EP, not an LP. Curious about that, but it sort of supports a conversation I had with a friend of mine (who actually started a new music reviews blog of his own recently) about bands for cost, time, convenience, quality, releasing EPs more often than LPs. Pre-1966, it was more about the Single than the LP.

Maybe the EP is the compromise? Who knows, but that's for another blog entry. I am still rather excited to hear this, no matter how long or how many songs it has.

"Now Comes The Mystery out , in both physical and digital formats, May 10th!!! Please RT!"

-"Here it is folks! Our new EP,Now Comes The Mystery,will be out in both physical and digital formats on Tuesday, May 10th! More details soon!"

2/27/11 6:37PM

soundandshape twitter post

I can't give all the details quite yet, but I can say that our new record is called "Now Comes The Mystery"

1/7/11 12:01PM
new single "The Sacred And Profane" is being released in mid February. It sounds like this new record may be released pretty early in the year.

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that our new single, "The Sacred And Profane", will be available through Itunes and Bandcamp on Tuesday, February 15th!! More details and direct links coming soon!!

Happy 2011!


"The power trio Sound & Shape relies on more classic-rock stylings, and are shamelessly prog in their epic musings... The frontman has a great voice that matches the band's complex compositions, but there's good reason that the hype from Nashville is all about the rhythm section."

-By J.R. Taylor/Black&White (Birmingham, Al)

“For just three guys, Sound & Shape have a huge sound that seems to lack nothing except more attention and recognition. If bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Wolfmother can, it’s safe to say that Sound&Shape might be the next to hit it big.”

-By Jonathan Carabba/Submerge Magazine (Sacramento, Ca)

“...Sound&Shape aren’t dicking around trying to get you to bob your head. They’re there to blow your mind.”

-By Valerie Nutt/The Pulse (Murfreesboro, Tn)

“It's not hard to believe the band has been hard at work with hundreds of live shows from 2006 til today, but more incredible is their love for the music they've generated and developed. They are astonishing.”

-By - Di Francesco Amato/Long Live Rock N Roll (IT)

1/1/11 11:14PM

They just signed my page with this:

Hey Everyone! Please visit the OFFICIAL Sound&Shape page at !!!!Keep an eye out for NEW MUSIC in early 2011!!!!

So, that's certainly encouraging. Honestly, it almost reminds me of Bend Sinister a few years ago, with very little to no news after what I would have expected, would be something new. And then suddenly 1 day, they announced plans for a new album being released within a month.

I'm not certain this is what I recall seeing, but the news is similar if not the same. I read something about them working on a new album, even as far back as the summer of 2009 (and it may have even potentially come out in 2009, which it did not). But then of course they were included on my anticipation list for 2010. But I don't recall seeing much of anything about them on twitter, facebook or myspace.

But their "info" section on facebook says

In early 2010 the band returned to the studio, this time under the guidance of seasoned producer Matthew McCauley and Grammy award winning producer/engineer Casey Wood to tackle their most accessible and mature compositions to date. Armed with a wealth of new material, Sound&Shape have defined their mission: the best way to predict the future is to create it.

So, the Bend Sinister comparison, coming out of nowhere almost fits, given how quiet they were in 2010. I even wondered if they could be done/hiatus. Thankfully not, it appears.

2009's The Love Electric EP and 2007's Where Machines End Their Lives debut LP are both records I enjoy. In 2010 finally, really going back close to the time after getting into The Love Electric in 2009, got to hear WMETL thanks to a friend. And I do enjoy it, but probably rate TLE a bit higher. With that thinking, I'm definitely optimistic about this upcoming record. Hopefully some more fans will be made as a result, as I still feel this band should appeal to a much larger audience than they have (that I can tell) at this point. I'm not sure why, but as much as they have toured (220 shows in 2006, 170 shows in 2007 and 150+ shows in 2008), you'd think they wouldn't be lacking in exposure. But maybe it's not quantity, but being on the right tours/gaining exposure to the right fan bases, that could be holding them back at this point. Hopefully not for much longer.

Fates Warning - Under the Milky Way (The Church)

What thuh...

This cover of The Church song from 1988, was included in a reissue of Disconnected/Inside Out that was released in 2006. Around the time of the Arch-period reissues I recall.

What bugs me, not only is this pretty sweet, but never hearing about this until tonight when reading on the Fates Warning - Disconnected discussion topic.

I've had to wait 5 years to hear this? lol. And the demos I suppose. Better now than later or never, right.

Those discussions has kind of made me want to get back to the Music (and other) Essentials. The problem being, among other things, having a girlfriend certainly occupies more of the time I might have for that. But I've actually talked to her recently about this, and I wouldn't be surprised if said time can be made eventually.

Because Fates Warning of course, among some other select names, are an All Time favorite of mine. And I certainly would love to really dig deep into my memory and nostalgia to chronicle as much as I can recall from my experience with them.

Oh, and I just went ahead and ordered that double album reissue along with the Cynthesis album from The Lasers Edge. It doesn't hurt the fact tomorrow (Friday, April 22nd) is Pay Day ;-].

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming of the True (2011 Edition) (1.0)

4/21/11 4:15PM

The Vinyl has been canceled due to a lack of orders. If Kevin was Jeff Buckley, receiving 200 orders @ $100 a pop probably would happen, but he's (his name recognition/fan base numbers who would be interested and AWARE of this to begin with) not pathetically.

But a 2-cd re-release with bonus tracks is coming for $30, assuming they receive the 1000 Jon Rubin stated recently on one of the email lists.

$30 for a double disc deluxe w/ bonus tracks? yes, I CAN do that certainly. Although if in 5 or 10 years even, ANOTHER reissue/re-release/remaster is put out, it may get a bit sad and tiresome.

And I'm referring to my 2nd favorite record of all-time, lol.

"I have decided to try to do a CD version with the bonus tracks and similar packaging to the originally conceived vinyl package. It will be a 2 disc set with the frameable prints and custom box. It will be close to 12"x 12" and I am trying to bring it in at $30 retail. It will be re-mastered from original analog tapes and have other interesting (I hope) extras. This should be available in about six weeks. The pressing will be 1000 total and I may do a numbered signed edition (by the artist John Seabury) of the first 300. All the best, Jon"

3/18/11 6:13AM

$100?...I will definitely *think* about this.

From . . .

As of Thursday, March 17th, 4:00pm PST, we are still working out exact shipping and handling details. Please check back in 24 hours and be ready to place your pre-order!

Yes, we are going to try, but we need 200 pre-orders to make sure we don't lose our shirts.

The package will be a numbered 3 disc set including Mark Hornsby's bonus tracks. It will be 180 gm. vinyl, mastered by Bernie Grundman in a custom gatefold package with 14 frameable quality prints of all the original art, designed by Packaging Grammy winner Hugh Brown. This will be a 500 unit limited edition. The price will be $100 plus shipping and tax where applicable.

As soon as we have 200 orders we will go into production. It will take about 6 to 8 weeks for production. If we do not get the 200 orders within 60 days from March 18, 2011 you will receive a full refund. Let's hope we make it.

The City of the Sun
Suit Fugue (Dance of the A&R Men)
Water Under The Bridge
The Best Laid Plans
Certifiable #1 Smash
Staring Into Nothing
From Here To There
Ghetto of Beautiful Things
A Long Day's Life
The Way Back Home
Johnny's Last Song

Bonus Tracks
A Long Day's Life (Alt. Version)
The Best Laid Plans
(Alt. Version)

As I posted on some of the forums, this thing apparently is going to be re-released again (it last was in 2008), but this time with bonus tracks including the track "Long Day's Life" with a 48-piece orchestra.


London (February 8, 2011)—Abbey Road’s Studio One recently hosted an orchestral recording session for the upcoming rerelease of the late Kevin Gilbert’s rock opera, The Shaming of the True.

Nashville based producer, engineer and author of the blog/book Sounds Great! Now What? Mark Hornsby went to the iconic studio to record a 48-piece orchestra for "A Long Day's Life,” which will appear as one of several bonus tracks for a new remastered re-release of The Shaming of the True.

The unifinished rock opera was originally written and performed by Kevin Gilbert, one of the principle figures of Giraffe, Toy Matinee and the original Tuesday Night Music Club musicians/co-writers from Sheryl Crow’s 1993 debut album of the same name. Shaming was originally left unfinished following Gilbert's untimely demise in 1996.

Additionally, Hornsby worked on tracks for artist Kat Bowser's Hollywood and Broad album and "In The Cage" from Rewiring Genesis' version of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, which Hornsby has worked on with Spock's Beard drummer/frontman Nick D'Virgilio and which is also due to be re-released in 2011.

Mark Hornsby

Kevin Gilbert / The Shaming of the True

So, certainly this is something to keep in mind, as I've made it more than obvious how significant Kevin Gilbert's music and now material from his estate is to me. And 'Shaming stands still as 1 of my 3 favorite records ever, and my favorite from the 2000's decade.

What I'm a little surprised by, is how little talk about this there has been recently. I suppose it does go back to the reports from 2008 and 2009 when Nuts/Bolts were released, there was some stuff about 'Shaming being released again. I recall it was on vinyl.

Maybe vinyl will happen with this? or at least it's still in the plans from the estate. I guess trying to get the rights to release Thud again and then putting out more of the unreleased stuff would be a bigger deal to me. Even the Giraffe records actually, since that stuff is impossible to find now.

But regardless, I need another copy of 'Shaming anyway, and depending what kind of and how many bonus tracks this latest pressing includes, this may be a bigger deal than I'm even regarding it right now.

Also a note, I guess progscape radio this Tuesday February 15th, are doing some kind of special feature on 'Shaming. It's podcasted, and considering Tuesday nights I usually do the Used Bin Radio thing, I may have to hold off on checking that out until it's archived. But that may also depend on time and Used Bin keeping my attention (like last week, lol).

Mike Mangini: the new drummer of Dream Theater?

4/21/11 8:33AM-2:03PM

A 2nd quote was posted on about it being Mangini. The announcement is at 11AM today (somewhere..odds are EASTERN time). If it's Mangini, it won't be surprising, but the people doubting it will have to credit/eat-crow.

If it's not, then the quotes were foolish and misinterpreted (if not taken out of context).

edit: all they did today at 11am was release a Video of the 7 drummers who AUDITIONED, lol. And announce a documentary that will be released in some form.


Their new album should just be titled: "BEATING AROUND THE BUSH".

3/29/11 6:09AM

Nothing is confirmed, but the rumors have been out there for many months. Mangini, among a few others, were going to be named the new drummer of Dream Theater. Eddie Trunk, someone Mike Portnoy is close with, and is somewhat in-the-know for Hard Rock and Metal, in Media, just posted this a bit ago (which I read on Portnoy's forum)

twitter post
And that Mike Mangini will be the new drummer in Dream Theater and is in studio with them. Unconfirmed but likely to be announced soon

that twitter account has no official check-mark by it confirming it to be an official account of thee Eddie Trunk. But Trunk's not exactly an A-list, visible celebrity, so maybe it/he wouldn't need or want have one of those on twitter.

But if you take it at face-value, it's Trunk, and that is just a rumor still, but being someone who may know more than any avg fan online/the street, it sounds like a possible, likely rumor that could be true.

I guess when Dream Theater come out and announce everything about their new album, the new drummer will be included, and that is supposed to be soon. So the truth about this isn't far away from coming (thank gawd!).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warpaint - Undertow @ Coachella 2011

they were one of the only groups I'd have like to see this year at it. A far cry from the likes of Mew, Muse, Porcupine Tree and even Coheed and Cambria and Faith No More last year.

But knowing that, I figured since they were coming to Minnesota anyway, seeing them at a big festival wouldn't mean all that much. But they did come to Minnesota...oh wait..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

House of Fools - Versus the Beast (2.0)

4/19/11 8:28AM

Album title "Versus the Beast"

New song "Time" is streamable here

if it's Embed-able, I am not finding the right code right now.

1/18/11 8:38PM

Some background here aka "Fresh Hot Shit"

That also can be downloaded for free HERE (with an email and zz)

New album in spring/summer of 2011

Part ways with Drive Thru Records

The wait is over! Nearly four years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut, North Carolina’s favorite rock revivalists, House of Fools, are thrilled to share “Dogfight.” Drawing comparisons to current favorites My Morning Jacket and psychedelic rock icons, Pink Floyd, the song represents the culmination of years of touring, writing and sonic exploration. Download the MP3 HERE and feel free to post and share!

The release of “Dogfight” comes hot on the heels of a protracted legal battle that ultimately saw the band cut ties with Drive Thru Records. While the dispute prevented the release of any new music, House of Fools have been tirelessly writing and recording, and will release their new full length in the spring/summer of 2011.

The band is currently hunkered down in their home studio in Greensboro, NC putting the final touches on their new material, and will be documenting their progress on their new website.

New song "Dogfight"
Dogfight (new) by House of Fools

That also can be downloaded for free HERE (with an email and zc)

"Dogfight" is awesome, and this album sounds like it will be as well. I really hope "Need to Be Free" especially is included as the demo on Fresh Hot Shit was totally boss.

It's a broken record, but I guess I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This band are really fucking good, and why just the forums and college prog and progressive rock scene (as well as just Hipfork and some of the jam band and Southern Rock fans) have not caught on to them, at least to the level that they should, is totally baffling.

But perhaps with their escape from Drive Thru Records, they may get better promotion and exposure than they ever got before.

These guys are a top 5 FAIL LIST from the fan bases that should enjoy them in much higher numbers. 15,000 Fans on That-shitty-number-needs-to-be-much-higher. They're just so much better than that. Maybe this sophomore/independent album will bring that number up to a much more respectable figure.

Monday, April 18, 2011

22 - Plastik EP (2011) (1.0)

I just noticed this over the weekend thanks to the twitter feed from the altprogcore blog

pre-order link (ep is released on July 4th)

news story

Here's the track list:

1. Plastik
2. Oxygen
3. Gotodo
4. Mind Vs. Mind
5. Power Is So Yesterday

And you can stream 1 of the 2 new tracks "Oxygen" here below (the 2nd song I believe).

They also according to that news story, are going to get distribution for 2010's excellent debut record Flux. The US? I didn't see it mentioned though. And they have a new video for the song "Plastik" below as some other links have also shared it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RX Bandits RIP (1995-2011)

I just saw this announcement over on Traversing and posted this

they were a great, energetic live band, and had some cool moments, namely with the horns. But I honestly can't forget how their fanbase walked out on dredg in St.Paul a couple of years ago.

Now, obviously that has nothing to do with the band, nor the majority of their fans, but seeing the fans who were at that show leave, has forced me to associate that about their fans and them in general.

But it's still unfortunate, and they are a band I have enjoyed. So it's still not anything to be happy about.

story link

A number of you wrote in with the news that progressive ska/rock outfit Rx Bandits have announced their retirement, effective after their forthcoming summer tour. The band, which took its earliest incarnation in 1995, released music through Drive-Thru Records, Mash Down Babylon and Sargent House and had this to say:

We would like to express our love and appreciation for all that you've done for us and how much a part of our growth you have been. We have all mutually decided that this summer will be our last tour. We love each other and love you all and hope to see you at the shows.

The dates in question have not yet been announced. Their last record was Mandala in 2009.

So, it's nothing to be happy about. I suppose if their tour hits town I will try and go. Mandala I actually found a little underwhelming considering what I thought it might be (more progressive). But the lack of Horns actually didn't appeal to me.

But, I suppose it might be worth revisiting their studio work again. I recall getting kind of into them for a short while after seeing them for the 1st time in 2007. Although, I also have sensed they are 1 of those bands, like many jam bands, that have a sound that is good for what it is, but after a little while, it tends to sound a little samey.

Perhaps my feeling about that could change now. Regardless, another name to add to the casualty list :\. I suppose at least I don't have to worry about their fans walking out on dredg or another band now (j/k).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Local Natives News: Film + Andy leaves

Wow, 2 pieces of news that are slightly delayed on my part. But, for one, Local Natives, as much as I still love their music and the guys are great, they have finally *made it* so to speak. At least for now. So my keeping tabs on them every day might not be what it once was.

Plus, I don't recall seeing them post anything about these 2 things on twitter or facebook. I may have missed them and they got buried in my twitter feed I suppose.

But my thoughts are 1st sad about Andy leaving as he had been with them more or less since the beginning of Cavil at Rest. But I also am reminded of the likes of people like John Arch (Fates Warning) and maybe more similarly, John Rutsey (Rush) among many others, in the whole constant touring and attention gets to be too much to deal with.

Kevin Moore with Dream Theater is another clear example of that.

But who knows the exact reason behind Andy's departure. I only wish him well and the band can find a new bass player soon.

Actually another that comes to mind in a way is Kile Brewer with Kaddisfly. Another parallel with K-Fly, lol.

As far as this new film, I'm certainly looking forward to it. I couldn't help but watch it and think, I'd like to see Fleet Kittens rock out like that ending of Sun Hands there.

Unfortunate News

It is with extremely heavy hearts that we announce that we have recently parted ways with our bassist Andy Hamm. Due to unresolved differences within the band, we strongly feel that, in order to continue in a positive direction, this is the best course of action. We wish Andy the best and will miss him deeply.

-Kelcey, Matt, Ryan and Taylor

"Almost Home" film coming from filmmakers High/Low

Local Natives: Almost Home Trailer from High/Low Film on Vimeo.

Weaving together two sold-out shows at The Fonda Theatre with a series of intimate vignettes exploring the patience, respect and compromise that propel the Local Natives’ volatile creative nucleus, Almost Home is the story of a true democracy, where every band member contributes equally, sharing in the triumphs and follies of building a career the old way: by rarely seeing home. Visually, Yours Truly and High/Low Film took cues from the band's home-grown album artwork to cultivate a pop-art aesthetic, mixing the mediums of 8mm, 16mm, still photography, and digital video for a tale of friendship, hard work and self-sacrifice.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Other Lives - Tamer Animals (2011) (1.0)

4/11/11 7:57PM

Track List
1. Dark Horse
2. As I Lay My Head Down
3. For 12
4. Tamer Animals
5. Folk Songs
6. Weather
7. Old Statues
8. Woodwind
9. Desert
10. Landforms
11. Head East

3 songs can be streamed here:

For 12
Tamer Animals
Dust Bowl III

May 10th. 1 pre-order on Vinyl

The more I hear from this, I'm more intrigued, although I said that about their debut record at 1st.

3/11/11 6:10AM


article link

Tamer Animals’ out 17 May 2011 on tbd Records.
There’s no point in trying to unearth an obvious “single” in Other Lives’ second album, Tamer Animals. Here’s a better idea instead: succumb. Let every last song wash over you like proper long players once did, from the swift strings and pulsating horns—a technique learned from old Philip Glass LPs—of “Dark Horse” to the richly orchestrated denouement of “Heading East,” a cut that could have been cribbed from the early instrumental sessions of Other Lives’ old band Kunek.
“The core of that band is still with me,” says frontman Jesse Tabish, who founded Kunek with cellist Jenny Hsu and drummer Colby Owens. “In a lot of ways, it’s still what I gravitate towards, songwriting wise.”
Unlike their self-titled debut—a studio-bound effort that was produced by Beck’s longtime drummer, Joey Waronker—Tamer Animals was tracked in the privacy of the band’s own space in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Waronker eventually mixed the entire affair and sanded down its edges, but it took Other Lives 14 months to get to that point.
We’re not talking about lazy Sunday sessions here, either. More like 11 songs that were carefully sculpted over time, with certain sounds creeping up when the record called for them, and nothing that’s forced or rushed.
“Every sound has a purpose without being too indulgent,” explains Tabish. “There’s nothing like, ‘Hey, let’s rock out on this!’ It’s homemade in a way. For better or for worse, it’s all our sound.”

Other lives - For 12 by mouxlaloulouda

That sound amounts to one hell of a sweeping listen—an atmosphere, a mood, a state of mind. So while you might find yourself going back to the minor-key melodies of “Dust Bowl III” or the Morricone-caliber arrangements of “Old Statues” more often than not, it’s all part of a greater whole. And since Tabish prefers treating his vocals like an instrument, the lyrics are left open to interpretation.

To be honest, they don’t even matter in the end. What matters is how Tamer Animals makes you feel; how it aims to hit you in the chest…hard, like the Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sigur Rós LPs that made Tabish want to write this kind of music in the first place. (If you can believe it, he played in punk bands as a kid and didn’t resume the piano lessons he started in third grade until he was 18.)

“I’d rather us be an ensemble than a rock band,” he says. “That’s my goal—to get away from those traditional ideas. It’s not a strength in numbers kinda thing, either, where 12 people are on stage and five of them are playing the same melody. When the music calls for that many players, we’ll go there. We’ll destroy the band itself.”

He’s smiling as he says that. And frankly, so are we.

this band, formerly known as Kunek has their 2nd album out in May. More to add, as I am just headed out the door at the moment.

edit: Kunek's 2006 debut record Flight of the Flynns is still my favorite thing they've made. In 2009, they released their debut/self-titled record which I enjoyed, but never got as attached to as I hoped. Although admittedly, it included a bunch of songs I enjoyed, but it wasn't as cohesive, nor did it have those wonderful piano parts that the Kunek LP had.

But I gotta confess, the demo they shared earlier this year (late last year?) and that sample above has me rather intrigued here. I also got to see them live a couple of times in 2009 as they ended up hitting Minneapolis I think 4 times on different tours.

Nice guys (and girl) too, from Oklahoma. They remind me of the guys in Fair to Midland in a way.

They also had 1 of their tunes, "Black Tables," off the Self-titled LP, used in the season finale? of the new USA Network show Covert Affairs which I thought was cool. So perhaps some big things like that are in store for them in 2011 with this new album of theirs.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Reign of Kindo - October's Storm

I feel pretty fucking negligent, as I think this was posted about 3 weeks ago or more. This as far as I know, is a TOTALLY NEW or UNRELEASED SONG. Not to mention, I've been pretty addicted to these guys in the past few months. Better late(r) than never of course.

edit: this is not totally new or unreleased (the title sounded familiar), as it was a Japanese Bonus track off their incredible debut record Rhythm, Chord & Melody

TRoK post

I swung beneath the battered trees
the sunlight kissed and greeted me
it broke right through the clouded skies above
adorned the trees with shining love
and veils of doubt and shadows fled my eyes

The saddest looking trees
broken and bruised in the fateful October’s storm
stripped of their majesty

The storm came in the night
it crippled this town, unannounced and unmercifully bawling
tears of wet snow

Though the trees cried through the night
there was none to cure their plight
and it seemed their better days
would behind them ever stay

On that clouded day
years had since passed since the fury of October’s storm
when I found that old swing

They were standing high above
when the sunlight came down and revealed to my eyes such a wonder
they were bursting with life

No matter what storms you’ve seen
no matter the broken dreams
you’ve yet to see mend
consider the battered trees
their leaves dancing in the breeze
recalling no memory
of October’s storm.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Timbre - "I Will Go Plant Little Flowers" live


sohhh pretty. Someday, maybe she'll play in Minnesota again (with Brooke Waggoner and with her own group).

I read that a group from the UK is interested in making an official video of this song. I totally follow why, as it's breathtaking and one of the best songs from 2010.

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Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - TBA (2011) (1.0)

4/7/11 11:37PM

This album is gonna rule. Everything I hear and read about it keeps upping the ante. Here's their latest teaser

2/20/11 12:58PM

a new/2nd Teaser was just posted. They've also been updating a lot of stuff about the album on their facebook page recently. So, info about this record I would imagine isn't too far away.

12/22/10 12:20PM
This Australian post-rock band I came across, I recall either sometime in 2009, or perhaps even in 2008 when they released their debut EP Tiny Fragments. I think what drew me to them most is how they use piano really well. That, and how they do have some of the "post" sound, but don't sound like the stereotypical "post" music.

So naturally, I have been wondering when something would come from them next. Last Summer I remember they even got the chance to open for Karnivool. But their 1st full-length has been in the works for awhile from reading their blogs on myspace and facebook posts.

Well they posted some stuff just today
myspace post

Hello out there.

We have loads of news, exciting times in TToL land!

First up, we have a new website:

It has a few nice things on there, including a couple of full live sets in video. Check it out.

Secondly, we are recording our debut full length album. We built a new studio to make sure it gets done properly...

We'll be providing a whole lot more updates soon, including videos from the studio. We are very happy with the direction of the album... but we'll try not to talk it up too much just yet.

Lastly, we have a new video clip - our first ever video clip! - for 'A Vexing Predicament'. We released this song last year, but some dudes made a clip for it as part of their diploma - and it turned out reeeeal nice! So we have decided to release it officially. Have a look:

so, great to read about more info on this. They at least are 1 band who'll put out their debut record in 2011.

And for those who may be wondering, no, this is not the band whose album has a review on the verge of being reviewed on this blog. Although, TToL and that band will share a debut-album-year I suppose for that reason.

dredg - Chuckles & Mr. Squeezy (2011) (1.0)

4/7/11 10:22PM

I love how so many people are shocked by hearing the samples and "Upon Returning."

Dat's cool and all, and I think the samples sound fine. I mean different? yeah, but everything they've (the band) said is this album will be a lot different. But I don't get the sense it's music without value.

It sounds like a mix of ballads and synth-driven songs. And just read this entry and many other sources online. I'm certainly open for that.

I did read something over on Traversing suggesting what may have been good to do with this record, is cut it down a bit and release it as an EP or Mini-album. Kind of like Oceansize's Home and Minor EP.

I just am still of the feeling this won't be dredg's Road Salt or Buzzard (Pain of Salvation and Margot & the Nuclear So & So's).

It's a different approach, yeah. But the songs are still there it sounds like. And I also have confidence that their next work will be more of a full "Rock" and layered record as their others are. Or at least more ambitious and in-depth. It kind of makes sense to change or alternate a bit. Each record is a reaction to the last.

An album of the year candidate? it's probably by default more of a record that likely will fall in the top 20-30, but its odds are low to become an everyday masterwork kind of record, so unlikely.

2.0 probably isn't too far away as this is starting to look like a Wikipedia entry.

New interview with Mark Engles

questions about the new album:

Switching topics to the new album Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy, the cover is creepy. How did you make that happen?

It started with Drew, on tour with Circa Survive, and I think “masks” was the general idea. Drew started making masks and we started picking the ones we liked. Drew’s brother came on board and he’s a photographer from Hurley so we got the idea of having the dichotomy of having a beautiful girl with a mask on. We did the shoot and we really liked how clean it is. Even though it’s creepy, it’s clean; it’s not busy or cluttered. The color scheme we thought really fit the style of the new record. With Dan the Automator’s production, it’s a very clean record, a very streamlined record. We thought it fit really well.

After listening to the new album, it sounds like Dan is a member of the band, not just an outside producing force. Is that what you were going for?

Yea, this is definitely collaboration. This is the new Dredg record but it reminds me of when other bands work with a DJ or producer and it’s a collaboration record. We knew that going into it. The timing of it was perfect where we didn’t want to spend a whole year writing a big Dredg rock record, not that we don’t want to again, but, just for this one we had these songs we’ve been trading over e-mail with Gavin in Seattle and the rest of us in the Bay Area. We thought it was the perfect time to go with a collaboration, so you are correct by calling him a 5th member.On our last record, Matt Radosevich was a 5th member musically, but he’s not a musician in the sense where he has his style. That’s where Dan lies and it’s definitely more like a collaboration record. It could say “Dredg and Dan the Automator” on the cover, but, it doesn’t.


But it could definitely be that way. Any fans that are turned off because it’s not a guitar rock record, I understand, but it’s also a departure record.

Do you have a favorite song on the new album you like to play?

Play or listen to?

I’d say play, as this one isn’t the big guitar rock record, like you said, so I was wondering which one of them appeals to you the most to perform.

We’re actually starting rehearsal today, so I haven’t played any of them live, per se, except for “Upon Returning” which we played on our last tour with Circa Survive. I love playing that live. But that’s the only one from the new record that we’ve had in the set list. So today, actually after I talk to you I’ll drive to meet the guys and start working out how to put this thing together live.

Can you tell me what the song “Kalathat” is about?

Kalathat is about this horrible, horrible tragedy that took place in the Silicon Valley. You hear about this in other places like Seattle and Southern California, when the .com bubble burst and the economy burst, where the hi-tech engineers and people who were doing okay and then lost everything, they also lost their pride. So, instead of sucking it up, they would kill their entire family and then kill themselves. So Kalathat is the last name of this gentleman who decided that money and pride was more important than living life and his family and he wiped out his entire family. It’s incredibly, horribly depressing. But it’s interesting that in 2008 or 2009 that someone can put the priority of financial success over the love of family. It’s just horrible.

It’s a really intense song and I think that if you’re worried about Dredg fans picking this up as well, I think this one speaks to the honesty of your music.


"Upon Returning" stream 30 second clips

4/5/11 1:25AM

another clip

rather synthy of course.

3/30/11 6:05AM

A rather bizarre video
they posted here on facebook yesterday

also here's the official track list (I know, it's old, but not old or it's only delayed for this blog)

1. Another Tribe 3:46
2. Upon Returning 3:55
3. The Tent 4:47
4. Somebody is Laughing 3:46
5. Down Without a Fight 3:53
6. The Ornament 3:04
7. The Thought of Losing You 3:33
8. Kalathat 3:25
9. Sun Goes Down 3:48
10. Where I'll End Up 3:44
11. Before it Began 2:58

3/13/11 7:26PM

1st single "The Thought of Losing You" stream.

Dredg - The Thought Of Losing You by // OhFancy

2/22/11 11:35AM

Some song titles confirmed (source: this topic on a fans forum for dredg)

Upon Returning
The Thought of Losing You
The Tent
Before it Began
Sun Goes Down
Where I'll End Up
The Ornament

"The Ornament" being the song I and it seems many are excited about. That's 1 of the rare holdovers from the past.

2/18/11 6:22PM

Drew Roulette's twitter post

@dredg Our 5th studio album "Chuckles & Mr. Squeezy" to be released May 3rd in the US. April 29 in all other territories.

so, there it is. Uh, unusual cover, although I'll confess, being someone who finds body art at times an enjoyable visual, I'm not reacting so outlandishly as some have/may about it.

The title itself, kind of the same thing. It's different, it's odd, it sounds potentially funny. Might it be "look at how funny or clever we are"? maybe, but when dredg do that kind of thing, it's not annoying. When Animal Collective do, it is beyond annoying.

So, yeah, the usual details should come shortly. There are a few more bits taken from this article written in German. Using google translator, I am inferring it's to be 11 songs, 40 minutes long. The 1st single is called "The Thought of Losing You" and is expected to be released on April 15th in Germany I'd presume.

But I suppose I can add/rehash some other bits that I recall about it. In speaking with Mark Engles, dredg's guitarist, last November, he said this album is not very guitar-driven. It's going to be different. That article kind of emphasizes that. They almost feel like a whole new band (with a new sound).

Many of the leftover tracks from the Pariah period won't be on this record. From what I recall reading, 1 or 2 perhaps, but one is/has been re-arranged.

I guess as much as I am attached to them, my feeling about this album is very wait-and-see. 2009's Pariah is great. One of the better records in the 2000's. But there's enough differences with this record, I'm not expecting another epic record like Pariah. Unlike some bands (Oceansize, PRR..even Mew), I am not waiting for dredg to make a statement album. They've done that.

The only thing I can cite as a concern is, an example like Coheed and Cambria or maybe more likely, Pain of Salvation. I don't want them to change so drastically, I'll wonder where the band I loved went.

Now comparisons like that are obviously pretty irrelevant, at least to the band and to a lot of their fans. But just from my personal taste and feeling, I naturally tend to draw comparisons, as a necessary evil I suppose. And the approach of not expecting huge qualities seems a little safer. At least as a follow-up. The danger lies in the one after the follow-up, and whatever happens after that.

dredg to me, have a pretty clean and nearly flawless catalog. But that may not exist forever. Citing PoS or even Dream Theater and Rush (and even Marillion, although I can at least claim my favorite band has never made a record I never wanted to listen to again).

Monday, April 4, 2011

2nd Quarter Music Preview, etc

Work/progress is being made. Although when you have a love interest, your schedule and priorities change. I imagine a lot of the work I might have got done last week/weekend if I wasn't spending time with said love interest, will manage to get done this week/this coming weekend.

And in some respects, delaying it a week or more probably helps given a lot of info has come out since.

But certainly it'll find it's way in here soon. Maybe even by Wednesday or earlier.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thurisaz - The Cimmerian Years (2011) (1.0)

4/1/11 11:42AM

4/1/11 myspace blog post

Release Date appears to be May 20th, based on the pre-order information there.

2/23/11 8:30AM

myspace blog posting

Feb 22, 2011
We've signed with Sleaszy Rider Records !

Hey dear friends !!

First of all, we're glad to say, that after more than a year being in and out of the studio, the recording, mixing and mastering of the new album ' The Cimmerian Years' finally came to an end. Last sunday we officially spent our last minutes in the CCR-studio, adjusting and adding the last samples!

Second of all, we're proud to announce that we signed a deal with SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS from Greece (Ancient, The Elysian Fields, Prejudice...)! They will release our third album 'The Cimmerian Years', which will be available in May 2011!

So... What to expect? One could say it's gonna be a known mixture of styles, yet so very different... It's gonna be the known combination of different vocals, yet so very different... It's gonna be the known soundscapes of bombast and melody, yet again so very different... Let's just say, it will sound familiar and it won't... ;-)

Here on myspace, you can check out some new songs: 'My Precious Unknown' & 'Second Mirror':

The artwork is done by the Dutch artist Geert van Mook. Here's a first glance of the cover. Thanx to Geert for doing a splendid job!


1: Broken
2: My Precious Unknown
3: Second Mirror
4: No Regrets (feat. November Doom's Paul Kuhr)
5: Fare Thee Well
6: The Carnival Of Miscreation
7: Inner Voices
8: Unhealed (feat. Inis Cathaigh's Els Blieck)
9: A Glance Of Misperception (feat. Saturnus' Thomas A.G. Jensen)

News about how to pre-order your promo-package will be posted on April 1st. Be sure to order on time, there will only be 100 promo-packs available!

Soon more information on video's, release-shows, new shirts, tours, etc...

See ya!

well given I'm at work, this posting may have some edits later today. But what I can say/add about this. It's about time. Finally they have a label to release this thing. They were in limbo, like a few other bands (Unexpect, Akphaezya..Fields a few years ago), with an album finished but no reasonable way of releasing it.

The new songs: I recall hearing at least 1, and I can't say I was floored or anything. But I enjoyed 2007's Circadian Rhythm enough to have hope for this record and this progressive melodic blackened death metal band (enough adjectives? I know, just call them metal and give them a go).

Also it doesn't give an exact date, just May. So obviously it'll be worth keeping an eye on what they (or Sleazy Rider Records) announces with that.