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Painted in Exile - TBA (2011 projected) (1.0)

Just a bit of an update from them


Painted In Exile is currently working very hard on writing our upcoming full length CD so please excuse us if we seem a little hush. We are making sure this is going to surpass anything we've ever written and cover every ground that we didn't get to on Revitalized. We're a much more mature band now so the new music wi...ll also rub off that way. The Revitalized music video will be released this fall! - Painted In Exile

for some reason I scanned that over just a bit ago and thought it meant the ALBUM was coming this fall. No, as I thought THE 1ST TIME I read it, A MUSIC VIDEO is coming this fall. This album? if they manage to find a way to release it, my guess would be sometime next Spring. April/May-ish, maybe a bit earlier.

When ever it does manage to come out, certainly I have big hopes for it. The music industry and the Metal scene needs more bands like these guys. Although, I gotta keep my guard up a bit given I've seen many bands with promising eps, put out a full-length that doesn't fulfill that promise overall. But I guess I can't help not consider that happening to these guys. Their last EP is so good, it almost reminds me more of Everything Everything or Pure Reason Revolution a few years ago. They do too many things well to fall into that trap, at least for a debut record.

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AllMediaReviews Music Essential: THE MARS VOLTA

My history with music and listening to music began when I was little. My parents used to play Don McLean's American Pie to me. But around that time or shortly after, the 80's pop music is what I fell into. The Rocky III Soundtrack (and Survivor's song "The Eye of the Tiger") and Weird Al's In 3D I recall being the very 1st music I ever bought, on cassette tape. And then some of my friends and I got into Huey Lewis and the News, along with my brother's favorite band at the time Duran Duran. Michael Jackson's Thriller and Prince's Purple Rain of course were two other cassette tapes I bought and was into like most people around that time.

I would also enjoy both Friday Night Videos and The Casey Casem Top 40 on Sunday mornings. And even those years I was starting to like The Beatles of course. The very 1st vinyl record I ever bought was Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1987, the same Summer I recall I picked up Rolling Stone's 1967-1987 "100 most influential albums of the last 20 years" issue (the title of the issue may not be exactly that, but loosely similar).

It was also around that time I started playing music in School, from the "Honor Band" at my elementary school and then later the Concert and Jazz Bands in Junior High School. My instrument was trumpet.

But then the Fall of my freshman year of High School something changed when my friends who I rode to school with every morning started playing Led Zeppelin in their car. My interest in Rock Music and I suppose music in general became something significantly different at that point.

I like to think of my taste as being ever expanding and as open-ended and open-minded as I can be. The "Essentials" are artists I consider *essential* to the formation of my personal taste up to this point. These are artists that are all rather significant and made a strong impression on me as a fan of music and things in my life in general.

These are artists whose music seems almost more like religion to me, rather than just something made to listen to recreation-ally. Their music has stood the test of time for me; whether it be still music I listen to frequently to this day, or at least quite frequently for a good period of time within the last 20 years. And it holds a very strong sense of nostalgia and memory to me, that it's significant for my life.

If I were creating some kind of dream festival, I would be in awe to put any 5 or 10 of these "essentials" on the same bill.

Following the completion of this series of artists, I shall give a list of artists that may be featured in the next series. In other words, the so-called "honorable mention" or "just missing the cut" this time around, that very well may be included in the near future.

The Mars Volta

Their name I 1st saw when I recall seeing it show up on some of the Dream Theater and progressive rock-related forums in 2003, not too long after the release of their debut record De-Loused In the Comatorium. Some people called them a punk-prog band initially. Some called them a new kind of "prog metal." I remember checking them out initially and liking a lot about them. For one, their singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala had a higher-pitched voice that reminded me of singers like Jon Anderson and especially Geddy Lee to a point. But they also had these layers of tracks in their music. Guitar tracks, a lot of percussion, and even some piano and keys. The 2nd track on their debut album "Interiatic ESP" really sounded proggy, and it was funny how even though I liked them, I was kind of shy about it, and their fan base. They didn't sound like Marillion or Dream Theater, or even Spock's Beard. But they were prog somehow still. It was kind of chaotic and also energetic at the same time. The guitar lines were, and later a comparison to Led Zeppelin I saw, and the more I listened to them and their subsequent work, the more that comparison along with comparisons to Carlos Santana made a lot of sense, just from a reminding and vague approach to blues influence and their live shows.

But a big part of the experience of becoming a fan of them was their background and fans background. Of course singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez were pretty much The Mars Volta, but they had been in a previous band called At the Drive-In along with 2 other musicians before breaking off. The other two went on to form Sparta, a band who I don't recall thinking all that much of, but the truth is, I never spent a ton time listening to in fact. But At the Drive-In as non-typical as I came to learn they were, and also how they had a devoted, hardcore fan base, were still stylistically a punk band. And punk, especially at that point, I was repulsed by for the most part. I did enjoy The Ramones and The Clash, and yes even The Sex Pistols for a brief period in High School. And someone like Elvis Costello I respected and have since come to enjoy a bit of. But overall, punk is a very low % for me. But as it turned out, ATDI were not so typical for punk, and more a crossover of punk with latin and even some psychedelic influences. They even once covered a Pink Floyd tune, which in some circles, would be rather anti-punk to do.

So with TMV, Cedric and Omar did desire to do something different, obviously than ATDI, but inevitably their sound still included some of that raw, punk edge to it. And their fan base of course had a lot of punk ties still. A lot of younger kids were into punk, into ATDI and thus (at least a percentage) became into TMV.

So, their sound was frankly, a lot different than any of the other music I enjoyed, even with the Zeppelin and Santana comparisons. I saw them live in the Fall of 2003, in fact the same evening the Minnesota Gophers football team blew a 35-14 lead to Michigan in the 4th quarter, on a special Friday night game. I remember driving home from the concert hearing them meltdown.

That show at The Quest was frankly, almost pure noise. It was just jam after jam really, with almost no structure. And while I still remained a fan, I saw them a bit differently live.

I did enjoy De-Loused still around that time and the Tremulant EP as well, which after getting into them, I found that to be more interesting. it was rather unstructured as well, but I just remember being into them and really
liking it then. Sadly, I have not revisited it in many years for some reason.

Then in early 2005, their new album Frances the Mute was released, and I kind of saw them going to a new level. It was different, full of long sections, but I ultimately felt were worth going through for the climaxes on a few of the songs. They were some of the best builds and huge segues I'd ever heard before. They used more latin and jazz elements namely. Even I felt as unorthodox the vocal effects Cedric used at times, they still worked with the whole 77 minute record. When the album came out, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater posted one of his "Heroes of the Day" about the album and band, and the comparison he made to Yes's Tales From Topographic Oceans really made sense, and still makes sense. Even though structurally, FTM was different in that it didn't have exactly four 20 minute songs, but what Tales and FTM share among many things, were how much of the album seemed to take you on a/the cliche-d "journey" or maybe simply put, the songs were unpredictable and seemed to roller-coaster with many different moods, colors, flavors, emotions and other ranges of ideas. That I found it to be why it worked even more than De-Loused did. Although over time, I did find a lot of the length-ly slow sections killed my ability to get addicted to it, and I felt by the end of the year, it would easily been the best or my favorite record and album-of-the-year for 2005, but the lack of addiction prevented that.

But it still was very forward-thinking, original, influential and a really good next direction for them that had my optimism for what they would do next.

Of course, that optimism can be hurt by lack of fulfillment. Which is a lot of what I felt about their next album 2006's Amputechture which would be their original drummer Jon Theodore's last. Simply put, the album had a ton of filler in it, and more or less what worked with FTM, did not so much with AMP. They continued with the epics of course on it, but many of the sections seemed to be repeated chord progressions and in similar keys. Cedric's vocals frankly, were not as good. He seemed more nasal or whiny in some ways. I suppose at that point, I was getting into a lot of bands into more song-oriented music, dredg, Pure Reason Revolution namely, that the filler stood out more in a negative way on this album. I always struggled with it, although some years later now, I'm not sure if I shouldn't try and re-assess it for a 3rd or 4th time again.

Their next album, The Bedlam in Goliath from 2008, didn't have any 13+ minute epics on it, and so I was kind of optimistic again when it came out, thinking that AMP was just a bump in the road for what I thought of as progressive rock's proof that it can be commercial, viable, known etc. And they had this new drummer named Thomas Pridgen who was a prodigy in jazz. His youtube videos made him look like he could play circles around Jon Theodore. And he very well could. However, on this album, his drums, namely with the cymbals, it didn't really matter how impressive the playing was, because what I have come to call 4C Syndrome. This was the album that really reeked the most of it, and I could not stand listening to it. Although, it wasn't the only thing I found wrong with it. The production and layers seem overdone. The production was too hot. The good parts of it got totally ruined by the 4C and what sounded at times like overindulgence/overlayered/overproduced, in tracks in the studio.

It's sad, because in a lot of ways, they fixed or went away from what was wrong with AMP. There weren't a ton of extended or pointless sections, and in fact there was at least a reasonable amount of varied sounds and kinds of songs, including some new kinds of things like on "Ouroboros" for example. But it just didn't matter. Live, I never caught them on that tour, and didn't make an effort to check out some of the live recordings and videos to know how much better the songs came across.

It also was clear that along with all the solo and side projects that Omar Rodriguez-Lopez did, it seemed like he and the band were more into or at least satisfied with quantity. At least given how much work they put out and odds are how little time they spent refining their music. They used a producer on their 1st 2 albums I recall; Rick Rubin on De-Loused, but now they more or less were not taking any outside voices. A bit like Dream Theater. And I'd say it showed in the finished results.

So when they announced they had a new album coming out in 2009 called Octahedron, it was more or less an afterthought to me. Even though it was billed as an acoustic-type album. I was just not going to be all that enthusiastic about them and it. Their 5th album in 6 years.

And in 2009, I did listen to it and kind of considered it okay, but not really something I needed to go out and buy anytime soon. But come the end of the year, in revisiting it, I enjoyed it a bit more. And with that, I've come to hold a little more optimism about them. Sure, they will do their own thing and they will continue to put out more material than I'd prefer instead of demo-ing and re-working and refining, that may lead them back to the level they were at with De-Loused and Frances. But with lower expectations, anything better than their last work is gravy and fine by me.

They still are the face of progressive rock now, and a new breed or style, and for that I will always be a fan and regard them as important. And who knows, perhaps one day they will grab me as much if not more than they did when I 1st got into them. They certainly have enough ambition and talent to do so.

Albums: Frances the Mute, De-Loused in the Comatorium, Octahedron
Songs: Inertiatic ESP, Cassandra Gemini, Viscera Eyes, Televators, L'via L'Viaquez, Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus, Ourboros, Copernicus


I've been consumed by a few things over the last few days/weeks. Namely concern about my car's windshield being cracked + rust being the cause (and the cost). Well I got it replaced yesterday finally and my insurance covered the glass and the service to grind down the rust so it hopefully won't return anytime soon and cause the glass to crack again.

But I also have been spending a fair amount of time with the Psychic Crapfest: A Psych Fans Podcast as could be noted there, something like a dozen entries in the last week.

I think it's safe to say, learning of the Pineapple Radio (another, new Psych podcast), it got me motivated to spend more time with my friend and I's podcast.

At any case, what this has meant is, some of the stuff I've meant to include here, news mainly, that I included on my twitter haven't been posted. And they will. Namely the Warpaint album info and the new Steven Wilson/Mikael Akerfeldt project. Along with a review of "Do the Dean II" from Sunday.

Also, the

"AllMediaReviews Music Essentials" series that I have worked on. I shall be starting soon. The audio portions are the only part that I am still working on getting around. But 20 drafts have been put together already.

the Fall 2010 TV Preview also should be happening pretty soon if time allows. September may be somewhat of an insane month for concerts, although a lot of them are late in the month.

also news with some bands music should be announced soon. Namely Fair to Midland who posted something on their facebook about making a big announcement soon. My guess is they will announce whose producing their new album. Like what dredg did recently. And I don't expect it to be David Botrill again.

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Pure Reason Revolution - Hammer & Anvil (2010)

8/20/10 7:29PM

from j_courtney aka Jon Courtney of the band's twitter

(his twitter posts are view-by-request/approval)

Pure Reason Revolution - “Hammer & Anvil” (Superball/EMI) out 18th October! Goodtimes!

so that is good news to see. One thing about Jon's twitter. I sent in a request to follow him awhile ago. Maybe 2 months, I forget. Unlike Jamie Wilcox and Chloe Alper, he protects his twitter posts. I'm not sure how one is able to access permission to view them, but I hope he never okay-ed my viewing them due to something I said or did with the band. I've been a long-time supporter of them, and actually introduced a number of people to them as well. Although, I doubt he realizes that, but if you look up the band's name and album titles, etc, this blog is one of the biggest hits in fact.

So perhaps his twitter is private to keep things "on the down-low" or something? maybe I spread word too far/fast/inaccurately/prematurely? I dunno, all I can do is guess, and hope he allows me to start viewing his posts on there soon. Although, anything important will quite likely end up on the PRR fans forum which I read regularly anyways, so it's kind of a moot point.

5/27/10 5:37PM

A sampler for their new album has been posted on their myspace.


Also the album is expected to drop finally in "Autumn"

more to add later as I have a Twins game to go to.

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Jon Anderson @ The Guthrie Theater (8/16/2010)

Here's what I posted on a couple of the forums.

I just recalled the set list basically, although I only got about 75 or 80% right since I didn't recall or know everything.

Time and a Word
Sweet Dreams
Yours Is No Disgrace
Starship Trooper
Your Move
Long Distance Runaround
And You and I (w/ the proper chord challenge)
a snippet of
Ritual (Nous sommes du Soleil chorus)
Owner of a Lonely Heart

Tony and Me
little snippets
-She Loves You (The Beatles)
-Help Me Rhonda (The Beach Boys)
-Wake Up Little Suzi (Everly Brothers)
-Revealing Science of God

State of Independence
I'll Find My Way Home

Show Me
+ 1 or 2 others I'm not familiar enough with to remember.

Music is the God of the World

he was supposed to do "To the Runner" from Olias of Sunnhillow since it was on the set list, but I don't believe he remembered to include it.

Also part of last night's show that I took away was his usual humor. He kept adding/changing "Minnesota" to many lyrics which I found charming.

But overall, I mean to see him sing all those Yes tunes, and play different stripped-down acoustic versions, with him playing guitar, I couldn't help but get into and appreciate. Sure, he's not Steve Howe, and he did struggle with And You and I and maybe 1 or 2 others, but I didn't and I sensed most of the crowd didn't care.

I mean certainly I would have liked to have heard To the Runner or anything off Olias. Or even some of the deeper Yes tunes such as Turn of the Century or The Sweetness or something rare. And my friend whose traveled to see him a handful of times since the initial time back in 2004 when we went Philadelphia to see him, has seen him do other music.

But I'm happy we finally got a show here no matter. And the numbers seemed pretty good there last night. He seemed to like The Guthrie Theater. Perhaps he'll be back again. And perhaps Yes will as well soon enough, with Benoit David or preferably/but less likely, Jon himself again.

Another cool part of it was seeing some of the Twin Cities regular prog-fans. It sort of felt like reunion or convention in a way. I ran into some folks I hadn't seen in a number of years, which was another great part of the show.

here's a couple of recent live clips (not from the show last night of course).

Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid (2010)

on July 13th Media Reviews Said:

The same night, of Montreal w/ Janella Monae are in The Mainroom. I actually would go for seeing of Montreal live sometime, as much as I've been underwhelmed by their studio music. But Monae has become hipster band 101 as well.

1. Suite II Overture Nathaniel Irvin III, Roman GianArthur Irvin, Charles Joseph II, Janelle Monáe Robinson 2:31
2. Dance or Die (feat. Saul Williams) Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson, Saul Williams 3:12
3. Faster Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 3:19
4. Locked Inside Irvin III, Robinson 4:16
5. Sir Greendown Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 2:14
6. Cold War Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 3:23
7. Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) Irvin III, Joseph II, Antwan Patton, Robinson 4:22
8. Neon Gumbo Robinson, Chuck Lightning 1:37
9. Oh, Maker Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 3:46
10. Come Alive (War of the Roses) Irvin III, Joseph II, Kellis Parker Jr., Robinson 3:22
11. Mushrooms & Roses Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 5:42
12. Suite III Overture Irvin III, Irvin, Joseph II, Robinson 1:41
13. Neon Valley Street Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 4:11
14. Make the Bus (feat. of Montreal) Kevin Barnes 3:19
15. Wondaland Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 3:36
16. 57821" (feat. Deep Cotton) Irvin III, Joseph II, Robinson 3:16
17. Say You’ll Go Irvin III, Irvin, Joseph II, Robinson 6:01
18. BabopbyeYa Irvin III, Irvin, Joseph II, Robinson 8:47

I'll confess, when I 1st saw her name back in the Spring, I wasn't really buying into her music with the way she was being mixed in with the hipster crowd. And her song "Tightrope" just seemed like another pop-diva I didn't need to give 5 minutes of my time to.

But after finally checking out The ArchAndroid a little over a month ago, I've totally come around on her.


It's an excellent record. Catchy, creative, eclectic, and really a lot more original or ambitious than I would ever have thought. She does combine genres rather effectively. But the thing is, many people like to pigeon-hole her to be like James Brown, but I would compare her music more with someone like St.Vincent or Apes and Androids. The dreamy, mystical and emotional sides especially.

I can't deny, her new album is kind of a breath of fresh air to an extent. I've been hoping something new would come along this Summer and grab me, and she is definitely among my favorite new artists (to me) this year.

And it's prog, whether 99% of the people into her music realize or would agree with that, I know it when I hear it. I mean her use of orchestral parts, some of the synths and textures, and definitely the guitar parts and tones; I hear people like David Gilmour and Steve Hackett. I'm not sure who plays the guitars on this record, but it wouldn't be surprising if they were a fan or/listened to stuff like Floyd and Genesis.

I will say though, the 1st 12 or 13 tracks really flow incredibly well, and the last 8+ minute closing piece "BabopbyeYa" is a great closer to this album. But the tracks leading up to it are a bit hit and miss, and that's why at this stage it's not really a top record or even top 5 probably candidate for my 2010 index.

But it's become rather addictive, and the whole concept with the Metropolis (the film?) ideas, Artificial Intelligence/Lifeforms, is rather cool.

I also have gone on to check out her 1st EP Metropolis, Suite I: The Chase from 2007 and The Audition from 2003, which I guess technically is a circulated bootleg or lengthly demo, that some consider her debut album.

And I am going to see her on September 23rd, although probably not much of Montreal as well, with the 3-show 3-venue seeing the performer-I-most-want-to-when-they-are-on-stage at every venue that night. I'd rather see her headline, but given she's not, the triple-concert deal should work. But hopefully the next time she comes in town, she'll be the headliner and it won't be on the same evening as another concert or event.

dredg - TBA (2011)

Okay, some stuff has come out in the last few weeks about the guys recording their next album soon. And then just today they posted on twitter

Yesterday, we began working on our 5th record w/ musician/producer Dan the Automator. Recording it in SF. Looking at an early 2011 release.

if some may recall, Dan the Automator did a sweet remix of "Sang Real" around the time of Catch.

and then this happened back in March

As far as what this album is going to include. The material that I know of and am remembering right now, from the past that at least was worked on/written, etc that certainly could be considered, are the following songs/demos.

Blood Stains
Fucking Smile 2
Holding a Remedy Potion
Push Away
Can We Start Over?/Time Will Tell
Where I'll End up
Wondrous Miracle
It's Not Worth It
Doo Dee Doo Dee

The Ornament (the full song, not Matroshka obviously)
The Warbler (the song off Live at the Fillmore)

Who knows, the guys might have done some new stuff they never demo-ed or played live.

Also by the way, last year when Pariah leaked, this blog somehow ended up attracting many hits. While that's great and all, I just hope it doesn't find it's way to being linked on these spammy sites and being treated as anything official. It's amayyyyzeen how easily that stuff can happen.

I'm just a fucking fan, like 10's of thousands of others out there.

But I suppose the fact comments are disabled (for good reason) should reduce that kind of thing.

Among the songs I'm the most excited to hear on record, "Can We Start Over?/Time Will Tell" and "Holding a Remedy Potion" are probably the most.

Bruce Peninsula - TBA (2011)

This could be on it.

Some info posted on The Mars Volta Fans forum about what they are doing. The post there doesn't say a ton about details, but this 2nd LP of theirs is being mixed right now and is expected in March or April of 2011.

Bruce Peninsula's 2009 debut LP A Mountain is a Mouth of course I kind of got addicted to a few months ago. And I don't recall if I ever actually reviewed it (a quick search would reveal that of course, but I'm lazy :p).

But certainly this is great news. Sadly, they seem to be another band whose rather good, but in my vague/low-expectations on the boards, I still have not seen much interest in. Save for on the Volta forum there, where I originally saw their name.

Maybe it's a Canadian thing like Bend Sinister? lol. And perhaps this 2nd record of theirs will reach a larger audience.

Protest the Hero - TBA (2010 or 2011?)

8/17/10 1:11AM

They hit the studio August 30th. My money is on a January or February release with that kind of late recording schedule. Mixing, mastering and of course the promotion/marketing required leeway, a '10 release seems pretty difficult (like Long Distance Calling).

2011 could be > 2010, especially in terms of depth, big name bands with new releases and top heavyiness. '10 vs '11 is starting to remind me of the 2008 vs 2009 comparison.

myspace blog entry

Hey There,

If I knew how to set the mood status on this bad boy, it would normally be set to "depressed" mode...but today, I would upgrade to "slight delight" because we have some news for you.

We just solidified the studio time for our next album that we have been writing for about three years or so. At least, it feels that way.

We have successfully bribed our good friend Julius B. to record it all at a brand new studio in Canada called "Jukasa". Our official start-date is August 30th and we couldn't be more pleased with the studio and producer.

When asked to describe the new music, we usually just get embarrassed and start to sweat. So take that in whatever way you want to - the one thing I can say is we actually have more than 10 songs for once.

6/11/10 12:56AM

A *pre-production* video from Luke

PreProduction Crepe from Luke Hoskin on Vimeo.

um, I have really no clue how to feel about this from that. Until they impress me more, I will state that "Kezia" had those wonderful acoustic sections and vocal harmonies that makes it among other reasons, a superior record to "Fortress." I'd love to feel differently, but bringing some of those qualities back to this next record would be potentially a great thing.

That being said, Fortess did have a number of songs I liked; I just would really go for them bringing back some of the stuff I enjoyed most about them and Kezia.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see this album come out in the early part of 2011.

Between the Buried and Me - TBA (new EP) 1.0

This is an interview with their bassist Dan, and as he says around the 8 minute mark I guess they're going to be recording it in December. Perhaps that means their next full-length won't come until 2012. Who knows. I wonder if it'll be like 1 epic piece, or a suite or something. Or, maybe just a collection of songs, maybe leftover from the The Great Misdirect period.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Adebisi Shank - This Is the Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank (2010)

8/16/10 5:03PM

The whole thing is here to stream.

1 International Dreambeat 3:51
2 Masa 3:45
3 Genki Shank 4:48
4 Micromachines 3:37
5 (-_-) 2:04
6 Logdrum 6:05
7 Bones 2:53
8 Frunk 3:07
9 Europa 3:57
10 Century City 5:06

I just started listening to it; it sounds pretty sweet so far.

8/6/10 6:13PM
another new song "Genki Shank" that sounds more similar to their 1st album.

8/2/10 2:42AM

artwork now added (now above).

7/27/10 11:20PM


The new album, not surprisingly titled, This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank , and is expected August 20th according to what is quoted below. Although it says September on rateyourmusic.

"International Dreamboat" certainly is different, along with the description, but it has me kind of intrigued. Another band, doing some different things, that seem for the better.

Adebisi Shank - International Dreambeat by Nialler9

Taken from their second album This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank (well.. what else did you think it was going to be called?), ‘International Dreambeat’ is the sound of rainbows played on guitars. It’s the theme tune to the inside of Lar, Mick and Vinny’s brain and it kicks off the album in perfect fashion. You can just see the confetti, the parades and crazy Japanese manga characters. Something like this?

The 40-minute album certainly is steeped in Japanese influence from the band’s three tours there. It’s a dizzying album of mostly instrumental music, not really a rock album as such, as the first album was. It’s more varied and sounds like nothing anybody else is doing anywhere. Vocoders, synths, marimbas, guitar riffs that would be comfortable soundtracking a level on a vintage platform game, big drums and even some ’80s basslines. Guests include Conor O’ Brien from Villagers who provides vocals on ‘Europa’ and Jape plays synths on the last track ‘Century City’. The album is released August 20th on The Richter Collective in Ireland, BSM Records in UK and in October on Parabolica Records in Japan. The band have tour dates starting this weekend, listed after the jump.

7/3/10 8:10PM
Facebook on June 3rd

Is the album called "This is the second album of a band called Adebisi Shank"? Maybe. Will it be released in August? Yes. Will we be playing all the new tunes in Twisted Pepper in July? Yes.

Their debut album This Is the Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank from 2008 was rather impressive. Great energy among other things. Hopefully this next one will be as good or better.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Buzzard (2010)

8/15/10 11:29PM

artwork and track list. It's released on September 21st.
Pre-Order link

Amazon link with Samples

1 Birds 3:53
2 Let's Paint Our Teeth Green 3:11
3 New York City Hotel Blues 3:47
4 Claws Off [Explicit] 3:28
5 Will You Love Me Forever? 3:57
6 Tiny Vampire Robot [Explicit] 4:05
7 Your Lower Back 5:10
8 Freak Flight Speed 5:12
9 My Baby (Cares for the Animals) 3:37
10 Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic [Explicit] 3:47
11 Earth to Aliens, What Do You Want? 3:59
12 I Do 5:15

I dunno. To say my expectations for this album are a fair amount lower than their last record would be accurate. The lineup changes may ultimately
hurt their music more than I would have expected. I guess the horns and
other experimental parts to the band are limited if not gone entirely. Why I am really not expecting a ton here, at least from where this band was or could have been.

But, I'd love to be surprised of course. Richard Edwards is still a very good songwriter.

3/26/10 11:13PM

3 new songs are going to be recorded soon then mixed/mastered and added to Buzzard. It's likely to come out a bit later because of that. August is what they mentioned in their latest myspace blog.

As long as it comes out. Unlike some bands, it wasn't too long ago we got new music from them. Hopefully those 3 new songs help the album's quality,

11/8/09 2:234AM

the 1st single "Birds" will be apparently released on December 31st as a 7" vinyl.

it will include a b-side apparently too, but which one of the songs they've recorded, including the list below, hasn't been announced.

Songs recorded and in contention...
1. Yer lower back tattoo
2. Let's paint our teeth green
3. Arvydas Sabonis
4. Birds
5. Lunatic, lunatic, lunatic
6. Oh Francine
7. Earth to aliens: what do you want?
8. Bubbleprick
9. My baby cares for the animals
10. Tiny Vampire ROBOT
11. Freak Flight Speed
12. I do
13. NY City Hotel Blues #3
14. People make me sick
15. Your lawyer (can't stop me from loving you)

I'm still adjusting to the fact so many of the band members left. Andy and his brother Chris Fry aren't in the band anymore. I really liked them, but I suppose I want to wish them the best.

Just to review/reiterate here's what happened:


* Andy Fry, guitarist and co-founder of the band with Edwards.

* Chris Fry, drummer and key contributor to the band’s video documentation and album art (which has been painted by Chris’ girlfriend, Stacy Novak). Chris and Andy are brothers.

* Emily Watkins, keyboard player and vocalist — a female counterpoint for Edwards’ singing. (Ashley White sang in Edwards’ pre-Margot band, Archer Avenue, and Katie Todd is working on the new recordings after her cameo appearances on “Animal!/Not Animal”). Emily and Tyler are not related.

* Casey Tennis, percussionist and energetic focal point during Margot shows.

* Hubert Glover, trumpet player featured on signature Margot tunes “Quiet As a Mouse” and “Vampires in Blue Dresses.”

(The new songs are) much louder and more aggressive in general, but the quiet moments are much more bare,” Edwards said. “No strings or horns. Fun times.”

The new members of the Margot recording unit are keyboard player Cameron McGill (an accomplished Chicago-based solo artist), drummer Brian Deck (producer for “Animal!/Not Animal”) and guitarist Ron Kwasman (who’s overseen greening and recycling efforts for the band Phish).

“I don’t think anything is final,” he said. “It’s just going to be more in and out in terms of membership. I don’t see myself not playing with Andy or Chris or Emily or anybody again.”

That last bit is a bit encouraging as at least some of the members may return/play on future work, etc. Maybe a bit like Fates Warning or whatever.

As far as the title "Buzzard"..let's see, their debut album was called "Dust of Retreat" but had among other themes, a feline/cat direction. "Animal" and "Not Animal" of course based on the title(s) and now "Birds" from "Buzzard" another animal-based title.

Maybe Margot should shoot a video either at a pet store, or in the jungle/wild/forest etc.

Serj Tankian - Imperfect Harmonies (2010)

8/15/10 11:00PM

artwork, track list. Release date is Amazon September 21st (cd)) and Amazon September 28th (vinyl+ bonus cd)

1. Disowned Inc.
2. Borders Are...
3. Deserving?
4. Beatus
5. Reconstructive Demonstrations
6. Electron
7. Gate 21
8. Yes, It's Genocide
9. Peace Be Revenged
10. Left Of Center
11. Wings Of Summer

6:24/10 2:17AM

Drop date for this next solo record is September 7th.

Here's the song "Borders Are"

My thoughts are kind of impartial. On 1 hand, I am a System of a Down fan, thus I am a fan of his. However, his last solo disc Elect the Dead had some good music on it, but maybe didn't include as much humor while being a bit too political for my liking.

I will say, I wish SOAD would get back together soon, but that may still be a few years away sadly.

That all being said, that song sounds promising enough, so I certainly will check it out when it's available.

Revere - Hey! Selim (2010) (v2.0)

8/15/10 5:34PM

Amazon.co.uk link

samples of every track is there, and the track list.

1 Forgotten Names 2:17
2 As the Radars Sleep 4:22
3 We Won't Be Here Tomorrow 2:46
4 The Escape Artist 6:49
5 They Always Knock Twice 3:15
6 Throwing Stones 5:50
7 The Hating Book 5:35
8 I Can't (Forgive Myself) 5:37
9 Things We Said 4:35
10 I Bet You Want Blood 7:02
11 Maybe In Time 5:31
12 Too Many Satellites 4:27

September 6th is the listed Release Date there. A Pre-Order site is expected to show up any day now. The 6th, the same Monday the new Oceansize LP drops.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Warpaint - The Fool (2010) ****WORKING TITLE****

8/13/10 7:15PM


that's 1 source. It's due on October 12th on Rough Trade Records

also the Emily Kokal Appreciation page's twitter confirmed it as well.

Finally good to see. That is also assuming that date sticks. Hopefully the mixing and mastering work is done now. Track list, artwork, etc and some interviews hopefully will come soon.

I really was anticipating this thing in 2011 with all the news of their tours and NOTHING it seemed about it. I cannot forget, they TOLD ME in October of 2009 "it should be out in the Spring"..well 6 months or so late is a LOT faster than some delays (see the 3rd Ours LP for one).

bumpage will happen when all those good deets come out of course.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Behemoth News involving Nergal (vocals) health

Fall tour plans canceled among other things. Obviously his health is the most important thing. Hopefully he'll get through this okay, and if able, he'll and the band will return when the time is right.

I really loved them the 1 headlining show I saw them, and Nergal obviously was a big part of that. Hopefully I'll have that chance again. We already lost 1 significant Polish Metal musician a few years ago in Decapitated's drummer "Vitek," and the Behemoth show I saw was not long after the crash that caused his death. I recall talking to the Behemoth guys about that.

homepage link

rough translation from from Google Translator

"I do not want to bore you with details, but I can no longer hide the fact that I am seriously ill and waiting for my multi-stage treatment, which can take up to several months. Thus, we delete the upcoming summer festivals, planned for September and October tour in Russia and the Baltic States and the November tour in the USA. I know that this is not the best news for you, but health is most important. I've got a rather difficult period, and a lot of work , but steel become hardened in the fire, is not it? You know me, so that you know that I'll get out of this stronger than ever. Then all the concerts also will plan from scratch and even greater momentum. At this time, I feel good, my head is focused to fight the disease, everything is under control by professionals. I have with me the most wonderful and loving woman, family, team, managers and people from publishing companies who are doing everything to support me.I do not ask you for more than just a little bit of patience. I would add that the fact that in the near future we will not be touring does not mean that Behemoth gets into hibernation. We have a lot to offer you in the coming months, Behemoth will work on many other fronts. In coming days expect release of our latest clip "Alas, Lord Is Upon Me." Ensures that this is the most perfect, the most provocative and stimulating I have ever made a picture. In addition, finish work on the DVD release trzyplytowym "Evangelia Heretika" which will be released in November of that year effort Mystic Prod This month we open our shop in the whole world, while working on new designs T-shirts and sophisticated gadgets that are in it available. That would be enough ... we will keep you informed of what's happening in our camp. Horns Up! "

Saturday, August 7, 2010

House of Fools - TBA

8/7/10 4:20PM

Here's a new video they posted on their blog a few weeks ago. Some of the guitar work, the doubling as they mention there, really is excellent. It has a very David Gilmour or even a little Allman Brothers style to it. Quite epic sounding.

It sounds like they are trying to put together a demo, so their next proper album may not come out this year. But I have to imagine with stuff like that, the desire to get it out for people to hear has to be sooner than later.

2/23/10 8:56PM

A couple of reasons to mention this group.

For one, they're sort of a favorite of mine, much like Bend Sinister, The Dear Hunter, Local Natives/Cavil at Rest, Apes and Androids/Call Florence Pow and others. And their highly impressive and addictive debut album 'Live and Learn" still remains something I enjoy and go back to on a semi-regular basis. However, equally as baffling is why nobody seems to like this band in the circles I frequent. And I've never understood why. Perhaps their record label, Drive-Thru Records is partially responsible on a more wide-scale success level.

But the same folks who obsess over The Dear Hunter, won't give this band 5 minutes of their day. And I stated back in 2007 how Live and Learn was an unexpected, amazing debut record that if not for The Dear Hunter's Act II, would have been the best debut album that year, along with finishing in my top 5. It just never got boring or tiresome. So many great, layered, emotional songs. I really don't get it why the prog scene didn't talk about it at all.

But alas, the hyperbole needs to move on.

So since 2007, obviously the band have been working on new music. And in fact they played some of it at the concert I attended in December 2007. So fast-fwd to 2+ years later. 2009 I thought they may have been looking to release something. Save for some demos and some live videos, no dice.

Okay, so for 2010, I figure this is likely the year. But very little info. They posted on their facebook page they were recording on January 5th. Okay, cool. But since then, I haven't seen much (although I haven't gone to their facebook every day/week really).

well I just noticed something a bit ago called "Fresh Hot Shit" that is 8-tracks and around 32-35minutes long. So naturally I'm checking it out right now.

1 Better Days 3:34
2 Impossible 2:53
3 Fresh Hot Shit 4:13
4 Sleep Well 4:31
5 Go Home Tonight 4:12
6 Need to Be Free 5:28
7 Keep the Customer Satisfied 2:37
8 Before I Die 2:48

I don't believe "Fresh Hot Shit" is their 2nd full-length, and I'm not even sure it's going to be an official release. But no matter, there are a number of tracks that got my attention thinking the guys are definitely back.

But then I just noticed this video over on a topic on absolutepunk.

"Sweeny" is not among the tracklist on "Fresh Hot Shit." So it has me thinking, that in fact the guys are primed for another extensive record. "Live and Learn" had 15 tracks on it. And with the amount of time the band has to write songs, 15 or 20 could be potentially on this next album.

Or maybe they'll put out a couple of eps? or a lp and an ep? who knows.

At a minimum, hearing this and seeing some activity from these guys have me rather excited for what's to come soon. But I hope they announce some official news about things, as if they went into the studio on January 5th, odds are they are done with recording most if not all of it. But like many other bands, HOW their music will be released has got to be the biggest hurdle and why some of this info as far as I know hasn't been announced. Hopefully it will soon.

edit: they have a new blog on tumblr (everyone is going there, I may as well soon).

and we have over 50 demos up our sleeves that we cannot wait for you all to hear. Its very possible that we may even tease you with a clip or two here on this very blog!

Battles singer leaves the band

Tyondai Braxton (guitar, vocals) leaves.

This is at least part of why the 2nd album has taken so long to come out?

p4k link:

The thundering, adventurous math-rockers Battles are about to look a whole lot different. As Battles have just announced in a statement on the Warp Records website, Tyondai Braxton has left the band.

Braxton also works as a solo artist, and the band's statement claims that the amicable split came when his solo work clashed with the band's efforts to tour and to complete the follow-up to their 2007 album Mirrored. With Braxton's departure, the band has canceled planned October shows at the ATP Release the Bats event in London and at New York's Le Poisson Rouge.

Battles will continue on without Braxton, but they'll be a very different band. He was the closest thing the egalitarian unit had to a frontman.

Here's the complete text of the band's statement:

"Battles and Tyondai would like to let their fans know they have chosen to follow their own musical paths.

Due to Battles' ambitions of finishing their second studio album followed by commitments to a full touring schedule in 2011, and Tyondai's own commitments as a solo artist and his desire not to tour, both Battles and Tyondai have decided to move on without each other.

It is a sad but amicable split.

Battles wishes Tyondai all the best."

I'm certainly looking forward to what Battles does next. Mirrored only got better with time. Hopefully this will expedite the time frame of their next record. Maybe by the 1st half of 2011 at least.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Dear Hunter - Colors Spectrum EPs (2011)

8/4/10 7:18PM

I meant to post this the other day. But given the fan who posted that long list of points the other day was being told info kind of off-cuff and obviously is not working for the band or part of the band, Casey chimed-in on the lakeantheriver forum to clear a few points up. Namely that the Colors EPs will be MIXED BY JANUARY, not necessarily finished. The no-guests thing isn't definite either.

WHOA HERE.... Let me clear some of this up.

1. Dan Nigro is not playing with us. Rob Parr is playing with us.
2. Our Bassist/Tour Manager is Connor Doyle, not Max Tousseau. Max was with us for the last tour we did, but is focusing on his own music and currently we have Connor with us. He was also the guitarist in the band the Brobecks, not Max.
3. We aren't planning on releasing the colors by january, we plan on having them mixed by January and hope to release them as soon as we can once they are mastered.
4. Some songs on the colors are going to be less orchestrated, some songs are going to be more... there is a ton of music, and to call it all one certain thing, or to produce it all one certain way would negate the point of the project.
5. We hope to be working on act IV by the summer of 2011, but have no idea when it would be released.
6. The guest appearance side of the colors records is not set in stone either way- I would still really love to get anyone I can, but I am not saying names because I am not going to set things up to be let down.
7. The colors ep tour is just an idea right now, and there is absolutely no plan for any part of it- not for where, when, how, or with who we will be touring.

So... lets settle a bit.

EDIT: Also, I am trying to figure out just who you think andy is- mostly because you name Josh, Erick, Casey, Max (who is connor).... but you didn't name Nick- our drummer. Is that who you thought andy was?

8/1/10 11:50PM

here's some more details on the Colors EPs and a bit on Act IV posted by some fan who just saw them live the other night, they posted this info on The Coheed Forum (and perhaps others)

1. If everything goes according to plan, the Colors EPS will be put out as digital downloads and on vinyl (fuck the haters). He said that 7"s probably won't have enough room since there's about 4-6 songs per EP (that's AT LEAST 36 new songs, motherfuckers) so they'll most likely be on 12"s or 10"s. Which is great.

2. The problems with releasing the EPs are A) Money, money, money. Shit's gonna cost about $40,000 to put out and that's all gonna come from touring and digital downloads. B) The packaging. This is 9 friggin vinyls they're putting out, it's gonna be a pain to actually package it. He was saying maybe a box of sorts which opens from the top and there's all 9 inside. I'm thinking a slip cover sort of thing with the 9 in separate slips, but we'll see what happens.

3. They've got til the end of this year to get these written/recorded. He said they're about halfway done and it's going swimmingly. Having no label is awesome and keeps them able to do whatever the hell they want. And since there doesn't need to be all the marketing bullshit they can be released pretty soon after. How soon? Well...

4. They're planning on releasing them in January. Fuck yeah. And they'll all be at the same time, none of this "periodical" shit. I would have asked a price if I thought he had any idea, but I doubt he knows. Most of the stuff they say they're gonna do gets put on hold because it's just not able to be worked out. Since it's 9 10"s I'd say you're looking at $100 for the vinyls and like $50 for the digital download, but that's just a guess.

5. Goddamn Colors EP tour. Yeah, this shit is happening in March of next year. He said they want to get like 40 shows in so I'm thinking some sporadically placed West Coast dates with mostly East Coast and maybe a bit o' Canada. He said O'Brother would probably be with them, which is awesome because they're fun live. Now they wouldn't play all the songs from the EPs, but they would hit at least 1 song from each EP. which would make for quite a show because...

6. The EPs are friggin varied. I know we already knew this, but he was pretty blatant about it. Each EPs has a different mood and feeling. He let us listen to a rough version of a song from White and it was awesome. Really laid back, mellow, and euphoric. Mainly just Casey and piano with backing instrumentation, but he was saying the best way to describe it is "White." When you think of white, it's kinda what mood that color evokes and white definitely is mellow (and if it's not for you then gtfo).

7. The songs on it are gonna be less orchestrated. No more horns, violins, or other instruments they couldn't recreate live. It's gonna be much more natural and actually possible to pull off live. For example, as awesome as In Cauda was, it just didn't have the full effect because there were way more instruments than they could do live. These EPs can be played, and played correctly in a live setting.

8. The guest appearances thing is probably not gonna happen. It's just a lot harder to get the people together and do that shit than they originally planned. I told him Anthony Green should be on the Green EP and he laughed but said it was a cool idea. Hopefully we can see some AG on this bitch.

9. We also already knew this, but no storyline on it at all. It's just gonna be emotions n shit. Our little TDH is growing up and becoming a normal band! (But not for long because...)

10. Motherfuckin Act IV, bitches! Mr. Rheault said that they should be releasing (or maybe just working on) it in 2011. Summer, if I remember correctly, but I'm not quite sure.

11. On the upcoming tour with Coheed they will have 6 people on stage instead of the current 5. No, not a new member (we actually talked about how TDH has a revolving door of members (I think Jeffers coined that term)) but a GUEST appearance for the whole of the tour. A certain Mr. Dan Nigro of As Tall As Lions vocalist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist fame will be joining the boys and shall be playing organ. It's gonna be fuckin rad.

12. The Lifetime Passes will be shipping fucking soon. As in the next 10 days soon. They want to get them out before the Coheed tour starts. It's taken so long because doing this stuff on your own is pretty damn difficult and between pressing the vinyl and getting everything set up it's just been difficult. Andy actually said that if they don't get them sent out then he will personally give me my package at the Las Vegas show with Coheed.

so it sounds like these will be just Vinyl and Digital releases right away. And the guests aren't going to happen. Anthony Green is of course good friends with Casey and some of the other TDH members, but honestly, I REALLY hope his services are not needed/used. Unless by some miracle/magical result, his voice gets deeper and is listenable. He's on Between the Heart and the Synapse, but honestly, I have NEVER noticed his voice in the dozens of times I've listened to that album. Maybe if for some reason he does end up on a future release, it'll be un-notice-able or like I said, his voice is deeper and less whiny sounding.

On the other hand, I do wonder if Jessy Ribordy or any of the other members of The River Empires that Casey worked with might be asked to guest appear on Act IV.

Also the tour info, frankly this guy didn't think to ask about the UPPER MIDWEST, but if it's 40 dates or whatever, I gotta believe some cities including Minneapolis would have a good chance to show up. Thus, my 1st use of my lifetime membership with free concerts should finally happen.

7/15/10 5:55PM

I haven't posted it yet, but have meant to. That is the site The Dear Hunter has been updating their Colors or Colors Spectrum ep series. There's some nice pics and little short postings about them, updated almost daily.


I'm curious about why there is no Brown or even Grey/Charcoal/Silver. But the article below says it's based on what the human eye can see in the Color Spectrum. Maybe those 2 colors or shades are just molded into others?

Here's a new interview with Casey.

It sounds like the Colors EPs could be released early in 2011, and the start to working on Act IV will get started next Summer. Which odds are Act IV will come sometime in 2012. Although their way of releasing it (since as Casey mentions in that interview, they are not on a record label right now) should be figured out soon. Maybe they need to get in touch with Fair to Midland?

Also someone on last.fm needs to update their location on their page. I'm not clear on how to do that specifically, otherwise I would. They are not based in Boston (or Rhode Island) anymore, but Temecula, California now.

Revere - Hey! Selim (2010)

8/4/10 5:38AM

Cover Art

a new entry should be made when more details come out about this. But it's expected in September finally. It was 2006 when I 1st came across their name. That shows just how long ago it was. They almost pre-date my 1st exposure to Cavil at Rest (actually they may, I'm not sure).

wow it was nearly 1 year ago today I wrote this, lol.

8/5/09 9:34AM

Unfortunately, I don't have time (as usual) to elaborate about my interest and anticipation for this band's debut LP. But it's good to finally read more about it.


myspazz blog

Release date is noted as being "Autumn" at this point. So, it could be late September or it could ne late November. But it's being mixed right now. It's been like 2 years and change since learning of them.

So..Revere it sounds like will be joining the party, how about Local Natives?

DEAN MAGRAW Benefit @ Celtic Junction 8/22/10

dothedean.com link

Do The Dean 2 – August 22
Dean Magraw Benefit Poster
Benefit for Dean Magraw

That’s right folks, another big party for Dean. Music all day for our pal with the goal of raising a bunch of money to help with medical and living expenses. Please come and help us celebrate this great musician and friend to so many of us. Sunday, August 22, 2010, 2 pm at The Celtic Junction - 836 Prior Avenue - St. Paul, MN

Here is a list of the musicians on board so far: Frank Boyle and His Eminent Acoustic Entourage, Dakota Dave Hull, Lehto & Wright, Laura Mackenzie, Elgin Foster, Marcus Wise, Jim Anton, Marc Anderson, Greg Herriges, Anthony Cox, Cory Wong, April Foo’s, Prudence Johnson, Boiled in Lead, Kari Tauring with Drew Miller, Eric Hohn.

it's a pretty similar list of names from last year, but that was one of the best shows I saw last year (or any year for that matter). And for that matter, each performer was only given about 30 minutes, so it certainly left me and others wanting more.

dredg tour dates supporting Circa Survive, Codeseven, and Animals as Leaders


This is *that* tour that was rumored a few months ago; dredg apparently is not even co-headlining but a support act with those other 2.

The fact is, in 2005, Circa Survive opened for dredg. Reversals like this, are not supposed to happen, you'd think. Yeah I know, Circa Survive is on a major label, and has more fans, blah blah..especially after opening for Coheed, blah blah. Those facts frankly do NOTHING for me and how I feel about this.

"Circa"? as they are so often referred to as by the way. Did I miss something, or did the band change their name? "Circa" is the name of the Alan White (of Yes) and ex-Yes members Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood side-project. Every time I see someone refer to Circa Survive as "Circa" I want to point this fact out, lol.

But here again, I have to live with the fact this band I am done with. Through, not-interested, and frankly sick as hell seeing their name. I have to deal with the fact they get stuck not only touring, but having one of my favorite bands in dredg, open for them.

I mean they just-won't-go-the-fuck-away will they? In 2007, they tour with Ours. And their crowd at more than one show, treat Ours like shit, throwing quarters and giving them the finger. Their were multiple accounts. All I would have to do is look up some of the history on the Killtheband forum to see.

And maybe almost as bad for me personally, the show in St. Paul that included not only Ours but The Dear Hunter as well, got canceled within a few hours due to someone in Circa Survive's band having a death in the family. Sure, it's sad and understandable for them, but it also meant both Ours and The Dear Hunter plus the other opener who I forget at this time, were not going to be playing that night either.

I had been looking forward to that show for months. And really hoped to get some kind of photo perhaps with both Casey Crescenzo and Jimmy Gnecco together.

All this within a few hours of the start of Thanksgiving weekend for me too.

Then a couple of years ago, with all the effort I put into helping spread Kaddisfly's name and having people hear their monumental record Set Sail the Prairie, they end up getting in some kind of showcase for some major label representatives in NYC. The details and circumstances aren't exactly black and white, but what I have read and seen others say was the label were going to sign 1 band, and it was between Kaddisfly and Circa Survive. And of course Circa Survive is the band they chose.

The parallels to The Galactic Cowboys and Nirvana thing back in the early 90's are kind of scary with that. The label chooses the annoying less-talented band, while the other is left to wane into obscurity.


And now they have dredg, of all bands, a band whose been around a lot longer and they once opened for, ends up opening for them.

Look, I have nothing against the people in the band Circa Survive, as I don't know them personally, etc. I know Anthony Green is a good friend to Casey Crescenzo and I imagine some of the guys in dredg given it was him and maybe some of the other members who I guess discovered the whole El Cielo/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind thing a few years ago.

I have friends who enjoy their music of course.

And I know some of the members of Circa Survive are fans of bands I like, including Ours, given one of them (not Green) ended up chewing out one of the feeble-minded kids at one of those shows on that tour. Saying they were longtime fans of Ours, etc and I recall he made him apologize at that show. And there was a long-winded apology made by the same member of Circa Survive online, embarrassed by their fan base.

But I don't care for their music.
I tried with their new album, and had some optimism with David Botrill working with them. But it didn't matter. I can't stand the way Anthony Green sings. The sound of his voice. The tone of immaturity has not gone away, and frankly, I suspect it may never.

And with that, I am really sick of seeing them left and right, touring-with bands I really am into.

However, it's not to be overlooked, Circa Survive being on this tour is not the only head-scratcher for me. Animals as Leaders being added is another. While I suppose I could stomach their music a bit easier than Circa Survive, there is a reason why their album from last year ended up on my Turkey List from 2009.

And I just checked out the new album from the band Fleshwrought, an album that included Animals as Leaders drummer Navene Koperweis (playing drums and guitar among other instruments). But other than some of the saxophone parts, I don't think I can say much positive about it, including his drums and guitar work.

I mean perhaps their music could be better live, but I'm skeptical. Instrumental prog-metal? I wonder if that drummer-turned-guitarist was trying to replicate the guitarist from Animals as Leaders style on that Fleshwrought album, because there were a few sections that the Satriani/Vai long-winded + pointless wanking sounded all too familiar to me.

It was really fucking boring, not to mention bad 4C and muddy production, and not an album I foresee wanting to listen to again to be honest.

So, dredg, who have been on some cool tours in recent years (even with the RX Bandits debacle from last Summer), are on tour with 2 bands I probably don't desire to give 5 more minutes of my time.

And then there's Codeseven, I guess who could be the wildcard on this tour as I honestly don't remember them all that much from a few years ago when I 1st saw their name. I mean I know/knew them, as they have been a popular band among dredg fans especially, really since I got into dredg back in 2005. I know I checked them out once or twice, but I don't remember enough about them to now know how I feel.

I do know, some of the members are in Telescreen, a band who opened for dredg a few years ago. And Telescreen actually has Jared from Distrails, a band who I really do like a lot, and want to see have a lot more success. But I don't think Jared is with Codeseven unfortunately. Although, maybe they'll be selling Telescreen and/or Distrails stuff at this show given the connection.

I guess I probably should revisit Codeseven now to see, especially given this is some kind of reunion for them I guess. And it may be a 1st/last time to ever see them.