Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The River Empires: Epilogue LYRICS POSTED

Rather than post an extensively long topic with the lyrics, it probably just makes sense for now to link Jessy's blog and to say go back a few pages to find every track's lyrics. Plus a bunch of great scene-ly photos and some short videos of the making.

among the photos there, this one kind of impressed me/surprised me a bit. They actually rehearsed and/or recorded some of this album outside, within nature. It seems rather virtual in some ways. Art-imitating-life or vice-versa perhaps.

Overture In Thales Summer, Our Neighbor The Earth, The Coventry, The Harbourland, A Toast To The Snake King, Catacombs In Orchards, Three Tigers

Lull Of Celeste, From Outside The Cellar, A Dimmer Lux, Witches Blossom, The Curse Of Maybel Cains, The Motorbike, The Backyard In Sparkes, Theon, The Fox

Marching Of The Clocks

I dunno, maybe I will after looking at how much text it is, put them up.

Also another note about the films. Jessy posted something last week about heading to LA to look into options for making the films. If you notice one of the images put up announcing the title "The Mnemosyne Tree" you see it as a Script. I take that to be it's at least a rough draft on a screenplay. So I imagine he's done at least some preliminary work for that. We may see the 1st movie being made as early as 2011. Who knows, maybe even it'll be out in 2011 if that much work has already been done on it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Party Down

Well this appreciation entry has been long delayed, for various reasons. I just get distracted, and really, to do this how I'd like, I'd like to have unlimited amount of time at my disposal. Well, I of course don't, or don't discipline myself enough in order to.

Blah Blah.

So, this show I 1st heard about a couple of years ago. I'm not sure how long after my initial Freaks & Geeks craze it was, but I remember seeing Martin Starr was in it and it was written by Rob Thomas who I loved his work on Veronica Mars namely.

Actually, come to think of it, it was sometime in the Spring of 2009, because I remember finding out about 3 of Rob Thomas's shows:

-the failed remake of Cupid (which actually like the original which I still haven't seen, but know enough about, was actually pretty good).
-Good Behavior which had Gary Cole, Jeffrey Tambor and a lot of other good cast. It kinda sorta became Scoundrels, which I should have more on in another entry hopefully soon, since I'm getting into that show finally.
-Some involvement with and then pulling away from I believe the Melrose Place reboot.

And then this show, Party Down. However, it was on the Starz network, and so I kind of figured I'd never see it, or it might be awhile at least.

Well, thanks to some online resources, I finally got around to seeing it this past May. A show about a group of people in the Hollywood area, struggling to get by until they get their big breaks, that run a catering business.

And man, it was probably as good, if not better than I expected. I watched the whole 1st season in about 4.5 hours 1 night. And then most of the 2nd season on a weekly basis in June.

The cast I really dug:
-Adam Scott (Henry): funny, cool, calm collected, and not annoying like his character in Step Brothers. I could easily say I became an Adam Scott fan thanks to his work on this show.

-Lizzy Caplan (Casey): She's cute, hot, smart all at the same time. Not to mention she's jewish? lol. I totally loved her on True Blood during the 1st season. The V-hippie thing, elevated her to another level of at least allure. But I also was reminded soon after that she was on The Class a good 1-season sitcom on CBS (which The Big Bang Theory replaced ironically). She also even appeared on Freaks and Geeks just briefly in a couple of episodes. But on this show, she went to my A-List Hollywood index on rateyourmusic. I pretty much am interested in anything she's in now. And this show, probably is the best thing I've seen her do.

-Ryan Hansen (Kyle): He was at times funny, and other times kind of annoying on Veronica, but I actually grew to like his work a lot on this show. He had a light, happy-go-lucky personality. And it was really entertaining to watch him and Martin Starr interact and compete. He's no longer the annoying Dick character so much. Like Adam Scott, I think I appreciate his work a lot more now.

-Jane Lynch (Constance): While I've seen her in a dozen or more things, including many regular tv show guest spots, she finally had a starring gig here. And with the Starz network liberties, she was as funny as she's ever been. There's one scene in 1 of the episodes where she kind of invites herself into Ryan Hansen's after-work plans. I was balling. She goes "so later, we should discuss the deets!". That slang just seemed so out of place, I was floored. Of course after 8 episodes she jumped ship and then landed on everyone but my own favorite show Glee last fall. She did at least come back for her characters wedding which now turns out to be the Series Finale sadly.

Megan Mullally (Lydia): Jennifer Coolidge replaced Jane Lynch for the last 2 episodes of Season 1, and while she was okay, Mullally I found worked better. She wasn't as funny as Jane Lynch, but I still ended up liking her. She was a bit different than her Will&Grace role, kind of playing a Cougar mixing with younger folks, but also being a mother to her about-to-be-discovered-by-Hollywood daughter.
Also her interactions with many of the guest stars and Ken Marino led to a lot of sexual and awkward humor as well.

Ken Marino (Ron): While I am not hugely entertained by the guy, even on Reaper, he's still charming enough in a lot of ways, that the show worked well with his character. He was kind of the Lassiter or Frank Burns of this show in a way, always trying to and failing to be in charge or control. I mean he was probably the most hit and miss character, given some of the stuff he was involved with was sort of toilet-humor. But other times he'd get mixed up with a client, or just meltdown and it would be worth seeing.

Martin Starr (Roman): The guy of course was often pure gold at a young age on Freaks and Geeks, and it was great to finally see him star in another regular show. He played the Scifi screenwriter geek incredibly well. And he played off Ryan Hansen's character perfectly. I swear, this guy is an incredible talent, that if he could get a break, could be huge. Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel have made it, but honestly, this guy has a lot more comedic ability than both of them combined. Although I will never forget in listening to him talk on the commentaries on F&G's which were done a number of years ago, it sounded like acting wasn't necessarily his strongest desire, at that point. I thought he mentioned music. But so be it, maybe acting is more so now as he was in Adventureland last year and some other movies in the past few years (Superbad maybe the only reason I would like to go back and try watching it again).

So of course Rob Thomas also got plenty of great guest stars, including some Veronica Mars alums in Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring, Ryan Devlin among others. Even George Takei and Rick Fox (which was hilarious, what was said about him by the way) showed up. JK Simmons played a potty-mouth hollywood producer/father in 2 episodes.

That was one of the biggest reasons this show totally worked. Rob Thomas could basically write any kind of language and use nudity as his own discretion, since it was on Starz. It really speaks for what some of the best writers could do with less limitations on Cable (TrueBlood for example). Just imagine Bryan Fuller being given the reigns again on a cable network (he did once with Dead Like Me of course).

I learned about Adam Scott and Ryan Hansen's announced departure just after the season finale, and then just a week ago, I found out (late) that the show was done for good.

While it really sucks it's gone, I'm not all that surprised. And with Lynch gone the 1st season, and now those other two, it might have started to lose something it had with the chemistry of the cast. But regardless, I would put it in a class with some of the better tv shows over the last 5 or 10 years certainly. And it adds to another impressive work on Thomas's resume, which also shows how insane Dawn Ostroff was to kill Veronica Mars a few years ago. But, the thought just came up right after that perhaps it could help lead to a Veronica movie.

I wouldn't bank on it, but it does open some of his schedule potentially, and he has talked about about wanting to make one for a few years.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Toria - Toria (Demo/EP, 2009)

Just a short piece about this new band I stumbled upon over the weekend. They are from Latvia, their music could be described as post-rock and progressive-rock and instrumental-rock and rock-music-that-uses-samples.

They use subtle textures, dynamics (slow and soft, to loud and heavy) and audio samples rather well.

The band they reminded me of the most? 2009 favorite note. from Germany.

This ep/demo is only 3 tracks, but it's got a lot of what I enjoy in "post" or just instrumental rock music, even with somewhat low-fi production (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

I hope they can continue on and gain a wider audience, as I'm not sure how difficult it may be in their circumstances. But I probably will try and keep tabs on them as best I can given how impressed I was by their music today.

Apes and Androids - Blood Moon artwork tribute of sorts

As someone who frankly, can't get enough of anything and everything Apes and Androids related, I received an email via google blog subscription that lead me to this blog posting

when I 1st saw this, I got kind of excited for it to either be something about them or perhaps even just a musical tribute. Not the case apparently, but so be it. I got to give props to whoever put those together. It's a little bit like what Kim Poor did with some of the Genesis songs and some of her ex-husband Steve Hackett's music.

I'd also be curious what David Tobias and Brian Jacobs might think of them, but the odds of ever finding that out seem slim to none, given their apparent lack of online presence.

Cool visual interpretations. I wonder what it might be like listening to those parts of the album while staring at those, lol.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Reign of Kindo - This Is What Happens (2010)

7/24/10 6:20pm

Good but not great as a whole(yet). But it may be more of a grower.

This album is more subdued and less busy, than their debut album Rhythm, Chord & Melody. The melodies are at times more subtle. There's more piano, less guitar. The vocals aren't as catchy, but more rich and refined. But not as memorable unfortunately. The production is excellent, including the all important compression concern with the cymbals, thankfully, are nowhere to be found. Sax and trumpet are included in the extra instrumentation used, which at times makes it seem even more jazzy. Also some djembe percussion, violin and what sounds like cello.

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" is probably the best track, and resembles the RC&M melody style most. "Now We've Made Our Ascent" as well, with the obvious allusion to the track "Till We Make Our Ascent" from their last album.
Other favorite songs include "Psalm" (the guitar echoing texture namely, and string arrangement), "Battling the Years," "Nightingale," and "Thrill of the Fall."

I'm thinking that some people will love it, but others who really got into the melodies, especially the vocals on RC&M may not care for it as much.

But it's an album that could get better with time. It does seem really stripped down though. It's a fair amount different than RC&M having revisited that a handful of times recently. But in a way, it's probably a good thing, as I wouldn't accuse them of repeating themselves.

also a note, it appears they will be opening for of all bands, Kansas on August 6th in Lockport, NY. I just caught Kansas and Styx a few weeks ago, and I sure as hell could have gone for seeing these guys instead of Foreigner (who I skipped).

7/13/10 11:20PM

From their twitter a little while ago.
guys and gals! sorry for taking so long but we FINALLY posted a new song (Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind) on our...

this new song is boss as hell. I want to hear more, nao! Gawd, this band may go from fringe favorite, to a breakthrough band of the year. I can't wait to hear this album even more now!

7/6/10 7:11PM

Samples on Amazon

7/5/10 11:37PM

Artwork and Track list. Also the release date is now August 3rd.

1. Thrill of the Fall
2. Now We’ve Made Our Ascent
3. Symptom of a Stumbling
4. Bullets in the Air
5. Flowers by the Moon
6. Nightingale
7. Blistered Hands
8. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
9. Comfort in the Orchestration
10. City Lights & Traffic Sounds
11. Battling the Years
12. Soon It Shall Be
13. Psalm

This may be available rather soon, hehe. Very excited, as long the cymbal-clipping compression issue goes away.

4/29/10 12:03AM

facebook page

Joe Secchiaroli:

On July 13th
, you will be able to purchase "this is what happens" (our upcoming lp) at various Internet retail outlets including iTunes, and (our label).

There will most certainly be physical copies available at

very excited, just please no compressed/clipping cymbals this time!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grammatics RIP (+ Farewell EP)

I have more to add maybe at some point, but for now, I'll just pass this news along. The UK indie-prog band who features cello, and whose self-titled debut album was one of the better albums from 2009, is another casualty.

Along with Gospel re-announcing their end yesterday, I've come to almost expect it again (maybe more on that soon).

The small consolation is they are going to release a final ep of sorts with the help of fans support.

Pledge introduction from Grammatics on Vimeo.

Grammatics will record and release a final EP before calling time on the project.

Why are we parting ways? We’ve had unequivocal highs and perilous lows, and finally it has come to it that we each seek to start fresh on similar and unfamiliar paths of life.

Humbly, we invite our fans to participate in unique and memorable opportunities that will accompany the final working days of Grammatics. The EP will be recorded and mixed in the first week of August in Bridlington with our close friend and producer of our album, James Kenosha.

Here, we will post pictures, videos, rough and rare recordings, updates from the studio, trinkets, digits and curios. We will provide insight into the functions and dysfunctions of the band.

Every pledger will receive a copy of our last ever recording (those who don’t opt for the limited edition CD will receive a download link) and the opportunity to experience previously closed and private moments, such as joining us at the mixing and mastering sessions or sitting in and experiencing the pomp and circumstance of a Grammatics rehearsal; or the opportunity to be written into history via the credits of the EP booklet.

This is a means for us to achieve all of our aims – to make a final document of a band in its last days; to settle our debts; to say thank you to a legion of fans that could be so easily fobbed off and forgotten.

Whatever you can afford, if it’s within your budget and you can do so, your help would make us forever grateful. You will not be charged anything unless our pledge goal is reached, so there is no risk of your money disappearing without the goods and/or services you’ve paid for.

We ask you to smile benevolently on this last heaving breath of our band and warmly invite you to share it with us.

I may pledge soon if that number (70%) doesn't go up much. I still haven't been able to even pick up their disc from last year yet.

Shadow Gallery: Announce 1st US Show ever (in Pennsylvania)

forum link on ultimatemetal

SHADOW GALLERY will be performing live in a special concert event on Sunday, September 5th at 7:00 p.m at Barley Creek Brewing Co. in Tannersville, PA. Tickets are now on sale in advance for $15 at or at Barley Creek Restaurant ($20 day of event). For advance tickets, please bring Paypal receipt to show to gain entrance.

The band is excited about bringing their live show to their U.S. fans before touring Europe in October and headlining at ProgPower Europe 2010 in The Netherlands on October 2nd.

Guitarist / Keyboardist Gary Wehrkamp commented, "Shadow Gallery is excited to get on the stage at Barley Creek and perform for our long-time, loyal U.S. fans."

Guitarist Brendt Allman added, "We can't think of a better way to kick off our European tour than in a relaxed, party atmosphere with fans, friends, and family at Barley Creek."

This is an all-ages outdoor event, however you must be 21+ w/ID at the bar.

my take: where was this 5 years ago?..I'd love to be excited, but with obviously no Mike Baker (RIP), their newest album just not doing a ton for me, and it being nowhere near me, frankly only gives me a morsel of optimism in the hope they'll play at ProgPower or even do a show in Chicago some day.

That being said, it better be taped.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lots to come soon hopefully

Party Down, Wolf Parade concert review, Iron Man 2 (movie review), and hopefully some reviews of Jimmy Gnecco, The Reign of Kindo and East of the Wall among others. Some thoughts about the year in music, and maybe the year in movies as well.

And maybe I could mention I have been working on a list of artists that I am writing my background with. 60 or 70. Which if all goes well, will include some kind of short 5-10minute bio-mp3 with the write-up. This list may begin to be published, I'd guess sometime in mid-late August. Maybe being finished at the latest, the end of the year. But if all goes well, around October.

20 years ago I 1st got into Rock music more or less with Led Zeppelin. It seems kind of fitting to do this sort of thing now, in 2010.

Everything Everything - Man Alive (2010)

7/20/10 1:52AM
I just edited-in the cover art (I believe)

7/6/10 6:53PM
I literally stumbled upon this band for the 1st time over the weekend. I'm pretty sure it was on *that blog* and finally checked them out today for the 1st time. While every track that I played didn't floor me, they certainly had more than enough to get me curious.

Indietronica? yes, you guessed it. Style wise I'd say they have elements of bands like Bloc Party, The Chap and even Foals, but the songwriting at times really works well.

Their approach reminds me of what Pure Reason Revolution and recently both Local Natives and Revere have done. Releasing a bunch of singles slowly but surely, and it appears getting their name out there, before unleashing their 1st large statement. And this new lp of theirs Man Alive drops finally in late August (I've seen 8/23 and 8/30 on 2 different sites).

I guess I'm glad I got wind of this band now and not long after like I did with Operahouse last year, or a band like The Ebb & Flow.

Once this album is available, more should be added here, including the cover art which I'm not certain the image I'm posting here actually is.




2. Qwerty Finger
3. Schoolin’
4. Leave The Engine Room
5. Final Form
6. Photoshop Handsome
7. Two For Nero
8. Suffragette Suffragette
9. Come Alive Diana
10. NASA Is On Your Side
11. Tin (The Manhole)
12. Weights

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Gloomcatcher - Slow Chorale (2010)

7/15/10 7:02PM


another EP from The Gloomcatcher coming in October. Very cool!

from The River Empires Facebook

The River Empires
Some of the songs on Jessy's old myspace page, including Good Luck Colby and Coral Gardens, will be on the new The Gloomcatcher EP releasing in October. And thanks so much!

4/16/10 4:25AM

Along with The River Empires, this is also a terrific debut record. I can see why Jessy Ribordy didn't want to include these songs/this story with the whole The River Empires canon, but this definitely should not be sold short.

I think it's proof Jessy Ribordy is a very talented songwriter. And while I'm not sure if I'll prefer this over TRE (or TRE over this), it does give 2 very cool projects now I and hopefully many others will like. A bit like Porcupine Tree and Blackfield or Silverchair and The Dissociatives. He's batting a pretty high average here.

Like TRE record, a more detailed review hopefully will come soon about this as well. Both of those are in my top 10 for 2010, and it would not be surprising to see both of them finish the year that high (or top 20 at least).

3/25/10 12:22AM


Slow Chorale
Release Date:April 06, 2010
Welcome to the deep south, July 11, 1886. We are in a hot and sweltering courtroom in a small American town called Saevon. The rickety wooden ceiling fans seem to unhinge with every violent rotation. Women fan themselves as men pull their dusty hats off, wiping their brows. Everyone shifts uncomfortably on the old courtroom benches. Suddenly the judge walks in from the back room as the courtroom rises.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the court is now in session.

1 The Rising Cane
2 Hooks In The Rafters
3 The Devil's Forecast
4 Glory
5 Lathe
6 Where The Earth Goes
7 Slow Chorale
8 Bag Of Bones
9 Rings
10 Baptized
11 Sin And Tribulation

this is the offshoot, side/solo project of The River Empires. I guess what I can say on the surface is I do not have the expectations or hopes for this like I do The River Empires, but if this ends up being good, it's pretty much gravy. I recall or believe this is to be more purely acoustic, or at least more stripped down.

But like TRE's, it does have a concept or story as well.

Psych! Season 5 Premiere tonight! (7/14/10)

Psych had an awesome Martial Arts/Chinese centric episode tonight! I can't wait to do the podcast with my friend in a few days! Also Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert on Lost) is going to be on Psych for a couple episodes this season, playing a rival to Shawn.

The question still needs to be asked, where was Gedde Watanabe, in this episode especially of all episodes????

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

East of the Wall IS coming to Minneapolis on July 24th!

For East of the Wall the progressive post/sludge (post-Tool) instrumental-now-having-vocals band/project related-to both The Postman Syndrome (they basically are them now) and Day Without Down,

it didn't seem too likely a concert date in Minneapolis could happen on their Summer tour this late in the booking game. Even though they had a date bookmarked for either Minneapolis/St.Paul or somewhere in Wisconsin (Madison) for July 24th. But when I tried contacting East of the Wall about it, I noticed most of the logical venues that would book them already had events scheduled (Triplerock, Station 4, The Entry even The Turf Club I think).

Well, by some good fortune, East of the Wall have now been confirmed to play at this very unknown (at least by me) Art Gallery in North East Minneapolis called Tarnish & Gold. With at least 2 other bands. 1 being called name and another local band called Iron Thrones.

And they are looking to set up at least 1 other local band on the bill if possible. I emailed Kevin from EotW back and also the band I would hope for I guess 1st and foremost to be added to the bill, Between Two Skies. But any number of others such as Empires or Nomia, or even my friend's band Shattered (who by the way, have a debut album expected now in October. Their new singer has improved a lot actually).

The other bands on the bill: name and Iron Thrones, I guess are on tour with East of the Wall. The myspace samples, save for my big beef with highly compressed cymbals, actually kind of impressed me. Both are kind of post-progressive and a bit sludgey at times. But I could see enjoying both. And of course East of the Wall who are a bit different now, as opposed to the all-instrumental A Farmers Almanac sound. But no matter, I am looking forward to seeing them 1-week from Saturday.

Also rather cool as the new album Ressentiment should be available to buy at that show (and it drops 1-week from today!)

September 23rd, 2010 in Minneapolis: Menomena and/or Foals

Menomena and Foals: Equally goofy and both releasing excellent 2010 albums, AND in Minneapolis the very same evening of September 23rd, 2010.

I've waited about 3 years to see Menomena live. They finally booked another show here for September 23rd, and my favorite venue in town, The Varsity Theater. It was October or November 2007 when they last played in Minnesota, at the Varsity in fact. The same evening The Faceless were on the bill with Arsis and the headliner Enslaved at Station 4 in St.Paul. I decided for quantity, over perhaps quality, by skipping Menomena.

So the new Foals album came out earlier this year, and has become a regular-rotation record for me. It's really a breakthrough in a lot of ways. And I certainly would be interested in seeing them live now, more than ever.

They are from England (as opposed to Menomena being from the States), and who knows how often they'll find their way over here. But then again, the same could be said for Menomena. It may depend on how much more touring Menomena does for Mines this Fall or more likely in 2011. How big/much bigger they become and the demand for touring continues. Just on the surface, the odds seem better Menomena would be back sooner. But the same question should be raised about Foals, given they are a bit of a hipster band (one of the rare exceptions where the lemmings and usually low-substance-taste-media, actually promote a band whose music justifies it in some ways. In other ways, I'd argue it gets raped by them).

Perhaps Foals will find their way across the pond, to Minneapolis again in 2011 as well.

I just hate to have to pick.

The details right now for a possible concert jump.

Menomena has 1 opener, Suckers. The doors at The Varsity Theater are 7pm. The music starts at 8pm. If all goes well, Menomena will be starting by 9pm. They'll probably play over an hour. Maybe 90 minutes. The show ends by 10:30pm..maybe 11pm at the latest.

Meanwhile, Foals at The Entry: Entry shows, unless they are all-ages, NEVER start less than 1 hour after the doors. But also Entry shows pretty much every time have 2 or 3 openers. I've been to (sadly) probably 15 or 20 shows there over the last 10 years. I don't recall, save for The Appleseed Cast I think, any shows without not 1 but 2 or more opening bands. If the math works out, 2 bands get added to the bill, and even if the 1st band starts at 8pm, probably the earliest Foals could go on stage would be 10pm, but more likely closer to 11pm. Especially if more than 2 bands open, which would hardly be surprising. Maybe Foals has 1 or 2 national/international openers on their September/October tour, and then The Entry adds at least 1 local opener.

It's possible Foals won't even be starting until 11pm. If that happens, a concert-jump sounds very possible.

However, 1 or 2 other minor beefs that remain with this. The same night, of Montreal w/ Janella Monae are in The Mainroom. I actually would go for seeing of Montreal live sometime, as much as I've been underwhelmed by their studio music. But Monae has become hipster band 101 as well. So the mass of people there, like the Jimmy Gnecco 7th Street Entry/Gayngs-Ball thing back in May, has to happen at the pathetically joining venues the exact same evening.

But at least it's on a Thursday (and not Friday) and there is no Twins game at Target Field that evening thank gawd.

I just hate it when this stuff comes up. I'm a victim in some way of my own taste. But you got 2 of the better indie-prog bands in town the same evening. It reminds me a little of when Kaddisfly were in town the same night Mew headlined at The Fine Line, the Fall of 2006. I managed to see both, but it wasn't easy.

This wouldn't be such a big deal to me, perhaps, except for the fact Mines and Total Life Forever are both in my top 5 on my 2010 Album Index. And the fact Foals may not be back for many years given they are from England and the cost of touring overseas isn't always simple.

And I can't see myself eating the Menomena ticket. I already purchased it, and I've waited far too long too see them live. Even if I am able to pull off seeing both of these shows that night, part of me may be a bit down about lost time trying to chat with the guys in Menomena as well. Although I got to chat a bit with Brent Knopf last Fall when he was in town with Ramona Falls (ironically, at the Entry), I'd still love to say hello, and maybe have him sign my new disc. That may be possible beforehand. But also meeting Danny Seim and Justin Harris (of Menomena) would be a big deal to me. Danny was actually there with Ramona as well, as the drummer, but I had no idea until after the show, and I wasn't able to talk to him.

But that may be possible still, beforehand, or for a few minutes after wards, depending on how loaded up the bill at the Entry gets (and maybe I'll trying calling over to The Entry to find out the more specific times of the bands, the day/afternoon/early evening that day, since of course the bill's times and schedule are never known until the day/afternoon or evening of the show. But at least I would assume Foals is last since they are headlining).

but beyond all of these shenanigans, I still think if a promoter had any clue, these 2 bands should have ended up on the same bill. Now of course the finances of that wouldn't benefit each band as much I'd guess. And I may be 1 of the, if not the only person who will/would-want-to see both of these bands (some of their fans may be at the of Montreal show w/ Janelle Monae instead anyway), but I still say a bill together would make sense and benefit each band in terms of exposure no matter.

The indie-prog fan is in town, but like most fans in this town, they stay in the woods until the night of the show.

Why should I have to choose between these two?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Porcupine Tree - Bonnie the Cat video..ipod smashing

I finally found a site that included a sharing code. The video itself reminds me of some of the animation in the Tim Burton picture Nine from last year. Or I suppose I can't disagree with the Tool comparisons.

I stumbled upon this. My only thing would be perhaps they should have had him *burn it* instead of smashing it. But so be it. It does have a bit of comedic value regardless.

Jimmy Gnecco - Bring You Home video

I dig the visuals with the crowd. I forget how many other videos are coming from the album, but I'm a bit more curious now having seen that.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jim Matheos (of Fates Warning, OSI) interview. New FW Album =2011

Here's an interview with Jim Matheos after 1 of the shows they did recently. It sounds like the earliest a new FW album could come out, will be sometime next year.
I'm not surprised, as it's now 1-week into July and no details. They've been busy with the Parallels reunion shows. Plus of course he's been working on a new OSI album *shrugs*.

I guess as a fan, hopefully some details will surface by the end of the year about it and his plans for 2011. And it's nice to find out now, rather than wait the rest of the year/season (through October/November) wondering about it.

2011 keeps looking better and better.

I will add, this will definitely not be the last new entry about Fates Warning this year, hehe.

Long Distance Calling - TBA (2010/2011)

7/7/10 2:07AM

Superball Music News Link


Up to now the year 2010 was a very successful one for the German band LONG DISTANCE CALLING. They supported Katatonia across Europe, played festivals and the good news keep coming in:

LONG DISTANCE CALLING will start the recordings of the third album at the well-known Horus Studios in Hannover (Germany) where bands such as Celtic Frost, Donots, Kreator, Eloy, HIM, Paradise Lost, The Rolling Stones and many more recorded some of their classic albums. We'll keep you posted!

Furthermore LONG DISTANCE CALLING will open up for the Deftones in Wiesbaden/Schlachthof (Germany) on Friday June 25th, which is a dream come true for some of the band members. Again, the show will underline LONG DISTANCE CALLING's undeniable quality as a well band.

Last but not least:
Brand new merchandise is available online, check for new designs and overall news about the band.

2009's Avoid the Light is one of my favorite "post" albums ever, for what that is worth. And I recently even found a copy of their 1st lp, Satellite Bay, in Chicago at Reckless Records.

The odds of this being released by the end of 2010 or probably less than 50% given if they hit the studio at the end of August. The recording may not be finished until even the 2nd week of September. Then you factor in mixing and mastering, artwork and promotion. November, probably the 2nd week at best would happen.

But stranger things have happened. If it gets pushed back to 2011, it should come out pretty early if all goes well. Should add to another big year for music and album listeners like myself in 2011.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jazzkamikaze - Supersonic Revolutions (2010)

The whole album is available to stream at


1 Bring Back Spring
2 Arch
3 That Way She Drives Me
4 Across the Palisades
5 Mystery Maze
6 Music Is My Heroin
7 Skies for You
8 The Return of Bab El Ehr and the Future Raiders
9 Mournful Stroms Have Passed Tonight
10 Half of Me
11 M.E.C.
12 Acropolis

I finally got around to playing this new album from this Danish band. They do sound at times a fair amount like Mew, but it's funny how the Mew comparison seemed to be more and more notice-able as the album went on, but at the same time, the album seemed to get better.

That closing track "Acropolis" really was soothing and big-sounding, very much like something from Glass Handed Kites.

I should be giving Supersonic Revolutions some more time this week, but it wouldn't surprise me if this album gets addictive and is one of my favorites for the year soon.

I should add (a lot) more soon if that happens.

Warehouse 13: Season 2...(Premieres tonight 7/6/2010)

It starts tonight. Along with Caprica, it really is the only decent or good show on SyFy honestly. It was a fun show last season when it premiered. Saul Rubinek especially got me coming back to it. The objects that need to be retrieved and stored back in the Warehouse. Very much like a bigger, more global Friday the 13th: The Series or The Lost Room in some ways.

Roger Rees
was good as the antagonist. CCH Pounder is of course another good veteran actor, playing the boss of sorts.

And a few episodes in, they added the cute Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) to the cast, which of course added another reason to tune in. And cool enough, I have seen her appear on both Smallville, and the 1st season of Party Down since 1st seeing her on this show.

And actually the actress who plays Myka (Joanne Kelly) was on Castle last season, along with being in many other shows I've seen in recent years. Jeremiah namely.

I guess they are going to do a crossover episode with Eureka a show I've never found really worth my time. But once in awhile some guest star or plot on that show has me curious, so a crossover with this show may at least give it 1 week to tune-in. I guess both episodes said week, they will have characters from each on the others episode.

Damn, if only they did that more often, even just on same networks like Monk/Psych or now Psych/Royal Pains or something. The little ads where they do are NOT ENOUGH DAMNIT!

The biggest plot I recall they should address early-on I'd imagine is what will happen if they catch Leena (Genelle Williams) since she was undercover or double-crossed the warehouse by helping out McPherson.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oceansize - Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up (2010)

7/5/10 11:47PM

Release Dates
US: 14th september 2010
UK: 6th september 2010
Germany: 3th september 2010

Cover Art

Some of the likely song titles

Part Cardiac
Oscar Acceptance Speech
Steven's Head
Spider Rico
Magpie Soup
A Penny's Weight (ex-To The Zoo)
Build Us A Rocket Then, You Rocket Building Cunt
It's My Tail

5/18/10 6:06PM

New album title. There's more info on it, from Mike Vennart on twitter and what not, which I guess I'll try and post here or in another entry.

It comes out in September.

I can't wait to hear it. Duh.

Dan Moxon (of Bend Sinister) covers Rush's "Limelight"

Available Light #003 - Dan Moxon - Limelight from Obsolete Films on Vimeo.

This is frankly, a lot better than I expected it to be. Namely due to the fact THE ARRANGEMENT is really cool way to cover that song, or any song. I guess he covered 1 or 2 other Rush tunes at that dinner, but I don't recall reading what Rush songs they were.

edit: there's a McCartney cover there as well.

Big Bang Boom (surreal 10 minute animated film)

It reminds me of some of the Michele Gondry films (The Science of Sleep namely), and even the animation work Monty Python used.

It seems like a rather sad but true statement about what we know of our existence.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pure Reason Revolution - Black Morning (new song live)

There are a couple of other new tracks up on youtube from that show, 1 being Fight Fire With Fire, which the quality is quite poor. But the jury is out on those, but this song I definitely hear what I love about this band.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Water & Bodies - "Wicked Game" (Chris Isaak cover)

Water & Bodies page

Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover) by waterandbodies

Hauntingly beautiful. That song really works with Chris Ruff's voice.

Back from 5 Days in Chicago..Renaissance Concert

I spent most of the time there in Chicago the past 5 days, living life and getting to know my 2 young nieces and of course my brother and sister in law. That was for the most part, all well and good. Perhaps I will elaborate more about that here or in another blog.

I also ventured down to Chicago to finally see Renaissance and Annie Haslam perform. I am just guessing here, but I think it was close 14 if not close to 15 years ago when I 1st heard Annie sing the Yes song "Turn of the Century" and I was blown away by her voice (and that song of course!). I then purchased a solo album of hers Still Life which I don't think was the next best thing to pickup, but so be it. Soon after I found Renaissance.

Moving along, I always wanted to see her sing live and even meet her. But it was around 2001 or 2002 I remember hearing she was doing more artwork and not singing so much. That status, from memory, remained until maybe 2 years ago or a little less. I always hoped Nearfest or some other festival would get them with her, or even a tour that would hopefully come to Minnesota.

Well not Minnesota, but Chicago was close enough, I couldn't pass up the chance to see them perform.

So it was last night. Like some other almost Murphy's fucking law situations on trips (LTE and Jordan Rudess keyboard breaking, ProgPower, Enchant's new cds at Nearfest), when I got to the Park West after 6:30pm, there still was a line (the doors were supposed to open at 6:30pm). I then found out Renaissance's van broke down on the way from the airport.

So I'm a little paranoid, especially after getting inside and noticing Steve Hackett hit the stage 1st. Now mind you, I am a fan of his solo work and Genesis of course, but I have seen Steve 3 previous times (and wouldn't be making a priority to travel to see necessarily given those facts). So I was getting a little more worried at that point.

Thankfully due to time constraints and a curfew, Steve announced that the order of bands would be reversed than normal and Renaissance would be going on after his band, given they only arrived to the club 5 minutes before his band took the stage.

Hackett's set was actually maybe a bit more enjoyable than I expected. And it wasn't so extensive that it didn't eat up some of Renaissance's time on stage like I feared. The set from what I recall.

Every Day
New Song
Ace of Wands
New Song
Spectral Mornings
Los Endos
Chicago Blues song?

Firth of Fifth

I have a feeling some of the set lists that are published here show the missing songs/song titles. I know his set list was altered a bit, and he didn't do "Horizons" which I would have liked to have seen, but so be it.


So then I moved up to about 5 or 5 rows/tables in front of the stage (thanks to a nice fella who I met there with a Kevin Gilbert Shaming shirt on, giving me his seat since he didn't desire to stay for Renaissance). And Renaissance took the stage.

Set list:
Carpet of the Sun
Midas Man
Running Hard
The Mystic and the Muse
Things I Don't Understand
Mother Russia

Ashes Are Burning


The performance was definitely as good or probably better than I expected. Annie was good to perform again finally when her voice allows now. She was going WAYYY UP at times. Some of those falsettos she pulled off were very operatic and powerful. The new piece "The Mystic and the Muse" which comes from their brand new 3-track ep, really shows the shape she is in again vocally. I honestly do not recall more than 1 or perhaps 2 moments where I was even the tiny bit suspicious if she was off. Frankly, I was almost worried she might be exceeding her limits (see the difference that Ray Alder of Fates Warning has to go through now live). So all in all, it was rather special and lived up to my hopes/dreams of seeing her sing.

The rest of the band definitely pulled all that great stuff off as well. Michael Dunford, other longtime member along with Annie, was modest but still great to see bang out the old tunes, as well co-write the new piece they did. Even with the limited/selective use of guitar, their music includes or even features.

Tom Brislin pulled off many of the classic stuff. The intricate piano melodies. Running Hard and Ashes Are Burning namely. Great to see him help out (and now record) with another classic prog band. He's played live with Yes and Camel among others, and his own original group Spiraling.

Rave Tesar the other keyboardist currently with them. He took many of those classic John Tout leads. I guess he's been playing with Dunford for almost 20 years or something. You can tell he knows this stuff well.

David J. Keyes the bassist who played a rather big role given how much their music uses a lead bass that John Camp got somewhat known for. They remind me in a way of Weather Report, or even take bass lines from bands like The Who, Yes or even Rush. Really it's just a tuned-down guitar not using chords. He was faithful and upfront enough for their work.

Frank Pagano definitely fit will with the band and pulled off their stripped down, tribal at-times drum parts.

The set list: while they did as expected, do a lot of the classic-period songs. Having waited so many years, I still couldn't avoid hoping they might play some of my favorites. Carpet of the Sun and Running Hard are certainly up there. But a song like "A Trip to the Fair," "Song of Scheherazade" or even "A Song For All Seasons" certainly would have made the evening even more memorable. But I really don't feel much if any issue with it. The new song they did was nice, and Ashes Are Burning is a great epic closing/encore track. Just as it is on their much praised live double-disc Live at Carnegie Hall which actually was recorded in 3 nights, the last being exactly 1 year before I was born in fact in 1975.


Now on to the difficult part. I have always loved her voice, and came to learn about her as a person. She supported many thoughtful ideas, including animal rights? or something involving helping animals, namely dogs. I signed up to "The Annie Haslam Appreciation Society" in 2000 I think it was. 1 year she even sent me an autographed photo I think.

I have always wanted to see her perform and MEET Annie Haslam. Some rather unusual images or dreams (fantasies) of mine crossed my mind. Sort of wanting to pour out my heart to her (spill my guts) about how her voice and the band made think of when I was a little kid, going to music class. Living in the 70's, the ole hippie era, and the romantic, even innocent element to it. I often listen to their music and get terribly sad or just feel like it is the 1970's, I'm at times a little boy and she sings at a concert for me that I'm with either a class or my parents. And even sings me a lullaby to sleep.

And other times, more recently, I wish and almost feel like I was in my early 20's in the mid 1970's. Annie totally seduces and hypnotizes me and my desire for her. I'm not meaning in a purely sexual way. That line in "I Think of You" "I love you, like a friend" actually almost fits. But it's still romantic in some ways. She's just so kind- heart-ed, gentle, soft, warm, thoughtful. Her voice mesmerizes me like no other. Especially at the time I got into them, where 97% or more of the music I listened to (prog, prog metal, classic rock, etc) was from all-male musicians. She totally stood out, and gave me that female to admire and even lust after.

Even if the music was decades old and she was much older then. It didn't matter to me and in some ways, my naive self. I even registered a screen name online "Mr.AnnieHaslam" after seeing 1 for Dream Theater's guitarist "Ms.Petrucci"

It wasn't fair how so many girls got to drool over so many male musicians, and I didn't have a girlfriend of course, nor even a female musician to do the same with. But Annie was that for me.

So all that in mind (and at least in recent years, the ability to find female musicians to admire/lust after has increased at least. My taste expanding helps I think), getting to finally meet her ended up a little too rushed and compartmentalized. She wasn't exactly rude, but I was at the end of the line and the band had had some hurdles to get by to even be there last night. But on the surface, I got to mention 1 or 2 things to her, but not everything I would have liked.

I even bought 1 of her not exactly cheap pieces of art, mostly with the hope that she would notice or even remember me a bit more. I mean part of it was to just SUPPORT HER and even buying some other merch as well for her and the band. They have a new full-length disc in the works for 2011. And with the work on the new ep, I am rather optimistic and excited to hear it. But with that digression, I really hoped she might make an impression on me, and vice-versa in some ways. Pretty much how in Chicago in 2006 with Jimmy Gnecco (and ever since), and also especially with Steve Hogarth of Marillion in 2004.

Both of those concerts in Chicago were a rather big deal to me. Ours was a short time thing of course, but it was special finally meeting Jimmy. And the experiences since have only added to that. And Steve Hogarth, I mean for one, HE KISSED ME on my forehead when I confessed to him about how important Brave was to me. It was, and always will be something I'll never forget. It was like I stood out somehow; like what he made, or what his muse/art created made a significant difference in someone's life.

Now both of those experiences were more extensive, although not incredibly long. They were CASUAL and IN-PERSON ONE-ON-ONE. Outside too. The table the band were sitting at wasn't really like that.

But after wards, my thoughts went to celebrity and encountering fans in person. Maybe had I met her at Nearfest when she was showing and selling her art, very CASUALLY, I might not have come away so lacking what I hoped for. It was late last night. Like 11:40 or something.

But it made me think about the in-person, before or after concert meets should be brief with most musicians. I thought about Ian Anderson, lol. He's totally funny and great on stage, but he won't give you the time of day (night) after wards. Neil Peart of Rush is sort of like that I guess too.

But then I have been fortunate to spend pretty extensive non-show time hanging with some great, albeit somewhat accessible musicians/people. Doug Pinnick of King's X and most of the Fair to Midland guys come to mind among dozens and dozens of others.

So what is Annie's approach? Was she more or less fan-friendly since the 70's? (or even in the 70's?). Just because she comes across incredibly thoughtful and kind in her music and in public forums, doesn't mean she isn't very private. And so I did fear I might come across potentially as creepy, even asking for a hug. St.Vincent was nice enough, but maybe the fact she's younger and newer, and not into the whole celebrity thing.

I dunno. I just know 13-15 years of dreaming came true last night, but I also know part of me wishes I had never wished for the brief encounter with my favorite female singer to be more than a quick thanks for the music, I'd love to see you again sometime, instead of bonding or spilling my guts confessional that could ultimately give the exact opposite reaction to what I'd ever want to leave on her about me.

And ya know, I'm hardly the 1st guy to admire or have a thing for her, given some of the accounts I've read about young men holding candles for her when the band were at their peak. So maybe asking to shake her hand was even too forward, although she ultimately did shake my hand. But it was still a little awkward and unclear if it was her being funny or sort of out of tired obligation. I have no clue.

So, after babbling about what has crossed my mind after this, and over-analyzing it to death as I tend to do. I can still hope that they will tour again soon, probably in 2011, and even come to Minneapolis. And perhaps have a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression..or make a new impression on her again soon.

But in the mean time, I am still very thankful I got to see them finally and meet her however unclear the overall experience was in that. And perhaps I'll be able to be more careful with meeting these musicians I admire. Imogen Heap perhaps 1 day certainly comes to mind. And even my next encounter seeing Warpaint, although at least those girls HUGGED ME. So, go figure why I might hope Annie might even consider shaking my hand. But women are and probably always will be far too confusing to understand their approach to physical touching. Some love it, or are touchy-feely, but others are not crazy for it, especially from potentially creepy fans in this case. But how am I supposed to know? I'm not sadly =\