Sunday, December 10, 2017

AMR Podcast #5: 2017-2018 Anticipation (1st Quarter?)

40 minutes, not surprisingly. Had to use a different site per the length (or size?) was too long/big. Which is weird per 1 of the previous podcasts was over 30 minutes, so I can't be sure whether this site tunetotube has a time or size restriction.

It's really mostly rehash of the Anticipation/Calendar entry that I continue to bump, only some elaboration on most of the names.

I recall in the past, I have made preview videos that were 2 or 3 parts, so go figure. But I figured, this is a only audio and a "podcast" of sorts, so 40 minutes isn't all that excessive.

I can't guarantee, but truly do mean to make more of these this year as many of the announcements come in throughout the year of what comes out.

And of course if I want to look at it by quarter, the 1st quarter ends January 31st, so I guess I'll see what has been added/updated from now til then to decide on making another 1 of these that soon.

Also 1/4-year like a Midyear list like I have done at the end of April the last few years.