Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tom Brislin - Hurry Up and Smell the Roses (2012)

This is Tom Brislin's solo debut album, that I had no idea was even a thing. I knew he was in a band called Spiraling who once played at CalProg I think in the 2000's (2004? 2003? I forget when).

edit: it may have been in 2005 and 2007 per this link

Anyway, this album is to be honest, A LOT BETTER THAN I EXPECTED.

Tom I know from playing with both Yes and Renaissance as a hired gun live, and I guess he played with Meatloaf and some others.

And he's friends with of all people, Timmy Sean.

But the songwriting on this album is really well composed. Melodic, dreamy, emotional, but not cheesy or even overtly poppy. It's the right mix. Almost like Death Cab for Cutie with Tom Brislin singing, and I not only can tolerate his voice but actually LIKE IT way more than Ben Gibbard.

Why I found out about this now? that new project The Sea Within with Daniel Gildenlow the Flower Kings guys and Marco Minneman he's involved with, I read a comment talking about his solo music being pretty good. And whoever mentioned that, were definitely on the mark.

I now want to re-check out Spiraling I suppose.

1. Hurry Up and Smell the Roses 04:39
2. Your Favorite Day 04:08
3. When You Told Me Not to Go 03:52
4. Stuff You Would Understand 03:19
5. Industry in the Distance 07:28
6. Predawn 00:51
7. Liftoff 04:33
8. The Outskirts 03:28
9. I Hold a Candle 07:32
10. Visitor 03:24
11. Microphone 06:02