Wednesday, December 6, 2017

VINYL VIDEO: The Dear Hunter, Steven Wilson, Queensryche

So I made and shared this one, only 3 new Vinyl.

I made 3 other videos from like 2 weeks ago that I never uploaded, with my head getting cutoff, lol. Which happens in this one as well.

I guess I need to try and setup the camera higher so it doesn't cutoff my head but still includes me (maybe I need a new Camera?).

but those videos had like 10-15 records and cds.

I guess I'll see.

this video includes

The Dear Hunter - All Is as All Should Be [EP]
Steven Wilson- To the Bone
Queensryche - Promised Land

I have also quite a lot of vinyl coming in the mail soon, so obviously if I want to show that, I'll have to try this again, and hopefully avoid my head being cutoff. I have a lot of  boxed and stuff in there to be able to potentially set the camera up high enough and at the right height to capture myself and the records.

Then again, I may just go there to make videos not showing music instead of making a podcast. Not sure. Namely for those Calendar videos or podcasts. Or even that list of Songwriters perhaps?