Saturday, December 30, 2017

All Media Reviews Podcast #7: Modern Songwriters Pt 2

This is 14 mins long, with the new recorder which made it into an WMA file, lol. I had to convert that, but so be it.

I'm not sure if making them at a restaurant is the best process, but it was a 1st time/experiment.

I do want to try and make 1 of these for an Albums calendar. The thing I worry about is how long it does go (and requires me to make it), per how long some of the calendars are and how much I would talk about each album (obviously some may be awhile, while others very little).

I am in the middle, er, maybe 2/3 or more from getting through 6 of them which I anticipate publishing around the same time. So perhaps if not before then, I could plan to try doing 1 or more of those Albums Calendar Podcasts around that time.

Time permitting of course per January is looking rather busy at this point with concerts, doctor appointments and a trip to the Hollywood area.

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