Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Songs (or w/ Titles/Lyrics) I dig

With it being near X-Mas
(a holiday I don't fully celebrate per I'm Jewish, but still do/have done in some capacity. My Family does have a Channukah Party every year though)

And of course seeing so many Christmas songs played, sang, talked about, etc. I guess it would be worth sharing some of my favorites. Prog-related, and some may not even be about X-Mas, but the title/lyrics etc at least use the word.

Mew - She Came Home for Christmas

Soundscape - A Christmas Carol (Parts 1 and 3)

Part 2 isn't on YouTube or online anywhere I know.

Shadow Gallery - Christmas Day..
maybe my favorite SG song actually.

Marillion - Carol of the Bells.

Of course Savatage/Trans Siberian Orchestra made this song famous in modern years, but this version I find is much cooler (although I don't hate the 'Tage version, it's just this one so good).

Greg Herriges / Stella Roma - Shchedryk
recently released a CD of Holiday music and this is on it. This is the original title "Shchedryk" to what became known as "Carol of the Bells."

Now between this and the Marillion version? it's almost a push. Both beat the Savatage version though.

Jonatha Brooke w/ Kevin Gilbert - O Come Emmanuel. This is largely per it includes Kevin Gilbert of course.