Sunday, December 3, 2017

REACT TO: Top 10 Bands to Listen to IYL Led Zeppelin

So this is not intended, but could almost by default be considered a RIYL/FFO Led Zeppelin entry. Except obviously the point of this is to REACT TO and point the many issues/flaws with another list.

So 1st off, I wanted to look at the Voting results, which the Voting Link I found after spending far too long on the watchmojo site, is here.

That Voting link shows only 4 VOTES?..4 bleeping votes. And assuming that was the Voting page for this list, that does speak to some of the people at Watchmojo just arbitrarily picking lists to make regardless of how many votes had been cast. Which goes back to the lack of a video for the Top 10 Jimi Hendrix songs (which was submitted over 4 years ago in 2013 by the way, lol), when they have made many other (less appealing) lists that were submitted well after.

That all being said, I hope this list is the 1st of many of this type of RIYL/FFO, regardless of how many votes or even the results.

But among the results, I don't mind seeing Wolfmother (even if they need to stop citing "Woman" as their token track. It's not, they have many other, better, more Zeppelin-influenced tracks just from their debut album).

I don't hate My Morning Jacket (Gavin from dredg, whose noted as being a fan of Zeppelin, is a big fan of My Morning Jacket), but they are still more rooted in the jam band scene/sound than the experimental blues rock of Zeppelin.

And White Denim I enjoy, although they were only an Honorable Mention. And I would contend they are also more rooted in the jam band aesthetic or even psych, than heavy blues rock of Zep.

The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Queens of the Stone Age have far too much of a Garage element and singers (along with instrumental work) that really doesn't remind me let alone compare to Zeppelin.

The  Black Crowes? They had more in common with The Rolling Stones. For 1, their singer doesn't remind me or even sound like he was influenced by Robert Plant.  I don't mind them, especially their album Shake Your Money Maker ("She Talks to Angels" in particular), and that came out right when I was obsessed with Zeppelin, but sorry, I would not say they remind me or I need/needed to hear them because I was a LZ fan.

But who did they miss? I guess I won't give a complete list that I might for a RIYL/FFO, but as my comment included.

-The Tea Party.  This one is so blatantly obvious. These guys channel a ton of Zeppelin's approach to using acoustic and middle eastern elements, while being heavy and dynamic. Their singer is more highly similar to Jim Morrison, but the vocals blend extremely well with the songwriting.

And they're even fucking CANADIAN which WMJ frequently likes to Champion people from their home country, lol.

(As opposed to names on the list Kingdom Come and Whitesnake were just watered down, 80's hair metal bands with a singer whose trying to be Plant in many respects, and this new band Greta van Fleet is a total overt ripoff.)

-Jeff Buckley. When I 1st got into his music, 1 of the comments was "he's like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page combined." Which sounded/sounds hard to believe, but it's true in many ways. He could sing like Plant and play guitar like Page, and that is really no exaggeration. Even just live, the way he took songs and interpreted them, was very similar to what Zeppelin did. "Kangaroo" for example, is a 3-and-a-half minute song from this Dream Pop/Dark Wave band This Mortal Coil, and Jeff and his band have versions that go over 14 minutes? lol.."Dazed and Confused" from Song Remains the Same much?

-The Mars Volta . They were described countless times as the modern Led Zeppelin, and you consider the adventurous approach they took to writing and jamming, it was very much in the Zeppelin school. To go along with the fact they included this group of incredible players much like the members of Led Zeppelin, it seems like such an obvious comparison in many ways. Sure, the Volta also can be compared to bands like Rush and Yes, but they did use a lot of the heavy, bombastic blues rock that at at times Zeppelin did. Whereas Rush and Yes (and many other prog bands) did a lot of things that were more intricate and almost calculated, Zeppelin did their crazy things more loosely. And The Mars Volta very much kept that approach despite the fact they had a lot of technicality.

10. The Black Crowes
9. Whitesnake
8. Royal Blood
7. My Morning Jacket
6. The Black Keys
5. Wolfmother
4. The White Stripes
3. Greta van Fleet
2, Kingdom Come
Honorable Mentions:
Band of Skulls
White Denim
1. Queens of the Stone Age