Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Esperanza Spalding - Exposure (2017-2018)

This album that I preordered on Vinyl, I'm not sure has any kind of official release date. But I along with every other Vinyl/CD Preorder received their copy within the last week or so.

I just wish they would have sent an actual DOWNLOAD LINK or Card in the Vinyl with the code, etc. Luckily, I found one.

Also it included a CD of extra songs which is titled Undeveloped, which I take to being bonus/tracks not fully finished, developed, etc. But I have checked out some of that already and am liking some of them.

I'm not sure if this will be as schizo or proggy as her last record I love, Emily's D+Evolution.  But I still am optimistic about how good this album is, per just watching it being made on the stream last September.

Oh, and I own 1 of 7777 copies on vinyl (# 2265)

And when it goes up for sale on CD I imagine and digitally, I'll try and remember to pass along links. But for now, this is a December release album.

Esperanza Spalding Exposure 2nd cover.jpg

1. Swimming Toward the Black Dot 4:52
2. Public Trance It 4:34
3, Heaven in Pennies
4. Colonial Fire 3:57

1. Coming to Life 4:10
2. Geriment 2:20
3. I am Telling You 4:37
4. The Ways You Got the Love 5:19
5. I Do 2:44
6. Double Jointed Canyon 4:14

Bonus CD Undeveloped

Esperanza Spalding - Undeveloped cover.jpg
1. Helluva 3:14
2. Tangerine 3:53
3. World Jungle 3:57
4. Chelsea Mercy 4:29
5. Work of Art 2:08
6. Winning Machines 5:36
7. Trouble 3:45
8. 4th Grade 5:14
9. Whisper 2:02
10. Fittest 2:44