Monday, August 31, 2009

Fates Warning and Insideout Music


I haven't had time to read the whole interview there with Ray Alder, but he says they signed with Insideout Europe and him and Jim Matheos are now working on a new studio album. Chances it'll drop sometime next year. My guess, Summer or Fall.

And contrary to what people say, unless I recall wrong, it doesn't rule out Mark Zonder as the drummer. Mark Zonder said he was done with TOURING with FW, but playing on studio albums, from memory, in 2005-ish he made a statement he still would be interested in working with the band.

And along those lines, the jeopardy Insideout Music was in, is maybe not what it was as Century Media basically bailed them out financially. Now the Transatlantic and Pain of Salvation albums and tours can happen.

I have more to add..mainly just a list of bands and their potential touring (Oceansize, PRR) and how this may help.

But as a fan of some of the bands on I/O and Fates Warning, this is quite pleasant to read about. Fates Warning, 1 of only a handful of bands who've never made a bad album.

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