Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kevin Gilbert....Kevin Gilbert...Kevin MOTHER-FUCKING Gilbert

from LAST PLANE OUT Kevin Gilbert Yahoo Group/Email List


The Estate of Kevin Gilbert is excited to announce the long-awaited release of Kevin's singer/songwriter CD's: (1) Nuts (2) Bolts and the concert DVD/CD combo: (3)Welcome to Joytown – Thud: Live at the Troubadour.

Each CD (Nuts and Bolts ) contains 11 unreleased tracks and are in book-matching digipaks designed by Hugh Brown with liner notes by Cintra Wilson. Each CD is $15.

The live concert DVD/CD package, Welcome to Joytown –Thud: Live at The Troubadour, features a three-camera shoot of the show with freshly mastered sound. The newly re-mastered CD has two unreleased songs from the show. The cost of this package is $30

ADDED BONUS: The first 1000 copies of Welcome to Joytown – Thud: Live at the Troubadour contain a chance to win one of ten, incredibly rare, autographed copies of The Power of Suggestion. There will be a mail-in, custom-printed, entry form in each of the first 1000 packages. The Estate will hold a drawing to select ten winners in April, 2010. Entries postmarked later than March 31, 2010 will not be accepted.

Note: Autographed copies of The Power of Suggestion have been selling for around $300.

Celebrating the releases, Hugh Brown has designed a new Kevin Gilbert T-Shirt. It is available for $20.

All items will be available at in September, 2009 – just in time for your Christmas shopping. Credit cards, personal checks, and Pay Pal are accepted.

For more information, please visit Kevin's newly redesigned website at

If you have any questions, please drop me a line at

Enjoy! Believe me, you'll agree it was definitely worth the wait!

Debbie Miller

ummm..I just about died.

Soundscape's Grave New World now officially has a BIG challenger to try and hold off. Mannn..I officially need to start a bloody COUNTDOWN to hear these.



# The World Just Gets Smaller
# While Heroes Cry
# Until I Get Her Back
# When Strangers Part
# Finally Over You
# Circling Winds
# Shannon Elizabeth
# A Tired Old Man
# Childhood's End
# Joy Town (Acoustic Version)
# Kashmir (Studio Version)

# Waking The Sun
# Jenny Ledge (Acoustic Version)
# Something Nice For My Dog
# Souvenir
# God's Been Tapping My Phone
# Goodness Gracious (Acoustic)
# The Best Of Everything
# Blank Page
# Taxi Ride
# Lonely Road
# Finale

* Waking The Sun
* Joy Town
* Goodness Gracious
* Shrug (Because Of You)
* Waiting
* Tea For One
* Miss Broadway
* The Tears Of Audrey
* When You Give Your Love To Me
* The Ballad Of Jenny Ledge
* Kashmir
* Smash
* Song For A Dead Friend (CD only)

Bonus Video Material

* Song For A Dead Friend - Kevin Solo - Live at Club Largo 1994
* This Warm Night Giraffe, Rare Footage
* Because Of You Giraffe, Rare Footage
* 1995 Interview with Kevin at Lawnmower and Garden Supply Studio - 32 minutes

$30 + shipping Buy Now!
A limited, numbered edition DVD/CD combo with cover designed by Grammy winner Hugh Brown. The DVD contains a 3 camera video of the entire live performance, freshly mastered sound, and over 30 minutes of extras including an extensive interview of Kevin and rare live footage. The re-mastered CD includes previously unreleased versions of "Tears of Audrey" and "Smash."

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