Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Biffy Clyro - "That Golden Rule" Video/Single/EP

bumped 8/17/09 4:47PM

The "That Golden Rule" EP leaked. It's an Itunes release i guess.

1. That Golden Rule
2. Prey Hey
3. Eye Lids
5. Time Jazz

the full-length "Only Revolutions" details are still unknown other than it'll be released sometime soon. September was the original reported projection, however play.com (in the UK) has it listed as being October 26th. This Ep will have to tide us Biffy-fans over until more details and the anticipated leak happens.

original 7/22/09 8:12PM


nothing amazing about the video, but the song is sweet, save for the problem I have with a lot of compressed recordings = the tambourine-toned clipping of the splash and crash cymbals. Mostly at the beginning. Maybe on a 1st generation recording they won't sound as bad.

8:11pm: Another note about these guys. apparently, their new album is to be called "Only Revolutions" instead of "Boom, Blast and Ruin" as reported a few months ago.

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