Monday, August 17, 2009

Oceansize - Home and Minor EP (2009)

I wanna hear this asap. Suppose the key part is it'll be coming out in October. So the hunt begins of course soon (once artwork and a tracklist comes up).

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Monday, August 17, 2009
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The world and it's dog did their 'MTV Unplugged'. David St. Hubbins had his collection of acoustic numbers with the London Philharmonic. Bernie Winters had Schnorbitz. And, at long last, here is the Oceansize equivalent, the 'Home And Minor' EP.

Fear not, Oceansize haven't gone acoustic. There are no 'More Than Words' moments to be found here. Indeed, there's not even actually any acoustic guitar anywhere on it. Moreover, this is a short (*1) collection of our more 'settled' numbers. More reserved, with not a distortion pedal in sight (*2), this lovely EP is a realisation of a plan that's been kicking around our collective brains since before we were signed in 2002. Where in the past we've crowbarred-in every single dynamic, idea and style we could think of into a record, we thought it best this time to present a more thematic and cohesive collection, so's not to disrupt the more fainted-hearted listener from their blub-induced slumber.

Still, it covers plenty of ground, and features a fair few Oceansize firsts such as trumpets, pedal-steel guitar as well as a bit of pumping techno (*3) and some additional vocals from Kate Ray. It is also the first Oceansize record to be made in our own as-yet-unnamed studio in Manchester.

Does this mean Oceansize have finally grown old, knackered, and are necking pints of Horlicks and taking on unhealthy interest in the dog? No, not a bit of it. We are currently holed up in our little bubble, writing fucking reams and reams of material for our next album, some of which is our loudest and most fruity yet. But that's all in the future....

Oceansize is still -

Mark Heron - Drums
Steven Hodson - Bass/Guitar/Keys
Gambler - Guitar/Keys
Steve Durose - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Vennart - Vocals/Guitar

*1 - Well, short by our standards. Quite long by The Strokes' or Slayer's.
*2 - except for a couple of bits you probably wont notice until you've heard it ten times.
*3 - Pumping QUIETLY, of course.

EDIT - The Home And Minor EP will be available in October and will accompanied by a UK/European tour. Watch this space.


found a used promo of the As Tall As Lions cd "You Can't Take it With You" last night at the St.Paul Cheapo in the recent arrivals bin. More to add on that with how I found it, and the record itself. But I think it's safe to say it'll be finding it's way into my top 30 or higher in the 2009 aoty index soon. I suppose the main question I will have is whether I'll want to go ahead and purchase the version with the DVD at some point too. If it's good enough, I may, although perhaps 1 of those will show up at Cheapo soon too. Also cool they are opening for Mute Math at 1st Crapenue in October. That certainly adds to my anticipation for that concert, despite it being there. I'll be getting there early and finding a SEAT upstairs as I have learned to do.

-Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are coming to The Guthrie in December (14th I think?). Victor Wooten will be there of course, although given the potential price, I'm not certain I will make it. Not to mention it's on a Monday night. If it were Victor's band however, I'd be more certain about going as his band is a can't miss. Bela? ..circumstances will dictate it as I like his band, but not to the point of a can't-miss. Although I think I noticed Edgar Meyer as the opener which may help.

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