Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a Free World (2007)

Just caught (most-of) this on Sundance Channel this evening. Pretty powerful overall. The girl who plays Angie, Kierston Wareing was rather good, realistic portrayal of a struggling mother who gets in a bit too deep with illegal immigration and employing workers outside of the law.

In tone and subject matter, it's a bit of a cross between The Visitor and perhaps a film like Once Were Warriors. There's a lot of moral questions raised, and it certainly has a dark tone that sucks you in. She really has the best and realistic intentions in what she gets involved-in, but she also doesn't realize how it changes and corrupts her. The ending kind of gives the ole poetic justice to a point with what happens to her 11 year-old son. Although it doesn't entirely conclude with much of a happy ending, or a large resolution. I suppose you can believe she learns from her mistakes and experiences, but there's not much in the last scene to entirely know.

that review is what I posted over on rateyourmusic. Something I'll try and do more often, even if they are just short comments or whatever.

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