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Ramona Falls - Intuit (2009)...DT, PT, KC

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this review makes me want to hear this album even more. Granted, it and some of the comments read like a fanboy's. But as someone whose interest in Menomena has only increased more and more over the last couple of years, this is definitely something I can't help but be really excited to hear.

It's kind of pointless to elaborate more about it since I haven't heard it, but of course the moment I'm able to (a leak, or when I'm able to purchase a copy in a few weeks), I certainly look/hope to add a great deal of content about it.

edit: 8/6/09 7:20PM
Sucker leaked!

Some things on the playlist today:

Dream Theater - Uncovered (2003-2008) ..nice selection live cover songs and good to hear them mastered. However, it would have been even greater had they (Mike) included both Rush's "The Necromancer" and Pink Floyd's "Sheep." Hopefully in another future edition.

edit: apparently "Sheep" was on the "Official Bootleg: Covers Series: Dark Side of the Moon." Silly me for not realizing that fact, lol.

Porcupine Tree - Recordings I liked a fair amount of this. "Buying New Soul" and the extended version of "Even Less" I suppose. But for those who rave about this thing, I guess I don't follow how it's even close to as good as Lightbulb Sun. Still, given it was from that and the Stupid Dream period, and LS being my favorite PT album, it was certainly worth hearing now and some times in the future.

King Crimson - Discipline Better than "Three of a Perfect Pair" certainly, but like that record, it only has 1 catchy, highly melodic piece in "Frame by Frame." Some others like the almost ethnic rhythm in "Thela Hun Ginjeet" and some of the proggy Frippertroniks (sp?) add something to the mix, but overall, this does seem like another record that a lot of people grossly over-rate. I'm not surprised of course. But having never heard "Beat" the follow-up, I imagine this will seem like a classic by comparison. So I suppose I'll keep that in mind if and when I find the reason to do so.


Menomenation said...

If the Ramona Falls teaser tracks don't do it for you then there might not be much hope. I'm certainly in the fanboy category but I firmly believe this will be as well received as "Friend and Foe" and may even make some best of lists as the prior Menomena effort did. A bold prediction indeed but it's a bold effort. Damn near everyone in Portland has laid their hands on it. I will also say that as much as I love Lackthereof to death it doesn't carry the same appeal. Intuit strikes deeply and I think it's going to hook Menomena fans to a much greater degree.

Media Reviews said...

Hey thanks. Having not heard (of) Lackthere0f, I wouldn't be able to compare. But as I wrote, Intuit certainly has my curiosity, as it has ever since I read about it on Menomena's blog a few months ago.

Based on the sideprojects and whatnot, Menomena almost remind me of the likes of Broken Social Scene or The New Pornographers in their many projects outside the band. I can't help but still hope for their next work to be coming out soon as well, but I'd be surprised if it happens this year.

Also the fact I have noticed their comparison to bands like Self and even Apes and Androids, it only adds to/justifies why I have become to so into them.

I suppose I'll likely be added to the list of new Lackthere0f fans as well.

Menomenation said...

Broken Social Scene....perhaps. Danny has actually done like 10 albums but most probably don't count because they were really just tapes and CD-R's given to friends. Some is on In comparison it's kind of lo-fi/stonerish but not necessarily under produced. It's very personal work with themes of religious alienation and self-doubt among others. Many may find it rather self indulgent especially the early stuff but that's really the whole point of the project. It really feels like voyeuristicly unearthing his hard drive. But try "Your Anchor" which is also on Barsuk, it's been reasonably well reviewed but probably benefits from additional spins. They should make for interesting comparisons. They're all control freaks but Brent takes the crown and it shows. Also check out Faux Hoax which is a little micro super group with Seim & Dave Allen among others. It's probably going to be another year for a Menomena album but Intuit should be great in the mean time.

Media Reviews said...

Ah, thanks. "Lo-Fi," "Stoner," and even anything "Religious" (Christian) are kind of red-flag words for me in the blogosphere with unfamiliar music. However, since I am already a fan of some of his work, it may not matter (some musicians are just so good, having *them* involved makes a difference).

Yeah "Your Anchor" based on the info on rateyourmusic, sounds like the way to go 1st. Thanks. And Faux Hoax, it appears have released only a single? interesting. The names involved (Gang of Four, 31 Knots) aren't usually my cup of tea, but that may not mean I wouldn't like this.

Menomenation said...

I get that. Frankly if I wasn't already fascinated with these guys I wouldn't care. It's certainly a challenge to attempt to truncate a back catalog as each album is kind of an experiment in different genres. There is plenty that just isn't that great for sure but I do find it admirable that it's pretty much been thrown out there at face value. I'm sure he's aware of just how absurd some of it is but it's not necessarily disingenuous. There is an aesthetic here that I find appealing. Menomena's web site for example is bad by design, they know this but they aren't changing it. It probably insults a potential audience but then again those people may not have gotten the point anyway. Not something I would recommend but they seem to have pulled it off. I'm left wondering if it's so bad it's good or if it's just bad. I'm not sure I know the answer. You could debate it endlessly but I wouldn't want to. Is it an excuse to try and pass off shit as gold? Maybe but I doubt it because their capable of far better. And I've turned this far too geeky so I'll leave it at that.

Media Reviews said...

hey, it just leaked. I should be hearing it tomorrow finally. I'll have to post something soon about my thoughts.