Friday, August 21, 2009


Tonight is my 12th DT concert (11th in MN), since my 1st, 12 years ago @ First Crapenue.

New Album = Best of Times and Count of Tuscany are the highlights. They won't play Best of Times of course. It's a tad lower from a ratings standpoint, but that is mainly due to how predictable it is overall. low 60's, or 3-stars. Their concerts tho, have gotten better, so at least part of their work isn't in decline/stagnation to me. Looking forward to the video display tonight.

Zappa..who knows how much I'll be into it. Bigelf and Scale the Summit, from the studio work are very *meh*, but maybe I'll be surprised. I should make a realistic list of other bands who could have replaced Pain of Salvation and Beardfish later.

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