Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KG, Orphaned Land, PT

The live Gruno "Guilty Pleasures" radio show last night, was a pleasure to finally get to hear the new Kevin Gilbert material.

I want it now, more than ever. Likely a few weeks from now, it'll finally be up for purchase on popplusone.com . Production-wise among other things, has me the most overjoyed to experience. And certainly, among the rest, "The Tired Old Man" remains my most cherished new track on them thus far. Such a stellar composition. I bet a lot of people will be talking about that one once they get to hear it.

Orphaned Land's long-awaited/anticipated and Steven Wilson-mixed record "The Neverending Way of ORwarriOR" has been pushed back again, until Christmas 2009/January 2010.

Surprised? no....put it out the best way possible. I want it asap, but I understand the delay. Perhaps getting to chat with them at ProgPowerUSA in a few weeks will add more to my feelings about it. Hearing some of it live too, etc.


Welcome to our new fan site!

I wish to thank Nathalie and Yannick for their efforts and endless love while resurrecting this site – toda achim sheli! I wanted to update you all that we are in the end of mixing process, soon we will do the mastering for the new album and then we will finally set with Century media an official release date for the album.

As you might understood from my video interview – the album will also be released on a very good looking limited edition that will include a dvd with film of how we made the new album, that is with interviews with us, Steven Wilson and more and of course we will get you in the studio to go through the experience with us. PRE-ORDERS WILL START SOON!

More updates and surprises soon as well, till then, turn on the light!

Kobi Farhi.


Latest updates from Orphaned Land:
According to interviews wih Kobi Farhi (http://www.orphaned-disciples.org/site/):
-> The album will contain around 15 songs (79 minutes).
-> The album's artwork won't contain any photoshopped images.
-> The album's artwork will contain customly designed calligraphy in Arabic AND Hebrew.
-> On ORwarriOR Kobi Farhi will sing in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
-> The album will be released with a DVD.
-> Release of the album will be delayed until Christmas 2009 - January 2010.
-> Kobi Farhi's book "A Tango Between God and Satan" is almost ready. He may finish it in 2009-2010 tours. The release date in not known.
-> ORwarriOR's final mixes are (almost) ready (by mid August).
-> Several songs from the new material were performed live at Brutal Assault festival (06/08/09, Czech Republic).
-> Besides "Sapari" (see below) some of ORwarriOR songs' titles might be "Baraka" and "From Broken Vessels".
-> The album will also include a "follow-up" to a track previously released on "El Nora Alila: Deluxe edition" (2006) "Disciples of the Sacred Oath" - "Disciples of the Sacred Oath II". Kobi Farhi mentioned that this song is his favorite song on ORwarriOR.
(Source: http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/o...l-assault.html)

and also invilving Steven Wilson, having heard a subpar leak of the new Porcupine Tree cd "The Incident" disc 1 thus far, I like some of the parts, and some of it I'm not so sure about..namely a large chunk of "Time Flies" in fact.

It requires a lot more time, but perhaps they have come to the point where they continue to include an EP's worth of really good stuff, and the rest?..not so much. Maybe it'll grow and maybe the cohesiveness of all 55minutes will help it out over time. But I'm not expecting it to a huge amount at this point.

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